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Sims 4 Post Patch Tips

Now that we have Sims 4 patch version 1.30 (etc), we on the MC Command Center Support Discord Server have been seeing more LastException.txt files from players.  With MCCC 3.5.x Deaderpool introduced error-catching.  Many of the errors we have seen are NOT related to MCCC.  Some are actual game (core) errors.  Most, so far, have resulted from players trying to use either mods OR custom content (cc) that has been broken by the changes from the 1.30 patch.

Whether you have MCCC or not doesn’t matter.  Whether you have, since the patch, verified or updated ALL of what you have in /Mods, DOES matter.

If your game is acting strangely, Check Your /Mods files.  Everything in there.  

Lag, freezing, resets, failed actions… etc.  If you see things like that, look in /Sims 4.  If you have a LastException.txt file, there is most likely at least one file in /Mods that has broken.  

The more proactive you are about managing your extra content, the better your game will run.  It really is in every player’s best interest to go through and recheck all of your mods and cc following ANY patch from EA.  Your game will appreciate you making the effort to keep it running smoothly.

I really, really enjoy Michaela’s singing voice. She’s not as polished as DeeDee or Estelle, but she’s got a raw roughness to her that I adore. I will never, ever ever turn away from an Amethyst tune. 

Especially one so heartfelt and sincere. Amethyst believes she’s changed - and she has! I think, anyway. She’s matured; she’s more responsible and understanding and thoughtful. She knows what she did was wrong, and even admits to using Garnet “to make [herself] feel strong.” 

But one of Amethyst’s major problems is that she shoulders all blame. Any fault she can attribute to herself, she does. Anything that goes wrong is her fault. She fails to realize that she was only part of the equation, that others’ had their hands in the pot, too. 

And now she thinks she’s obligated to fix things - that this is her fault, and therefore it’s her responsibility, and hers alone, to mend the pieces back together. 

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Hi Emma! Which are your favorite journals? I've tried to look for some cheap ones (because i tend to take them with me everywhere and they easily get dirty/scratched) but all the ones i've tried, the pens bleed through the pages!

Hi! My favourite is arc notebook by Staples! That is what I use for my bullet journal and it’s great. It comes in poly or leather, I have the leather. Mine has no scratches. I do have the poly version for my class notes and whilst it has a few marks, it’s great to wipe down since it’s only plastic. It also means you can change the front design if you like! The paper is 100gsm so it’s thicker than average which stops, most, pens from bleeding. I have no problem with any I use! I’m picky with journals because I like them to be white and have thick paper so the arc fits all my needs and wants! If anyone else has any suggestions, please reply to this x

Thranduil becomes an early advocate for Native American rights, and does what he can to dissuade Europeans from harming tribes more than they already have.

He can’t stop colonization as a whole, as  his time away from Greenwood and refusal to go to Valinor have weakened him considerably. His magic isn’t what it used to be.

 But he’s handy with a sword and a bow, and later on a musket. And he uses it.

It’s easy to kill the settlers. He can disguises himself as one of them, even has the accent. He waits till nightfall, till the stars are bright and the moon is high or gone, and strikes. He takes down settlements in minutes, killing most and leaving others to fend for themselves.

He doesn’t care who falls to his blade. He doesn’t care who was left to die.          

His opinion of humans has changed considerably over the years, their raping and pillaging of native tribes only hardens is heart towards them.

(It’s like Loth Lorien all over again, when it was colonized, their culture stolen from them, and when their White Lady left them to die.
He still hasn’t forgiven Celeborn for allowing that to happen. And his disdain for Galadriel has never ceased).

Thranduil becomes a monster. A ghost in the night, a conjured-up myth in, traveling from settlement to settlement, mutilating those who’ve mutilated others.

He lets them see his face, lets them know that it was he who killed them.

And laughs, because he’s only being one of them.

Teaching the people to defend themselves is hard, only because it’s nostalgic.

Their appearances remind him of the elves he left in Greenwood years ago, the souls who’ve died and become one with the woods.

He finds himself learning about the different tribes, learning about their ancestors and their customs, their spirits and their language. He finds himself remembering living in Greenwood years ago, and doing the exact same thing with his people.

So many different people and cultures. So many different elves, and he loved them, loved them all.

Only these are no longer his people, and he will not be their king. They don’t need one.

He uses what little magic he has left to confuse the settlers and to shield the tribes. Trades spells and charms with them, as well as weapons.

He never stays with one tribe for long, and is constantly moving to find new settlers, to find new land, to find others who need help.

True Love’s Kiss is a Powerful Thing.

Request from @blackenedlips:Reader was cashier in Gold shop during curse and they became inseparable friends, despite his rep; during this, Gold confides in her, telling her about Belle and son. Thus, when curse broke and Rumple reunites with Belle, reader steps away and ignores her crush; he assumes it’s because he’s the dark one, but she didn’t actually care. When TL kiss didn’t work on Belle to get memory back, he realizes his feelings has changed – reader is his true love. He confronts her, which is where you come in?

Gold x Reader

Words: 2,643 (I am sooo sorry! I got carried away!)

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

Gold had gone on his lunch break and given how picky he was with how he had his sandwich prepared at Granny’s diner it gave you the perfect amount of time to conceal yourself inside his shop properly. In all the time you had worked here you rarely went into the back of the shop, that was his domain, you much preferred it in the main area where you could speak to the customers that came in. You had made friends with many of the residents of Storybrooke but the owner of the shop you worked in, the man you were about to scare out of his wits, was the closest one you had made. It hadn’t been an expected friendship, not in the slightest, as you were two very different people but somehow you’d had a connection with the other from day one.

He didn’t have the best reputation but it never crossed your mind. You saw him differently….always had done.

As a mischievous smirk started to tug up on your lips you snuck into the back room, knowing that he wouldn’t expect for you to be in there, and hid yourself behind a rather odd-looking statue. You made a mental note to ask yourself what it was because right now it looked like something that would be the main focus of a horror film or something…..god you hoped he wouldn’t be too picky because the faster you got away from this thing the better. The way it made the hairs on your arms stand on end made you think that said horror movie was about to start playing out and you were the main protagonist in it.

The bell above the shop door sounded out, snapping you out of the rather anxious mindset you had started to head into.

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so is the dust on the sensor or lens ? Also have you tried blowing the dust out and using built in sensor cleaning if your camera has that function.

I guess the sensor. I know very little about my camera’s parts. My camera does the sensor cleaning each time I turn it off. I change lenses a lot more in the last year and I think it’s really made it dirty. Which anon are you? I know you aren’t the one I talked to in messages. 

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hello! Can I have a sim request? :) Can it be a girl, I don't really care what ethnicity you make her, but can she be one of those... grungy type of people? You know the ones you see on tumblr, with the alien beanies. That kinda thing. CC is fine :). Ily! <33333

sim request - sunni rivers

hi anon !!! ily more !!! here is your sim 4 u. she has the city native aspiration w the gloomy, creative, and music lover traits (but ofc you can change those). all of her outfits except for her everyday are blank bc i thought that should be up to u. cc + more info and download under the cut !!! send me your own sim request, i’m still taking them !!!

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Tbh is not like people can ask grrm a direct question about what would become the main couple and he would say something confirming, he used to be shady about r+l=j, I also remember he talking about changing bc people figured it out but he didn't because was too much work and hints to erase it. He has been hinting j x a non stop through those books, is not something lightly is heavily implied. Besides at this point the book and show have little similarities, can be canon in 1 and not the other.

Totally agree with you. It’s one thing to hint something at the first book and later change your mind, and another thing entirely to repeat yourself all through five books. The revelation r+l=j was never a surprise, but still felt good when reveled. It was something the entire fandom expected, it was hinted all over the series and the show barely scratched it until last season with tons of flashbacks. On the other hand, if GRRM stick with the original plan and make J X A a thing, people will go nuts and claim they had never seen it coming. Just check the number of theories claiming Arya will die, or will become someone’s lap dog (you know what I’m talking about), or even that she will live an obscure life with no relevance in the politics. J X A is the one thing this fandom loves to frown upon, and I can’t even stand the “it’s incest” argument when the same fandom has no problems with Cersei x Jaime, or shipping Jon with either his AUNT or HIS OTHER “SISTER”.

Martin would never give straight answers about any plot lines, mostly because he is likely bound by contract to both HBO and the Editors to keep his mouth shut. I don’t even believe the show will have the same end of the books. Maybe just the main points. The show is one thing and the books are another thing, completely different and one doesn’t necessarily reflects the other.

I just can’t stand discussing with people that never read the books or any of the short stories and believe they know everything that there is to known about ASOIAF just because they watch GOT. I know it’s an snobbish attitude to have, but I’ve wasted a considerable amount of time doing researches to give substance to fanfiction and simply because I love those books.

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I like reading the blogs but man, they ve started to be really depressing. Moaning, whining, opinionated, know-it-all bitchy people who idolize the 90s and depression is just wrong. "Kurt was this, kurt was that, dont use kurt for this, kurt would've liked that blah blah blah". Noone has any idea what Kurt was like as noone knew him personally! Ffs. Same for all the others. They were artists but junkies. There i said it. Junkies. I loved them all but can still acknowledge that.

I hope you aren’t including me in that.   I love the 90′s , but then I lived  it.

Kurt was Kurt.   and he changed like the wind.  said one thing on tuesday, and another on wednesday,  and most probably neither one was what he actually thought.

true,  most were junkies.   and they died.   which is a shame, but I am not judging. addiction is a bitch to rebound from,  and if you add mental illness to an addiction,  twice as hard to fight.

I have never ever said Kurt was perfect.   He wasn’t.   terrible temper,  bore grudges for years for the smallest slight.   I met the man once.  I was extremely lucky to have done that.   

but to glorify  their deaths,  whether  due to drugs/overdoses,  or suicide/mental illness…….no.     I don’t believe I have ever done that.   kurt thought frances and everyone would be better off without him. he was wrong, and I have stated that.  they would have rather had him around. 

Important information for Content Creators on Tumblr

okay i know ive posted alot about this just now, but now that ive got it more or less figured out I’m gonna make a better post here and include the tags relevent to my interactions in it to ensure no one else in my fandoms/communities are blindsided like i was. 

I encourage you to make your own, or to just recopy this, tagging the fandoms and communities important to you!


If you make a post with external links, your post will be hidden from searches. If you make a post and link to your redbubble, no one can search for your post. If you make art and link it to your deviantart or artstation, no one can search for you post. If you make any post and just throw on a “hey here is where you find me!” no one can search that post. If you want to recommend a fic or a youtube video, no one can search your post, if you… hell you get the idea. Tumblr has completely shut down content creators on this hellsite and its fucking infuriating.

I have just confirmed that the post type “Link” also does not show up in the tags. Thats right, there is an ENTIRE TYPE OF TUMBLR POST that cannot be searched. G-FUCKING-G TUMBLR.

EDIT: Okay! I have done more testing (and a video to go along with it) and at this point i can say that this is still very real, but that it only affects links to specific websites, presumably ones that tumblr doesn’t have added to some sort of “internal whitelist” of safe sites. 
I would suggest if you intend to continue tagging, to maintain a very very unique tag and use it to keep tabs on your work to ensure they are continuing to show up.
In the meantime, I will do my best to keep a list here of links verified to work, and ones verified to not work. Please feel free to comment on the post or reblog if you have your own experiences!

Also there has been confirmation that this change affects posts regardless of posting date. So it’ll hide posts made before the update went into affect; expected but good to confirm!


It shuts down posts with external links, so at first i assumed internal links would be fine. and they are. if you make a page on your tumblr blog called like /links or something you can certainly link to that. But in that way you run into an issue, tumblr mobile is a piece of shit and cant load tumblr pages, and itll just take you back to the mainblog any time you try.

The best solution ive found so far is put all your relevent links in your blog description like so:

and then in every content post, call tumblr out for being a piece of shit and direct them to the links in your blog description.

Edit: In the top right hand side of photo posts you can click on it and include a single link as “source” that should work if you have one link neccessary. though if you need more you are still SOL. Find it like so:

It will appear in dash format at the bottom left of the post:

in desktop them view where it can be found, or if it can be found, varies by theme.


It is important now more than ever on this hellsite that you try to support your artist and content creators, reblog as much as possible, look to find them on websites off this piece of shit, and generally do your best to spread the word and support them, since tumblr itself is trying to silence them! 


okay @ all of france i really really REALLY need you to go vote in the second round, PLEASE.

if you don’t want le pen to win, vote for macron. it’s that easy.

no “she’ll never win anyway”. that’s how brexit happened.  

no “but he’s not great either”, that’s how trump got elected.

no “I’m abstaining because i want to send a message”, that’s just plain stupid and i hope i don’t have to explain why oh my god. PLEASE.

If Le Pen wins, the EU is finished. Yes I’m german and I’m openly admitting that without France, we can’t do it. 
If she manages to win the election she’ll also be able to get France to leave the EU, and that will be a desaster for everyone involved.
Look up how absolutely fantastic the Brexit negotiations are going if you’re still on the fence about that.

It’s a very similar situation to the one the US was in last year.
“ugh a boring politician they’re not exciting and has ties to the big banks and voting for them won’t change anything god i hate the system”
versus one 
oh look a charismatic fascist who will probably literally kill us all and throw the country, if not the continent, into utter chaos” candidate.

please think twice before you say it’s a choice between two evils. it’s not pest oder cholera, at the very worst it’s a stubbed toe versus lung cancer, and the lung cancer’s best chances lie in people not voting at all.

The Moon Just Photobombed NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory

On May 25, 2017, the moon photobombed one of our sun-watching satellites by passing directly between the satellite and the sun.

The Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, orbits Earth and watches the sun nearly 24/7 — except when another body, like the moon, gets in the way. These lunar photobombs are called transits, the generic term for when any celestial body passes in front of another.

Transits are one way we detect distant worlds. When a planet in another star system passes in front of its host star, it blocks some of the star’s light so the star appears slightly dimmer. By monitoring changes in a star’s light over time, scientists can deduce the presence of a planet, and even determine what its atmosphere is like. This method has been used to discover thousands of planets, including the TRAPPIST-1 planets.

SDO sees lunar transits about twice a year, and this one lasted about an hour with the moon covering about 89 percent of the sun at the peak of its journey across the sun’s face.

When they’re seen from Earth, we call lunar transits by another name: eclipses.

Solar eclipses are just a special kind of transit where the moon blocks all or part of our view of the sun. Since SDO’s view of the sun was only partially blocked, it saw a partial eclipse. Later this year, on Aug. 21, a total eclipse will be observable from the ground: The moon will completely block the sun’s face in some parts of the US, creating a total solar eclipse on a 70-mile-wide stretch of land, called the path of totality, that runs from Oregon to South Carolina.

Throughout the rest of North America — and even in parts of South America, Africa, Europe and Asia — the moon will partially obscure the sun, creating a partial eclipse. SDO will also witness this partial eclipse.

Total solar eclipses are incredible, cosmic coincidences: The sun is about 400 times wider than the moon, but it also happens to be 400 times farther away, so the sun and moon appear to be the same size in our sky. This allows the moon to completely block the sun when they line up just right.

Within the path of totality, the moon completely obscures the sun’s bright face, revealing the comparatively faint corona — the sun’s pearly-white outer atmosphere.

It’s essential to observe eye safety during an eclipse. You must use proper eclipse glasses or an indirect viewing method when any part of the sun’s surface is exposed, whether during the partial phases of an eclipse, or just on a regular day. If you’re in the path of totality, you may look at  the eclipse ONLY during the brief moments of totality.

A total solar eclipse is one of nature’s most awe-inspiring sights, so make your plans now for August 21! You’ll also be able to see the eclipse cross the country that day through the eyes of NASA – including views of the partial eclipse from SDO – on NASA TV and at

Learn more about the August eclipse — including where, when, and how to safely see it — at and follow along on Twitter @NASASun.
'American Gods': Bryan Fuller Explains That Wild and "Empowering" Sex Scene
"What we wanted to achieve there is for an audience who might not necessarily be accustomed to seeing two men having sex, to recognize it as a beautiful thing," Fuller tells THR.

“To portray Salim and the Jinn in a way that’s sex positive for a gay man who comes from a country where homosexuality is punishable by death and you can be thrown off of a rooftop,” he explains, “it was very important to us to look at Salim’s story as a gay man from the Middle East whose sexual experience was probably relegated to back alley blowjobs and didn’t have an intimate personal sexual experience. In the book, Salim blows the Jinn in the hotel, and then he’s gone. It was important for us in this depiction to have Salim drop to his knees and prepare to achieve sex the way he’d been accustomed to, and the Jinn lifts him off of his knees and kisses him and treats him much more soulfully and spiritually to change his perception of who he is and what his sexual identity has become. That felt like it was empowering in a different way, showing a protagonist as the one who is being penetrated. That comes with all sorts of preconceptions of gender roles and what it is to be a gay man at the same time.”

“What we wanted to achieve there is for an audience who might not necessarily be accustomed to seeing two men having sex, to recognize it as a beautiful thing,” the writer continues, “as opposed to ‘Ooh, Alec Baldwin is kissing that old man!’ Or, 'Whoopi Goldberg is touching that woman’s hand, what does it mean?’ I’ve been seated in that audience as a gay person, and resented the cringing and cajoling and jeering of audiences, and wanted to show a Middle Eastern gay kid who might find this [show] somehow and see that scene and realize there are people out there who don’t think he’s an abomination.”

Why the SPN mixtape scene from 12x19 is screenwriting gold, and should be taught to the next generations of screenwriters everywhere - analysis

20 seconds. Two lines of dialogue, three gestures, a couple more camera angles. Episode 19, season 12 of a genre TV show “Supernatural”. A single strike of screenwriting and cinematic genius. The mixtape scene.

Robert Berens and Meredith Glynn, I bow before you.

This scene should be used as an example for future screenwriters how you can put maximum of meaning into minimal time and dialogue. Should be analyzed and taught at universities everywhere, how to achieve the most using the least. How to write for TV, where you only have less than an hour to built something spectacular.


Let’s just peel off all the layers of these 20 seconds of footage and these 13 words. 13 WORDS.

(Cas knocks, Dean doesn’t say anything. Cas opens the door, apologizes for disturbing Dean in his room, and then takes a cassette tape out of his left inside coat pocket, and puts it on the desk, while tapping the label on it that says “Deans (sic!) top 13 Zepp traxx”.)

Cas: Um, I just wanted to return this.

Dean: It’s a gift. You keep those.

13 tracks. 13 words. The future. So number thirteen is important for the future. I mean, are you trying to tell us something here, writers?

(Dean takes the tape, oustreches his arm, and gives it back to Cas. We see Cas’ hand grabbing the tape, and taking it back.)

That tiny scene is ENORMOUS from the perspective of the narrative and the characterization. Let’s see what we can get out of it. (Prepare yourself: it’s gonna be long. Damn, how much meta can you write based on 20 seconds of television and two lines of dialogue?) (Hint: A lot.)

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Ohmygosh SO many of the tags on that post of mine are things along the lines of ‘I used to have a Sonic OC’ ‘maybe I can use them’ or ‘I haven’t thought about my OCs in years’ and things to that effect.

SEE? THIS. THIS IS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT! Look around you! Look at how many people are suddenly thinking about the OCs they made when they first got into Sonic and it’s not necessarily with shame and revulsion… it’s suddenly with NEW APPRECIATION. All these people who had OCs, once upon a time, but who probably put them aside out of shame because of the stigma surrounding it.

Now SEGA has said ‘Hey! No, that’s okay! Your OCs are valid and awesome! Make them! They can do what you always dreamed of and help Sonic save the world! They’re canon! They’re in the story! They’re important!’

And suddenly all these fans are rising from the depths, shedding the shame and embarrassment and thinking ‘Maybe that OC is okay after all..?’and ‘I should revamp them and try again…’

THIS is how it’s going to change things! THIS is why it’s important! THIS is what I’m so thankful to SEGA for!

So, again and again, thank you, SEGA. For giving us the one thing the Sonic fandom has needed for years.

Acknowledgement that this is 100% acceptable and okay. ♥

They were on the ground, believe it or not, the show for four seasons has only been essentially almost a year. Not even a year of time has passed. So they’ve now been apart for way longer than they were ever together. And so relationships will change, alliances will change, will they be the same when they come back together in season five? It’s like in life when you go away for a long time and then you see somebody who you used to love or used to know and they’re so different, you know. That’ll be part of the fun in season five.
—  Jason Rothenberg, outlining my fears for season 5 in one paragraph. x
Nessian’s Kids Headcanons

I know this is unexpected from me because I was vehemently against any pregnancies/baby faes for any of the ships in ACOWAR but I am okay with them having kids waaaaay way down the line. Anyway, I don’t remember how this happened but Sarah @nessiansmut and I came up with a few headcanons of Azriel and Elain babysitting Nessian’s kids so here we go:

  • The inner circle would do the ‘not it’ thing whenever nessian need a babysitter. no one would be able to keep those kids in line
  • Elain would volunteer as a last resort 'how bad can it be?’
  • Azriel agrees to help because Elain convinces him he could probably help keep the kids entertained with his shadows
  • one hour in they’re missing one child, one’s running around naked and another’s pulling at Azriel’s wings trying to get him to spread them wide so they can see them
  • just imagine loud curly headed children running around everywhere
  • even azriel’s shadows wouldn’t be a match for them. Elain would be frantically screaming at him to find the missing kid and he’d just be like 'I’VE GOT NOTHING! IT’S LIKED THEY DROPPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!’
  • I thought fae children were supposed to be rare where do they keep coming from????
    From your damn sister who apparently spends all her time “training” doing something else entirely
    Someone needs to stop them before they make a small army
  • The naked kid is pulling out all these random weapons and Elain is just horrified. “Do they not baby proof?!?” (Cass would be offended to hear that: 'that is baby proof! the blade’s shorter than 20cm!’ )
  • Azriel would be begging and pleading for Rhys to use his daemati power to convince the kids to calm down “But you’re High Lord surely you can get them to stop moving.”
  • one of the kids would be grinning really wide but his teeth have a blue glow and Az sees and he’s like 'Spit out the Syphon! Geez, how and when did you even get that?’ (SOMEONE PLEASE DRAW THIS)
  • a completely dishevelled Elain would be furiously whispering to Az “Just knock them out! Not too hard. Nobody has to know. It’s the only way to get them to sleep and we can get a break. Please”
  • Azriel trying to change diapers having to use his shadows to stop the kid from squirming around
  • one of the babies is that type of kid who just doesn’t stop asking questions. “Are your wings bigger than daddy’s? Do you sleep upside down like a bat? Why are yours blue?”
  • the only reason nessian needed a babysitter was to go to the cabin in the illyrian mountains and have sex for a few hours.  
  • Nesta: I have a meeting with the humans. Emissary business he’s coming for protection.
    Elain: *mutters under breath* the only protection he needs to provide is of the contraceptive kind
    Azriel: emissary business my ass.
  • imagine Az with a baby hanging onto his back for dear life and nibbling at his wing while he’s trying to find his pacifier “Elain it bit me” “Azriel they have names…" 
  • “I fought Hybern. Twice. I survived my brothers. This this is too much.“
  • They find a 4th kid just sitting in the kitchen completely still. they’d look outside into the living room muttering "1…2…3…” they turn and look into the kitchen “4?…” “I thought they only had 3.” “So did I.”
  • after they realise that two of them are twins Elain would be running around yelling 'WHO ARE YOU?! WHERE’S THE SECOND YOU?!’
  • Nesta then lets them know that they won’t make it home in time and they need them to babysit the kids overnight  “What do you mean you’re running late and watch them for 3 hours is now over night? What do we feed them? Do they sleep?” 
  • eventually Nesta and Cass would come back and Az would be passed out on the couch with a baby cradled in the crook of his wing on the floor, the baby’s nappy not even secured properly. Elain would be sleeping upstairs with her head on the toilet seat with two more kids sleeping in a nest of blankets in the bathtub and the fourth kid would be in the kitchen stuffing his face with marshmallows and grinning at them when they come home
  • They wouldn’t even blink, though. Cass would just pick the kid up when he makes grabby hands at him and goes 'DADA!’ and he’d be like 'Heeeey buddy… did you give auntie Elain and uncle Az a hard time?’ and the kid would nod and he’d be like 'good job!’ and fist bump his little fist. Nesta would go upstairs to wake Elain up and thank her
  • Elain would wake up and the first thing she says is  “I swear to god, Nesta if you have any more kids not even your death powers will save you from my rage” or “I’d rather be thrown in the cauldron again than babysit these monsters again.”

BONUS Headcanons:

  • Nesta and Cassian have 4 kids: the oldest is a girl, the twins and the youngest are boys
  • They name the girl after Cassian’s mother
  • the twin who always disappears has Nesta’s personality and he always just hides somewhere and reads

when you have a one night stand with a guy (or think you did) then disappear, only to meet again some time later, and finding out he’s your new boss …

thepersonalblogofsh  asked:

What do you think is the (symbolic) meaning behind having all the mains on the same place, trying to support sana (s4's main) in the clip today? :) x

you know what I didn’t even think about it until you mentioned it, so thank you so much for bringing this up!

wow, it’s kinda nostalgic isn’t it? 

like think about it, Eva, Noora and Isak have all been in the position Sana is in now. Alone, inside their own head afraid of what’s to come next (same tbh)

and now here they are sharing this moment with her. Could they be a reminder for us to show us how much they have grown and the ‘evolution’ of the mains?

or maybe….

okay so Sana has served as an important character in each of their seasons. she helped each main move along in their story in a different way. 

for example with Eva

Sana gave Eva the push she needed to finally confront Ingrid as well as all the feelings she has been repressing and torturing herself with from the beginning of this season. If it wasn’t for Sana we might not have gotten the most emotional heart to heart in this entire season. We wouldn’t have gotten Eva to finally let out all of her feelings as well as realising who she is and what means the most to her. She wouldn’t have gotten the push she needed to gain closure with Ingrid if it wasn’t for sana…and then of course she wouldn’t have caught Iben and learnt about Snakesak…so yeah Sana pushed Eva’s season along when she needed it. 

then Noora

Of course Sana and noora had that massive beautiful clip where she told Noora that it’s impossible to expect people to think like you do, but it is possible to try and understand them, and for them to understand you. This convo of course encouraged Noora to try to connect with William and talk to him…pushing her in the direction of Nico where the next part of her story began. Again you could say Sana pushed her story along…leading her to the next chapter of her journey and growth. 

Now angel Isak Mikki doesn’t have favourites I love my children equally

oh my gosh I loved this clip. I don’t know if Sana knew or not but she gave Isak exactly everything he needed to hear right in this moment of his story. She reassured him that he still means the same to her as he always has and that maybe his mum would feel the same way. she gave him the courage and the love he needed to tell his mum about Even. She made him feel less scared about how she would react and calm in knowing that she still sees him the same way herself. ahhh oh my god if it wasn’t for Sana I don’t know if Isak would have gotten the guts to tell his mother about his sexuality and that was one of the most important parts of his story. His mother accepting him and loving him when he needed it the most (hell he had been needing it since we met him) ahhh it was everything. and Sana helped him reach to that point where he could reach out to his mother. So again, she pushed and impacted his story…in the best way. 

So now why were all the mains here in this clip? 

Maybe they were here to remind us just how much Sana has been there for them. How much she has impacted their lives and had such a strong hand in moving their journeys of growth and development along. Because now Sana is the one withdrawing herself from everyone and believing that none of them see her as someone they can connect with because she is too different. She is beginning to take herself out of their world…to push them away. But they are here trying to remind us (and her but she can’t see it rn) that god dammit she is a part of their world. She’s not just a part of it but because of her their worlds have changed and grown. She has been there for all of them. They need her and they love her and they respect her. 

but Sana feels like no one does. 

someone needs to tell her just how important she is and why she is needed so much in their world…because their worlds are her world. <3 

They each had Sana to move their story along…but who does Sana have? maybe that’s what they are trying to show us by involving them all here. Who is her Sana? What happens when the friend who is always there for everyone, needs someone to be there for her and get her to talk and listen? 

lets find out ahhhh