one ok rock magz

Translation of that small bit of interview in Magz (just because :P)

Q: By the way, in this documentary, there’s a new song playing during the last (scene).

Taka: Yes!

Q: This is a great song that makes us anxious anticipating your next progress, so I would like to ask you to tell me in detail about it sometimes soon.

Taka: I think that’s for sure. I don’t know if it’s not okay (to talk about it) here. Up until now all that we did was making songs. We’ve made like 30 songs or so.

Ryota: We’ve had so many songs at the demo stage. ((songs that are still in their demo stage, not completed))

Taka: I thought I was going to die, y'know. But then we’ve cut off some of the songs, and fixed (the remainings) as we did sessions together.


* Translation by me, prone to mistakes, credits if used.