one of your fav movies and man

Important Things About the It’s Always Sunny Season Premiere
  • Dennis, Dee and Mac are still sleeping with Old Black Man because It’s Always Sunny takes continuity more serious than any other show I’ve ever watched
  • Old Black Man gets his own turn to pick for movie night
  • It’s Always Sunny now has not one but two musical episodes, your fav could never
  • They fucking got Scott Bakula to guest star and gave him his own goddamn musical solo 

Wouldn’t it be so cool if people could respect both Tony Stark and Steve Rogers at the same time? Like, what a concept. To realize that both your favs have flaws like every other fav ever and appreciate them both for the flawed people they are? Or if you don’t like one of them to, like, I don’t know, hop off the people that do ??? Stop hating on characters that bring people genuine joy ? Crazy, I know, but like, maybe people would have more fun enjoying things they like if people would stop being fucking rude ???? Revolutionary.