one point or another they fall for each other

These days, we are both filled with half truths and half lies, the way you tell me I am beautiful as the sky turns this soft pink at dusk, the way you whisper you love me just before you fall asleep, the way that it sounds more like a habit than a sincerity, the way I convince myself that it is. And I wonder how we could have reached this point. I mean, didn’t we used to be full and whole? I mean, do you remember the way we brushed past each other’s shoulders - two strangers with giddy smiles filled with the possibility of one another? I mean, didn’t we have that one night with the universe and its stars and all that empty space in between, weren’t we there? Now you hold my hand and the grip is looser, and the place where I lay my worries and embrace yours - seems emptier somehow. And maybe I just miss you. Maybe you should tell me you love me more when you’re awake. Maybe I should start believing it more when you’re asleep. Perhaps hold me tighter when you’re sober, and I should kiss you more steadily when I am drunk. More truths, less lies. I don’t know… do something, anything really. We need saving but I do love you. Half truth or half lie. There’s no denying that.
—  let’s cross this road and stay alive, please // Genefe Navilon
Humans Are Weird

Ayup, jumping on the bandwagon

So, humans are weirdly aware apex predators with crazy survival instincts (though sometimes we seem like we might not have any)

There’s been talk before about predictive behavior and pattern recognition, but what about the ley lines?

And liminal spaces?

We will swear up and down about not messing with the Fae, have so many stories about things that happen, of those you do not speak of  lest they take it as in invitation

And disassociation?

And gods beware if of what happens when a damn human dissociates while walking in a liminal space, taunting things their alien companions are hissing at in fear and worry; ‘where did you pick up this human, why did you let them off the ship for krellnak’s sake put that back!’

Humans using peripheral vision to dodge incoming attacks and casually throwing an incendiary device over their shoulder into the enemy without looking, grabbing an injured companion and walking (seemingly) calmly to a med clinic.

Humans who sit for hours or weeks alone in their quarters, refusing to give an explanation afterward

Yanking smaller alien partners up with one hand before they step in something unpleasant

Warning about incoming attacks or foreseeing something, their alien friends staring in wonder and confusion because how could they possibly know about that?
Being treated with suspicion at first because of worry about double-crossing spies, human rolling their eyes and explaining yet again about gut feelings, and instincts

Another human pulling aside the commander to explain in whispers about humans who do have abilities, who practice the Craft

Humans explaining about different religions, about those who don’t follow one faith or another, ones who shrug and point at the windows and smile, saying, “Well, we found each other, other life among the stars, who knows what we might find next? Isn’t it exciting?”

Restless humans who pace along the viewscreens, impatiently badgering technicians about how far they’ve gone, where are they going next, how does that work?

Humans who, once they’re on planets, fall to their knees and stay that way for hours, and no, they don’t require a medic, they just want to stay here for a bit.

Humans who are constantly exploring everything, being called up and questioned about their whereabouts, how did they even get there? They shrug, saying they were learning

“Learning what?” Asks the alien leader

A smile, baring teeth that remind them that humans are omnivorous predators. “Everything we can.”

Dating Zach Dempsey Would Include...

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Requested to do the ‘dating Zach Dempsey would include’ but with a booknerd fem!reader :)


- Getting to see how smart Zach is, everyone thought Zach was under average when it came to smarts but when you start to date him you find out just how smart he is, not in the stereotypical Asian guy can do any math way, he was terrible at math but he was an A+ bio student and knew more about marine life than anyone you’ve ever met.

- Hand holding lots of hand holding, Zach is big on holding hands whether it’s while you’re walking to class or under the table during lunch or even at the library while he stands patiently next to you as you take your time looking at all the books, you don’t mind all the hand holding since your hands are always cold and Zach’s much larger ones are always so warm and soft.

- Going on dates to the aquarium, your favourite place to go to on weekend dates is the aquarium, you like watching all the fish swim around therapeutically and you love watching Zach’s eyes light up as he sees the aquatic animals he’s usually reading and studying about in textbooks.

- Cuddling on cold rainy days, Zach is a massive teddy bear when it comes to cuddles, he loves to be cuddled and also loves to be the cuddler and when it’s a cold rainy day that’s the perfect time to sit on the couch and watch movies while cuddling each other.

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it seems like people forget that even if they’re in love, lance and keith are Rivals. they’re Arch Enemies and they wouldn’t let a little thing like dating change that:

  • keith convinces lance to go on morning jogs with him, but they always turn into sprints real quick bc one boy starts edging in front of the other and so on
  • “I bet I can kiss you longer without stopping for air.” 
    • “um? no way dude you’re on.”
    • shiro finds keith and lance making out but they’re both turning blue and keith is punching the wall for some reason? keith breaks away and gasps in a huge gulp of air and screams “DAMMIT” at the same time lance just like. dabs or something
  • they get into an honest-to-god hand holding contest. whoever lets go first loses. 
    • “guys, we have to start afternoon training.”
    • “I don’t think you realize the gravity of the situation, shiro. I can’t let keith win. jesus, are you insane?”
    • “keith, then–”
    • “nope. already lost the kissing. I am not about to go o-for-two here.”
  • everything, absolutely everything turns into a competition, and the more in love they fall the worse it gets. 
  • like, before it was just bc they “hated” each other. but now? goddamn if lance is gonna be shown up by his boyfriend. and keith needs to keep lance’s head from getting too big or he’s unbearable.
  • who uses the most pet names in a day? one point lance. who reaches out for little touches always? another point lance. makes the other smile the most? keith’s on the board. the best at complimenting?
    • “your mullet is actually ridiculously attractive and your hair in general is so soft and I would actually commit murder to know your secret.”
    • “yeah? well, your skin is like, spotless, ok? do you even have pores?”
    • “it’s called moisturizing, babe. and when I’m stressed I get backne! I’ve seen you shirtless a bazillion times and your body is perfect!”
    • “no way. don’t even say that. my core needs some serious work. you have abs, lance. I could wash my jacket on those things.”
    • I have a good body? have you looked in a mirror? someone carved a v in your hips with a freaking chisel!”
  • this becomes a regular game over dinner, and team voltron barely even hears them bicker anymore.
  • just. keith and lance being an Old Married Couple. they were made for each other. 
That's my name


Request:  Could I request a Bucky x reader? In a soulmate au where everyone has their soulmates name on them like a tattoo in matching places. And the reader is an engineer, who has been living under a fake name and hiding the mark on their left wrist, that Hydra wants to capture and while trying to protect the reader Bucky finds out its them, but he’s been thinking that his soulmate is long gone and is pretty shocked and happy about it. Please?

Warnings: swearing

Originally posted by captaincentenarian

   Bucky had made a slow recovery, it had taken years of therapy, years of medicines, years of pain and hell but he had finally done it, he was finally the old Bucky again. He still struggled with the PTSD, the nightmares, but that was expected, other than that his mind was free of Hydra, of brainwashing, of words and codes that made him bendable to hydras will, he was finally free. He was free to live his life, to do what he wanted , eat what he wanted, sleep when he wanted, love who he wanted- no, that part wasn’t true, he couldn’t love anyone he wanted.

    Once upon a time he’d be destined for someone, just as everyone was in his world, soulmates actually. Back before he had lost his arm he had the name (Y/N) (Y/L/N) printed on his wrist in small, black lettering, but after the fall he had lost his arm. Then hydra immediately began with the brainwashing, making it nearly impossible for him to remember the words that had once been printed onto his wrist. 

   He clung onto the name for dear life and yet he never could, he couldn’t even remember his own name much less someone he hadn’t even met. Needless to say after years and years of brainwashing he had completely forgotten that he had a soulmate, the idea was almost foreign to him but after coming out of Wakanda a new man he remembered that everyone in this world had someone and he didn’t. He remembered the name printed on his wrist all those years ago but that was exactly the problem, it was years ago, he doubted his soulmate had survived 70 years, it was pointless to even try but fortunately the universe had a funny way of working things out, soulmates included. 

   The avengers had been sent on a rescue mission, a rather valuable engineer, one that shield wanted to rescue (for reasons unknown), but Hydra had their best agents scoping the poor thing out. No one knew the ins and outs of hydra better than Bucky so of course he was assigned to the mission, of watching (Y/N) until shield could intervene and help Bucky bring them in. So that’s how he ended up where he was now, scoping (Y/N) out as they ordered some coffee from a small cafe. 

   "If you wanted to be less obvious maybe not constantly talking to a com in your ear would help,“ A sudden voice whispers to him, nearly making Bucky jump out of his skin. He whipped around, glaring at whoever had interrupted his mission but he froze when he realized it was his mission and they were staring right at him. "You new to this whole agent stuff?” The agent asks as they sit down, casually sipping their drink. Bucky looked at them dumbfoundedly, as though he couldn’t believe they were addressing him like this. “Since you’re not aiming a gun at my head or making any attempt on my life I’m assuming you’re one of the good guys?” Bucky coughs a bit, clearing his throat immediately afterwards. Well they sure as hell were…forward. 

   "You know people can hear you right? You still have agents on your ass even if I’m here,“ They smile gently, sipping at their drink gently. 

   "I’m not worried, I’m sure you’d scare them off. So I assume you’re here to protect me, right? Keep an eye on me, intervene if anything happens?" 

   "Well that was the plan until you sat down and completely foiled every plan I had,” They smile gently, this time a bit more genuine than the last time. It was…it was really cute.

    “I’m Alex,” They offer their hand to Bucky, extending their left hand out to the agent. 

   Bucky goes to shake their hand, gripping it gently but he stopped when his eyes caught their wrist. They had tried to cover something on their skin with makeup but due to their sleeves and the rather terrible weather it was beginning to melt away, revealing a few small, black letters. 

   He knew it was stupid to hope, after all, millions of people could have the same tattoo in the same place but then his eyes caught onto the last name Barnes. His last name. Bucky gulped as his eyes scanned the entire tattoo, the entire tattoo of his own name. James Buchanan Barnes, printed in the same black lettering that he once used to have. 

   "That’s my name…“ Bucky whispers, his eyes still transfixed on their wrist. 

   "What? Alex?" 

   "No,” Bucky shakes his head, gulping as he does. “James Buchanan Barnes,” Bucky gestures to (Y/N)’s wrist, alerting them that they were exposing a rather personal detail about them self to Bucky. (Y/N) looks down at their hand, immediately ripping it out of Bucky’s grasp as they pull their sleeve down. 

   "You’re name isn’t really Alex…“ Bucky whispers, his brow furrowe an nose crinkled in thought. "You’re (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” Alex- or (Y/N)- looks around them in fear, shushing Bucky not so quietly. “You’re my soulmate,” Bucky was in sheer shock, he thought (Y/N) had died, he didn’t even think he had a soulmate anymore and now they were sitting right before him. After 84 years of waiting Bucky had finally found his soulmate. 

   "Yeah, well prove it,“ (Y/N)’s tone is slightly venomous, almost defensive as they glare at Bucky, their arms folded over their chest. Bucky looks to his metal arm, the left one, the one that once had a soulmate mark. His fingers reached for his sleeve as he pulled his gloves off, exposing the metal hand. Then he slowly rolled his shirt sleeve up, exposing the shining metal plates. 

   "You may want to check a ravine in Europe, that’s the last time I saw my arm,” Bucky whispers as he traces his wrist, right where the soulmate mark should have been. He felt almost naked without it now, all strange and exposed. 

   "No one knows my real name,“ (Y/N) bites their lip as they reach out, brushing their fingers along Bucky’s wrist. "I’ve been living under a fake name for years, there’s no possible way you could have known that-" 

   "Unless we were soulmates?” (Y/N) nods, gulping as they do. Bucky looks up at (Y/N) biting his lip as they traced all along his wrist, as though trying to see if they could feel a remnant of the tattoo that once used to be there. 

   "Well,“ Bucky smiles gently as he shifts his hand a bit, just enough to clasp (Y/N)’s hand in his gently. "You made quite the introduction, soulmate,” (Y/N) smiles a bit as they look at their intertwined hands, staring at the stark contrast between metal and flesh.

    “Didn’t you say we were being watched,” (Y/N) looks up at Bucky, their smile growing a bit by the minute. “If we don’t want to end up shot within seconds I think we should continue this conversation somewhere safer,” Bucky smiles as he rises to his feet, taking (Y/N) with him. Even now they don’t let go of each other, their hands remained locked together. 

   "We’ve got a safe house a few miles from here,“ Bucky can’t help but feel a bit giddy. A safe house for him and his soulmate- the one he was destined to be with. "Then shield will come pick us up Tommorrow," 

   "Shield, guess I was right about you being a good guy,” Bucny chuckles softly as he begins to walk through the cafe, taking (Y/N) with him.

    “You sure were,” one day he’d tell them about his past, about how at one point he hadn’t been the gold guy, how he’d been a part of the same organization that was hunting them but that was for another day, today was about getting to the safe house and holding each other as though their lives depended on it. 

   Bucky may not have been able to fall in love with whoever he wanted but now as he held (Y/N)’s hand, guiding them through the streets, keeping them safe, he realized he wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to love.

Tips for Writing Romance from A Passionate Defender of the Genre

Here’s the thing: romance is not inherently interesting.

It’s not automatically compelling.

Romance is one of the hardest things to write, but if you’re clever and careful and pay attention, romance can also be one of the most powerful tools a writer can wield. Not only because love is a powerful and complex emotion worthy of exploration—although it is that—but because romance can function as plot, conflict, character motivation, development, world-building, etc. It can do so much heavy lifting for you, and in a way that is engaging, evocative, and tone-setting.

But you can’t simply cry “Love!” and wait for the applause. You gotta earn it. 

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*shows late to femslash february with starbucks* oops. Oh well, @breeeliss gave us a challenge and here is my try. I hope I did it justice, especially given it is 4 am and I’m about to fall asleep on my keyboard. It is kind of short tho >_<

Look, Alya loved Ladybug, okay? Ladybug was the best superhero in the world and she would physically fight anybody who says otherwise. But even Alya, the crowned queen of ladybug fangirling and appreciation, questioned the superheroine’s rescuing methods sometimes. Because it was the second time when Ladybug locked her in a closed space for her safety. The zoo cage at least didn’t require her to share all her personal space and oxygen with someone. A broom closet? Yeah, not so much. And while Alya could have dealt with it reasonably in any other situation…

(Hey, Ladybug cared enough about her to force her to safety!)

… but being stuck in a broom closet with Chloé Bourgeois out of all people was too much.

“Ugh, I have no space! What is this place?” Chloé exclaimed in a tone full of indignation.

“A broom closet.” deadpanned Alya.

“It is horrible! It is dusty and small and I have to share it with you out of all people! I’ll have a word with my papa about this when we will be out.”

Alya rolled her eyes as silence fell over them. It wasn’t only squeezing, annoying and hard to breathe, but it was also awkward. Oh, boy. They stayed like that for long enough that Alya was surprised Chloé was so silent. Not that she wasn’t appreciating it. They were already sharing way too little space (along with some brooms), the last thing Alya needed was Chloé’s complaints and screaming.

“Well, why aren’t you saying anything?” Chloé inquired.

Alya rolled her eyes. “Why do you care?”

“Because I hate awkwardness, of course. Not that you would know anything about proper social interaction.”

“Listen here you little… ”

They bickered like that for what Alya guessed must have been around ten minutes. She wasn’t too sure, but time always flew by whenever she and Chloé arguest. Damn her, she always knew how to ruffle Alya well enough and raise her temper to the boiling point. Honestly, the argument could have continued for a long time, if a shout that clearly belonged to an akuma. Alya wanted to scream. Seriously? Her eyes adjusted enough to the dark to see Chloé was about to scream. Instinctively, Alya covered her mouth with her hand. The last thing Alya was in the mood for was to become a minion. She hated when that happened. As if to spite her, Chloé covered Alya’s mouth. They kept glaring at each other in the dark until the noise caused by the akuma disappeared. Pulling their hands away from each other’s mouths (as much as the space allowed.

“I can’t believe your lips are so chapped!” Chloé exclaimed.

“Why do you ca… hey, what are you doing?” Alya narrowed her eyes, as Chloé pulled a chapstick out of her… bra? The light from her phone would have been really useful if she could actually reach for her back pocket. “Did you just pull a chapstick out of your bra?”

“What, you don’t use your bra to store things?”

“No? I actually have boobs to fill mine properly.”

Chloé stopped dead in her tracks and Alya could have sworn she saw a hint of a smile. “Touché. Now pucker up those lips.”

Alya sighed. This was by far the weirdest day of her life, she decided as Chloé was applying chapstick to her lips. When she was done, Chloé nodded.

“Nice enough. Moisturize properly. I’d even say ready for kissing, but no one would actually want to kiss you.”

Alya growled. “I’ll let you know I had kissed lots of people.”

“Oh, please, everybody knows quality over quantity. And let’s be real Césaire. Everybody knows I’m the better kisser.”

Alya snorted. “As if! Who did you kiss beside the Ladybug posters? No way in hell you are a better kisser than me.”

“I am!”

“Prove it!”

From the many scenarios Alya pictured for the day, having an intense make out session in a small broom closet with Chloé Bourgeois out of all damn people, was certainly not one of them. Yet, here she was. The kissing was pretty much just like any argument between the two of them went. Heated, intense, each one trying to prove a point to the other. And even though she will never ever admit it out loud Chloé was a pretty damn good kisser. Seeing neither of them was yelding, they could have kept it up for quite a long time. Until the door of the closet opened, making both of them fall in a tangled mess on the floor, on top of one another. Looking up, they noticed a pair of blue eyes surrounded by a red mask, looking at them curiously, obviously awaiting an explanation. Chloé and Alya exchanged a look. What can one do when Ladybug catches you making out with someone you supposedly can’t stand. Especially if both persons in question would rather prefer kissing the superheroine. Well, for once, they were both on the same page.

“It’s not what it looks like!”

Idk I think the reason I love koe no katachi and why so many others love it as well is because it’s more than a romance story. It’s so much deeper and more intimate than two peoples feelings. It’s not two people falling in love, it’s two people learning how to live. And two people learning how to help each other, and to save themselves. We’ve all wanted redemption at one point or another, but not all of us get that chance. It’s a beautiful story about learning to love yourself, and how you can impact other people’s lives in both negative and positive ways. And In so many ways it’s more romantic than an actual romance. “I want you to help me live.” is there a more potent or meaningful thing you could say to someone? Simply beautiful.

A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other…Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever
—  Dave Matthews Band
Camping w/ Nct dream
  • This is a continuation of road trip w/Nct dream so if you haven’t read that you can find it here
  • So y’all arrive @ the campsite
  • you’ve been in the car for seven hours so when you finally step outside you’re like ‘I’m free’
  • and then you proceed to run around like a weirdo
  • Chenle decides to join you so now both of you running around campsite screaming
  • everybody else pretends like they don’t know you guys because let’s be honest y’all are embarrassing
  • but you don’t care because you’ve been sitting down forever and you need to wake up your legs
  • after you and Chenle are done being weird you guys go over to help the others unload the car
  • So after you unload the car you guys assign each other jobs to do to help set up
  • Renjun, Jeno, and Jisung are in charge of distributing supplies (Sleeping bags, Flashlights, etc.)
  • Jaemin, Mark, and Donghyuck are in charge of getting the fire started
  • which leaves you and Chenle to set up the tent
  • and let me tell ya, you guys struggle
  • It ended up being some weird version of twister
  • you were trying to hold up the tent while Chenle crawled under you to try to fix the bottom part of the tent
  • It is not hard to guess that this plan did not work out
  • you ended losing your balance and following on top of Chenle
  • Which leaves you shook because you still have that huge crush on Chenle
  • you jump of Chenle as soon as the others come back from doing their jobs
  • They’re staring at you and Chenle because you to absolutely failed at putting the tent up
  • They are like ‘Do you need help’
  • and y’all are like ‘Yes’
  • The other members mumble something about how the two of you are freeloader but they still help put the tent up
  • After the tent is set you and Nct Dream sit by the campfire roasting some marsh mellows and making smores
  • While all of you are eating you notice some chocolate that was smeared on Chenle’s face
  • Not thinking you reach out and wipe the chocolate of his face
  • everyone freezes and stares @ the two of you
  • As soon as you wipe off chocolate you quickly turn away to hide your bright red face
  • but you don’t see the light blush that appeared Chenle’s face
  • Later that night you were drawing pictures in the dirt with a stick
  • Chenle comes by and challenges you to a drawing contest
  • you’re like ‘bring it one’
  • the two of you being drawing pictures in the sand one after another to see who’s is better
  • The other dream members surround you because it is getting intense and they start to cheer you guys on
  • in the middle of the contest, the members stop cheering and you look around to see what happened
  • Chenle had written ‘ I like you (Y/N)’ in the dirt with a heart next to it.
  • your heart exploded
  • you quickly wrote ‘I like you too’ in the dirt
  • the rest of the dream members awe and Donghyuck takes another photo because he has to have one for his collection
  • y’all get embarrassed and you try to hide behind Chenle
  • Later at night when the rest of the members are asleep you and chenle lay on your sleeping bags next to each other  and look at the stars
  • you two try to find the constellations or make up ones yourself
  • “look, that one looks like a half eaten baggle”
  • “That one looks like a dog with wings”
  • this goes on for a while but at some point, while talking you fall asleep
  • Chenle looks at you smiling and pushes a strand of hair out of your face he softly whispers ‘goodnight’ before falling asleep under the stars himself 
  • the end

| Nct Dream Scenario |

~ Camping w/ Nct Dream ~

In this one I focused more on the relationship between Chenle and (Y/N)

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Genre: mature/smut, a fluffy ending

Character: Jungkook x reader

Summary: He needed to clear his mind. And you are his only cure.

Prompt: “I’m not done with you yet.”

Originally posted by jjks

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  • zombie apocalypse - we all know how there’s an abundance of zombie plots out there about muse a and muse b and DUDE do you know how awesome it’d be if?? we?? do them?? all?? okay maybe not all but like maybe three’s a start U GET THE POINT. we can have one muse in one pair who’s in trouble and the muse b in that saves the day. muse c and muse d could be another pair who run into each other and almost kills one another bc they thought they were infected. muse e and muse f coulda been friends before the apocalypse and maybe they had a falling out but they’re the only ones that they knew were still alive so they team up?? at some point all of them meet ofc!! if you’re willing to plot with me annoying ass, read my 1x1 page pls and like this so i can send u an im!
  • mystery gang - could be a hit or miss if we don’t plot it enough. could work as a 2x2 based off of the original gang and i could be so much fun honestly ??? imagine them getting into trouble then trying to find a way to get out of it or finally catching the ‘scary’ being that’s been terrorizing their town only to find out the mastermind was someone they all trusted ALSO clues and mysteries and creepy situations PLEASE
  • road trip - why?? is this ?? not done often??? i had this plot before and it was really cute and awesome. it has the potential for angst and a lot of fluff??WE COULD pjust decide where they’re from and where they’re going honestly. i like thinking that they’re a group of friends off to disneyland or universal studios or smth. like what if our muses that go on a road trip together is hiding a secret from the others?? what if their best friend is fucking their sibling/ex OR EVEN THEIR OTHER BFF (who are also in the road trip??) and what if they get lost?? what if they forget someone/something?? what if they broke their tent at the camping site and have to snuggle on top of each other inside the van?? cmon guys so much potential here!! #makeRoadtripPlotsGreatAgain
  • xmen/mutant/superheroes - OAKY initially i thought of this as some sort of a rogue mutant kid who escaped a scene where they kinda committed murder and then while they’re on the run, they bump into kids who are like them and/or track down weird and unexplained incidents in the country and they save them before they get abducted by the government or smth?? and they just form an uncanny group of teens stealing and shoplifting in order to survive and stay hidden. we could totally base it off xmen and eventually have them end up at xavier’s. EITHER WAY LETS PLOT A MUMU WITh MUTANT KIDS
  • disneyland theme park mumu - THERE ARE TONS OF MASTERLIST AUS FOR THIS let’s just put them all together and work something out i bet it’ll be magical.