one or all of your friends

All I’ve got II pt. 5

Jungkook x reader

genre: ANGST, fluff, hints of smut, bestfriend!jungkook and tattooed!jungkook

word count: 11.6k

happy birthday to me

Jeon Jungkook was a tall guy, handsome with all those ethereal artwork tattooed on his arms..and your best friend. He was by your side whereas you faced a painful heartbreak, caressing your hurt soul for as long as you needed him. But how much can a friendship withstand if one of the two develops feelings?

The time ticket. Four o'clock, five..six..

You lay in your bed, an arm, tattooed and muscled, holding you close to Jungkook’s bare chest, his tickling breath hitting your neck with every deep, calm breath he took, eyes delicately closed. Your own on the other side were glued to the dark ceiling of your bedroom, your mind wide awake although your body was on the verge of breaking down from the lack of sleep the last days of Jungkook’s absence, but whenever you closed your lids one phrase lighted up behind them. One phrase spoken by the melodic voice of the young man beside you Why don’t you love me back..

Shaking yourself slightly you felt the grip around your waist pulling you in stronger as you moved, your orbs flying to Jungkook’s whose lids were still easily closed, his mouth agape, tiny noises falling out, while his hair fell messily on his forehead. He was ethereal, good-looking, muscular and sweet..and if your brain seriously functioned and didn’t play tricks on you, he kind of confessed tonight. Or his words got twisted in your drowsiness, not realising what he actually said, but that was nonsense.. Even though you knew the thought of it being a misunderstanding was what you clung to, denying that he really just said that he had more than sexual or best friend like emotions bundled up inside him. Which was impossible. He had never slipped any of it all, never, not once. That was the reason why you brushed his silky hair out of the way to press his face on your shoulder, your hands disappearing in his hair and closing your eyes to drown out the menacing thought of him falling for you and to make sure you weren’t faced with his irresistible cuteness while he slept that confused you even more in your state.


“Jungkook?”, you whispered into the dark, praying that you hadn’t woken him up by cuddling further into his warmth. Holding your breath you waited ere you let out the air quietly, the relief you felt too early.

“Can’t you..sleep?”, Jungkook’s voice was deep, raspy from sleeping calmly, his hands letting you go once to trace over your back underneath your shirt, his fingers drawing slow, warm circles on the skin of your waist. “Come closer, y/n.”

At first your heart stopped beating for what felt like an eternity until it started to bump strongly against your chest where his face was situated and he mostly witnessed it’s strong beat. Cursing your beating heart you quietly spoke into the blackness, your own hands coming to a halt from stroking over his scalp.

“I was..just felt..cold.” It was the truth, even though deep inside you you just wanted to enjoy the night a bit more, the thoughts about him silently confessing taken as a weird misunderstanding. “Just sleep, Jungko-”

Your voice stuck in your throat as his fingers slid over your waist around your back, laying flat on your ass sparsely covered by your panties, his lips attached to your collarbone. “You’re so warm. It’s nice to be able to feel you next to me again”, he mumbled against your soft skin, his cheek laying on your chest, snuggling up into your flesh. “Could you no choke me..?”

Flinching you let loose of his head, pressing him closer to not have to look in his face, your cheeks flushed. “S-sorry!”, you said aloud, letting go of him further, but as you wanted to turn around you were pulled back against his hard chest.

“This didn’t mean that you should go”, a low chuckle followed whereas his arms stroked over your back again, his dark vocals echoing quietly from the walls, a lullaby he had sung to you so very often.

Smiling softly you closed your eyes, enjoying the rest of the night until you had to go back to where you started your friendship, forgetting what happened to get the old Jungkook back. Drifting gradually into a dreamless sleep while Jungkook’s voice roamed your mind, his warmth resonating from his body on yours you didn’t feel like a girl who just slept with her best friend, but as a young woman who was..loved.

Even as you crawled out of bed without making a sound hours later, boiling water and getting fresh rolls for your breakfast from a close bakery, the scenes from last night wouldn’t let you go. You had sex. Sex with Jungkook. Jungkook, who was supposed to be your best friend. The best friend you knew forever and it felt too good to regret a single second..

Throwing your head back with a twitching smile you cleared your throat as you climbed up the stairs to your apartment, your clothes heavy from a steady downpour that didn’t stop since yesterday. What drove you into hooking up?, that was a question you asked yourself the tenth time this late morning, but the answer was glass clear. Because you wanted it. You fucking wanted to sleep with him, had missed him and killed to feel him by your side that night. Never, not once, had you experienced to be afraid that something might have happened to your best friend and as he stood in front of you, kissing you in the rain, something snapped inside you. An emotion as if a snowstorm roared in your belly whenever you thought about it was ignored. Sex. Best friend. That’s it. No harshly romantic feelings from your side..

And that’s how it happened. End of the case. Or at least as long as the voice in your head was silent. And to be bloody honest, you felt great, as if on a high and happy as you stepped quietly through the door, peeling yourself out of your coat, dropping the warm rolls and slandering to the closed door where you knew lay Jungkook, deep asleep and drooling with a mess of a raven thatch. With a tiny smile on your face you entered your bedroom, witnessing Jungkook tightly hugging his pillow, his thatch a mess of wild strands just as you imagined it, his bare body wrapped in a blanket from his hips downwards. His rather pale, glowing skin looked so warm you urged yourself to refrain from going to bed again. He looked peaceful, dreaming about nothing special as you sat down beside him, looking down at the sleeping guy.

Whatever you thought about him, it doubled as you watched Jungkook sleep. He was a cutie. Undoubtedly sexy and knew how to move his hips, that he had proved through endless rounds of raw sex tonight – you were as sore as you never was and still you couldn’t stop yourself from wanting even more. Your body tensed as he shifted, his abs on full display, the sheets drifting lower down his stomach. The shadow of his neatly shaved down low era on your display you gasped, your hand slapped over your mouth not to make unnecessary sounds – moans – that would betray you in front of him. But it was too late, your peace disturbed as Jungkook’s brown eyes opened a crack, his lips pursed into a soft, but evil smile.

“Watching me, sweetie?”, his husky voice was too low for you, goosebumps covering your entire body, because it reminded you of a lot more.. He sounded way too hot to stay composed as to why you swallowed hard, repressing your libido you had hoped would finally shut up whenever you saw him while he stretched, sitting up. “Why are you awake and dressed, y/n? Come here”, Jungkook’s tattooed, strong arms invited you, asking for a hug, but you shook your head, distrusting yourself while grinning slightly to hide the truth.

“Not a chance, sleepy head. Get up, I made coffee and bought fresh rolls.”

Pouting Jungkook nodded, not invading your personal space any further. “Give me..a few minutes.”

“But the coffee gets cold”, you protested, standing up to grab the blanket, pulling it mercilessly off of him..and throwing it back over his lap. “Fuck, sorry-”

Jungkook cracked up, his face scrunched, eyes puffy from sleeping as he wrapped the white sheets tightly around his hips, throwing his legs over the edge of the bed next to you, your eyes magically drawn to the big bulge straining the light fabric. You had totally forgotten that he was still naked from last night, his morning erection standing straight as you uncovered it. So ready to go another endless round of-

While your face violently flushed you were grabbed by his large hand, his lips pressing a kiss on your head.

“Don’t act as if you haven’t seen my friend”, he couldn’t stop the chuckles leaving his mouth as you threw a pillow after him, his long legs taking his naked, well built body out of the room before it could hit him, but you heard his amused voice. “It’s okay, y/n. No need to blush.”

Wide eyed you held your face with both hands, cursing yourself again. What a handful of a best friend. And you knew exactly that now, as he was back to his usual self and you two have had sex, he would take every tiny opportunity to rub it under your nose, but you still couldn’t help yourself but grin about that. At least Jungkook was back.

The smile on your lips wouldn’t vanish as you lined the table, sat down and scrolled through your phone. With your eyes darting to the closed bathroom door you typed a message for Namjoon, telling him that Jungkook’s rebellion was over, that he was back and with you now. Namjoon. If Jungkook found out you actually texted him he would be furious again. Why? You didn’t know, but yesterday he had told you not to mention him, which you didn’t intend this morning. You won’t give up the peace you got thanks to that unbelievable night with the handsome who took too long to take a shower. As always. Of course you were forced to talk about that issue sooner or later, but you decided that it could be later.

“Jungkook? You’re a fucking turtle, you know?”, you shouted through a sip on your tea, putting the cup back down. “If you take longer-”

“Who do you call slow?”, Jungkook’s voice was strangely close, your head shooting up to look into a smugly grinning face that was flushed from his shower.


Patting your head, he took a seat across from you, his lean body dressed in the same ripped jeans as yesterday, a white shirt thrown over his torso. That was all, his feet bare and hair damp. “So, what now?”

Tilting your head in confusion you reached out for the food. “What do you mean?”

Jungkook’s cheeks tinged a hue darker, his eyes avoiding yours. “Well, we kind of..”, he paused shortly. “You and I..we-”

“Fucked”, you ended the sentence his face inflaming. You had never even dared to think that the Jungkook that twisted every girl’s panties blushed because of a sex talk. Strange world you lived in. “I see no use in talking about it, Jungkook”, you said honestly, giving him the butter. “I enjoyed the sex. We had fun and it was amazing! But that’s it, don’t you think?” Your voice came to a halt. A blurry memory of him saying weird things into the dark, or your head twisted them into a weirdness, flashed in front of your eyes. He won’t, would he? Develop feelings for you? Ridiculous. He didn’t even know the word ‘love’. “And I feel refreshed. We can go back where we came from, right?”

Tension made your limbs stiff, your teeth biting on your inner cheek while you waited for his answer. Deep down, inside you, you knew that the words that left his pink lips were real, but you still denied them heavily, kicking them off of your mind. This was impossible. A misunderstanding.

“You really think that it’s that easy, y/n?”, Jungkook cut through the freshly baked roll, his attention on anything but your face. “I-I hope it’s that easy for you, really. Let’s go back to the way we-we used to be.” He sounded strange all of a sudden, his voice cracking twice, but as he looked up with a lopsided grin lifting up the left side of his face you couldn’t help but respond with a smile.

“You’re my best friend, you know that, right?”, you asked, your hand reaching out for his. “Tell me what drove you in taking the week off then.”

Looking at you over the small distance you saw how several emotions glistered in his dark eyes ere nothing was seen again. “It was all too much for me. Seeing you shattered the past weeks, then the thing with Namjoon..”, Jungkook paused, the hand in yours slightly sweaty. “I was too harsh yesterday and I’m sorry for saying hurtful things to you about him, y/n.” Consoling you with his thumb stroking over your warm skin his view got darker than normal. “Namjoon told me that he just wants to fuck you to see my reaction which is disgusting and unworthy for you.”

Wide eyed you nodded, slowly getting what he meant with ‘traitor’. It was wrong of both men to overreact and do some stupid shit like sleeping with you to see how your friend would react, which you didn’t understand in the first place. Worse was that you had no right to see it as disgusting as Jungkook did, because your intention was to hook up with Namjoon as a sort of replacement for your lost 'love’.

“I snapped. That’s mainly all”, Jungkook let go of your hand to massage his neck. “I’ll talk to him this week and tell you how it went, but let’s stop talking about it, okay? I’d rather talk about nice things, such as what we’re going to do later.”

Nodding you had to cope with the new information you got, but it was alright after you heard the softness in your friend’s voice returning.

“It would be nice if you could make up”, you said after a while before you sighed, a small smile on your face. “Eat up, we need to see what we’re doing with your wounds and”, you shot him a glance, “have to call my parents and tell them you’re back, because I worried them with five calls a day.

“You told you mother? God, y/n..why?”

The breakfast was nice and you didn’t feel as good as that morning as you casually talked about the usual, bickered and exchanged glances that told each other how much you adored each other after the short conversation about his absence and what happened actually. He didn’t reveal much to be honest, but you were content with what he said and couldn’t wait to see him and Namjoon smiling again, made up and having fun with you at parties. As friends of course..or so. Jungkook dared to make jokes about you, his bunny like smile shown as your blood shot into your cheeks with every stupid commentary on your sex life. At the same time he mentioned how gorgeous you were and that he never expected to have such a mind blowing moving best friend and that every guy could call himself lucky to have someone like you. Coughing you tried to change the topic as you two heated up, flirting while throwing suggestive glances down his crotch, knowing exactly what would expect you if you tried anything right now. The bulge told you that you weren’t the only one contemplating to make a risky move. But that shouldn’t happen! Not risking any further sexual confrontation you stood up, rushing in the bathroom, searching for the first aid kit to help your happily fighting friend out with his faint, but still present, wounds just as you told him to at the beginning.

“Come here, fighting bunny”, you waved to yourself, tapping on the free spot beside you on the couch while Jungkook emptied his coffee. “Why does it feel like we do this at least once a month, huh?”, you asked shaking your head in disbelief. “You fight way too often, boy.”

Shrugging his shoulders Jungkook slandered towards you, his hands shoved in his jeans pockets. “I defend what I love and for myself.”

Your heart sunk to the bottom, your face heated while sudden cold sweat ran down your spine. What he loves. He had fought daily for you and sometimes for himself. No. You scolded yourself to remember that every word from last night wasn’t real, inhaling deeply before you shot the handsome next to you a faint, shaking grin.

“You better stop or else I’ll beat you up”, you pointed a finger at him ere you opened the kit, looking for a cooling crème, some pads and disinfectant for the cracked wounds on his knuckles. They looked quite fresh, unlike the yellow, green blemishes around his eyes and the scratch above his scar. It was the first time you actually noticed how bad he was hurt over the past week, yesterday too busy with other things, tears swelling in your eyes to see your dearest person in that kind of beat up state. Sniffling you gestured him to come closer. “Don’t get into fights so often, Jungkook. It worries me.”

“Yah”, the tattooed guy in the white t ruffled your hair with a smile telling you not to worry. “You’ll beat me up? Can you even reach my face?”, he chuckled lowly, but as you didn’t do it alike he flicked your forehead softly, his cheerful voice changing. “No need to cry, sweetie. I’m a big boy, you know that after tonight. So, stop that and patch me up, doctor.”

He did it again. Magically turning your lips up into a twitching mess while you blinked away the wetness coating your orbs ere they met his own. “Hands first. It wasn’t one fight this week, or your knuckles wouldn’t be opened. The fight with Namjoon was almost seven days ago. ”

Shaking his black thatch Jungkook lay his hurt hands in your lap, holding you in a solid grip against the pain, the pads burning on his popped skin wherefore he scrunched his face in slight agony. A tiny bit of the slough peeled off, the pads soaked by sanitiser and dried blood ere you threw them away to put on a healing crème, leaving the band aid where it was.

“It’s enough as it is”, you nodded as a signal that Jungkook was allowed to move his palms off of your knees he had gripped tightly against the burn. Unsure if you should take care of his face as well you gnawed on your bottom lip. Your indecisiveness didn’t go unnoticed, your friend’s face coming closer, his eyes shut. Long lashes laying on his cheeks, his mouth pink but closed..

“No need to hesitate. You did it more often than me anyway”, Jungkook’s low voice was quiet, his hot breath hitting your face as you stared at the attractive, perfectly shaped face shoved in your own. The urge to throw yourself at him repressed, the voice in your head constantly screamed one sentence you weren’t able to ignore. You had sex with that gorgeous handsome. Oh hell, you did have sex with Jungkook, you answered the voice that gradually tried to lull you into rubbing yourself on him after you tasted him, felt him, breathed in his own breath, kissed his-

“Y/n?”, Jungkook moved even closer, his chocolate pupils not wavering as he locked with yours. His voice was lower, darker, suggestive as he smirked at you the way he always did. Lopsided and challenging. “You stare too much and do less”, he bit down his lip, knowing very well your eyes would widen at this motion. “Want more?”

You knew exactly what he meant and had to swallow hard not to shout a straight 'yes, god, fuck me’ into his face. “No”, you breathed out shakily and he knew you lied but only started to grin again.

“If that’s the case, my face still hurts, doctor y/n”, leaning back he grabbed the crème that laid on your coffee table but you snatched it away with trembling hands, showing him that you were unaffected with that move.

You applied the coldness tenderly, afraid to meet your friend’s – would you call him fuck or best friend? - black orbs. His skin was healing fast, the black eye almost gone while you smeared the crème around the yellowish blemishes.

“Finished”, you announced, but Jungkook didn’t back away, his fingers holding you by your wrists to stop you from moving back.

“Tell me what you felt”, the change in mood was almost touchable, electrifying tension building. “Are you okay that it was me?” He couldn’t hide the shaking of his dark voice, his grip forcing you to look him in his face.

What caused the sudden change in atmosphere? Was it your indecisiveness in looking at him or backing away? Was it something you did in general or what you said?

Chuckling nervously you raised your voice. “Calm down, baby boy. I’m perfectly fine like this and it was the best decision in a long time”, you weren’t lying. It was the best thing that happened in weeks, no, months and you felt no urge to ruin it in any way with some stupid words that were more like the truth he deserved. You wanted more. Got as addicted as with his tasty lips. But that wasn’t what he wanted, you guessed, not after he had..or hadn’t whispered in the dark of the night. “Stop worrying, Jungkook. I already told you that it was what I wanted and I don’t regret it! I know that you’d do anything for me and respect me in any kind of way. So, I’m more than just okay that it was you.”

Ruffling his nearly dry hair you hurriedly walked back into your kitchen to avoid any more of that talk you couldn’t hold honestly.

“If that’s so, then come over again. Next friday”, Jungkook declared as he followed you. The demand was easy. Acting like a friend, his best friend, while enjoying each other’s presence. Nothing too difficult hence you agreed with a half-hearted smile, because deep inside you, you knew that you two weren’t on the same page again.

The man in front of him nodded, his tanned face contoured with a knowing expression and a deep smile. Jungkook had asked Namjoon for a talk the tall guy gladly accepted and so they met up on Wednesday, ready to solve the problem that was caused by none other than himself and his feelings for you.

“You’re basically telling me that you knew the entire time that I..that..”, Jungkook found it difficult to finally speak the words aloud a second time, his hands fidgeting nervously while he averted his eyes with blushed cheeks.

“That you love her? Everyone sees, Jk. Even blind people would notice the change of your voice and the tension in your bones whenever y/n’s is around. It’s almost funny that she’s still clueless!”, Namjoon clapped his hands once with a short laugh ere he furrowed his brows. “Almost.”

Nodding his raven hair Jungkook leaned back against the chair of the café they sat in to talk about the boy’s unusual behaviour and unnecessary actions he had taken. Thankfully his older friend seemed to be more relaxed than anyone else in the room whereas Jungkook’s heart sank to the bottom with every word of his confession.

“I’m sorry for my overreaction, but I..I-”

“Listen”, the man with the grape colored hair shook his head, interruption Jungkook’s reluctant tries to explain, but as the next words filled the small shop his round eyes shot wide. “I’d never want anything bad to happen to you, Jk, but you had to open your eyes for once. You love her? Tell her or else someone else might take her away from you again. And don’t tell me I didn’t notice your grumpiness as she was together with her ex. You were a furious bundle of nerves and we all were sick of seeing you like that. No, wait until I finished”, gesturing to his younger friend to close his mouth he continued. “Of course I’d smash y/n, no questions needed, but I did everything to get you out of your comfort zone and finally tell her that she belongs to you, but what did you do? Running away and fucking the whole city. Damn, Jk, open your eyes and grow yourself some balls.”

He had guessed that Namjoon would encourage him, but that? And was he really that obvious with his feelings for you? Jungkook had never noticed that he changed around you. And if that was true what his friend just told him, he were forced to apologise more than ever.

“Fuck, I don’t know what to do. She’s just..just..I can’t describe her, Joons. Y/n is like my own personal angel”, he flinched at the word and the way Namjoon had to repress a laugh while he blushed even more. “She’s everything I need and want. All the other girls were just tries to fill the void when she’s gone, but that was never enough.”

“Tell her.”


Namjoon shrugged his shoulders, the hot pot of coffee rolling in his large hands. “How about saturday after the party you planned?”

Jungkook’s heart stopped for a second, wondering if that was the right time to confess to you.

“Don’t give me that look now. I cheer for you”, his friend winked at Jungkook whose face got whiter the longer he thought about him telling you his real feelings. “And if you punch me in the face again I won’t hold back.”

Lifting his hanging head Jungkook chuckled. He was a lucky guy to have a friend like Namjoon. The young man was his voice and brain at times and right now his biggest supporter although he seemed to be the enemy, the opposing factor standing in between him and you. But he just wanted to see him coming out of his house and fighting for you to open your own eyes for his feelings..what a great guy. Admiring his friend the tattooed guy with the pierced ears shot him a thankful glance.

“Thanks, Joons. I’m glad to have you”, shaking himself he took a sip of his own coffee. “Enough with the romantic talk. You gave me a black eye and another scar, liar.”

Laughing out loud the both men laid back, grinning at the other.

“Whose nose got almost broken? Dude, you were drunk and still finished me off!”, sighing Jungkook’s friend narrowed his gaze down his coffee that steamed up his face. “So, you’ll tell her?”

Contemplating his choices Jungkook chewed on his bottom lip, his eyes directed into the distance while he thought about it. His gaze back up, lingering straight in the dark pupils of his friend he finally spoke again.

“I will tell her, after I cleared the problem with Jimin’s sister.”

Throughout the week you were faced with different kinds of small problems, but the gravest was to stay composed as you lay on Jungkook’s large, black couch, your ankles crossed, your head put on a fluffy pillow. The whole week you had ignored him well to collect your thoughts and find solutions to your racing fucking heartbeat that increased even more with every touch of his. And it got worse after your mind was content that Jungkook had seriously kind of confessed the night you spent together. But it wasn’t the time to mention it as it slowly got up the hill after the downfall of the last months. The problems should be solved, so you guessed as you decided to join him that friday evening to have a causal, nice night as two friends, food and some good old talks you used to love. Therefore you made up your mind to forget the words that filled your bedroom the night and wanted to go on with Jungkook. As friends again. Just friends..

The so called boy was currently preparing food in his designer kitchen while you zapped through the TV program, looking for a decent movie as if it was your own home. But that wasn’t the problem. Jungkook’s attire was. Or non-available attire. You met up at seven for a cozy night with food and movies just like you used to spent the weekends if not partying. After an endless drill on his bell Jungkook opened the door with a seriously annoyed expression, but his hardened face started to soften as he saw that it was you who stood on his porch with a big bag of your own stuff. But all you could do was holding yourself back from staring too much at his broad, shoulders, the ethereal art work on his chest, his bare, muscular arms and his tight sweatpants. He looked hot. Period. No shirt, only sport pants was your weakness, his abs lining his stomach as he started to laugh evilly. The determination that barely held you on your toes slowly wavered with every minute he stood in front of you as he did.

His words were: “Still not enough of me, sweetie? A joke, y/n”, while letting you in and vanishing in the big, light kitchen next to the living room whereas you spread yourself out on the sofa. And the worst of it was, that he didn’t think of dressing his way too seductive upper body in any kind of cloth as he came back with two plates topped with fast food twenty minutes later.

“Get yourself a shirt”, you remarked while taking one of the hot plates from him. “I mean it. I want to eat in peace.”

Jungkook on the other side just grinned widely at you. “Don’t act as if you haven’t seen it.”

“Oh I did”, you gestured emphasizing over your own  body. “But wouldn’t it be weird if I’d do it in your place?”

Jungkook looked as if in deep thought before a reluctant nod seemed to be his final response ere he turned around to snatch a black shirt off of the chair next to the wooden dinner table at the end of the room beside the amazing top to floor windows. You followed his every step. The way his abs flexed as he pulled the shirt over his black hair. The way it bounced up and down as he shook his head to let the bangs fall into his forehead again. The way he adjusted the perfectly fit t over his arms and tilted his head to stare at you. Judging hard.

“How was your week, y/n?”, asking you innocently with a slight smirk pursing his pink lips he casually walked to you, plopping down on the couch that curved under his weight. His large hand reached out for his food while Jungkook shoved the first couple of fries in his mouth with a loud 'yam’.

Giggling at his childlike noises he couldn’t shake off throughout the years you dropped on the floor, sitting on your knees while you started to eat as well. “I had so many tasks to do at work for my colleague and I’m exhausted..” You started to rant, babble and laugh while talking like a waterfall, not minding if Jungkook didn’t even listen as you shoved food in your mouth and talked as if you couldn’t for ages. It felt great to finally rant about everything, to speak to your friend again. “..and then she just threw all my stuff away! Can you believe that?”

As you finally turned around you saw your best friend leaning forward, his elbows put on his knees while his face was held by his palms. His eyes were fixated on you, a soft smile playing on his pretty lips. The darkness that often filled his pupils was as if pushed out, only a light chocolate sparkling remaining while you stopped talking after almost half and hour. Jungkook had a gentle expression on his face that made you forget what you had talked about the last minutes. “I would have smacked her.”

You were kinda taken aback by his question, not realising how bluntly you had watched him. “Who?”

Instead of giving you an answer, the tattooed handsome stood up, ruffling your hair with a chuckle. “The girl from work, sweetie. You were talking about her non-stop.”

“Oh..yeah”, you stuttered, scratching the back of your head in an attempt of embarrassment. “Sh..she. Ah fuck, I lost it, okay?”, you shouted towards the kitchen with reddened cheeks, because you already knew that Jungkook had caught you.

Laughter was the response you got, accompanied by a big fat grin on Jungkook’s face as he brought the much needed ice cream. “I listened well. And here you thought I wouldn’t! Now eat up, I wanna start the movie.”

Nodding you grabbed the pot from him, thankfully tasting the sweet chocolate flavour with a happy smile his way.

The rest of the time it was your turn to listen to the attractive guy who sat over you on the sofa, his legs spread while you leaned against one of them. “Well, Namjoon had told me a lot and I suggested to apologise in a different way. Drinks, music and relaxation. So, mind if I throw an apologising party tomorrow? I know it’s kinda late to ask you to come, but I forgot.”

“Oh, boy, you really forgot me?”, your fist flew on his thigh next to you, the boy flinching. “You better invite me first before you ask anybody else, traitor”, with those words you faked being bratty, your hair brushed over your shoulder.

“Come on, y/n, I knew I could count on you. That’s why.”

You ignored him, knowing he would crumble from the lack of attention in no time. And you were right.

“Okay, listen!”, Jungkook jumped up to get on his knees beside you which made you smile unintentionally. “You can help me prepare and sleep here if you want, too. Or we could do whatever you want the-”

“Let’s do that, then”, you chirped, patting his knee with a huge grin on your lips. “It works every fucking time!”, you laughed now, the expression on your friend’s face too hilarious as he got that you played him again.


Nodding once you bit down your inner cheek to repress the urge to burst into another pit of laughter at his reddened cheeks. But instead of answering Jungkook took you by your arms to throw you on the couch and you felt how your heart stopped beating for a split second. Your stomach turned into a mess, the tightness of your panties becoming unbearable as the tattooed guy hovered over you.

“Should I punish you now or..”, he stopped mid sentence as you gulped loudly, your face lit, your hands stiffly on your sides not to touch him. Coughing as if he just realised the extent of his action he ran his hand through his silky looking strands whereas falling to the side, his back hit on the rest, his body almost touching yours as he spread himself out next to you. “Sorry, y/n. I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. I mean, I thought you and I were back to how we used to be, you know.”

Nodding heavily you tried to calm your nerves, your cold hands cooling down your burning skin. “I was just surprised, nothing more”, you declared with a faint, shy smile that told him that you were everything but 'just surprised’.

“So it’s okay if I do this?” Jungkook propped on his elbow, his other hand landing on your stomach while he looked at the huge TV hanging from the wall across from you two with rose cheeks.

“It is”, you answered, your stiffness slowly vanishing as the time went by slowly and your felt as if it was a common day you used to spent together, cuddling on the couch while the cold weather outside was abandoned by the warmth of his amazing home. You moved a bit, your body now laying on the side with Jungkook’s chest slightly touching your back, his hand remaining on your waist. It felt intimate, in a good way. In a 'I know that you’re my best friend’ kind of way. In a 'let’s just spend the day and night as a cuddling mess’ way without being afraid to make a wrong move.

“Are you feeling comfortable like this?”, you asked as the movie you had played got lamer and lamer, your head darting to the side to look at the boy beside you.

“What do you mean?”

“Like, do you like me being here again? Are your problems solved or can I help you with them?”

Jungkook’s view lay on your face quite a while ere he showed you a faint bunny smile. “You can’t help me even if I wanted to, but you being here is nice, y/n. And don’t ever think I wouldn’t love that you’re here, silly.” His fingers flicked your forehead as he did so often, the strange habit that always occurred on special occasions you haven’t completely found out, but it made both of you grin. “How about you? Are you alright if we’re this close again?”

You didn’t need time to nod. “More than alright. It feels familiar and nice to be here again. I really missed your apartment the past weeks!”, you announced with a cheeky grin before you turned around again, facing the screen. “The movie’s shit.”

“Missed only my apartment?” The guy holding you laughed and nodded while sitting up. “Going to switch on the TV.”

After he ended the torture of a screen play Jungkook got back to his previous position, but this time his hands remained at his own body. Scrunching your face you shook your head, your movement unnoticed as Jungkook seemed to be absorbed in the late night show you two constantly watched at night. Time ticked, the moon rising high as the two of you got lost in silly conversations and excited talks about his band’s upcoming concerts.

“Yeah, I apologised to everyone for my behaviour”, he confessed as you two stared at the ceiling with the changing lights of the TV’s show lighting your faces in different colors. “Namjoon and I met up in a café. He wasn’t pissed off anymore after I talked to him about a lot of stuff that was on my mind lately. He even understood my situation”, Jungkook’s low voice got a soft tone as he spoke of his dear friend. The admiration he felt lacing his vocals. “I was an asshole to all of you, but he gave me good advice, so, no need to worry about some issues anymore. I’m quite happy that we start to talk a lot more now.”

Listening to his talk you cheered loudly as he said he had found a solution with Namjoon, his best friend. And he even got advice and wanted to throw a party for the rest. It consoled your heart to see Jungkook that happy again, after he seemed to have a lot on his mind.

“He’s coming tomorrow then?”, you asked with a bright smile that should signal the handsome next to you that you were genuinely happy for him. “So, we’re getting drunk tomorrow or stay sober and have fun by watching the others..”

Your voice got lost in the dark as Jungkook’s phone started to vibrate, the screen bright and a name you strangely recognized lighting up. Kim. Where have you heard that name again? You couldn’t remember, but as you reached out to give Jungkook his phone to answer the call he tried desperately to be faster. Which he wasn’t as you hastily hid the phone behind your back.

“Why so hasty, lover boy?”, you teased with a smug smirk. “Is she the one that keeps you on your toes the last weeks? The reason you snapped?”

“The fuck, y/n. As if”, Jungkook laughed, but you saw how nervous he got as he averted his eyes. “Now give me my phone.”

“Oh no”, you grinned at him. “You bet I’ll put her on speaker.” With that you held the phone up high, pressing the green symbol to answer the call. The brown eyes of the boy beside you shot wide at your action, but he froze as the female, high voice drunkenly lulled through the speakers in the middle of your night together.

Heyy, daddyy. I’m soo needy right now. Come here and do me good..You were so mean as you left last we-”

The girl seemed young and heavily drunk as the call was ended faster than you fathomed. By Jungkook. His face went pale, his eyes a lot wider while he grasped your hand to enclose it around his phone, ending the call with his thumb ere she could end the sentence. Whatever she was about to say was something the tattooed man didn’t want you to know and that you had to accept, although a flash of a strange jealousy ran through your body at the meaning of what she said. It was obvious that she had fucked Jungkook, and wanted more (Hell, you wanted more, too, but that’s life, Boo.).

“Daddy?”, you asked, your voice a whiff.

Silence followed before you cracked up, your loud laugh echoing from the walls, tears falling down your cheeks. Jungkook did it alike and in no time you forgot the fact that he acted rather extremely to end the call as fast as possible.

“Are you for real?”, you couldn’t stop giggling as your voices subsided. “Fucking daddy?”

“That’s what all the girls wanna scream”, he shrugged his broad shoulders, shoving the phone down his sweatpants. “Why must she call when you’re here. Ah..”

“No need to be shy, daddy”, you just had to. He nearly pushed it in your face to take. And so you did. “You aren’t able to live in peace anymore!”

Groaning Jungkook turned to the side like he did hours ago. “Why does it sound so strange coming out of your mouth?”

Grinning you weren’t able to hide the evil smile that lifted your edges, the word daddy still roaming your head. Anyway, the clenching feeling wouldn’t go away, not even as Jungkook started to babble about random things again, trying to distract you from the call he got from the drunk Kim that desperately wanted him right now. But here he was, cuddled up on the couch with you by his side and a lot of hilarious stories to tell. And as it was close to midnight you grabbed a blanket, throwing it onto your bodies while you watched the shows in silence. Although many of your favourite late night programs flashed over the screen you couldn’t help yourself as your thoughts wandered back to the girl’s call. There was one thing that was stranger than the fact that she actually called him 'daddy’. Jungkook never saved a girl’s phone number. Ever. Random hook ups and good fucks didn’t deserve to fill a blank space, but Kim seemed worth. The tightness in your stomach increased, your limbs rather stiff which didn’t go unnoticed.

“Y/n, is everything alright?”, Jungkook sounded sleepy, his eyes half closed as you looked back at him. “You’re so stiff. Does it hurt you somewhere?”, his free hand stroked over your waist up to your arm to make sure you were alright.

Contemplating to tell him the truth you shook your head. “Is she something like your friend with benefits?”

In an instant his chocolate orbs shot open, meeting your gaze. “You still think about her?”

A nod.

“Oh, sweetie”, you heard the softness in his low voice, his arm wrapped tightly around your waist. “She was a nice fuck, but that’s it. I must have been drunk as I saved her number”, Jungkook had difficulties to control his twitching lips, the happy smile painting his pink mouth not unnoticed.

“Why are you smiling? Just tell me if she is, we are friends, forgot that?”, you scoffed, your cheeks red and that got you going, annoyed.

“Sure thing we are friends. I fucking know that”, mumbling he pressed you closer against his chest, your back instantly warming up from the heat resonating through the thin shirts. “Now close your eyes and sleep. Forget that girl, okay? I’m done for today and you’re too warm to stay awake”, his announcement was quiet and you swore you heard a slight disappointment in the drowsiness of his voice, but you didn’t say anything as you pulled the blanket higher, trying to enjoy the oh so familiar posture you found yourself in. The only change that Jungkook nuzzled his face in your neck, his hot mouth leaving feathery marks on your skin, sneakily trying to get you off of your thoughts about the girl called Kim.

“Jungkook..nh..stop that”, you arched your neck, a typical sign for the other to never stop, but you had to, the urge to straddle his lap too high as he pressed his lips deeply on your neck. Not believing he actually succeeded with his plan you shuddered. “That’s not what we used to do..”

“We could make it new, then”, he whispered in the dark, cheesy and tired at the same time. “No, sorry, I just felt like teasing you after you did that to me.”

Heat shooting in your entire face you were on the edge to say hell, yes, let’s make it a new thing, but that was impossible as your trembling hand pushed Jungkook’s head away.

“Sleep, baby boy.”

“Just stay here, I’ll be back in ten minutes”, Namjoon said to Jungkook as you three went grocery shopping. At first you tried to escape from their filthy hands, giving them the excuse of being busy the day of the party, but Jungkook already saw through your lie ere you said it aloud hence you were forced to pick out drinks, snacks and had to listen to two boys bickering about you. Of course Namjoon had to burst in the early morning around ten, your friend and you strangely tangled in each others limbs. The desperate tries of yours to wake him up was failing as to why you had to take drastic measures, shoving him off of the couch. He was grumpy as fuck, cursing under his breath, but you saw his tired pupils sparkling anyway.

“Are you finished?”, you got on their nerves, ready to fall asleep on the spot. “I wanna go to bed for a while before the party, baby boy.”

“Stop with the baby boy, y/n”, Jungkook nudged your side with a childlike expression. He was dressed in all black again, a big scarf wrapped around his neck, a beanie on his head and a reddened nose. It got colder the last days and you already froze in place. “Why does he know those freaks anyway?”

Shrugging your shoulders you followed his view, seeing that Namjoon was talking to some strange guys you knew were Yoongi’s best friends. And this fact disgusted you. Why were they here anyway? Oh, well, it was a local supermarket, but it still got on your nerves to see those faces that constantly threw glances your way. Especially checking out the boy next to you who seemed to be quite tense at their appearances.

“If they’re staring any longer-”

“Don’t you dare lay a finger on them”, you scolded your friend, pulling him by the sleeve inside the store. “Better hurry up so I can go home. Now shop.”

Furrowing his dark eyebrows he followed you, his fingers hastily writing Namjoon a text.

“Why am I here anyway? You can buy stuff yourself”, you said for the hundredth time that day, your eyes wandering over the big rows of different drinks. Jungkook followed behind pushing the cart and throwing in random utensils.

Shoving the cold metal in your butt again and again you turned around with a menacing stare at the giggling boy.

“You know what the girls like to drink and I wanted to spend some time with you like usual”, he grinned, his hands taking another two bottles of booze. “Strawberry sweetness or sprinkling savannah?”

You couldn’t help but crack up as you saw Jungkook in all black like the bad guy he was holding two bright pink bottles of champagne, shaking them slightly with wiggling eyebrows. If he thought you’d help him he wasn’t on the right side as you held your stomach, tears burning in your eyes.

“I take both. They sound so stupid they just have to taste bad”, he decided as you gestured for him to put them down with a snicker leaving your lips. “It was a joke, y/n. I wanted to ease the mood by taking you with us because I did shit and Namjoon did shit, but he’s my bro and you're”, he paused, his eyes coated with a glimmer, “also someone special to me.” Clearing his throat you felt as if your heart stopped beating for some seconds at the way he looked at you, his words you desperately tried to deny remembering flashing behind your eyes.

“Thanks, Jungkook”, you mumbled, turning around to end the shopping trip in the supermarket faster than you intended to in the first place. Right as you turned a corner Namjoon was back, judging your blushing cheeks and Jungkook’s cheerful whistling with arched eyebrows.

“Mind if they come, too?”, he then asked as casually as if he didn’t know whose friends they were.

Throwing a glance back over your shoulder you waited for your friend to give him a negative answer but he just shrugged his shoulders. “If they’re talking shit or anything I’ll throw them out and beat them up.” As if he talked about taking some candy he said those words that made Namjoon snicker and you stop in front of the cart.

“You’re joking, right? You know that they’ll bring Yoongi-”

“So what? Ignore him, y/n. He won’t do shit again after I broke his nose and even if he tries, you’re over him, aren’t you?”, Jungkook tilted his beanie dressed head, the way he grinned told you why he thought you were over him. And by god, he was right. Your heart erected for a brief moment if you heard the name of your ex, but that was all now. No clenching feeling, no tears, no jealousy. Nothing. That’s why you shot him a wide eyed look, your mouth agape. He knew you too well ere you yourself got that you were finally over Min Yoongi. Hence you circled the metal cart to take him by his shoulders.

“Choose whatever chocolate you want. I’ll buy.”

Jungkook’s beaming shoulders were accompanied by a hearty laugh, his head falling in his neck while Namjoon just shook his grape colored thatch with a knowing grin why he had asked you about Yoongi in the first place.

Something made you quite nervous as you woke up from a nap on Jungkook’s couch, the boy already showered and freshly dressed into a pair of very light jeans and a casual dark red buttoned shirt, his earrings new as to why you had complimented him. The black, signature boots on his feet he had spun around while you hugged your pillow with your sleepy head, inspecting your friend from top to toe. Despite your tight panties and the way you had absent-mindedly licked your lips you nodded with a shrug of your shoulders before you rushed past him to get ready yourself. Luckily you had bought a big bag yesterday, the things you needed for a pretty outfit already in it even though you didn’t know that he would throw a party.

Coming out of the bathroom, hair styled, make up on in a glittery top with low cut, black jeans you found Jungkook hung over his phone, desperately writing a message.

“All over a girl that’ll come tonight, too, lover boy?”, you chirped, your subtly high boots slipped on. Around you, you saw that your best friend had done the decorations in the form of lining up a couple of drinks and snacks over his large place. “Looks nice!”

The tattooed handsome turned his head with a smirk, answering you while you walked towards one of the tables to snatch away a mikado. “I’m so over a girl that I can’t think straight.”

“Oh, that’s means I have to sleep at home then? I really don’t wanna hear you fuck her all night”, you mumbled, an ache in your heart at his words. No, it was certainly no jealousy! Shoving in another of the thin sweets in your mouth, shifting around while leaning against the table in your back, the whole glass with the mikados in your hand. “I know how loud you actually are”, you said with a grin, regretting it the moment the words left your lips.

“Not at all, y/n. Stay.” His head falling back he chuckled lowly ere he smirked at you again. “And what do you mean I’m loud? Girl, have you heard yourself?”

“Oh, come on, Jungkook. We both know you enjoyed it way more than me.” You two exchanged grins that were too innocent, too predictable and way too intimate, but that was alright, so you thought while watching him move.

The glass almost fell out of your fingers as Jungkook stood up, circling the huge black leather couch you had taken a nap on an hour ago, slandering in your direction with his long, toned legs. “Do you mind?”

One of his big, veiny hands reached out to briefly brush over your waist whereas he came as close as he was able to, your bodies almost touching. The herb, but sweet smelling scent of his cologne drifted up your nose as he leaned in with a smirk, his chocolate orbs lingering only on your lips, your breath held deep inside your lungs at what was about to happen – you weren’t ready, but you couldn’t stop him neither – and just as he was about to touch your lips you heard a crack followed by a crunching sound.

“The mikados are real good”, cool spinning around and walking towards his kitchen he stopped, his low voice echoing from the high walls. “And yes, you’re absolutely right about that.”

Confusion and shock coursed through your tensed body as you let go of the breath you held, the last bit of your sweets swallowed while the other half was deliciously eaten by the boy who turned his back to you.


“Your statement, y/n, remember?”

Furrowing your brows you nodded. “Y-yeah, of course.”

Hearing Jungkook chuckle after he entered the light kitchen of his the tension fell off of you while you cursed yourself for not even remembering what you had said in the first place, his body and breath teasing you made you forget everything around you.

Seconds later he came back, a faint, nervous smile pursing his lips while you still munched on the snacks.

“Before I forget. Do you mind if we talk a bit after the party?”

Tilting your head you shrugged your shoulders, not thinking about anything. “Sure thing. I hit you up when I’m too tired though.”

Just as you thought the room was full of crazy beautiful chicks and pretty boys while you sat on the couch enjoying the music of Jungkook’s band droning out of the speakers with one of the girly champagne bottles Jungkook had chosen on the table in front of you. Namjoon, Jimin and the other boys were flirting a lot while you watched Jungkook rather reluctantly speaking to girls that approached him. If you wouldn’t have a piercing feeling in your stomach by the thought of him waiting for the girl he had or better hadn’t told you about you would’ve smiled at him rejecting all the other female guests for that one person he waited for. If.

“All alone, pretty lady?”, a manly voice reached your ears, shaking you out of your trance like state, your eyes wandering to the young man you knew well by now standing beside you. His grape colored hair was styled its usual way up as Namjoon sat down next to you, the drink of his full and a bright, dimpled grin on his lips. “How’re you, y/n?”

Smiling relieved that it wasn’t one of the other male guests hitting on you, you clinked glasses with Namjoon. “I’m feeling so good I get a bad intuition something might happen because I’m so happy.”

A slight laugh falling over his plump lips he leaned in, the next words of his let you freeze. “Jungkook told me why you’re so so happy, y/n.” Wiggling his brows you almost fell over.

“He told you?”

“We had a long ass talk this week and everything’s cleared now. I understand him and he understands me”, nodding while sipping on his drink he talked to you as if it wasn’t the major thing you thought it was. “I wanted to say that I won’t start anything with you again. And I’m sorry for my harsh reaction the night he disappeared, because I had no right to interfere in your personal matters that night.”

Holding out his hand to apologise properly for a thing you didn’t quite get you giggled, smacking his hand away and hugging his tall body. “We’re friends then?”

“As long as you want!”, he cheered. “And you and Jungkook, are you two a thing now?”

Almost choking on your drink you didn’t deny it. “Well, we have had sex, but that doesn’t make us a couple. But I have a strange feeling about Jungkook, if I can be honest with you.”

Shifting his head in interest he leaned back, gesturing you to go on.

“Ah, I really shouldn’t talk to you about that. You’re his friend and mostly tell him.”

“I think I can shut my mouth at times”, Namjoon shot you a cheeky grin that succeeded in destroying your last piece of determination to hold back with your thoughts.

Employing your glass, putting it back down you shifted to the side to face the young man beside you, who was excited to hear about your thoughts. “Okay, so I already told you that I have major sexual feelings about him, right? And just last week he kind of..he said something that sounded so much like a confession and I was confused, Namjoon. I’m still unsure if I got it right or if it was all a misunderstanding, because yesterday a girl named Kim called and it seems like they had sex some time”, you stopped, scrunching your face at that thought. “Anyway. He saved her number and was pretty tense and tonight he seems like he’s rejected every little flirt. I don’t want to look like the dumb friend that thinks too much into a misunderstanding and lastly get to know that he’s interested I Kim girl, you know?”

Letting the said sink in Namjoon pulled his lips in between his teeth, a slight twitch of his lips making you nervous. “You’re basically telling me that you think Jungkook is in love or anything near that with another girl although he said he likes you?”

“No, well, kind of. He said it as he thought I was sleeping, that’s why.”

Nodding Namjoon stood up, a huge grin on his attractive, glowing face. “What do you feel for him then? More than sex? More than being his best friend?”

Staring into a distance you witnessed him leaving and coming back with two full glasses, one handing you. As he was away you had time to think about his question, but still were clueless about your feelings.

“As long as he doesn’t confess or gets the girl he’s waiting for, I’ll lay it on ice and wait”, you declared after you two clinked your glasses. “Let’s stop talking about that, it confuses the hell out of me!”

“Sure thing, but y/n, you better clear the stuff with your feelings. I don’t want him to get hurt.”

Nodding, not realising the real meaning of his words you leaned back, rolling your drink in your hands.

Namjoon was your steady company that night while Jungkook was here and there to talk to all of his guests, always a lopsided grin plastered on his pretty, pink lips. By the time it was long past twelve, most of the people drunk and dancing and so was Namjoon as he found a girl for the night hence you didn’t want to stand in his dick’s way. You had seen Taehyung somewhere alongside a few freaky looking girls as you had poured yourself another glass with the booze. But as the time ticked you asked yourself where the host disappeared to as to why you passed a lot of people who greeted you to get to wherever Jungkook was right now. You were sleepy as it was almost three and the tipsiness of yours starting to take overhand, but you had promised to talk to him after the party. And if it got your way, it was after the party right now. Your steps got slower as you reached the kitchen where you heard two familiar voices having a heated conversation. It was wrong and felt bad to eavesdrop, but Jungkook’s voice sounded upset with something as you recognized his deep vocals.

“..told you that it’s better not to bring her, Jimin. I have no interest in her.”

“She’s all over you and followed me, okay? It’s not my fault.”

“Then take her the fuck home!”, Jungkook’s dark vocals got louder, impatient. “I don’t want her to bust me in front of y/n, okay? We finally made up and I have plans tonight.”

Silence was all you heard ere your friend talked again.

“She shouldn’t be here. Y/n has to know from me, but Kim will tell her everything if she meets her and I can’t risk that. Not after I slept with her, too.”

“You..what? Jungkook, that’s disgusting!”

“Oh, shut up, okay? You’re not an innocent angel the whole world thinks you are.”

Holding your breath the information slowly got through to the functioning side of your brain. Jungkook told Jimin you two had hooked up. And that there was a girl at the party who would tell you something Jungkook wanted to keep a secret. At least until he told you himself what was going on. The moment you caught yourself walking closer, pressing your back against the wall that parted the hall to the kitchen you felt miserable for listening in on them, but the next words buried that feeling, another taking it’s place. Fury.

“You’re basically telling me you fucked the whole city in one week, lastly my own sister, dumping her to fuck your best friend and then telling me you called her again? Jungkook, that went overboard. You’ll die at this rate of too many fucks in five damn days.” Even though both of them cracked up at that, your heart was stabbed by a keen, menacing knife held by the boy with the black hair and the tattoos himself. “And here I thought you actually felt anything for y/n, but that’s nonsense, right? You fucked her because you can’t live without tasting her once?”

“Well..” A long pause was answer enough for you, your legs taking you into the spotlight.

Furious at this statement, at the way he bluntly told fucking everybody you two have had sex, at the way he didn’t even try to deny what Jimin said. Shoving the so called, blonde boy out of the way you faced a perplexed, wide eyed Jungkook, pushing him by his chest. His lower back hit the counter behind him, your eyes deathly glaring up into his shocked face.

“Y/n, eh-”

“Shut the hell up, you asshole!”, you shouted, your fists hitting his broad chest. “I heard everything! You not only kept your fucking around a secret while doing me, you also told every single person on this party! And here I thought you actually cared for me and won’t do the same shit to me you do to all those random girls you fucked over the years! Respect me, but you don’t. Wanted to taste me once? I’m so done with men. They only think about themselves!”

Holding up his hands to defend him he shook his raven hair, trying to calm you down by grabbing your wrists. “Y/n, stop! It’s’ve misunder-”

“Don’t you dare make it a small thing, because it’s not! I understood very well, you jerk”, anger in your voice and coldness erecting in your eyes you freed your arms with a strong pull, nearly falling back. “I don’t want to hear another word from someone like you. And here I thought-”

Suddenly your body hit the floor, your hands supporting you while an unfamiliar girl hovered over you, ready to fight, her rather tall body standing between you and Jungkook. Her face resembled Jimin’s in a female, delicate way whereas her loud, high voice you had heard somewhere before filled the kitchen.

“Don’t lay a fucking finger on him, bitch!”

Torn between standing up and punching her face or the option of laughing out loud at her exaggerated reaction you decided for the third thing popping up in your mind.

“Who the fuck are you and why do you dare to push me to the ground? Jungkook, you ass, that’s another bitch of yours, yeah? Better hold her back or I’ll fight that dumb-”

“Get out, Kim. That’s none of your business”, Jungkook’s voice was rather calm as he tried to pull her away from you, in vain. “I’m calling for your brother, Kim.”

The typical bulb in your head lighted up at his words. It was Jimin’s sister, Kim. The girl Jungkook had helped weeks ago, who he and his friend had talked about, the girl you shouldn’t meet and who had sex with your best friend. The girl he had waited for and most certainly had more than sexual feelings for her. It hurt. On a strange level, you were more than hurt, not understanding it either.

Laughing unamused you straightened yourself, standing up while glaring at the two of them.

Your head high, blinking away the slight burn inside your eyes you rose your voice to the only two people in the room.

“And here I was too stupid to believe the words you said, Jungkook”, ignoring the girl who tried to scratch you, you walked past the young man who tried to stop you. “I fucking heard every word you said that night, but now I don’t believe them anymore.”

“ heard-”

“Oh shut up!”, you shouted over your shoulder, tears starting to form in the corners of your eyes. “Don’t come near me ever again.”

Running out of the apartment you witnessed Jungkook’s faint voice desperately calling out to you, but it was too late. The words were said and the actions he did hurt you although you weren’t in the position to feel weird and jealous and painfully deceived. But you did, and that fact was worse than the rest combined. Outside you froze to death as snow fell down on your naked arms. Rubbing them you contemplated to walk back in to get your jacket, but right as you turned around, ready to just walk home like this, you were spun around.


Growling you smacked Jungkook’s hands away. “Don’t touch me. You slept with how many girls before you slept with me, ten? Or less?”, you spit out the words, wiping away your tears. “In front of me you are the strong man who gets into fights and is all mighty. But the truth is you’re weak and don’t have the guts to tell me that you just used me to get that Kim girl out of your head? That’s why she shouldn’t meet me?”

“Wait, y/n, you got everything mixed-”

“Shut up!”, you shoved him away as he tried to give you his jacket. “And then you told Jimin that you don’t feel anything at all and just wanted..wanted to fuck me once so you won’t regret it later if you go to his sister? Isn’t that the case why you were gone that week?”

“No. Hell, where does all of this come-”

“I’m done, okay? Get in and take the bitch that threw me to the ground before I forget myself.”

With those last words you stormed off, but heard Jungkook’s steps right behind you again.

“Just leave me alone, you confuse me, you idiot!”, you shouted at him again and that time he didn’t follow you as you rushed home through the cold, your heart clenching tightly because of a forbidden feeling threatening to enclose your heart..

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CAN WE BE FRIENDS???? You seem so nice and I just really really wanna be your friend.

Absolutly! One of the reasons I made made promotprophet was to inteact with you all more without taking from the page!! I would love to here from you all!

- Prompt Prophet

“Oh Baby, you look good tonight”

This imagine came to my head when I saw these gifs and the dream I had tonight.

I just thought I would write it down. It’s my first on so please be gentle. *Fingerscrossed*

The door to the white wrym opened and sweet peas jaw dropped.

It was you. It was your first night as a Serpent. Just yesterday you had finished all the tasks and you were about to celebrate it tonight with all your friends and of course you had to look decent.

And with decent you meant wearing this tight and also maybe a little to short leather skirt with this beautiful lace shirt that showed more of your upper body than it probably should. But most importantly was the jacket. The thick black leather jacket with the green snake on its back. Finally. You had waited so long to get this jacket and be a real part of the Serpents.

The Serpents had picked you up when no one else had wanted you. Your parents had died when you were just 3 years old. Since then you had been going from foster family to children’s home every month. It was surprising how rude adults could treat a child. It seemed like you were a pet. They tried you out for three weeks and then just brought you back because you weren’t “intelligent” or “brave” enough. It was a formative time for you so obviously it was even harder for you to trust these dark, leather wearing men that just wanted to help you. It took some time but now you couldn’t be happier that you did trust them in the end and therefore became a part of their family. They told you that even though you did not fulfill all the tasks every serpent had to do, you were one. You really wanted to believe that but in the back of your head, you always wanted to be like every other serpent and be proud to master all the tasks. So you did. Just yesterday you managed to accomplish the serpent dance and therefore become a real serpent.

You felt like your life was finally coming together but there was still one thing you needed to handle. You and sweet pea have been friends since the first day the Serpents adopted you but lately you felt like there was something else going on between you and him. You were flirting all the time and couldn’t really let the day pass by without having talked to him because he just made you so happy. You weren’t entirely sure if he felt the same for you but Toni has been telling you that he did. So you decided that tonight you were just going to risk it.

After entering the bar you went straight to sweet pea. He had a big smile on his face and said “oh baby you look good tonight” as soon as you had approached him. “Oh thx sweets” you said while greeting him with a hug. He rolled his eyes because of the nickname you use for him. He always says it does not sound as dangerous as sweet pea, but let’s be honest none of the two names did really sound terrifying but you would never tell him.

“So how do you feel, now that you are a real serpent?” he asked smirking while he gave you a drink. “I feel soooo good, sweets!” you said, drinking the whole glass all at once, “and I freaking love the jacket!” you added. Sweet pea checked you out from bottom to top again. This was probably the tenth time he did so. You still did not really know how to approach the task you had set yourself for tonight…

“Let’s go dance.” Sweet pea shouted into your ear because the music was louder than before. You both had already drank a bunch of drinks but you still felt really. He led you to the dancefloor. Right as you reached your favorite song started playing and you began to dance. Kind of sexually rubbing your back on sweet pea while he was placing his hands on your hips, dancing to the song. You had a lot of fun and when the song stopped and turned around laughing. Sweet pea looked you deep into the eye as you did the same. Suddenly he leaned down and placed the long awaited kiss onto your lips. First you were a little shocked but eventually returned the kiss. “Oh my God” you whispered when the kiss ended. “Let’s leave” Sweet pea whispered with a big grin on his face.

Outside of the bar you stopped him. “Sweets wait a minute, what do you want to do?” You weren’t really sure if he was serious right now. “Exactly what I have been doing for a long while. I think I might be in love with you Y/N…” He stumbled while nervously scratching his neck. Instead of answering you pulled him in for another kiss.

You had not only found your long awaited family in the Serpents but also your love…

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what are your favorite signs?

💞💕💘💗cancers💘💗💗💖💕 even though y'all drive me absolutely insane with your emotional rollercoasters, my cap rising can’t help but want to give y'all the world 🌎

libras. again, fuck y'all.

i think i’d get along really well with virgos, but all the ones i know hate me ? fjhg.

i’m friends with many aries as well. they’re entertaining. but i think they get bored with me quickly 🤷‍♀️

p.s. in case i happen to have any followers from Alabama, y’all have a special election tomorrow, Tuesday, 12/12/17, to choose between child molester, openly racist, woman-hating, LGBT-hating Roy Moore and a man who actually prosecuted the KKK and believes in rights for women and LGBT people, Doug Jones.

If you are of voting age, please go vote for Doug Jones. If you are not of voting age, please talk to your friends and relatives who are and tell them to vote for Doug Jones.

I’m from Alabama, and y’all deserve better than having a rancid, festering boil for a senator. Also, like, I want y’all to know that every poll has this as a toss-up. A TOSS-UP. For a political race. IN ALABAMA. It’s not a done-deal at all, so don’t write it off as hopeless or throwing away your vote or anything like that. A liberal, civil rights-loving candidate has a very real chance to win a state-wide election. (And according to at least one political analyst, most of the polls aren’t even considering the college student population, because they’re just assuming you won’t show up. So this is REALLY your chance to throw your weight around and make your voice heard.)

Good Kid (Steve Harrington x Reader)

Alternatively titled, Good Deeds - Part 2

Summary: Steve drops you off at home after taking you home from a somewhat disastrous holiday party. Over a cup of hot chocolate, you come to the realization that he may be different from when you’d last known him.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1534

Author’s Note: Part 2 of Good Deeds is out and it kind of went in a different direction than I expected. Kind of like a transition chapter? Anyway, I have the next two parts planned and they are both cute and fluffy and exciting and will be out later this week!

Warnings: Language. 

So, Steve Harrington was in your house now.

That was a turn of events. Then again, your expectations for the night also hadn’t included all of your friends ditching you, Billy Hargrove hitting on you, and you running panicked from the party. So, all in all, this was one of the better surprises of tonight.

Still, you were finding it hard to think straight as you stirred the hot cocoa. You wanted to blame the cups of cheer that were really starting to catch up with you now, but if you were honest, the fact that Steve Harrington was currently sitting a few feet behind you at your kitchen table probably had something to do with it.

Which was stupid.

Because it wasn’t as if this was the first time he’d ever been in your house. Becky had brought him over plenty when they were “dating,” given that your house was the official hangout spot for your friends.

Keep reading

Wanna One Mafia Reaction: When their fiancee runs away

||| Requested by anon |||

* GIFs not mine *

Yoon Jisung

Originally posted by nieltrash

It didn’t take him long to get you back and he made sure to do it himself.

“I guess I will have to do some convincing tonight, so you wouldn’t want to try something like this again.”

Ha Sungwoon

Originally posted by joker283

As soon as he was told that you managed to escape, he sent his men after you and hours later you were by his side again.

“Now sweetheart, what do I do with you?”

Hwang Minhyun

Originally posted by fatenumberfor

Even though his bodyguards were with you at all times, to his surprise, you outsmarted not only them but him as well.

“Can’t you idiots do at least one thing right? Get her back now.”

Ong Seongwoo

You made the mistake of sharing your plan with one of your ‘friends’ but honestly, you never expected that everyone will be so loyal to him.

“Babe, I thought I told you many times now, we’re engaged. You can’t leave.”

Kim Jaehwan

Originally posted by kimsjaehwan

He looked calm but in reality he was boiling with anger. He couldn’t believe you would dare do something like this.

“Just you wait for what will happen when I get you back…”

Kang Daniel

He had eyes all over the country and it was easy for him to find you, even when you hid in another city. Little did you know that the hotel belonged to him as well.

“Baby, it’s not how this works. You can’t get away that easily.”

Park Jihoon

He couldn’t even sleep until he found you and boy you should be happy it didn’t take him that long.

“First thing first, we need to set some new rules…”

Park Woojin

Originally posted by pupwoojin

Betrayal. That’s all he felt and he’s not going to let this go unnoticed.

“I need to see her. Now,” he ordered his men.

BTS Reaction to: Their friend coming out as bisexual

Anon asked:” Hey there! Hope all is well. Would you be interested in writing a reaction to their friend coming out as bi? Just last week I came out to one of my friends and it was the first positive reaction I’ve ever had. It meant so much to me. But coming out is still really scary and it has the possibility to ruin friendships. I’m shaky just at the thought of coming out to more people. Anyway I’m babbling. The important thing is that I really like your blog and you seem cool 💕”

Author’s note: I’m actually bi myself, so I know how scary it is to come out. Just know that it’s your sexuality and you don’t have to tell people if you don’t want to. It’s not required for you to do that. I’m really glad that you like my blog 💖. Just know that if you want to talk to me about this you can. Gifs aren’t mine. x


Originally posted by bwiseoks

He smiled when he heard you say the words. To be fair he wasn’t really surprised. Seokjin had known you for a very long time and knew that you definitely weren’t straight. However, he still know how hard it must have been for you to tell him. So he flashed you a warm smile as he pulled you in for a hug. You were still the same Y/N as before, just now confident enough to finally be yourself.

“Really Y/N I’m so glad you told me. It must have been really tough but just know that I’m always here for you.”


Originally posted by jeonbase

He just stared at you as he slowly nodded his head, took a sip of his drink and shrugged. Yoongi didn’t care that you were bi, because it didn’t matter to him. He liked you for who you are. When he saw how nervous you were because he hadn’t replied yet he flashed you his signature gummy smile. Yoongi reared his hand on your shoulder as he said,

“Y/N, this doesn’t change anything for me. I’m glad you trust me enough to tell me. Really thank you.”


Originally posted by naughtaeandnice

Hoseok screamed as he launched himself at you, embracing you tightly. He had known it for a couple of months now but it was different to actually hear you say it. It meant that you had finally embraced who you really are and that made him happy. You laughed as you pushed him off of you. Hoseok chuckled as he moved back to his original position, next to you.

“Wow Y/N we should celebrate this! We should go out and throw a party or something like that!”


Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon

Your sexuality didn’t matter to him. Namjoon had known you for many years and knew how difficult it had to be for you to tell him this. So he was really glad that you did tell him. Namjoon flashed you a bright smile, showing you his dimples as he gently held your hand in his. He wanted to make sure that you knew he was really happy that you told him, because it must have been very scary to do so.

“I’m really glad you told me Y/N. I know it must have been really scary but it’s okay. I don’t care about your sexuality, but just know that I support you and this doesn’t change the way I see you. You’re still my friend.”


Originally posted by kookmint

Jimin had always known, so it didn’t come as a surprise when you told him. However, when he saw your trembling hands he realized how nervous you must have been. After all it can be absolutely terrifying to tell someone who means so much to you something that might change the way they see you. So Jimin really appreciated that you took the time to actually tell him.

“Y/N, it’s okay, really. Thank you for trusting me enough to tell this. I’m really happy you did.”


Originally posted by alien-ew

Just like Hoseok he’d be really excited, but for you. Taehyung knew that you had been struggling with trying to find out who you were and therefor was very happy that you finally found out. Most importantly that you actually had the courage to tell him that. Taehyung instantly grabbed his phone from the table as he started to browse the internet, looking for some funny ideas.

“Seriously Y/N we should do something. Bake a cake maybe? To celebrate it? I think that might be cool.”


Originally posted by mrspreadinglegsjungkook

He understood why you were so nervous to tell him, but he felt sad knowing that you were actually scared that he might never wanted to see you again after this. Jungkook was your friend and he loved you for who you are. He would never change the way he looked at you just because of your sexuality. After all you were still the same Y/N he liked so much. So he tried to assure you that you had nothing to worry about.

“Y/N, this doesn’t change anything for me. I’m really glad you told me but please don’t think that this changes the way I look at you. I’m really proud of you for telling this, seriously I know it must have been really scary”

do yall with bpd like … repeat some of the shit said by the person youre talking to.. like youre absently storing it away on file to use later?? or maybe even like mirroring this person to make them like you or something?? cause??

Hi I’m Roni and this mess that is my blog reached 500 followers earlier today!! I just want to say thank you to all of you for following me. I love you all.

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All I want For Christmas is You…

Originally posted by dailyriverdalegifs

Pairing: Cheryl Blossom x Reader

Requested: @sarahblossom

Prompts: #1 “Oh how convenient that there is mistletoe above us.”

#10 “There’s a snow storm. I guess we’re stuck in here together till it passes.”

#25 “All I want for Christmas is you…”

Summary: You’re stuck in a cabin with your friends and the girl you’re crushing on.

GIF Not Mine


Veronica, Archie, Betty, and Jughead all went away for a couples weekend and somehow you and Cheryl got dragged along. Maybe it was because you had a huge crush on Cheryl and she had one on you in return. Only Jughead and Archie knew of your crush and only Veronica and Betty knew of Cheryl’s. The weather forecasted snow so you went over to the window and peered outside. There was no visibility, the snow was falling down heavily so the six of you couldn’t make it back to Riverdale. “There’s a snow storm. I guess we’re stuck in here together till it passes.” You told the group earning a few groans from them. The plan was to go up to Cheryl’s cabin for the weekend before coming back down to Riverdale in time for the town’s Christmas festival. You flopped down onto the couch next to Veronica and Archie, a sullen look on everyone’s face but Cheryl’s. It was like this played well into her favour.

“Come on guys. It’s not that bad.” Cheryl said trying to get everyone to look on the bright side.

“Except that we’re gonna miss the hot chocolate they serve.” You pointed out.

“And the cookies.” Jughead added.

“And the reindeer.” Betty joined in.

“And the Pussycats performance.” Veronica also added.

“In fact we’re going to miss the whole festival.” Archie grumbled, pulling Veronica in closer so she was laying on his shoulder.

“I can’t believe I’m the only one looking at this situation not as a hindering. Yes, it’s not the most ideal situation but some town festival isn’t what makes Christmas it’s friends. No matter where you are as long as we’re together.” Cheryl addressed everyone, standing up and looking at each and every one of you in the living room.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this but Cheryl is right.” Jughead said sitting up from his slouched position. “We may be stuck in here till the storm passes but at least we’re together. We can make our own Christmas.”

“Okay, how do we start?” You asked. Cheryl’s eyes lit up as if she was waiting for someone to ask that. She got her phone out and scrolled through until she found the playlist named Christmas with a snowflake emoji next to it. The sound of bells, a generic must have in any Christmas song, trickled through the speakers as Cheryl pressed shuffle on the playlist.

“First, Christmas songs.” As Cheryl said this everyone’s sullen look vanished as if the sound of Christmas music lifted up their spirits. “Then we need some board games, candles before the power will go out which it will, and then the most important thing of all… cookies.”

Everyone looked at each other liking the idea. Betty and Veronica were in charge of board games. Archie and Jughead were in charge of candles and torches leaving you and Cheryl on baking duty. As everyone went off to do their jobs you and Cheryl were left in the kitchen. You started getting the ingredients you thought you may need. “Do you happen to have a recipe book here?” You asked Cheryl.

“I should do somewhere. I’ll go and have a look.” Cheryl said before going off to find the recipe book. Instead of going to bookshelf in the living room, which she knew it would be, she went into the storage cupboard where Betty and Veronica were. “I need your help.” Cheryl told the two girls. “It’s just me and Y/N in there and I have no idea what to do. I don’t know how to, you know, make a move.”

“Oh, my god you’re finally going to tell them your true feelings. It’s a Christmas miracle.” Veronica gasped. Betty snickered a little at how excited her friend was. “I have an idea.” The raven girl said before turning around and sifting through boxes on the shelves until she pulled out what she was looking for. Some mistletoe. “Here. Put this up. It’ll work like a charm.” Cheryl looked at the mistletoe dangling from Veronica’s hand with uncertainty before taking it from her.

When you knew Cheryl was gone you sneaked into the garage where Archie and Jughead were. “It’s just me and Cheryl in there and I have no idea what to do or say.” You started.

Jughead smirked and shared a look with Archie. “Just act natural. When the time is right, which you’ll know, tell her how you feel.” Jughead said giving decent advice.

You walked back into the living room seeing Cheryl sift through the books on the bookshelf. “Turns out they were in here the whole time.” She told you.

You nodded and jerked your head towards the garage. “They needed some help.” Cheryl bobbed her head, bringing the book over to you. The two of you started making the cookies singing along to whatever song was playing.

Once they were ready to be put in the oven, you grabbed the tray and turned to put them in the oven. When you turned back around Cheryl was standing there with some mistletoe in her hand, holding it above the two of you. You looked up as a smile formed on your lips. “Oh how convenient that there is mistletoe above us.” Cheryl looked down, blush creeping on her cheeks. You noticed that the longer you didn’t do anything the more embarrassed Cheryl got. You lifted her head up so she was looking at you and leaned in for a kiss, pressing your lips on hers. She was surprised at first but soon relaxed into it. When you pulled away your foreheads remained touching as you held hands. The mistletoe soon forgotten. “All I want for Christmas is you…” You breathed finally plucking up the courage to tell her how you feel. The blissful moment was interrupted by a gasp and a small clap coming from beside the two of you. You looked over to see everyone back from the tasks they were given sporting huge grins, happy that their friends have admitted their feelings.


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another year is coming to an end and i’m still very much in love with having roman as a muse and i can attribute a big part of that to all the amazing blogs i have met throughout the year and those who have been with me and roman since the beginning. i appreciate every single one of you, you all breathe so much life into your muses and you’re all incredibly talented writers and i’m very thankful that i can follow your writing and character development on my dashboard every single day. i just want to take the time to thank some very special people that have been with me for a long time, those who inspire me with their writing and dedication for their muse and good friends !

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Bound To You Part 4

As the three Dwarves approached the gates of Erebor, they ecstatically entered the city, nearly forgetting that you, a human, a young human, was terrified and alone, with a young babe.

As their friends approached them to give them a ‘welcome back’ Bofur heard you whimpering. The gentle dwarf, as if he just remembered you were with them, turned and spoke to you on a soft and sweet tone.

“It’s alright lassie. No one will hurt ya.” Bofur reached out and grasped your small hand in his. He kept his eyes locked on yours, not looking away and not breaking his concentration.

“I know this is all new to ya, but we won’t hurt ye. Neither will they. This is our home, Erebor.” He saw your eyes from him to the dwarves behind him.

They were clearly interested in you, a strange woman. And the small babe in your arm. They were surprised by the three Dwarves showing up with a woman and a babe, especially as you were so young.

“You have a secret wife we don’t know about, Bofur?” As the company of Dwarves laughed behind him, you got spooked and made yourself appear smaller.

We found her out in the middle of nowhere. She was alone with her babe. Poor thing was miles from the nearest human settlement. 400 miles.” Bofur grabbed your hand gently in his own and squeezed it as Bifur explained how they found you.

“How old is her babe?” Bofur looked back at you, your arm tightly wrapped around your baby, holding her to your chest. You were intimidated by the dwarves around you, even Bofur himself.

“T-two and a h-half months.” You stuttered nervously, shrinking back as each dwarf shuffled around you.

“She’s human.”

“She’s young.” The Closer they got to you, the more you pressed yourself to, and behind Bofur.

“She needs to be checked over to make sure she’s okay.” Bofur moves to stand in front of you, protecting you from their inquisitive gazes.

“Would ya all give the lassie some space?” Bofur raised his voice and broke through the chatter. The dwarves stopped talking and looked at him as he stretched his arms to block you from view.

“She is scared, and she remembers nothing. She doesn’t need you lot crowding around her and her babe, making her feel uncomfortable.” He glanced back at you.

You were staring at him, babe clutched tightly to your chest. Your eyes met his, and you licked your lips nervously.

“Thank you…” You whispered softly under your breath, thanking him for not only getting everyone to stop staring at you, but for defending you.

“She should speak to Thorin.” Bofur didn’t want you to speak to Thorin at the moment, as he could be intimidating.

He didn’t want to throw too much at you at once. If you were going to be looked at by Oín, and your baby, that would be enough for now.

“She needs a place to stay.” Bofur glanced back at you, your eyes locked on your baby in your arms.

You were rocking her back and forth, cooing to her softly. She was awake and squirming in your arms, blue eyes staring up at you.

“She can stay in my home.” Bofur smiled as he watched you with your daughter. You may not remember anything about where you came from or what happened to you, but you were an amazing mother.


Sorry this part is so short, next one should be longer

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Omg, your last imagine was amaaaaazing! I loved so much❤️ The promp was so good, do you have more ideas for this bffs in love theme? I would be interesting in reding more of that. You are very talented! (Sorry for the english, is not my first language)

You’re english is great!! I get the struggle, trust me, it’s not my first language either. 

So happy you enjoy my story!! I have a couple stories about best friends falling in love. I’ll try to link all of them, hope I don’t miss one :) 

Overhearing a confession

A difference between like and love
Admitting it
From Friendship to more
Don’t want You to Hate Me (god do I hate that story.)
Unwanted Attention
Sick of Losing You (I’m proudest of this one!!) 
Look at Me
Words Aint Enough
Only You
Ambiguous Love
Guess He’s really into Her, Mate
Pretty Close

As you can tell, I really love that type of writing. :) 

Natasha: Steve and I are the best friends on this planet.

Rhodey: Well, that’s cute.‘Cause Tony and I are the best friends in the whole universe. Which includes your crummy little planet. Tony and I finish each other’s-

Tony: -Sentences!

Natasha: Yeah? That all you do?

Steve: Because Natasha-

Natasha: -And I

Steve: -Can read

Natasha: -Each other’s

Steve: -Minds. Ready? What am I thinking of? One, two, three!

Steve and Natasha: Pizza! One, two, three, clouds! One, two, three, Bucky!

Tony: Yeah, right. Like we can’t do that.

Rhodey: We can’t.

Tony: One, two, three! Rainbows!

Rhodey: Can’t do it!

It Can Break The Strongest (Kris)

Originally posted by teddymoony

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Can you do a scenario with Kris he doesn’t so a lot of emotion. Until you had birth complications, your little baby is in intensive care, and you both start crying. But with Kris he just lets everything out like insecurities.

~decided to add on to it a bit because I couldn’t think of what exactly to have him feel insecure about…hope you don’t mind!~

It was so random one minute Kris was at work and the next he got a call from one of your friends about you being in the hospital. Preterm labor, you had no health concerns that you knew of but you today got hit with multiple symptoms. Kris rushed to the hospital and you guys were greeted with the news your little one survived. But barely. You were crying the whole time as Kris held you tightly. Your daughter was holding on with all her might and both of you felt a heavy guilt.

Kris spent the past hour staring at all the wires hooked up to Mingzhu. So small, smaller than the had to be. “My little pearl. How could you scare us like this?” he asked her quietly as his finger entered the little window in the incubator. “You aren’t ready for the world, not yet. But they can’t take you away” he whispered “don’t let them take you okay” he continued. “Sir” a nurse spoke as Kris slowly turned “your wife woke up and she needs you” she tells him as Kris slowly pulls his hand away from Mingzhu before he got up.


Kris rushed back to your room as you were a horrid mess at the moment. “I’m so sorry” you sobbed as Kris felt his eyes instantly fill with tears “baby this isn’t your fault” he says as he walked over to you. He took a seat beside your bed and grabbed your hand as you looked at him, you could see tears beginning their journey down his cheeks. “She’s alive we got stay strong okay?” his voice cracked as he kissed your palm. He said it seconds ago and he already broke his rule.

His head dropped as a sob ripped through him. He was breaking down the worst you’ve ever seen him. He couldn’t keep his demeanor up any longer. “I should have been with you today. I went to work even though you felt off” he cried. It was barely even off, it was a tiny feeling that had a dramatic outcome. “She’s so fragile. I’m scared for her, I don’t want to lose my baby” he continued as he looked up at you. You opened your arms and Kris climbed into bed beside you. He held you as you two continued to cry silent. It was going to be the only time either of you would break this bad. You both knew you had to be strong, not for your self but for little Wu Mingzhu.


“There maybe some problems with her in the future” your doctor spoke as she sat down acrossed from you while Kris held your hand. “What do you mean?” he asked her. “She’s possibly going to have delays in her development. Physically she’s may grow slower, may have problems learning, and some of the things we’ve picked up on when we had her screening was her hearing loss. We got very little response to loud noises. Her retinas aren’t fully developed but she may not need the treatment” you and Kris nodded as you took in the information. 

“For someone born before 37 weeks, she’s doing well” she gave a smile as she got up. “She’s doing so well” he told you as he squeezed your hand “whatever it takes honey, we’ll get her the best if she keeps her fighting up. The nurses say she’s stubborn already” he says as you smiled. “How about we go visit her. I want to hold her again” he told you as he helped you out of the seat. “Alright” you told him as he slid his hand into yours and you guys rushed to see your daughter. 

Be My Escape 10

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warning: Language, hot and steamy, violence happens, ANGSTY and Sassy!

You live a high society life, filled with rules and expectations. You’re in an orchestrated relationship with a man you’ve known all your life, who you’re no longer in love with. You run your mothers fashion line you received in your parents divorce, and you’re ready for some major changes. But what happens when one night the bad boy of your group, who you’ve known for years, catches your attention? Everything starts to change, keeping secrets from your best friend, defying your mother, the person you are. But will everything change? Even Play Boy, Prince of Bad Boys Eggsy Unwin, who you’re managing to fall in love with?? Or will you regret the changes and resort back to your old ways??

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Drabble Bakery / Vernon

Universe: idolxidol 
Quotes: 22/25
Genre: Fluff + Romance
Words count: 689
For anon, I hope you like it cutie! 
- M.

It was horrible having to compete against a group you were a fan of. Especially when you were from the same company and you all knew each other. Seungkwan greeted you joyfully and you smiled at him, trying not to meet Vernon’s gaze.  

But your friends didn’t seem to look away from the boy.  

“Just stop? You all are annoying.”  

“That boy’s stripping you with his eyes, Y/N.”  

A little shove towards Nahuen, the Maknae of the group and author of that affirmation, and the group began to giggle and whisper gibberish without you could hear them. You hated them, in a metaphorical sense, when attributed to any guy who watched you a possible crush.  

Even if you wanted Vernon’s to be true. To tell the truth, he was one of the Seventeen members you knew less, but not because you hadn’t tried to know him, but because close to him you always felt those strange sensations of lightness and difficulty to focus that did nothing but help.  


Vernon began to pitch between the small crowd that separated both and when he stopped before you, his huge and sweet smile was the first thing you noticed. You hid your hands behind your back, starting to fidget with your fingers trying to bring your nervousness down. You would have liked to say something, but your throat suddenly became dry and your head was completely emptied.  

“You have been great, the new comeback is a bomb!”  

Nahuen bent forward, putting herself among you; “Oh, Hi Vernon Oppa!!”  

Embarrassed Vernon scratched his nape, the maknae unaware of the veil of awkwardness that had quickly descended on you. “Hi Nahuen-ssi, you’ve been great today.”  

“Oh Than–Ouch, what are you doi–AAAAH!!” Your leader dragged the Maknae away, who began to wiggle while you and the rapper watched the scene dumbfounded. You were aware of the weirdness of your bandmates, maybe even Vernon, but you were in public, and it was weird.  

“Wow.. Are they always like that? ”  

“Even worse Vernon, even worse.”  

He began to sway on his heels, throwing a few eyes at his group that seemed to spur him to make something. And so you gathered your willpower and leaned a hand on his wrist, then slipping it towards his hand. With trepidation, you widened your fingers slowly, and then close them forcefully onto his hand. And then began the wait, your heart a hammer against your chest and you bent head to be able to observe how oddly that strange grip seemed perfect.  

Vernon held his breath in feeling the warmth of your hand in his, moving his gaze to Seungkwan little far away from him. And when he saw his thumbs up, his smile widened and his hands stopped shaking.  

“I just want a hug, just once,” the sweetness in your voice made him scream internally and without leaving the grip on your hand, he surrounded you with his other arm, leaning you against him. His chin leaned against your shoulder, your heart beating strong against your rib cafe but without causing pain. “You could have asked a hug right away, you know?”  

“If you’re hugging me, you don’t mind!” You exclaimed and his laughter mingled with your lighter, creating almost a melody, “Then I always thought you didn’t like me that much.”  

“Never, you’re the sweetest and cutest girl I’ve ever known!” He was almost offended, at least so it seemed to you, that putting pressure on your shoulder he moved you away and his large eyes scrutinized you carefully, “Never say it again, okay?”  


He snorted, giving you a slight pinch on your cheek, “that I didn’t like you! It’s quite the opposite, ” he emphasized the last words and with your free hand, you covered your left cheek, trying -foolishly- to hide the redness that was coloring it. “Pabo, there’s the other free cheek.”  

“What the heck!!! This is all your fault! ”  

“Well, what do you say if it keeps being my fault and maybe.. You’ll grant me a date one of these nights?”

anonymous asked:

His do power sources work in this witch world you created? In very interested.

thank you for your interest!! im flattered ☺️ the power of a witch’s magic is, in part, defined by their emotions. council witches get their power directly from The Great One, but they have “hidden sources” that boost their power. anise is stronger when she’s supported by her friends, and ludere is stronger when she’s driven by her sense of justice. that sort of thing.

rebel witches, however, have such a weak connection with The Great One that they need to get their power almost entirely from their emotions. it is sort of a metaphor for that thing we all do, where we feed into our negative emotions because it’s easier than facing the alternative.

prism, for instance, is a very distant and lonely person in real life, and he doesn’t know how to change it, so he gets power from that sort of lonely grief he feeds into. snare needs constant stimulation and excitement, so chaos gives him energy and thus, power.

rebel witches aren’t inherently evil, but they have all abandoned The Great One for one reason or another, and most of them either yearn for more power or dont feel like they belong with the council. most of them are lost or hurt in some way.

Peter Parker x Indian-American Reader

Masterlist for Peter Parker

Orignal Request:

“Hii I loved your Chinese- American reader with Peter Parker!! Can you please do one with Peter parker and an Indian reader?”

Author’s Note: I guess as long as you all keep requesting these I’ll keep writing them. Even though I’m a person of colour, I’m not Indian so hopefully, this doesn’t offend anyone. India might be the most diverse country I’ve written for so I don’t expect all of these to apply to every Indian person. These are mostly what I’ve experienced with my Indian friends and they tend to be from the southern part of the country.

Originally posted by sddonald22

  • Guess who was at the Indian wedding Tony Stark was attending in Spider-Man: Homecoming?
    • Yup, you
  • Your relative was getting married and there was no one even close to your age was here
    • They were probably all back home in New York, enjoying the miracle that was air conditioning
  • You didn’t even know how you were related to the people getting married
    • Plus you were kind of avoiding all your relatives who would interrogate you about your grades and whether you wanted to be a doctor, engineer, or lawyer in the not so distant future and ask about your relationship status
  • You got to the valet stand just in time to see a yellow Audi speeding away
    • You noticed someone had left their phone on the stand
    • And the phone was having its messages blown up by a number with a familiar area code
  • At the reception, you asked everyone you came in contact with if they lost a phone
    • But no luck
  • You basically forgot about it until it was almost time to go to bed
    • And you saw the phone screen light up with a text message from that same number
  • You sighed, pulling out your own phone and getting on WhatsApp
    • Because your parents have lectured you a million times about long distance charges
      • “Your friend left their phone at the valet stand“
      • “Oh cool, I can pick it up for him. Where’d he leave it?“
      • “He was at a wedding at Veda Farms in New Dehli“
      • *read at 1:32 am*
      • “But that’s like in India“
      • “It is“
      • “btw English is really good.“
      • “Good is an adjective and you’re using it as an adverb. Btw I’m from New York.“
      • “No way, me too.“
      • “I’ll be back in the city next week, I can give you the phone then.“
      • “Sounds good.“
      • “So what’s it like there.“
      • “In India?“
      • “Yeah”
  • After that, you and your mystery friend start exchanging messages on WhatsApp every day at around 1 in the morning
    • You send him photos of all the historical places you visit, the beautiful architecture, and the lively streets
  • Before you know it, the week has ended and you’re on a plane back to New York
  • The two of you agree to meet at the Trader Joe’s in Queens
    • Because he wanted to pick up some Cookie Butter
  • You don’t know why you’re so nervous
    • Chances were that it was some ordinary guy
  • He texts you saying that he’s the brunette in the blue sweater by the Brussel sprouts
  • And you’re scanning the crowd before your eyes land on the cutest guy you’ve ever seen
  • And Peter sees you and he’s immediately struck by your eyes
  • They’re large and dark brown and framed by thick luscious lashes and strong brows 
    • Peter thinks you look like a cartoon princess
  • And Peter asks you to go out for ice cream to ‘thank you’ for finding Tony Stark’s phone
  • Peter accidentally letting it slip that he didn’t actually care whether or not he got the phone back
    • “Mr. Stark got a new phone weeks ago“
  • Peter admiring the mehndi you still have on your hands from the wedding
  • Peter asking you if he can continue texting you
    • “Maybe we could do this again“
  • Of course, someone who tangentially knows your parents saw you and Peter
  • And reported it to your parents
    • Your parents interrogating you when you get home
    • You brushing it off by saying that you’ll probably never see him again and having to repeat that he’s not your boyfriend like a million times
  • But you and Peter keep texting 
    • And he’s asking you if you want to see a movie sometime
  • You basically choosing a movie theatre in New Jersey to minimize the chances of getting caught by someone who knows your parents
    • But when you get home, your parents are all over you again and this time they don’t give you a choice and make you invite Peter over for dinner
    • Peter agreeing but being nervous AF because he really likes you and wants to make a good impression
  • You giving your parents “the talk“ so they don’t scare Peter away
  • Your parents having a small heart attack when you casually mention that he’s not Indian
    • But you think that they just need to warm up to him
  • And they do, once they meet him
  • You take it as a good sign when your mom makes dishes that she usually reserves for special occasions
  • Peter coming over and bringing a bouquet of marigolds for your family
    • Because a panicked Peter went to Tony and begged him to guide him through the process of meeting a girl-you’re-maybe-dating’s parents for the first time
  • When Peter enters your house, he’s overwhelmed by the scent of spices
    • He’s hungry already
  • Peter being amazed by the spread of roti and all the various kinds of curry
    • You teaching Peter how to use the roti to scoop up curry
  • Peter being on his behaviour and winning your parents over
  • Your mom telling Peter that he’s welcome to come over anytime
    • Peter getting lots of hugs
  • Peter taking her up on the offer any chance he can get
    • Because there’s so much variety and it’s so different from the food he and Aunt May usually eat
    • It’s the best Indian food in New York City
    • Plus it doesn’t hurt that he gets to spend time with his favourite girl while eating delicious food
  • Being a loving girlfriend and sifting through his plate of biryani to make sure he doesn’t bite into a cardamom pod
  • Even if the two of you have dinner plans, Peter never leaves your house without eating something
  • Your mom making a cup of chai for Peter every time he comes over
    • and you can’t have chai without Wheat Rusks
  • Your parents giving Peter his own jar of ghee to take home
  • Coming over to the Parker apartment to teach Peter how to spice food properly
    • But also accepting his criticism that you’re just putting cumin in everything
  • You bringing Peter an authentic (aka non-hipster) ‘tumeric-latte’ when he’s under the weather on the insistence of your parents
    • You pouring a ton of honey in it because you’re not some kind of sadist and you can’t torture your boyfriend like that
  • Peter picking you up to go on dates after your bhangra classes on the weekends
    • Showing him some of your moves so he’ll know how to dance when the two of you go to an Indian wedding
  • Showing Peter some of your favourite Bollywood movies
  • Staying out late to get dosas after going to a party (aka when you need to sober up before facing your parents)
  • Peter coming with you to get sweets for Diwali at the local Indian sweet shop
    • Giving Peter a generous portion to take back with Aunt May
      • “So they just sell these all year round? Can we go back tomorrow.“
    • Lighting firecrackers in the street with Peter
      • Running away, laughing like idiots when the two of you accidentally set off several car alarms on your street
  • Peter coming over to keep you company as you get ready for a wedding
    • Peter loving the way you look in your brightly coloured saree
    • “You look really beautiful“
    • Even though he doesn’t explicitly say it, he’s thinking about what you’ll look like when the two of you get married
    • And when you’re at the wedding basically all your relatives have heard about Peter from your parents are asking when they can meet him