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HHHHHHHHHHHomgaonepieceblogwhosnotdead ! could you write something (hc or scenario or whatever) with a s/o who have a tongue split (like they have a normal tongue, and one day they come back with "two" tongues after a mission or smt) with Law, Ace and Zoro ? (NSFW or sfw, as you want)

Oh yeah some people get their tongue split right ? There you go ! ╰| ° ◞౪◟ ° |╯


  • What a perv hehe
  • He’s already into tattoos and piercings so he likes you slit tongue really much.
  • He’ll ask you if you want him to repair your tongue just in case.


  • “What happended to you ?? Are you alright ?? Are you going to die ?? Don’t die !!”
  • He needs some time to get used to it but at the end of the day he thinks it’s so cool
  • He’ll ask you - all . the . time - to show him some tricks, he finds them so interesting, how can they move like that haha ?


  • His respect for you is multiply by 20x
  • Badass couple with badass scars, yeaah
  • “So can you hold 2 swords in your mouth now ??”

What they are all thinking

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  great blowjo kisses( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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hello how are you? hope you’re fine and ready for me to spam your askbox! xD since we’re getting closer to summer B/ *makes success fist* i was wondering how would our baes react to seeing their crush’s very alluring figure in a swimsuit/bikini the first time? - maybe for ace, sabo, law, shanks ? idk if anyone else wants to add more into this request? headcanons are fine for me. thank you :3 *leaves a crepe here for you   

A/N: *eats the crepe happily* thank you! I’m great, I hope you’re fine too, also, I imagined all of them with no shirt………. yeah………. God bless. 💗


  • The whole Whitebeard crew had decided to just chill at the beach for today, the weather too good to waste it in other ways
  • Everyone was either having fun in the water, slurping on some drinks or if they couldn’t enjoy the waves, sitting on some towels and enjoying the sun
  • Ace was standing somewhere, searching for you with his eyes while he’s talking to someone, wondering why he hasn’t seen you yet
  • He’s about to ask Thatch where you are, when he sees you happily walking into their direction in a bikini, showing off your body just perfectly
  • Get ready for the nosebleeds
  • He forgets to breath for a few seconds and just stares at your body in pure amazement
  • His ears turn red and his eyes grow twice the size
  • “Ace, what are you staring at?- oh, oh my god…” Thatch would notice too and after a seconds he would glance back at his fellow member, only to see him practically drooling at your sight “Jeez, get a grip, what are you? 13?”
  • Let’s just say Ace wasn’t so sure about his age anymore, he wasn’t even sure about his own name, too focused on a certain someone
  • But then you walk up to both of them and smile in such a innocent way, the freckled man wants to cry and run away
  • “Hey guys!”, you happily say and Ace just… no
  • He can’t even bear to look at you so he just stares at the sky, sand- hell, he even stares into Thatch’s eyes in pure horror
  • You’re too close, but at the same time, someone in the back of his mind just whispers, you’re not close enough ;-)
  • You get confused at his reaction and ask him if he wants to drink something and he just…
  • “My favourite colour is red.”
  • He wants to smack himself in the face, but he just closes his eyes
  • Thatch starts to laugh and you just shake your head in amusement
  • After a few more failed conversation starters you decide to leave the poor man alone, so you turn around 
  • You’re about to walk away, when you turn around again and catch Ace staring right at your booty and… is he drooling?
  • Thatch is cracking up and smacks the back of his friends head and you can’t help but laugh too, all while Ace’s whole face turns bright red and apologies fly out of his mouth and he wants to cry and hide and hates thatch and oh my god
  • this kid is2g


  • Okay, Sabo is such a cutie
  • When he first saw your body in a bikini/swimsuit, he couldn’t breath either
  • He was so amazed by your sight, he almost forgot to behave
  • But only almost, he knows how to handle this feeling, he’s a man
  • Instantly, he glances at the floor/sand and tries his best to get him under control again you interpret what I mean with that 
  • Turns out to be a bit harder then expected, because you just look too good  this sounds really wrong and I’m really sorry LMAO
  • You wouldn’t even notice his reaction and just go and talk to koala a few metres away from him 
  • Everything is fine for a while, but then you just feel like someone keeps staring at you
  • You turn around but never see someone and you’re just???
  • So you ask Koala if someone stares at you and she just glances behind you and then giggles uncontrollably
  • You get curious and ask what’s going on, so she comes closer and whispers into your ear:
  • “Sabo’s face is burning red! He keeps glancing at you, I’m sure his drink is already empty but he just doesn’t want- no wait, can’t get up!”
  • You turn around too and then you catch him
  • He starts to choke and turns his head around, suddenly getting panicked
  • You grin, walk up to him and sit down next to him, “Hi.”
  • ohmygod ohmygod what the- they noticed I stared I am so oh my god- 
  • “Hey.”
  • “It’s really hot today, don’t you think?”
  • “OH, yes, it sure is hot today, haha. So hot, so freaking… hot.”
  • He glances at your face and you just bite your lip at his face
  • He looks like he’s about to cry
  • “You look beautiful.” He whispers, even though he didn’t really wanted to say that out loud
  • You thank him laughing and playfully grab his arm and he just freezes
  • He feels it, it just got too hot and you’re too close and you look so beautiful and your smile is so adorable and oh, oh no-
  • He excuses himself and runs into the nearest hiding spot, blushing extremely
  • Koala is still laughing in the background


  • Okay, now Law is different
  • He’s not reacting like Sabo or Ace, no
  • He actually doesn’t like to see you like this, because even though he has admitted that he likes you, no one else knows that he’s into you, so therefor others will stare at you in ways, he doesn’t want them to
  • He gets a bit pissy and his mood just drops a bit
  • And yet he can’t help but think how gorgeous your body looks in this light or how good your skin must feel under his fingertips
  • He notices you playing with Penguin in the water and gets so frustrated, because first, he can’t join you and second, Penguin is being too friendly for his taste
  • After a while you notice him being grumpy in the sand, so you turn to your friend and open your mouth, about to tell him that you’re leaving, when you suddenly feel a weird vibration around you and then everything is lighly blue?
  • “Room.”
  • A second later you’re next to Law in the sand and almost fall down from the sudden change of location
  • You stare at the dark haired man and just go ????
  • And he just glances at you, “I thought there was a shark.”
  • Yeah, no, there was no shark
  • “You should wear something else, Y/N.”, he then mumbles and you merely smirk
  • “Why? You don’t think I look good in this?”
  • And he just hides his face in his hat, but you know he turned red, you just know it 
  • “That’s not it.”
  • “Yeah,” You grin and then you say it, “I know. I saw the way you stared, Captain.”
  • He is speechless and you cover your mouth with your hand so you don’t start to laugh loudly
  • His brain works super fast, trying his best to find an excuse to why he was staring and then he just gulps,
  • “I wasn’t staring. I was just making sure you don’t get hurt.”
  • “Of course, how admirable.” you say and stand up, on your way to get something to drink, when you bend down and whisper:
  • “I don’t mind you staring, because I was staring at you too, Law.” and then you leave just like that
  • And he just swears, he will make sure everyone knows you belong to him, everyone 


  • *laughs in shanks*
  • Okay, my beautiful, gorgeous, stupid, hilarious little daddy shanks
  • This man, oh my god
  • Secretly staring and drooling? Nah, he’s too old for this crap
  • The red haired man will simply walk up to you the second he sees you and flirt with you as much as he can
  • Get ready for a lot of compliments
  • “No wonder it suddenly got so hot, I mean look at you…” - “Everytime I look at you, you just seem to get more beautiful.” - “Y/N, Hancock has got nothing on you…”
  • If other people talked to you like this you’d probably smack them and leave, but it’s shanks and you’re crushing on him so you just thank him and giggle
  • Shanks just feels like you’re the perfect wifey for him; you’re smart, funny, strong minded, kind and so so beautiful
  • also he can’t help but wonder how your skin feels like against his ;-)
  • After a few more seconds of flirting talking to each other, someone calls for him, so he has to leave for a short while
  • You stand there in the sun and then, some random dude comes up to you and starts to flirt in such a weird way, you feel uncomfortable, you try to be polite and leave, but it’s not as easy as you thought and then, oh my god
  • Guess who notices
  • Yes, you know who
  • He is by your side in a few short heartbeats and suddenly, he’s not as playful as before anymore
  • “Is that how you talk to a woman?”, he asks and glares at the dude in such a scary way…
  • You actually feel a bit sorry for him, but then he sprints away and you don’t really care anymore
  • Shanks takes you to the other members and you all sit on the sand and have a nice chat
  • He doesn’t really care if other people stare at you, as long as you don’t feel uncomfortable or if they don’t get disrespectful, he feels like they’re complimenting you
  • He actually feels a bit proud, because yes, this beauty next to him is in his crew and yes, he knows you’re liking him as much as he likes you
  • Yeah, Shanks is just great I love him
  • also, shanks in no shirt *drools in ace- style*

I one day wanna see a One Piece AU where everyone actually speaks different languages. Like, perhaps there’s a language that’s spoken in 95% of the world and everyone is bilingual. Luffy, Usopp, Zoro, and Nami all speak an East Blue dialect but even then they have slightly different words because every island is just slightly different, like every English speaking nation. Luffy occasionally throws in words from a noble language that they all think is really odd until they meet Sabo.

Sanji speaks three languages, having picked up the East dialect after running away from North Blue. Franky, Brook, and Chopper don’t speak any Eastern dialects at all and only speak the standard language. Brook used to speak a Western dialect but has since forgotten. Robin knows a bit of everything and is always learning more languages; the national language of Ohara is something she treasures.

The Celestial Dragons have their own language which is “holy” and no one but them is allowed to speak it. Law can only say two things in their language: “shit” and “fuck”. Also, imagine Flevance having its own language and Law is the only one who speaks it now. And Luffy calls him Torao because Law’s accent is difficult for Luffy to understand.

And accents! Everyone on the Grand Line has an accent. You can tell what sea they’re from just because of their accent. South Blue is different to North Blue to West Blue and so on.

Just…One Piece languages and accents!!!


If something ever
happened to you
i would no longer
see the world
the same way.
i would see it
in shades of you

For: @roomshxmbles

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headcanons for a head over heals smoker, shanks, zoro and law?

You mean head over heels for someone?

Omg, this would be HILARIOUS to watch!
(I’m back from the dead! Only thing I can say is that I was REALLY uninspired. D:
I’m so sorry for such a long absence!)

Head over heels in love with someone headcanons:


  • Acts like he totally knows what he’s doing, but he doesn’t. Don’t let him fool you.
  • Will try to ignore it for the longest time once he first realizes out he feels.
  • Doesn’t work. LOL
  • Ends up trying to be as subtle as possible on researching what he can do. Shut up, you didn’t see anything.
  • Initially tries to be sweet and endearing in the super cliche way, but just ends up being super blunt instead.
  • Also, lots of staring. LOTS of it. And standing as close as possible. Or as far away as possible, because he doesn’t know what to say. LOL
  • Mood rekt.


  • Obviously knows what he’s doing. Come on.
  • Really sweet, but also incredibly goofy.
  • Laughter is important for this guy, so he’ll use humour as a way to get them to pay some more attention to him/look his way.
  • WAY more smiles. Seriously. Get some sunglasses because DAMN that’s bright.
  • A lot more physical contact than usual, and longer. Example: More hugs, duh.
  • Hangs around a lot more and more often, and even longer periods of time.
  • LOVES showing up at random and surprising them. And that does mean surprise hugs, too.

Zoro and Law:

  • These two also don’t really know what they’re doing, either.
  • Both do a LOT of staring. Law would be aware of it, but Zoro most likely isn’t.
  • Hang around the same area. Like in the same room, but not necessarily talking to them. But definitely in eyesight.
  • You can’t tell me that these two wouldn’t get more protective. But they wouldn’t be obvious about it. Maybe. Okay, they might show off just a little.
  • Law would try to ignore it/fight it off once he realizes it, because of his past. And for a LONG while, too, before just ends up accepting it.
  • Zoro, on the other hand, only realizes it because it ends up hitting him like a ton of bricks. And probably because someone just flat out told him. LOL
  • Both would do a shit ton of teasing. Absolutely no mercy and relentless. R I P
  • Zoro probably naps closer to them. And sits closer to them if the opportunity arises. Pfft, he wasn’t looking for an open seat. NOPE.
  • Law would be a lot more sneaky is being closer to them. As in, doesn’t want ANYONE to know, because he’s well aware they’d tease him. Straw Hats.
Straw hats VS texting


  • probably has a super old phone
  • is 1000 years behind when it comes to technology
  • makes a million typos and doesn’t care
  • surprisingly knows text language and uses it all the time
  • sends 10 different texts instead of putting everything into one


  • only uses messenger because it’s free
  • sends a million cute stickers
  • has set nicknames for all her friends
  • is in 50 different group chats
  • takes pictures of everything and sends it to her friends


  • uses his phone once every 800 years
  • never uses punctuation
  • will only text you if necessary 
  • short,brief messages
  • doesn’t really get technology and doesn’t bother with it


  • uses the laugh and crying emoji a lot
  • uses messenger to send people memes,especially Luffy and Chopper
  • has a different color for each contact
  • will correct your typos
  • usually shy to text first but is always happy to talk to you


  • sends a million heart, flower and kiss emojis to the girls
  • perfect grammar,always double checks before he hits send
  • is a bit obsessed with his phone but won’t ever admit it
  • takes food pics and sends them to his friends
  • has Zoro in his blocked contacts


  • has like 5 contacts
  • is in a group chat of shitposts with Luffy and Usopp
  • uses emojis at the end of the message to not sound mean
  • tries not to reply in 0.2 secs but fails 
  • has set contact pictures of him with each of his friends


  • SMILE emojis :) :) :) 
  • doesn’t text much
  • she actually texts like an older person lol
  • genuinely cares about her friends’ day and sends them texts to check on them
  • keeps all the texts she gets so she can look at them when she feels down


  • has ‘’bro’’ and ‘’sis’’ after each name on his contacts
  • on messenger,he texts you as soon as he sees you online
  • sends selfies to his friends without them asking
  • exclamation marks.lot’s of em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • always seems really excited


  • gets blocked very often for some reason?
  • and that reason is he texts random girls asking to see their panties
  • every text has a pun in it
  • doesn’t really get technology but he tries
  • texting in all caps or not depends on whether he has accidentally hit caps lock on or not.he doesn’t know how to change it back so


  • get’s spammed by Luffy every single day
  • he just sighs and ignores it 90% of the time
  • ‘‘k’‘ and ‘‘lol’‘
  • he can either reply in 1 sec on ten days there is no in between
  • ‘‘sorry I left my phone at home’‘
ZoSan Headcanon #16

Mermaid AU (( I hope y'all are good with mpreg and some weird ‘H2O Just Add Water’ BS as that’s basically what Sanji can do )) • As mermaids are hermaphrodites they can get pregnant (if they’re male humans as they posses more male traits then they cannot get pregnant as humans).

As Sanji has more male traits when human, he cannot get pregnant. However, when he was in his mermaid form, he and Zoro did the do and Sanji ended up pregnant. This meant however, that Sanji had to stay in his mermaid form for a few months.

One day the ship got attacked and, as Sanji couldn’t change forms, he was sat in a kiddy pool on the deck of the Sunny with a tub of ice cream.

The marines came over and attempted to attack him but Sanji’s only response was to flick water at them with his tail and scream, “I AM HIGHLY PREGNANT SO UNLESS YOU WANT A FUCKING FISH FLAP TO THE FACE FROM AN ANGRY PREGNANT MAN THEN CONTINUE TO FUCKING ATTACK ME! ZORO~!”

The marines, unsure of what to do, stood there with shocked looks on their faces as an angry mermaid stared at them until a pissed off swordsman comes and takes care of them.

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NSFW Headcanon Game


A/N: Ah, yes. The Bae To End All Baes. Special shout out to the requester as well because thinking about the interaction with you guys still makes me smile. Also g o d b l e s s the Skypeia outfit. 


He’s surprisingly cuddly after sex, despite his distant nature. He often will forget or completely ignore that you need to clean up after sex, but you hardly mind the extra attention. Between him holding you there and the fact that after the first round his initial, awkward nervousness fades away, aftercare can often lead straight into more sex. (He’d be working out anyways. Might as well work out on you.)

Body Part

Zoro is pretty confident and happy with the majority of his body. He’s honed himself into perfect shape, to be just as much a weapon as his swords are. He’s very proud of his back, if anything. Not for it’s physical definition, but because its unmarked (A scar on the back is a swordsman’s greatest shame). On a S/O, his favourite body part is their legs. It doesn’t matter if they’re long and slender or thick and short- legs can never be done wrong.

Dirty Secret

A good, sexy strut can get his attention quickly. The only two things he’ll follow to the end of the world are his captain and a fine ass. During sex, he’s constantly pulling your legs around him. If you’re flexible enough, in the missionary position he is likely to hook your leg over his shoulder and go to town.

Favourite Position

Any position where he can pull and grab at your legs is a favourite of his. Think of the One Up, Face Off, and Ballet Dancer. He’s also quite the fan of wall sex. In a relationship, you might be able to even lure him into the shower with you (Two birds with one stone- and also a great way to get Zoro to shower more than once a week).


During sex he gets all encompassed in the act. His intensity adds a nice depth to the intimacy he has to offer you. He’s good at reading bodies, and hell know exactly when you’ve had enough and are near the edge. You’ll be taken right to the edge of your limits, but he’s not cruel about denying exactly when you’re ready. He’ll soothe you with soft kisses and softer words. He’s a king at intimacy and intensity.


Spanking, begging, marking, breath play (letting your breath brush, but not kissing/touching), orgasm denial (on you), increased friction/clothed sex, heat (sex in the sun/in a hot shower/ after he’s worked out).


Straight forward flirting in conversations makes him blush and get awkward, and he doesn’t think his own stuttering is sexy. You’d be better off trying for a more physical approach, to get him turned on and in the mood. Light touches will get his attention, but then you can let these touches linger and his attention will fully centre on you. A good second step and sure fire way to get at least a heated make out session is to sit yourself on his lap and start playing with the hair on the nape of his next. This is a bolder move and would probably only be possible without the crew around, but even just passing by and scratching your nails on the nape of his neck will have a great effect. Chances are that you’ll be cornered on your way to wherever you were headed next. Honestly any contact with his neck, whether soft of more firm, will have him reeling. He’s got a very sensitive neck.


Zoro is steady and hard at his normal pace. Its enough that you won’t get overwhelmed and knocked around, but the bed will definitely be rocking. He’s so strong that you sometimes have to remind him to not give is all he’s got, but he’s almost perfect at disciplining himself in the moment. When he’s about to cum his pace increases a little, but otherwise he’s very steady the whole way through.


Zoro doesn’t have the greatest confidence in the beginning of the act, so he doesn’t tease you when he’s trying to get you in the mood. However, when you’re a little more intimate and alone and already turned on, that’s when he gets to teasing you. Its downright infuriating at times. You do get a stroke of luck in that he barely has the patience to really tease you for long at that point.


Honestly a lot of Zoro’s pent up frustration and tension is taken out with training, and the rest of the excess energy is pretty much taken care of with his discipline. Most of the time he doesn’t really yearn. He’ll get a certain craving and he’ll deal with it with training, or just by himself. Sometimes you have to remind him that you’re around for that sort of thing, but don’t let him fool you- he’s already well aware of that. He’s just completely at a loss when it comes to the seduction game and he’d rather not risk humiliation. That being said, you can turn him on fairly easily. So in conclusion, if you want him in the mood, then he is in the mood.


In the beginning of the relationship, knowing how he is normally, you might be surprised by how alert he is after sex. He’s still more than a little exhilarated at the prospect of what could happen again (let round 2 commence, to be honest). The act doesn’t make his sleeping habits change any, in the long run. Once he does finally fall asleep, he sleeps like a rock when it comes to his comrades, but he is always hyperaware of any oddities on the ship.

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Hey ! I reaaally like your blog ! Could you do some headcanon about whatever character you want (I love them all and can't choose) meeting their s/o parent(s) or their s/o meeting the character's family ? Thx I hope my English is ok

Thank you, this is a nice one. I’ll go with my favorite characters, I hope you like it!

Meeting the parents: 


  • You were the one feeling anxious and nervous while he was relaxed as usual. 
  • What should you be afraid of? He’s so nice and charming, what could possibly go wrong? 
  • Well, let’s say your parents did not appreciate much finding a stranger napping on their sofa. 

Sir Crocodile

Dad: “So, you’re my daughter’s boyfriend, right?”

Croc: “mh.”

Dad: “And you’re around my age.”

Croc: “Correct.”

You could tell your dad would have punched him in the face and ordered you not to see him again, if only Croc wasn’t a scary, infamous criminal. Lucky you.


Mom: “He’s a nice guy but… what’s up with the clown thing? Does he always wear that make-up?”

You: “He’s not wearing any make up. That’s his nose.”

Mom: “Oh.”

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You know what we need? More fluff! May I request some headcanons for the following: Ace, Sabo, Law, and Zoro's reactions when their s/o sleepily admits they slept well because the sound of each guy's heartbeat lulled them during the night? (◡‿◡✿)


Reaction to S/O saying they slept well because of them:

Ace and Sabo:

  • HELL YEA, they would be ALL OVER this. LOL
  • Though at first, they would be SO FLUSTERED. Most likely catch on fire, too. May need an emergency bucket of water for these dorks.
  • They would be so touched, and mentally squealing, if not actually squealing at how adorable/sweet they think it is.
  • May try to hide their smiling face in their shoulder or something. Awwwww~
  • C U D D L E S
  • CUDDLES 24/7 for the next year. LMAO

Law and Zoro:

  • PFFT, these two dweebs would probably be even more flustered than the fire bros above.
  • May not be able to look them in the eye, but OMG, THEY’RE S/O IS FREAKING ADORABLE.
  • Also hiding their face into their s/o’s shoulder, but most likely pouting. LMAO
  • “Why do you have to be cute NOW?”
  • Once they finally manage to calm down, instant teasing. Law more so than Zoro.

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ZoSan Headcanon #13

If Sanji ever died, Zoro would take up something that Sanji did in his life, like smoking or cooking.

And if Zoro took up cooking, he would go to Zeff personally and get him to teach him how so he could do it in legacy of Sanji.

      Heyy could you do a hc for zoro, law and smoker where their s/o really loves everything about stars and planets and whose dream is to make a map of the stars sorta thing (ya know same dream as nami but with the stars on the night sky)? Tysm ^-^ ~ Fluffy Law Anon        

A/N: I hope you like this, thank you for requesting my dear!!

S/O loves the stars + their reaction


  • Zoro might not understand how this could be your dream at first, he just thinks; The stars are always in the sky, so why bother drawing a map? Just look up??
  • But after you both spend more and more time together and after you share some nights with each other, only you both and the sky, he understands your fascination better
  • After that, he will make sure to support your dream as much as he possibly can
  • Will beat up everyone, I mean seriously, everyone that dares to make fun of your dream
  • He will never admit it, but he loves laying with his head on your lap while you draw the stars, especially when you go through his hair from time to time
  • Try to tell him that while he’s awake, he will FIGHT YOU
  • On some days, he asks you to tell him about all of the things you know about the stars while he’s training
  • He might not care all too much about the stars himself, but he cares about you and you just glimmer with happiness whenever you talk about the stars and planets so he will listen to you talk for hours
  • Thinks your smile is more beautiful than all of the stars combined but will never ever ever EVER tell anyone that
  • He is cute I hate this dude


  • Is your #1 supporter from the moment you tell him about your dream, even tho he never actually shows it openly
  • Before he met you, he never really cared about the stars and stuff, but after he gets to know you… Suddenly, the galaxy interests him as well
  • Will gift you some notebooks whenever he can, so you always have enough room for your thoughts and new discoveries
  • Likes to sit in silence with you, while you scribble some things into your book and he just reads some books about the human body or something
  • Stops from time to time to admire your figure sitting in between his legs just being so pure and innocent
  • Whenever he sees the reflection of the night sky in your eyes he just… woah
  • Like his heart can’t handle those emotions so he just covers his eyes with his hat and takes a deep breath
  • If you both happen to be apart for whatever reason, he likes to stare at the stars for hours bc he feels like that’s the closest you both can get without touching directly
  • Is sure you stare at them too so he might smile a tiny bit
  • Wow Law is actually pretty decent who would have thought that….??


  • Ok I feel like smoker is lowkey pretty romantic so he will probably say some cheesy stuff like,
  • “The stars are already hidden in your eyes, my love.”
  • Like the others, he will support your dream as much as he can
  • Promises you to bring you the stars omg my heart…
  • The thing with smoker is, everything that glimmers or shines will remind him of you now
  • Even if there’s a little firefly.. he will catch it and bring it to you bc it’s the closest to the stars you might get and he loves the smile you give him
  • Secretly stares at you from afar whenever you sit looking at the night sky with a little lamp bc you just look like a painting to him
  • Later then, when you both idk lay down to sleep, he will stroke your hair softly and ask you about the things you found out or what you’re currently thinking about
  • He is just very supportive of you and your dream and shows that
  • Yeah man, smoker is actually pretty cute I hella like him

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Symbol Headcanon Game


A/N: I’d just like to include a song recommendation. For Law’s romantic headcanons, I’d suggest listening to When I’m gone by Three Doors Down. It really captures my main point.


Law hasn’t really had any time in his life where he could pursue a romantic relationship. He’s also too grumpy to be very gentlemanly or flirtatious, so there’s a good chance that you’ll have absolutely no idea that he’s even interested in you until he a) openly admits his feelings for you (unlikely), or b) pulls you close and kisses you breathless. After a relationship is established, it takes him a little while before he’ll sleep with you. You’ll think he’s leading up to it with how his kisses linger, and how intimate his touches are, and how much he pays extra attention to you, but you’ll soon learn that he’s not a very sexual guy (in fact, he’s most likely gray-sexual, but he doesn’t usually disclose this information). To be in a relationship with him, you need to be an open minded individual, because he’s pretty unpredictable and you’ll often need to consider how he’s feeling and match him mood for mood. He’s been through a lot, and there’s some post traumatic stress that will make him unstable at times. As his lover, you’ll need to be able to notice the signs and help as best you can, even if its stepping back and leaving him alone for as long as he needs. What you’d need to know about being in a relationship with Law is that it isn’t going to be easy. It’ll  be a constant uphill battle, but what you get in exchange makes it worth it. He will be anything for you, and you will be the most cherished person on the face of the planet. If the pair of you don’t last, and you need to part ways, his feelings will last. Once he admits to himself that he loves you, he will love you forever.


Although the amber lead poisoning was healed in his own body, Law would have a constant, crippling fear that his DNA would carry the gene down and infect his children. For this reason, he’s not likely going to want kids in the future. However, given his past and the circumstances he’s had to overcome, he is a huge advocate for human rights, so if you became pregnant he wouldn’t truly begrudge you of the decision to carry the baby to full term. If all ended well and the baby was born healthy, he would constantly monitor their condition. If his S/O isn’t able to biologically have a baby, or they brought home a child which desperately needed their care and somewhere to stay, he would take pity on the kid and allow them to stay but it would take him a while to accept the child as his own. Although he never considered the possibility of being a Father, he would rise to the occasion quite gracefully by trying his very best to mimic the behaviour and instill the morals that Corazon had taught him. He’s very invested in having well-learned children, and their studies are very important to him. With a child in the picture, he’s highly unlikely to use his ultimate surgery technique. He would always keep that option close and dear to him, in case his child ever needed the treatment.


Law has horrible insomnia, but a couple things make it much easier for him to fall asleep. Showers are one of those things. The force him to divert his attention away from his studies, which is the main reason that he stays up so late even when he finally does get tired. Also, the warm water and solitude force him to relax, which helps immensely. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is also quite effective on him, which is why he tends to nap while resting against Bepo. The texture of his fur, and the sounds of Bepo’s breathing and heartbeat coupled with the rhythmic feeling of his chest rising and falling are all triggers that help Law sleep. This doesn’t include the fact that Law trusts Bepo with his life, which makes him more at ease either way.

Living Quarters/Bedroom/House

His study, operation room, and doctor’s office are all impeccably orderly, but every other living space he occupies is ridiculously untidy. His bed is never made, and there are slips of paper and loose change all over his dressers and tables. He manages to get his clothes into a vague pile in the corner of his room. However, despite the obvious mess, his room smells ridiculously good. His natural scent is pretty crisp and clean. Add on the faint cologne that lingers on his clothes, as well as the sheets of his bed smelling like men’s soap (from showering and falling asleep immediately- what, you thought his hair was that messy naturally?) and you’ve got a room that smells amazing. Now if only someone could convince him that over his bed frame isn’t the best place to put his socks so he doesn’t lose them, he might be a half decent living partner.

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Meet the Parents ft. Lucci, Kuzan, Law, and Sabo ? Pretty please with a Crocodile on top ?

*Grabs the Crocodile and starts typing*

Meeting the parents: 


Mom: *thinks he’s very attractive*

Dad: *thinks he’s too attractive*

Cat: *purrs because better make friends quickly with big dangerous cat*

Lucci: *casually purrs back at him*


Dad: Weren’t you an admiral? What are you doing now?

Kuzan: You know, things happen and -

Dad: Did they fire you?

Kuzan: Yes. 


Mom: When are you getting married?

You: But mom, we’ve just started going out. 

Mom: He’s a doctor, he’s handsome, you’re getting married ASAP. 


Sabo: I’m Sabo, your daughter’s boyfriend, nice to meet you. 

Everything goes well because he’s a nice guy and knows how to have a proper conversation with your family. 

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Can I get a HC with Ace, Law, Smoker, Luffy, and Zoro reacting to being teased by their s/o with the following phrase; "And here we see the wild (character) in their natural habitat-- Shit. I've been spotted." Please? (Love your blog, by the way. .o.)

Awwwww, thank you, that’s so sweet~  <3 <3 <3
I love requests like these. They always manage to make me laugh/smile.

These are going to be a little short.

Being teased by their S/O headcanons:

Phrase: “And here we see the wild (their name) in their natural habitat– SHIT, I’ve been spotted!”


  • Confused at first with what his s/o is doing, then a huge smile breaks out on his face.
  • Starts laughing, ESPECIALLY once they’ve been spotted.
  • Gives chase.
  • But ends up falling asleep and falling on either his face, or his s/o.
  • Once he wakes up though, going to catch his s/o.
  • Probably starts a tickle war. Or cuddles.

Smoker, Law, and Zoro:

  • “What the hell are you doing?”
  • Do not recommend, they won’t understand.
  • Gives you a “WTF” face.
  • MIGHT wonder/ask if you’re feeling unwell.
  • If Zoro’s napping, he’ll just give a look and just go right back to sleep.
  • Smoker may say/think, “I don’t have time for this.” And probably compares them to his unit/others in G5 (Or was it G6? Basically his subordinates)
  • If Law was feeling playful, he’d have an automatic win. Because he’ll use his DF’s “ROOM”. And yes, smirking like the little shit that he is.


  • Omg, this poor baby. SO CONFUSED.
  • Tilts his head to the side, and all ?????????????????
  • Does not understand.
  • If his s/o tries to hide/run after being spotted, he’d think that they’re either being weird, or wanting to play tag/hide and seek.
Adorable ZoSan Date
  • Sanji: Don't ever take me on a date to the aquarium. I'll sit and watch the fish the whole time and I won't say a word to you unless I need food or to take a piss or something.
  • Zoro, blushing: Well, yeah. That's the whole point. I get to sit back and watch you smile and have fun, like when you cook.
  • Sanji, speechless: *starts crying and glomps Zoro as they fall to the floor*

Bruh, I just learned that all of my extended family is going to be staying with us for a big family party next month. We’re Greek so this is going to be insane, like, so much drama it’ll b like a soap opera. It’s just like My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Can I please get Barto and Law with and s/o in this situation?       

A/N: I have a big family as well, so I know the struggle… good luck tho! Thank you for requesting :)



  • This punk will be more than happy to meet your family, because your family is his family and he’s so ready to meet them
  • Before they arrive, you grab his arm and go,
  • “Barto… please…. behave.”
  • And he gives you a thumbs up, promising you to stay calm, but you squeeze a bit harder and whisper to him, “Please. B E H A V E.”
  • When they arrive, he actually acts pretty nice and adapts really well so you don’t worry too much and let him be
  • Everything is nice for a while and then your auntie says something along the lines of, “You should cut your hair! That looks ridiciulous!” and he just…….
  • His expression changes and he looks so pissed off
  • You know that one too well, so you walk up to them as fast as you can, lean your head against his shoulder before he can say something and go, “I have to steal him away for a few seconds, sorry!”
  • You just saved that party, let me tell you that
  • Later on, you suddenly lose him bc you catch up with your cousins and he wandered off without you noticing 
  • Panic swims in your veins like no not him alONE
  • You search every room but don’t find him and just pray, please don’t let him do something stupid
  • You walk by the veranda and suddenly see him sitting there with your weird uncle and they click just so good
  • Like? Barto? What?
  • He sits there with him and they talk for so long and laugh so much, suddenly you’re not worried at all
  • They make stupid jokes and soon, they are really good friends
  • When they all leave a few days later, you kiss him and thank him for being so nice and he just goes (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡  You’re welcome


  • Good luck
  • Not sure who needs luck tho: You, your family or Law
  • Probably all of you
  • Like with Bartolomeo, you ask him to behave and he rolls his eyes as answer, “Trust me, Y/N.”
  • When your family arrives, he is lowkey shook about the amount and how lively they are
  • He doesn’t really know how to react and is uncomfortable about the attention he gets
  • There’s this one time where he sits on the sofa in middle of your cousins and they talk so loud and cheerfully, but Law just stares at the wall and doesn’t move for minutes
  • Your uncle comes to you and goes- “Is he still alive?”
  • And you just laugh like crazy tell him that he is in fact alive, just not a big fan of family events
  • After some time, you sit down next to him and start to tell him a bit about the family drama and he just “Oh really? How interesting.” Spill that tea, honey!!
  • A few of your family members sit down close and they start to talk with you, when you mention Law being a doctor they just stop and go…. doctor you said?
  • He gets a lot of attention and he feels more uncomfortable, but then your auntie just says like, “Oh, my son is a doctor as well.” And then she introduces them both
  • Suddenly, it’s not as bad anymore
  • Not gonna lie, Law would rather be somewhere else with you alone, but your cousin is pretty cool and he’s a doctor too, so they can talk about gross doctor stuff together
  • After a few days, they actually take him in as a family member and he lowkey feels happy but doesn’t show it bc he’s too edgy for that
  • You thank him for being nice with a kiss on his cheek and he grabs your hips and goes………………you’re welcome