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Cas and Crowley have an interesting dynamic, even apart from anything to do with Dean. I think a part of Crowley actually does like him or care about him, and at least admires him on some level. I think he has been or is envious of certain things about Cas (again, even apart from Dean). I think this last ep will begin a slow, gradual change in Cas's attitude towards Crowley, as Crowley has proven he does actually care about what happens to Cas on some level.

I think so too. I mean, even Dean can’t deny his gratitude toward Crowley for his actions in 12.12.

Crowley could’ve just sneaked off with the Lance while everyone else huddled around to watch Cas die.

That lance was arguably the most powerful weapon on the planet (aside from any lingering Hands of God, but they were only good for one use, and the Lance could potentially slay armies…), AND CROWLEY BROKE IT IN HALF TO SAVE CAS.

He wasn’t even SURE it would work. I mean… look at his face here: 

And here:

And the way Dean realizes what Crowley’s done here: 

He’s shocked. He knows what Crowley just gave up. On the off chance it MIGHT save Cas… Crowley just shrugs and offers a weak little “The magic’s in the craftsmanship” in explanation.

Sort of a Hail Mary play on Crowley’s part, and he wasn’t even sure it would work, and yet destroyed the most powerful weapon on the planet when he’d had a chance to grab it and run.

I keep thinking there’s some reference to be made here, but my mind is already drowning in references, and I can’t seem to pin it down, some time in the past when Dean’s made a Hail Mary play like this that seemed just too ridiculous to work, but ended up saving the day… 

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Can I just say that this "three days ago" is BUGGING ME? ugh, what? What three days ago? And also, the latest Jikook videos are so couple-y... Am the only one thinking that?? Idk, it has a different vibe to it..

Jimin’s playing with us with all these videos hes been posting I swear. Like ok the video was taken 3 days ago but honestly who cares? Its not like it meant anything to us… (weither he took it 3 days 20 years ago it doesnt change anything to us) does it mean something to them though? What kinda instagram couples shit is this caption


Ive said it before and I’ll say it again…I believe the REAL Liam Payne has a huge heart. He loves his fans and always wants to make them happy. He worries about those he never gets to meet. He puts a big smile on when he takes photos with them. Liam has always shown his true appreciation for us and I will NOT believe that suddenly all that has changed. I always see how we believe other certain members of the band don’t have full control of their social media so why can’t we apply the same to him? Why is his case DIFFERENT when it looks to be that hes about to go thru the SAME thing another member of the band is going thru?? Be fair even if hes not the one you stan. Liam always gets so underrated and easily judged. But Im going to be here for him until the day he is free from all this BS and the world can see him for the beautiful, talented loving human being he truly is.

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Just wondering but do u think back in the day (like 2009 obvs) the YouTube/ fan relationship was different than it is now? Like I think you tubers themselves sort of saw themselves as just more popular on a social media site then rather than the celebrities they've become now so do u think that makes dan and phils /friend/ship different than it would be if the same thing were to happen today?

i think that the youtuber/fan relationship has changed a lot but even then phil was quite popular. of course it was easier to be noticed and much more relaxed (which is why dan and phil probably connected). their relationship probably wouldn’t even happen today as it seems so unrealistic. it’s sort of like one of us getting into a relationship with one of them (with not as large an age gap for most of us). the circumstances under which their relationship flourished are basically impossible today. and again, i have no clue what they were really like back then besides the fact they were both quite flirty and phil’s yt persona. i’m sure they had loads of chemistry and attraction to each other (platonic or otherwise) no matter what considering they are still together today.

A lot has happened and changed since I started youtube, hopefully I haven’t let any of you down

honestly, everything going on the past couple of days reminded me of this video (and the follow up he did one year later) Jack did titled “The Fear of Failing”. And with the community currently seeming to be divided right now, watching it again really struck a chord with me. 

And i think paired with the community not being itself right now, it’s important to remember the theme of the fof party that we would have one year later in celebration of this video:

I Am There For You, You Are There For Me, We Are There For Each Other: Why You Haven’t Failed Me

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Do you think the fact has been seen in the physical presence of g*gi only once in the past several months means anything? And that one time was right after her being racist and making fun of Asians. Every other time we've seen them together have been through social media and they have used either A) photoshopped pics b) pics from the same day where it looks like she has several outfit changes.

Hello my Anon and let me reverse the question: on a scale from 1 to 10, how happy did the “happy couple” look in the photos??? This is from their last outing, right after the racist “joke” and “zayn” picking up the pieces and putting himself in the line of fire:

well, my Nonnie, how happy do they seem to you? Exactly! not at all! I believe that they were pulled out of “live performances” mainly because they could not sell it. Gigi, talentless that she may be, tried harder. Zayn, on the other hand, made this whole endeavour very hard as he wasn’t particularly cooperative. So they had to resort to Social Media Stunting, (possibly paid) articles in the press and rumours .

And the way I see it, since they cannot appear as a happy couple madly in love, they’ll probably keep playing the same (stunting via SM/ articles etc) game at least till their contractual obligations are over.

On Metaphors and Clarity

     I’ve been thinking about the Metaphor, and how it relates to Clarity. I’ve argued against using obscure metaphors because it confuses the reader and stagnates the flow of the story. But, reading Salman Rushdie’s “Midnight’s Children” changed my perspective on Metaphors and how it relates to Clarity.  Here’s how I see it.

     In a world where Metaphoric language is all too common, with phrases like hot as hell or sick as a dog, the image it’s supposed to create is pre-drawn, and subsequently goes in one ear and out the other. The synaptic process of understanding the phrase has long been established and in a sense, the phrase goes unheard. That is, when someone says it’s hot as hell outside you don’t actually stop and ponder on the eternal inferno that is hell, you just process that it’s hot outside, and nothing more. The language doesn’t stick, the image isn’t painted, the metaphor dies as quickly as it’s spoken. This doesn’t happen with unique metaphors.

     The Perforated Sheet is one my favorite Metaphors. Often, while at work or taking a shower, the image of a perforated sheet (a bed sheet with a hole cut into it) comes to mind. In Salman Rushdie’s “Midnight’s Children,” the Perforated Sheet is first introduced when the protagonist’s father, who we will call Doctor, is introduced to his future wife, who is veiled behind a bed sheet because she needs to see a doctor but her father wants her to retain her modesty. A hole is cut into it, and so the Doctor is to fall in love with his future wife, in pieces. A Metaphor on how relationships work, how we barely know a person and come to understand them bit by bit. A fact that really goes unnoticed in our everyday lives. The Perforated Sheet acts as an antithesis to the idea of “love at first sight.” It’s a unique idea that succeeds in painting a new image, never before processed by your mind. And now that is has to be processed, you are forced to stop and really think about the sheet and all that it entails about relationships.

My argument is that metaphors are useful when they are unique. Anything less than that, defeats the purpose of using creative language.

Of course this opinion comes with my overarching theme that writing has a purpose, which is to communicate, and Metaphors should be employed to reach this ultimate goal.

TL;DR version: Metaphors only help to achieve clarity when they are unique. Easily discerned metaphors are processed quickly and just as soon forgotten. So, my friends, make your metaphors as outlandish as you can, so long as it makes sense, you will make an impression on the reader. 

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Seriously speaking here, how much money do you want to make a part 2 of that Reborntale fic? I will actually pay you HOW CAN YOU CLIFFHANGER US SO HARD

Funnily enough, the continuation is already funded? Just need to finish someone else’s commission first. I’ll try not to leave the cliff hanging too long!

If anyone still feels the burning desire to pelt me with spare change, there’s always the tip jar hanging out in the blog description. :p The description also has my commission info linked, if there’s something else I might be able to write for ya. As always, reblogs/recs/comments/likes/kudos/pouring one out for a homie are always appreciated, too. 

I love you guys. You make a marsupial feel really special. 

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Legends of Tomorrow

   my all-time ultimate fave character: Mick Rory. That is my pyro son, and I will defend him forever. I love that pyro and I will always love that pyro.

   a character I didn’t used to like but now do: Hmm….I liked them all at the start of the show….this feeling has now changed.

   a character I used to like but now don’t: Sara, Ray, Martin, Rip….Like, could you all just stop being giant dicks please. Go back to being lovable..or in Rip’s case, tolerable.

   a character I’m indifferent about: Carter.

   a character who deserved better: Umm….all of them at one point or another??? The writers on that show treat them like play things, hello have you never heard of consistent characterization???

   a ship I’ve never been able to get into: Kendra x Ray. They reduced her character to a freaking love interest. Kendra deserved better. They could have literally had her finding her true self instead of turning her into a freaking prop for male characters.

   a ship I’ve never been able to get over: No matter how much of an idiot Ray seems to turn into, I still find myself an Atomwave shipper.

   a cute, low-key ship: On the occasion I can find Mick x Amaya to be some what cute.

   an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it: I don’t think I know of any that I enjoy…

   a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened: Nate x Amaya.

   my favourite storyline/moment: George Washington’s gigantic crush on Mick.

   a storyline that never should have been written: WHY DID YOU MAKE MY PYRO AND CRIMINAL SON TURN ON EACH OTHER AND THEN FIGHT?!?!?!

   my first thoughts on the show: Yes! I finally get to see more Mick and Len, this is gonna be amazing!!

   my thoughts now: I just need this to be over, like please end this now.

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“In a career spanning three decades, Ellen DeGeneres has lifted our spirits and brought joy to our lives as a stand-up comic, actor and television star. In every role, she reminds us to be kind to one another and to treat people as each of us wants to be treated. At a pivotal moment, her courage and candor helped change the hearts and minds of millions of Americans, accelerating our nation’s constant drive toward equality and acceptance for all.

Again and again, Ellen DeGeneres has shown us that a single individual can make the world a more fun, more open, more loving place so long as we ‘just keep swimming.’”

Lets be clear, Donald Trump potentially becoming president is not a laughing matter for Canadians. I don’t want to see any pretentious jokes about the US election.

Beyond the horrors that would occur against Muslims, mexicans, black people, jewish people, in the USA…

It effects Canada directly. The USA is Canada’s largest trading partner. If Trump fucks up his economy, its going to fuck up Canada’s economy. Trump has also been very protectionist in his rhetoric, which will obviously hurt Canada’s trade.

The US is one of the largest emitters of Greenhouse gases. Trump plans to leave the Paris Climate Change accord and disinvest hundreds of millions to billions of dollars in funding for climate research and energy efficiency.

The earth is a connected system, and if Trump ends up pushing the world towards a runaway climate, its going to effect every single person on earth.

So I just found out that Voltron season 1 had vietnamese sub. Needless to say I was ecstastic

In episode 6, Keith’s Iconic line was executed perfectly and ten times cuter than the original line. The meaning is still the same, tho, but cuter

One of the cutest things the translators did is that they change the pronouns of Keith while talking to Lance. Normally, they use” tôi (I)” and “cậu (you)” for common situation. They are formal, could use for both gender (mostly man, tho), for friend, acquaintane, someone you just met, etc,etc..(but only use it if both user were in a same age , dont use it with someone older, VNese has a lot of pronouns, follow a set of stange rules involves age and social rank, pretty confusing ) We dont use this quite often in real life tho, because they give off a cold vibe and create a distance between the speaker and the listener

This kind of pronounssuits Keith, as he’s pretty close-off and not really on a same level of friendship and closeness to the Garrison trio. But in that “I cradles you in my arm” line, Keith used “ Tớ”(I) to talk about him , which are more commonly used among people in a same age range, also sounds softer, cuter and sweeter, indicating a close level of friendship between two users. Using this type of pronouns make the user seems friendlier and easy to talk to

Also, they translated the world “cradled” to “nâng niu” which was hilarious cause that word is use for holding, cradling, protecting something small, fragile and absoloutely precious to the speaker. Can you feel the gay oozing out of KeithXD

The sub made Keith desperately want Lance to acknowledge their bonding moment and offer an olive brand for a new friendship that he changed his way of speaking to somewhat friendly and soft. Also he refer Lance as someone precious to him and in need of protecting.  Someone give this dork a pat please he pines so hard

The Klance game is so fucking strong I cant help but laughing like an idiot

a small family of criminals in their early days before their demolition man, golden boy, or jack of all trades

The Positive Influence of Yuri on Ice

Ever since Yuri on Ice became popular, many of us have been busy battling haters, homophobia in the anime community and people who mistakenly call it queerbaiting but let’s take a step away from that and consider the good that Yuri on Ice has done.

I work on a pretty large anime page on Facebook (over 300k likes, at the moment) and while Yuri on Ice was airing I used to do one or two posts a week on it. They got tons of positive feedback but what struck me most was that every time I would see comments from different people, mostly males from South East Asia going more or less like this:

“I never liked seeing gay men/couples in my anime/TV shows, but Yuri on Ice changed my mind. The natural, healthy relationship between Victor and Yuuri made me realize that true love doesn’t depend on gender. They are the first gay couple that I like and support and I would definitely like to see more of these in anime.”

Sometimes they pointed out how they would like Victor and Yuuri to get married, sometimes they mentioned how they never liked the idea of homosexuality but Victor and Yuuri changed their minds and made them understand, sometimes they talked about trying out yaoi anime and really disliking them but really really enjoying Yuri on Ice because of how well it showed the same-sex romance aspect.

I’m not sure whether you guys realize but Yuri on Ice literally changed the world-view of some people.

And the fact that this is coming from straight males (many of them highlighted this in their comments) from countries like Malaysia and Indonesia which aren’t exactly big on gay representation or even support (from what I understand, I’m European so I only have second-hand info), this is huge.

Even my own mother who after seeing episode 7 told me that “she’s not really into seeing two guys kiss”, called me on the phone after watching episode 9, saying that Victor and Yuuri are a beautiful couple and she hopes that they can stay together and be happy forever.

While we are busy fighting over whether Victuuri is canon or whether the anime is queerbait, there are people out there, who are taught by Yuri on Ice that homosexuality is normal and that gay representation is good.

Yuri on Ice is that powerful.

And of course, it won’t save the anime community, it won’t convince everyone, it won’t destroy homophobia. For all we know, the people who are convinced to support gay couples by YOI are a minority.

But the sheer fact that Yuri on Ice was capable of that is amazing and really shows the value of the anime as a piece of gay representation. Because this is progress, this is better than most of what the anime industry ever offered us.

So for all the cynicism and hate we get, here’s some positivity - Yuri on Ice had the power to change people’s views on homosexuality and made straight cis men unconditionally root for a gay couple.

I don’t know about you, but I find that beautiful.

Aqua and Aqua Azura.

I remember being so bummed they changed Aqua’s name in the localization in fates because I couldn’t make jokes about her being Aqua’s nobody that couldn’t wield a keyblade.

Do not edit/use/repost without my permission


Has Hollywood changed you over the years? I can’t deny that it’s had an effect, but I think it’s a positive one. Instead of trying to figure out how to play the game, I’ve come to realize that it’s more important to remind myself that I don’t have to win today and I don’t actually have to play at all. Obstacles and hurdles are man-made. I won’t say it’s not useful to self-reflect, but I realize the part of you that’s fueling the self-reflections actually more akin to your ego than to the situation you’re in.


As it dances, Primarina releases balloons of water into the area around itself, moving them using the sound waves from its voice. The sight of moonlight reflecting off its glittering balloons creates a magical scene. Since Primarina controls its balloons using its voice, any injury to its throat can become a grave problem. Its greatest enemies are arid environments and the overuse of its voice during back-to-back battles.

Among the balloons that Primarina releases, some explode when touched, while others do not. Primarina jump on the non-exploding balloons while they make sport of their opponents, and they use the exploding variety to trigger chained explosions!

Primarina’s songs have many variations, and each one changes the motions of the balloons. It has been observed that songs are shared among Primarina living together, so different colonies end up knowing different songs.

  • Us: "So, we want to know why Sherlock suddenly disregarded all of Doyle's characterization--"
  • BBC: "Johnlock"
  • Us: "Okay. Right. Well, we would like to know why all of the villains were queer coded--"
  • BBC: "JOhNLoCk"
  • Us: "Yeah, we're getting to that, but, um, please tell us why Sherlock suddenly changed genres--"
  • Us: "..."
  • Us: "Is there something really important you want to tell us?"
  • BBC: "Johnlock has literally never existed and never will we're so proud of our writers they are the greatest"
  • Us: "..."
  • Us: "..."
  • Us: "Right. So, can you please tell us about the way women--"