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Saaaaaaannnndeeeerrrrr <3 Congrats on the 200+ followers!!! I would like to request Sanji (One Piece) fawning over Mary Vanderwood (and maybe Seven revealing himself to be a man for teh crackz lolol but dw if you don't have time or energy for it! Love ya Pun Master ;*)

 It seems even Sanji got Vanderpranked… He’s in a corner with Zen. Busy questioning themselves while Seven is crying of laughter.

Thanks for the request, it’s such a good ideal ! I love it :,D


Title: Forever

Rating: E (for everyone hehe)

Word Count: 2,940 (asjkdghsjf)

Summary: Saeyoung and MC finally have their wedding!

Notes: Hello! This is my first ever published piece on Tumblr and also my first ever Mystic Messenger piece. I’d like to HUGELY thank @serensama for giving me so much encouragement and inspiration to write this. I definitely wouldn’t have done this without her! I hope you and everyone else likes this! Enjoy~

    Clammy hands, bouncing on heels, nervously biting lips, and a sweaty forehead. Anxious, nervous, excited out of his mind, fidgety, and eager. All of these could be used to describe a certain someone standing at the end of the hall aisle. Clad in his clean white suit and a slightly wrinkled red tie, saying that Saeyoung was all these things was an understatement really.
  ‘What if she gets cold feet?’

  ‘What if she doesn’t actually want to do this?’

  ‘Did she just say yes out of the pressure of a public proposal?’

  ‘Agh, she doesn’t want to do this, I need to-’

  “Hey idiot! You’re going to sweat through your whole suit if you keep moving around so much. Now isn’t the time to finally start exercising instead of sitting on your butt all day eating stupid chips,” Saeran said while putting his hand on the groom’s shoulder. His words may have been harsh, but he knew now was not a time to criticize his brother… at least not too much.
  “R-Right, you’re right. Absolutely correct. Obviousl-ly. I-I’m totally fine. Everything’s okay, perfectly fine. Great.” Saeran sighed and rolled his eyes at his brother’s obvious cover-ups. Why is he so nervous anyway? Getting married can’t be that nerve wracking right? I mean, they’ve already been together for a while, why is this so different, huh?
  “Look, she’s not even late, she’ll come down at any second now and MMGH-” Quickly Saeran’s face was pushed away and he stumbled back. He swiftly turned back to his redhead twin with a glare and was about to scold (smack) him when he noticed that Saeyoung wasn’t even looking at him anymore.

  “What the he-”


  Saeran turned to see what Saeyoung was boring holes into with his eyes when his breath hitched in his throat for a split second. There the lady of the hour stood, a breathtaking and warm smile on her face, dressed in bright white and gorgeous lace. Now everyone in the room stood wide eyed, staring at the- quite literally -blushing bride. Now all attention was on her, eyes following her form along the aisle.
  Although all eyes were on her, no one was staring as intently as her husband-to-be, his eyes full to the brim with loving adoration. After what seemed like a wonderful eternity, MC reached the end of the aisle, passing her flowers to Jaehee behind her. Finally, the loving couple could focus on each other, their hands interlocked, which is exactly what they did.
  “MC…” Saeyoung breathed a quiet sigh of relief, his nerves disappearing now that he could finally look into her eyes.
  They looked at only each other with tearful eyes. They were so fixated on each other, they almost missed their vows. With hearts full and warm hands held, they poured their hearts out to each other almost as if no one else was around.They had everyone in tears. Wait- Saeran, you’re just sweating through your eyes, right? Right?
  “With the power invested in me, I now declare you, Mr. and Mrs. Choi, husband and wife. You may now-”
  Before the sentence was even finished, MC was swiftly and gingerly swooped into Saeyoung’s arms and pulled into their most passionate and loving kiss.

  “U-uh, never mind.” Everyone clapped harmoniously and laughed at the impatient couple. The newlyweds stood back up straight, hesitantly breaking away from their kiss, arms still hugging and noses still touching. Their eye contact remained as a mischievous smirk worked its way onto Saeyoung’s face. Mc knew that smirk all too well. 

  ‘Oh n-’

  MC couldn’t even finish her thought before she was swept off her feet by her love (again, literally this time). He practically ran straight down the aisle with his bride in his grasp, cheering and laughing all the way.

                                                            * * *

  The sound was almost deafening, with all the cheers and claps as the brand new married couple walked into the reception hall, hands clasped together and wide grins permanently etched onto their faces. Sooner than later they were both in the middle of the dance floor, arms around each other, faces almost touching.
  “This is definitely the best, most amazing day that will ever come in my lifetime…” Saeyoung whispered quietly, almost as if it was a secret exclusively for the two of them.
  “Eh, could’ve been better.” MC said blatantly, straight face and all. Saeyoung’s eyes widened like saucers as he pulled back a little. His grip subconsciously tightened on his bride’s waist, anxiety spreading throughout each nerve in his body.  
  “W-w-what…? D-did something happen? Did someone hurt you while I was in the bathroom?! Who touched you?! Did I do something- oh no what did I do?! Are y-you having s-second thoughts now?! Oh, MC I’m so sor- wait why are you laughing?”
  MC was clutching her stomach now, with only a loose hand on Saeyoung’s shoulder for support. The man’s eyes were growing wider at his seemingly insane lover.
  ‘She probably realizes how big of an idiot I am now. Or she’s scared that I’ll push her away again- I promised I wouldn’t!’ Panicked thoughts and insecurities streamed through his mind. He zoned out and was staring aimlessly through MC. It was only when MC pulled him back flush to her that he came out of his panicked state, blinking furiously.
  “Saeyoung, you didn’t let me finish!” A giggle slipped past her lips. “I was going to say, it could’ve been better because we could’ve married at the space station, like we planned at first.” MC smiled sweetly. “It’s too bad that they didn’t open up for a wedding venue.” She feigned a disappointed sigh. Saeyoung simply stood there dumbfounded, his feet unable to move for a minute. Finally, he seemed to snap out of his mind again. A sigh of relief blew from his mouth as he squeezed his wife closer than before, able to move his legs again.
  “This is why I married you.” He laughed with her and spun her around at the same time. Then, as the cheesy dork he is, he dipped her low. Of course as things like this go with him sometimes, she almost hit the floor with how low she went. The song ended there when he lifted her back up, both of them giggling messes.

“You SO did that on purpose!”

“What? Me?? Almost drop you on purpose??? Never! I can’t believe you think I would stoop so low MC!” He smirked.
  “Cake! Guys cut the cake already!” Yoosung came sprinting over, a pleading look in his violet eyes. “I’m starving!”
  “There is actual food Yoosung,” MC replied. All that she was met with was a boyish pout. The couple looked at each other and shrugged. What harm could an early dessert do?
                                                            * * *
  “It’s so sticky!” MC laughed as she smeared more buttercream frosting onto her husband’s face. Flashes were everywhere with everyone snapping pictures and recording the rather… sweet moment.
  Saeyoung gasped when he felt the cream on his cheek and quickly grabbed MC, pulling her closer.

  “Oh you asked for it!”

  Sure, it was quite cheesy, but they really didn’t care what other people thought. Although, it seemed everybody was absolutely eating this up.

  A high pitched squeal rang out.

  “You got it on my tie! How dare you!” Saeyoung backed away and dramatically sank to his knees.

  “I’m wounded…” He clutched his chest and reached his free hand out toward the girl.

  MC laughed and kneeled down in front of the redhead. Carefully, she wiped the small dot of frosting off his tie, licking it off her finger.

  “Better now?” she asked.

  Saeyoung smirked and snuck a small kiss onto his wife’s nose.
“You’ve healed me.” They both snorted and started laughing again.
                                                           * * *
  The RFA sat at their own table, feasting on their food together. They all were laughing and talking, sharing stories and catching up with each other’s lives. The young newlywed couple sat with them, smiling and listening intently to Zen’s explanation of his new role. Well, one of them was listening. The other was currently trying to stuff food in his mouth, but he was struggling a bit. Ugh, why did they choose these options. With a sigh, Saeyoung plopped down his fork onto his plate. After glancing at his beloved MC, a pout found its way onto his face. He leant his head onto her shoulder and she almost instinctively put her soft hand onto his head, stroking his even softer red locks. His disappointed sigh was then replaced with a content one.

  “MC, I have a question,” he started.

  “What’s up?”

  “Why in the world did we only have fish and chicken as options on our wedding menu. It was a very bad decision,” he admitted. “Where even are the Honey Buddha Chips?!”

  “I know right! What were we even thinking. It’s not even good food… can’t imagine what everyone else is thinking about it right now.”

  Immediately Saeyoung shot his head up and turned to MC.

  “What do you say we get out of here? I can treat you to a real dinner, just the two of us,” he suggested to MC, a wide smile on his face.

  “Can we really just leave everyone?” MC questioned with a tilt of her head.

  Saeyoung simply rose a brow and leaned on his hand in response.

  “Well, slimy fish or dry chicken MC? Which do you prefer?”

  “Alright let’s get out of here,”

  Quickly, MC stood and discreetly winked at Saeyoung. The rest of the table looked at the bride.

  “Please excuse me for a moment, I need to use the restroom.” MC smiled and walked away from the table. Saeyoung sighed and leaned back in his chair.

  After a very short moment, he held out his wrist and glanced at his imaginary watch.

  “Well, I better go see what’s taking her so long. I have to go too anyway.” Quickly, he shot up from his chair and followed after MC. Everyone at the table looked at each other, curious and confused looks in their eyes.

  “Weird, they had to go at the same time,” Yoosung commented as he dug his fork into his cake.

  “Yes… very curious…” Jumin’s deep voice spoke up. Everyone but Yoosung’s eyes widened.

                                                             * * *

  “Mmmm…. This. Was. So. Worth it,” MC said to Saeyoung as she stuffed her mouth with another bite of pizza.

  “Oh yeah, definitely,” Saeyoung replied before swallowing his own food. “So, we had to leave our own wedding. BUT- you have to be willing to do anything for good food. And Paparazzi Pizza is good food,”

  MC laughed and covered her mouth, making sure she didn’t get crumbs anywhere. Saeyoung only stared across the table with his head tilted and a blush on his cheeks. Gosh…. How much more in love can a person get? He didn’t know about anyone else but for him, it was for sure endless.

  “….Sae…. Earth to Saeyoung? Can you hear me from up there? Wanna come down?”

  Saeyoung blinked rapidly, coming out of his trance. He gave her a half-smile while grabbing another slice of pizza.
 “Maybe I don’t want to come down. I mean, it’s pretty nice up here. At the space station, with my honey~” He said the last part in a very cheesy way, but it made the bride blush anyway, which in turn made him blush harder and smile wider. His heart soared though. He treasured every one of these little moments between the couple, counting them as little wins for himself. These were way better than the so-called “wins” he had while working for the agency. He mentally shivered.

  ‘No, don’t think about the past now. You’re better now. Everything is okay now…’
                                                            * * *
  MC cuddled closer to Saeyoung as they sat in the secluded corner of their booth. The male hugged his wife closer as he watched the chat speeding along on the screen. An amused smirk stretched it way onto his face when he read the RFA’s slightly panicked messages.

  MC rose a brow and looked at his phone.

  “You sure we should be getting ice cream when they’re worrying about us so much?” MC questioned. The redhead only shrugged and shoved his phone into his pant pocket.

  “They ate all of our cake. It’s only fair.” MC smiled at him and shrugged along. Soon, the waiter came and set down their giant bowl of ice cream onto the table.

  “And two spoons! This is on the house, for the lovely couple!” He smiled and quickly left to attend to the other late night customers.

  “…..He was totally hitting on you.” Saeyoung suddenly blurted.


  “He gave you a look!”

  “A look.”


  “He called us a ‘lovely couple’ Saeyoung!”

  “A look MC!! A look!”

   MC could only sigh and smile at her now pouty partner. Swiftly, she reached up and pressed a quick peck to the corner of her lover’s mouth.

  “Better?” she asked.

   “Eh, could’ve been better.” He smirked once again at MC’s offended look. “I mean, your aim was totally off but I’ll give it an A-,”

  MC huffed amusedly and reached up again for a quick peck, this time on his soft lips, only to have the kiss quickly deepened. When they broke apart, Saeyoung quickly dug his spoon into his ice cream, eating the huge mouthful.

  “Mmmm…. Saeran would be so jealous,”

  MC giggled and dug in along with him, leaning closer to Saeyoung as his arm around her waist tightened even more. How could a child- uh, grown man, have such mood swings?

  ….. Never mind ….
                                                          * * *

  Giggles and laughs echoed throughout the darkened streets.

  “Okay, okay, we should really get back to everybody now,” Mc said in between her laughs.

  “But MC, their theories are amazing. Look at what Yoosung said here!” Saeyoung held up his phone that had the chat opened again. He then proceeded to clear his throat as he stopped walking.

  “Oh no~!” His voice went slightly higher pitched as he started to imitate their blonde friend. “What if they went to get more cake for us and got kidnapped?!” Then insert the quite loud impersonation of Yoosung’s crying emoji. MC snorted and laughed while shaking her head.

  “Saeyoung, that’s so mean!”

  Her only response was another laugh and having her body pulled closer to another. Saeyoung gazed down at his laughing wife.  If you asked, he wouldn’t be able to explain how much pure happiness and love he felt in that moment alone, let alone his entire time with MC. His heart swelled with so much love and he felt just how much he cared for MC.  He told her himself that he would die for her, sacrifice himself for her. In fact, he would do absolutely anything she asked of him.

  Then, when he looked into the beautiful shining eyes of his newlywed wife, which were filled with just as much love, care, and kindness as he felt for her, he realized how fast his heart was beating at that moment. It was racing, like he had just run multiple marathons. She had him wrapped right around her finger in the best way possible. He just didn’t know that he did the same to her.
MC gently took hold of his tie, pulling him closer to her face. Their noses grazed each other while they continued to steal small glances at each other’s pink lips. Saeyoung noticed this and softly placed his hand on his beloved’s cheek.



  They both jumped when they heard the deafening noise of thunder. Not very long after, they felt droplets of cold liquid falling onto their skin. It was a light sprinkle at first but it quickly escalated into a downpour. They both gasped when they started getting soaked, but the gasps soon turned into even more bubbly laughter.

  “Okay, now we should really get back!” MC laughed before she started to run down the road. She didn’t get very far before Saeyoung quickly grabbed her wrist. Without a word, he simply pulled her flush against his body with both hands on either side of her beautiful face. Staring into her eyes, he smiled and giggled before finally closing the gap between them. He finally found a way to communicate all his heartfelt emotions to her.

  The kiss was deep and passionate as their mouths moved in synch with each other. MC’s hands moved up to his hair and she ran her hands through it softly. If it was even possible, she would’ve pulled him even closer.

  After a while, they finally broke apart, their need for air just too strong. They made eye contact again and breathlessly laughed. Saeyoung tenderly brushed his thumbs across MC’s cheek bones and gently tucked a lock of her now drenched hair behind her ear. They silently admired each other’s features, the rain and thunder still roaring in the background.

  “I don’t think you will ever know just how happy you make me MC,” he started, having to speak up over the noise around them. “You made me a brand new person and everyday I wake up thinking I’m still dreaming because I see you there next to me and it’s just the most beautiful sight I will ever see. I love you MC, so much. You have no idea.”

  The rain blended in with the woman’s joyful tears. She smiled widely and hugged her husband close.

  “I think I might have a clue.” She breathed and she squeezed him tighter.

                                       “I love you too, Saeyoung.”