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@izuochaweek Day 5: Growing feelings

I decided to go with a song for this one because the lyrics go well with Uraraka’s little teenage love crisis.

The song is 1/3 no junjou na kanjou (English cover)

Averoigne and Auvergne

When it comes to these two French provinces we have a bit of a…. situation. Back in chapter one, Noé, while in (our) France, said that he “lived shut away in the forests of Averoigne for ages […] it’s terribly deep in the country.” and there is nothing wrong with this until the province of Auvergne is also mentioned in connection to the attacks of the “Beast of Gévaudan”, which also took place in (our) France.

As we know, Averoigne is Auvergne’s fictional counterpart, as in these two places  aren’t supposed to exist at the same time but somehow they do. How? It seems a logical explanation that if Auvergne is in (our) France, then Averoigne - is in Altus.

I interview such a genuinely nice guy today. He was very nervous but he was well presented, had done his research and is clearly very smart.

But mostly he came across as just a genuinely nice and thoughtful young man

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It's painful when Eran calls Gwyn the 'Traitor King' and it's relieving when he does call him Gwyn. Will Eran learn how much Gwyn was hurt by his family and then become protective or something of him? I just hope that Gwyn gains more friends/people who care about him (oั﹏oั ) I love your writing and the length of your stories. I've also basically read all of the fae tales and rise of the guardians stories, they are incredible. Thank you for all of your hard work ^^ (Thatwasawkwardlywrittensorry)

Will Eran learn how much Gwyn was hurt by his family and then become protective or something of him? 


At this stage though, Eran is slated to bond more with Augus, and Mosk is slated to bond more with Gwyn (which makes sense to me, and hopefully will make sense to others as things go along in the story).

But I don’t think… I mean I can’t say at this point, book three is a couple of years away, and that’s when we’d be seeing like definitive proof of whether like, they’re going to become like ‘second family’ or not.

At the moment though, it’s not planned. I want there to be distance between Gwyn and Augus, and Mosk and Eran, and if I start thinking too much about how that can change, I’ll stop writing their immediate connections the way that I need to for the characters. I want Gwyn to gain more people who will care about him too, but I’m not sure he’ll care if those people are Mosk and Eran. Which is hard to explain… I think he sees them both too much as children who need protection (even though they are not children), or wards of the state, to really see them as equals. And he wouldn’t accept compassion or care from people he didn’t see as an equal.

Gwyn’s a judgemental little shit, basically. :D Certainly moreso these days than he used to be.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the writing <3 thank you for reading! Hopefully you continue to enjoy The Ice Plague. :)

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Sup y’all here’s the Casino Staff and King Dice’s group of executive officers

Yes I’ve been thinking about this for a while, so here are my crackshot at designing the fam. There’s caption underneath the pics 

Them again

Throwback to the 2nd ever MM fanart I did with this…because I find it highly relevant right now.