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Modern Day Parody: Tsundere Ace

its so dramatic isn’t it great?

my pencil….is BROKEN

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“You’ve made my nakama cry of pain and upset my partners! Even so, you aren’t defeated! That’s why I’m taking over the job of defeating you! I will not let anyone die anymore… It’s “you” and your “birdcage” blocking my path to proceed further… GEAR4!

after years and years of searching and thinking i could never fully ship law with anyone, i think i have finally found it 

like what the fuck why is this so romantic how could u do this to me

CobyxLuffy: I Will Catch You

i like to imagine that in the future when they meet again coby will be like,

“oh my goodness luffy-san im so glad to see you again”

and luffy will be like

“what the hell why are you taller why is everyone growing taller than me this is stupid you’re a jerk coby”

and coby will cry

Well, at least now I understand another part of the reason why I, myself, can identify so much with Jae-ha—-

We have the same fucking birthday.

Holy shit, my German tutor is a one piece fan and once again he used his mysterious powers to make me feel better and more …alive? i guess

anonymous asked:

Translating can suck but I can't wait for your first prose to be uploaded. I like your writing style. So to kill time how about that: Bad dream where Character sees his loved one badly injured and he can neither wake up nor help and change the dream AU with Killer and angst. As much angst as possible maybe?

It really does and I need longer then I thought.. Thanks (:, glad to hear. I hope it’s enough angst for you^^

Information: Please, please, please don’t read it if you unsure if you can deal with angsty prompts. I think it turned out a little dark. And just in case I put a trigger warning (tw violence). Add this tag to your blacklist to not see anything of that when I write something like that again.

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ohhhhh MAN so i spent like a solid week/week and a half on this one piece for art (which translates to maybe 6 hours total but, you know) and it was a diptych so it was technically two pieces BUT WHATEVER, IT TOOK ME FOREVER and i wasn’t super sure about how it turned out

and ok so the grading scale is from 1 to 5, and the teacher has this special 5 option for when it’s BETTER than a regular 5 (which is how she compensates for the ap grading scale being from 1 to 6, with 6 being like ‘holy shit’ good) AND

out of the four categories… i got all special fives

this is the first time ever!!! in 2 years of art class!! i have gotten all special fives and i am v proud of myself and v happy


I new it was too good to be try I NEWWW IT. Cuz think Sasuke is someone who plans for the future… so why dad some Uchiha and Haruno blood but the blood of someone that was on the same power level as him. The blood that costed him his arm. The blood that beat the living shit out of him (although there last battle ended in a draw). Uchiha and Uzumaki Blood …. dam I am expecting GREAT THINGS for Sarada. But this all may be false and Sakura may be the mother of Sarada and not Karin.

But on a side ITS ADORABLE that Sarada does that same thing Sasuke does when he’s in class or sitting down!!! ❤❤❤

How long does it take for One Piece to be translated!?!?!!?!? Omfg!!!!!