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bitch ! your school play looks so good tf ! Rent is one of my favorites and I get so excited to see your story these past couple days my school did blood brothers and the past three years have been pretty shit play wise besides that. are you in it? Either way looks well put together and ya idk a lot of warmth from ur sc and the actors I love it I love rent ily I hope you're well that's all gn

we just wrapped up work for rent and can i just say i’ve never seen as many people break down into tears as last night. i was backstage doing sound stuff because i can’t sing but so many of my friends are in it and killed it. this is the most people we’ve had attending one of our shows in a while, and that made it all the more raw. during i’ll cover you reprise, you could hear each of the individual actors sobbing and none of it was fake, everyone was just moved so much. after the show i was hugging people i didn’t even know very well and i was crying and they were crying and everyone was crying and laughing and it was just so powerful. i’m lucky to have worked on what is probably my favorite musical, especially in high school, and i’m so glad that the audience was as moved as we were. i could see a lot of people grow in this show and i couldn’t be more proud

In an attempt be somewhat more positive about the musical episode speculations, and after sitting on this info for awhile, I would like to point a couple things out about the locations list… 

1) It’s a list of locations, not scenes. Some people are making the assumption that each location = one scene, and that is not necessarily the case. Multiple scenes are often shot in the same locations. So, for example, while we only see the interior of Emma’s house on the list once, there could be multiple scenes shot there, and they would likely try to film all those scenes close together, regardless of the order they appear in the script because of convenience.  Which leads me to my next point…

2) The order of the locations is not necessarily the order they will appear in the episode. This list is just telling the director what locations will be needed for the episode. It is probable that they went through the script from beginning to end and picked out every location they’re going to need, so there might be some semblance of order, but because they only need to list each needed location once, the locations could appear multiple times in the episode because of my first point.  So, keeping with the example of Emma’s house, it could appear in the episode early on (following a scene at the Group Home for example), but then it could appear again following a scene on the Jolly Roger or something.  You see what I’m saying?  It’s very possible that some of these locations might appear in the episode only once, but it’s even more likely that these locations will be used for multiple scenes. 

The reason I’m saying this is because I’m seeing a lot of assumptions getting made based on very little information and I don’t want people to get themselves down for no reason.  There are perfectly legitimate things to be concerned about based on this list, but do keep in mind that we could have a lot more Emma and/or Killian scenes than the locations list is letting on.  For all we know, half the scenes could be in Emma’s house while the other half are distributed amongst the other locations.  That’s just my two cents, and I’m trying to use this as a way to look forward to what the musical episode may have in store, so I hope maybe it helps other people who aren’t feeling very optimistic.


“it’s just that this is exactly how sixteen year old girls imagine losing their virginity.”

Please Like Me, episode one, third season // 2015  
created by Josh Thomas

Some dude: “Laziness is morally wrong.”
Me: “why dude?”
Dude: “Because if we were all lazy we wouldn’t survive.”
Me: “automation has rendered the traditional labor market impractical for determining productivity. one person can produce enough for ten, leaving us all free to actually live and work how we please”
Dude: “But laziness is morally wrong.”

me: I want to branch away from working on primarily Shakespeare and explore working on newer stuff.

me: *spends the weekend in a basement working collaboratively with other artists about Shakespeare rhetoric and exploring how the first folio informs acting and directing choices*

me: Fuck everything else, hit me up with some more Shakespeare


I’ve been tagged by a bunch of lovely people to do the 6 selfies challenge (6 was it?) So here it is :3 @heroesfromdustandclay, @musicaltheatre-princess, @vivalar, @grantaire-the-drunken-artist, @kittenlaf, honestly i think @incandescent-darkness was in it too

I’m not taggin anyone cause I reckon y’all have already done it :3

The most productive thing I did today was take a shower and eat a meal. And yet I am still an extremely attractive and wealthy young lady.

You see, dear followers? If I did jack shit and am still this lovely, then just imagine how awesome you are for walking outside or maybe making your bed.

As if you could do their job any better...

You know what really gets under my skin? When the girls get super busy with so many projects on their plate and then people start whining and bitching about their content.

Do you even realize what exactly their job entails? When the girls do their TV shows or movies, they are not just an actor hired to play a part. These are THEIR projects. Meaning they are involved in every single aspect of it coming to life. Both on screen, and behind the scenes. TV shows don’t just get shot quickly edited and uploaded like some YouTube videos. It’s a long arduous process. In fact, lots of YouTube videos require more work than anyone really thinks they do.

Behind every YouTuber’s video is a one person production team. Hair, makeup, wardrobe, editing, lighting, sound, script (if there is one), camera operation, casting if it’s some sort of sketch, working around schedules for collabs, trying to find time to make a video when their job is requiring them to travel a lot, etc. not to mention Hannah and Grace upload multiple times a week. And Mamrie still goes on traditional auditions in addition to YouTube.

And then there’s the fact that all three girls have written books, Hannah with her second coming up, Grace with two already released, & Mamrie with one released and currently working on her second. Mamrie herself is also a script writer. Not just for the movies they’ve made, but she’s written for TV before as well. Grace has also done a few things for TV long before she had her show.

For their movies, Mamrie wrote them, all three attended meetings to pitch the movie to a production company, they attended meetings for casting, location, script revisions, working tirelessly to make sure their visions came to life on screen exactly how they wanted them. And now that the movie is filmed, they’ve attended meetings for discussing promotion of the movie, what should be cut out or kept when editing, etc. They are involved in all aspects of these projects. It’s the same with Grace when she had her show and Hannah with her show now.

Throw on top of that traveling for their live comedy shows which they totally put together themselves (booking venues, costumes, their different skits, promotion for the shows, traveling to get there, rehearsal etc), traveling for promoting their books which they have spent months writing THEMSELVES, Grace running her podcast which she does with the help of very few others, other side projects they have committed to (TV appearances like At Midnight, Grace & Mamrie hosting the Just For Laughs show, talk show interviews, cameos in TV shows, hosting awards shows, partnerships like Writing With Grace etc) and also working to run Dysh, which is THEIR app that THEY helped create.

Are you trying to tell me that if you were stretched that thin, you’d be able to still make the best videos in the world? They’re going to have some off days. They are HUMANS! They get TIRED! They get STRESSED! Mamrie and Grace both suffer from anxiety and Hannah suffers from depression herself and as someone who suffers from both of those I find their ability to keep all of this going AT ALL admirable.

These girls work so so hard to try to bring us as much enjoyable content as possible, so the least we can do is be compassionate and have some understanding when a video or two seems to not be “the best.” Because they are TRYING. I can’t imagine anyone who understands exactly all the work they really have to do to make all these things come together saying that anything they do is “half assed.”

If any of you think they aren’t doing the best they can possibly do, I challenge you to attempt to sit down, write a script, write a book, make 2-3 videos a week, maintain all of your social media accounts, maybe perform at some amateur nights at comedy clubs, all while attempting to do your regular job/schoolwork and any other commitments in your personal life than you also have and see if you can do that for years without getting tired or stressed or drained.

Honestly, this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in my life. If you guys put half as much of your energy into positive things as you do into criticizing these three very hardworking girls who do their best to make their community happy, imagine what you could accomplish.

Stop complaining about something you CLEARLY don’t understand and start being a decent human.