one ok rock pictures


i got tagged in the lock screen/home screen/last song/last selfie thingie by @loeychateau! thanks lauren!! *insert like a million heart emojis here*

i’m p sure everyone i was gonna tag has already been tagged :(( if anyone from the heart n*t for soo squad sees this and does it though, feel free to tag me! i’d love to see all your beautiful faces!

tuftananke  asked:

9. What would you sing at Karaoke night?

I’m very predictable, and this isn’t just me inserting my own likes into Ilan! Ever since he performed a ONE OK ROCK song, I kind of like. Picture him jumping all around like Taka if he REALLY gets into it. Or has had a few drinks. Which he likely has if he’s at Karaoke Night. XD

LOL I just realized that this was supposed to be about what I would sing. You know, this answer still works. Because @r2ruen and I have already done this. BUT.

Probably this for me! I love this song a lot and listen to it and sing it all the time. And I can sing it decently well too!