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The Perfect Day

If there’s one thing I really love about my hometown, it’s the fact that the beach is only just a 30-minute ride away. It’s the convenience of running away for an hour, and then going back to school to face reality once again over 10 songs inside the car—I could not do that in Manila or Los Banos. 

It’s been a daunting week for me, because I’ve been preparing for my college graduation. Hence, all my subjects are demanding so much. The other day, I asked myself if someone were to wave a magic wand and make all my problems disappear, would I become, in time, the happiest person alive? Will I have the perfect day anyone could probably have? 

I read a book the other week. It said that once you get your fingers on the important questions, you can’t turn away from them. As I see it, they have nothing to do with perfection. It has something to do with love, responsibility, spirituality, and awareness.

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//comics I have to buy tomorrow (aka I’m wasting so much money please stop… I’m not rich):

- Supersons 3
- Superman 21
- Superwoman 9
- Trinity 8

Some random person/vendor just made my day~ & filled my cup~~❤❤

I was buying “Sorbetes” to that vendor, but he got wrong with what i am ordering… Cuz instead of serving one “Sorbetes”, he serve me two~~ it supposedly cost “5 pesos” for one “Sorbetes”, so i kinda pay the vendor “10 pesos” but he returned the other half of what i pay for the Icecream… I insisted to just keep it but he still gave it back to me… so i just thanked him then he smiled back~

I didn’t expect that bruh~~ a random vendor just gave me a free goody-good~~❤❤

Know i feel so full~~❤❤ I might draw those things in my inbox (requests), but just with the countrytale thingy~~ lolp~•ε • (inspiration is now hitting me)

Welp, maybe see you again tomorrow~~❤

Venezuela’s hyperinflation, a visual representation.

So, as I’ve talked in the past, the Venezuelan currency, the Bolivar Fuerte - BsF (strong Bolivar, in reference to the father of the country, Simon Bolivar) is effectively useless as cash these days, how useless you ask? Well, let’s see:

On top we have the lovely national currency, 50 100 BsF bills, for a total of 5.000 BsF, 100 50 BsF bills, for a total of another 5.000 BsF, and finally, 100 20 BsF bills for a total of 2.000 BsF, giving us a grand total of 250 bills and 12.000 BsF.

Keep in mind, currently those three bills are the highest valued available on the market these days, and it took me two hours to get them all from a bank.

Now, that’s quite the big number, both in bills and total value it seems, but now let me direct you to the three bills at the bottom: That’s colombian currency, the Peso

These three are also the highest valued ones in Colombia, 10.000, 20.000 and 50.000 pesos, for a grand total of 80.000 pesos (part of my “shit finally hit the fan” emergency fund), and yes, that’s a lot of 0′s, but don’t let that fool you, as that currency is one of the most stable ones in latin America.

Anyway, here’s the kicker: all those venezuelan bills from earlier, those 250 bills? They are effectively worth the same as the two smaller colombian ones, the bigger 50.000 Pesos bill being worth almost twice as all that venezuelan cash.

(fat lazy cat for reference)

“But Enrique”, you say, “this is all fine and dandy, but that does that mean in actual world-class currency?” Well my friend, all those venezuelan bills? the 12.000 BsF that took me two hours to take out of the bank? They’re worth

12 US Dollars 


11 Euros

(rounded up)

And this, my friends, is why Venezuelan currency is worth less that the paper it’s printed on, but hey socialism/communism works, right?

PS: They internet states they’re actually worth more, but that’s because the internet uses the official government currency exchange, AKA the one no one but government officials can use these days.

PS2: Actually, there’s an even bigger colombian bill, the 100.000 pesos one, but I have yet to meet someone that has even seen it, as it was recently introduced and it’s used mostly for big bank transactions. 

9° N, 123° E

Skinned knees and burnt floors
and tin cans and playing cards
glow like hatchet blades, darning
together the proof of our greed
and a curbside icebox, empty
but for the forged coins you wove
from the holes in my shirt—
one-peso spells filched from
a beggar who keeps her wisdom
pressed between her teeth, her
birth stars warm under her tongue.




Hey guys!
I’m opening commissions again to save up for a new apartment, one with windows and that allows pets. So far the apartments I’ve canvased with my almost-new roommates are pretty pricey especially if we want to live near the city and we need help paying for 2 months rent advance of security deposit and some key money.

Does not help most of my money is going to laptop repairs, life insurance, current rent and bills. *sobs*
It would be totes awesome if you could help us out!

What you’re gonna get:

-Hi-resolution PNG file, 300dpi
-Rights to do anything you want just as long as you dont resell or claim as your own


There are two versions one in American dollars (USD $) and one in Philippine Peso (PHP ₱). The rates are based on how much detail the commissioner demands.

B & W sketches: USD $ 3-7 ; PHP   ₱ 46-230 (depends on add ons)

1 Character (full color)
half body:
USD $15-20 ; PHP ₱ 460-670
full body : USD $20-25 ; PHP ₱ 670-920

character (each): USD $12 ; PHP ₱ 300
background: USD $20-60 (depends on how much detail)

What I can draw

fandom art
slight NSFW (#freethenipple)
slight gore (a few bruises and bloodynoses)

graphic nsfw
graphic gore
super complex backgrounds

Some Rules:

- Payments can be done via PayPal. If you dont have that, payments can be done via Bank Deposit, LBC, M Lhuillier or Cebuana.
- Once we settle all the details of the commission, i’ll send you an invoice.
- For OCs please, send me good references of the character(s).
-Through the whole process, i’ll be sending you thumbnails,WIPs and ask you for your opinions.

- Send me a PM to this blog 
- Email me at
       Subject: Commission
       Content: tumblr username, commission details, references

Watercolor: Kuretake Gansai Tambi Review

The 2nd part of The Boy’s birthday gift to me was a box of 24 Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolors from @artyanimalmnl on instagram. These behave slightly differently from traditional watercolors because they are originally meant for traditional Japanese paintings and their dense, smooth look such as sumi-e or etegami painting, with traditional Eastern color choices (a lot of red, a lot of green). This post is my review of these wonderful, unique paints which I think are part of the best birthday gift ever. :)

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useless-malaysiafacts  asked:

Tell us about Jose Rizal

Okay. So who is Jose Rizal? Besides being the man Rizalito David was named after, he is in fact, our national hero, the face of the one peso coin in the Philippines. He was an intellectual who could speak most of the world’s languages during the time he lived (yes, that includes Malay). He first started out as an eye doctor but he was like “I want to do more” so do you know what he did? He became a journalist and an author too! 

Because he was sick and tired of the Spanish treating us like shit at that time (we were a colony of Spain when he still lived), he wrote Noli Me Tangere (Touch me not) and El Filibusterismo (The Filibuster) during the time he briefly migrated to Spain. So those books really contained stuff against the Spanish government masqueraded as a romance novel (for Noli) and an action novel (for El Fili). 

Apart from those, he also started a newspaper called the La Solidaridad with Antonio Luna (aka Heneral Luna) and some other Filipinos who like him, were expats in Spain. The said newspaper highlighted their grievances against the Spanish government in the Philippines to the Spanish government in Spain (who, unlike the Spaniards in the Philippines, were apparently nicer to the Filipinos). 

Now, the Spanish govt. back in the Philippines eventually found out what he was talking about in those novels he wrote so they banned it from being sold in the Philippines and not only that - when Rizal decided to come back to the Philippines, he was arrested for crimes like insulting the Spaniards and betraying the Catholic Church (basically they branded him an atheist which he was not because surprise! He was a practicing Catholic, he just didn’t like the Spanish friars assigned to the Philippines because frankly, some of those friars were not doing God’s work properly and Rizal knew that well enough to call them out for it). 

They sent him to Dapitan on exile where he met Josephine Bracken who went there because his father needed medical treatment and Rizal was one of the best doctors around that she has heard of. They fell in love and had a child, unfortunately, Rizal startled Josephine one time when he pulled a prank so much that Josephine suffered a miscarriage (the name of the unborn child is Francisco).

Rizal then decided to leave the country again, by sneaking into a ship bound for Cuba but surprise! The Spaniards found him and eventually decided to have him executed, partly because he violated his exile (that’s something like what happened to Jean Valjean who violated his parole except Jean was never killed off by authorities for doing so).

Knowing that his days are numbered, he apparently married Josephine in a small Catholic ceremony presided by a Jesuit priest and he apparently went to confession multiple times within the hours before his death. 

He was shot to death via firing squad on December 30, 1896 at the Bagumbayan which is now the Luneta Park (which is also his burial place).