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One Piece Chapter 869 Reaction

holy shit, Nami almost got turned into a smoothie!!

fuck the Vinsmokes and their lame ass transformation, ugh and what i fucking dreaded the most is actually happening… I DON’T WANT THE VINSMOKES ALLYING/WORKING TOGETHER WITH THE STRAW HATS TO TAKE DOWN BIG MOM, I DON’T EVEN FUCKING WANT THEM BREATHING THE SAME AIR AS THE STRAW HATS!!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

while i don’t really care for the SanNami(?) ship/pairing, this was an undeniably cute moment between them, and also one of the few rare times where Sanji’s actually seen genuinely smiling during this arc so far

on a side note, Pudding has just completely faded into the background now… *SIGH*

and looks like the contents of the Tamatebako will forever remain a mystery, which might be for the best since there’s no need to aggravate Big Mom any further… seeing as she already has plenty of reasons to murder them all lmao

could this perhaps mean we might get to see a Smoothie vs. Reiju fight down this arc?? yo sign me the fuck up for that  👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀

a wild Pandaman spotted beside Panda Lady!

and man, sorry for doubting you Bege… like i was so certain he’d cut the Straw Hats loose the second the plan failed. and even though it was most likely a desperate measure, rather than a self-sacrificial act, it was still pretty admirable of Bege to let them all take shelter in his body while leaving only himself fully exposed and bearing the brunt of the enemies’ attacks

ALAS, of course, there just has to be a goddamn chapter break next week right before all hell breaks loose…

kingdom971  asked:

Your name it's Jinbei, Jinbe, Jimbei or Jimbe ?

ohhh this is a good question, it’s due to illegal scans and his very early first mention but very late appearence (mentioned in 1998)!

ジンベエ  is Romanized to Jinbē. This is what appears on merch from japan. However that ē is normally printed as an e.

Jimbei Is the licenced Viz translation and the Official English Name which came when one peice became officially translated.

Jinbei is often seen in the illegal scanlation! This is a merge of the two official translations and a ‘spelling error’. The same applies to jimbe, it’s a merge of the two real names!

I used the name printed on the official merch I own, because I feel that’s the closest spelling, to the pronouncation of the word ‘ ジンベエ‘ However there is no ‘canon’ spelling.

tsume-yuki  asked:

If you're not to busy, I don't suppose you'd be willing to draw Sabo & Riskua during her Revolutionary days, undercover as marines? (I saw a Heart Pirates one recently, and with Ace's actual one, it feels like something I need to see) but only if you're not too busy, Chickadee? <3

When your attractiveness overrides your concealment haki :DD

I’m sorry this took so long. I’m lazy with drawing at the moment. And this doesn’t live up to the Ace cover story and that nice Heart Pirate fanart…

Nami thinks Sanji is stylish

I have a new headcannon because of this cover story…

It’s just a random thought, but perhaps Nami mentioned that she thinks suits are stylish? It does seem odd that the text is “I want her to tell us we’re looking stylish.“ Because that somehow comes off as her having talked about it before. And if she indeed has talked about how she thinks wearing suits is stylish, I can’t help but imagine her thinking about a certain person who is very much known for wearing exactly that.

Who knows, but it’s just a small headcanon of my mine. We can certainly all agree that Sanji does look quite stylish most of the time. ;)