one plant band

Doing this lame thing again
  • <p> <b></b> Hello friends<p/><b></b> Looking for new internet pals so if you like any of the following, you know what to do<p/><b></b> •Bands (all time low, fall out boy, twenty one pilots, panic! At the disco, blink 182, brand new, ect.)<p/><b></b> •Steven Universe<p/><b></b> •The Vampire Diaries<p/><b></b> •Animals<p/><b></b> •Art<p/><b></b> •tattoos<p/><b></b> •Nature<p/><b></b> •Space<p/></p>

Here’s Vegan-ized Corey at the mercy of Trina’s science project! Wanted to do a creepier toned piece for GJ, and when I re-watched “One Plant Band”, this popped in my head.

Definitely a more centralized color scheme with this one, and I think I also did a better job at shading the shadows/ highlights on the vines.