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"this is what you woke me up for": Reid - reader is taking a nap in the police station whilst they're working late and Reid gets excited for something. They don't realise the rest of the team is watching them. p.s. i hope i did this right i've never sent an ask before!

“(Y/N)! (Y/N), wake up!” Spencer called out ecstatically. You groaned, refusing to open your eyes. It had been hard enough managing to fall asleep on the hard wooden bench, and you weren’t going to give up all that effort now. You had been awake for 32 hours straight. You needed this nap.

“You’re never gonna believe this!” He says, looking like an excited puppy.

“Spencerrrrrr,” you moan. “Go away.” You tried to say without sounding rude.

“I know you’re tired, but you’re never gonna believe this! Murray Gell-Mann is in town! He’s giving a lecture at a local college. I could finally talk to him about his work with elementary particles!”

You opened one eye. “This is what you woke me up for?” You said flatly.

“Well… yeah. The rest of the team is working on the profile and I’ve already narrowed down the geographic profile. You’re the only one I could talk to.“ 

You looked past Reid into the office space the rest of the BAU was assembled in. Morgan and Prentiss were staring over at you, not noticing that you had caught them. You silently prayed for one of them to take Spencer off your hands. You loved his rants, you really did. The way he did all these quirky little hand motions as he talked at the speed of light. But you needed sleep.



Rossi introducing his shy teenage daughter to the team 

Requested by Anon~

Your father’s hand remained comfortingly on your shoulder as you both walked through the glass double doors. After a few years of Rossi working at the BAU, it was time to introduce you to his teammates. Rossi was excited, but he could tell you were a bit nervous. ‘They’re going to adore you,’ he’d promise.

But what if you weren’t good enough for them? Daughter of the famous David Rossi; those were big shoes to fill. What If questions kept running through your head as the two of you padded across a catwalk.

Rossi opened up a door, and you were the first one in. Instantly, all the people in the room turned around towards you, and their faces lit up. The chorus of hello’s and you must be Y/N’s surrounded you, and you took a step back. Right into your father’s chest.

“Hold on, hold on, let’s not overwhelm Y/N.” Rossi chastised.

The team calmed down just slightly, but they were still excited. Unbeknownst to you, they all immediately assimilated you into their family.

Jean Nordhaus
I Was Always Leaving

I was always leaving, I was
about to get up and go, I was
on my way, not sure where.
Somewhere else. Not here.
Nothing here was good enough.

It would be better there, where I
was going. Not sure how or why.
The dome I cowered under
would be raised, and I would be released
into my true life. I would meet there

the ones I was destined to meet.
They would make an opening for me
among the flutes and boulders,
and I would be taken up. That this
might be a form of death

did not occur to me. I only know
that something held me back,
a doubt, a debt, a face I could not
leave behind. When the door
fell open, I did not go through.


SAGExpo is finally back again this year!  Go grab some free games before the festivities close up!

To celebrate, I went on a trip down memory lane and rummaged through some of the games I’ve made over the years, or at least the ones that I could still open up and run today.

There’s a lot of games here, but among the more finished ones is Cooporationation (the first GIF in this post), which was far along enough to make it to SAGE back in around 2009.  The game’s still not all that great, but being able to submit any sort of “finished” game to SAGE has always been something I’m proud of.  I’d love to submit something else someday, if any of my game projects ever got that far off the ground again.

Out of all these games though, Butterflies (the last GIF) is the one I want to come back to the most.  There’s something so fascinating about its world and its use of modular animation that just makes me want to keep going with it, as the whole thing kinda gave a UbiArt Framework vibe as I continued adding more unnecessary eye candy, just to see if I could do it without making the framerate drag its feet.  If only I knew what direction to take the gameplay in.

(In an ironic twist, despite all this SAGE talk, I have yet to make a Sonic fangame.  Maybe someday though…)

(Oh, and if you’ve having trouble picking games at SAGE, Sonic: Project Survival and Sonic Boom and the Smash Crew are some of my favs this year.)

A Nobleman's Lust ((Closed RP @m1st3rxund3rst00dx))

Rea sat down in his carriage as the servant closed the store. He took his top hat off for now and set it beside him as the horse started to move. He sighed, never really excited to go to another meeting. He knew it was good to have more business partners but he could never trust any of them. They all took him as naive because he was the youngest business man around. He hoped this one would be at least slightly different.
After a long ride the carriage finally pulled in front of the others house. He put his hat back in and got out once the door was opened for him. He looked at the house and thought it looked nice, always a good sign that the owners had enough money to actually be good partners. He walked up to the door to be let in by the servants there.

All-Night Laundromat

Disclaimers and Trigger Warnings: language, slight gore

Sixpenceee March-April (2016) Story Contest 3rd Place Winner.

By Sixpenceee user Darylsdckson, tumblr user @likenastyblackorchids

The huge hamper I’m lugging from the car plunks on the ground for the second time. If it wasn’t for sudden company and my own measly washing machine busting, I wouldn’t have to rush out in the middle of the night to wash the linens. There are creeps out this time of night. I curse my tiny apartment complex for not having laundry facilities on site, as I heave the wicker hamper awkwardly into my arms. At least it’s late enough that no one should be here—there’s a plus. I grip the basket to the side of my body, as I struggle stupidly to open the door to the Kleen-&-Go. Of course the door would open towards you. I finally get the door propped open with one leg and waddle in, like a full-term pregnant woman. Laundromats never made much sense to me; their purpose is to allow people to clean their personal items, while maintaining the grossest environment in which to do so.

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I have been going through a huge shift in my life as of late.

So I thought I’d provide some of my thoughts, insights and beliefs with you!

Before I start though I’d like to make clear that none of this has been induced by any drug or marijuana influence whatsoever as people can quickly jump to a stereotypical conclusion and say you’re a “tripper” for being open-minded enough to believe and have faith that the world can one day be a better place filled abundantly with love for one another and everything we share this world with like we once used to.

There is SO much I have learnt over the last 3-4 months, I am so very thankful that I have finally found a group of beings that are on my wavelength. We started once a week doing ‘Doco night’ where we gather to a house, bring lovely food and good vibes ~ We have a brainstorm about what we’d like to learn about whether it be how to live sustainably, does life exist outside of Earth (of course it does), was 9/11 terror attacks planned by the governments (of course it was), did ancient cultures such as Egypt know how to reach the highest levels of conciousness and manifest at the click of a finger (they sure did), Sacred geometrical patterns stamped in landmarks for us to learn from,  so on and so forth ~ you name it and we’ve dabbled into it, some in more depth then others ~ Since we’ve been doing this it has re-ignited my passion to unite humans and become ONE again ~ There is no greater force in this world then the power of LOVE ~ it hurts me to look at us from outside the box we’ve been programmed to live in and see just how detached we’ve become with not only each other, but with nature ~ We are so technologically focused (which is amazing, technology is one hell of an invention) that we’ve gone a million steps backwards in human evolution ~ to think a lot of our population doesn’t even know to grow or even wants to have their own veggie patch is disheartening ~ to think because we aren’t doing well at ‘university’ we are 'failing’ at life (please, existing alone and having the ability to subconsciously breathe is winning, it’s an miracle to be here) when 2.7 BILLION people are living on less then $2 a day.

Anyways, it’s exciting for me to start writing because for so so long I have known I am on this Earth, at this very time in existence when there is a huge shift going for a very special reason ~ In brief just incase you are unaware or what is happening around you, we are the the peak of an event that only happens ONCE every 13 000 years ~ an event where our planet crossed the Galactic Equator, where the influence of our Central Sun permeates our Solar System thus giving all aspects of life an evolutionary increase in energy (we are moving into a much higher level of consciousness) where we also shift from masculine energy into feminine energy as the procession draws closer to the Equinox which will then guide us for the next 13 000 years. THIS IS HUGE! It means people are starting to have power returned to them and large corperations are losing it.

Touching on the note of large corperations I’d like to briefly provide my insight into something I have always truly and whole heartedly believed in since I was a very very young human and that is GOVERNMENTS / BANKS / LARGE CORPERATIONS ARE EVIL, CORRUPT AND HAVE NO INTEREST BUT TO CONTROL AND PUT FEAR IN THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE.

For instance MONEY, the thing we have been programmed to live by, that has no value to us, but turns us into robotic, emotionless drones and where 1% of the worlds richest people own more money then the rest of the worlds wealth combined. For example did you know that banks create money out of NOTHING, you ask for a $100,000 loan and abracadabra they push a button and then there is $100,000 sitting in your account. By agreeing to this loan you will except an interest rate in which you will have to pay back to the bank ~ for instance a 10% loan has to be paid back on that $100,000, the bank has just MADE $10,000 from you when they did nothing in the first place ~ thats a lot of money and now please take a moment to think of that on a global scale and try and picture how much they are making WORLD-WIDE from interest rates alone. Not only are you locked in to paying them back money they never had to start off with, they can also control the price of the interest rate as they please, it can go up x amount of % and there is nothing you can do about it (just what they want). What we do though, is scramble for ANY job we can find in order to keep on top of these 'payments’ and this is when we lose track of humanity, compassion and emotion. We start the cycle of dreading going to work in a shitty job you don’t like, always chasing your tail trying to keep up with payments and so on, so forth (there is a lot more I’d like to type about everything I’m speaking about but for now this’ll do)

Next is MEDIA ~ kind of continuing from the last paragraph of the cycle with working a shitty job you don’t like, not only is that bad enough ~ we are also so unbelievably brainwashed with negativity in this world to the point where we don’t even bother to think about positive ~ for instance you wake up and instead of using your time wisely to start the day fresh majority of us will put on the television to watch the news. News where nothing but fear, sadness and negativity is flooded into our eyes and cemented into our mind ~ how many people died, how many planes were shot, who’s going for leadership in this government, what interest rates are rising, where is going to war aka SHIT. For instance if perspective were changed and we woke up to hearing that instead of the US government putting something around 660 BILLION dollars a year towards their military defence force and put a fraction of that towards the 30 billion dollars annually towards ending world poverty which would only take 20 years to do so, or hear that homes have been built in villages to the needy, or a whale was saved from washing ashore we will have a spark of inspiration within us to go about our day and make us want to go out and make our own difference in a good way no matter how small or large that may be. But no, we do this morning and at night ~ a constant output of negative energy to the point where we fear trying to make a change.

I have believed and known from a teeny age that energies and atoms run through every single thing that exists on Earth. I can and have always been able to talk to animals as a gift, am very in tune with energies and am filled with so much joy and love to do my part in making this world a better place. It’s not a hippy thing to be into this stuff, thats such an out of date stereotypical thing to say, it’s just human nature to be in tune with ourselves and what happens around us. Plants and trees speak to us, the ocean is our heartbeat and we can work towards respecting Earth with the power of ONENESS. I am an indigo child, there a lot of us around, we are here to help raise the frequencies of human beings at this very special shift in consciousness ( link to Indigos in brief ~ )

Currently my 'following’ across my social media pages sits above 40,000 in total. which means nothing of course but that is still a lot of reach, I’m starting to realise I can make a huge difference through my photography work in a way that influences others, whether it’s images I take or stuff I write about. I’m just sick and tired of sitting around and not putting my energy into making my difference in helping people live a happier, more fulfilling, stress-free life like they deserve. Even if no one takes notice it’s fine, if a handful are interested and make a change thats more then I’d expect but I’m willing to put myself out there from now on and guide others into the shift of higher consciousness.

Anyways, this is literally a speck of what I have learnt, how I feel. I’m growing everyday and so we all should be. Evolution has never been more exciting!

Documentaries I very very highly recommend watching

Zietgiest Addendum ~

Thrive ~

Earthlings ~

Spirit Science website full of episodes / documentaries ~


Magic exists and the world can be shared equally so thank you.

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she thinks:I honestly don't understand what's going on with Dan. One night he practically asks for help and the next morning he denies it all and says he was just being funny. I feel like he regrets opening up to us and it makes me so upset. Does he not trust us enough? Does he think we'll make fun of him if he takes off his happy mask? Or is it because of the sarcastic replies he got to the "Captain Existential Crisis" tweet? Whatever it is, I hope he sees all the support he's getting. I hope he sees all the edits and loving messages. I hope he realises that we do not see him as a joke but as a person.
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[Shopping needs to be more accessible closer to home. From New Bark Town to Goldenrod, even by almighty bird, takes several hours. Going back is worse. This is shit.]

[Especially when you didn’t remember to bring a flying pokemon!]

[That’s why Mr. Ethan is seething his way down the dirt road with about 1000 pounds of groceries stuck here there and everywhere. Both arms, strapped to his belt, and probably within that backpack of his. Poliwrath’s following him, helping out with the workload.]

Some of this was my money, too. And I don’t even eat it!

Seriously - who eats brussel sprouts? No one I know! Waste of cash!

[He’s complaining just because he’s in a mood. Chances are? The kid wouldn’t have a care in the world if there was a car or something to help him along.]

[… Or at least someone to talk to. Wanna be a bro and fill that spot?]


In the 1989 era, I’ve traveled to see @taylorswift​ at Release Week in New York, Rio in Rock in Vegas, DC night one, DC night two, Boston night one, Boston night two, Atlanta & Tampa! That was 9,508 miles, 4 round trip flights, 15 nights in a hotel away from my hubs and pups, 3 custom shirts and 1 custom hat, hundreds of glow sticks & SO WORTH IT!

I was lucky enough to open the U.S. leg of the tour in Vegas (with @cattiehallway & @lyyssaaaa13) and close it in Tampa (with @cattiehallway)… but the memories I made in between are everything! The 1989 World Tour gave @bubblyaschampagne & me the opportunity to go twinning with you, Taylor, and then celebrate her recent wedding at the DC and Atlanta shows. Angie and I are forever thankful that we’ve literally grown up with you! Thank you for bringing so many amazing people (many of them are pictured in the photos) into my life and for giving us a reason to get together and dance like we are 22, even if we aren’t. Some people may think we are crazy for traveling around the country to see you… I just think we are lucky!

Enjoy the rest of the 1989 era overseas, Taylor, and please know that whatever happens next… I’ll always stand by your side, just as you have done for me.  

Things in One Piece that make me emotional

The first opening

Shanks putting his hat one Luffy’s head

Zoro telling Luffy he’ll never lose

Sanji thanking Zeff

Nami’s past

Luffy saying he can’t do the things his crew mates are good at but he can kick Arlong’s ass

Ussop becoming brave enough to fight

Luffy knocking down Arlong Park

The barrel thing when they enter the Grand Line

When they enter the Grand Line and they meet that guy that tells them Laboon was abandoned but you’ve read One Piece before so you know that’s not true

How the doctor knew that the mushroom Chopper gave him was poisonous but he ate it anyway

The sakura snow when they leave

Luffy fighting Crocdile for Vivi

Robin wanting to die

Bon Clay sacrificing themselves for Luffy and the crew

Teach telling Luffy that dreams never die

Luffy ringing the giant gold bell

Luffy’s fight with Usopp

Franky’s past

Usopp becoming Sogeking to help save Robin

Robin’s past

Robin saying she wanted to live

The Merry showing up

The Merry’s funeral

Franky building the Sunny

Franky giving the Sunny to the crew

Usopp asking Luffy to forgive him and let him join the crew again

Finding out Brook was part of the crew that left Laboon and that he’s been alone by himself for 50 years

Brook’s flashback where his old crew sings Bink’s Sake and he counts down to a solo as all his friends die around him as he keeps singing

That Brook will one day see Laboon again

The crew protecting Luffy from Kuma when he’s unconscious, Zoro willing to give up himself and his dream for Luffy, Sanji wanting to take Zoro’s place and sacrifice himself, How Zoro stops Sanji because even though they fight they still care about each other

The Straw Hats splitting up

Bon Clay sacrificing themselves for Luffy again

Ace dying


Luffy putting his hat on that stump

Thinking about how the crew had to be separated for 2 whole years when they all care about each other so much and for some of them the crew was the first people to care about them in a long time

The Straw Hats being reunited after 2 years

How god damn beautiful Fish Man Island is

The whole crew wrecking together on Fish Man Island after two years

Law’s past with Corazon

That they’ve found an actual clue to where the One Piece is now

How Robin used to not trust anybody but has grown and now trusts the crew completely and can be happy

I work at coldstone in a prissy white suburban mom zone. The worst.
It very rarely gets bad, but oh my god, when it does….
Recently everyone I work with decided they ALL needed labor day off. I get it, it’s labor day, but leaving one person to work open to close????
Anyways, half way through my 15 hour shift, alone, line down the block, I’m not getting tipped because “I waited too long for this ice cream, this is terrible service, you don’t get our money”. Oh well, I’m getting enough pitty tips to not care. I’m just doing my best not to think about 7 more hours without a break and closing alone. All smiles and sass to the jerks. But this one lady. Oh my god. She finally gets to the front, three children in tow. She says “I’m going to need 5 ice creams, all in waffle cones” I reply that, ma'am, due to the long line that I’ve had all day, we are out of waffle cones" it’s like it didn’t even say anything. She just stares at me and repeats herself even louder. I tell her we don’t have any again. She gets irritated and says, with an amazingly straight face, “oh, well, you can just make them for me right?” HAH. YES. TOTALLY. I look at her slightly shocked and say “no, I’m sorry, I have a line down the block and waffle cones would take 30 minutes to make. I’m here alone and cannot do that” she freaks out! Absolutely looses it! At this point I’m too tired to deal with her and try to tell her that I can either serve her or she can leave, when she orders an ice cream. I should have known. God, I should have seen it. I make her ice cream. I make it perfectly. I even add the small waffle cone pieces we save from defects that we keep in the fridge. She takes it from my hand, she walks to the register…. and…. with her CHILDREN WATCHING… just fucking THROWS it at me! Like really?! Are you serious?! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS YOU CHILD???? she storms out and I’m left in utter shock, and so are most of the customers indoors in the line, they all watch her leave in astonishment while I’m just trying to figure out how I’m going to keep working the rest of the day without just quitting. I take off my apron on the walk back to the next costomer and thank God everyone who saw that was kind to me and tipped well because I was so close to walking out.
But seriously. Fuck customers.


two covers for an upcoming Caitlin Lightcap playlist by allyspock! I was only meant to do one but here we are

As a Christian...

I am offended.
I bought Trials of Apollo to read with my own money. Now, being nearly finished with the book, I am surprised to see all of the homosexual activities.
First of all, Apollo is very open about liking men and women. He often talks about Hyacinthus in more detail that Daphne. He describes men in full detail and more stuff like that.
Second of all, the relationship between two characters, Nico and Will, is very gay. They are seen sitting shoulder to shoulder and at one point, Will even refers to Nico as his boyfriend.
With all the homosexual activities going on, I am very, VERY, disappointed.
There weren’t nearly enough Solangelo moments like get on top of it Rick. I need my gaybies.

The Absolute Worst Traits I’ve Seen In the Signs.

((in my experience)) (((  This of course does not apply to every single sign, most everyone I know is wonderful (:  )))

Aries- Throws temper tantrums like little kids when something doesn’t go their way. They have to be the best at EVERYTHING they do and it’s exhausting being around this sign for too long like please take a melatonin or something?? Falls in love with every one they meet too and gets angry when they don’t like them back. 

Taurus- Really stubborn and judgmental. All the Taurus’s I know judge every little thing that everyone does and their stubborn nature makes it hard for them to be open minded. Super selfish with material items too and nothing seems good enough for them.

Gemini- Sorry but I’ve never met a Gemini that hasn’t fucked me over so there’s a lot of traits I don’t like. Gets bored SO EASILY and doesn’t care about how that makes other people feel? Also really fond of mind games and I’m not down with that. I feel like 90% of you are sociopaths. Do you have a nice twin at all??

Cancer- Get very attached very quickly, immediately wanna say the L word to significant others and it can be overwhelming. Smother the ones they love to the extreme. Sooo so so so moody and feel like the whole world is against them all the time. Also, eating your feelings is not a healthy coping mechanism… (In general they struggle in dealing with their problems in healthy ways.)

Leo- Similar to Aries, they throw insane temper tantrums when things aren’t their way. Only helps people so that they get something in return, has to be told constantly how amazing they are and also takes wayyy too long to get ready and yet everyone else is responsible for being late..? Have a bad habit of taking their mistakes and blaming it on others. (Both my parents are Leo’s.)

Virgo- oH MY GOD SO CONTROLLING!!!!! Even when messy if one thing is out of place they know instantly and have literal melt downs over it. Have a weird complex in that they are better+smarter than everyone else, but then are also super angry and insecure. A bunch of virgo I know drink a lot too, consider seeing a therapist?

Libra- The worst trait I’ve seen in this sign is being fake. Talks shit about whoever to anyone to move their way up the social ladder, needs to be best friends with everyone and just “doesn’t wanna start drama!!”. Think it’s okay for them to drop people and then come back like nothing ever happened, also really flirtatious and cheat on significant others. 

Scorpio- Try and act tough but are literally the most emotional creatures on this planet (even more so than Cancers). The smallest things can trigger them and they will shut out people for days on end. Very secretive and some struggle in that they can “dish it out” but can’t take it in. Can be very cold hearted when angry. Consider a yoga class?

Sagittarius- Y’all can be some of THE most problematic people I know. I genuinely think they only exist to start shit and for some reason get away with it constantly? Live for drama and are really flighty because they aren’t content with anything. Similar to Libra, they wanna be on everyone’s good side. Will do ANYTHING to get what they want.

Capricorn- Have constant bitch face and although their work ethic is admirable, it can be to a fault in that they forget about those who actually love and care about them- work always has to come first. Although they come off cool and collected, they get angry and react impulsively over the dumbest stuff and are sort of mean for no reason..? ((@ Capricorns it is 100% okay to smile sometimes.))

Aquarius- Aquarians have too many extremes omfg. Either too emotional and clingy or too distant and cold- some more than others but usually each have a bit of both. So flakey and have terrible times committing to even the simplest things? Wanna be friends with everyone despite the fact that they also hate everyone. Have insane issues with the L word. Are you guys even human..?

Pisces- Like Gemini, most Pisces have seriously hurt me. Really immature sometimes and take all their problems out on other people. Don’t wanna help anyone, but are desperate to talk about their own issues. Some of the biggest posers I know too.. Change themselves for others, yet can also drop those people once they don’t have use for them anymore. Oh, and extreme daddy issues.

Again, I’d like to reiterate that these are just some of the worst traits I’ve seen in certain signs, this does not apply to every single person under a certain sign, most people are not shitty!! 

Intruder: Closed Starter


This was one moment where she knew she was not just freaking out. Liana was a CEO in a very high up company making sure people got what they deserve, So many people wanted her dead and have sometimes tried stealing from her. So one night she didn’t feel good enough to sit at home alone so she called her friend, Beck, Deputy of the town to come stay with her and possible blow this out of the way. When there was a knock on the door she jumped slightly but proceeded to go to the door opening it. “hey… thanks for coming over, I just don’t feel safe..”