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Since Zoro was names after a french pirate (Roronoa = l'Ollonais), I have this head canon that in the real world Zoro would have a parent or a grandparent from France, but no one would realise because he would take a lot after his Japanese parent and because of the way he wrote his name in Japanese, everyone assumed that it was Roronoa and he couldn’t be bothered to correct them. 

And everyone probably finds this out when Sanji decides to play a prank on Zoro by insulting him in French, thinking that he will get pissed off because he knows that Sanji is insulting him but since he doesn’t understand French Sanji can pass it off as asking if he knew where Nami-swan and Robin-chwan were.

Now imagine he’s and the crew’s reaction when instead of getting frustrated, Zoro bursts out in full French swearwords, insults, the works.


Bellmere trying to learn Swedish after finding out where her daughters came from so that she could teach Nami and Nojiko their language.

Tiny kid Sanji studying french so that he’d be able to learn the recipes of his native land to impress Zeff.

Robin getting piss drunk and babbling on about ancient cultures in russian or, Robin writing all her notes in cyrillic.

Luffy sleeptalking in portuguese even though he doesn’t actually know it.

Chopper teaching Franky the english he was taught by Dr.Hiluluk since Franky forgot his own language when he was hit by the sea train. This unfortunately resulted in a lot of ‘aboot’s and ‘eh’s.

Brook having forgotten his native language since he hadn’t spoken it since before he joined the Rumbar pirates.

Ussop spending long nights in the navigation room with Nami trying to find out which part of africa he’s from.

Zoro, being jealous that everyone else seems to be bilingual while he only speaks japanese, started taking english lessons from Chopper together with Franky but never actually learns anything because he always falls asleep.

Theory about Sanji's origin/identity

Okay, after thinking about what to submit to onepiece-headcanons, I realized that I’m suddenly developing all these insane theories that are kind of revolving around Sanji. And I’m like “someone might be interested in reading it…right?” I’m also incorporating a bit of this theory into what I’m thinking so you might want to read that first (you should read it anyway, it’s pretty awesome).The most important points I’m going to take from there is that an Ancient Kingdom (Brook’s mysterious kingdom) fought against these 20 other kingdoms, and lost, resulting in its destruction and the merging of the 20 kingdoms into what is now known as the World Government.

My theory may be full of plot holes because I may be forgetting some crucial details, so please feel free to remind me of all the contradictions I’m likely to accumulate in my rantings. Ah yeah, and my theory might be completely insane and completely irrelevant to the actual plot of One Piece…orz

I was thinking that maybe Sanji is actually a royal descendant of the same kingdom Brook used to be a part of. Now hold on and let me explain myself: I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed that there’s been a LOT of French in One Piece attack names. But hey, maybe Oda just really admires French. But let’s go with my insane theories first; what if that certain kingdom’s national language was French (or an OP version of it)? Many characters related to the underlying plot of OP (the void history, the ancient weapons of mass destruction, possibly Brook’s mysterious kingdom) seem to know French. There are probably other languages that I haven’t noticed, but I just think it’s weird that French keeps on coming back. And you may say, “hey, a lot of characters use English too!” but I feel like English is widespread among characters’ attack names, whereas French is only among a select few.

Robin, for example, seems to use Spanish, French, and English in her attack names, and we all know that her dream is to find the Rio Poneglyph that will reveal the True History. Maybe, while she was studying, she stumbled upon something about the Kingdom and it was in French. Of course, it is entirely possible that she knows a whole plethora of languages and she just decided to use a few in her attacks.

Let’s look at Franky now. Of course, we all know that most of his attacks are in English. Except Coup de Vent. And in my crazy theorizing, I’m thinking that maybe he picked up a tiny bit of French after reading through the blueprints of the ancient weapon, Pluton. Maybe French is just a really popular language, I dunno.

Now let’s look at Brook. His attack style is reminiscent of fencing…which originated from France. All of his original attack names are in French. Apparently, during his time as leader of the battle convoy of the Kingdom, he named a lot of his attacks, which would explain why a lot of them are in French. It wasn’t until after he joined the Rumbar Pirates that his attack names started to change. His signature attack as of yet, “Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri,” was a technique from his days as the Kingdom’s assault leader, and used to be called “Requiem La Banderole.” Of course, since his kingdom seems to no longer exist, perhaps he doesn’t feel the need to keep using French, which is why he’s been incorporating more languages into his attacks post timeskip. Or maybe he’s just a diverse guy, who knows? The thing about Brook though, is that we barely know anything about him other than that he used to be a part of the Rumbar pirates. We don’t even know which sea he was born on! He HAS to be a major part of a bigger plot.

And finally, Sanji. His past has been up for a LOT of speculation (which is awesome to read). But what makes me wonder about him being a descendant from the Kingdom is that he’s the only one I’ve noticed that uses French despite not having any relation to the underlying plot of One Piece. Now, maybe you’re going “but Zeff taught Sanji all those moves!” That is true. But Zeff has never used any French to name his attacks (according to OP wiki anyway). So it is possible that Sanji, after mastering Zeff’s “red leg style”, developed his own “black leg style” and named his own attacks using his first language, French. Of course, he has incorporated some English in there, but the majority of it is French. However, clearly French is still a minor language in the OP universe. So where did Sanji learn French? He was learning to be a cook, and Zeff doesn’t seem to know any French, and if he did, why would he teach Sanji a language that barely anyone uses? Conclusion (to my insane self): it’s his birth language, which also happens to be the Kingdom’s national language before it got destroyed.

Perhaps Sanji’s ancestors managed to escape to North Blue before the complete destruction of the Kingdom. Perhaps they stayed there too long, and got discovered…but not before managing to send Sanji off in the Orbit where it would go to the weakest sea, East Blue, where he would be more likely to survive.

He’s the last of the royal bloodline from the World Government’s biggest past enemy, and he might just cause a shit storm one day.

So maybe, when Sanji stood up before Kuma and declared that he would be the one to cause the most trouble for their enemies, he wasn’t just blowing hot air to make himself a better target than Zoro. Maybe he really is going to cause a lot of trouble for the World Government, and that was Oda’s way of foreshadowing it. Maybe the World Government just don’t realize who Sanji is yet because his picture has never been seen by the higher ups.

And personally, it feels like he stands out a bit from the other members of the crew because of the circumstances of his dream. The other Strawhats’ dreams, while very hard to accomplish, are still possible. All Blue may not even exist, there hasn’t been any clues to its dubious existence in the manga, and it seems to only be a legend among cooks.

And unlike most of the other Strawhats where they develop this dream after some sort of turmoil that strengthens their resolve, Sanji already has his dream before even meeting Zeff. It would have been completely normal if Sanji had adopted Zeff’s dream of finding All Blue because he was stranded on a rock without any food for months. It would make sense to have a dream where he would never go hungry, and it could be a way of making it up to Zeff for saving his life. His dream would have had an origin and a purpose, and I wouldn’t be sitting here typing something not a lot of people are going to read. But it doesn’t. When we first meet Sanji as a child, he’s working on the Orbit, dreaming about finding All Blue. Where did this dream come from?? He has absolutely nothing to gain from finding this mystical ocean…unless his real reason hasn’t been revealed yet.

Wow this got really long. Congrats on whoever managed to get through it. Here, have a cute picture of baby Sanji, and thanks for reading :)


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Can I request an scenario where ASL + Kid and Law suddenly stumbles on their girlfriend while she's dressing up and they ended up staring? :D

(Absolutely! Due to request, I will be using female pronouns.)


It had been a long day and all he wanted to do was snuggle with his girlfriend. Ace looked for her for half an hour but only seems to come across other members of the crew. Don’t get him wrong, he loved them and they were his family, but right now he just wanted to be with (Y/N).

Sighing, he finally just decided to go back to their room. Without bothering to knock, Ace opened the door and went to walk in. He stopped upon seeing his girlfriend in the middle of changing her shirt. She turned her head and looked at him. In a moment, (Y/N) was blushing. “Ace!” The man didn’t move, but his eyes looked her up and down. Her blush deepened.

Ace was so distracted he didn’t notice the pillow flying at his face until it connected. Ge looked back up at (Y/N). “What was that for?” She glared at him while trying to cover herself with her shirt.

“You need to knock before coming in here, first of all. You should leave when you see me getting dressed. Finally, you could at least close the door!” Ace smiled at her and laughed.

“I guess you’re right.” He turned around and closed the door before looking back at his lover.



“I meant with you not in the room…”



The blond loved being able to spend time with his S/O, but they had been so busy he hadn’t really gotten the chance to see them since that morning. Sure, it was only 2 in the evening, but to him that was way too long.

Huffing, he walked down a hallway when he heard someone talking and mention his girlfriend’s name. “Yeah, this assignment got messt fast. (Y/N) had to go change since she got covered in dirt and stuff.” Sabo smiled and started running towards their room. He quickly forgot about what was said since he was so focused on seeing his lover.

He made it to their shared bedroom and opened the door. Standing in only her under garments was none other than (Y/N). She quickly turned to look at Sabo with wide eyes.

Unable to help himself, Sabo’s eyes scanned her body. Noticing this, (Y/N) blushed. “Sabo!” Finally realizing what he was doing, the man stopped staring.

Their eyes connected and a blush covered his face. He quickly left the room and shouted a quick “Sorry!”. He covered his face in his hands when he heard (Y/N) giggle.

As embarrassed as he was, Sabo couldn’t hold back a smile. Just hearing her laugh made his day a lot better.


Since he could be oblivious and things could sometimes fly right over his head, people often assumed that was the same when it came to his girlfriend. Whether they were being intimate or not, everyone thought that he would react to everything with the same obliviousness that he was known for. This, however, was not completely true.

Whenever it came to (Y/N), Luffy always paid close attention. He couldn’t help but to watch her and take in everything, he was in love. (Y/N) loved that, but sometimes she wished that he would be oblivious. Now was one of those moments.

Luffy had a habit of not bothering to knock on doors, so he just barged right into her room. (Y/N)’s name was on his lips, but he stopped short upon seeing her standing in the room in nothing but her underwear. A blush quickly filled her face when he didn’t turn away. Luffy looked her up and down before smiling at her.

“Luffy! Get out already!” His smile didn’t waver.


She blushed before running over and pushing him out of the room. Luffy started laughing before walking away. The blush covering her face took a few minutes to disappear. ‘Of all the times he won’t be oblivious, why did it have to be now?’


(Y/N) didn’t know what she was expecting when Kid opened the door. She had hoped he would at least walk back out, but she should have known better. When she heard the door open, she attempted to cover her bare chest with her shirt. She turned to see who walked in when her eyes met those of her boyfriend.

It didn’t take long for Kid to smirk at his girlfriend. “Well, what do you know?” He closed the door and locked it while (Y/N)’s blush deepened.

“K-Kid!” She rushed to put her shirt on, but couldn’t get her hands to stop shaking enough. “G-Get out!”

His smirk widened at the sight of her stumbling over her words and struggling to put her clothes on. “You don’t need to worry about covering yourself anymore.”

(Y/N) looked at him suspiciously. “Why?” The captain quickly walked forward and pulled the shirt from her hands.

“Because I’ll be taking it off your body again in a moment.”



The doctor had accidentally stayed up most of the night and had fallen asleep in his chair. Upon waking up, he realized his mistake. His back hurt and there was only one thing he thought would help make him feel better. Cuddling with his girlfriend.

Heaving a sigh, he stood up and stretched. Law walked to their shared room, but he didn’t see (Y/N) on his way there. He reached their room and walked in before stopping short.

(Y/N) was in the middle of changing her clothes with her back to the door. She didn’t appear to have heard him enter, so the doctor took his chance to look her over. He looked over her body in a slow manner, almost lazily, but he took in every single detail.

Pulling on her shirt, the female turned around. When she caught sight of Law, (Y/N) squeaked in surprise. “L-Law!? How long have you been there?”

Law smirked at his lover. “Since you took off your shirt.” She suddenly blushed at and glared at him.

“And you didn’t say anything?!?!” He didn’t bother answering her and just walked forward. Law pulled her to the bed and collapsed. He pulled her close and closed his eyes. “Law?”

“If you let me rest in peace, I won’t mention the fact I just watched you get dressed.”

The blush returned to (Y/N)’s face at his comment. “You just did! And it sounds really creepy when you say it like that!” Law didn’t say anything in response and simply buried his face in her hair.

I’m fairly sure I have a fever atm, so I’m kinda useless art-wise right now…
(@゚ペ@) (I’m really sorry, hopefully I’ll be back to normal in a day or so)

But maybe I could share a stupid Kid Pirates headcanon to keep things afloat??

Breaking headcanon news: Kid is really a total dweeb. He tries really hard to make every crew member hold up to the Kid Pirates () ridiculous image and they don’t have a say in it. It probably goes something along these lines;

Kid: You breathe fire, you are useful. Join me. What’s your name, loser?
Kevin: Kevin.
Kid: Haha NO, we can’t have that. Your name is Heat now. (Because your fire breath, get it??)
Kevin Heat: oh…
Kid: You’re welcome. And that tall guy over there can come too, he’s like 3 fucking meters tall, holy shit.
Heat: That’s Fredric Amadeu–
Kid: STOP, no. Stop. His name is……
Kid: *looks at objects on the ground*
Kid: Wiiiiire? Wire. Yeah. It makes sense because how goddamn tall you are, I guess.
Kid: Okay welcome to the Kid Pirates, grab every black thing in your wardrobes and see us at the dock by 5. Killer, Anvil and Dogface will be there to meet you.
Kid: *swings his stupid rug/cape and exits*

Killer is one of the only people allowed to wear other things than black because he has a supernova status and has earned the right to sometimes also dress in blue.

I will cling to this headcanon with my dear life until a crewmember that isn’t named after an object is introduced.

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Jealousy headcanons for ASL, Buggy, and Shanks? Thanks c:


  • He is easily jealous. Ace worries that his S/O will decide to leave him, so seeing them with other people immediately makes him jealous.
  • When Ace gets jealous he will hold his partner more than usual (which is kind of hard since he usually likes to hold his partner at any chance he can get).
  •  Ace has also set peoples clothes and/or body parts on fire when he has gotten jealous their butt is usually his go to.
  • He would stay pouty around his S/O for the rest of the day (and sometimes longer) after getting jealous.
  • That being said, if his lover tries to get him to talk about it during that time Ace just mumbles everything out instead of actually talking.



  • He doesn’t get jealous easily and doesn’t like feeling that way, so he usually tries not to act on it right away although sometimes he can’t help himself.
  • At first he will just smile at the person (though the smile is far from polite and kind) and wrap his arm protectively around his S/O.
  • If someone just keeps trying to get close to his S/O, Sabo will start saying things to emphasize their relationship. (Example: “Oh yes. My boyfriend/girlfriend told me about that.”/ “Isn’t that where we started dating, (Y/N)?”)
  • After they are away from the person that made him jealous Sabo tries not to let the fact that it bothered him show. He’ll try not to be clingy, but it is obvious to his S/O that he was bothered by it.


  • Luffy doesn’t generally get jealous easily when it comes to his S/O simply interacting with people, but he’ll get jealous if another person starts getting too close to his partner and/or asks or tells them to leave his crew.
  • He doesn’t hesitate to wrap his S/O in his arms and (often times) run off with them with some excuse of exploring.
  • If he doesn’t run off with his partner, Luffy is also known to start fights with the person he is jealous of.
  • He’s a little clingy for a few minutes, but Luffy gets over his jealousy fairly fast. To him, it’s like his S/O still went with him/is still staying with him, so it’s obvious they weren’t interested in the other person and they prefer him.


  • He gets jealous so easily it’s not even funny okay maybe a little.
  • Buggy is quick to start glaring and yelling at the person he is jealous of. It doesn’t matter where they are, he will immediately go off on them.
  • Similar to Luffy, Buggy is ready to attack whoever it is that managed to make him jealous without really thinking about it.
  • Despite pretending to be confident that his S/O really wasn’t interested in the person he is jealous of, Buggy needs to be assured by them that they really still love him and want him.
  • That being said, it might take a few tries before he actually believes them and feels better.


  • This man rarely ever gets jealous, but when he does it usually has the person that made him feel that way running.
  • When he gets jealous, Shanks tries not to do anything too… harsh, so he starts it off with an intense glare. Of course, getting glared at by the Red Haired Shanks makes most people re-think what they are doing.
  • If he is really jealous but only around his S/O, Shanks gets really pouty and really clingy towards his partner.
  • That being said, he’ll stay closer to his partner until he feels better. In this situation he wouldn’t leave their side at all.

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BABIES BABIES GALORE! Hiya! Is there any way I can request law,luffy, zoro,Sanji,ace,kid and killer's s/o being very very nervous and distant lately, because she was trying to find a way to tell them that she was pregnant? :0!

(Sure! Here you go! Due to it being pregnancy, I will be using female pronouns.)


(Y/N) was pacing back and forth in her room. She had been nervous for almost two weeks and during that time she had avoided Law. She bit her lip at the thought of him. ‘How will he react? Would he even want this? Ugh! How am I supposed to even tell him?’

Two weeks ago, (Y/N) had felt a little sick. She would have gone to Law, but she didn’t want him to worry if it was nothing. Going up to one of the other doctors on the ship, she asked them for help and they gave her some shocking news. She was pregnant.

At first, she was happy. ‘I’m going to have a baby with Law!’ However, the happiness didn’t last too long. Worry started to settle in and (Y/N) wasn’t sure how to tell her boyfriend. Trying to get her thoughts together, she started avoiding him. That didn’t go unnoticed by the captain.

(Y/N)’s inability to be in the same room with him was both irritating and worrying. He wanted to know what was going on, but it was as if she knew exactly where he would be so she could leave just when he was going to find her. Finally, having had enough, Law managed to find her before she had a chance to realize he was coming.

Upon seeing his love, Law started to worry more. She was pacing and looked so stressed and worried. Breathing out, he spoke. “(Y/N)-ya.” She stopped and turned to him with wide eyes. “You’ve been avoiding me.” She gulped and looked at him anxiously.

“I-I’ve just had a lot on my mind….’ Sighing, the man walked forward.

“I told you before and I’ll tell you again, tell me whatever is troubling you. You don’t need to face everything on your own.” Those words seem to break down the wall she built to keep the secret.

“Law…I’m pregnant.” There was a pause and he stared at her in shock. He hadn’t really thought about having children before, but being faced with this now sent his mind into overdrive. He was actually pretty happy. 'If I’m going to be a parent, I’d want it to be with her.’

Since his expression didn’t change, (Y/N) took it for a bad sign. “…..I’m sorry….” Hearing how weak her voice sounded, Law looked at her. (Hair color) hair was draped over her face while she looked at the ground. Confusion turned into understanding. Law wrapped (Y/N) into a hug.

“Don’t apologize. I’m so, so happy to be able to have a family with you.” He heard her breathe out a sigh of relief.

“I’m sorry for keeping this from you.” Law smiled and kissed his girlfriend, and the soon to be mother of his child. Thinking about that made him smile. He gently moved his hand down to rest on her stomach. He knew he wouldn’t feel anything for a while, but he couldn’t help but do it.


(Y/N) stared at Chopper in shock. What he just said couldn’t be true. “Ch-Chopper…..Repeat what you just said, and please tell me I didn’t just hear what I think I heard.” Chopper noticed the way her voice sounded desperate and almost hysterical at the last part of her sentence. Sighing, and knowing she was panicking, the reindeer walked forward to grab the woman’s hand in comfort.

“I said that you’re pregnant, (Y/N).” She looked down a took a shaky breath. Noticing this, Chopper continued talking. “I’m sure Luffy will be happy and he’ll be a great father. And if you’re worried about explaining it, I’ll help.” The woman gave a weak smile before she sighed.

“Thanks, Chopper. I know he’ll be a great dad and I’m sure he would end up being happy, but that’s not why I’m worried. He wants to be pirate king and I don’t want this happening to get in his way. I just….I can’t ask that of him.”

The doctor nodded in understanding. “Whenever you’re ready, feel free to bring him to me if you need help telling him.” (Y/N) nodded before leaving the room. 'How am I even supposed to tell him?’

She was interrupted from her thoughts when a familiar voice called to her. “Hey, (Y/N)!” She saw Luffy running in her direction and she became more nervous. Without thinking, she took a couple steps back.

“S-sorry, Luffy. I have something I have to take care of.” With that, she ran the opposite direction, leaving the captain staring at her back in confusion.

The next few days were the same. Any time he tried to talk to (Y/N), she would make up an excuse and run away from him. He was irritated and very hurt by this. 'Did I do something wrong? Maybe she’s not feeling well.’ Luffy walked to the medical room and opened the door to see Chopper.

“Hey, Chopper. Is (Y/N) sick. She’s been a avoiding me and she won’t talk to me, so I wasn’t sure if something was wrong.” The doctor looked at him and saw the bits of hurt reflected in his eyes. ’(Y/N)….I hope you don’t get mad at me for this.’

“I know what’s wrong with her.” Luffy’s eyes widened and he stepped closer to the doctor.

“Really?! What is it?!” Sighing, the reindeer told him he should sit down.

“A few days ago she came in here feeling a little nauseous.” Chopper noticed the worried look in his eyes but continued. “I ran some tests and found out that she’s pregnant.” Luffy looked surprised for a moment. He remembered being told vaguely about how that happened, but he hadn’t really payed attention at the time. Seeming to understand by the expression on his captain’s face, Chopper told him everything from how that happened to (Y/N)’s worries.

Luffy thanked his friend before looking for her. He found (Y/N) in the girls’ room. Luckily Nami and Robin weren’t there. He walked in and locked the door.

“(Y/N).” She noticed him and jumped up in shock. She went to say something, but he continued. “I asked Chopper and he told me what’s going on.” Worry filled her eyes as she stared at the man she loved. Suddenly, a wide smile broke out across his face and he ran to her and wrapped the woman in his arms. “We’re going to have a family and you’ll be a great mom and they’ll have everyone as their family and, and, and-” (Y/N) cute him off.

“Luffy! You need to breathe!” Luffy stopped talking but continued to stare at (Y/N) happily. “Aren’t you worried, or upset that I didn’t tell you?” Luffy stopped and looked at her becoming serious.

“I was a little upset at first, but then I could kind of understand. You were worried about it and how I would react. After that, i was happy to find out.” He pulled her into another hug. “I’ll protect both of you no matter what, and I’ll still become pirate kind. At least now I can do this with my family by my side!” (Y/N) bit her lip and returned the hug. 'I don’t know why I was so worried.’


Zoro was in a bad mood and, for once, it wasn’t Sanji’s fault….. Okay, maybe it was his fault a little, but that wasn’t what had Zoro so frustrated. His girlfriend had been avoiding him for the past week and he couldn’t figure out why. Whenever he tried to confront her about it, she would make up an excuse and leave as fast as she could.

He couldn’t figure out what was going on and it was driving him crazy. Sanji wasn’t helping with his constant yelling about how ‘the stupid swordsman had obviously done something wrong’. He had already been thinking that, but couldn’t figure out what he could have done to make her so upset.

Then there was Robin, who had taken to sending him knowing glances. Anytime he would question her, she would smile and turn away saying that he’d figure it out soon enough.

Finally, having waited for what felt like forever, Zoro got his chance. They had stopped at an island and it was (Y/N)’s turn to watch the ship. The swordsman decided he would confront her after everyone had left. He didn’t have to wait long seeing as Luffy was gone the moment they docked and the others had to keep up with him to make sure he didn’t cause too much trouble.

He looked around the deck and saw the woman standing with a troubled expression on her face. This worried him, but he wasn’t going to be distracted from his goal. “Alright, (Y/N). You better tell me what’s going on.” She turned to look at him with wide eyes before mumbling under her breath. “What?”

“I said….I’ve just had a lot I’ve needed to think about.” This statement just made him worry more and become more agitated.

“And you can’t tell me? I know I’m not always the easiest to deal with, but you don’t need to deal with it on your own.” (Y/N) bit her lip and looked at him with worry filled eyes. This made him more confused. “Tell me.”

“I’m……pregnant.” Everything went silent for a few seconds. Zoro opened his mouth to speak, but (Y/N) started talking again. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but I was worried on how you would react.”


“I’ve been trying to figure out how to tell you, but I couldn’t figure out how,”


“And I’ve been trying to come to terms with it by myself, and Robin’s been really supporting-”

“(Y/N)!” She stopped rambling and looked at Zoro. To her surprise, he was smiling softly at her. “I’m not upset. I wasn’t expecting this, but I’m glad that it’s with you. I’ll protect you both, and I’ll teach them how to use a sword and protect themselves too.”

(Y/N) smiled before giving the man a warning look. “You are NOT teaching our child how to use a sword while they’re still too young. I don’t want them hurting themselves.” Zoro chose to ignore that and kissed his lover.


For Sanji, (Y/N) hadn’t been worried about his reaction at all. She knew he would probably be happy, so she was more worried about how to tell him. She wanted it to be special, so often spoke to Robin and Nami on how she could go about telling him. Of course, the planning had meant she was spending more time away from him. Then, when she came up with a plan, with the help of the other two women and Franky, she was so caught up in planning that she stayed away from him all together.

At first, Sanji thought that she needed some alone time, but the longer she spent away from him the more he became worried. Was something wrong? Did he do something? What was going on? Those were the only thoughts in his head.

Finally, after a few weeks of this, he decided he needed to talk to her and he would stop at nothing to do it. Unfortunately, (Y/N) was almost done with her plans and needed to make sure he didn’t find out early. Every time he approached her, the woman gave an excuse before rushing away from him.

The blond was upset and on the verge of tears by the end of the day.'Why won’t she just talk to me?’ Sighing, he walked to the girls’ room and knocked. He heard shuffling before Nami opened the door.

“Can I help you with anything?” Sanji shook his head.

“Is (Y/N) in there?” Nami looked behind her for a moment.

“Sorry, Sanji. She’s kind of busy right now.” She didn’t wait for a reply and slammed the door. Letting out a sigh of defeat, the man leaned against the opposite wall and slid down. He put his head in his hands and sighed again. 'What is going on?’ It wasn’t long before he fell asleep.

The next morning, he was being shaken lightly. He looked up into worried (eye color) eyes. “Are you okay, Sanji?” Looking at (Y/N), Sanji couldn’t help himself. He grabbed her and pulled her into a hug.

“I don’t know what I did, but I’m sorry! Please don’t hate me!” The woman felt a tug in her heart and hugged him back.

“I don’t hate you and you didn’t do anything.” Sanji looked at her confused.

“Then why-” The woman huffed in agitation.

“I had hoped you could wait a few more days, but I guess not. It was supposed to be a surprise.” (Y/N) pulled back and helped the man to his feet. “Sanji, I’m pregnant.” He stared at her for a moment before a smile spread across his face.

“Really! I’m going to be a father!” The woman nodded. She grabbed his hand and led him into the girls’ room. She led him across the room and showed him a small crib. It had all the colors of the rainbow and more. There were ships, birds, and small plastic cooking utensils hanging from above spinning slowly.

“I was going to surprise you with the news. I asked Franky to build this for them and Chopper not to tell. Honestly, only you, Luffy, Usopp, Zoro, and Brook didn’t know. I’m sorry for worrying you so much, but I thought that if I were to talk to you I would end up giving it away.”

Sanji picked her up and spun her around. “I don’t care about that! I’m so happy that I get to start a family with you! I can’t wait!” (Y/N) laughed as he set her down. He walked forward to take a closer look at the crib. He couldn’t help but to gush at the fact that his passion for cooking was put into the design. He didn’t even care that it had been a secret, since his love was only trying to make it special.


(Y/N) stared out at the ocean and sighed. She had been avoiding Ace for the past few days and she knew she wouldn’t be able to keep It up forever. There were only so many places one could hide on a ship in the middle of the sea.

She had found out she was pregnant, but she wasn’t sure how to feel about it. She knew Ace would be a wonderful father, but she didn’t know how he would feel about the news. They had been together for a while, and known each other for longer than that, so it was expected that she would know about his feelings towards his lineage. His father was the late Pirate King and he had never even known him not to be mistaken with known OF him. It was because of this that she hadn’t been sure if he even wanted kids of his own.

(Y/N) was happy that she could have the child of the man she loved, but she wanted to consider his feelings. 'How am I even meant to go about this? How do I tell him?’ “Why is this so hard?”

“If you’d tell me, maybe I could help.” She quickly turned around to find Ace standing there with an expression mixed between irritated and hurt.

He had noticed her absence. How could he not? He loved her more than anything, so it was to be expected. The longer she stayed away, the more he began to worry. The man was always afraid that she would stop loving him, and her avoiding him wasn’t helping any.

No matter how hard he tried, he could never catch a moment with her. The few times he did manage to catch a glimpse of her, he noticed her eyes filled with worry. This only caused him more pain. Ace hated seeing her in pain.

Finally, after days of restless sleep and worry, he found her on deck. The sun had set and everyone was asleep, so he wondered why she wasn’t. He walked forward to speak to her when he heard the words. After he spoke, he watched her turn.

Everything was silent for a moment. He didn’t dare move any closer in fear that she would try to run from him. “Please, (Y/N). Just tell me what’s wrong.” His voice was filled with desperation, and that only served to break the woman’s heart.

“Ace….” He looked at her and she could see tears in his eyes reflecting the moonlight. (Y/N) ran over and wrapped her arms around him. "I’m sorry, Ace. I’m so, so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. It’s just…..Well…..I’m pregnant and I didn’t know how to tell you, or how you would react.“ Ace went still for a moment.

"You’re-?” He felt her nod. “With my-?” Another nod. At first, he felt worry. Would he really be able to raise this child and make them happy. Looking down a little, he looked at the soon to be mother and smiled. Of course he would.

Smiling, he wrapped his lover in a warm hug. “We’re going to be parents!” (Y/N) quickly shushed him with a ‘The crew is sleeping’. “We’re going to be parents…” He whisper-yelled. He kissed her and hugged her again. “I’ll protect you both and make sure the two of you are always happy.” He felt his love sigh in relief and relax. The two spent time just embracing. The next morning, Ace made sure to let everyone know the news. Whitebeard made a show of happily saying that at least someone finally decided to give him grandkids.


To say (Y/N) was worried would be an understatement. She was down right panicking and there didn’t appear to be any signs of stopping. She recently found out she was pregnant and she immediately became worried. It wasn’t that she was unhappy with the fact that she would have a child, but she was more worried about how her lover would react. Eustass Kid, the captain of the Kid Pirates, was the father.

She knew his goals were more important to him than anything else, so she didn’t know how he would handle the news. Somehow, (Y/N) was more worried that he would be completely indifferent to the situation than angry. She could handle him like that, that was just the way he was (though he never turned his anger on her), but if he were to act like he didn’t care at all she wouldn’t know what to do. To her, that would hurt far worse.

She knew she wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret forever, so the woman started searching for ways to tell him the news. It was hard for her to think of a way to tell him, and the more she thought about it, the more difficult it became. She accidentally started avoiding him without meaning to, but Kid noticed right away.

His mood had been plummeting the longer she avoided him, so it was fair to say he had been pretty sour for a couple weeks. He was still trying to figure out how she managed to avoid him for so long even though there wasn’t many places she could go since they were in the middle of the ocean.

He couldn’t seem to catch her at anytime to question her. This only served to frustrate him further. Eventually, he managed to find her in her room. They shared a room before, but she switched to another one after discovering the news. He looked at her and opened his mouth, but stopped when he heard (Y/N) muttering under her breath. He strained his ears to hear what she was saying.

“How am I supposed to tell him? I don’t even know how he’d react to it. Do I just come out and say it? ‘Kid, I’m pregnant.’……No, no. That’s too blunt. ‘Guess what’s going to happen in 9 months?’…. Tch! What was I even thinking with that one.”

Kid was speechless. (Y/N) was pregnant? He thought about it, and he wasn’t sure what to feel. He had never planned on having children, so this wasn’t something he was expecting. He shook his head after thinking about it a moment longer. He had also said he wasn’t going to fall in love and get in a steady relationship, but both those things seemed to change when he met (Y/N). With her, it just seemed like things that he said ‘never’ to happened.   Smirking to himself, the man entered the room and hugged his lover.

She gasped in shock. “K-Kid!”

“You should have just told me. It’s my kid, so I’ll make sure to keep ‘em safe.” He felt her gently grab his arm.

“I wasn’t sure how you’d react. I didn’t know if you would be happy or okay with this.”

“I never thought about having a child, but I don’t mind since it’s you.”


When it came to telling Killer the news, (Y/N) had no idea how he would react or how to tell him. He was hard to read, and that mask never seemed to help. How would he react? She wasn’t sure if he would be happy, upset, indifferent, etc. There was just no telling unless he told her. Sometimes his body language was helpful, but he was good at keeping his composure, so she couldn’t rely solely on that.

(Y/N) spent so much time thinking of the possibilities of how he would react, she slowly began to distance herself from him. Her worry and confusion led her to subconsciously seek space to think things over. Killer noticed and, although he seemed calm, became worried.

It wasn’t like his love to suddenly act like this, so what happened to make her distance herself? He thought about everything that happened before she started creating space and couldn’t seem to recall having done anything to upset her. 'She’s been fine until now, so what happened?’

He loved her and he didn’t want her to face whatever was bothering her alone. Knowing she might not tell him, since he knew she could be stubborn when she wanted and wouldn’t tell him until she was ready, Killer decided to seek the answers out himself and figure it out.

The man first spoke to the crew members she was closest to, but they didn’t have any answers for him. He went to her room to see if anything could help explain the situation, but there was nothing. Finally, he went to see the doctor on board. If it had something to do with her health, she would go there. He entered the room and saw the doctor.

“Has (Y/N) come in here?” He watched the man flinch in shock at his sudden appearance before turning around. He looked around nervously.

“Y-yeah…..She did.” Killer became suspicious of the way the doctor was acting, but he was also worried about why she came in the first place.

“Why?” The doctor gulped and seemed to think something over in his head. Making a decision, he looked at the blond.

“She was feeling nauseous and came in trying to figure it out. It turns out it was caused by pregnancy.” Killer stood frozen. She was pregnant? And she didn’t tell him?

Not waiting for the other man to say anything, he walked out of the room to find his lover. He found her walking out of the kitchen. When she saw him, (Y/N) went to turn away, but he picked her up and carried her to his room.

“Killer! Let me down!” He did as she asked and locked the door. Before she could say anything, he spoke.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant? I wouldn’t have reacted negatively. I’m actually pretty happy about this.” The woman stared at him with mixed emotions, and he could see them all in her eyes. Guilt, relief, happiness, and a little bit of irritation.

“I wasn’t too sure if you would be happy with this. Sometimes it’s just so hard to tell what you’re thinking and I wasn’t sure. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

“You don’t need to feel bad. At least now I know, so everything is fine. I’ll keep the two of you safe no matter what, so don’t worry about it anymore. Next time, come to me instead of dealing with your worry alone.” (Y/N) nodded and hugged him.

anonymous asked:

If it's not too much trouble could I request Law, Marco, Ace and Kid reacting to their S/O interrupting their night duties (watch, paperwork etc.) for cuddles because they can't sleep without them there?

(So cute! (>.<) I gave it my best. Hope you like it )


Law had been staying up late all week and more than once had his S/O found him sleeping in his chair. The boy/girl had gotten tired of sleeping alone with all the nightmares. It was just Law’s presence and having his heart beat to listen to that was so calming. In a minute of resolve the boy/girl got up form bed and quietly made his/her way into Law’s office.

 At first he/she just stood there and watched Law work, but after a while it got boring so he/she moved closer and closer. Suddenly Law turned around. This made his lover jump a little. After a very stuttering and vague explanation he/she slowly turned to walk back to bed. Before being able to reach the bedroom door two arms suddenly wrapped themselves around his/her waist. “You are not giving up so easily are you?“ 


It was the third time this month that Marco had night duties and his S/O was not really used to sleeping alone. It was not really anything that could be done about it, and after tossing and turning for a few hours he/she decided that enough was enough. It didn’t take long to find Marco. He was at the front of the ship looking at the sea. He looked really peaceful and at harmony with the world around him.

Suddenly Marco turned around and looked at him/her. "What are you doing here-yoi?” His voice was stern and cold, not really what the boy/girl had expected. His lover looked at the ground and slowly walked over to his side. “I want you to come back with me”. It was more a breath than a whisper. Marco was aware of the problem his lover had when sleeping alone, but still remained quiet.  He/she could feel the tears sting behind his/her closed eyes. This was not what was supposed to happen.  It felt like years before Marco said something, “Why didn’t you come earlier? I can’t go back now” That being said they both slept on deck that night.


It wasn’t something Ace was known to do but sometimes he would take the night watch himself for some stupid reason. His S/O did not approve of this and had gone to bed very angry that night. Now three hours later of staring at the ceiling, the anger had become something along the lines of sadness and regret. After another 40 minutes of arguing back and forth, the boy/girl grabbed the blanket and walked onto the deck. Most of the crew had gone to bed by now, so it was really not hard to find Ace. 

Ace was looking at the stars when his lover came up to him and pulled him in for a hug. He smiled a little and kissed their forehead. They stood like this for sometime, no words needed as they both knew that sleeping was better together. After a while they broke apart and a very awkward silence came over them, still his S/O stayed by his side the rest of the night and kept him company.


Kid grumbled under his breath. He was not to found of paperwork that took longer then 10 minutes to finish, and on the other side of the “office” wall was a very much awake S/O who couldn’t sleep without Kid. It was the first night in a while Killer had made Kid do the paperwork. After throwing a tantrum Kid finally gave in and went a long with Killer. 

At first it didn’t matter much but now in the dark alone, Kid’s lover started to realize that sleeping with out Kid was going to be hard. Really hard. Instead of lie there in the dark and do nothing, the boy/girl got up and went down the hall to the office door. Before he/she even had time to knock, the door flew open and Kid stormed out. He looked like he was in a hurry but stopped dead in his tracks as he saw his love. “What?” Kid was obviously not in the mood for a cuddle, but this was important. After a deep breath, the boy/girl stated what was on their mind and how he/she had trouble sleeping. This took Kid of guard and a slight blush crept onto his cheeks. 

Nami ‘Headcanon’

I still believe that if the strawhats were to live in the real world, Nami would look like Lana Del Rey. 

I mean just look at her! They both have classic beauty which makes men and women go weak in the knees. 

And in another separate headcanon that Nami loves a good thick cat liner. Just like Lana.

They’re both so beautiful!

Also, as I mentioned before, Nami and Law would look like Lana and the dude in Lana’s Born to Die video! 

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Hello! I hope you don't mind me requesting!~ How would Cavendish, Zoro, Law, Kid and Ace react to seeing their S/o doing something extremely cute? ♡ (:

(I don’t mind at all! You are very much appreciated.)


He would be all over his loved one telling him/her that he/she was almost as cute as he was. He still was the most beautiful though!


Zoro would shake his head slightly and sigh a little. It was in moments like these he realized how much he loved his S/O.


Law would laugh a little under his breath, and pat his S/O on his/her head. Law would never admit it but he loved moments like these.


Ace would totally be all over his lover. Not only would he fangirl like a boss, but also occasionally pinch his lover’s cheeks

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How is going to react luffy,ace kid,law,enel,sanji,robin and killer if a kid give his daughter a love letter? Great blog!! Sorry, my english is not very good😅

(It’s okay, I think I got the point.)


Luffy would maybe be more exited than the kid. He would jump up and down and go on about that this was the first nakama the kid made on her own.  He really would not get the whole love letter thought. It’s so much easier to just tell people directly.


Ace would make sure the kid was a good one. No wannabe should be able to love his daughter. He would go a little overboard and make his daughter so embarrassed. Ace didn’t mean to get to involved but it’s not every day your baby daughter gets a love letter.


He would be so angry! Some pipsqueak thought he was good enough for his daughter?! No one was good enough for his daughter. He even sent her a love letter! That was not a man’s way! A man should tell the object of his affection in person! Not through a fucking letter!


Law was at first very skeptical. He was neither to found of someone liking his daughter, but after a long talk with her mother he agreed to let his daughter choose for herself.


No on was ever going to be good enough for his child! How did that human dare to even send his child a letter to express his/her affection toward her. 


Sanji would be flattered that his little girl was popular among the kids, but he would still not really approve. His little baby girl was not ready for love yet, and he had promised to keep her out of harms way.


Robin would find it very amusing, and laugh at the way her daughter’s cheeks turned slightly red. It really didn’t matter to her, except the fact that the kid’s feelings were real. Other than that, she was fine with it. 


Killer would be okay with it, as long as it did not exceed a love letter. He understood that he could not control feelings but he could control, for the most part, who his daughter was dating.

i just
imagine little Law asking Cora about his sexuality one day bcs Cora is so fab and wears whatever he wants so
“Are you gay?”
And Cora just shruggs and says. “Not really”
“So,you’re straight?”
And he just shakes his head
And Law is so confused like “Then what are you?”
And Cora stares into the distance ans whispers “A dragon”

Meanwhile in the background Doflo just breaks something and cries a little “Not anymore you asshole”

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law and kid relationship and fluffy head canons please?? (good luck on your blog, looking forward for more of your work!!)

Hello dear anon! I have written these already except Law fluff and I really want to write his relationship again. All of my relationship headcannon’s seem like fluff. ):

Kid here


  • Can get jealous, but not too often.
  • He’s protective of his s/o and sometimes he leave’s them with Bepo, so the bear can protect him/her.
  • Not really into gift giving, but if his s/o is upset or it’s anniversary he will buy something that they like.
  • Law fall’s asleep while studding often and in the morning he find’s a blanket over him. He really cherishes those little act’s of kindest. 
  • Law’s work is really important and his s/o know’s that, but there are day’s when he sees only a glance of them. He really hate’s those day’s.

Fluff Law:

  • Like’s to cuddle,but he won’t admit it even on his dead bed.
  • The two of them read book’s together on the couch and often it end’s to cuddle’s or foot fight.
  • When they go to a winter island Law take’s his s/o’s hand’s and put’s them in his pocket’s, so that they don’t get cold.
  • He really isn’t that kinda guy to go on a date, but he will if you want. Law is more stay home and eat home cook meal- date guy.

anonymous asked:

Any fluff headcanons for ASL, Kid and Law? :D (first request! ermergherd! OnO i feel so scared >..<)

(Here you go! Since I already did a cute/fluff one for Sabo, I’ll just be putting the link to it right here. I’m glad you made a request! Since it’s your first request with me, I hope I was able to do it well for you! ^_^)


  • He would love to give his S/O kisses on the cheek. To him it would be a small, sweet thing that he could always do anywhere. It would also be a bonus if his S/O would blush when he would do it.

  • If his S/O was tired after a long day dealing with the other crew mates, Ace would pick them up and carry them to bed. Although he could fall asleep at any time, he wouldn’t ever let his partner do that because he would worry that they would get sick or hurt.

  • Ace would have a habit of giving his S/O food as a gift. If he happened to find a rare fruit then he would wrap it and present it to them. If anyone would ask him about it, he would just tell them that food wouldn’t get lost or destroyed and it was something his S/O could enjoy with him. He would then tell them that food is the best gift.

  • He wouldn’t be the type of person to constantly show off his S/O like a trophy, but sometimes he wouldn’t be able to help himself from telling people how amazing they are. He would mostly do this when they weren’t with him since he would know that it would embarrass them. For him, it wouldn’t be about bragging, but more of the fact that he still sometimes wouldn’t be able to believe that someone as amazing as his S/O would really love him, so he would have trouble holding back when it came to talking about them.

  • He would enjoy hearing his S/O laugh or giggle, so he would do things on purpose just to hear them laugh.


  • Luffy never liked it when anyone sat on, what he named, “the captains seat”. That, however, didn’t apply to his S/O. He would pull them with him when he wanted to sit there and just hold them while staring at the sea.
  • He would be huge on hugging his S/O everywhere. He would always end up holding or touching them, but he wouldn’t be able to wrap his head around that being the reason they sometimes became flustered in public.

  • Despite being a hugger, he wouldn’t be one to kiss his partner too often. It would be foreign to him and it would take him a while of getting used to. However, when he did kiss them, Luffy would enjoy kissing his S/O on their forehead.

  • He worry about his S/O if they ever got hurt, even if it was just a small scratch. If they even just got a paper cut, he would rush them to Chopper and panic slightly. When he was told they were fine, he would laugh about the situation.

  • Whenever he would be tired but his S/O wasn’t, Luffy would snuggle his head into the side of their neck. He would mumble a sleepy “Come sleep with me” that would probably sound a little bit like a whine.

  • Since he wouldn’t be used to being with anyone romantically, he would probably go to Nami and Sanji for a little advice if he really was confused about doing something for his S/O. It would be a common thought for the two not to mention the slight blush that he would have whenever he would ask.


  • Despite his harsh exterior, Kid would act a lot like a cuddle hungry teddy bear. Of course, he would only act that way when he was alone with his S/O. He wouldn’t want anyone else to know about that side of him. He would enjoy being able to just hold his partner.
  • If his S/O had any hobbies or talents but didn’t have the things to do them (gardening, playing music, etc.), he would go out of his way to find what his partner would need so they would be able to be happy doing it. If his S/O liked to garden, he would have an area where they could do that. If they played music, he would buy them instruments.

  • That being said, he would enjoy watching his S/O do something they loved. However, he would also sometimes end up interrupting whatever they were doing so he could kiss them.

  • He would love holding them when he slept at night. If his S/O fell asleep before him or if he woke up in the morning before them, he would take a little time to just look at their sleeping face. It would be times like that when he would wonder how he was lucky enough to have them fall in love with him.

  • He’d be so used to being the dominant one in the relationship, so if his S/O ever ended up doing something to make the first move (kiss him randomly), it would actually probably make him a little flustered. Of course, after that he would have to turn around and kiss them more passionately just so he can act like he wasn’t embarrassed a moment before.


  • He would always have to be touching them so he could make sure they were alright and right beside him. He would usually hold them in a hug or have one arm wrapped around them, but sometimes he would just hold their hand.
  • If his S/O was in a bad mood, he would do what he could to make them happy again. He hated seeing them upset. Unfortunately, his method wouldn’t be good for most other people. He would sometimes use his powers to mess with people just to get his lover to laugh.

  • When Law would be alone with his S/O in their room, he would stop, grab their hand, and just slowly dance with them. It wouldn’t matter if there wasn’t any music, it would just be a nice way for him to be with his partner and hold them close to his body.

  • More often than not, his S/O would find themselves standing with him hugging them from behind. He would bury his face into the side of their neck or into their hair. If his S/O was ticklish in their neck, he would rub his nose against their neck a little extra just so he could hear them laugh.

chelemelons asked:

Welcome! I normally ask on anon but here I go! So any law, zoro, ace headcannons? :0

Yay! My first ask! Thank you and I hope you come to ask me again. I hope this will do. (ノ◕‿◕)ノ


  • Overly protective
  • Easily jealous
  • He doesn’t get easily embarrassed. (It’s law, he has nerves of steel)
  • He does enjoy PDA indoors.
  • Cuddle’s with his s/o while using Bepo as a pillow. (He want’s to cuddle 99,9% of his time, but doesn’t show it.)
  • Let’s his s/o wear his jacket or hat if their cold. He thinks that they look cute while wearing his cloths. 


  •  Get’s easily jealous. (especially with his s/o talking to his nakamas. Sanji)
  • Not a big fan of PDA, but he love’s to pull his s/o to cuddle with him while sleeping on the deck.
  • He let’s you guide him through the town, so that he does not get lost. While doing this he take’s his s/o’s hand in his.
  • Sometime’s he let’s his s/o train with him. (He would do it more often, but he/she distract’s him too much and he end’s up cuddling with him/her.)


  • Total gentleman!
  • Love’s PDA, but get’s flustered from surprise kisses.
  • When he get’s flustered  and start’s to blush, something always get’s set on fire. Accidentally.
  • He is a giant cuddle monster. Even if you don’t want to cuddle, he will pull you to his chest.
  • He love’s to make his s/o smile. His/Her smile make’s him all warm inside.
  • His a huge dork, but his your huge dork and will stay like that forever.
Parental Headcanons 1/?

These headcanons will be either about the straw hat’s kids or the straw hat’s parents. Enjoy.


  • “Having kids is like having Nakama right? I want as many as possible!”
  • Will probably end up having one, if he’s lucky.
  • Doesn’t care what gender
  • He will probably fall into the family tradition of having a child with someone and leaving no hint of who that someone is.
  • He would try to avoid acting like his Grandpa due to how miserable that made him when he was a kid.
  • He might ask advice from his Nakama on how to do this and that, and for the first few times that happens, the crew would most likely do the Chopper dance, what with being trusted in that manner.


  •  On the of chance he wanted kids, he would wait until after all his friends dreams came true, not only because that would be one less thing to worry about on the battlefield, but also he wouldn’t want to put the kid through losing their father in a fight. (Not as sweet as it sounds. More of a logical thought. He still gets gushed over whenever he mentions it though)
  • One or two kids seem plausible.
  • Doesn’t care about genders, but if he gets a girl, he’s calling them Kuina (love that cliche).
  • He would teach his kid in the way of the sword. If the kid didn’t want to swordsmanship, he would be disappointed at first, but would eventually do whatever he could in order to help them reach their dream.
  • I have this headcanon that he would be good with kids, and often baby-sited at the dojo, so he would be a pretty good dad.
  • Zoro would be the ‘Cool Uncle’ to all of the Next Generation an they would all turn to him for advice before their own parents.


  • She would be more likely to adopt a child than give birth to one.
  • She would like to have a girl.

  • She would train them of the art of stealing and blackmail.
  • She’s be the ‘cool mum’, but I think she would fall into the trap of acting like an older sister rather than a mother, which would probably lead to some issues in the teen years.


  • Want to have lots and lots of children, doesn’t matter if they are adopted or if he got a very tough lover, he just loves kids.
  • Would cry a lot when the kid is born, when something bad happens, when something good happens, he’d be a pretty embarrassing dad.
  • Would do his best to see them as often as he could because he doesn’t want his kids to have a lonely childhood like he did.
  • He would be over-affectionate and over-protective.
  • None of his kids would be able to lie.
  • However, they would be very good and being able to tell when someone was lying.
  • Sogeking would be like the Santa Claus of the Next Generation


  • Would want lots of kids. Most or all would have to be girls.
  • He would treat the girls like princesses.
  • He would be more harsh on the boys and would have rocky relationships with all of them at some point in their lives.
  • He would also accidently make the boys girlfriends either creeped out by him or fall in love with him. Again, more rocky relationships with the boys.
  • If any of his boys came out as trans girls, he would first ask them if they had any intention of wearing bad make up, growing weirdly tall, and chasing men for two years trying to get them to wear a dress, they would say no (and be very confused). Sanji would be satisfied with that and do what ever he can for them (which includes beating up transphobic jerks).
  • Same if any of his daughter came out as a trans boy.
  • He wouldn’t be perfect in that scenerio, sometimes saying the wrong pronoun or name, but he would definitely make up for it and would always try his best to improve himself for his children’s sake.


  • Would be very nervous, fearing that her kids would hate her or she would do something to hurt them by accident.
  • She would most likely only have one. A girl sounds right.

  • She would read her kids bedtime stories

  • She would always feel so happy whenever her kids smiled at her or told her that they loved her or cuddled her or slept near her because it makes her feel like such a good mum.

  • She would be such a good mum.


  • He doesn’t care how many kids he has or what their genders are.
  • He would be very lame and cheesy.
  • His kids would either embrace this and act just like him or get really embarrassed by it, probably building even more rocky relationships.
  • He would have the same problem Nami has of treating them like a sibling than their own child


  • He probably wouldn’t have kids, what with the fact that he is immortal and stuff, it would be just to depressing. However, life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect them to…
  • If he had kids, they would be adopted, or great-great-grandchildren.

  • He would have one, but as mentioned before, life can be pretty unpredictable.

  • They would probably be boys, but Brook isn’t fussy about what gender they would be.

  • Suprisingly, he doesn’t ask he son’s girlfriends to see their panties. He does however, ask to borrow some money, which is only slightly better.