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Seventeen Scenario: The Dance (Minghao)

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Word Count: 2,343

Beta’ed by: @hxstiasays

Summary: You and Minghao perform on stage together, and the both of you put on a breathtaking performance for the audience.

Requested by: A shy cloud! ^_^ 

You closed your eyes as the lights dimmed, and stepped out onto the stage, one foot at a time. The audience’s cheers rang in your ears, pounding against your skull in a raucous thrum. You put a hand up to your chest to feel your heart throbbing against your ribcage, raised your chin, and took in a deep breath - this was it. This was finally it. You tugged your knee-length butterfly dress slightly at the sides, adjusting it, and relaxed your tense shoulders. The performance with Minghao, your one and only long-time idol crush. Huffing out a puff of breath, you opened your eyes and made your way to the centre of the stage, sighing inwardly. All the time spent choreographing, practicing, and rehearsing, days and nights cooped up in a studio, would come to an end today - but you were determined to make this the best he will have ever performed. You looked around, scanning the now sky-blue-lit stage.

You were ready.

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He’s mental. A misfit. A rebel but she loves it. She stares at him with pure affection and attraction sometimes she can’t even handle it. She watches him smoke one puff at a time and one hit of jack the next. She doesn’t know why she loves him - but she begins to wonder why she was drawn to him out of all guys but then it hits her ….. She likes him because he was broken and she loves broken people. She feels if she dates broken people it will make her whole. She feeds on the broken people to full-fill her deep dark heart.
—  t.r