one of three shows I can rewatch always and forever and once more and then some

we may be hollow, but we’re brave

Summary: Even had insisted they spend the night before their wedding apart, because he’s dramatic as fuck, but he ends up calling Isak anyway. Isak doesn’t even try to hide how endeared he is.

Words: 1,248

Isak groans as he adjusts the pillow under his head for the thirtieth time that night. It’s the first time in weeks he’s had to fall asleep without Even, and it’s fucking with him bad. Once upon a time, he thought he’d outgrow this urgent need to have Even next to him, touching him, just being with him always. But after a year together, he feels the exact same desperate ache for Even as he had when they first met—when real love, the kind that comes naturally with Even, still felt like a fleeting fantasy. He’s more or less accepted that forever is in his grasp now, but being without him when Isak could so easily drive over to Even’s parents’ place and crawl into his bed, still feels like the worst kind of self-inflicted torture.

He’d whined to Jonas about it for a good two hours earlier, until Jonas had threatened to hand over best man duties to Magnus instead. Isak had been scared enough to shut the fuck up, but not he’d just pouted silently instead. “I can’t wait until Even marries you, this whole engagement has brought out the clingiest, sappiest parts of both of you,” Jonas had complained.

“Do you really think that it’ll get better after we get married?”

Jonas considered this for a moment, before burying his head in his hands. “Fuck, it’ll be even worse.”

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But this was our show...

(Disclaimer: This is going to be rather long. Sorry for the negativity)

I know I’m late to the party but I need to get this out. 

I hate series four. Not just TFP, not just Mary’s redemption arc…I hate the whole thing.
The last days I spent delving deep into old tags, fic and started to rewatch the show and I only got sad. So fucking sad.
I remember joining fandom back in June, how it helped me crawl out of my shell and talk to people (sorry for not reaching out, I haven’t forgot about you lovelies).
I remember spending nights reading meta, which brought me from reluctantly shipping Johnlock to a full blown TJLCer.
I remember watching the show over and over, at first on my own, later surrounded by amazing people from all over the world at Steph’s watchalongs.
I remember following the news at the sdcc, and screaming over ‘love conquers all’ and our first teaser trailer.
I remember setlock and all the funny exchanges with Arwel.
I remember Sherlocked and watching the GBBO finale just to see two new frames cut into the teaser.
I remember being super excited about every new TJLCE video.
I remember how I couldn’t listen to the radio because EVERYTHING was Johnlock and my heart beat faster.
I remember “Tell them your darkest secret”-“I love you”.
I remember all those countdowns.

And S4 aired…

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anonymous asked:

I absolutely love Sawamura Eijun too, but what are your reasons for liking him so much? (I guess I just wanna see an Eijun appreciation post😂)

Alright Anon! -rolls up sleeves- You asked for this.

1. Eijun is the type of person who will never ever give up on you no matter how much you mistreat him or how much you’ve screwed up. Be it his old team back in Nagano, or Chris, or even Miyuki or Furuya when they don’t treat him with respect or take their respective mental issues out on him.
He loves his friends so much and he would never ever abandon them. It’s so pure and genuine and they have such an influence on him, but he still loves them, and I think that’s truly beautiful.

2. Eijun doesn’t care about your rank or your personality, if he likes you he likes you and he will accept you no matter what. From annoying Miyuki to insecure Aseda. It doesn’t matter, he’ll just take you under his wing and treat you like you’re meant to be in his life, like your existence is a matter of course.

3. Eijun is the spirit of positivity and optimism. He is strong and resilient, and even if he breaks momentarily he always stands back up again. His optimism has saved more than one person, and people gravitate towards him because of that. I mean, he can light up an entire stadium, and stand against the toughest most intimidating opponents. Not just that but he overcame the YIPS which is a crippling mental injury that has caused more than one pro athlete to retire before time. And not only did he overcome it but he emerged stronger, better equipped and unbreakable!

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Just my little rant about the finale

Everyone’s read this all before but i just felt like posting what I’ve written.

I am never, ever, going to accept the finale. I am never not going to feel this hurt and betrayed by the writers.

I feel like the show will forever be remembered as this really fantastic, hilarious, dramatic, brilliantly written show that had a shit finale that everybody absolutely hated and that ruined it all completely.  And I really don’t want the writers to be pleased with themselves, to think they have done a good job, just because they managed to create their initial idea that they had in the beginning. The (majority of) people who liked it and are giving praise to the writers for that episode would be those who have not been there watching it from beginning to end like we have - watching barney and robin fall in love with each other over and over, barney completely mature and change for the better in every way possible, ted get over robin time and time again, robin tell ted time and time again that they are not meant for each other, (and marshall and lily also mature together as a couple and grow up together and begin a family together, only to have almost no significant storyline in the episode other than having a third child which we didn’t get to see let alone get a name or gender).

I just really hope Carter and Craig know, and never forget, what they have done to the true fans. They need to know that none of what they did was okay in the slightest and understand how they have ruined nine years worth of a show we have loved and cherished for a good part of our lives.

Don’t even get me started on this Barney bullshit. I understand they wanted to show this idea they had - that him having a child would even further complete him (and obviously he couldn’t have that being with Robin) but if this was their plan from the beginning, why create this perfect love story with Barney and Robin and have all the fans invest in their relationship, prove to us over and over that they destined for each other, promise us it was endgame, have them grow so so much both together and as individuals because of each other - especially barney - only to be like, ‘no, wait, none of that matters because really he has still always been this shallow womanizer, and his love for robin and everything he became because of her, 9 years of absolutely perfect character development will just be thrown out the window as if any of it wasn’t even real and the only thing that could actually truly change him was having a child’

Seriously, what even happened to: “I’m not marrying some future possibility of starting a family. I’m marrying a girl who means more to me than kids.” If Barney wasn’t going to be able to start a family with Robin he shouldn’t have gotten to at all.

And what about his ‘hopelessly, irretrievably in love with her’ speech, which i think we would all agree was definitely one of the best, most moving speeches delivered on the show.

(One more thing; i guess i kind of like purely the fact that barney got to have a child - just ignoring the rest of it for a moment - but if they really had to do it like this, they could have at least done more than just him holding Ellie at her birth. We really didn’t get to see him actually become a father, actually raising his child. And so throwing this storyline in so quickly and randomly and ending it there just makes it completely pointless)

And I just can’t even believe what they have done with Robin. When she was dating Don, she gave up the opportunity for a successful career to stay with him, a man she had only been dating for a few months, and who she hadn’t even said ‘I love you’ to. She gave up her career for a guy once, but when it comes to her husband, she doesn’t think they can at least try to work through it and takes the easy way out, not even fighting for what they have? They have been chasing after each other for years and now they just decide to call it quits without it being a big deal, and without hardly any warning for us, just because the writers wanted to give Barney a kid, and have Robin become alone and excluded from everyone she loves, just having to wait around for Ted to come back to her, again, as if he’s the only thing that can make her life better now? The writers completely disregarded everything they once wrote her to be - an independent, strong woman, who’s grown to be able to fall in love and commit and should be fighting for what she loves.

I’m also going to add: what the fuck happened to “There’s one thing your Aunt Robin never was - she was never alone” um excuse me apparently she ends up being pretty alone for over a decade.

Okay i would go on and on about Robin, and the mother’s death, but i’m sure you have all read all of this so many times from others already, because I have, and its late and i’m too tired to do this, so im just gonna say some other stuff then go to bed.

The episode also just felt incredibly rushed. After dragging out one weekend over about 22 episodes, they have just packed too much into the last 44 minutes, it was just one terrible thing after another and it felt like the pain wouldn’t end. If they absolutely, really felt they needed to end it this way, could they maybe have at least stretched all of this out over the 9th season instead of a wedding that hardly has significance now. Actually i take that back, then the whole season would have been horrible and unbearable to watch ever again. I guess it’s better it’s all packed into one episode that i can (at least try to) pretend doesn’t exist.

Personally, it is going to be hard for me to even rewatch previous seasons and episodes that i usually watch far too often, because I will constantly be thinking about how it all ends up and not be able to erase it from my mind for even long enough to sit through an episode and it will honestly just make me feel so depressed.

This show has meant so much to me over the years, it seriously got me through a really hard time in my life (not going too much into this). But when I was so alone and had basically nobody and was absolutely 100% done with everything, How I Met Your Mother was literally the only thing that made me happy and kept me going, and I can definitely say i’ve never been more disappointed than I am with these writers right now.  

I am seriously just going to imagine and believe that Barney and Robin stayed the beautiful married couple they are and grew old together, Ted’s soul mate and the love of his life did not die, Tracy did get to see her daughter’s wedding and even grandchildren, and Marshall and Lily raised three beautiful kids. The gang still sits down to watch the Superbowl together every year as they always have, they go to see Robots vs Wrestlers each year too, and maybe they even end up finding Tracy’s doppelganger. And as old and grey couples, they all sit out on Marshall and Lily’s front porch and play Bridge. 

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you already have written about it - and, if you have, sorry - but, now that OUaT is finished, what do you really think about all of it? EmmaxHook and ReginaxHood, again, and Swan Queen.

Hey, so I’m sorry for the late reply but I’ve been away. So no I haven’t really written too much about it actually - though even if I had I wouldn’t mind answering again. Always happy to give my opinion if it’s wanted :)

My short answer to what I really think about all of it would be a simple: It’s what I expected.

It makes me sad that the finale has caused half of SWEN to quit. I understand, and I can’t tell anyone what to do, but it still makes me sad.

So let me break down my personal thoughts on the three topics above:

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