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TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Sports teams and tightwad coaches

Got regular orders from the coach of a local college sports team. One large pizza per player, custom orders - almost all were half and half. Write the player’s name and the ingredients on each box. Bring pop and cheese bread, etc…

Regularly ~$200-300 orders (25-30 pies) at a steeply discounted “negotiated with the manager” rate. Deliver a mile and a half down the street.

The coach would give a $2 tip. Really sucked because nobody in the store typically believed it - and the cooks usually expected (and deserved) some jingle after a big production like this.

If there weren’t too many cooks, I’d sometimes give each a couple bucks from my own pocket, meaning the delivery actually cost me money.

I think one of the drivers must have eventually got a little snarky, because the coach started carrying the orders out ;)

By: ThirdEyeOpens


one gifset per appearance → meeting hockey players from team gb, london olympic park (15/03/2012)

In her capacity of an official Team GB ambassador for the 2012 London Olympic Games, the Duchess of Cambridge paid an unannounced visit to the Olympic Park. She toured the facilities and met with staff, before taking part in a hockey training session and meeting with the team. The Duchess of Cambridge has played hockey from her childhood until her University of St Andrews days.

Phandom Games Updates!

*2 NEW challenge types (and some will be eliminated like TABINOF): 

  • When Fandoms Collide: Challenges that involve the Phandom and another Fandom (Harry Potter, Gaming, Mean Girls, etc)
  • COSPLAY: exactly what it sounds like!

*15 Teams with 20 players per team (we will most likely accept previous teams)

  • We will need 300 total players so tell your friends!

*4 Rounds with 16 challenges per round. 

  • 2 days per round
  • There will be teams eliminated each round, but the number of teams to be eliminated per round is to be determined.
  • There will be breaks between rounds, but the length is to be determined.

*NEW Player Rule: Every player must complete at least one challenge per round (before their team is eliminated).

  • If anyone is unable to physically submit their completed challenge, they must send their entry to a team member to submit.
  • DO NOT join the games if you do not plan on completing at least one entry per round.

*Every team will have a captain and a co-captain. We will accept experienced players for these positions first.

*We will start taking applications on November 25th (Black Friday), but the start date for the games is to be determined (it will be in December or January).

*The final challenge will NOT be the same as the last one, but it’s a very good one!

If anyone is curious, we have 13 Game Makers now!