sanji will  get  the germa66 soldiers to be loyal to him and turn away from his father and siblings

 in the past arcs sanji has managed to get alot of people to admira him and  be loyal to him by just being sanji 

like gin  (who couldnt bring himself to kill sanji despite his loyalty to krieg)


“Duval’s another one of those guys that Sanji’s befriended without really making any effort to, but it always ends up being a good thing at some point”

For somebody that originally wanted to kill Sanji, Duval’s definitely gone above and beyond with looking after the Sunny - and Sanji right away places himself in Duval’s debt because of it.

an entire squad of marines

“So Sanji puts himself behind the Marines, meaning he’s closest to the poisonous gas, just to make sure he can see that they’re all in front of him and to stop them from falling back too far.”

:”Because he went back and got an entire squadron of Marines onto his side unlike you who sensed there were people in trouble and said ‘oh well’ instead of going to help.  “

Tashigi was just complaining about her men being worried about Sanji and starting to like him and then she goes and does the same thing a few panels later.”

And now Sanji’s managed to get an entire squadron of Marines to be loyal to him, even though he’s a pirate and should be their natural enemy. 

none of the marines had anything but gratitude towards

and kinemon (who owes sanji a debt ):

“How many people are indebted to Sanji now, or at least have started out either as enemies or neutral toward him and now are completely loyal to him?  I mean, between Gin and Bon-chan (to an extent, although he was already on the fence before he fought Sanji) and Duval and Kin’emon and all of the G-5 marines, for somebody that claims to not care about men, he’s really good at making friends with them and helping them out when they need it most. “

\so I think since  this is sanjis arc sanji will end up getting  the germa66 soldiers to be loyal to him and turn their backs to judge and rest of the vinsmoke family (reiju, ichiji, niji, and yonji). and it will be a way to get rid of judges wall  thing which is the reason why he defeated since he hesitated in hitting the soldiers who were in the way and  then judge stabbed through them to get at sanji so sanji stopped the fight because judge would have continued doing that

sanji had no hatred towards them and is a kind man. it would be awesom if sanji manages to get germa66 soldiers over to his side and will get them to join him

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