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i don't want a dan & dodie collab cuz like you said, that's awkward, but i do find it funny how people think dan & dodie interacting is more likely than phil & dodie,, like at least phil is friends with hazel, dodie's roommate,,,but yeah honestly i don't get why people are so desperate for any of them to collab. i love dan and phil and dodie but i hate forced collabs and unnecessary het ships

no shade but it’s cause people will ship dan with anyone bc he’s cute


Very happy to say I’m coming up on a year of working with New York Times Magazine, doing tiny weekly spots for their One Page Magazine feature.  Each week is an invaluable lesson in learning what does and doesn’t work from the great ADs at the magazine, and hopefully it’ll rub off more and more.  At the very least, I haven’t been fired or sued, yet…

Here are a handful of my favorites from the past year.  

Kissing on my Tattoos Part 3

You can read part two here and follow the link from part two to part one.

Tom glared at the new editor and chief.

“What do you mean she no longer works here? Where did she go?” Tom was trying to hold back his anger, as he did not want to arouse suspicion in regards to his relationship with you.

“She moved back to New York. Is there anything I can help you with Mr. Hardy?”

Tom felt like a baseball hit his stomach 200 miles an hour. You moved away from London. You left him and took his child?

“Is she at another magazine?” Tom asked as calmly as he could.

Anna the new editor and chief started to side eye Tom. He was just a little too curious about you and she already gave too much of your information to him. Was he the reason you left London so quickly?

“Is there anything I can help you with Mr. Hardy?” Anna asked again. Tom knew she was becoming curious so he left. He will have to hunt you down himself.

Tom laid in the bed wide awake at 3am. He was livid at you. He should have known something was up when he tried to call you when he was on his press tour and your phone was out of service. He had tried every day to reach you. No one at the magazine gave any info about you over the phone so as soon as he got back in town he was at the magazine’s office. Charlotte moved a little in her sleep and Tom looked over at her. Her stomach was starting to show and Tom could not help but wonder if you were starting to show. Tom sighed and crawled out of bed. He could not sleep and got up from the bed. He went to his man cave a room that was just for him to study scripts, watch movies and even play a game or two on the PlayStation 4 whenever he needed to unwind and destress. Tom went straight to the closet and pulled out a small lock box. He put in the combination and open the box. He sighed with pleasure when he saw the stack of nude photos of you. Tom enjoyed taking photos of you with your phone when you two were intimate and you would upload them to your laptop and print them for him before deleting them off your phone. He looked at each picture and found himself becoming hard. He put down the photos and picked up one of your panties he took from you and sniffed them. He was harder now and started to ache. He would need to relieve himself. Grabbing one of his favorite pictures of you, he rushed to the bathroom, stroked himself while looking at your photo and finally released. As he wiped himself he begin to get angry at you again for leaving. He loved you and wish he was inside you right now. He would not stop until he found you. He knew you lived in Manhattan before you moved to London . You had also worked for a magazine but you never told you which one. He would just have to call all the magazines in the area until he found you. He was thinking of hiring a private investigator. Tom heard Charlotte call his name. Shit! He left the box open! He quickly adjust himself, washed his hands and rushed out the bathroom. He threw your picture back in the box, quickly shut it and hid it back where it was just as Charlotte walked in.

“Honey what are you doing? You can’t sleep.” Charlotte asked yawning.

“I can’t sleep.” Tom confirmed.

“Did you take your sleeping pill?” Charlotte walked up to her husband and caressed his cheek.

“I don’t want to become dependent on them. I will be alright. Let me sit in here for a few and I will be back to bed.” Tom leaned over and kissed Charlotte’s forehead.

“Ok. Don’t stay up to late.” Charlotte told him before returning to their bedroom. Tom sighed and sat on his lazy boy chair. He put his head in his hand and was surprised as he felt tears roll down his face.

“Did you tell him where I was?” Panic laced your voice as you asked Anna.

“No. I just told him New York. Nothing further. What is going on?” Anna asked as her mouth started to water with the anticipation of great gossip. She already had enough evidence as to her thoughts by the way you and Tom acted.

“Nothing.” You snapped. “Thanks Anna.” You hung up and your hand rested on your belly. You knew Tom would be looking for you but you prayed and hoped he would stop at the dead end at the magazine. You wished Anna did not tell him you went back to New York but you knew he would have figured that out on his own after all that was where you resided before moving to London. You tried to push Tom out of your thoughts as you grabbed the stack of fashion magazines that were considered competition. You absent-mindedly flipped through the pages. There was nothing new in appearance or content in most of them. Anything that caught your attention you put a sticky note on the page and jot down a note. A sharp gasp escaped your mouth when you turned one of the magazines pages and saw Tom and Charlotte staring back at you. You read the article and it read that a couple of weeks they were together at a premiere. You all of a sudden felt nausea and you leaned over and vomited in your trash can by your desk. You could not make it to the bathroom in your office. Hearing you gag your assistant Sharon was in your office in a flash.

“Y/N! Is the baby making you nausea?” she asked as she went to get some paper towels from your bathroom and wet them.

“Yes. It’s the baby.” You lied as you took the wet paper towels and wiped your mouth. “Thank you.”

“Do you think you will throw up again?” Sharon asked eyeing the trashcan.

“No. I think I am fine. Sharon do you mind taking these magazines away.” You glanced at the picture of Tom and his wife one more time before slamming the magazine shut with unnecessary force.

“Ok. Just let me empty the trash first.” Sharon tied the bag and disappeared out the office for a few moments before returning with a new trash bag.

“Thank you Sharon. I’m so sorry about this.” You were embarrassed that she cleaned up after you like you were a toddler.

“It’s no problem. I’m your assistant and I am here to help you anyway I can.” Sharon told you as she put in the new trash bag and removed the magazines off your desk.

“Can you have Lauren look over the magazines with sticky notes attached?”  

“Will do. Buzz me if you need anything.”

You nodded at Sharon as she left your office. You sat back in your office chair and rubbed your belly. You smiled down at your baby bump. You frowned as the image of Charlotte flashed in your head. She also was showing a baby bump in the beautiful gown she was wearing. Your heart ached for Tom. You missed him terribly but you knew you made the right decision in leaving. From the look of the photo of him and his wife, he was making no effort to leave her and you could not be a sidepiece anymore.  Thinking of the conversation you had with Anna you wished you never told Tom you were pregnant. Maybe then he would not be trying as hard to find you. You shook your head at yourself. What’s done is done you told yourself. You decided you had enough of the office and needed to get home. You needed to find something yummy to eat and zone out.

You smelled lasagna when you open the door to your brownstone. Thank God! You tore off your heels and coat and headed to the kitchen to find your best friend Calvin at the counter making a salad.

“Oh My God Calvin I just love you!” you told him as you wrapped your arms around his waist.  Calvin turned around, gathered you into his arms, and planted a kiss on your forehead.

“You saw the picture didn’t you?”

You knew exactly what Calvin was talking about. You shook your head yes.

“I knew it as soon as Sharon called me and told me you threw up in the office. That fuckin asshole still has a hold on you.”

“He will always have a hold on me Calvin. I am carrying his child.”

“I warned you not to get involved with him.”

“I know Calvin.”

“Sit down at the table the lasagna is done and I will be done with the salad in a minute. I knew you would be famish after losing your lunch.”

You had two plates of lasagna and two servings of salad without an ounce of guilt. You would get on the treadmill later.

“Oh! I almost forgot.” Calvin leaped up from the table and went through your stack of mail sitting on the kitchen counter he had opened for you. He handed you an invitation. “I am your plus one. We are going no excuses.”

You looked at the invitation to a black tie charity ball Leonardo was hosting  in two weeks. You sighed as you did not feel like going anywhere. “I will RSVP tomorrow with a check.” Calvin told you.

“Fine! Leo and his saving the planet stuff!” You slammed the invitation down on the table. Now you have to go look for a gown that would fit over your baby bump and still fit you snuggly. As if reading your mind as he often seem to do Calvin reassured you that you will find a gown. He had already spotted one on a mannequin at his friend’s Paul’s house who was an up and coming designer. You would look flawless in it.

 Two Weeks Later

 Calvin was right as he eyed you up and down. You were flawless as you looked at yourself for the hundredth time in your full-length mirror that was in your massive closet.

“You are to die for!” Calvin praised as he walked over and tucked a lose strand of your hair back in the bun he perfected for you earlier. God he was good he told himself as he eyed your hair, makeup, gown and heels. You were pure perfection. The baby bump even accented your look.

As you and Calvin exited your vehicle, the massive flashes of hundreds of cameras temporarily blinded you.  You knew you were important in this city as you were editor and chief of one of the top five fashion magazines in the United States. So everyone made sure to ask where you got your beautiful gown. Calvin’s designer friend was about to become very busy. You and Calvin were the first to your assign table. There was four more chairs. You hoped it would be with people you could hold a conversation with. Being nosy you looked at the place card next to you and gasped.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” Calvin could see you were about to hyperventilate.

“We need to leave!” you whispered harshly as you showed him the name card. It said Tom Hardy.

“I’m afraid it’s too late baby girl he is walking up now and he already sees you.”


You turned to look at an approaching Tom and your breath caught in your throat. He was extremely handsome in his tuxedo. He was more buff than you remembered he must be beefing up for a role. You looked to his right and saw Charlotte. Who did you piss off in the universe for this to be happening to you? Tom’s eyes locked with yours as he and Charlotte approached the table. He knew you were going to be at the event. He had exhausted all means of trying to find you as all the magazines he called would not divulge any information about their employees. So when he got the invitation from his friend Leonardo he called Leo up and asked if you were on the guest list. Leonardo asked his assistant to check and indeed you were. Tom made a special request to be seated next to you. He had plan on asking his mum to be his plus one but Charlotte got wind of the event and wanted to come. He could not say no. He knew he would have to get you alone somehow to talk to you.

“Hello.” He said as pulled the chair out for Charlotte and glared at Calvin. Calvin leaned into your ear.

“He better stop side eyeing me like that. The nerve!” He harshly whispered in your ear.

“Hello.” You said back as Tom took a seat next to you. You got a whiff of your favorite cologne that you coincidentally brought for him and went weak in the knees.

“It’s so good to see you again Y/N. You remember my wife Charlotte?” He asked looking over at Charlotte who was smiling at you.

“Yes I do.” Your smile was strained and you fought back the sudden urge to clock Tom in the face,

“Y/N the cover issue with Tom on it was excellent and so well written. Thank you for doing that. I didn’t know you left London.” Charlotte said to you.

“Yes I am with another magazine here.” You replied smile still strain. You had to control your breathing as you did not want to bring on a panic attack. This could not be happening to you. You were trying to never see him again and he here he was just two months later sitting next to you.

“Really what magazine?” Charlotte asked truly interested.


“Oh I love Elle!!” Charlotte smiled at you. You wanted to throw up.

“Who is this chap beside you?” Tom asked eyeing Calvin.

“This is Calvin. Calvin this is Tom and his wife Charlotte.” You introduced.

“Nice to meet you mate.” Tom nodded his head toward Calvin.

“Likewise.” Calvin nodded back as they both eyed each other.

The last two seats were filled by Angelina Jolie and her husband Brad Pitt. You had just done a cover story on them and you were relieved when Angelina and Brad talked your ear off. You now considered them dear friends.  Everyone was chatting and enjoying their meal and you tried with all your strength not to look over at Tom even though you could feel the heat of his gaze on you. You almost choked on your food when you felt a warm hand rub your thigh. You quickly looked over at Tom who was looking at you with his gorgeous blue eyes. You quickly looked over to Charlotte who was in deep conversation with Angelina. Tom leaned over to your ear.

“We need to talk.” He whispered his hot breath sending shivers down your spine as his hand caressed your thigh underneath the table.

“Will you excuse me.” You told the table as you got up. You needed to get away from him and collect yourself.

“Are you alright?” Brad asked.

“Yes I’m fine. Thank you. I will be right back.” You quickly exited the ballroom.

Tom leaned in and kissed his wife’s forehead.

“I will be back sweetheart I need to go to the loo.” He told her getting up with every intention to catch up with you. You rushed down an almost empty hallway. You just need to be alone for a minute. You needed to calm down because you could not take a xanax for anxiety. You saw the perfect hiding spot. You pulled on the janitor’s closet hoping it was unlock. You sighed with relief when it was. You turned on the light and sat down on a crate that was against the wall. Before you could close your eyes and regulate your breathing the door opened and Tom entered, turned and locked the door and glared down at you.

“Tom please.” You sighed.

“Did you think I was not going to find you and my child?”

You stood up with a heavy sigh disappointed you would not get a moment of peace.

“I don’t want to have this conversation right now.”

“We will have this conversation right now. “ Tom walked up so close to you your back hit the wall. He slowly rubbed on your belly. “Why did you leave?”

“Tom please.” You begged. You did not want to talk about it now.

“Please what?” His face moved closer to yours. “Please what? Touch you here?” Tom lifted up your gown, pushed your panties to the side and slowly swept over your folds. “You are wet for me or is it for that guy you are with.

Tom’s fingers touching you were sending you over the edge, two months of building a wall was crashing down from his one single touch.

“Who is he Y/N?” He asked his voice laced with jealousy.

“You have the nerve to ask me that when you have your wife with you…ahhhh.” You moan the last as Tom’s two fingers found their way into your aching pussy.

“Who is he” he demanded as he slowly began to finger fuck you.

“He’s my best friend. He would be interested in you not me. He’s gay.”

Tom removed his hands from you and began to unzip his pants. “I need you and I need you now. It’s been too long. Way too long.”

“Here?” You asked in shocked as you looked around the janitor’s closet.

“Yes here.” Tom released himself and you bit your lower lip at how hard he was already. You could not deny that you wanted him. You missed him. Tom lifted your gown up more, pushed your panties to the side and wasted no time in plunging into you and you both sighed in ecstasy as your bodies melted together.

“Tell me you still love me.” Tom whispered in your ear before nipping your ear lobe as he began thrusting in you. You moaned as you declared your love for him. It was true you did love him and no amount of miles and oceans that separated you would change that. Tom’s luscious lips came crashing down on yours as his thrust quicken.

“God I miss you. You feel so damn good.” Tom murmured on your lips. As Tom fucked you up against the wall of a janitors closet you both tried hard to suppress your moans and groans. It didn’t work very well as you both started to get louder as you both came to release.

“Fuck Y/N you are going to be the death of me.” Tom groaned as his orgasm hit.

You moaned his name over and over as your wave hit your body.

“We are not done talking.” Tom said as he adjusted himself back in his pants and you adjusted your panties which was soaked with your juices and Tom’s cum that began to ooze out of you. You smoothed down your dress and made sure your hair was still in place.

“Where are you staying?” Tom asked . “We need to talk. I am going to be in my child’s life.”

You nodded. “Is your number still the same?”


“I will text it to you.”
“Don’t bullshit me  Y/N. I know where you work now and I will find you.” Tom said with a serious expression on his face.

“I will text you Tom.” You assured him. Tom leaned down and kissed your stomach.

“I will leave out first and you wait five minutes and then leave out.” You instructed.


Just before you were to open the door Tom pulled you around and crashed his lips down on yours. You open your mouth to receive him and his tongue. You were getting wet again. You slowly pulled away.

“Wipe your mouth before going back. My lipstick is all over your lips.” You told him before leaving the small room. You smooth your dress down, went to the restroom to pee and check your appearance. You looked fine. You sat down with as much dignity as you could muster after the hard fast fuck Tom just gave you. Calvin eyed you.

“I did not know you were pregnant. How many weeks?” Charlotte asked you after seeing your baby bump.

“16” you forced another smile at her.

“Oh we were just two weeks apart. I’m 18 weeks!” she said excited,

I know cause I’m carrying your husband’s child also.

Calvin grabbed your hand to get your attention.

Did you just fuck him? You smell like sex.” Calvin whispered in your ear. You just looked at Calvin and he got his confirmation in your eyes. “You little bitch!”

Tom walked back into the ballroom as if nothing had happen. He was a pro at acting. You could not help but watch him approach the table and felt a little flush. That man had such swag. You knew he was always going to be in your life at least for the next eighteen years but how could you get him to be exclusively yours. Even though the feelings you had for him never went away it seem tonight brought on a flood of new awakening feelings for him. Maybe it was just the pregnancy hormones or maybe you were still head over heels in love with him. Calvin read the expression on your face.

“Oh shit!” he said as he looked at you and then Tom.

If there’s anyone to keep an eye on, it might be Hiddleston, who went slightly Benjamin L. Willard at the start of the shoot, sequestering himself away in his hotel room to transcribe quotes from a DVD of Apocalypse Now. “I wanted all that amazing John Milius dialogue,” he says of his preparation for playing SAS tracker James Conrad. “I now have it on my laptop, so I can stew in the juices of that material.”
—  “Jungle Boogie”, Empire Magazine, March 2017.

GQ British | 2015 Power List | Oct. 2015 issue | ph. by Oleg Nikishin

It’s a Hollywood cliché to talk about such souped-up buzz words as “star power” or what, if anything, constitutes a leading man these days. Yet it’s fair to say that, in judging both, if an actor can carry two blockbusters on their back while muzzled like a rabid hound and having about six lines of dialogue in total, they’ve probably got it and they probably are one. From 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises (as villain Bane) to this year’s tectonic smash Mad Max: Fury Road (as the similarly mute and muffled title character), the 37-year-old Brit became that rare thing: the movie star you never saw coming.

What other actor, for instance, could have carried something like Locke, a film that consisted entirely of nothing but talking: just Hardy in his car, on the phone? It wasn’t so much a movie as an actor’s suicide note. Yet in Hardy’s hands – intense, gripping, effortlessly magnetic, demanding your attention while never stooping to beg for it – it became a calling card.

Next up, having conquered both talking and not-talking, Hardy is set to show off by playing both Kray twins in LA Confidential writer Brian Helgeland’s gangster biopic Legend, making him the only actor who can give himself the silent treatment or talk over himself. Then, next year, the ultimate tester of leading-man status: top billing opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in period drama The Revenant, from the Oscar-winning director of Birdman, Alejandro González Iñárritu. If you can hold your own against a man for whom a Victoria’s Secret afterparty is a quiet night in, you know you’ve got it. SM

Colin Morgan in Hunger Magazine issue 10 (scanned)