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Newark Banks Overview:

The first section of the world includes 9 residential lots and 34 community lots, the second section includes 6 residential lots and 5 community lots and the third section includes 11 (+2) residential lots and 3 community lots.

In total, this adds up to 24 (+2) residential lots and 42 community lots or 66 (+2) lots in general.

I say “+2″ because there are two houseboat docks in the third section which require another additional residential lot to place a houseboat on.


Mini-Tutorial: Roofed Gate

This is just a creative way to jazz up your Sims’ front yard :)

Note: The gate is functional (you can pass through it) but sometimes the gate won’t do the animation. I didn’t quite find out yet how to fix this but at least your Sims can use it^^

I used an arch from Showtime and a floor lamp from World Adventures but you should be able to replace those items with other objects if you don’t have those EPs :)

  1. Recreate the shape from the first picture. The width of the fences should be 2 tiles (as it is in the picture) so that you can build the gate in the gap. The length of the fence doesn’t matter :)
  2. Open the cheat bar and type in “moveobjects on”. Then place 4 columns that outline the gate.
  3. Place 2 2-tile arches in the gaps between the fences.
  4. Place 2 2-tile gates under the arches (you don’t need a fence for that, just place them like that).
  5. Add a roof. If you like to, you can delete the walls from the roof. Adjust the roof height.
  6. Add a light or a small sculpture to finish the look.
  7. Recolor everything to your liking and add plants and other décor.

Tutorial for a kitchen set-up

Setting up a kitchen is one of the hardest things for me as the result mostly looks quite dull to me. This is why I like to get inspired by others’ ideas.I found this partiular “constellation” in one of Awesims’ homes in Pounawea and finally found out how it is done.

The instructions are in the captions.

Please tell me if you found this tutorial useful :)


Bay View Training

I realised Cape Garner Islands didn’t have a fitness studio so I built one. Generally, I’m quite satisfied with the result but I think that - even though there are some modern elements in this world and I tried to retain the close to nature style by using a lot of wood - it still turned out a little too modern for this world.

By the way, the fitness studio includes a workout area, a pool, a yoga and dancing room, a boxing room, a lounge with a kitchen and several changing rooms and sitting areas :)

Anyway, what do you think?