one republic feel again

Feel Again
One Republic
Feel Again

OneRepublic - “Feel Again” //

It’s been a long time comin’ since I’ve seen your face
I’ve been everywhere and back trying to replace
everything that I had till my feet went numb,
praying like a fool that’s been on the run…

My heart’s still beating, but it’s not working
It’s like a hundred thousand voices that just can’t sing
I reached out trying to love but I feel nothing
My heart is numb

But with you… I feel again.

I’m feeling better ever since you’ve known me
I was a lonely soul but that’s the old me
A little wiser now from what you showed me
yeah, I feel again.

You’re a knockout | Jasiper Fan mix

I. Strangers - Seven Lions •  II. Rollercoaster - Bleachers •  III. Someone Like You - The Summer Set •  IV. Feel Again - One Republic • V. She’s Got You High - Mumm Ra •  VI. Hero Heroine - Boys Like Girls • VII.  Something I Need - One Republic • VIII. Do It 2 Me - Allstar Weekend • IX. Together - Calvin Harris Ft Gwen Stefani • X. I Want You To Know - Zedd Ft Selena Gómez • XI. Shup up and dance - Walk the Moon

listen here | cover is possible because my favorite blog here, the wonderful @cindersart let me use her beautiful and amazing art and I feel so honored, thanks so much!! All the credit belongs to her.

I hope you enjoy listening to this!

Captain Swan Playlist!!

I haven’t contributed much to the CS fandom, as my blog isn’t primarily about them or Once, but I’ve been building this playlist for quite a while now and wanted to share it! A few of these songs are inspired by other CS playlists I’ve found from various places, but most are my own additions. Hope you like it, and please let me know if you have other suggestions that I can add to my playlist. Enjoy!

  1. The Words - Christina Perri
    “And I know the scariest part is letting go, ‘cause love is a ghost you can’t control” (and also Christina literally dedicated this song to CS so there’s that)

  2. A Happy Beginning - Once Cast
    “Leave the past and all its scars, a happy beginning now is ours” (Another no brainer lol)

  3. Piece by Piece - Kelly Clarkson
    “Piece by piece he collected me, up off the ground where you abandoned things.”

  4. Feel Again - One Republic
    “I’m feeling better since you know me. I was a lonely soul but that’s the old me.”

  5. Dust to Dust - The Civil Wars
    “Let me in the wall you’ve built around, and we can light a match and burn it down”

  6. A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
    “All along I believed, I would find you. Time has brought your heart to me, I have loved you for a thousand years.”

  7. Ours - Taylor Swift
    “The stakes are high, the water’s rough, but this love is ours.”

  8. I’m Yours - Alessia Cara
    “'Cause I’ve had my heart broken before, and I promised I would never let me hurt anymore.”

  9. Fix You - Coldplay
    “Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones, and I will try to fix you.”

  10. I Won’t Give Up - Jason Mraz
    “I don’t wanna be someone who walks away so easily, I’m here to stay and make the difference that I can make.”

  11. Little Do You Know - Alex and Sierra
    “Little do you know I love you till the sun dies”

  12. Say You Won’t Let Go - James Arthur
    “I met you in the dark, you lit me up. You made me feel as though I was enough.”

  13. This Love - Taylor Swift
    “Clear blue water, high tide came and brought you in, and I could go on and on.”

  14. It Will Rain - Bruno Mars
    “For you I’ll try, I’ll pick up these broken pieces ‘till I’m bleeding if that’ll make you mind.”

  15. I Believe In You - Michael Buble
    “I know that there are times when you feel worthless. Like all the love you get, you don’t deserve it.” (This is one of my favorites on the list)

  16. I Choose You - Sara Bareilles
    “But then you found me and everything changed, and I believe in something again”

  17. Treacherous - Taylor Swift (yes I may be slightly biased)
    “Nothing safe is worth the drive.”

sweet summer mornings: the perfect playlist to take you from a sleepy wake up to the start of an upbeat day - all whilst dreaming of your special someone♡

looking too closely - fink // home again - michael kiwanuka // you and i - foy vance // patient love - passenger // already yours - bahamas // rather be - jasmine thompson // if you ever want to be in love - james bay // lover come back - city and colour // straight no turns - wild club // raging (feat. kodaline) - kygo // in the arms of a stranger - mike posner // feel again - one republic

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anonymous asked:

Porfis pones la lista de tu playlist ;)

1. Of Monsters and Men // Silhouttes 2. Dustin O’Halloran // We Move Lightly 3. Brian Crain // Sour Grapes 4. Oskar Schuster // Matilda 5. Yann Tiersen // La Valse d’Amelie Poulain 6. Yann Tiersen // A Quai 7. Yann Tiersen // Le Jour D’Avant 8. Oskar Schuster // La Souvenance  9. Dustin O’Halloran // Fragile N.4  10. Of Monsters and Men // Sinking Man  11. Of Monsters and Men // Crystals 12. Of Monsters and Men // Yellow Light 13. Of Monsters and Men // Love Love Love  14. The Lumineers // Stubborn Love 15. Coldplay // The Scientist  16. Coldplay // Yellow  17. Coldplay // Fix You  18. Coldplay // In My Place  19. Daughter // Youth 20. Daughter // Run 21. Daughter // Love 22. Daughter // Human  23. Daughter // Smoother  24. Imagine Dragons // Demons 25. Muse // Madness 26. The Lumineers // Slow It Down 27. Hozier // Take Me To Church 28. Taylor Swift // Untouchable 29. Neon Trees // Voices In The Hall 30. Florence + The Machine // Shake It Out 31. The Killers // Mr. Brightside 32. One Reoublic // I Lived 33. One Republic // Feel Again 34. Christina Perri // A Thousand Years 35. One Direction // Story Of My Life 36. Likke Li // Possibility 37. Paramore // I Caught Myself 38. The Mary Onettes // Century 39. M83 // I Guess I’m Floating 40. Of Monsters and Men // I Of The Storm  41. Of Monsters and Men // Hunger 42. Of Monsters and Men // Human   43. Florence + The Machine // Cosmic Love 44. Of Monsters and Men // Wolves Without Teeth 45. Of Monsters and Men // Organs 46. Muse // Blackout 47. Kyogo // Firestone 48. Young The Giant // Cough Syrup 49. The Beatles // Eleanor Rigby 50. Across The Universe // I Want To Hold Your Hand 51. Ariana Grande // One Last Time 52. Ariana Grande // Love Me Harder 53. Muse // Mercy 54. Jasmine Thompson // Almost Lover 55. One Direction // Happily 56. Avicci // Waiting For Love  57. Elle King // Ex’s & Oh’s 58. Andy Grammer // Honey I’m Good 59. Sigala // Easy Love 60. Justin Bieber // Sorry 61. David Guetta ft. Sia // Bang My Head 62. Halsey // Colors 63. Vinyl Theater // Stay 64. The Wombats // Emoticons 65. Carousel // Alexis Ffrench 66. Mrs. Darcy 67. The Shins // Simple Song

(con links y todo pa’ que las oigan) ♥
Jelsa Playlist // 8tracks

Feel Again- One Republic

Jack meeting Elsa again (for the first time romantically after Jack became a guardian and Elsa’s incident)

She Will Be Loved- Maroon 5

Jack watching Elsa when she seems unhappy during work (being a queen) and after work

Monster- Imagine Dragons

Both of them burst out saying they think they’re monsters

Come on Get Higher- Matt Nathanson

Jack trying to get Elsa to be looser and less stressed because he’s missing her. He’s also taking her flying for the first time

Demons- Imagine Dragons

Both of them have their insecurities and are warning each other about them

Let It Go- Idina Menzel

Elsa’s Theme Song (The scene from Frozen)

Ice Dance- Danny Elfman

Jack and Elsa’s first dance

All About Us- He Is We

Jelsa’s feelings during and after the first dance

Better Than I Know Myself- Adam Lambert

Jack telling Elsa she knows him better than he knows himself

Where We Belong- Thriving Ivory

Jack taking Elsa back to the castle Elsa made (Their second home)

Keep The Streets Empty For Me- Fever Ray

Jelsa’s sexual song (XD)

Problem- Natalia Kills

Jelsa sexual song (Yes another ;) lol)

Every Time We Touch (cover)- Pacific Lights

Jack talking about touching Elsa (Romantically not Sexually, get your mind out of the gutter now)

Wonderwall- Oasis(Piano Cover)

Elsa knowing jack is in a hard spot and Elsa needs him to okay because she’s worried about him

Give Me Love- Ed Sheeran

Jack loving Elsa and sometimes he feels unloved by others even though everyone likes him

Slowing Freaking Out- Skylar Grey

If Elsa has to live without Jack (Because he’s immortal and currently not her) she must but she doesn’t want to because she’ll also get hurt if she completely loves him

Beside You- Marianas Trench

Very feels-inducing song. Jack is extremely loyal and committed to Elsa and would do his best to be there for her whenever she needed him. This song definitely relates to that.

Heart by Heart- Demi Lovato

Elsa sings this song to Jack (In public ex. a ball/party)

Everything- Michael Buble

Jack sings this song to Elsa (In private ex: her room)

You and I- One Direction

Jack and Elsa wanting to make it till the end

The signs as bands/ musicians (+songs)
  • Aries: Lana del Rey (Blue Jeans, westcoast, back to the basics)
  • Taurus: bon iver (skinny love, floom, for emma)
  • Gemini: Nirvana (smells like teen spirit, come as you are, heart-shaped box)
  • Cancer: Halsey (ghost, colors, hold me down)
  • Leo: Marina & The Diamonds (Hollywood, oh no!, teen idle)
  • Virgo: Florence + The Machine (Queen of Peace, Never Let Me Go, Long & Lost)
  • Libra: twenty øne piløts (tear in my heart, stressed out, trees)
  • Scorpio: One Republic (feel again, alive, love runs out)
  • Sagittarius: Imagine Dragons (demons, dreams, radioactive)
  • Capricorn: My Chemical Romance (teenagers, na na na, welcome to the black parade)
  • Aquarius: Gin Wigmore (black sheep, mr freakshow, oh my god)
  • Pisces: The Beatles (help!, oh darling, let it be)

A simple playlist for this dorks, that broke my heart after episode 5. 


Halsey - Young God

You know the two of us are just young gods
And we’ll be flying through the streets with the people underneath
And they’re running, running, running

Kaskade  -  Atmosphere (Instant Party! Festival Remix)

All my life I’ve been a star
Holding a light up in the dark
While I try to keep clear
Of all the waves in your atmosphere

One Republic - I feel again (Tobio’s POV)

I’m feeling better ever since you know me
I was a lonely soul but that’s the old me

Jaymes Young – Two More Minutes

I don’t want nobody else
You lift me off of the ground
I want you all to myself
Please don’t ever let me down

The Script - Exit Wounds (Hinata’s POV)

My hands are cold, my body’s numb
I’m still in shock, what have you done?

Safetysuit – What If (Tobio’s POV)

What if what I want makes you sad at me
And is it all my fault or can I fix it please
Cause you know that I’m always all for you

Ashes Remain – Right Here (Tobio’s POV)

When the rain falls I won’t let go
I’ll be right here

Five For Fighting – Your Man

I don’t want to love you any more than the best I can
I just want to be your man

Art by kanekoseizi.

Kiss Me Just To Shut Me Up

(a surprisingly upbeat kabby playlist)

Say it, Just Say It – The Mowglis//Cold Cold Man – Saint Motel//Don’t Let Me Fall – Lenka//Stubborn Love – The Lumineers//Good and Bad – Maria Mena//Welcome To Your Life – Grouplove//Tonight – Coasts//Love – American Authors//Lucky Ones - Lights//Dreaming – Smallpools//Stand By You – Rachel Platten//Feel Again – One Republic//I’m in Love  – Maria Mena//Straight Into Your Arms – Vance Joy


A Lownly’s “Like a Drum” fanmix from Jean’s POV

(If Jean were to put his story with Marco (so far) in songs, this is what I think it would be like:)
[listen here]

1.Live your Life||MIKA ~ 2.Love at First Sight||The Brobecks ~ 3.I Will Follow You Into The Dark||Death Cab For Cutie ~ 4.A Walk Through Hell||Say Anything ~ 5.Somewhere in Neverland||All Time Low ~ 6.Alone Together||Fall Out Boy ~ 7.So Much Love||The Rocket Summer ~ 8.Accidentally in Love||Counting Crows ~ 9.Crazy||Struan Shields ~ 10.The Magic Position||Patrick Wolf ~ 11.Superman||Joe Brooks ~ 12.Mindset||Every Avenue ~ 13.The Great Escape||Boys Like Girls ~ 14.Blue Skies||Landon Pigg ~ 15.Need You Now (cover)||Sparks The Rescue ~ 16.(If You’re Wondering if I want  You to) I want you to||Weezer ~ 17.Take Me Home Tonight||Every Avenue ~ 18.I Touch Myself||Blondie ~ 19.I Feel Again||One Republic

Are You Afraid of Love? (Steve/Natasha Fanmix)

01. She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) (cover) - Kim Viera & Kurt Schneider | 02. The End Where I Begin - The Script | 03. Youth (cover) - Daniela Andrade | 04. Creep - Radiohead | 05. Let Love In - Goo Goo Dolls | 06. Feel Again - One Republic | 07. Too Afraid To Love You - The Black Keys | 08. This = Love - The Script | 09. In My Place - Coldplay | 10. Breath Me - Sia | 11. Dark Side - Kelly Clarkson | 12. Dust to Dust - The Civil Wars

t r a i n w r e c k —->> listen here

(a playlist for Amy and Aaron and holy shit what even is falling in love? Seriously, what the f u c k?)

i think i love you (the partridge family) i don’t want love (the antlers) the way i feel inside (the zombies) uptown girl (billy joel) blue moon (beck) look up (stars) i’m ready (ajr) feel again (one republic) please be patient with me (wilco) like real people do (hozier) reasons to love you (meiko)

Songs for a pack road trip. 

Dedicated to my lovely pack. Who also happen to be my friends. 

On top of the world- Imagine Dragons//  Home- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros// Flaws- Bastille// Young Volcanoes- FOB// Dog Days Over- Florence and the machine// It’s time-Imagine dragons// Teenage Dirtbag- Wheatus//Cups- Pitch Perfect //Feel again- One Republic// Bellas finale- Pitch Perfect// Change of Seasons- Sweet Thing// Something Good Can Work- Two door cinema club// Mr. Brightside-The Killers//I want it that way- Back street boys.

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