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Two travelers - a nothing-bad-happens ending where Elam starts traveling with Gieve to visit the legendary places he always wanted to see

Work 1/3 for Arslan Senki Fandom week 2k17

High School Band AU: Chapter One

Here it is! I almost forgot this was ready, just waiting to be posted. Hope you like it!

“Well, that was disappointing…”

“You’re being too polite. That was awful.”

“I knew holding auditions would be stupid. You made me waste the whole week on this.”

“One week that you couldn’t skip class to jerk off to whatever weird shit you’re into, Saeran…”

“Shut up before I’ll break this pretty face of yours, Zen.”

“Ah, come on guys, let’s not fight right now, we have bigger problems right now?”

“Yoosung is right, nobody met our expectations, we still don’t have a vocalist and the festival is in less than a month…”

“Can’t we really ask Rika to come back? “

“I talked to V about this. She’s still recovering.”

“From what? From her diva tantrum?”

“Saeran, don’t even start, please…”

“No, fuck that! Is she still sensitive because she realized she’s not that perfect and she doesn’t have her boyfriend to cover up for her anymore? Come on, I can’t be the only one thinking about this! Saeyoung, some help here?”

“Oh, I don’t have a vote here, I’m just the DJ, or at least that’s what she said…”

“I’ll take that as a help. See? That girl has a major diva complex!”

“Saeran, don’t talk about my cousin like that, please.”

Okay, you’re pretty sure by now you shouldn’t be listening to this conversation. What were you even thinking? Coming here was a stupid idea, entering by the wrong door was a stupid idea, even considering this audition was stupid! Mental note: never let yourself be hypnotized by a pair of dreamy eyes! That is how you mother got pregnant, right? You giggle, your mom is pretty funny when she’s not running away to follow her frustrated dreams from her teenage days…

“Guys? I found one more!” you’re taken aback by this redhead guy pointing to you behind the curtains. Shit! “Aren’t you a little late?” he asks playfully.

“I… got lost.” You say, trying to avoid his gaze. “Anyway, I’m going now…” you try to turn your back on him, but he grabs your hand and leads you to the stage. “W-wait, I… I don’t…”

“Don’t be shy! Hey, guys, look what I found!” he points at you in a exaggerated way. Did he really just call you a “what”?

You find six pairs of eyes staring at you. Five guys and one girl look at you curiously, as if you were some kind of alien or something.

“What’s your name?” the brunette one asks without any expression in his face or voice.

“Hum… MC.”

“Okay, hum MC, what are you going to sing?” the brunette puts his pen on a paper waiting for your answer. He’s… scary, he looks like a teacher.

“I… I, okay, this was a misunderstanding. I was… I was trying to find the magician club.” Is there a magician club? Shit! Why can’t you even lie properly right now?

“The magician club has meetings on Wednesdays.” The blond one states and smiles sweetly, oh… maybe this one is nicer.

“Don’t act like the magician club is cool, Yoosung.” The silver haired one scoffs, gaining a glare from the blond one. “Are you lost, sweetie? Maybe I can help you…” oh, wait! This one you actually know, he was in the musical theater club too, what was his name again?

“Ugh, there he goes again…” this other redhead groans and mutters, giving quick annoyed glances to you. Oh… so this one next to you and that one are twins, okay.

“Yes, Zen. Let’s focus. What are you going to sing?” the girl finally says something, she looks more patient than the brunette one, but she is also pretty intimidating, and her haircut is cool!

“I… am not going to sing. This was a mistake. I should get going…”

“Are you scared? Don’t be! We won’t bite… well, maybe I will, but that can wait…” the redhead with glasses wiggles his eyebrows looking at you. “Haha, I’m just joking! You should see your face right now…”

“I’m not scared and I’m going! Sorry for taking your time, this was a misunderstanding.”

“You’re already here, why don’t you sing?” the brunette says, looking at you, you can see a little annoyance on his features.

“I… I can’t sing. I don’t know how.”

“Yes, you do! I know you! You were on the musical theater club! I remember you, quiet weird girl sitting in the back just doing backing vocal… do you remember me?” how could you forget Zen and his brutal honesty?

“I do…”

“So you can sing!” the blond one says and everybody stares at you again… that was stupid! That was so fucking stupid of you!

“I can, but I… I… look, this was stupid, okay?”

“Yeah, no shit!” the redhead without glasses scoffs.

“Excuse me?” you ask, did he interrupt you to make fun of you?

“You were hiding, listening to our conversation, then pretends you’re all innocent and shy when we catch you and keep lying to us even when we already know you’re lying! Come on, this is very stupid.”

“I agree with Saeran. This already took too much of our time.” The brunette one says, everybody look at him surprised and nod. Oh, you get it, he’s the leader, and the redhead there is pissing you off!

“So, if you’re not going to sing because you’re a scared little girl, just go away already!”

“I’m not scared! And you’re really rude, dude! Go get laid and release all this puberty stress!” oh no, you didn’t! Everybody looks at… what’s his name? Saeran, right? But you look to the other twin still by your side.

“I tell him the same every day, can you believe?” he says to you, smiling.

“SHUT UP!” oh… he’s… red, he’s blushing. You broke the little punk wannabe! Okay… this satisfied you more that you would care to admit.

“Then, if you’re not scared, will you sing or do we have to waste more time?” the brunette is the only one who didn’t show any reaction to your little argue with Saeran.

“Why do you keep talking about time? Do you have somewhere to go?” you ask. Jesus! You won one, you can’t be risking yourself like this.

“We’re still waiting for you to sing.” See? You knew you wouldn’t win twice on this.

“Fair enough. I’ll make you forget the place you had to be.” You just hear some uhhhs from Zen and the nice redhead, and the brunette smirks at you:

“Let’s see what you got.” Is that a challenge? Interesting…

“I should… get out of here. This is about to catch fire.” The redhead jumps out of the stage.

“Hi. My name is MC and I’ll be singing ‘I’m the Greatest Star’ from the musical Funny Girl.”

“This isn’t a musical theater audition…” the brunette is still smirking.

“Nobody said what kind of music I should sing. Does anyone here oppose to me singing this one?”  everybody nodded negatively, you noticed the girl looked a little excited, did she like the song or was she happy to see the band’s leader losing his control over them?

“Very well, so I won’t oppose either. Let’s hear it! Do you need any support? Yoosung can play the piano or Saeyoung can give you a base.”

“I’ll sing acapella.” Since you already made tons of stupid decisions, why not add one more?

“Do as you please. Saeyoung, the lights.” So the nice redhead’s name is Saeyoung, and he promptly lights up the stage, you feel a shiver as you can’t see any of their faces right now…

“Whenever you’re ready, sweetheart!” that’s Zen’s voice, you notice how excited he is.

You close your eyes, take a deep breath… and your voice come out.

“I got 36 expressions, sweet as pie to tough as leather, and that’s six expressions more than all those… Baltimore’s put together… Instead of just kicking me, why don’t they give me a lift? It must be a plot! Cause they’re scared that I got… such a gift? Well, I’ll nift!”

The thing about this song is that she has a lot of variations disguised as this little humor gimmicks, so… yeah, it wasn’t the greatest choice to an audition for a band, but hey! You’re having fun! Yes, this is fun, this is… natural, somehow. And the fact you can’t see their faces make you feel like it’s just you against the lights in the whole world.

Zen is smirking, as if he knew about this hidden treasure before all of them. Yeah, he just refuted the fact you couldn’t sing because he knew, he can trace talent even if it’s hidden behind a secondary role on a musical theater play. And as soon as you stepped in that stage, he knew exactly who they were about to deal with… well, at least musically, he had no idea that quiet girl could be that…spirituous. Confronting Jumin like that was bold, and he likes bold girls…

Yoosung is hypnotized. You look and sing like an angel, it’s so different from Rika, but the sweetness and this expressiveness are the same. Also, you look a little intimidating at first, but he’s pretty sure you’re very sweet and nice, he noticed this at the moment you smiled at him and the little fact about the magician club. Also, nobody that sings like that can be less than adorable, yes, h barely knows you, he already adores you.

If this was a cartoon, Jaehee’s eyes would have dollar signs in it. You sing well, you have a cute face… maybe they can sell tickets or get some gigs with you and finally make some profit out of this… hobby. Also, she loves Funny Girl, what an interesting choice… you’re… interesting. She’s curious about you, and she rarely gets curious…

Saeyoung is smiling, he was rooting for you the minute he found you backstage. He can’t explain, he just… liked you, he wanted to know what you were up to. Was that whole scene part of your number? You’re such a drama queen, he loves it! Yes, he’s already thinking about the costumes he can put on you, you will look so cool and cute… also, you made his brother blush, you’re already his favorite person in the world. Even if you don’t join the band, he wants to hang out with you…

Saeran was mad. You were so sassy, he doesn’t like sassy girls, he was rooting for you to sing really bad, but… what the fuck? You are actually great!? Ugh… just remembering the way you defied him make his blood boil. Stupid little talented  bitch… and you’re cute too? UGHHHH, you’re trouble, aren’t you? You’re making him feel troubled.

Jumin is still smirking, he just needed this confirmation on something he knew from the moment you confronted him: it was you. It had to be you, no one else. “ So this is the girl V warned me about, interesting…”

Prologue | Chapter Two    

“Cuddle the shit out of you” Bucky x Avenger!reader - Part. 2

Part 1 // If you care  Here’s what I was listening while writing it. || PART 3 ||  MASTERLIST

Pairing: Bucky x avenger!reader

Word count: 739 (because I’m a lazy ass) 

Warnings: Again language, mentions of torture, fluff?! and it’s different from what you all expected… I guess? 

|| I don’t own Bucky Barnes or any of the avengers. They belong to Marvel. ||

You awkwardly laughed to send the shivers away. But you knew that he felt it.

“Did you just shiver y/n?” He asked and you felt his smile on the back of your neck. Again, shivers.

“S-stop doing that. It was involuntary, a reaction” you said quickly.

“If you say so… goodnight doll.” Cocky.


Bucky fell asleep with you wrapped in his arms, but you didn’t. You couldn’t sleep now, because of all the things that were in your mind. It wasn’t weird that you and Bucky kissed sometimes but on the check or maybe your hair and forehead, whenever you had nightmares or he had them. But this, this was different and now the room didn’t feel the same as always. Nothing felt the same.

“You’re making that annoying dog sound again.” He said behind you with a sleepy voice.

“I’m not making any sound”

“Yes, yes you are.” He faced you. “That noise like something is hurting you” his brows went together. “Am I hurting you?”

Your heart fell.

“No Bucky… I’m sorry I didn’t realize that I was making a sound. Go back to sleep.”

Bucky nodded at you and went back to sleep, it was easy when he was already asleep.

Water. A lot of water. Everywhere. In your hair, eyes, nose and mouth. Down your throat and filling you up.

You couldn’t breathe, and there were no air. Not even a little bit. The bottom seem so close to your paws… your paws? Blue and red, blue and red. It was blood, your eyes closed and then opened once again, looking down you saw your hands… human hands and wolf paws. Blood, the water had blood everywhere. You tried to scream but there were so much water around you.

“I think that’s probably enough Sr. her vital signs are low.”

“No. Not until she completes her change.”

The voices were so close, but so far away. Like a dream, so you forced your eyes to look at the sound. A glass, more like a window. One, two, three, four and five. Five pair of eyes were looking at you, were studying your every move.

The claws started to grow in your fingernails and the pain was something that you couldn’t handle. Your eyes shut, your brain started to work in a different way. Strong, now you were strong. Strong enough to swim to the window, and look at them. Look at them, memorizing their eyes and the way that their hearts sounded.

“Good. Send the electricity.”

Pain. More pain. Everything went black.

“y/n? Wake up please. Wake up. y/n.” You opened your eyes to see Bucky’s.

“I was dying. They… they…I was dying.” Tears everywhere. It was the first time that you remembered that. The time that they pushed you to the limit so your powers will awake.

He softly shushed you and held your head to his chest. You cried a bit more, a lot more while Bucky hummed something to calm you down. Once your body stopped shaking he place a kiss on your forehead and you looked up at him. Smiling a little bit.

“It’s usually you the one with the nightmares.”

“You have them too… not so often. But you do.”

You nodded and interlocked his flesh fingers with yours, noticing the claws in your other hand.

“It was really bad huh?” He looked at your hand and wrapped it with his metal one. “You’re okay now?”

“I think so, thank you.” He smiled at you and hugged your waist, placing his head to your chest now. You smirked and kissed his forehead and then start to play with the hair in the back of his neck. “Did you just shivered Bucky?”

“Unlike you I’m capable of admit that yes. I did. And you wanna know why?” you nodded smiling. “Because my body knows it’s you.”

“Oh shut up.”

Suddenly his entire body were in top of you, but carefully so your injuries wouldn’t get worse. Bucky kissed your nose, and then your checks, your jaw, neck and after what seemed ages your lips met his.

Letting out a sigh of relief he wrapped his arms around you once more that night.

“Now, shut up and cuddle the shit out of me or…” your words trailed of as his lips placed a soft kiss in your shoulder.

“Yes little wolf. I’ll cuddle the shit out of you anytime you want.”

a/n: Is it awful? I had such a great time writing it! Like I really liked it. But well. I know it’s kinda different from what you expected (if you were expecting some smut I’m sorry to disappoint you). Anyway hope you guys like it as much as you liked the first part. And yeah if you want another part of this story go ask for it it’s always a pleasure to write about Bucky.

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