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some snapchat filter selfies that nobody asked for, still ft. my ‘touch your face’ issue ✌️🌸

What’s stopping communism from becoming a dystopia like mad max?

when the people control the means of production … one person wont control the means of production … or in this case water… because the people will own the water, not individuals or corporations, the people will make sure all have access to goods, its also a socialization thing, we have to remind others that we can trust each other and have faith in each other and work towards sustainability and bettering the world for all.

capitalism has been really good at creating propaganda that you can’t trust other people. You can trust other people, most people care about others, people aren’t all these demons society makes us all out to be. most people care about others, they just believe that others do not care about them, or would not do the same for them

capitalism incentivizes distrust of other people. It’s good for the market to screw over other people and get the best deal at anothers expense. Communism wont function like this.

In communism we want all to be able to do what they can/like/are able to so we can make our planet the best it can be for all. Which is a goal of our species I believe, as we are social creatures, that’s why we’re so successful.

Again, we just need to give people more reason to have faith in each other, this heavily involves eliminating other forms of oppression to eliminate class dividers, so the classes can rise up against those with power over us that seek our demise.

And in communism, it is incentivized to stop people from fucking over others, it’s a completely different system. Communism flourishes when all are cared for and working at their full potential on what they love to do. Capitalism flourishes when humanity is enslaved to a fuckin corporate overlord, constantly not trusting each other making sure each is getting as much as they can at anothers expense because thats how they’ve been taught.

Sad today that I don’t feel the same about watching clips or looking at Outlander pics. So much emphasis has been put on personal lives (by the two very people who said they wanted to keep their personal lives out of it) and so little on the show. In fact, fans are chastised for caring about personal lives and then chastised if they say they wouldn’t pay attention so much if we had more to see of the show. Ironically, it wasn’t even Cait’s extremely poor decision to post that photo this week that hit my apathy button - it was the “banter” that followed after fans went ballistic that almost felt more like punishment/taunting/obligation rather than genuine show engagement. But seeing as there were hundreds of replies to photos of an empty chair, there will be no message delivered that they will hear. Fine, whatever. But it’s like the airlines say when you’re landing - we know you had a choice in deciding which airline to fly with today and we’re happy you chose us. I don’t feel like that’s the message we are getting. I feel constantly punished for wanting to see things to get excited about - things other shows are giving fans without hesitation. I always cared about the show first and anything that looked cute and sweet between the leads was icing. And I always felt like people who shipped them were the same, which is why I much preferred hanging out with shippers since that’s where all the good SHOW stuff was to be found. So I’m making different choices. My time is valuable too. Plus, it’s television. The world won’t end if I turn it off and may in fact be a much better place if more people did. However, all of that being said…I do remain loyal to one person in this production. No matter what poor decision she made this week, there is no denying that she works her ass off, she’s perfect for the part and she deserved every award she was nominated for. I’ve met her twice. She IS the genuine article and I think she cares deeply for the people in her life. She absolutely cares for fans, but she draws a line and she SHOULD. Because of that, she doesn’t have the problems her costar does. It’s a smart move that she’s regularly been called an ice queen and even a bitch for. Cait, you took your eye off the ball this week. I’m disappointed - mad even. You of all people made the OL conversation about a person who isn’t involved in this show at the worst time possible. But I think I get why you did it and I get why you put your “family” first. And while I will be making a different decision and won’t be supporting this show with the level of enthusiasm that I once did, I still remain your fan. Long live the queen.

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this scene represents everything i love about olivia and peter’s characters and their relationship as a whole 

How to Handle a Nico: ... Another Opens

Primary Pairing: NicoMaki
Assumed Paring: TsubaHono
Words: ~2.2k
Rating: K

Nico opened her eyes slowly. What time was it? Not like it mattered, really, as she wasn’t going to work today. She sighed as a pang of depression tugged at her consciousness. She knew her friends meant well and would do everything they could to support her if she decided to move forward with the plan to start her own idol production company. However, part of her was still working through the trauma of her shattered dreams and wasn’t quite ready to move on just yet.

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Dear lord but Android phones are a pain to make work with certain email apps.  It was like 12 steps to apple’s 4 steps.  No wonder the android users couldn’t get their email!! Hugs my iphone.  It is my precious.