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Little Star Wars Headcanons

You know those people who always, without fail, lean too far back on their chair, so casual it looks practiced? 

Han Solo is one of those people. (He never falls though) 

You know those people who are always moving, ever so slightly, their fingers drumming on tables or weaving things of the air, their feet jiggling? 

Jyn Erso is one of those people. 

You know those damn people who always wear tight or sleeveless shirts while exercising so everyone can be blessed by their muscles? 

Kylo Ren is one of those people (although everyone’s too frightened to look) 

You know those people who casually brush your back with their palm as they walk by, a friendly reassurance as soft and unobtrusive as they can make it? 

Obi-Wan is one of those people. 

You know those people who can silence an entire room with a single look? 

Leia Organa is one of those people (Rey is training to be) 

You know those people who drag their feet and stumble, but not because they’re dejected, because they’re looking up at the sky and it’s so captivating a view they can’t be bothered with this walking nonsense? 

Luke Skywalker is one of those people. 

You know those people who look stern and solemn and you’re not sure if they like you or not, but when they smile it’s like someone has split open the sky and let every beam of sunlight and starlight pour in? 

Padme Amidala is one of those people. 

I’ve spent so long dreaming of fictions that they become real, in some way. They assume mannerisms and their own sphere of existence. 

Feel free to add your own ‘little’ headcanons! 

"Tribbles for Therapy"

Characters: Worf, Riker, Silverfire, and a tribble
Disclaimer:  I do not own anything of Star Trek nor am I claiming ownership of anything other than Silverfire and his worlds, as they are of my creation.
Summary:  Worf is shocked to discover the existence of tribbles aboard the Enterprise and confronts the reason for them to be aboard.

The moment Worf saw the tribble he cringed and took a small step back. He growled, “I thought those things were extinct!”

“Fortunately not,” said Silverfire with a delighted little smile on his face. “Starfleet granted me permission to designate one of my small planets as their new home and it is under Federation protection.”

Worf glanced from Silverfire to Riker, who refrained from grinning as he tipped his head slightly at his friend as if to shrug. The star moved about with the tribble, only too aware of how quiet it was. No doubt it was analyzing Worf, waiting for him to come closer, but there was no need to fear that as Worf intended to keep as far away from the little creature as he possibly could, while of course, still retaining his dignity as not only a Klingon but Head of Security.

It won’t be a problem aboard this vessel, will it?”

“Cerulia is hardly a threat to anyone,” whispered Silverfire as he brought the tribble to his ear in which Cerulia began to coo warmly. “After all, she’s genetically altered to not reproduce, well, not as fast as normal tribbles. These ones are given the special place amongst medical personnel.”

Worf remained flabbergasted as he stared at the tribble and then back to Riker to try and determine whether or not this was some kind of joke. With Silverfire lost in the happy trilling of Cerulia, Riker was left to answer that burning question.

“They’re for therapy in dealing with trauma, depression, and any other mental illnesses. Troi greatly approved of the idea of having tribbles to help calm people.”

Silverfire looked at Riker and nodded. “Yes. Doctor McCoy saw the benefit of them long ago. We kept several tribbles at home. They were our children, in a way. Of course, their population on the planet and on my star is strictly regulated. The planet has a perfect balance and I love all the creatures there. No one is allowed to harm any creature there.”

“The Federation is willing to go to war over tribbles?”

Silverfire stared at Worf but didn’t say anything, leaving Riker again to say in complete seriousness, “No, they’re not. But Silverfire’s mother is also a guardian and I would hate to be caught in her wrath.”

Worf drew back and nodded. “No tribbles will be harmed.”

Silverfire brightened and stroked Cerulia’s fur. “Maybe one day you two will be friends.”

Worf growled at the tribble but Cerulia just purred happily in Silverfire’s arms.




This verse is an AU for 2017’s remake of “Beauty and the Beast”.  Though, it can (and will) fit into the 1991 cartoon version as well.  In this verse, Theodosia’s backstory is relatively the same as in her main verse.  Nothing has really changed about that, other than the fact that it’s a slightly different time period in this verse, as well as a different country.

In this verse, Theodosia and her family moved from Romania to France when she was around six years old.  Everything continued as ‘normal’ for them.  The cult was still thriving, though no one in France knew a thing about them other than that the Constantinescus were extremely wealthy individuals.  Rumors started to spread that they were Romanian royalty.  The family took those rumors in stride, never confirming nor denying them.

When Theodosia was around the age of sixteen, she started being invited to Prince Adam’s glamorous balls.  No doubt as to why - she was a gorgeous girl and he loved gorgeous people.  Long story short, an odd sort of friendship was struck up between them.  It was as close to a friendship as two jaded, narcissistic rich brats with daddy issues could get.  The parties were something that Theodosia began to look forward to, mostly because it was the only time she could get to see Adam (and, try as she might to deny it…she did have a bit of a crush on him, bless her heart).

Then, one night she snapped and killed her father.  This caused her to miss a party one evening.  The most fateful evening, actually.  The night the curse fell upon the castle.  Naturally, she forgot all about Adam because of the curse.  Though, she always felt like she was missing something from then on out…

The years passed and Theodosia grew into an even more gorgeous woman.  Gorgeous, but - quite frankly - a little terrifying (and with good reason…not that any of the villagers knew she was a serial killer).  Hence why she hadn’t been married yet.  She was a stunner on the outside and a right foul piece of work on the inside.  It was a shame, really.

She got in with Gaston and LeFou.  Took quite a liking to Gaston, actually.  It wounded Theodosia that he seemed to have his head so far up his ass about Belle that he barely even saw her.  Seemed to forget that she was even female, actually.  Needless to say, she was closer with LeFou.

The events of the film went on as planned.  When Gaston and the mob went to the castle to kill the Beast inside, Theodosia - naturally - went with them.  She was hot on Gaston’s heals as he went after the Beast and he tumbled to his death right in front of her.  That left her in such a state of shock that she didn’t even bother to go after the Beast anymore.

And then she saw the transformation…and all the memories came rushing back to her.  It simultaneously relieved her to have them back, but also broke her heart that she’d actually wanted to kill Adam.  But, she was happy to have everything back and maybe, just maybe, she’d be able to dig up the girl she’d once been and leave the monster that she’d turned into behind.


So, during the Clone Wars, Padme and Anakin are on a joint Senate Mission, trying to convince a world not to go AWOL and join up with the Seppies. And so they have to talk to a diplomat or king or prime minister, you know someone important. And they’re both like “Okay, obv this is how it’s gonna go down: Padme does the talking about democracy and blah blah blah while Anakin slouches behind her just in case things go badly”

And then the dude comes out. And both of their eyes slightly widen, Anakin might squeak, and Padme might step back to stomp on his foot. He welcomes them and says something jokey but it’s one of those cheesy, horrible jokes that you politely smile at - and both Padme and Anakin giggle and Anakin says something cheesy and HORRIBLE (WHY IS HIS MOUTH MOVING?!) back. Important Dude smiles, kinda wooden, and goes off to prepare other things. 

Padme and Anakin look at each other with identical looks of despair. 

“Oh no, he’s hot.” They both say in mortification at nearly the same time. Padme laments that she just looked like a simpering schoolgirl and Anakin just laments his entire existence. 

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LLFTX GIF - MC on her period

Anonymous Request: LLFTX MC on her period

This is from the same request from the earlier post, this is part 2! I’m just gonna do GIF’s for how the guys would react to her freaking out because she’s period raging on them or something. Hope you like it


You were screaming at his back as he bolted out of the room, running as fast as he could before you started launching things at his head. 

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“Why do you need me here?” Takuto asked, sounding annoyed. 

“Because she’ll murder me if I’m alone.” Atsumu replied, trembling slightly in fear.

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He had been so careful those first few days of it, monitoring each and every word that left his mouth. That is until the one day he asked you something, and you launched the nearest object at his head.

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“Maybe if I don’t move she won’t yell at me.” Hiro thought, remaining as motionless as he possibly could. 

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He tried his best to deter her attention to her cycle, instead hoping that if he could get her to drink some, she would forget about her desire to constantly hit him. 

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Kenshi ran behind Riki, using him as a human shield as you began raging. 

“I’m sorry but please don’t leave me she’ll tear me apart.” Kenshi pleaded behind Riki. 

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Keeping Warm | Morrigan/Ardis Cousland

“Morrigan, would you please stop complaining?” Ardis hissed hotly in her lover’s ear, curving an arm around her waist as she pressed into her.

Morrigan scoffed and, despite herself, pressed into Ardis’ embrace. “I do not see the necessity of this. Tis a less grueling solution to simply procure ourselves more furs.”

Ardis chuckled, arching an eyebrow as she lifted herself slightly to look upon the cranky mage’s face. “Oh yeah? Well, then, I suppose you want to be the one to roll Oghren’s drunken body off all of those furs? He is short but I do doubt he’d be easy to move.”

“I… would rather not.”

“Good, then this is your next best thing. And I am not going to let you be cold just so you can avoid some cuddling.” Ardis shook her head, tucking a strand of Morrigan’s dark tresses behind her ear.

“Do not use that word!” Morrigan hissed. “We are simply providing each other warmth in the cold of the Frostback -”

“Spooning, then?”

The mage let out another exasperated sigh. “You are relentless!”

Ardis couldn’t help the next chuckle falling from her lips, quiet and throaty as she kissed the cuff of Morrigan’s ear. “Oh, but are you not comfortable? I have never seen you so relaxed, you know.”

“I am going to sleep. Keep chattering away, if you must. Just know that I will not be listening.”

Ardis could only smile fondly until Morrigan’s breathing fell into a deep rhythm. The blonde sighed quietly, then, letting her gaze drift out of the half opened tent to stare at their campfire. She knew why it bothered Morrigan. The sex was different. It was physical, intimate and passionate but not emotionally so. This… there was nothing to do but hold each other. It was more than just keeping warm, Ardis knew. Ardis knew what she felt for Morrigan, and she was beginning to think Morrigan felt the same way.

Well, she hoped.

“Good night, Morrigan.” Ardis whispered softly. She settled into the embrace once more, comfortable and warm, in more ways than one.

Glitter smiled slightly as she moved through the crowded shop.  There were a few things she needed to pick up then maybe, just maybe, they’d have at least one room finished in their home.  It had taken long enough.  However, when she felt her phone buzz in her pocket, she pulled it out and replied to Clyde’s text quickly.  Unfortunately, in those brief moments where she wasn’t paying attention, she bumped right into someone.  “Sorry,” she gushed while she scrambled to keep from dropping her phone.  “I still haven’t mastered walking and texting, I guess.”


The Saga of Two Stranded Men and One Broken One

So last night, Jeremy wrapped the post-show rendition of Mustang Sally with a cry of “Let’s go and get shitfaced!”

The usual shenanigans appear to have taken place, and at first glance, Jeremy’s tweet this morning backed that up to the hilt.  So The Guardian, not exactly known for its fondness for Jeremy Clarkson, James May or Richard Hammond (though it will occasionally grudgingly admit that James is OK really) put that together with a sighting of a slightly worse for wear May at St Pancras Station - I used to work there, and for those not familiar with London train stations, this is the UK terminus for the Eurostar trains to Paris and Brussels - with his arm in a sling and without his two colleagues and wrote a somewhat speculative article that assumed he was soldiering on whilst the others were too hungover to move.

Media Monkey clearly forgot that whatever else you say about the boys, one thing they can’t generally be accused of (certain events in March, best assigned now to the annals of history, aside) is a lack of professionalism.  I thought it was a) a bit unlikely that Jeremy would be too hungover to work and yet blithely tweeting about it and b) even more unlikely that they would allow this to happen on the first major filming day of their new series, no matter how much they wanted to get shitfaced last night.  Fortunately, someone who happened to be stuck on a broken down train on which Clarkson and Hammond were passengers was on hand to put them straight - and I’ve pieced together the story from the three sources so you don’t have to read The Guardian unless you really want to.