one person knows what i'm talking about

  • ENTP's friend: I'm such a guarded person.
  • ENTP: (talking to INFP and INFJ "freely" gives away some "secrets" about self)
  • ENTP's friend: I don't know how you can just tell people your life story...
  • *later that day*
  • ENTP: (pokes INTP) Hey, remember my guarded friend?
  • INTP: Vaguely.
  • ENTP: Close enough. What do you think of how she doesn't like to reveal things about herself?
  • INTP: Well, if you don't have much to guard, you'll be that much more careful about what you reveal, right? One coin from a small storehouse is more noticeable than your ENTP warehouse of "WTF-where-did-all-this-sh*t-come-from?!".
  • ENTP: lol
  • INTP: You know it's quite amazing because people think you're being honest and social when you tell a story from your past because the level of detail and theatrics that go into the story-telling, but you really only tell 12-13% of what really happened.
  • ENTP: 12-13%?
  • INTP: Yes, and that's usually enough for people to open up to you and spill one of their valuable guarded secrets. *sigh* Humans are so easily manipulated.
  • Naruto: So, like, ever since Hinata confessed to me, people have been like- ya know
  • Sasuke: Hn
  • Naruto: And I'm just- I don't, like, I can't- ya know
  • Naruto: But I should, right? There's no reason I shouldn't, uh, ya kn-
  • Sasuke: Dobe, if you say "ya know" one more time
  • Naruto: I can't help it, I'm just so, so, ya know!
  • Sasuke: Why are you talking to me about this, idiot?
  • Naruto: You're the only one who hasn't said anything, ya know. Sakura-chan, Kakashi, Ino, Iruka, even Kiba have been on my case non-stop.
  • Sasuke: It's your life. Your choice. Do what you want. It makes no difference to me.
  • Naruto: But, but Sasuke, I'm just so... Ya know.
  • Sasuke: Fine, usuratonkachi. We'll talk.
  • Sasuke: Do you think she's pretty?
  • Naruto: Eto... *squints* I guess so.
  • Naruto: Actually, now that you mention it, Hinata's kind of a looker, huh
  • Naruto: But she's still not as pretty as- *glances over* Uh, other people.
  • Sasuke: Like who? Sakura?
  • Naruto: Yeah, Sakura-chan and... Someone else
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Sasuke: So the problem is that you have feelings for another person
  • Naruto: *blushes* Um... I guess, but I doubt you- I mean, this other person will ever, ya know, feel the same way, so I should just
  • Sasuke: Have you said anything?
  • Naruto: Well, no
  • Naruto: But after everything that happened, you- I mean, this person should get it by now, and if y- they don't, that probably means it's one-sided. Right?
  • Sasuke: Maybe
  • Naruto: Oh
  • Sasuke: Unless I -I mean, this 'other person' was thinking the same way as you
  • Naruto: Really? You Were?
  • Sasuke: Were what? I'm talking about this mysterious 'other person' who's apparently prettier than Hyuuga Hinata, which is -mmmphmm!
  • Sasuke: What was that, you moron?
  • Naruto: It's called a kiss, teme.
  • Naruto: Something two people do when they like each other.
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Sasuke: I'm not familiar with the concept.
  • Sasuke: Maybe you should show me again.

One time I saw a post here on tumblr where someone said that every bisexual they’ve ever met does finger-guns and as I truly contemplated that statement, reflecting on myself, I thought “I don’t do finger guns…” then, yesterday, I was washing my hands in the bathroom, thinking about I don’t even know what and I realized that I do the noise that goes with finger guns.  I froze, looked up at myself in the mirror and realized I do use finger guns except I only do one and I felt oddly validated in my sexuality. the end.

gruntledbananafish  asked:

Hi there! I have a situation and I'm not sure what to do. I just joined a D&D campaign and I'm really enjoying it. However, one of the guys in the campaign made a rape joke in the middle of the session. Everyone kind of ignored it. I don't know the guy super-well so I'm not comfortable talking to him directly, but it really made me feel like shit, especially because I have some personal experiences (which I don't wanna disclose). Should I talk to the DM about this? What do I say?

I can’t tell you what to do, or how to feel in those situations. I can only tell you what I would do.

I would talk to the DM right away, and I wouldn’t apologize for my feelings. This is one of those things that I think is pretty binary: rape jokes aren’t okay, and I don’t want to be around anyone who thinks that they are. If the DM makes excuses or isn’t willing to take your concerns seriously, I would tear my character sheet up right there and leave the group.

The problem isn’t just that this guy thought it was okay to make that joke, but that everyone at the table didn’t have a problem with it. I don’t know how far you want to take it, and what your personal red line is, but I’d talk to the DM first, and then I would ask for a moment at the beginning of the next session to address the group about it.

I would say something like, “I really enjoy this campaign, and I like being part of this group. But the last time we played, I felt really uncomfortable when a rape joke was made at the table, and nobody seemed to have a problem with it. If I’m going to continue to be part of this group, I want you to know that I’m not okay with that. Maybe you don’t know that 1 in 4 women has been sexually assaulted or raped, and maybe you don’t know that when you make those jokes or go along with those jokes, you’re communicating to the women around you that you don’t take it seriously, and that you’re subtly communicating to the men around you that rape and assault isn’t a big deal. Literally every woman I know has been sexually harassed at some point in their lives. More than half have been sexually assaulted, and I know several rape survivors. Rape jokes aren’t funny to me.

“I hope that this was a thing that was just sort of blurted out, that wasn’t considered, that doesn’t reflect your values or who you are. Like I said, I’m having a really good time being part of this campaign, but if this sort of thing is not a problem for you, I can’t be part of this, and I’m ready to leave right now if that’s the case.”

Or something like that. I think you get the gist of what I’m going for. If they minimize your feelings, get up and leave. There will always be other games to play in. If they want to deflect it minimize it, because they’re embarrassed, give them a moment to react, and see if you can engage in dialog about the realities of sexual assault for women.

I always believe that it’s worth making the effort to educate and enlighten someone, but that’s not the only way to deal with these things, but that’s absolutely not your responsibility. Their feelings aren’t your responsibility. What I’m suggesting is that you make it clear that this isn’t funny or acceptable, and that if they think it is, you’re not going to be part of the group. In a perfect world, they’ll sincerely apologize. In a perfect world, they will realize that they hadn’t seriously considered the reality of sexual assault, and they’ll own their actions.

I know that a lot of gamers read this Tumblr, and I know that a lot of women read this Tumblr. Maybe someone else has advice or experience they’d care to share with you.

I’m sorry that you have to deal with this, and I hope that it’s resolved in a way that lets you continue to play in the campaign, and helps these dudes grow a level in humanity.

Love Square Songs


Romantic Marichat)

Platonic Marichat (Talking about their crushes, of course)


Personal Ladynoir)

Just a thought that wouldn’t leave me at 4:00 in the morning.

DerpCraft: How Many Dates Does It Take?
  • Galm: You know one of the things I really love about Smarty? It's that you can completely shut him down by talking to him about sex.
  • Chilled: *calls Smarty while he's not streaming, but everyone else is*
  • Tom: Oh my <i>god</i>, Chilled
  • Smarty: *answering the phone* Oh hey, I was just about to call you. I'm escaping work.
  • Chilled: Oh, awesome, cool, I just had a quick question. Uh, we haven't started yet, we're just getting things together. This is more I guess for my own personal thing, so don't talk to the other guys about this, uh-
  • Smarty: I can <i>not</i> hear you, hold on one sec
  • Aphex: *cry-laughing*
  • Chilled: Ok, how was work bro?
  • Galm: He's gonna reveal a bunch of private details
  • Chilled: You there though?
  • Smarty: Yeah, what's up?
  • Chilled: So, serious question, and I need to kinda know- after how many dates you have sex with a woman? Like, is it two? Three?
  • Smarty: ... What?
  • Chilled: Like, I'm just- I'm in three years of dates, like, is it three dates? Did I get the numbers confused? How many-
  • Smarty: Can I just ask you a question? Are you currently on the livestream?
  • Chilled: NO! We haven't started yet- Aphex, being typical Aphex, didn't show up yet. I think we said 5pm-
  • Smarty: Hold on, wait, what?
  • Chilled: So, three dates? Alright, we'll talk about it more afterwards, get back safe buddy.
  • Smarty: ... I can tell you're on the livestream right now
  • Aphex: <i>*wheezing*</i>
  • Chilled: I'm not livestreaming, cross my heart. I am not live streaming.
  • Smarty: ... I just checked <i>Twitter</i>?
  • Chilled: ... Well, maybe <i>they're</i> livestreaming. Smarty, I gotta go something's going on, there's a creeper in my house, bye Smarty-
  • Griffin: "My boyfriend-to-be keeps on giving me the head lice. About two months ago I found some head lice in my hair the morning after someone I'm dating slept in my place. I did the treatment the same day. Two weeks later, slept together again and I found living lice again. It happened again yesterday, then I got the treatment again. And today as well." That's four lices. That's four different lice events. "What should I do? We're not close enough to talk about that, but I'm pretty sure he's the one giving them to me. I'm tired of doing treatments and changing tons of sheets after we're sleeping. I thought about telling him I got them somehow, and in a responsible way I'm telling him but I'm afraid he'll be turned off by me. Please help me, *frowney face*."
  • Justin: Turned off by you? He's the lice guy!
  • Travis: This is a tale as old as time. We get this question every week where people say, 'I'm sleeping with someone but at what point is it time to say I know you have lice?' Y'know what I mean? Like, yes, we will engage in intercourse and sleep in the same bed together, but we're not quite at the place where we're comfortable talking about each other's head lice?!
  • Griffin: He's probably very embarrassed about it. Here's what drives me crazy is you've done four of these treatments - if he does one, he's probably good to go at that point.
  • Travis: I don't think he IS that embarrassed, Griffin. I'm saying, maybe that's what he thinks he's bringing to the table. 'Listen, I don't have a great personality, I'm not very rich, but you know what I do have? Head full of lice.'
  • Justin: A billion little fingers to please you.
  • Griffin: Oh god!
  • Travis: We're gonna share this together, baby. You, me, and the lice.
  • Griffin: Go. Go, my little sexual servants.
  • ...
  • Travis: Call me Lice Bryce.
  • Justin: Lice Bryce, Ant-Man's shitty brother.
  • ...
  • Travis: I've also never described anyone as my 'girlfriend-to-be'.
  • Justin: Well Trav, I think if somebody gave me lice four times I'd probably keep'em in the maybe column.

auzlalapin  asked:

I want to ask, may we get to know more about Bételgeuse's personality? What inspired his character? Also, is Luo his child? And one more thing, is there an official girl/girl pair in Dreamers? Will there be? / Would you like there to be? Apologies for all the questions, but I'm so very excited for when Dreamers may come out, I already love the concept and characters so much (especially Bételgeuse and Ahëran!!)

Thank you for all the questions love! <3 This is so nice to get questions on my characters ;_; <3

First though, I’ll clarify a few things because I haven’t been much talkative about it since I’m not really ambitious with my projects:

1) Dreamers is NOT going to be anything. I apologize, it’s not going to be a comic, or an animation, or a fanfiction. I made a FAQ for it because I thought people might be interested in learning about it but I am not making Dreamers become anything. I apologize <3 But I don’t want to put pressure on myself atm and for the year to come as well.

2) Characters such as Betelgeuse and Luo are NOT part of Dreamers. They’re part of a completely different story that I tag as “space story” because it doesn’t have a name, but these are NOT the same story. (And like Dreamers it’s not going to be anything for the moment either, I’m too into studies to start anything)

Now that that’s settled, about the actual questions:

1) Betelgeuse is overall a very kind guy. He’s overprotective and leery at first, but he shows sympathy instantly when someone is in need: he’s just got morals he’s very deeply attached to, and he wants to be helpful. His path to high ranks was harsh, he had to train hard, and he wants respect for it. Therefore, he knows being respectful is the most important thing. (He cares about Luo way too much though, he’s such an overprotective guardian :’)

2) Actually, he was inspired by the Ganondorf from this AWESOME LoZ AU blog @growingupgerudo that I love to death <3 His relationship with Link is what inspired me to create a fatherly bond with Luo, although their interactions is much different. It’s the vibe that interested me above everything else and I was charmed in a heartbeat (and like how can you cannot fall for a soft art style like jfc burry me)

3) Luo isn’t his child (Luo is an insignificant planet inhabitant and Betelgeuse is literally a supergiant star), but he treats him as such because they got attached to each other really damn fast :D

4) No there isn’t (yet?) And if I get the opportunity, sure! I just enjoy writing certain types of boys more for some reason. :D It depends on the character.

Thank you for your questions and compliments gaaah I love getting stuff like this <3


I just hope I’m not around the day that pot finally boils over.

170310 Tae, Hoseok, Jimin CH+ Chatroom

* = typed in English

> No, someone made me a fool out of that game Rapmon hyung is.. (Tae)
> I won’t play it!!! I can’t!!! (Tae)
> hi* (Tae)
> I miss you (Tae)
> I’ll come back later, so let’s chat then (Tae)
> goon night* (Tae)
> d* (Tae)
> i’m chillaxing* (Tae? Hoseok?)
> rap mon me too soon soju call* (soon soju was typed in korean/Hoseok)
> let’s go all the way* (Hoseok)
> sojoo* (Hoseok)
> do u have recommendation? sojoo (Hoseok)
> I don’t know who are you, but it’s 4 AM in Korea. Go to sleep. Soju? What soju are you talking about? Who is this_Jimin (Jimin)
> The person that is sitting next to you right now (Hoseok)

trans: jhope-shi

Ok I’ll go to bed in a minute, but you know what frustrates me: Moghedien

Like, I adore Moghedien, look at my url. I love and fear and want to protect her and all her evilness, but like, what the hell did she do?

With other Forsaken, we got a general idea of what they did to earn their reputations and their places as Chosen. Moghedien? We know she was some kind of math person, committed vague atrocities that killed a lot of people (like all the Forsaken tbh), and Birgitte really pissed her off that one time. Oh, and she’s real sneaky about it all. But like? What did she actually do? Specifically?

Like some Forsaken are in and out of the series pretty quickly, but Moggy is there for a Long Time and a pretty major player at some points, but her role among the Chosen seems nonexistent at the best of times. So what did she do that made her earn her place not only among them, but with the Dark One?


anonymous asked:

I'm pansexual cis female and I'm currently dating a cis male and loads of people are telling me that I'm not actually pan for dating him and that I'm bi b/c I've never dated someone who isn't cis. It makes me feel really shitty b/c I don't like people based on their gender, I like people based on who they are and I know that I'm pan. It took me forever to discover who I am and now people are shutting me down and telling me I'm not who I think I am. What should I do?

You can tell them they don’t know what they’re talking about.

  1. Dating one person does not erase your attraction to other genders. That’s ridiculous. When a gay or het person dates someone else, do they stop being attracted to a whole gender and define their orientation based only on the single person they’re currently dating? No. Why do they expect you to?

  2. Orientation is about attraction, not about dating history.

  3. Not having dated someone of a gender you’re attracted to doesn’t erase your attraction to them. (Just like people can know they’re gay or het even if they’ve never dated.)

  4. It’s super weird to tell you that a history of dating trans people is what makes you pan instead of bi.

    First of all, bi, straight, and gay people can all date trans people, because trans people can be men or women.

    Second of all, even if they mean specifically nonbinary  people – pan doesn’t mean “has dated someone of every conceivable gender”, it means “attracted to people of every gender” or “attracted to people without gender being a factor.”

    Bi doesn’t mean “has dated cis men and cis women” - it means “attracted to two or more genders”. Many people call themselves pan as the TYPE of bi they are.

  5. It’s really shitty to think you know someone else’s orientation better than they do. Orientation is and should be self-defined, based on your own experiences with attraction. People who try to correct you about who you’re attracted to are being really rude and need to learn some boundaries.

tl;dr: tell them to shut up, tell them they’re full of shit, or just avoid them, because they’re being super rude to you and you deserve respect.

anonymous asked:

i was wondering if you have any ideas or topics that have stuck to you? i'm doing a point of view oral and am completely stuck ! lots of love!

like, topics that i relate to and think i could talk a lot about personally?? I dont know if thats exactly what youre asking but. heartbreak, coping, anxiety, feeling like youre crazy (youre not lol!!), working on happiness, the degree to what you can and cant control in your life, sexual orientation, attraction, love, the idea of the “one”, the grand scheme of things, idk.Thats what I think about a lot

anonymous asked:

Srs question, im 17 years old who because of a mixture of poor social skills and nerdy interests worries about seeming like one of those "im very smart" neckbeards How do i pull of your "tricked people into im competent" without seeming obnoxios?

i am a terrible person to ask because

  • i am probably obnoxious
  • i am easily annoyed and i think everyone is obnoxious
  • i am just generally kind of a huge bitch

uh but i guess the most obvious thing is to avoid well-actually’ing people? that is probably the number one most common thing nerds do to come off as know-it-alls, even if they’re not actually using the words ‘well actually’. probably the easiest way to avoid that is enthusiasm and not… lecturing people? shit, i’m really bad at articulating this shit. but there’s a big difference between “ah yes, [thing], allow me to educate you about [thing], many people don’t realize that [stuff about thing]” and “oh man i love [thing], if you ever need fun facts about [thing] you know who to call bc that’s my jam”. or like the difference between “oh, you’re reading [book]? i remember that one 😏” and “ooh! tell me what you think when you’re done”. i guess it’s really just the difference between ‘i bet you’re really interested in all my good opinions and all the stuff i know’ and ‘i am interested in your opinions and what you know’

uh but generally if you’re chill and enthusiastic, and not, like… lecturing or correcting people all the time… you will probably not come off as neckbeardy. if it has even occurred to you to be worried about it you’re probs fine.

anonymous asked:

can you tell me more about spot and you with him? you dont have to i just find it interesting! hope im not bothering you

oh, sure! i suppose there’s not too much to tell though, unfortunately. he was a small soft toy, and i don’t remember where i got him from. maybe he was a gift from a relative? but i do remember the stroller i wheeled him around in came from my neighbours when they moved (they had a lot of barbie toys from their daughter, tho i didn’t care about those i just wanted the stroller)

the stint i had him for i feel was probably less than a year, considering my childhood in that area was rather limited (only five years, from when i was 2 until 7). i was a rather active child, one of my first memories being the discovery of bees by the action of punching one. yea, i punched a bee and that’s how i found out about bees and stingers. i also once ran headfirst at a very large bearded dragon, so as you can tell i wasn’t a very ‘kept’ child.

the area we lived in was in the dip of a large set of hills, in the suburbs. my area of roaming was anywhere between these two points. it was a fairly safe neighbourhood i think, my parents didn’t seem too worried about my exploring. i remember taking spot around this area while cars drove past. for whatever reason, a large van is associated also with this memory, but family friends of ours owned a van, so yeah.

i’m unsure if anything sinister really happened, but if it did, my parents were unaware of it. i very literally have a hole in my memory between playing with spot, and then having empty hands. this was long before we moved, so there’s no risk of him being left behind while moving. maybe he was ruined, maybe he was taken. maybe i was hurt and have repressed it, or maybe it’s just an innocent coincidence. i did have a troubled childhood with my father and abuse, but we’ve long since talked about it, and i’ve accepted how his actions damaged myself and our family, and he is sort of recognising it too.

basically, i know as much as you with this information that i have, because no one else knows about it but me, and what i have is very limited. maybe one day i’ll get a kick in the teeth and remember something very dangerous and very bad, but until that moment i simply accept these holes and worries as smaller things in my past that have made me who i am today.

pawwwws  asked:

Do you have any batshit crazy pll theories (made by pll fans) that maybe are a little out of this world that you love? Like I know what theories you believe in and have made up (alison is A, twincer, mary drake theory etc) but that's not what I'm talking about. The theories that maybe are amazing and would make a great storyline but would never happen? Do you see where I'm getting at haha? personally I've always loved the aria is a theory - but that doesen't mean it's the one I believe most in

Ooooo this is a really good question. There are a couple.

First one, is that the entire show has been a board game, in the sense that Mona and Charlotte were A because they were both being forced by AD to play the board game. Being A was their task. And now that Charlotte is dead, AD doesn’t have a minion to blackmail/force to do their work for them. So AD is playing the game with the girls directly now rather than through someone else.

The other one is one that was submitted to me a few days ago, and it’s that each of the liars are working for AD but just don’t know that the others are also doing it. So Aria is working for AD like we’ve seen, but so are the others. Aria got caught but the others haven’t (yet). They’re each their own enemies. I WOULD LOVE THIS under the condition AD has something on each of them and so they ALL have no choice to go against their friends. I’d love love this plot twist. But then we still need to find out who is the one giving them the orders (who is AD). I’d love this so much.

I think these are really creative but crazy at the same time. I always say this but only one theory can and will be right. Is one of these THE one? I really doubt it. I can’t see it being anything that crazy. I mean, we were promised a jaw dropping reveal and we got CeCe; a person who we always did suspect as being bad, and a person who was literally in the black hoodie. That’s not jaw dropping. It’s just logical. Low expectations is the best way to watch this show.

Also, these theories used to be really popular but thankfully have died down recently. “And then the girls wake up in the barn and it was all a dream” or “and then Ezra closes his book he’s writing called Pretty Little Liars” or “and then Spencer raises a gun to the camera and shoots it because the audience is A”. I can’t stand these ideas. If anything remotely close to these happened I would regret spending 7 years on this show even despite everything the show has given me. Literally, I’d regret everything I ever did with this show if we got that ending.

lucifer ( season 1 ) starters
  • ( ep 7-13 )
  • You're not busy, are you?
  • Actually, shocker, I am busy.
  • Now, I'm one not to get into the feels, usually, but... you seem genuinely distressed. You okay?
  • Do you want to--I don't know--chat about it or something?
  • Sex is always on the table.
  • You sure you don't want to chase after her?
  • We brought you a birthday gift.
  • You're supposed to be on my side, you know.
  • What's bothering you right now?
  • Well... right now I'm experiencing a very odd feeling. It's--it's like a fat man sitting on my chest. But not in a fun way.
  • You're really in therapy?
  • Why is that so surprising?
  • You're the least reflective person I know.
  • I have layers. I'm like an onion. An irresistible one.
  • You don't save a marriage by sleeping with other people
  • It can't hurt to try.
  • Have you ever considered that all of this excessive partying may be your attempt to fill a void?
  • The most evil of people have the most normal names, I've experienced. Beware anyone named Keith
  • We all have demons inside.
  • It's okay. I'm not afraid of dying.
  • We might not always understand it, but God has a plan.
  • You get to eat chocolate cake in bed tonight.
  • You don't care who you piss off, do you?
  • I made a friend today.
  • I can't believe that I would let myself care for him again
  • You're a kind person who puts the needs of others before your own
  • You can't be mad at me forever.
  • Oh, God, what have I done?
  • Don't worry, my father's the forgiving sort
  • Only you could turn a tragic death into an excuse to talk about you.
  • Where have you been?
  • Deviant foreplay is so time-consuming.
  • Come on, you can't say this isn't the best sex you've ever had
  • If that's supposed to be an offering to me, I decline on grounds of salmonella.
  • Step one, travel back in time and not make such a mess of things.
  • You know, I'm suddenly reminded of why I wanted you dead in the first place.
  • Look, I know you think I'm a bad guy
  • I need a favor

anonymous asked:

I love everything about you. Like, EVERYTHING. Your personality, your love for MP100, your illustrations, your art style, your choice for colors, lighting... Like, there's still a list of of what I like about you. I'm using Anon to talk to you because I'm always so shy to talk to anyone ;-; But still, at least I tried to send one small love from a random Anon ;; Please keep up the good work!!

OH MY GOD ANON I’M– SDJKHSLGS THIS IS SO SWEET AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO REPLY AAAA  ;//////////////; Thank you very much for your kind words, this just made my day