one of two scenes that made me literally cry

buffysummere  asked:

*warning this is a trash ask* what's your favourite spuffy moment from the comics?

ok…… this is gonna be a Top 3 because i literally cannot pick One Moment

one     [s9] that time something very dramatic happens buffy’s life and she feels all alone bc willow is gone and spike is the person she goes to and she’s like “i was hoping you could help me” and he’s like “anything for you, luv” THIS SCENE LITERALLY MADE ME CRY and im sorry this is so vague lmao i dont want to spoil too much stuff for anyone skfgjfk

two     [s10] when they’re finally Together and they have to do a mind-meld-dream-thing to find out what’s manipulating spike’s dreams, and buffy cries tears of joy bc spike loves her, genuinely (this whole issue, tho)

three     [s10] when spike tries to break up with her because he’s a coward and afraid of future pain and buffy’s literally like “y’know what? no.” and then drags a stunned spike out with her to go beat some people up, all the while thinking about what to do. when she tells him that “you and me is something i don’t want to lose without a fight” and then spike - having spent the past 2 damn seasons coming to terms with the fact that he’d idealized buffy as something no real person could be - apologizes for this and then AGREES THAT HE ALSO WANTS TO KEEP TRYING and they kiss