one piece has become my life people


2016 has been one heck of a ride. 

Not the good kind, but the one where you knew you were afraid of heights and you got on anyway because your friend said it was fun and now your life has turned into a ball of ultimate regret.

Nevertheless, you all have made my year worthwhile and have become my own little piece of stardust in this strange and terrifying time. So i’d like to take the time to show my appreciation.

Here are just a few of the people who have helped and supported me throughout my few years here on Tumblr.

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Thank you for following, thank you for creating, and thank you for being there.

Where are you? What kind of person are you now?

Or who are you becoming?

Are you with someone else? Does her laugh fill your core with happiness, and make your stomach shatter into little pieces like glass? Whenever you look into her eyes, do you see her soul or mine? I hope the latter. For when I look into my own eyes, I see your blurry ones looking back. As if I was recalling a distant memory.

I hope you are happy, and you’re becoming kind. For I, despite not knowing, know you’ve been down tough roads in life, which has sucked the fuel right out of your mind. I hope you are treated well, and that you have many people around you who can lift you up. But I really hope you haven’t found true love…

Perhaps it’s selfish of me saying that, but you see, we were made from the same stardust that drips from the sky. And you were destined to be mine.

I miss you truly, and I hope we can meet soon in this life. For I grow impatient with every passing hour the day holds, not knowing where or when I’ll meet you.

I wonder, when your eyes meet mine… Will you know that I am the thing, you’ve been missing your whole life?

—  PrestorG ~ Soulmates
Grief meets belief


Word Count:
Pairing: Riley and Lucas

It’s Sunday evening and Riley is curled up on the sofa with Auggie and her Mom watching some nighttime television before bed. Meanwhile her father sits at the dining room table checking emails for work.

A gasp escapes his lips and the three on the sofa turn to look at him. Cory was gazing at his laptop screen, he looks to Riley with sad eyes. 

“Daddy what’s wrong?” Riley asks standing up and walking over to him. 

“I just got an email from Lucas’s parents saying his Uncle passed away suddenly this this afternoon.” Cory places an arm on his daughters shoulder, knowing the pain of her friend would take an emotional toll on her too. 

Riley had only just saw Lucas that morning when the group caught an early viewing of a movie they’d been waiting to see. This grave news making sense of the missed calls urging Lucas to come home immediately. 

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Tell me again how Hamilton wasn’t written for POC and non-european immigrants and their experiences when my dad, who has literally never heard of this musical before in his life, LITERALLY says today (about himself) “how does an immigrant, down on his luck, penniless, parentless kid make it through university in one piece and become someone worth mentioning?” in a wondering voice

Tell me again how it’s in any way shape or form acceptable for people to try to take this incredibly crafted work of art, with its themes and narratives and lyrics that force people to think about the current distribution of Advantage in society, that are so resounding with those folks that its written for, the youngs and the scrappies and the hungries, and say that it’s Unfair™ for it to be tailored towards POC. Tell me again.

Tell me again why so many people are too cowardly to re-examine their societally-marketed Normal and own up to their unconscious oppression but have the gall to get defensive when anyone tries to say that this story was not written specifically for them

Hamilton can be loved by everyone. It can be listened to and watched by everyone. It and its themes should be used to open Dialogue, even. But it is not something that can be claimed by those who have benefited from the advantages that a racist system has provided.

Thank you for your time
Sea god statue stolen from mountain

Sculptor John Sutton said he was “very, very annoyed” at the theft.

He said it would have taken a number of men with angle grinders several hours to remove the figure from its base.

“I’m very disturbed by this,” he said. “It’s unreal.

"I’m still in shock. Some statues are stolen for their bronze. But this was cut down at the base and the materials would not have been worth stealing.

"I made it out of clay first and then a silicone mould, before I cast it. It took me months and months to make and five or six men to carry it up there and install it. It was very heavy and would have taken a long time to remove.”

This is absolutely infuriating.  May the wrath of <emphasis>all</emphasis> the gods be on those that stole this beautiful piece of art.  I know it wasn’t necessarily intended to be a religious site, but it has both become one in many ways (people have begun leaving offerings there) and it obviously harkens back to Irish history, if nothing else.  

Manannán Mac Lir has a special place in my life for a variety of reasons and, as such, I can’t help but feel personally hurt by this.  I pray that these perpetrators are brought to justice and that the piece may be returned to its rightful home.  

HT to sachairi-maccaba for the link to the story.  

Happy one year Carmilla! Just wanted to write a quick note expressing my sincerest gratitude to the creators, the cast and crew and the fans for this life changing experience. This isn’t the first time I’ve said this here but when Max and I wrote the theme we had no idea the show would become what it is. Not only is what we made now associated with such a great piece of work but also something so needed and important. And important to SO MANY PEOPLE! Being a part of Carmilla has been one of the most meaningful things in my life. It honestly means the world. Here’s the only picture taken the day we wrote ‘Love Will Have It’s Sacrifices’. Stella was there when it was written and I’m currently on a bus on my way home to hug her butt. I’d hug yer butts too but this is the Internet… So ya. But the sentiment remains. Thank you. Seriously, thank you.

I’ve read too many books to know that not every story has closure.
I could spend the rest of my life asking questions I’d never get a firm answer to.
Maybe this is why I fear meeting new people.
Every person has the potential to become another midnight poem, another piece of ink-drenched speculation when I get tired of the words ‘What if’ being on the tip of my tongue with no answer in sight.
When I open up to you, I do so in the hope that one day I’ll write about you with satisfaction guiding my hands and you by my side to extinguish the fires my mind loves to ignite when night falls and silence overtakes me.
I do so with a heart that wants to love and will never stop loving you.
All I ask in return is that you don’t become another cliffhanger.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Once A Day (107/366)
  • Im sorry before for everyone who follow me and read this.
  • I just want to say thank you. Thanks for all of you who appreciates my drawings. Its not that special, I know. And Im not awfully popular, but because of you I have the urge to continue to making art and keep practice to make myself better and produce even better art.
  • The purpose of writing this nonsense piece of mind. Or this might be an attention seeker, but its ok. I just want to let this out of my head.
  • You see, life has been really rough for me. Work, college, the pressure being the only one unsuccessful person around those who really bright.
  • Im just
  • Im tired. Im super tired.
  • Im really this close to give up life. Again.
  • I ever tried it before. Because i choose to try again. To survive.
  • I dont know why I become so sad, i dont know why I always happy when im around people eventho im not really good talking with everyone. But once I go back to my room, I always sad.
  • I ever give up on drawing too. I always said that im not that worth to be praised. No matter how much I practice.
  • But thanks to all you once again. Your message to me if you saying that you like my arts. Its more than enough. Im happy and I can continue to make art.
  • When im drawing I could forgot my problems and I think thats a good thing for me.
  • And im really sorry if I cant draw fast or make the decent art. Its just my skill isnt in a great level....
  • Once again i wanna say thank you. And please continue to support me even if its just a word. Im really grateful for that.
  • And Im not a happy person, But im trying to be.
Crew is Like a Cult

Growing up I used to always hear it: crew is a lot like a cult. Now, I always assumed they meant the rowing community is a very tight-knit one; which has been the case in most of my rowing experiences, but actually they meant crew is a cult. Not only is it a bunch of people who can’t really relate to anyone but their fellow rowers, but you join basically as a child, and only realize what a mistake it was as an adult. You can’t get out of it, though, partially because the past however many years of your life will become entirely meaningless without rowing, but also because a weird, terrifying part of you really enjoys the torment of a strenuous erg piece or a tough regatta.

12:08AM on Sunday, September 6th
Your name lit across my phone screen like a lightening strike in the dark expanse of my bedroom.
Signaling the end of a three week drought that I had no intention of breaking.
“How’s life?”
You asked so nonchalantly like you’ve been here the whole time.
I want to tell you the truth. That every day of the last month since I saw you my life has fallen into atrophy.
That piece by piece I’m becoming more empty like the way I was before you met me.
Instead I say
“I’m fine. How about you?”
You say you miss your brother, and I wonder if you miss me too.
Because why did you, who, in the three months we have been friends, has never been one to text first,
Choose 12:08AM to break the ice.
What made me run across your mind?
What made you think it’s ok to enter and exit my life like a highway.
Always switching lanes
Exiting when there’s too much traffic
Merging back on when it’s convenient.
Too many people have left,
And it’s ok if you do too.
But next time don’t pretend you’re interested in me at 12:08 just to stop again at 12:22.
—  M.E.

anonymous asked:

Even after the amazing olicity webclip why do I feel like laurel will be the one to stop oliver and pull him back? WHY

I really don’t care about this? If Oliver is losing it and Laurel pulls him back, so what? We know they have a past and a really long friendship with her. That means absolutely nothing regarding Felicity and her connection with Oliver.

I mean, Oliver actually trust Felicity with almost his everything, she is his partner, he chose to tell her the truth about his identity. Along with Dig, she’s the one that knows by his choice and he considers them the only people that really matter regarding his secret (exactly his words btw). And many times, she was the one to put his head back in the game (hello ‘go get Thea’ scene) when she wasn’t the one inspiring him to be a better man, to become a hero.

There’s a thousand reasons to be secure regarding Felicity’s place in Oliver’s life and heart. If Laurel has a little piece of him, what about it? Oliver isn’t actually an island and it’s healthy to have other meaningful relationships with other people. Just because she is the one who maybe pulls him back, a) it doesn’t erase anything regarding Felicity and b) it doesn’t make them magically well suited for each other in a romantic way, just like it doesn’t erase his relationship with Felicity, it also doesn’t erase his toxic relationship with Laurel.

anonymous asked:

All her friends can keep successful careers and long term relationships.. so what she said it's not realistic, it's sad. she just gave up on love.

- “All her friends can keep successful careers and long term relationships”

None of her friends live the sort of lifestyle Taylor does. She’s one of the biggest celebrities in the world, her personal life is scrutinized and talked about to death. Like she says, “I feel like watching my dating life has become a bit of a national pastime.”

If a guy wants to be with Taylor, he has to learn how to deal with: the tabloids and their lies, the whole world weighting on their relationship and trying to tear it to pieces, the paparazzi, the fact that they can’t go out in public without people taking pictures, the fans, her security team and protocols… And those are just outside elements. Add to that Taylor’s personality (borderline OCD, childlike, paranoid about a lot of things, idealistic…), her songwriting, the fact that she makes much more money than he does, her success, her being on the move all the time… That’s a whole fucking lot.

- what she said it’s not realistic, it’s sad. she just gave up on love.

I don’t think she’s given up on love. I think she’s giving up on dating a guy simply because she’s attracted to him. She’s been hurt in the past and is tired of seeing all her relationships fail, so she doesn’t want to waste her time with relationships she knows aren’t going anywhere. She’s not focusing on guys, and that’s good. It’s good she’s focusing on her friends, family and career, because sooner or later she’s going to meet a guy and her priorities are going to shift again.

You have no idea how many times I’ve seen my friends be like “I’m done with dating! No more guys for me!” only for them to find the perfect guy soon after. Trust me, these things happen when you least expect them to and when you’re not searching for them.

I’m sure she will start dating again once she finds a guy worth her time.