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One Line Prompts

1. “Trees were always where I felt the safest.”
2. “You did that.”
3. “My mouth is a gift that I was blessed with.”
4. “They did it!”
5. “The law can’t stop me!”
6. “Can you just stop and listen to the garbage that is coming out of your mouth?”
7. “Look, I know we hate each other, but can you not?”
8. “Wow, I never expected that.”
9. “I spilt all the tea!”
10. “Will you ever stop?”

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183 for Monty/Jeff if you can

I offically love this fucking ship and thats all because of @allthe13reasonswhyheadcannons

And this prompt works soooooo Well for this ship omg

183: Car Sex looks so much easier in the movies.

“Car Sex looks so much easier in the movies” Monty grumbled as he tried to pull his jeans Off and failing miserably

“Well your the one that fucking started it” Jeff chuckled at his idiot for a boyfriend

“Oh shut up and help me get These fucking jeans Off” Monty said wiggling under Jeff

“It would be my Pleasure” Jeff grinned kissing him softly before yanking Monty’s jeans Off and throwing them into the front of the car.

“I wish I got a bigger car” Monty complained again

“Monty if your just gonna complain the entire time we might as Well just go inside and do it in your bedroom” Jeff said more amused then annoyed

“Thats a much better idea” Monty agreed

“Well let’s go before your parents get home then” Jeff grinned

Monty nodded and opened the car door the two boys fell out of the car and quickly ran into the house, before anyone noticed the two teens in just their underwear darting in from the garage.


Wynonna Earp 1x12 // Supergirl 2x19