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If there’s anyone to keep an eye on, it might be Hiddleston, who went slightly Benjamin L. Willard at the start of the shoot, sequestering himself away in his hotel room to transcribe quotes from a DVD of Apocalypse Now. “I wanted all that amazing John Milius dialogue,” he says of his preparation for playing SAS tracker James Conrad. “I now have it on my laptop, so I can stew in the juices of that material.”
—  “Jungle Boogie”, Empire Magazine, March 2017.

Recently, I’ve started a tiny weekly contribution to New York Times Magazine‘s One Page Magazine, doing almost microscopic little heads for Eliot Glazer’s weekly charts.  Each week is a fun surprise on what I get to draw.  This week’s chart, “The Characters of Kelsey Grammer” was the best one yet, so I thought I’d post it in a little larger detail.  (That’s not one, but two Frasier Cranes you see there!)  

See the chart in context (and not so blurry) here.

Just One Word Book Photo Challenge
August 2016

Day 14: Grandmother

First grandmother that came to mind was Neville’s. Unfortunately I don’t have anything Neville 😢 so here’s some Harry Potter love.

Colin Morgan in Hunger Magazine issue 10 (scanned)


Very happy to say I’m coming up on a year of working with New York Times Magazine, doing tiny weekly spots for their One Page Magazine feature.  Each week is an invaluable lesson in learning what does and doesn’t work from the great ADs at the magazine, and hopefully it’ll rub off more and more.  At the very least, I haven’t been fired or sued, yet…

Here are a handful of my favorites from the past year.  


Here are two recent spots for New York Times Magazine I was particularly fond of.  The mouth one appears slightly different (and probably better) in this weekend’s issue, but I really liked this early version.

These accompany some tiny, interesting articles about cutting garlic out of diets and a study of how the formation of your mouth (an ‘e’ shape or an 'o’ shape) can affect how you enjoy cartoons.  Possibly a pointless study, but hey!  

Almost a year ago when my cousin and I had the idea to create a magazine, we really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. I remember pouring over layouts and design sites, desperately trying to figure out how to do something different on the page. One of the magazines that was a huge inspiration to us was Lucky Peach, and there were many times where I sat in my school library with a giant stack of their old issues trying to absorb as much as I could. Walking into a bookshop today and seeing our magazine stocked next to such a literary inspiration was a pretty cool moment, and honestly not something I ever expected to happen so soon. 

Sometimes I’m full of doubt over starting this magazine. Sometimes I get really tired, or beaten down by all the stupid odds that seem against us. But it’s moments like this that make me really proud to be putting my energy into a publication that is wholeheartedly mine, and ours.