one piece 664

Bwahahaha! aaaand chapter #664: Master Cesar Clown One Piece.

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Taishigi!Smoker & Smoker!Taishigi, people have already commented on nobra! and moe!, but hey, I think that Oda pulled this kind of thing extremely well… there are many dilemma when working with such a …hmmm, fan-fic cliche?

‘Don’t ever think there’s any perfect society made by humans!!If you think that way, you’ll overlook the enemies! Don’t be fooled by appearances!’

(the fact that his team says 'We’ve been fooled by their appearances’ later is win.)

This. This was a great line. I always liked Smoker, but this just made me like him even more. Smoker doesn’t let himself forget that their government is flawed and seems to be actively trying to change things. Unlike some others who seem content in simply following orders.

As for Cesar Clown, the only reason I don’t like him is his looks, don’t get me wrong now, what I mean by that is that he (as his name says) looks like a clown….and I am completely creeped out by clowns. Not to say I hate him, there is a difference between hating and not liking. I like his horns though >_>, clothes and his ’Shulololo’ laugh.

Mention of 'Joker’, is that the G-5 accomplice?

Usopp to the rescue! mask-making…guy has some talent.

And Brownbeard over there is gossiping. Actually now this might be a confirmation of a few of my pet theories that Law planned for Strawhats to be there.(plus giving them a reason to seek him out, and himself to go after them (Brownbeard))

And then ’The Worst Generation’….oookay who did some amazingly destructive shit? that made them from ’Supernova’ to 'Worst generation’ or have they always been called both (likely they hadn’t done enough to be called the latter before). And calling them ’problem children’ just makes me want to slap you Brownnie, there is so much wrong with a pirate like Brownnie calling someone a ’problem child’.

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'Any place there is a large incident there are pirates of your generation involved’ you can say that for just about any generation of pirates…it’s just that this generation is fearless and wants to draw attention to get noticed. (lol teenage rebellion)

bwah, I trail off a lot here…

…erm that kind-hearted god is a bit double faced there… to their defense they don’t know that yet.

Zoro telling straight-faced lies, or rather omitting the whole truth, Usopp not believing Zoro’s talent in his own field.

Luffy of course fell asleep and nobody else cares for threats.

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Loved it.

No Law, but it’s One Piece I kind of expected that (more questions)

don’t know how I’m going to survive next week, but I suppose I’ll be One Piecing as hard as possible to stave off any deprivation symptoms.

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see you soon

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