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How is the marine treating you? 😏

Tashigi is a great teacher and a pleasant person to be around. I genuinely enjoy spending time with her.

Having Helmeppo around has made being a marine so much more fun. I’m thankful to be friends with him because he literally always had my back when I need him the most.

However, other Marines (like certain fleet admirals) aren’t as kind.

You think you’re hot stuff just because you’re a Yonko’s right hand man...
but Luffy’s the man who’s gonna become pirate king! In other words...
his hunger is absolutely limitless! - Nami The Queen

i was thinking about how many times jinbe has saved luffy’s life and then i was thinking about how ace made a point to thank shanks for saving luffy’s life and that train of thought led me to think about what a laundry list of things there are that sabo has to thank jinbe for loll

jinbe has literally befriended and helped like all of the people sabo cares about most (he’s bros with hack too!!) i’m sure sabo’d really love to meet him and express his gratitude

while it deeply pained me to see Luffy being reduced to such a state…

this once again demonstrates the extent of Luffy’s resolve and how far he would go simply for the sake of his nakama. but seriously, please don’t ever let this boy nearly starve himself to death again…