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Sun Signs

Your BASIC traits.

Aries: A natural born leader, willing to try anything. Usually takes on more than they can handle because they think they can handle it. Will not take no for an answer. Dramatic af. Likes making jokes, but doesn’t like when people make jokes about them.

Taurus: Stubborn but hates admitting it. Protective of their family, always willing to help. Can appear a bit pretentious at times. The best sense of humor, and quite an overachiever. A bit insecure when it comes to falling in love.

Gemini: The best communicators of the zodiac. They have a lot of dreams and overwhelm themselves with wanting to achieve all of them. Really sarcastic but usually with good intentions. Can be pushy. Loves learning new things.

Cancer: Emotional as hell, but also so much more than that. Incredibly family oriented. Can appear a bit selfish but it’s only because they think they know what is best for everyone. Usually hella organized. More of a perfectionist than any other sign. They remember every tiny detail about you. Loves cuddling.

Leo: Can come off a bit prideful. Hates showing weakness in any form, likely not a mushy person in the slightest. VERY business savvy, incredible common sense. One of the best senses of humor of the whole zodiac. Constantly moving on to the next best thing. Loves spoiling their friends.

Virgo: The smartest of the zodiac. These people are the most likely to obsess on things. Not actually all neat freaks! Usually quite cluttered. Can be slightly controlling but it’s only because they want to see those they love succeed. Gives out too many chances.

Libra: Is happiest when they’re taking care of those they love. Is usually the center of attention in a crowd, whether they mean to be or not. Struggles sharing deep emotions but wants to help you with yours. One of the biggest dreamers.

Scorpio: Not all of them are moody and dark, but all are intense. Usually thinks about intimacy more than they let on. Can be selfish but usually unintentionally. Masters of manipulation. You can always tell a Scorpio by their eyes.

Sagittarius: Like all fire signs, constantly on the move. A bit restless. Uses humor to disguise their feelings. Likely has unusual options and enjoys taboo things. Love is the most confusing thing to them. Can turn from hot to cold in a relationship in an instant.

Capricorn: Can be found making people laugh. Doesn’t like talking about their feelings, but gets upset if they feel you don’t care enough to ask. Never forgets those they love, holds on to things they learn from their relationships. Tough love is their thing. Ambitious but can take their sweet time getting there.

Aquarius: Often labeled as the weird ones, but one of the smarter signs. Loves learning. Obsessed with love but struggles with it. A natural flirt at all times. Can be incredibly detached and insensitive at times. Doesn’t mind looking silly at times to make people laugh.

Pisces: Uses sarcasm and often makes jokes that are surprisingly dark. Loves working with their hands. Emotional, and is usually the sign that is the most hard on themselves. Very smart and only happy if they’re doing something they love career wise.

Where She Went


pairing: daveed diggs x reader

summary: daveed and reader were high school sweethearts who had a bad breakup before they both left oakland. four years have passed and fate (and a well-timed cello concert) bring them face-to-face.

warnings: swearing. that’s really it.

word count: 2,504

a/n: day three of @hamwriters write-a-thon is lit day :-) based on the novel “where she went” by gayle forman which is actually a sequel to “if i stay” but i do what i want. this is in Daveed’s POV because the original book is in the guy’s POV, and i’m planning on posting a second part on POV day so be on the lookout for that. okay love u happy reading

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for flying with us today and enjoy your time in the Big Apple.”

Daveed unclips his seatbelt as the other passengers begin to file off the plane, standing to grab his carry-on from the overhead compartment. It’s the only bag he packed, because he’s only in the city for 24 hours. Tour starts in two days, and his manager had all but physically forced him onto the plane to NYC.

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Don’t call me baby face!

Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes

Words: 5.402

Warnings: smut (oral sex (male receiving), explicit language), swearing, angst, fluff, wrap it before you tap it!

A/N: This based on a cute request of an anon! I hope the anon likes it and of couse all of you!

Request: Hey love!!! Absolutely love your writing!!! I have a request if that’s ok! Can you write something where there’s a new recruit and she feels inadequate because everyone except Bucky calls her ‘baby face’ and they tease her (jokingly) about how short and adorable she is and Bucky falls into peer pressure and starts calling her that too (which hurts her cuz she likes him) so one day for a party, she dresses up really sexy and Bucky gets all hot n bothered and they end up forking?? 😆

You were short. Alright, no big deal but there was one problem. You were an Avenger. And not only that, you were the new recruit, too. All that together results in one annoying thing, everyone called you ‘cute’, ‘shorty’, adorable’, ‘sweet’ and the most worst thing: ‘baby face’. You hate it! You really hate all the nicknames. You were always this little, cute girl, your whole life, but you always wanted to be the sexy girl, too. The one girl every man looks at when she enters the room.

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anonymous asked:

zutara - “i came to the gym to work out but holy god i can’t stop watching you do one armed push ups that’s so hot” pls???

AN: Sorry I didn’t write like… anything this past week. I made a post earlier this week about how my friend sucked me back into the black hole that is World of Warcraft. Plus my graduation is in 2 weeks from now so I’m going to be a lot busier until then. Just a heads up: I am in love with this prompt. Can I marry it please???

This was it. Katara was done. She was going to file a complaint with the gym, because this guy had no right to do this to her. 

How dare he? How dare he come into her gym, the place where she was supposed to be able to focus and work out in, and distract her like this? At first she thought maybe it wasn’t intentional. Maybe this guy didn’t mean anything by what he was doing. He was purely here to work out and Katara was just reading too much into this. 

But seriously? One armed push-ups? Who does that? What normal person just does one armed push-ups just for the heck of it? Does anyone really do those as part of a normal workout routine? He was doing this just to mess with her, Katara was sure of it. 

Smug bastard, she thought. She bet he was one of those guys who did this kind of thing just for fun. Katara bet he had a nice, but slightly stupid, girlfriend back at home that had no idea that he came to gyms to torture unsuspecting single girls like Katara who had no chance with the ripped guy doing stuff like this. He’d come in all cocky and pull out moves like this in order to fluster Katara and waste her money. 

Katara paid for this gym membership, damnit! But because of him, all she was paying for was an hour of ogling at this gorgeous unobtainable guy. 

And oh the looks he would give her. He just knew Katara was staring at him, and he was reveling in it. He’d probably go and shower after his workout and just laugh at her. 

But this… these one armed push-ups were Katara’s limit. She was done. When he glanced up at her, making eye contact, Katara marched over to him, ready to give him a piece of her mind. 

“Excuse me, sir? Do you mind?” Katara spat rather angrily. The shirtless guy now below Katara looked up at her, shocked. His eyes widened in confusion, and slight fear. He stood up awkwardly.

“Uh… what?” He asked, looking at her warily. 

Katara scoffed. “Seriously? Do you mind? I’m sick of this, what you’re doing. You think you’re so smug, huh? I pay for this gym, too, you know? And I really hate guys like you. Yes! We get it!” She practically screamed. “You’re attractive!” If this guys eyes were to get any wider, they would’ve fallen out of his head. He turned a deep shade of red. “But I’m trying to work out here! And I think you’re being a real douche bag-” he mouthed the word back to her as a question while Katara continued, “-by trying to distract me? Is this how you have your fun? Huh?” She pointed an accusing finger at his chest. He was half a head taller than her, but he shrunk as she continued yelling at him. “You come in here, all confident and cocky, and you pick your prey, and you go about doing shit like this,” she gestured wildly at all of him, “with your one armed push-ups and you give random girls these looks like you just have them all figured out! Well I’m sick of it! Leave me alone!” 

He took a small step backwards, slightly terrified. His face was completely crimson, and he looked absolutely mortified. “Oh my god…” he whispered softly, “You think I’m… look I wasn’t trying…” he stumbled over his words, apparently not knowing what to say next. “I wasn’t trying to give you a smug look I thought you were cute and… I’m so sorry I wasn’t trying to harass you I just… oh my god I’m sorry I don’t know what…” 

Katara looked at him incredulously as she listened to him ramble on with repeated apologizes and shocked exclamations. As she watched him, Katara slowly realized what she had just done. She had assumed this guy was a total dick, some player who liked to bother uninterested girls in gyms. Her eyes widened as she watched this obviously shy and awkward person apologize for… what? Working out in his own gym? 

“Oh my god, stop.” Katara finally told him, becoming more and more embarrassed. “I’m sorry, I totally misread this situation.” Katara’s face was turning red, too. “I didn’t mean… I just assumed… look when you’ve been a regular at gyms for a long time like I have you tend to think the worst of the guys here and…” Now Katara was rambling. But shit if he wasn’t cute and she had just made a complete and utter fool of herself. “You know what?” Katara said. “I’m just going to go! I’m going to leave and I’m going to cancel my subscription to this gym because I’m so embarrassed right now that I just yelled at you and I kind of just want to crawl into a hole so yes alright goodbye.” 

She turned to walk away, but the guy grabbed her arm. “Wait!” He said quickly. He scratched the back of his neck and looked at Katara nervously. “Would you want to… uhm… I’m Zuko?” He offered. He didn’t sound sure that Zuko was his name. 

Even his name is cute, Katara thought dumbly. What’s the protocol for flirting with the guy you just yelled at for being too attractive? 

She smiled at him, unsure. “Katara,” she said, awkwardly holding her hand out. “I’m Katara.” 

Okay, so one of Sarah Shepard’s biggest fears is that her helmet comms hadn’t gone out over Alchera and that the rest of the crew had listened to her die. Her gasps for air as her suit depressurized, her struggles as she tried in vain to plug the leaks in the hoses, her little sounds of fear before it finally went quiet. I was just thinking of how the team would react to hearing that, and her receiver had been damaged, so they could hear her, but she couldn’t hear them.

Kaidan: Doesn’t understand what he’s hearing at first, he saw the pod in the cockpit deploy, she had have been on board. Fear and panic grips his chest when he finally understands. He tries calling to her, but there’s no answer, just her choking gasps for air, tears run down his face as he tries to comfort her, but she can’t hear him. He’s listening to his friend (or lover) die and there’s nothing he can do about it. He shouldn’t have left her, should have gone with her to get Joker, maybe then she would have made it. He calls her name into the silence a long time after the noises stop until he can’t bring himself to say it again.

Liara: Just sits in her seat and sobs, head down. She’s haunted by the sounds for weeks afterwards, can hear them when it’s quiet. She’s never listened to someone die before and it kills something inside of her to know that the first time she has, it was a friend.

Garrus: Grips the harness so hard his hands hurt, his jaw clenched so hard his mandibles ache. She’s his mentor, his guide, he’s learned more travelling with her than he ever did at C-Sec. He starts shaking in his seat, wanting to go to her, wanting to help her, but he can’t, all he can do is sit there until there’s empty air. Turian’s can’t cry, not really, but eventually there’s low mournful keening that doesn’t need translating.

Tali: Turns her modulator off so no one can hear her cry as she listens to her friend die, the one who helped her on her Pilgrimage, introduced her to so many wonderful things. Her hands press to her face plate, her shoulders shaking unmistakably and when she gets back to the Flotilla, she can’t sleep because of how loud it is.

Wrex: Doesn’t do anything, doesn’t move, just stares straight ahead. Eventually he starts rocking back and forth slightly. He’s heard people die, that wasn’t something new, but they had always been enemies, those trying to kill him, and it had always been quick. It was never a friend, a member of this strange krannt he had come to be in, and it was never by a slow suffocation.

and finally

Joker: Alliance finds his escape pod shortly after they find the others. He’s alone, curled up in his seat so hard he had broken bones. Wide eyed and not moving because he saw her die, he watched her as she was blown out into space. In his mind, it was his fault. He killed her, as surely as if he had held a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. He’s treated for shock and doesn’t speak for almost a solid month.

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high school byeler headcanons? i love ur headcanons!!! i am bleSSED when they're on my dash

certainly, my dear anonymous friend! sorry this took me a few days, i hope you enjoy :’)

  • mike is the second one in their group to get his driver’s license (lucas is first and he holds it over all of their heads while he can, driving up to the school every morning in his mom’s station wagon like it’s the pinnacle of adult achievement). mike starts picking will up and driving him to school as soon as he is granted permission to drive nancy’s old hand-me-down car. sometimes instead of going straight home after school, mike drives them just to the outskirts of town where there’s a rolling field nestled up against a small, serene lake. they sit on the hood of mike’s parked car and eat french fries from the local fast food joint and go over their trigonometry homework together, competing over who can get the correct answer first (will usually wins this - mike swears sometimes that he’s got a calculator in his brain that can process numbers faster than mike can even finish reading the word problem). when mike drives will home as the sky is streaked with broad strokes of pink and orange and the sun is dipping slowly below the horizon, he always makes it a point to walk will to his front door and say goodnight with a soft, sweet smile that leaves will’s brain turning with thoughts for the rest of the evening.

    when will gets his license a few months later, mike still drives him around (just until you save enough for a car of your own, he says). sometimes he lets will drive his car from the lake in the dusky evenings of early winter and tries not to stare too hard at the adorable look of concentration on will’s face as he navigates the winding roads back into hawkins.

  • when will gets a job, on the days when he can’t borrow joyce’s car because she’s working too, mike drops him off and picks him up (even when will has a late shift and they have school the next day). karen hears mike sneaking in late at night after taking will home on a week night, but she can’t bring herself to get upset with him for it.

    will’s manager at the game & hobby store always makes the same remark when she sees mike’s dark car pull up in the parking lot five minutes before will’s shift is over: your boy is here, she’ll say with a soft smile and a ruffle to will’s hair. and will always ducks his head and blushes but doesn’t correct her. because she never sounds mean about it and something about those words makes will’s heart bloom in his chest - a pleasant heat that sits with him as he turns to the window and waves to mike in his car, wondering if he can see the pink blush that’s sitting on his cheeks from that far away.

  • will and mike skip most of their school dances together and instead play video games in mike’s living room while listening to will’s mixtapes. they don’t talk about the fact that they’ve both turned down dates to be there with one another. they also don’t talk about the way mike sits right beside will on the couch, despite there being plenty of room for them to spread out. or the way will ends up grabbing mike’s hand as this charming man begins spilling from the speakers of mike’s cassette player, and they dance unselfconsciously in the blue glow of the television, all uncoordinated limbs and cautiously brushing hands and breathless laughs blooming from their throats like unfurling spring flowers caressing against apple-red cheeks, lips coming all too close to catching against sharp cheekbones in a way that isn’t so unintentional.

  • will kisses mike for the first time on the night of their graduation from hawkins high. they drive to the lake and play the top 40′s radio station as they lie on the grass, still in their caps and gowns, eyes going spotty from all the camera flashbulbs they’ve stared and smiled into for the past few hours. maybe it’s something about the stars reflecting in mike’s eyes like the echo of entire universes, or maybe it’s the way they’ve been smiling and hugging each other all night, or maybe it’s how mike hasn’t stopped reminding him that it’s only two months until they pack up and move into their campus apartment - together.

    it must be one of those things, will thinks to himself as he leans over and presses his lips against mike’s, one hand intertwining their fingers and the other poised on the sharp of his jaw, shaking just slightly. mike inhales sharply and smiles a little, and then laughs, tickling against will’s lips like a summer breeze cascading through the hushed night air. and will laughs too, pulling back and tucking his head up against mike’s shoulder, feeling the drumming of mike’s heart as they point out their favorite constellations, reaching skyward with entwined fingers and soft voices and secret, earnest smiles.
50 Reasons Why Rey Is A Kenobi

Or At Least Not A Skywalker Or A Solo

In the following you will find extensive evidence/parallels/deductive reasoning as support for Rey, the protagonist of The Force Awakens, being the granddaughter of the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi. 


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The walks of the signs

Check your rising (the sign acquaintances see) and midheaven (the sign work bosses/employees and strangers see). Also check your sun and dominant.

Based on experience with others’ sun/rising/midheaven

The walk of an Aries:

When the Ram walks, they do not swing their hands. Their walk may seem quite sloppy, but it is just straight to the point. They stand tall, but not completely upright, and their shoulders are quite relaxed. Aries do not take quick paces, but instead long strides. They are the one mindlessly fixing their hair as they walk. Eyes exploring their surroundings, sometimes Aries seem lost, even when they know exactly where they are going. 

The walk of a Taurus:

They keep their body straight, with their shoulders slightly hunched down. Often, they are fiddling with their belt or sweeping their hair to the side. Their strides are big, and they walk fast. The walk of a Taurus almost seems mechanical. When walking, they are looking at their destination, or whoever is with them. They are the ones to turn around in the middle of a busy hallway, without noticing it is packed, just to tell you about a movie.

The walk of a Gemini:

With almost a swagger in their step, their shoulders are down and back in confidence. Their thumbs may be in their pockets, or hands playing with an object. They walk at a quick pace, with usually quite small steps. Their eyes are usually fixed on the destination, even if talking to someone on the way. The walk of a Gemini almost looks unbalanced, as they may sway slightly come side to side. They are the ones who blindly stop in a crowded doorway.

The walk of a Cancer:

Their walk seems to be in slow-motion, and is usually quite humble. They have relaxed shoulders and an air of softness in each step. They are usually talking to someone when they are walking, but if alone will be minding their own business; maybe playing with their hair. Often their hands have to be still, but doing something; like being in their pockets, or holding a book. In busy hallways, they are snaking through the crowd.

The walk of a Leo:

Very proud. Their shoulders are down, their back in straight, and their chest is puffed out. Their movement is bold, with short steps. Often, they are carrying a folder under one arm. Leo will be set on their destination until something breaks their focus, and their eyes start darting around their location. A Leo may swing their free arm swiftly, their palm faces either up or down. They are either the ones blocking the path, or the ones grumpily trying to get past.

The walk of a Virgo:

Their hands have to be busy; fiddling with a tie, holding books, or holding their hands together. Their steps are short, but their pace is quite quick. They are often looking to the ground and glancing down, only looking up to appreciate the scenery around them. Their shoulders are always relaxed, but either enclosed on themselves or open, depending on how confident the Virgo is in a space. They are the ones navigating through crowds.

The walk of a Libra:

Their walk can be seen as sloppy, but usually it is just because they are very chill. They talk soft-footed small steps, and do not walk very fast. A Libra believes they have all the time in the world to get to their destination. Often engrossed in conversation or thought, Libra is looking around, but never as anything specific. They are the ones who block doorways as they are unaware of their surroundings.

The walk of a Scorpio:

The movement of the Scorpion is swift. It is almost like they have perfectly rehearsed every single movement. They usually have their hands in their pockets or a bag around their arm, with the feet pointed out like a penguin. Watching people, their eyes often fix on individual things, then move onto something new. Scorpio walks at a fast pace and is often conscious of those around them; opening doors and standing to one side in order to not be in the way.

The walk of a Sagittarius:

They are fun and sloppy, often stood straight backed in contrast. The Archer is usually find standing tall, with their chest puffed out so slightly. They use their bodies and gestures boldly, maybe their shoulders move up and down when they laugh, or their whole side turns as they open doors. Blissfully unaware of those around them, Sagittarius may fall into you or stop in front of you quite often.

The walk of a Capricorn:

They have a natural swagger. They may have their fingers curled with one palm pointing to the ceiling, or their feet slightly pointing out. They are very active walkers in this way, as they are always doing something with their hands. Capricorn is notorious for fixing or mindlessly playing with their hair. They may sometimes seem fierce or scary, as they stand and walk quite boldly. Sometimes they block the halls, but this is because if you don’t say “excuse me”, why should they move? 

The walk of an Aquarius:

Aquarius is blind to those around them, merely enjoying those they walk with or any plans they are thinking up. They lean back slightly and walk with a group of friends whenever possible. Often, you will see them subtly swinging an arm back and forth. The Water Bearer often walks with a smile on their face. They may be in the way of people, but they don’t particularly care about that, as you could probably find a different way around.

The walk of a Pisces:

They do not draw much attention towards themselves. They walk alone in peace, or often take a back seat in larger groups. The Fish may have their head to the ground as they take quick and small steps. This individual can often be stopped as they tend to swing their arms. If a Pisces isn’t looking at the ground, they may be seeing looking out to the distance, or examine an on-coming crowd.

Fate or Destiny or Whatever

I don’t know why I’m even bothering to post this this weekend, but it’s been sitting on my computer–finished, apparently–since last year so…it’s waited long enough. I started this back after 6x05–but ended up rewriting the whole thing once 6x06 aired (for the obvious reason that my original fic involved Killian & Henry deciding to hold onto the shears). Anyways, 6x05 raised the question–what could possibly make Emma change her mind about using the shears. And this happened. As always, this has been added to “The Lost Get Found” over on if that’s you preference. And also, as always, you know I love getting yelled at. (Though this maybe doesn’t qualify as angst???)

Word count: 3.3k

Normally, Emma loved that her kitchen could fit her whole family comfortably.

Tonight, though, all those people just made her head throb worse as they talked back and forth about the object she held in her hand. All of them so caught up in the excitement of finally having the shears back in their possession that none of them had noticed her silence.

“We could put them in the vault.” Regina paused her pacing. “No one can get in there unless I let them.”

“That spell has been broken too many times,” her dad shoots back. “We need something better. Somewhere no one will think to look.”

“Maybe it’s not a somewhere that we need,” her mom said, her finger tracing the rim of her mug. “Maybe it’s someone. Namely, all of us.”

“What are you getting at?”

“The Evil Queen didn’t make her move until the shears were no longer in anyone’s possession,” Snow said, sitting forward. “Maybe if someone’s holding onto them, no one can steal them.”

David nodded. “So we all share the burden of holding onto them and she has no way to know which of us has them.”

“Or she could just knock all of us out at once and search our bodies at her leisure.” Killian’s hand on Emma’s shoulder tightened a little, tension radiating down his arm even as his thumb rubbed circles on the back of neck.

“Do you have a better idea?” Regina snapped.

Emma closed her eyes, her grip around the shears tightening. Before anyone could say anything else, she stood, her chair screeching against the tile floor.

“Guys, that’s enough.”

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Date? Reaper x Reader

Gabriel Reyes hardly ever showed his face in your office. You assumed he disliked being in the vicinity of the overwatch building, or something along those lines. He had always been annoyed that he had been left in charge of Blackwatch, you knew that much. If you knew Gabriel like you thought you did, it was obvious he wanted to avoid the emotions that came with that.
Therefore, it came as a not so welcome surprise when you returned from a meeting to find him reclined in one of the lounge chairs. Legs crossed and leant to one side, acting as if he owned the place.
You didn’t much appreciate that and hummed in annoyance at this display, he clearly wanted something. Of course you could never refuse, it went without saying that you had feelings that went beyond friendship towards the man. As stubborn as you were the chances of the admittance of that were slim.
“Crawled out of your hole in BlackWatch, I see,” you muttered, shutting the door behind you and leaving a pile of paperwork on your desk that was easily a foot high.
“What’s so important that you had to come here?” you asked, leaning the edge of your desk, facing Gabriel.
“I tried calling your office phone. You wouldn’t answer so I decided to pay a visit,” the gist of a smile played on his lips, reminding you of your attraction towards the man. That devilish smile would be the death of you.
Gabriel Reyes was well known for his temper by those who weren’t well acquainted with him. And for those who were he was known for having a cocky attitude and a playful sense of humour.
“What do you want?” a sigh escaped your slightly parted lips as you pinched the bridge of your nose in exasperation.
“I wanted to ask you something,” he stood, stretching out his limbs, allowing you to get a good look at his figure. You decided it wasn’t so much ‘checking him out’ as it was admiring how well built he was.
“Hmm?” You remained disinterested, letting him see you blush was the last thing you wanted, especially after ogling him like that.
“I’m sure you know that I’ve been invited to to some sort of boring meeting in Numbani, along with a couple other Overwatch representatives. It just so happens there’s an extra space,” he muttered, clearly not suggesting anything at all.
“I didn’t really think meetings were your front,” you shrugged.
It was easy to play it cool. You wanted to go, of course you did. A weekend in Numbani with the man you were crushing on. This could be a trip that would supposedly lead to other things.
“That’s why I’m inviting you. Meetings are boring. Do you really think I want to listen to some old man talk for hours? You’d make it interesting,” he grinned, producing an airplane ticket from his coat pocket,“There’s a prepared diner after too.”
Of course that made your mind up. Who would turn down free food? First class free food at that. Gingerly you reached out for the ticket, fingers only brushing across the surface before Gabriel snatched it back.
“You don’t have to force yourself,” he shrugged and turned away.
He wasn’t getting away with pulling that kind of trick on you. Within seconds you had reached over his shoulder and pulled the ticket back to the safety of your hands, admiring it carefully. It seemed you would be in first class seating too.
“If I didn’t know better I’d think you were asking me on a date,” your eyes locked with his, which quickly glanced away.
“Maybe I am,” he shrugged and continued on his way out of the room.
In that moment something strange came over you. Brash moves weren’t something that you partook in often. This time seemed to be one of those rare events. You stopped the door from closing and pushed it open slightly to have Gabriel turn to you, looking rather confused.
You smiled, a mix between a sweet grin and a playful smirk. Then gave him a quick peck on the lips, enjoying how he blushed at that.
“I guess it is a date then,” was the last thing you said before allowing the door to shut.
Outside you could hear a soft curse of surprise followed by a nervous laugh.

| Mirrors + Practice; JKI.

Member: Kai | EXO

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 3.4k

Summary: Idol [Name] pays a visit to fellow Idol boyfriend and things take a turn..

Heavy bass, accompanied with an upbeat tempo and squeaking of sneakers, filled the dance practice room as four goddesses rehearsed for their upcoming comeback. Their new song came loudly through the speakers, their bodies moving perfectly in sync with the beat, and their faces taking their seductive forms was enough to make anyone entertained. Male or female, they would be hypnotized by the way these four women moved.  

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Little Star Wars Headcanons

You know those people who always, without fail, lean too far back on their chair, so casual it looks practiced? 

Han Solo is one of those people. (He never falls though) 

You know those people who are always moving, ever so slightly, their fingers drumming on tables or weaving things of the air, their feet jiggling? 

Jyn Erso is one of those people. 

You know those damn people who always wear tight or sleeveless shirts while exercising so everyone can be blessed by their muscles? 

Kylo Ren is one of those people (although everyone’s too frightened to look) 

You know those people who casually brush your back with their palm as they walk by, a friendly reassurance as soft and unobtrusive as they can make it? 

Obi-Wan is one of those people. 

You know those people who can silence an entire room with a single look? 

Leia Organa is one of those people (Rey is training to be) 

You know those people who drag their feet and stumble, but not because they’re dejected, because they’re looking up at the sky and it’s so captivating a view they can’t be bothered with this walking nonsense? 

Luke Skywalker is one of those people. 

You know those people who look stern and solemn and you’re not sure if they like you or not, but when they smile it’s like someone has split open the sky and let every beam of sunlight and starlight pour in? 

Padme Amidala is one of those people. 

I’ve spent so long dreaming of fictions that they become real, in some way. They assume mannerisms and their own sphere of existence. 

Feel free to add your own ‘little’ headcanons! 

Four years ♥

Mine since January 3rd, 2013  ♥ ♥ ♥

December 2012: I was searching for my very first own horse, looking for something about 8 years old, 150 cm height, solidly ridden, preferably Iberian breed (or mix), that could teach me more and be an uncomplicated companion for a first-time horse-owner. My family has zero horse connections so I was on my own with searching. After not having luck with one adorable small horse (bad legs) and the “horse of my dreams” being bought by a friend of the breeder before I even had the chance to test ride him, I was feeling pretty down when I read my Finn’s sales ad. Gelding, 4 years, Hanoverian, suitable for beginners, located close to my hometown. I thought “why not at least try him out?” and called the people selling him.

still at the seller’s barn, first photo I have of him

First impression: adorable face, far too tall, sort of in an awkward state of growth. I got on and yeah, it was far from perfect because he hadn’t been under saddle for long and I had zero experience with young horses, but after all, it somehow worked. So, he passed the vet check except for being diagnosed with Shivering and I got him for a very cheap price. I was floating on cloud nine! Those magical words “my horse”, mine and mine alone. I didn’t want to leave him on the first evening in his new home. My parents dragged me home, or I would have slept at the barn. :D


I was sort of overwhelmed with such a young, inexperienced horse, being young and unexperienced myself, too, and after some weeks of horrid riding - him not bending and breaking out over the outer shoulder, not moving forward or over his back, dragging me around while lunging and so on, I found an awesome instructor who started lots of young horses herself and worked on the foundations with us. She also taught my horse double-lunging when we had a long saddle-less phase, because my dressage saddle didn’t fit anymore and I wanted a western saddle and had one costum made. Finn was going through those young horse phases when he tested out his limits, so it was absolutely right to do lots of ground work and less riding.

awkward 5-year old body (this was one month after his 5th birthday)

winter 2013 - summer 2014:

I didn’t have any ambitions at all, mostly went trail riding, my horse didn’t really move like the dressage-bred warmblood he is but was rather happily plodding along (slightly on the forehand, shame on me) on light contact. In retrospect, I believe it was actually a very good thing I didn’t “work” with him but went on relaxed trail rides, because he was still busy growing and was not mentally ready for strenous work. That was actually a really happy time back then. I didn’t have any expectations, so I almost never got frustrated at our lack of progress and we went exploring the trails and he became a great horse to ride past anything we met outside.

Summer 2014: 

I would say it was about summer 2014 when my interests changed. I had my dressage saddle re-fitted for him and took more lessons with the goal to improve his gaits, flexibility and most importantly, my riding. He was never really well-muscled, always more a gangly type, and we struggled with contact and rhythm because of this. He had enough stamina for trail riding but not for tight circles and collected gaits. But now he really tried to do well and we made rather quick progress and had lots of breakthrough moments, as well as a lot of fun learning new things.


We moved along in dressage, but at a snail’s pace. We started “jumping” a tiny bit, crossrails mostly. Several times I had immense self-doubts upon seeing all the talented riders at the barn starting in competitions every weekend and thought I wasn’t good enough for my horse, who had developed rather nice gaits, esp. the canter, and looked awfully good when being worked correctly. Sometimes I woud get frustrated and push for more than we were both ready for and threw us back miles. Finn would no longer trust my aids and stop cooperating. There were several fights I’m not proud of.

We also had wonderful phases when everything was perfect, though.

What really made things change was when I participated in our barn intern show and started in a costumed E-level dressage in October, both my and Finn’s first competition. The judge’s protocol was, rightfully so, brutal and we only got the last place.That was when I didn’t want to sit on my horse like a wet rag anymore and had the strict goal to dramatically improve my riding. At that point I really got ambitious and was no longer frustrated at my horse, but exclusively at my seat and after some dressing-downs by my instructor I finally stopped doing some mistakes and we started floating. The only thing holding back my horse was me blocking his movements by leaning forward and not correctly swinging with his rhythm. Once this issue was resolved, it felt like a completly new horse. I could hit myself for not getting sitting trot on my incredibly bouncy horse down right earlier.

This is a photo of the trainwreck dressage. 

We also participated in a 14 horse quadrille infront of hundreds of people for our barn’s Christmas show and he was a real trooper, not batting an eyelash.

2016 – our great year

In January, he gave me the biggest shock of my life when he had a really bad impaction colic and had to be driven to a clinic and fought for 4 days until he finally pooped normally again. It was a long recovery and after that horrible scare he even got more spoiled than usual. When he was back to riding strength though, he was unstoppable.

My horse moved on a completely different level now, we no longer had any trainwreck rides where nothing went right but always found harmony. I felt a lot more confident than ever before and did stuff like riding bitless with only a rope-halter, jumping small fences and even oxers because my dressage horse actually jumps rather well (only I look like a potato). We had a great summer and got third place at the very same competition we screwed up so badly last year.

Thank you, Finn, for putting up with my less than excellent riding, for cheering me up when I’m feeling down, for all the gifts and perfect moments you gave me and most importantly, for always being there for me! I cannot imagine life without you anymore and buying you was the best decision I have ever made.

I love you, my dear.

Jimin Scenario: Turn on the Light.

Request:  I was wondering if you could do an Angst scenario where Jimin or Hoseok noticed you have been self harming yourself recently?

Genre: Angst / Romance

Warnings: Referenced self-harm, mentions of blood and depression.

You stared at Jimin lost in your thoughts, your eyes following the hypnotizing movement of his lips while he talked about something you weren’t hearing anymore, his eyes were on the TV screen, focusing in a show that you were supposed to watch together but that now only he was watching. You tugged down your sleeves out of instinct even if they were already longer than needed.

You’d chosen to wear that big sweater on purpose, and while Jimin said you looked cute and lovely with it arriving at the middle of your hands, deep down you knew that had a reason to be.

Jimin laughed softly, a melodic sound that you learned to love. You had been wondering why him out of all people? Why was so important to hide from him what you’d been doing when it was Jimin one of the few things if not the only one keeping your head above the water? And upon seeing him laugh, you understood. You cherished him way too much. Your boyfriend had a smile that shouldn’t be tainted with anything and you felt like coming out on him about the inner turmoil you were experiencing was going to do exactly that. You were in the horns of a dilemma and the more you thought about it, the more it hurt.

-Are you alright Y/N? – Jimin suddenly asked and you snapped out of your thoughts, his eyes were now scanning you curiously, noticing how you seemed to be far away and how your eyes were slightly glazed now.

You nodded, not trusting your voice and Jimin simply opened his arms for you. Moving on the couch you tucked your body against his side, resting your head on his shoulder. Jimin placed a kiss on top of your head and you held back the tears that were threatening to fall from your eyes. You didn’t want to worry him, to be another one of those things that would drain him and steal that serene happiness from him so you kept quiet about everything, about the aching in your heart, about the increasing void in the middle of your chest and about the light but not quite faded stinging on your wrists.

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Member: Woozi 
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 907 

Everything had piled up much faster than you could’ve anticipated. Deadlines seemed to draw nearer and nearer and even though you had tried your hardest to keep up with them it was just so easy to fall behind. It was almost comical that it all happened where it did, papers scattered across your bed and on the floor as your fingers raked through your hair, resembling a shot from a cheesy 90’s sitcom. You didn’t want to cry, but the feeling of your chest resembled what you could only imagine as similar to how one’s rib cage would feel if it imploded onto their organs. You didn’t want to cry, you didn’t have time for a breakdown, you didn’t have time to fall apart. But here you were.

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Creature of Habit (XMEN) (smut)

Request: 13 with Angel (Warren) from the Xmen please + Archangel from Xmen apocalypse smut

Note: smut duh, dirty talk, readers mutation is more physical than anything; they have large patches of scales all over body and like kind of like a lizard? Quick reflexes, flexibility and ability to grow limbs back. That sounds weird af but I like it.  Also, I really enjoyed this.

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No, It’s Bucky: Part 10

Type: Reader insert

Relationship/pairing: Bucky/ Female Reader

Word count: 1,874

Warnings: Language (curse words etc) . Just horrible writing.

After a fight in the 12th grade, the reader and Bucky don’t speak for 6 years until the reader moves back to her home town for a work.


A/N: Here is Chapter 10!! I already have Chapter 11 and 12 mapped out and I will start writing those hopefully tomorrow. Those will probably be posted in the next few weeks. Sorry for the long wait. And I hope you like it.

All errors are mine.

No, It’s Bucky Masterlist

| PART 9B |         |PART 11 |

Originally posted by sebjpeg

If there was one thing you could pride yourself on, it was the fact that you were always on time. You were always at least 30 minutes early to work, parties or get togethers. You were a punctual person by nature and always prepared for anything thrown your way. Monday was not one of these days. You woke up late (well late for you) Monday morning after only 4 hours of sleep. It had been a long weekend and you spent most of it trying to distract yourself to some success, except when it came time for you to sleep. A lot of things were replaying through your mind.

Looking at your clock, you saw that you had exactly 10 minutes to have a shower, get changed and drive the 20 minutes to work. Fuck. You were never late. Jumping out of bed, you ran straight into your bathroom and had the quickest shower you had ever had in your life, brushing your teeth in the shower as you tried to not get your hair wet. As you made your way out, you quickly got changed into the first thing you could find, a dress that was probably widely inappropriate but honestly who cared at this point, you quickly grabbed your makeup case and handbag and ran out the door, before turning back around and grabbing a pair of shoes.

Shoes help.

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The Party - Part Twenty

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven,Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Part Twelve,Part Thirteen, Part Fourteen, Part Fifteen, Part Sixteen, Part Seventeen, Part Eighteen, Part Nineteen

Summary: You and Jared get used to life together in your new home

Words: 1,041

Jared x Reader

Warnings: none

Your name: submit What is this?

“I can’t believe you still haven’t finished unpacking,” Jared teased, handing you a hot bowl of pasta as you were sat on the couch.

The two of you had moved in over a month ago, and your bump was beginning to show. In your defence, most of your boxes had been unpacked, and the only ones that weren’t were your DVDs and CDs.

You shrugged as you took the bowl, “I’m pregnant. I’ve got other stuff on my mind.”

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Behind the Scenes; Mini Series (Final)

Summary: Minseok was a mystery. He was sweet, adorable, and straight up boyfriend material. Until someone recognized him on the streets and then it all made sense.


Genre: Smut, Mature content, Angst, Fluff

Member: Xiumin (appearances by Baekhyun and Yixing, mentions of OT12)

Words: 2,597

A/N: The series is done, but I will continue to write scenarios within this au!

part 1 part 2 part 3 final

Originally posted by polyarobaek

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