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Moonie Ch. 2

This is part two of a story about a very normal college student at a very abnormal college. @elsewhereuniversity was created by @charminglyantiquated, and I am so grateful that we can play in their world!

Read chapter one here!

Read chapter three here!

I’ve been noticing more and more strange things around campus.

Since Jenny went missing two weeks ago, this place hasn’t felt the same. Maybe I never noticed it before, or maybe things have somehow changed.

I had never paid any attention to the bottles and the sugar packets and the all-crust end slices of bread left on paper plates outside of every door. All that perfectly good food I had assumed was garbage. Now that I’m looking, I catch older students glancing at me from across the hallways. They shake their heads and avoid eye contact, dark iron jewelry dangling from their ears or necks. These were easy enough to write off as a cultural thing. I wasn’t part of the In Crowd. Whatever.

I couldn’t explain away the places where physics didn’t work right. The park benches outside of the art buildings were always in shadow, even at high noon with the sun beating down overhead. That one scale in the gym locker room has been replaced sixteen times and will never read the same weight twice. The tree by the soccer field pulls kites and footballs and frisbees to it like a nuclear-powered fun magnet. Then there was Jenny’s car. In a matter of days it had shriveled from almost new to rusted out junk. I couldn’t explain any of it. None of it should be possible.

Why had I never noticed the horns wailing and the howls of dogs at night?

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Hi! Fellow Bughead shipper here, is it okay to send a quote as a prompt?? If So here's my prompt “And she finds it difficult to believe — that a person would love her even when she isn’t trying. Trying to figure out what other people need, trying to be worthy.”— Margaret Atwood (OMG Bughead is taking over my life too!!!)

Yes! Thank you! Oh my god this ship is too much for me, and there’s only been two episodes! This quote is perfect, I sort of turned this into a situation where Betty is doing everything for everyone else other than herself and Jughead is the only one who notices.

Also, I am apparently incapable of writing anything short…so here it is!

“Hey Betty” Jughead greeted her as she walked past his locker. Betty paused just long enough to throw him a brilliant smile over her shoulder.

“Hey Juggie! Sorry I’ve got to go, I promised Archie that I’d listen to his new song before school.” She was already halfway down the hall before she had finished speaking. Jughead smiled to himself and shook his head, that girl was always moving, always doing things for others. Jughead wondered if she ever did anything for herself.

Jughead made his way to the table where Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Kevin were sitting for lunch. He plopped down next to Archie who looked up from his guitar and gave Jughead a smile.

“Sounds good man” Jughead said, returning the smile.

“Thanks, Betty gave me some really good advice about the lyrics this morning.” Archie smiled and turned back to his guitar. Jughead shifted his attention to Betty. She and Veronica were sitting with their heads bent over a history textbook. Betty seemed to be explaining something to Veronica.

“What are you two up to?” Jughead asked

“Betty’s helping me review for this history test I have last period. I was freaking out about it and she offered to help me. Thank god I have this girl in my life.”

“It’s no problem really.” Betty said blushing “I’m good at history”. The two went back to their studying and Jughead dug into his food. When the period ended, Betty and Veronica were the first ones to leave. Jughead noticed that Betty had barely touched her food, she had been so dedicated to reviewing with Ronnie.

“Hey, Betts, you wanna go to Pop’s? Get a couple burgers and shakes?” Jughead asked when he caught up to Betty after school. He figured she must be hungry since she had nothing to eat at lunch.

“Oh, Jughead I wish I could. Kevin just texted me, he is having difficulty figuring out what is going on with Moose so I said I’d come over and talk it out with him. But rain check okay?” Betty sqeezed his arm and started to walk away, but Jughead caught up to her and hooked her arm in his.

“Let me walk you there” He said, he wanted time to talk about Betty. He was worried about her. He was worried that she was doing too much for everyone else and not enough for her.

“Jughead that’s so sweet of you. You don’t need to do that.” Betty said, but made no attempt to remove her arm from his as they walked.

“Oh it’s purely selfish. There is a killer on the lose and I want you to protect me.” Jughead said with a smile and was rewarded by her laugh. “Betty, can I ask you something?”

“Of course Juggie.”

“What do you like to do for fun. I mean what do you enjoying doing for yourself?” Jughead mentally kicked himself for his lack of tact. Betty stopped walking to look up at him.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, you are always doing things for other people. What do you do for yourself?”

“I joined cheerleading…” Betty said and resumed walking

“Anything else?” Jughead’s question was met by silence. He didn’t want to push her, so he questioned no further. When they reached Kevin’s house Betty turned to face him.

“I like helping my friends. I enjoy being there for them. That is what I do for myself.”

“Okay Betty” Jughead said with a nod. Betty leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thanks for walking with me”

It was late. Jughead was just about to pack it in and head home when the door of Pop’s burst open. A very upset Betty stormed in and made her way over to Jughead. She sat across from him and leaned back, crossing her arms in front of her chest. Jughead knew she would talk when she wanted to, so he went back to writing, or at least pretended to.

“You’re right” Betty huffed, breaking the silence

“I’m right about a great many things, you’re going to have to be a bit more specific.” Jughead closed his laptop and looked curiously at Betty.

“I am a people pleaser, I always have been. I enjoy helping people, I really do, but sometimes I end up bending over backward trying to help them. I guess I’m just afraid that if I stop being so nice all the time then…” Betty cut off, biting her lip.

“You’re afraid that if you put yourself first every once in a while than people will stop liking you?” Jughead guessed, raising his eyebrows. 

“It sounds silly when you say it, especially since you could give a damn about what people think of you.” Betty’s voice was light, showing him that she was kidding, but there was a hint of jealousy that was real.

“What happened?”

“My mom, she doesn’t like my friends, she doesn’t like my extracurriculars, I can’t seem to do anything right. What you said to me earlier today stuck in my head and I realized that I’ve been trying so hard to please her, but nothing ever does. So maybe I should just focus on what pleases me.” Betty spoke the words firmly, but there was a fear in her eyes.

“I think you should”

“But what if she never forgives me. Or what if Archie or Veronica or Kevin get mad at me for not helping them? I can’t stand for them to be upset with me.” Betty’s green eyes filled with tears.

“Hey, hey, none of that now.” Jughead said alarmed. “Look, the people who really care about you, they aren’t going to mind if you take some time to yourself. They won’t blame you, they won’t be mad at you, they will keep on loving you. Look at me, I have never once asked you for anything, because I don’t need you helping me or always putting me first for me to love you. Archie and Veronica and everyone else will feel the same way.”

“Juggie…” Betty was looking at him intently

“I’m serious Betts, you don’t need to bend over backward for people to love you.”

“Jughead…did you just say that you love me?” Betty asked with wide eyes

“I did, and I do Betty, I love you just the way you are. And so does everyone else.”

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Hoshidan Festival: Forrest and Corrin Special Married Conversation

Forrest in the Japanese version comes across as being a little more sensitive than his English counterpart, which I think comes across a little at the end of this conversation. It’s more surprising to see Forrest to say that he wants to be pushy at times, because that side of him doesn’t come across as much in the Japanese version!

…Also, the end of this conversation makes me think: these two are so lovey-dovey, it’s just a matter of time before Kana has siblings, right? Right? **wink wink, nudge nudge**

Hrm, a discussion of the differences in Forrest’s character between the English and Japanese versions would be another great thing to write about someday…

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Requested by anonymous from the Drabble Game.

Number 3.

Author’s Note:

This is surprisingly short!! Hahahah I hope you guys like. Please, don’t be mad at me because of, well, if you read it, you’ll understand what I’m talking about hahahah my imagination is just running wild lately, and I like to run away from clichés and stuff.

Masterlist ❁


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Originally posted by kittyseb

Prompt: Ok this is specific so hold on. Can you do an imagine where the reader works at buzzfeed and she is asked to do a video swimming with sharks and she refuses then someone is like “what if we get Sebastian Stan to go with you” and the reader is like “if you can do tang then yeas” and they actually get Sebastian to go with you then after words he asks you on a date and fluff. Please thanks

Word Count: 1300ish


Authors Note:

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House Sitter (Part 1)

Prompt: For the chance of taking a course far from home you decided to house sit for a lovely couple. And everything would go strictly as planned if it wasn’t for this unexpected character coming into picture

Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

Warnings: none so far.

Word Count: 1,178

Author’s Note: This idea have been forever in my mind and I finally feel confident enough to write it. Hope you like it! 
As always, if you see any words that could/should be replaced or sentences that could be better put together please feel free to point it out! English is not my first language and this will help me improve ;)

Y/N = Your Name 

Part 1 Part 2 

gif by @yuediao 

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Ok, so I’m trying to step away from posts with a ton of pictures but I just had this amazing run with Maggy where I managed to:

-beat Boss Rush and get to Blue Womb

-beat Mom’s Heart for the 11th time and unlock It Lives

-beat Hush and get the next ending

-donate like a gorillion coins to the donation box

-get the achievement for a 3-run streak

Damn I felt good afterwards, this game is addicting. That Hush fight was insanely close too, I got down to my last hit when he had about a tenth of his health left, my eyes must have been bugging out like someone with a thyroid problem at those last few seconds. It was all thanks to having whatever item gives you huge shots up close as well as Monstro’s Lung, and I’m pretty sure I had blood clot too. Really, every little thing added up rather than having one or two crazy overpowered items.

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Anabeth's son's swim lessons please

Part 1 | Part 2

  • Annabeth was instantly regretting having Percy over for dinner. She was more conscious than usual about what she was making. 
  • But she couldn’t go wrong making burgers, salad, and some homemade fries, right? Right?
  • She looked over at James, who was playing with his toy trains. He was playing with them on the tracks, going through some buildings that Annabeth made for him, out of legos, earlier. 
  • There was a knock at the door and James looked up. He ran over to the door. 
  • “Who is it?” James asked as Annabeth went to look through the peep hole to see who it was. 
  • “It’s, uh, Percy.” 
  • Annabeth saw him standing on the other side with a container and a brown bag that probably had wine in it. 
  • “Back up James.” Annabeth told him. He moved back a couple of steps so the door could open.
  • Annabeth smiled a bit as she saw Percy. “Hi.”
  • “Hi. I brought wine and cookies. I, uh, I hope that’s okay.” Percy replied. 
  • Desert. That’s what she forgot. “Yeah. It’s perfect.”
  • “Cookies!” James smiled, looking up at Percy. “You got cookies?”
  • “Yeah. Some special blue cookies.” He smiled. 
  • James’ eyes widen. “Blue cookies?!”
  • Annabeth chuckled as she shut the door. “Dinner will be ready in five minutes.”
  • Percy nodded. “So, can I put this down somewhere?”
  • Annabeth took the wine. “The cookies go on top of the fridge, otherwise James can get to them.”
  • Percy nodded and put the cookies up in the high place. “Is there anything you need me to do?”
  • “No. Everything is just about ready to come out. But, how do you like your burger?”
  • “Medium rare.” He told her. “So, how good are your burgers?”
  • “I think pretty good. My critic loves them.” She nodded towards James, who went back to playing with his toys.
  • “Well, then they must be really good.” He smiled. 
  • Annabeth served dinner, making sure James ate some salad since she knew he would try not to eat his veggies.
  • Percy poured Annabeth some wine before pouring himself some. “I never had wine with burgers.”
  • “Me either.” Annabeth replied before taking a sip. 
  • Dinner went by without a hitch. James was on his best behavior as he ate his dinner. Annabeth guessed it was because of Percy.
  • She was impressed with Percy’s baking skills. His blue cookies were delicious. They melted in her mouth.
  • Percy helped Annabeth clean up after she got James down for bed. She was tired after a long day.
  • “Dinner was amazing Annabeth.” Percy said as he loaded the dish washer with the prerinsed plates.
  • “Thanks. Those blue cookies though. They were amazing.” She told him as she added another plate to the pile. 
  • “Confession, my mom made those cookies. After I saw you in the store, I went to her place and she made me the cookies.” He turned a bit pink. 
  • “Well your mom makes delicious cookies.” She turned off the water.
  • “I’ll tell her that.” Percy smiled. 
  • Annabeth poured some soap in before shutting the door and starting it. “Would you like some coffee or tea?”
  • “Tea would be great.” 
  • Annabeth started to fill her pot with water and turned on the stove. 
  • Percy walked around the apartment. There were picture of her and James all around with some artwork that James made for her. 
  • “I’m sorry if this sounds awkward, but what happened to James’ father?” Percy asked.
  • Annabeth looked at the two steaming cups of water in front of her. She brought it to the table with a box of different tea bags. 
  • Percy looked at her. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”
  • She took a deep breath. “He was in the army. He died on a mission before James was born. We were suppose to get married when he got back.”
  • “I’m so sorry.” Percy whispered. 
  • “It’s fine.” She replied grabbing a tea bag and putting it in her cup. 
  • Percy picked out a tea bag and put it in his cup. “So, what do you do for a living?” He wanted to change the subject.
  • “I work at an architect firm.” She replied. 
  • “So you build buildings.” He said.
  • “No,” She slightly rolled her eyes. “I design them and then make sure construction goes to plan.” 
  •   He nodded. “So, design anything I know?”
  • “No, nothing famous yet.” She replied. “What about you?”
  • “Biology teacher at the high school and the varsity swim coach.” He told her. 
  • “Sounds busy.”
  • “It pays the rent.” He replied.
  • She smiled a bit as she sipped her tea. “You must love kids.”
  • “Yeah. Honestly, the littler kids are the best. I love teaching my level ones and twos at the Y. The older kids are harder to keep interested. The little ones love the water.”
  • She smiled. 
  • They spent the rest of the night talking about their jobs and Annabeth wished that the night could go on, but it was almost midnight and both of them had work the next day.
  • “Thank you for dinner.” Percy said as he was getting ready to leave.
  • “It’s no problem.” She smiled. “Come over anytime.”
  • “I might have to take you up on that.” He chuckled. “I can always use a home cooked meal and spend time with James.”
  • She smiled. “Okay.” She opened the door. “Have a good night.”
  • Percy smiled at her. “Goodnight Annabeth.” He leaned down and kissed her cheek.
  • She could feel the blood rush to her cheeks as he left.

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Why do you ship Kagehina? What do you think is the most important thing in order for their relationship (or friendship) to work? kagehina metaaaaaaaa pleaseeeee <3

The intensity of this question is as good as asking me why I love anime. A multitude of reasons come to my mind and then I realize:”But damn, how do I find the words for such perfection?” Still, I shall do my best to grasp them.

First of all, I am a sucker for duality. When I first watched Kuroko no Basuke (and when it was still free from Zone overdose) what made me fall in love with Kuroko and Kagami’s relationship was the “Light and Shadow” metaphor. I loved the idea of the protagonist deviating from the classic stereotype of a superhero messianic image. The idea of complementary protagonists is charming in itself since one gets to see how the two characters support each other to achieve their goal.

To me, this complementing magic and duality provide the reasons why I ship Kageyama and Hinata. They are similar to the Light and Shadow duo of Seirin in the sense that like Kuroko and Kagami, Kageyama and Hinata have supported each other countless times. Both have tossed each other words of encouragement just to boost each other’s morale, and the good things is, both have received these “tosses” and imbibed them, honing them into a better volleyball player.

But wait.

The magic does not end there.

In fact, the real charm originates from the past.

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College Roommates: Part 5

Character: Dean x Reader 
Word Count: 1100-ish 
Meanings: Y/N=First Name L/N=Last Name H/C=Hair Colour B/S = Body Shape
A/N: You people are awesome sweethearts! Those who are interested are so friggin enthousiastic, again you people are awesome! And I’m gonna take 2468-dogs advice and stick to what I have :) I’ll look forward to your responses and advices!

Masterlist (including all parts of College Roommates)

It was obvious Dean was avoiding you the next couple of days. You had also found the other vase. In the trash. In pieces. You presume Dean must have knocked over the vase and afterwards put the flowers in an other one. Well at least he didn’t throw out the flowers or there would be war. Rule number two; Stay off of each others stuff.

Anyway it was fine by you. Although that did mean no more tutor sessions. You were having food problems again. You’d desperately wanted to find another job but it was so difficult to find. On the other hand you had that ‘Miss. Martinez’ which kept bugging you at the back of your mind.

It wasn’t until three days later, and still jobless, that you saw Dean.

Another girl was just walking out of your apartment as you were walking up to it, a blond  this time. When you walked in Dean was sitting on the couch and you ignored him. Walking to the fridge and grabbing yourself a beer. You don’t usually drink but this was a rough week.

Dean was watching an American football game. You sat down on the other couch quietly, drinking your beer.

“Do nerds even drink beer? Doesn’t that make it to easy for those flower giving men.” You looked at him unimpressed and responded to his question with a question. “Do jocks even remember the names of the girls they bang or do they just give them a number? Ow yeah, that was number 12, wasn’t it?” You said, pointing at the door, indicating at the girl that had just left.

He then got this really scary look over him, you had gone to far. “Better then being a beggar that you’ve got to buy stuff for to get laid. I bet you’ve never even been laid before.” He said with a low voice. “You don’t know anything.” You said. “Neither do you.” He answered glaring and you rolled your eyes, standing up and walking calmly towards the kitchen.

“Don’t come crying to me again for money, bitch.” Dean said and it went white in front of your eyes. You still had your bottle of beer in your hand and you put it down so hard on the counter that it broke.

“Are you crazy?!” Dean said and walking to you, grabbing your hand to check for cuts. You pulled your hands out of his. “Remember. I never asked you for anything.” You said.

You felt your eyes begin to water, you had to get out of there. You grabbed your stuff and left, Dean said nothing as you walked out.

After about an hour you stood in front of a normal looking house, the little sign next to the house number said ‘Miss Martinez’. You were sick of not being able to get a job, not having any food and that fight just now with Dean was the final blow. You were just going to go for it.

You walked to the door and tried to open it, not knowing if you should have knocked or ring the bell first. Lucky for you the door opened and you were met with a receptions desk with a rather sexy dressed girl around your age standing behind it.

You walked up to the desk. The girl looked at you. “Can I help you?” You felt yourself becoming a bit red. “Uhm, yeah. Are you by any chance looking for new… employees?” The girl looked you up and down. “Just a second.” The girl picked up a phone and called someone and shortly hung up again. “You can go upstairs and the first door on the right.” “Thank you.” You said, making your way up the stairs.

As you walked up the stairs you could hear all kinds of moans, begging and some smacking sounds which sounded like a whip. You quickly made your way to the said room and knocked. “Come in.” You opened the door and saw a beautiful woman, in her mid 30’s maybe, in a corset sitting behind a desk. In the room were a couple of little TV’s which showed a couple of S&M sessions. Must be for security reasons, you guessed. “Please sit.” She gestured.

You did as you were told and sat down. “So, what can I do for you Miss.?” “Ow, excuse me. I’m Y/N L/N.” You stood up and extended your hand, she took it. “I’m Miss Martinez.” “So Miss. L/N, what can I do for you?” You felt your cheeks burn up again. “I was wondering if you… were in the need of any new employees.” You said carefully.

She looked at you for a little while. “Please stand up and take off your glasses and let your hair down.” You did and she looked you up and down. After a minute indication for you to turn, making a circle. “You may sit.” You did and it was silent for quit some time as she examined you again.

“We don’t have many H/C haired, E/C eyed B/S woman around here.” Miss Martinez said. “That’s good to hear, I guess.” You said with a soft smile. The woman gave a genuine smile.

“I always have two questions for new employees.” You nodded. “One, do you have any real experience with S&M?” It was no use lying. “No.” She looked at you for a minute. “Okay and two, why do you want this job.” “I’ve got school to pay and right now I don’t have money to eat. Besides that I read on your site that you could work here at night or in the weekends and that the employees were kept anonymous to their clients.” You answered honestly.

Miss Martinez looked you up and down again. “You know what? In the beginning we can train you as a Sub. You’ll get more of a feel for it, you wont get paid for those but if you pass the first couple of sessions then you might be good enough to become a Miss. How does that sound?”

How does that sound? That means you’re in? This is getting scarily close but you can’t back down now. So you put you’re your doubts aside and smiled, reaching out your hand.

“Sounds great, I’m in.”

Part 6?x

Will You Be My Date?

Request – “You need a pair to go to a special party at your mom’s job, so you want Taehyung to act like your boyfriend so like this the other gross boys at the party will not bother you, but Tae accidentally confess when the two of you are dancing?”

Word Count: 1079

“But, Mom, I don’t want to go.”

“And why not?”

“The boys there are all gross.”

“You’ve known them since you were younger, I don’t see the problem.”

Your mother had been arguing with you about a party at her work, where the two of you were invited to attend.

“I’ve hated them since.”

“But why?”

“They’re all rich snobs, like those evil ones in the dramas.”

Your mother laughs, “They are all nice boys. I can assure you.”

You frown, “I’m not going.”

“Y/N, you must attend, bring one of your friends as your date.”

“Why do I have to drag any of my friends to that kind of place?”

“You need to have a partner to enter.”

Standing your ground, you cross your arms, “No.”

Your mother sighs and looks at you with a grim face, “This party is really important for my job, if we go, I can get a promotion.”

You lost. This battle is one your mother won.

In turn you sigh as well, “Fine.”

She smiles and hugs you tightly, “Thank you so much, Y/N, this means a lot.”

“I know, I know.”

Your only concern now was which one of your friends you would have to drag to this horrible event. You thought long and hard and came to the conclusion that you’d ask your closest friend, Taehyung and if that doesn’t work out, then maybe Namjoon, or Minhyuk.

You attend class and see Taehyung sitting in your usual seating area.


He looks up from his phone, “Yes? Oh hey, Y/N.”

Without much hesitation you ask, “Will you be my date?”

His eyes widen, “What?”

“I need a date for this thing at my mom’s work.”

He nods and puts a hand over to where his heart is, “Goodness that surprised me.”

“Is that a yes or?”

“It’s a yes, when is it?”

“Saturday night.”

“Oh but that’s usually when we have movie night.”


“Okay fine, but I though you hated going to these things?”

“Believe me I do but it’s really important to my mom.”

He nods, “I see, so is it a suit and tie event?”

“Yup, you guessed it.”

Alright, “I’ll come over early so you guys don’t need to bother picking me up.”

“You’re the best!”

Saturday Evening

“Wow, you look great, I’m speechless.”

You smile with delight at the sudden comment from Taehyung.

“You look quite dashing yourself.”

He chuckles, “Thanks.”

“Oh, by the way, other than being my date for the night, you’re my boyfriend for the night.”

He starts coughing, “Excuse me?”

“Surprise~” You say shrugging.

“But why?”

“There are going to be these boys there that I really don’t like. They won’t bug me if they think I’m with you.”

“You’re using me.”

“In a sense, yes but you’re my best friend, will you please do it?”

He sighs and nods, “You’re lucky I’m nice.”

“You’re also quite handsome.”

“Thanks, like I wasn’t aware of this fact.”

You chuckle, “Okay, chill son.”

Taehyung laughs alongside you, then checks his watch. His laughter begins to die down, “Shouldn’t we get going?”

You call your mom, “Hey, mom we’re going to be late, let’s go.”

She comes out of her room and you playfully blow a whistle, “You look great, mom.”

She laughs, “Playful as always.”

“You look quite beautiful, Mrs. Y/L/N.”

“Thank you for accompanying us, Taehyung.”

He shakes his head, “You don’t need to thank me.”

“What a humble boy, I’m sure your parents are very proud.”

He laughs, slightly embarrassed, “Thank you, I would like to think they are.”

You smile at the small interaction but then notice the time, “Alright, seriously, let’s get going.”

“So which ones do I fight?”

You hit his arm, “You aren’t fighting any of them. You’re only here to be my boyfriend so they don’t bug me.”

Taehyung easily slips his arm around your waist, “Okay, I won’t fight them but who am I protecting you from?”

The sudden contact from Taehyung surprised you that you totally missed what he had said, “Huh?”

“Earth to Y/N, who are the guys that normally bug you?”

You look around and find them all seated together, “Them.”

Taehyung follows your eyes and his eyes widen, “Damn, they look flawless?”

You nod, “The power of money.”

He laughs, “Indeed.”

You roll your eyes and refocus on Taehyung instead of that hideous group, “Do you want to sit or get something to drink?”

“We probably should do both, but a few of those guys are headed in our direction, I think they’ve spotted you.”

Your eyes enlarge, “Shit.”

“Hey, Y/N! Long time no see.”

Another guy agrees with the first, “Yeah, long time no see.”

You force a smile, “Hey, guys. It really has been awhile hasn’t it?”

“So, uh, who is this?” One of the boys point out Taehyung.

“Kim Taehyung, my boyfriend.”

He gives a little bow and the boys chuckle, barely bowing back.

“We had a feeling you’d end up with someone from a lower class family but surprisingly this one is good looking.”

You frown, “Excuse me?”

Taehyung steps in, “Oh, sorry guys, I promised Y/N a dance before this little chat. I’m afraid if we don’t go now, we’ll miss our chance to do so.”

With that, he practically whisked you away from them.

As soon as the two of you reach the dance floor, the music turns quite slow and romantic as if on cue. You feel bad for what those guys had said, “Tae, I’m sorry for that.”

He smiles, softy, “I’m sorry you’ve put up with those jerks for so long.”

“Thank you for quickly taking care of that situation.”

He shakes his head and pulls you closer as the two of you sway slowly, “It really isn’t a big deal. I would protect the person I like no matter what.”

Taehyung’s eyes widen in realization of what he just said. Silence falls upon the two of you as you awkwardly continue to dance. Neither really knowing what to say but one thing you did know was that your heart started to beat a little faster than usual. Suddenly, Taehyung clears his throat as if to speak and looks at you, intently.

“Y/N, I have a confession.”

You nudge him to urge him to continue.

“I-I think I like you.”

You nod, “I think I noticed. Do you want to go out on a date sometime?”

“That sound’s great.”


{This took so long, im sorry babe! I do hope you like it~}

Take care of you // Liam Dunbar Imagine


Could I please request an imagine where the reader is Scott or Stiles’ younger sister, and her and Liam are dating and her older brother walks in on her making out… your wiring is amazing and ilysm!!! –Anonymous

Would you mind writing an imagine in which stiles is the reader’s sister and she gets abducted and then they go looking for her and Liam saves her and Then they get all cute and fluffy? You’re writing is fab! –Anonymous

Note: Thank you so so so much, whoever you guys are are! That made me really happy, I hope you enjoy this imagine as much or even more as the others! I love you too babes!! 

I got these two prompts together because they sounded similar to me. I just hope they live up to you guys’ expectations! (also I have never been kissed so writing the ending was a challenge for me! I hope it was okay, I do feel it’s lacking a little extra something you know)

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Word Count: 2499 (Yeah I kinda went a little bit overboard with this one, I just felt like I had to develop the story a bit more. Sorry if it bothers you.)

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This was a request by superwholockian5ever. I hope it helps you work through stuff! Loads of love 💚


Imagine being in an abusive relationship. The only thing keeping you going is the time you are able to spent with Sam and Dean but one day it is all too much and the situation escalates.

Your head is throbbing painfully. Your hands are trying to occupy your sore mind by frantically running over the steering wheel. The last half hour had been a nightmare. Your personal little piece of hell to be exact. You could already feel the bruising start to appear on your left cheekbone, right where your boyfriend, Andrew, had hit you.
Five minutes ago you managed to dive out of the flat you are currently living in together with Andrew. He had one of his tantrums again. Yelling at you, blaming you for everything that seemed to be wrong in his life.

It usually starts with something you say that pisses him off even though you aren’t intending to. From there it normally takes about 20 minutes until Andrew is throwing the worst insults at you and 5 more minutes until he is so heated up that he isn’t satisfied by only verbally abusing you.

The first time Andrew lost control with you was a few month after the two of you had started dating. You had recently moved into his flat – and that was when it all started to change. He punched you right in your face leaving a dark purple bruise on your eye.
Later that day, when Andrew calmed down again he apologized, said he didn’t know what had gotten into him and he would never ever hurt you like that again. He said he loved you and that you should forgive him… you believed him. You believed him because you loved him too and so you really did forgive him or at least tried to convince yourself of the fact that, he just slipped once, that’s okay, right?!
The second time you kept telling yourself the same thing, while covering up the bruise on your jaw.
He is stressed at work, everybody needs some kind of outlet.
The third time you locked yourself into the bathroom crying for hours, too scared to process what had just happened again.
By then Andrew didn’t even apologize anymore. His verbal and physical abuse started to become some kind of sick routine for him. Now, a month later, you know he will never really stop, he will never really care to stop. The beating up is part of his understanding of a relationship. If things are going wrong somebody needs to be punished and Andrew does always find something „wrong“.

Even though you have managed to get away this time before Andrew is all done and starting to calm down again, you aren’t able to avoid a few hard blows. Only grabbing your coat and car keys you rush out the door and jump into your car. Andrew wouldn’t come after you like that, not in his current state, he is clever enough not to slip up outside of the flat. So you only drive around a few corners bringing the car to a hold again. Your vision is way too blurry from all the tears to drive onto the main road, so you decide to give yourself a few minutes to collect yourself as well as you can.
The tears running down your face are stinging on your skin and you can’t stand how hot they feel. Embarrassment, anger, fear and frustration are pulsing through you in equal parts and loud sobs escape your mouth. I am pathetic, you think. I keep putting myself in the same shitty situation over and over again. You laugh bitterly and squeeze your eyes shut, trying to stop the tears from welling up. Now the anger with yourself starts to kick in but it quickly helps you to gain back your composure.
Over the time you have started to keep a few make up essentials in your car to be able to cover up any bruises at any time. Looking for you’re cover stick you rummage through the little car drawer. Wiping away the last of your tears you routinely touch up your face until you feel like you look presentable again.
You do not want to go back home – not ever again, not really but I will anyways – so you decide to drive to Sam and Dean. You have been helping them with research for their hunts for quite some time now and you really started to like the Winchester brothers a lot. They are kind, funny and somewhat the family you always wanted. They are everything Andrew isn’t. Especially Sam, you think while turning on the engine. You steer the car back onto the road into the traffic.
Thinking about Sam instantly makes you feel better. He always cares about you and is interested in you. Whenever you come over to research with him or with him and Dean he takes some time to just chat with you. Often you two forget the time and research gets left behind a little but those are the times you breathe for. Those are the times you could forget about your fucked up relationship with Andrew and how he treats you like dirt. But sometimes after a good day with Sam and Dean, no matter how happy you are while with them you are even sadder when leaving again. It always makes you realize that you want so much more but aren’t able to have it. If you think about it you don’t even know why Sam and Dean want to spend time with you or like you for that matter. Not in your wildest dreams you would imagine that Sam could like you on an even higher level. You shake your head pushing those happy, fluffy
Sam-thoughts away. Stop it (Y/N), it is ridiculous. He might be a hero who saves the world but he will never be yours, saving you!
The rest of the drive you try to focus on making up a good story that could explain your bruise in case the brothers notice it. So far you were able to hide most of your injuries but you are not completely convinced that they are not sensing that something is wrong with your relationship. However, you know you will play oblivious for as long as possible. Believing it is the most plausible story, you decide to settle on saying that you hurt yourself during volleyball practice. Nobody ever doubts an injury that one has because of an engaging way to playing sport. 

You park your car close to the bunker’s entrance. Before leaving the car you check yourself one more time in the mirror. You force a smile onto your lips and breath in deeply a few times. Luckily you don’t have to force it all the way, the perspective of seeing Dean and especially Sam in a few seconds cheers you up immediately no matter how bad things were 25 minutes ago.

Just seconds after you knocked on the door it swings open and an overworked Sam stares at you. A smile appears on his face when he realizes it is you who knocked and he pulls you into a hug. „Hey you,“ Sam says while his arms push you tightly against his chest. You love those hugs. They are short and slightly squishy but feel so genuine and so much better than anything else you have ever felt.
„Hey, Sam.“ You sound short breathed and Sam releases you quickly.
„Sorry,“ he laughs, „always forget how huggable you are.“ You smile back at him and walk in where Dean greets you with a wink and „Hey (Y/N), right on time!“ He is bent over the table which is completely covered in old books. Some of them you recognize from other research sessions and you sigh innerly – finding the needle in the haystack. You throw your coat over a chair close by and approach Dean. „Right on time huuhh?“
„Yup,“ he agrees, „we just managed to find a spell that might work for the witch but we are not getting anywhere with decoding it.“
You raise your eyebrows: „Oh,“ you utter.
Sam stands next to you now. The three of you look down on the last couple of hours of work the two brothers have put together.
„We thought you might be able to decode it. You always seem to find the special twist we both usually miss.“ Sam’s compliment makes you smile and your cheeks redden all so lightly.
Inching forward a bit more you start going through the scribbles and loose pages of writing. Immediately your mind flips into research mode and you are glad to find the distraction you were looking for. A few „hmmms“ and „okays“ as well as „no but nooo maybe wait,“ leave your mouth. Lost to the world you grab a pencil and sit down on the huge table. Sam and Dean join you trying to follow your track of thoughts.
Two hours go by like that. The three of you hardly speak but then suddenly the solution is right in front of you and you yell out in joy. Dean who had dozed of a little bit jerks awake and looks at you. His eyes are drowsy but hopeful. Sam’s question matches his brothers expression. „Did you figure it out?“
„Yes, I think so,“ you smile satisfied. Before you are able to start your explanation your phone rings. The annoying tune breaks up the concentrated atmosphere and chills run down your back. It is him, it’s Andrew, you know right away. You can feel it.
Slowly you take out your phone, not noticing the horrified look that is plastered all over your face. Sam and Dean exchange confused glances. They never really understand why you sometimes hesitate to pick up your phone or stare at it for a few seconds in agony before answering it. They figured as much as that you and Andrew must have rough arguments sometimes but they couldn’t grasp the whole thing. Sam has been trying to ask you about you and Andrew and the problems you two are going through but he somehow couldn’t bring himself to do so. He’s had this weird feeling that there is more to the whole story than you let seep through. Deep down he was actually really worried but he wasn’t sure how to approach the whole topic. One time after you had just left the bunker Sam and Dean talked about you and Andrew. How they had never met him and that you never talked about him. Afterwards, they both felt even more lost than before.

The phone in your hands rings for the third time. Taking a calm breath you push the answer button and lift it to your ear.
„(Y/N)?“ Andrews voice sounds rueful. You swallow, pictures of his last attack flash in front of your inner eye and you feel your stomach knot.
„Hey Andrew,“ you try to say as nonchalant as possible. When you pinch the bridge of your nose you realize you must look very uncomfortable and straighten up a bit. Too late, you look up at Sam and Dean and their gazes tell you that they know something is wrong again. You smile at them apologetically and look away.
Sounding more composed now you continue, “so what’s up?“
I know what you want, Andrew, you think to yourself. Just hurry it up.
„Well, listen why don’t you come home, Babe? Let’s have dinner, I am hungry and maybe we can talk about it. You know,“ he pauses theatrically, „I know you are trying to be better and stuff and,“ you feel like vomiting, hearing his words. „And I know you can change even more for me. How long until you home?“
Your jaw muscle clench and you hope Sam and Dean can’t see the emotions you are trying to hide so violently.
Calmly you act your way further through the phone call. „Yup, you are right.“ agreeing smile on your face – fake it ‘til you make it. „I’ll be home in a few.“
„Great. Later,“ and the line is dead again. You want to sigh in relief holding it back in the last second. Your heart drops when thinking about having to leave the bunker again but you still push yourself off your chair and start putting on your coat. You toss your notes towards Sam and Dean who are still eyeing you confused. „I wrote it all down. You can go kill your witch now.“ your voice has lost all of its real happiness and the smile on your lips does not touch your eyes anymore.
„Oh okay, well uuhm we actually thought you might wanna grab a bite to eat after research.“ Sam sounds as disappointed and bewildered as he looks.
You aren’t able to meet his eyes so you just fiddle around with your keys and start to walk towards the exit. „Sorry guys, maybe next time?“
Sam and Dean both try to convince you to stick around just a few more minutes. „At least lets have a really quick, celebratory beer, then!“ Dean attempts to change your mind but you are already standing in the doorway and after you give them both a hasty hug you are out of the bunker.
Back in your car you are finally able to let your emotions roll out. Your face immediately break into a sorrowful expression and tears are about to flood your eyes again. You wish you had the guts to just tell your two friends how you feel, how scared and lost you are. Andrew would never change, you know this by now but something keeps making you going back to him every time. With a heartfelt sigh you turn the engine on and drive towards your destination.

Without you noticing Sam and Dean make there way out of the bunker as well. Careful, so you won’t see them, they follow your car back to your flat. They have never been at your flat – another reason that has finally brought them to the point of giving in to their suspicion. Right after the bunker’s door had closed behind you, Dean walked off and grabbed his coat checking for the keys of the Impala. Sam didn’t even need to ask what his big brother was up to. He himself had already started collecting a few things to head out. Seconds later they were in the Impala driving onto the road.
„There is something so screwed up going on, Sammy.“ Dean’s voice was low and Sam could detect a hint of the hunter in Dean kicking in. He absolutely agreed with his brother. However, he wasn’t sure if Dean had paid as much attention to the whole situation as he had. Sam was sure that he didn’t just imagine „seeing“ the hint of a bruise on (Y/N) before. Same thing today, there had been a slight difference in color on (Y/N) left cheekbone. Sam wished he would have just said something right when he had noticed but he also didn’t want to scare (Y/N) or make her feel uncomfortable. Being scared for (Y/N) the worries started piling up inside Sam higher and higher until he couldn’t take it anymore and it just burst out of him.
„ Dean, I think (Y/N),“ Sam pauses and squeezes his eyes shut for a second. Dean looks over to his brother he knows what Sam is about to say out loud for the first time even though he really wishes it isn’t true.
„I think she is being abused by her boyfriend.“
Now it is out in the open.
Dean accelerates. Sam can see his brother tensing up. Sometimes he gets worried seeing Dean like this, all hunter and ready to „kill the sons of bitches“ but today he is glad to have him by his side. The worry for (Y/N) numbs him and Sam knows he can count on Dean.
The two brothers have been on the road together for too long to not being able to read each other like open books, so all Dean says before speeding up even more is, „Don’t worry Sam, we’ll save your girl!“
Sam’s head snaps to the left throwing Dean a confused look. „She is not– ,“ but he has to stop mid sentence and smiles awkwardly. It is a smile somewhere between realization and sadness. Dean smirks at Sam, the I-am-your-big-brother-and-I-know-things-look plastered all over his face.

When Sam and Dean arrive at the flat
(Y/N) is already walking into the hallway. Andrew is awaiting her leaning on the kitchen’s wall, his eyes painfully cold checking (Y/N) up and down. The calmness he had on the phone seems to have faded already or had never really been there, nevertheless (Y/N) feels like turning around and just getting away from him as far as she can. When he starts walking towards her she stops in her track and waits. Andrew’s voice is thick and the smile pretentious as ever, „So back again, (Y/N). What is the thing with the running out on me lately?“
(Y/N) swallows her heart is pumping so fast it feels like it might just break her chest apart. I shouldn’t have come here, she thinks. He is going to – but (Y/N)’s track of thoughts is brutally brought to a hold by Andrew who closes the last distance between himself and her. With a strong grip he pulls her harshly on her right upper arm and twists it. Next moment the back of his hand makes contact with (Y/N)’s face and she tumbles backwards. The physical pain shoots right up (Y/N)’s spine and a whimper escapes her mouth. Andrew keeps throwing punches ignoring the way (Y/N) starts to crumble under his violence. She can’t scream or do anything to shield herself from the blows for the pain is one thing but even worse is the emotional trauma – that she won’t be able to bear much longer.
Then suddenly it all stops. Eyes closed (Y/N) falls back against the wall and just slips down to the floor, head resting on a small carpet. There are more voices now, low, rough, loud voices. They almost sound like – no, no that is not possible – they almost sound like Sam’s and Dean’s voices. Feet are shuffling around something crashes down and then very tender and careful hands and arms wrap themselves around (Y/N)’s body. The feeling this surprising gesture releases in (Y/N) doesn’t quite match the rest of the impressions pelting down on her. There is still quite a lot of movement and heavy panting and by now the kitchen must look like a battlefield. (Y/N) can tell she is being picked up and even though it scares her at first she starts relaxing into the embrace of the other person right away. A familiar smell starts to surround her and then (Y/N) eyes shot open. „Sam!“ she breathes out in relief and tears flood her eyes. When Sam sees (Y/N) is conscious his facial features relax just a bit and he tries to give her a comforting smile. Right now (Y/N) wants to say so much more, her mind won’t shut up with things she wants to tell Sam more than ever before but her throat feels dry and her head hurts. In an attempt to push out a few more words (Y/N) licks her lips and lifts her head a little. Sam responses in lifting her up a little closer to his chest and lowering his head down next to her ear. „Listen, it is over don’t worry okay. Just close your eyes and try not to move, (Y/N).“ Sam feels (Y/N) breath on his cheek, it is shallow and he hopes it will not fade away before he can get her to a hospital. He glares down at her and they look into each other’s eyes. Sam nods reassuringly and (Y/N) closes her eyes again, pushing her palm against Sam’s chest, all she can muster up right now but enough for Sam to understand.

Dean’s loud and imperious voice pulls Sam back into the whole event. „Sam, just get her out of here already. I’ll take care of the bastard.“ Andrew slams onto the kitchen counter tumbling to the ground, there is blood running from his nose. Looks pretty broken, Sam considers with a certain kind of satisfaction. He knows Dean won’t have any trouble handling the situation alone so he follows his brother’s order and starts making his way out of the flat without looking back.
He doesn’t look back and swears to himself that things will change from now on. The young woman in his arms shivers a little when Sam steps into the fresh night air but her eyes stay closed. I am here now and I will make sure you will never be hurt like that again, Sam decides. He can’t stop himself from hoping that (Y/N) will want him to be the one to protect her.

The Universe Hates Toby (and Alcor by extension) Part 4

And here’s the finale! First bit of fanfic that I’ve actually consciously completed in a long while… and i’ts about demons… yay?


Dipperjumped out of the mindscape, legs flinching hard enough to thump against his work desk as he regained ‘consciousness’. He almost got out a swear in demon-speak before cutting himself off in English. “Fuck- yeah?”

Toby was silent.

Tyrone cast a glance toward the door. Should I be worried, or…?

“I – I need help!”

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anonymous asked:

reading your 'i really don’t understand why people don’t like kris' post made me want to puke. if he is so nice blah blah, he wouldn't be so selfish; leaving the band in the middle of the concert prep w/o any notice. your beloved wyf even lied about being sick just to gain ppl's sympathy. 'someone’s pursuit of happiness' is that how you'd like to justify his selfishness jfc. karma's a bitch & i hope one day he'll suffer the diseases he lied to the world about.

Your message makes me want to puke. First of all, I loathe when haters call Kris wyf. He’s Kris to you. No one ever called him that until you people wanted to alienate him. You will call him by the goddamned name you got to know him by and think about the person that you know. 

Next: oh believe me, he was sick. Except one thing…he himself never ever used that to justify his leaving. The documents and photos from him getting a heart ultrasound come from Sina. Sina is a highly reputable, billion-dollar news source. They wouldn’t fabricate anything. I have never been so afraid for a person in my life when I read those charts. I’m not a doctor but I studied pre-med in college and I went to bed the night after I read those charts and suffered from nightmares because the reality of him collapsing onstage and just dying suddenly was so real that it was honestly a miracle he lasted as long as he did. Would you have felt that was deserved? Have you ever had chest pains while trying to perform complicated routines? Can you imagine having them for the length of an entire concert? It was no surprise to me when I found out that Kris left and immediately checked into Beijing hospital. There’s literally a photo of him being accepted into a room in the cardiology ward. Doctors don’t just let people come in and be like “oh can you give me a room for a few days? I need the world to think I’m in danger of dying. while you’re at it can you give me a heart ultrasound that you’d never give to a healthy patient during a checkup? Thanks, it’s really convenient.” Bullshit. 

You haven’t even considered his mental health. We know he’s suffered from depression in the past. It was apparently at its peak in 2009-2010 and Tao talked about it during the growl era how worried he was about Kris shutting himself in and being unhappy. Jongin talked too about how Kris would shut himself off as well. The self-improvement books that we know Kris reads often were about making it through depression and self-loathing. When I was in college I did the same thing. My depression reached a point to where I spent hours lying in the crack between my bed and the wall, just lying there. I used to spend hours in the bathtub thinking about drowning myself and when I’d go to class I had to argue with myself not to jump in front of cars. I felt that if I were going to kill myself I’d do it in a way that wouldn’t make a mess for anyone to clean up. I felt so low that I didn’t even think I was worthy of being anyone’s mess to clean up. Can you imagine what that must be like to live through? I had such a hard time trying to meet the expectations as just a college student. Imagine trying to function through that as an idol. 

Selfish…you do realize that exo’s routines are designed to be ready for members to be missing, right? They had no problem adjusting when Luhan had to leave MID-TOUR, and when Tao was injured and couldn’t perform. Lmao and they were both injured at the same time so TWO members out…damn…one a main vocalist and the other having important dance routines. I don’t hear anyone calling them selfish… Kris left right as exo-m’s promotions ended. He led his group until the end. His group. And then he left and went right to the hospital. And exo got through their tour, didn’t they? It was just fine in the end, wasn’t it? 

If karma’s a bitch then tell me why Kris is killing it and his fans are happier than ever. He’s making loads of money, his movie is successful, he’s home, and he’s much healthier. He’s beloved by his people and he can do what he’s always wanted. He is literally living his dream right now. Tell me…if karma is real, then why are the ones who are affected negatively SM, exo, and exo-l? If they go two weeks without an injured member it’s a surprise. Fan wars, steadily falling stocks, the entire country of China aka their biggest source of revenue being disgusted by the thought of associating with anything SM related after SM’s little tantrum and lawsuits against Luhan’s endorsements a few weeks back. I can’t believe anyone has the nerve to call Kris selfish. Look in a goddamned mirror. You’re resentful of Kris because ten months ago he shattered everyone’s perceptions of exo’s interrelationships with one another. You’re mad because he left and exo has been in chaos since then. We know we can’t trust their friendships or their words. There’s only one friendship from exo that we know for sure is genuine and it’s the friendship between Kris and Luhan. How pathetic and selfish are you for wanting Kris to risk his happiness and his health just so you can have that illusion of the happy gay exo family. I understand, of course…it makes me really sad honestly that all that talk of brotherhood and “we are one” really is too good to be true. I’d hoped this group was special and would last like shinhwa…but no, Kris leaving made me face reality. But I’d never ever blame him for it and you shouldn’t either.


Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Prompt: Imagine you and Pietro being stuck in an elevator after a fight.

Notes: I haven’t uploaded in ages and a couple weeks ago i reached over 100 followers, and I know that’s nothing much but to me it means a lot. That’s over 100 peole that read the shit that post <3 Thank you guys 


You and Pietro were never on best terms, whenever you confront each other a fight always starts - whether that be Pietro teasing you or you throwing comebacks at him, which then escalates into large brawls.

Although, you must admit you had undenying feelings for the young speedster, your problem was you didn’t know whether he liked you the same way.

The others always teased you two, saying how you acted like an old married couple, which always brought blood to your cheeks making you turn invisible and disappear.


Apart from your invisibilty powers you also had an awful case of claustraphobia which no one apart from Natasha knew about, this didn’t come in handy when it came to having to take the lift up and down the Stark Tower. 

You were going to go up to your room, not being in the mood for walking up flights and flights of stairs you started walking towards the elevator, you entered through the metallic doors and watched as they closed, just before the doors slammed closed a blue flash brushed past them and into the lift. You immediately knew who it was.

You sighed.

“It just had to be you” you groaned.

“It’s not that long of a journey, I’m sure you’ll be fine hunny”

“Don’t call me that”

Just as you finished speaking the lift jolted and stopped.

“You must be kidding me” Pietro huffed. “Alright, it might be slightly longer than expected” he walked to the other side of the enclosed space.

You became anxious after the lift stopped, you started sweating slightly. You rushed to the lift buttons and started pressing the “open” button. With no result you started pacing back and fourth. 

“Are you ok (y/n)?” Pietro asked worriedly. That was the first time you heard him speak to you in such a tone.

“Y-yeah” You said, slumping down on the floor and pressing yourself into the corner.

Pietro walked over to you, as he did so you looked up at him, your eyes wide open with fear. He knealt down beside you.

“You’re scared of small places,no?” he asked in a soft tone, placing his palm against your shoulder.

“Please don’t tell anyone” you begged looking up at him, truth be told you didn’t want anyone to know your weakness.

“And why would I do that?” he asked you, sitting down beside you placing his arm around your shoulders protectively. You burried your head into his chest and clutching his jumper. 

“Ssshh, it’s ok, you’re ok” he mumbled to you as he placed his chin above your head. He started rubbing small circles on your back as a way to calm you down. You closed your eyes relaxing your muscles slightly, trying to forget about the small space you were in. 

“(y/n)?” he hummed.

“y-yes?” you answered.

“I want you to know that I never mean the things I say to tease you” he said with a sigh.

You shifted slightly in his embrace, “Neither do I”

He moved his arm to peel you off his chest and hold the side of your cheek in his palm, he turned your head towards him, seeing tears pricking at your eyes broke his heart. 

“You’re beautiful (y/n)” he said with a smile as he looked you in the eyes.

You glanced at the floor before looking back at him.

“I love you (y/n)” he said wearily before stealing a glance at your lips.

A tear rolled down your cheek, “I love you too Pietro” you mumbled, before he crashed his lips towards yours embracing you in a long-awaited passionate kiss, halfway through the lift jolted again and started moving again, you broke away panic glazing your eyes again. 

“Oh we’re moving again” he said with a smile before looking back at you and bringing you closer to him and once again kissing you, this time softly then pressing his forehead against yours and lifting you up off your feet lightly.

He carried you out of the lift and towards your room.


I hope this was okay lads

Requests are open by the way!

Your Body Is a Weapon [30/?]

[ Junkrat joins the team. Symmetra absolutely hates him. Slow-burn Junkrat/Symmetra with a struggle of chaos versus order. Series of connected vignettes and drabbles that will outline the gradual development of an odd relationship between two dissimilar individuals who happen to view the world’s components through a similar lens. Alternatively, “In which Junkrat grows on Symmetra like an undesirable plant on the sidewalk and she copes with it in progressively worsening ways.“ ]

[ Previous ] [ Next ] [ Ao3 ]

Satya sketches the finishing details on a new schematic when Junkrat slinks into the workshop.

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Tell Me You’re Sorry

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Cursing. (No smut-I know some of you were expecting it. See ‘Author’s Note’)

Request: Would you be able to write one where reader is in love with Dean, but he’s always bringing back girls to try to push away his feelings for you. Then one night you argue with him about something and he tells you that things were easier before you’d moved into the bunker. So in a mood and upset you go to Sam for comfort and you talk and fall asleep on the bed together and Dean gets the wrong idea gets angsty and then admits he likes you too. Built up passions, kisses and fluff please.

A/N: This just went in a totally different direction then I meant it to. And I know I said in a post that it was gonna have smut but…..well, it doesn’t. I chickened out at the last minute and changed it. I was too nervous to post that type of ending. I just don’t think I’m cut out to write anything too steamy. Hope you guys like it anyways!

It was silent, something that the bunker rarely ever was. Dean was out and last you checked Sam was in his room reading with his headphones pressed into his ears. The only sound you could hear was the ticking of the clock on the wall in the library.

You were settled in one of the chairs positioned at the end of the table in the center of the room. Your bare feet were propped up on the edge of the polished wood and in your lap was your journal. You were scribbling away, your hand zooming across the page trying to keep up with your thoughts.

You wrote in your journal every day. It was where you released all your tension, excitement, and anger when you had no other outlet for them. You looked forward to your quiet moments at the end of each day where you could organize your thoughts. You told story’s about your week, jotted down plans and ideas, even wrote the occasional poem but the thing that seemed to be filling up page after page of your tattered leather journal was a certain green eyed hunter. Dean Winchesters name had shown up countless times in your beloved book over the past few weeks and it was his name that you were writing when you heard the echo of the bunker door reach your ears from the war room.

Your eyes lit up knowing that it was probably Dean who would be ambling his way down the hall in a few moments. You slid your heels over the edge of the table and dropped your feet to the floor. You closed your journal and hugged it to your chest as you stood, ready to greet Dean with a tired smile.

You took one step towards the entry to the hallway. One step and that was all before you spotted him and what trailed behind him was what stopped you in your tracks. Your smile faded away as your eyes traveled from his handsome face down the length of his arm to where his fingers we’re threaded with those of a girl he was pulling along down the corridor. Your gaze jumped to her and after taking half a second to size her up you decided instantly that you hated her. You didn’t have a reason to but the way Dean turned to look at her as he led her further down the hall, his smile bright and his eyes focused, you couldn’t help but hold some sort of grudge against her. You would kill to have Dean look at you like that, to be the one he was trying to coax into his room for a night of passion and pleasure.

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Room of Requirement

Can I get an imagine where the reader runs into Draco in the room of requirement and he’s crying and the reader comforts him and they like fall in love

(Hope you like it!)

Author: Sim the Bookworm

I tugged at the sleeves of my jacket as I walked down the corridor. It was a Saturday so students weren’t in class and walking around the castle. I kept my head down and ended up walking through a ghost. I froze and shuddered.

“I apologise Miss (Y/L/N).” Nearly Headless Nick told me.

“It’s fine.” I lied.

“Are you alright?” He asked me.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just looking for something. I’ve got to go.” I told him before rushing away.

After walking for five more minutes, I found myself in a random corridor with only one door. I took a step towards it and pushed it open to find myself in the room of requirement. The room was filled with whole bunch of different things that was interesting. I glanced around until my eyes spotted something I needed. Well, not needed. Wanted. Recently I wanted to read muggle books. Let’s just say that it’s a whole lot better for me not to have my muggle dad send me my books when my owl is a little too small.

I reached for one of the books on the cluttered shelves and grabbed one of my favourite books. It was a childhood favourite. I was about to leave when I heard something that made me freeze. It sounded like someone crying. Closing the book, I walked around the cluttered mess until I saw someone sitting on a stool with head in their hands. I recognised their white blond hair and took a step towards them.

“Draco?” I put my hand on his shoulder making him jump. I pulled my hand away from his shoulder and took a step back. He turned around and faced me with bloodshot eyes. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He told me wiping his eyes quickly.

“Are you sure?” I asked him. Draco fell onto his stool and I pulled another closer. Taking a seat, I looked at him and took his hands in mine. “Draco, seriously. What’s wrong?”

“Just a lot of stress I’m under.” He told me. I squeezed his hands.

“You wanna talk about it?” I asked him. There was a small smile on his face and he began telling me his problems.

This was something I found I found interesting. Draco and I shared classes. We also shared the odd conversation here and there. But this was one time that he opened up. I must have been the first person because we were sitting there for almost two hours.

That wasn’t the last time we had one of these conversations. There would be days where I would be walking through the school and Draco would ask to talk to me. The two of us would do our homework together whenever we could. But we always ended up in the room of Requirement. And each time I would fall harder for Draco.

I looked up from my book at Draco who was still working on his transfiguration work. He noticed me looking and smiled up at me. I switched my gaze to my book until he cleared his throat.

“(Y/N)?” Draco asked.


“Why do you read muggle books?”

“They’re interesting.” I told him. He moved his stool closer to mine and looked at my book. He furrowed his brow at the words and took the book from my hands. “Okay, give it back.”

“I want to read it.” He turned so I couldn’t grab it. I reached for him so my arms went around his waist.

“Give it back.” I laughed as he tried to get up. Instead he turned around and faced me. I hadn’t realised that were sitting so close until my nose brushed against his. My breath hitched and I could feel my face going red.

“(Y/N), I’m in love with you.” He told me. I smiled a little bit.

“Good, because I’m in love with you.” I replied. He grinned and put his hands on my cheeks, the book left in his lap. I smiled more as he pulled my face towards his so our lips met.