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Hi! Could you please write a prompt where Jamie introduces Brianna and Fergus and they have some brother-sister time? Thank you 😘

A scream pierced the air causing the birds on the wall to flutter away in surprise, and the animals to grunt in alarm. Fergus’s head whips up, his gaze focused on the window where the screams are resonating from.

“Milady will be fine,” the wavering voice of Rabbie McNab said from beside him. Fergus turned and looked at his friend, whose already pale pallor turned even sicklier as another scream, this one louder and more agonizing ripped through the air.

He nodded shakily, the rake in his hand quivering, “Oui, you’re right of course. She,” another scream–two screams– tore his focus back up to the window. The one scream was definitely Milady, but the second was foreign, yet similar to those he knew from the other babes in the house. The child has been born.

His breath rushed out of him in a gasping sob, as he sat on the nearest barrel. He could hear the constant cries of the newborn babe and the thumping sounds of the flurries of movement within the room.

“Fergus! Where are ye? Fergus!” The frantic voice of Milord called from the door.

“He-here Milord,” Fergus croaked. “Is Milady–she didn’t–” He trailed off dread filling his chest.

Milord’s head shook, his red hair escaping the tie at his neck as a grin stretched across his face. “No, no! Nothing of the sort she’s asking for ye. It’s time to meet yer sister.” A strong warm hand clapped him on the shoulder. “And how many times do we have to tell ye to call us Mam and Da?”

“I’m sorry Milor–Da.” Fergus corrected from the look Jamie shot at him as he reached out and gently pushed open the door to the Laird’s chambers.

“Go on,” Jamie said with a light push of his hand on Fergus’s back.

Fergus nodded and tentatively peered inside the room. He saw Milady sitting upright in bed, her hair more disheveled than normal, her face flushed and shining from the drying perspiration, but she had a smile so bright and wide that he felt himself relax in her presence. A hand that was curled around a squirming form at her breasts reached out to him. “Fergus! Come here, love.”

Slowly Fergus crept further into the room, the cool November air a relief from the heat of the room, and the watery sunlight highlighting the blues in the room as well as a small glint of copper in Milady’s arms. Once he reached the bed he stood stock still, waiting for confirmation that it was alright to touch, or even breathe near her.

“Sit.” She commanded tapping the bed by her thigh. “You’ll want to be stable to be able to hold your sister.”

“My–I’m sorry Milady. I do not understand.” He said, his face a mask of hopeful confusion. Claire smiled warmly at the child who has grown in her heart as her first child.

Ta soeur,” Jamie replied in French, taking the bundle from Claire’s arms and placing it into Fergus’s unexpected arms. A chubby pink-faced girl stared up at him. The deep blue eyes blinking rapidly, but seemingly transfixed by the face gazing in awe down at her.

“Hello, mon petite. I-” he looked up and saw the smiling faces of the two people he loved more than his own life, and watched as they nodded as one. “I’m your brother.”

The baby nuzzled her head into Fergus’s chest and quickly drifted off to sleep as he whispered promises of protection, love, and mischief to her in French.

He cuddled her close to his heart and bent his head to whisper a solemn promise, “I’ll never let anyone harm you.”

Jamie’s hand rested on Claire’s shoulder and squeezed lightly. Claire’s hand came up and twined itself with his, a tear falling down her cheeks, her emotions running rampant from the birth and now seeing her children meeting. Fergus’s tenderness with her baby made her heart swell with love and pride.

“He’s going to be so protective of her, just like his father.”

“Aye, Sorcha. He’ll no let us down, and will be the brother and best friend she’ll always need.” Jamie placed a soft kiss to Claire’s temple, tasting the sweat from the efforts that brought his daughter into the world.

“Tha goal agam ort, mo ghraidh.”  

“Mmm, I love you too,” Claire whispered back as she let her eyes fall closed and sleepy happiness overtakes her. The last thing she saw before sleep took her, was the sight of a dark curly head bending to tenderly kiss the wispy coppery head of his sibling.

Leave her alone

Fandom: Containment

Pairing: Jake Riley x reader

Summary/Request: Jake defends you from some pretty rude girls at the gym. The two fo you realise you want to be more than friends.

Word Count: 3353

“Yo! Y/N! Come on, get that ass out of bed.”

“5 more minutes” you mumbled flipping sides.

Jake walked to your window and whipped open the curtains.

“Let’s goo” He yelled, pulling your cover off you.

You picked up a spare pillow and whacked him with it. 

“That’s the spirit”

“Oh my god, shut up. You’re so cheery  I want to kill you.

“Get into your gym gear and I’ll make you a great pre-workout shake”

“Strawberries and some chocolate.”


You pushed your covers off you entirely and looked for some clothes. You picked out a sports bra to keep your boobs in check, some leggings and a compression top. You were a big girl you weren’t denying it. You had a tummy and thighs and chubby arms but you embraced yourself for all you were. You were beautiful in your own skin.

You headed into the bathroom and brushed your teeth and washed your face. You quickly french braided your hair before changing into your clothes. 

“Pre-workout’s done”


You grabbed your gym bag and your phone and went into your kitchen. Jake filled two glasses of strawberry goodness. He handed one to you and you drank.

“You are amazing.”

“Why thank you. Leg day today okay?”

“It was leg day yesterday”

“Yesterday was arms.”

“You’re a torturer Jake Riley.”

You quickly finished off your drink and left your cup in the sink. You grabbed your keys and headed to the door.

“Where are you going without your shoes?

You looked down and saw that your feet were bare. Quickly you ran into your room and grabbed a pair of Nikes and some socks. You quickly slipped on the socks and tied up the shoes and returned to Jake.

“OK let’s go”

The two of you left your apartment and hopped into Jake’s car. You buckled yourself in and turned on the radio.

“Oh my God”


“Your date last night. How did it go?”

He was silent for a few seconds.

“It was okay”

“Oh God. That pause said otherwise?”

“She kept bringing up her ex.”

“No way!”

“Yeah, and then she started telling me about how he cheated on her with her personal trainer.”

You burst into laughter.

“Why is every date you go on a fail?”

“Because I’m not interested in them.”

“You’re not interested in anyone. You never know until you try.”

“You know I’m interested in this one girl.”

“Yeah, the one you tell me nothing about. Why don’t you ask her out then?”

“Because she won’t go for me.”

“Really? Jake, you’re an amazing guy. You’re funny, kind, caring, a great chef and you’re hot as fuck. Just ask the girl out. If he says no I will personally punch her.”

He laughed.

“That makes me feel a lot better”

“What? That I’ll assault the love of your life?”

“Yeah, you’re willing to go to prison for me”

“Hold up, no one said anything about prison. I don’t belong there”

“I can see you being an inmate”


“Yeah, you’ll come out all tatted up and more shredded than me.”

“That won’t be too hard, shrimpy”

“Hey! I work hard for this physique”

“Sure. Don’t you remember those steroids-”

“They weren’t steroids.They were-”

“Part of a D.I.Y blood test from amazon. Becuase that’s believable”

“You’re such a hater”

“I’d like to say I’m your out of body conscious. I make sure you make the right choices.”


“Whatever Riley.”

“Riley 1- Y/L/N 0″

“So we’re keeping score huh?”

“I’m always taking score”


“That hurt!”

“You know I love you”

He flashed you a smile before pulling up into the gym car park. You got out of the car and walked into the gym flashing your membership cards at the guard. Jake and you separated to go and leave your things in the lockers in the changing room. A few moments later you met again and walked into the gym

“OK. We’ll warm up with a few weightless lunges.”

“Really Riley?”

“Yeah. Come on”

You rolled your eyes and began to lunge. After 10 reps you stopped. Jake did 5 more reps just to show off.

“Can you guess what’s next?”


“You’re right. 10 reps”

“race you”

You began squatting as fast as you could, still keeping your form, but Jake managed to beat you.

“Okay, now weighted”  

“Why are you trying to murder me?”


Jake added some plates onto the weight and you did the painful squats. The two of you continued to work on shaping your legs. After around half an hour it was time for cardio. You picked out two treadmills next to each other. You got on and set your speed. A few seconds in and Jake’s phone rang.

“It’s Lex, I’ll be back in a second.” 

You nodded and continued your workout. As soon as Jake left two girls walked up to you.

“Hey, where did you get your top from?”

“Oh, it’s from-”

“It’s doing so well to suckall that fat in. But you should really buy a bigger size, it’s straining.”

“I. Uh-”  You were lost for words. No one ever said anything like that to you at the gym. They all congratulated you for trying to make yourself better.

“She’s so pathetic, she can’t even stand up for herself.”

Your face began to heat up and tears were threatening to spill from your eyes.

“I don’t know who gave you the right to waltz into this gym and make people feel bad about themselves but you can’t so get away from her or I’ll call security.” 

The girls looked at one another, scoffed and left. Jake turned and looked at you.

“You okay?”

“Can we just get out of here?”

Jake nodded and the two of you quickly grabbed your things from the locker room and drove to Jake’s in a stinky silence. As soon as you entered his house you went to his upstairs bathroom and showered. You relished the hot water beating down on your body soothing your aching muscles. After half an hour or so you decided to get out. You wrapped a towel around your head and one around your body and went into the guest/your bedroom. You towelled off and changed into your underwear. You caught a glimpse of your body in the mirror and it had turned into a day where you weren’t feeling so good about your body.

You pulled and the rolls of skin on your tummy and jiggled your thighs. You ran your fingers over your stretch marks that you used to love but now hate. A knock on the door intercepted your examination.

“Come in”

The door opened and Jake walked into the room. He looked you up and down and his eyes widened.

“You know, I think that the girls were right. The shirt was straining against all of me.”

“No, they were just bringing you down. You’re perfect.”

“You’re my best friend, you’re supposed to say that.”

Jake was silent for a few moments while you stared at yourself in the mirror.

“What if I want to be more than friends?”

“Friends with benefits?”

“No, more than that”

“What about mystery girl?”

“It was you. It’s been you the entire time”


“Yeah, I mean that’s why I always hate the girls you set me up with.”

“Why couldn’t you tell me that earlier?”

“Because I was afraid you don’t feel the same. Well, I don’t know if you feel the same now either but I thought that it would make your day better.”

You were shocked, you didn’t know about jake’s massive crush on you. He had always been your best friend. You had to admit it, though, there were times when you were jealous of the dates he had and sometimes you would wonder what he would look like without the towel when he came out of the shower. But the feelings were never as deep.

“You don’t feel the same do you?” He asked quietly.


He turned to leave the room. You ran over to him, your chubbiness bouncing around.

“I don’t feel it now, but there is a chance for it to develop. I don’t want to punch myself for rejecting you now do I?”


“Really, Riley. But I want to be wooed properly. That means a proper first date and everything.”

“I didn’t expect any less. Now as much as I love seeing you like this, this is like the morning after sex stage and we haven’t got that far, so get your cute ass dressed and return home. I’m setting you up on a date.”

You giggled and got dressed. You got a uber and headed home. Almost as soon as you stepped into the door you got a text:

Incoming: Hey, I got your phone number from a friend. He wanted to set us up and I was wondering if you were free tonight?

Outgoing: Hey, I didn’t quite catch your name

Incoming: Lol sorry, it’s Jake

Outgoing: Right, Jake. Uhm yeah I’d like that

Incoming: Great, I’ll pick you up at 7?

Outgoing: Yeah, that’s great. Any particular dress code?

Incoming: relaxed, casual

Outgoing: Great, I’ll see you tonight.

Incoming: See you tonight

You laughed at the fact that he was trying so hard but you were happy he was making the effort. It wasn’t until 5.30 that you started to get ready. You tried to curl your hair but ended up failing miserably so your hair went back into two french braids. you made an effort o your makeup, contouring and baking and highlightings and actually wearing lipstick. You look was pretty neutral, mostly browns and golds with a winged liner on your eye and some red liquid lipstick. You wore a chilled out outfit that consisted of an oversized white t-shirt a pair of jeans and a pair of Nike air max. You contemplated whether to take a coat or not but decided not to, if you were cold Jake would give you his jacket like they do in the 7:00 sharp you heard a knock on your door. You ran and opened it to see a very calm Jake leaning on your door frame.

“Hi, I’m Jake and these flowers are for you”

You took the flowers and inhaled their scent.

“Hey, Y/N but you probably knew that. Come in, I’ll just put these into a vase and we can go”

He stepped into your apartment and looked around. His eye fell directly on a painting that he hated.“

That painting is interesting”

“Really? My best friend hates it. He says it’s ugly”

“Well, you should ask him again. He could have changed his mind”

“I will. While I relay every action and word spoken during this date.” 

Jake smiled. You finished with the flowers and grabbed your bag. 

"Let’s go" 

You headed out the door with Jake following you and you locked your door. He held his arm out for you to link your arm with his. You smiled and slipped your arm through the gap he created. 

"Can I have a hint as to where we’re going?”

“It’s a surprise. I tried my best given the short planning time.”

“I’m sure we’ll enjoy it”

The two of you walked to his car in silence. He opened up the door and gave you a hand to get in, not that you needed it. He turned on the radio and drummed along to the song on the steering wheel.


“This is really awkward.”

“You already know everything about me, we have nothing to talk about”

“Hows that scratch on your arm?”


“The one on your forearm? I saw it in the gym”

“No biggie, just some crazy psycho grabbed me while I was trying to arrest him”

“Did you beat him up?”

“No, I just pepper sprayed him”


“Hey, I had to, I was defending myself”

“I’m not saying anything”

“My mum called after you left.”

“Omg I wanted to talk to her”

“I told her about our date and she started screaming and yelled ‘Honey he finally asked her out. You owe me $50′”

“No way! Your parents were betting on our relationship?”


“That’s why I love them so much”

“It kinda hurt that my dad had no faith in me”

“I feel like your mum was losing hope. Now that I think about it some of her texts sounded like she was dropping hints.”

“She’s so embarrassing”

“Hey, if our kid had a crush on someone and was taking forever to ask the person out I’d lose hope and try and hint that my offspring was crushing on them”

You realised what you said and tried to rectify it but Jake  spoke.

“But that’s embarrassing, I don’t think you’d enjoy being an embarrassing mother unless you were embarrassing our child in front of their friends and they pissed you off.”

“You know me so well”

“What can I say? I’m an attentive listener.”

The drive continued while you talked about weekend plans to see Civil War. After fifteen more minutes of driving, Jake stopped outside the park. He parked up his car and ran out to open your door. 

“Why thank you, kind sir,” you said taking his outstretched hand. 

You hopped out while Jake went into the trunk and took out a picnic basket and a blindfold.

“I knew you were into that shit”

“Oh yeah, why do you think I bring my cuffs home? Turn around”

You turned around as Jake tied the blindfold loosely, making sure he didn’t mess up your eye makeup.

“You’re not going to murder me in the forest and use your officer status to get away with it are you?”

“Who knows?”

Jake took your hand and led you through the park. A  few moments later he stopped and took off your blindfold.

“How did I do?”

You looked at what Jake had done and you were in awe. He tied fairy lights around the tree trunks and on the floor, there was a picnic blanket with loads of plush pillows facing a white sheet strung between two trees. The lights contrasted with the evening sky.  The blanket was the blanket you guys would have your deepest conversations on. It brought back memories of Jake’s rooftop and how the two of you would spend hours under the stars just talking about how shitty and great life was.  He placed the two pillows you embroidered when you were on a craft kick right at the front. You tried to embroider Jake’s face onto the pillow but in the end, it just looked like a bunch of lines inside a square but he still treasured it. It looked exactly how you wanted your dream first date to go.

"This is beautiful. I love it”

Jake breathed a sharp breath of relief before guiding you to the blanket. You sat down running your fingers over the pillow Jake did for you. He stitched on Jake+Y/N=BFFs and then using those iron on stickers put a bunch of your favourite things all over it.

“I have the Man from U.N.C.L.E ready to be projected onto that sheet and your favourite food.”

He opened up the picnic basket and inside it was pizza. Lots of pizza and cookie dough.

“I know how you don’t like really hot pizza because it burns your mouth and the cheese gets too stretchy so it gets everywhere so its lukewarm” He babbled opening the box and offering it to you.

You took out a slice and bit into it.

“The temperature is perfect. Just like the rest of this has been so far”

Jake smiled and scratched the back of his neck shyly. He pivoted and pressed a few buttons on his projector and the opening scene for the movie came on.

“Henry Cavill’s ass gives me life”

“I forgot about your obsession with him” he groaned.

“I promise I won’t make any comments”

“Swear on your Yeezy's”

“I swear”

Jake smiled and relaxed against the pillows. You mirrored him sliding the pizza box closer to you. At around 30 minutes in your throat was feeling dry so you went to ask him for a can of drink but you saw his face in a different angle. He was so focused on the film that his tongue was every so slightly jutting out from his lip. His beard looked hot on his sharp jaw and you could see the scar from a play fight peeking out from the top of his beard. 

You moved forward and looked in the picnic basket hoping to see a can of coke and you did. You fished it out and sat back in your seat, loving closer to Jake. You popped it open and took a sip. A few seconds later it was taken from your hand. You followed the can as Jake took a sip.

“Hey! That was mine!” You yelled grabbing it

“Oh really?” He raised his arm higher taking the can away from you.


The two of you fought over the can that you so dYou knew just how to get it back. You quickly pressed your lips to Jakes, shocking him at first but he relaxed and his arm lowered. You opened one eye to see where the can was and you grabbed it, pulling away quickly and settling back down in your spot.

“Victory is sweet,” you said sipping the can.

“You frustrate me Y/N. It’s not I should not be subjected to this torture.”

“Aw, did I huwt wittle Jake’s feewings?”

“Yeah.I’m going to tell my mum”

A cold breeze brushed your arms, causing your hairs to stand up and you skin to goosebump. 

“We should finish this off in a warmer place”

“Yeah, it’s kind of cold”

Jake slipped off his jacket and draped it on your shoulders. He took his phone out of the pocket and sent someone a text. You stood there while he packed up the food into the basket.3

“What about the stuff?”

“Lex has it. Let’s go”

Jake led you back to the car he shoved the picnic basket into the back while you sat in the passenger seat. A few moments late he sat next to oyou. The drive home was pretty quiet. The two of you soon pulled up outside your complex.

“I had a really good time today.”

“Me too. Well done Riley, I guess you earn another point.”

“See you tomorrow morning?”

“I always say no but you still show up.”

You got out of his car and headed through the doors of the apartment complex. You waved before running into your apartment and waved to him out the window. He waved back and he drove off. 

You had to admit it. The date was a living breathing cliche. But the entire situation was. He was your best friend of 9 years. He knew you like the back of his hand. He knew every insecurity, he knew every way to make you smile, your guilty pleasures, your worst fears and your hopes and dreams. He stood up for you every time someone commented on your weight or your body shape. It was like something from a book where the insecure girl thought no one loved her but the person that did was right in front of her, but you wouldn’t change it for the world.

《《Dillon Imagine》》


Dillon has been staying at your house since his flooded last weekend. You guys are neighbors so you and your family decided to be and let them stay while theyre house is getting fixed. You and dillon had never talked before this but youve found out hes super sweet and has the same funny, weird personality as you.


“Dillon!!” You scream down the stairs

“What?! Im making hot chocolate!”

“Come upstairs!!”

“Okay okay im on my way!!”

Dillon runs up the stairs as fast as he can and runs into your room.

“What did you need are you hurt?!” Dillon says coming closer checking you to make sure youre alright

“Yes im fine. Its just we been living together for a week and we havent gotten one picture together!!”

“Y/n what the fuck!!” Dillon yells but hes not angry, he actually laughing “i was so worried. Theres payback coming your way….”

“Just come into the picture dillon.”

Dillon moves behind you and puts his head on your shoulder and gives the cutest smile with his chubby cheeks.

“Thats a really good picture. Im putting it on instagram” you say while looking up and realizing hes gone. “Dillon?” You call out while walking down the stairs. You get close to the bottom and there he is laying on the side, shirtless and smiling like a little kid. “Paint me like one of your french girls” he says to you. You laugh but cant help but stare at his body at the same time.

“Is this supposed to be my payback?” You say confused and laughing.

“Nope i just thought it would make you laugh. Ill get you soon though.” He says with a smirk on his face. “OH FUCK MY HOT CHOCOLATE” he yells out of no where and runs to the kitchen. Hes only lived here a week but has made him self at home.

“HEY DILLON YOU WANT TO GO TO THE MALL?!” you yell out to him


You run up to your room to find a nice outift. As youre going through your clothes trying to find the perfect fall outfit, dillon runs in screaming “RAAAWR” and attacks you and throws you on the bed. You laugh extremly hard. You were not expecting that.

“You scared the shit out of me Dilly!”

“Dilly. I hate when people call me that but when you do its just so cute.” He says while looking down at you.

You imediatly blush and push him off so you can get dressed.

“Dilly let me get dressed”

“Okay y/n. Be ready soon.”

As youre slipping your leggings on, you hear a slight creak. You forget abiut ir and continue to put the blue tribal print leggings on and all the sudden, dillon comes in and attacks you again causing you to almost pee yourself.

“Dilly oh my god not again!” You say laughing hysterically. “Im not dressed dillon!!”

“Its okay you look cute with no clothes” he says smirking while looking down at you.

You bite your lip and all the sudden he starts tikling the shit out of you and you fall to the floor. He runs out of the room laughing and you get up to finish getying ready.

This was actually based on a dream i had awhile ago with dillon in it and it was so cute i had to write about it.

//remember y'all can always ask me to do imagines or you can ask me for preferences or ships or any questions or most likely.. just remember you can ask me for anything.. Im always here!//