one on one with a model

Little/pet with anxiety

I want to serve him and make him happy but..

I worry he is going to hate it if I regress too deeply.

If I let my head space take complete control I’m afraid he will be too weirded out.

But maybe that’s just the anxiety talking.


roy was kinda stunned stupid for a second there, but good news, his photoshoot gig went well… in a penthouse letters kind of way

(for @joyfire-week “no capes!AU” – so, underwear models au??? I guess??)

a bonus, for scale ❤


Here are some of my designs from One Last Score! I had such a good time working on @scrotumnose‘s idea for a Cutey Honey/Lupin III/Rouge the Bat inspired young Ginger. I put a lot of love into her design & collaboration with Dave & I’m so happy with how everything turned out! @brandonwuart designed her trusty sidekick, & S/O to our post production editors who did an amazing job plussing the sequence! I also especially loved translating @haewon-lee‘s Ginger w/her Marie Antoinette disguise into a final design because her board drawings were perfect. Ginger was one of the pilot characters I redesigned before I started on OK KO full time, so it was very cool to see her star in her own episode. Art direction by John Pham, & @kalidraws doing a killer job with the colors as always! 


♥ D-11 until VIXX-OTPS’s fourth anniversary: 10 reasons why Leo and Ravi fans love them so much ♥

credit ♥