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Sun Signs

Your BASIC traits.

Aries: A natural born leader, willing to try anything. Usually takes on more than they can handle because they think they can handle it. Will not take no for an answer. Dramatic af. Likes making jokes, but doesn’t like when people make jokes about them.

Taurus: Stubborn but hates admitting it. Protective of their family, always willing to help. Can appear a bit pretentious at times. The best sense of humor, and quite an overachiever. A bit insecure when it comes to falling in love.

Gemini: The best communicators of the zodiac. They have a lot of dreams and overwhelm themselves with wanting to achieve all of them. Really sarcastic but usually with good intentions. Can be pushy. Loves learning new things.

Cancer: Emotional as hell, but also so much more than that. Incredibly family oriented. Can appear a bit selfish but it’s only because they think they know what is best for everyone. Usually hella organized. More of a perfectionist than any other sign. They remember every tiny detail about you. Loves cuddling.

Leo: Can come off a bit prideful. Hates showing weakness in any form, likely not a mushy person in the slightest. VERY business savvy, incredible common sense. One of the best senses of humor of the whole zodiac. Constantly moving on to the next best thing. Loves spoiling their friends.

Virgo: The smartest of the zodiac. These people are the most likely to obsess on things. Not actually all neat freaks! Usually quite cluttered. Can be slightly controlling but it’s only because they want to see those they love succeed. Gives out too many chances.

Libra: Is happiest when they’re taking care of those they love. Is usually the center of attention in a crowd, whether they mean to be or not. Struggles sharing deep emotions but wants to help you with yours. One of the biggest dreamers.

Scorpio: Not all of them are moody and dark, but all are intense. Usually thinks about intimacy more than they let on. Can be selfish but usually unintentionally. Masters of manipulation. You can always tell a Scorpio by their eyes.

Sagittarius: Like all fire signs, constantly on the move. A bit restless. Uses humor to disguise their feelings. Likely has unusual options and enjoys taboo things. Love is the most confusing thing to them. Can turn from hot to cold in a relationship in an instant.

Capricorn: Can be found making people laugh. Doesn’t like talking about their feelings, but gets upset if they feel you don’t care enough to ask. Never forgets those they love, holds on to things they learn from their relationships. Tough love is their thing. Ambitious but can take their sweet time getting there.

Aquarius: Often labeled as the weird ones, but one of the smarter signs. Loves learning. Obsessed with love but struggles with it. A natural flirt at all times. Can be incredibly detached and insensitive at times. Doesn’t mind looking silly at times to make people laugh.

Pisces: Uses sarcasm and often makes jokes that are surprisingly dark. Loves working with their hands. Emotional, and is usually the sign that is the most hard on themselves. Very smart and only happy if they’re doing something they love career wise.

The walks of the signs

Check your rising (the sign acquaintances see) and midheaven (the sign work bosses/employees and strangers see). Also check your sun and dominant.

Based on experience with others’ sun/rising/midheaven

The walk of an Aries:

When the Ram walks, they do not swing their hands. Their walk may seem quite sloppy, but it is just straight to the point. They stand tall, but not completely upright, and their shoulders are quite relaxed. Aries do not take quick paces, but instead long strides. They are the one mindlessly fixing their hair as they walk. Eyes exploring their surroundings, sometimes Aries seem lost, even when they know exactly where they are going. 

The walk of a Taurus:

They keep their body straight, with their shoulders slightly hunched down. Often, they are fiddling with their belt or sweeping their hair to the side. Their strides are big, and they walk fast. The walk of a Taurus almost seems mechanical. When walking, they are looking at their destination, or whoever is with them. They are the ones to turn around in the middle of a busy hallway, without noticing it is packed, just to tell you about a movie.

The walk of a Gemini:

With almost a swagger in their step, their shoulders are down and back in confidence. Their thumbs may be in their pockets, or hands playing with an object. They walk at a quick pace, with usually quite small steps. Their eyes are usually fixed on the destination, even if talking to someone on the way. The walk of a Gemini almost looks unbalanced, as they may sway slightly come side to side. They are the ones who blindly stop in a crowded doorway.

The walk of a Cancer:

Their walk seems to be in slow-motion, and is usually quite humble. They have relaxed shoulders and an air of softness in each step. They are usually talking to someone when they are walking, but if alone will be minding their own business; maybe playing with their hair. Often their hands have to be still, but doing something; like being in their pockets, or holding a book. In busy hallways, they are snaking through the crowd.

The walk of a Leo:

Very proud. Their shoulders are down, their back in straight, and their chest is puffed out. Their movement is bold, with short steps. Often, they are carrying a folder under one arm. Leo will be set on their destination until something breaks their focus, and their eyes start darting around their location. A Leo may swing their free arm swiftly, their palm faces either up or down. They are either the ones blocking the path, or the ones grumpily trying to get past.

The walk of a Virgo:

Their hands have to be busy; fiddling with a tie, holding books, or holding their hands together. Their steps are short, but their pace is quite quick. They are often looking to the ground and glancing down, only looking up to appreciate the scenery around them. Their shoulders are always relaxed, but either enclosed on themselves or open, depending on how confident the Virgo is in a space. They are the ones navigating through crowds.

The walk of a Libra:

Their walk can be seen as sloppy, but usually it is just because they are very chill. They talk soft-footed small steps, and do not walk very fast. A Libra believes they have all the time in the world to get to their destination. Often engrossed in conversation or thought, Libra is looking around, but never as anything specific. They are the ones who block doorways as they are unaware of their surroundings.

The walk of a Scorpio:

The movement of the Scorpion is swift. It is almost like they have perfectly rehearsed every single movement. They usually have their hands in their pockets or a bag around their arm, with the feet pointed out like a penguin. Watching people, their eyes often fix on individual things, then move onto something new. Scorpio walks at a fast pace and is often conscious of those around them; opening doors and standing to one side in order to not be in the way.

The walk of a Sagittarius:

They are fun and sloppy, often stood straight backed in contrast. The Archer is usually find standing tall, with their chest puffed out so slightly. They use their bodies and gestures boldly, maybe their shoulders move up and down when they laugh, or their whole side turns as they open doors. Blissfully unaware of those around them, Sagittarius may fall into you or stop in front of you quite often.

The walk of a Capricorn:

They have a natural swagger. They may have their fingers curled with one palm pointing to the ceiling, or their feet slightly pointing out. They are very active walkers in this way, as they are always doing something with their hands. Capricorn is notorious for fixing or mindlessly playing with their hair. They may sometimes seem fierce or scary, as they stand and walk quite boldly. Sometimes they block the halls, but this is because if you don’t say “excuse me”, why should they move? 

The walk of an Aquarius:

Aquarius is blind to those around them, merely enjoying those they walk with or any plans they are thinking up. They lean back slightly and walk with a group of friends whenever possible. Often, you will see them subtly swinging an arm back and forth. The Water Bearer often walks with a smile on their face. They may be in the way of people, but they don’t particularly care about that, as you could probably find a different way around.

The walk of a Pisces:

They do not draw much attention towards themselves. They walk alone in peace, or often take a back seat in larger groups. The Fish may have their head to the ground as they take quick and small steps. This individual can often be stopped as they tend to swing their arms. If a Pisces isn’t looking at the ground, they may be seeing looking out to the distance, or examine an on-coming crowd.

Imagine getting a role in a movie with your ex Tom and Jensen, your current boyfriend, getting jealous and worried.

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Connected to this!

You stared at the text message in your phone for what seemed like an eternity. When you had accepted the role you never thought there would come this moment that you’d actually think you’d want to take your answer back. You always had loved acting, a little more than singing, so whenever a movie came up that you liked the script – which you really did now – and you could work in without having to leave Supernatural, you immediately accepted. Now, however you’d started having serious doubts about your decision.

Your manager had told you you were supposed to meet your costar tomorrow morning for a coffee and the two of you to talk about some scenes. He’d sent you the address today but once you spotted the name you had not been able to reply to him. You were frozen in your place.

“Baby?” you heard a voice behind you but every muscle in your body refused to move.

“Baby? (Y/n) are you alright?” the voice got closer and when you felt a hand on your shuoulder you jumped, your phone falling from your hands.

“Wh-what?” you blinked, looking up to meet your boyfriend’s worried eyes.

“I asked you if you are alright, but it’s obvious you’re not.” he said with a gentle smile, bending to pick your phone but not looking at it out of respect.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” he cupped your face as he sat in front of you on the bed.

“It’s- nothing’s wrong, you don’t have to worry.” you mumbled, avoiding to look him in the eyes.

“Princess-” he chuckled, kissing the top of your head “You’re a terrible liar, do you know that?”

“And a terrible actor?” you asked with a half smile, trying to change the subject as smoothly as you could.

“Absolutely not! Besides, I am your number one fan and you know so I guess my opinion wouldn’t matter much anyway. But-” he grinned “You’ve got two oscars and a golden globe amongst many other awards, I think that might mean you are a good actress.” he winked and you chuckled, your eyes casting down.

“I guess.” you fidgeted with yours fingers but cursed at yourself in your mind for how you were unable to come up with something else to say, since you knew Jensen would bring back the topic.

“Now-” here we go “-Are you going to tell me about it, or not? I am not pressuring you, sweetheart, but I just need to know what’s bothering you in case I can help.”

“I want to tell you Jens, but this- I don’t know how well you’d really take to it. I don’t know if you’d be able to help me to be honest… you might be too angry to.” you played with the ring in your finger.

He took hold of your hands and brought them up to kiss them, along with engagement ring “I promise, no matter what it is I am going to try my best not to get angry.” he squeezed your hands and let out a shaky breath.

“I know you won’t, Jens. I know that you’ll try your best but sometimes it’s just- things are too hard to handle and-”

“(Y/n), what’s going on? You’re starting to worry me here. Did something happen to anyone?” he frowned but you shook your head.

“No, no I swear. Don’t worry, it’s just-” you sighed, willing yourself to look him in the eyes “Remember that movie I got a part in the previous week?”

“Yeah I- I think.” he nodded his head, his green eyes baring into yours as if he was trying to study you.

“Well, my manager told me I was supposed to meet my costar tomorrow. You know the one I will be having all those not-so-appropriate scenes with?” you asked and you saw him clench his jaw and look for a minute away.

“Yeah?” his voice was more rough and you felt him squeeze your hands without realizing it. He was already mad about it, well jealous mostly but he had agreed to respect it and you because: 1) he loved you and trusted you and 2) that was your job as well as his and if you could handle seeing him with all those women Dean had then so should he.

“Well, he told me his name today. Through texts.” you let out a shaky breath.

“And?” he looked at you with a deep frown it almost reminded you of Dean for a moment.

“It’s Tom.” you breathed out as fast as you could, and for a moment he obviously didn’t get it “It’s my ex Tom.” you corrected “Tom Hiddleston.”

The moment the words left your lips you saw his back straightened and his eyebrow shot up. His lips moved just slightly but he still kept his jaw clenched. His eyes hardened and you could see that he tried to control himself just because of his promise to you, but you could also understand how hard it was for him. Other than Jensen, Tom was the other most serious relationship you’d ever had. And by that you meant engagement serious. You weren’t one to play with those things, all of your relationships had actually been serious, but when you were with Tom you actually thought he’d be the one. You still didn’t understand fully well why you actually broke up.

You were happy together, as happy as you could get at the time, and you both thought that that was going to be forever. You really thought you would never fall harder for someone else so that made getting over him even harder but when you met Jensen you really understood what love could be. Of course you never forgot about Tom, he was and would always be important to you and sometimes you wished you could still be friends. But it was nearly impossible considering the situation.

“Jens?” you whispered, tilting your head “Jens? Jensen please say something.” you gave his hand a squeeze as his hard look didn’t flatter.

“Your ex Tom?” he asked in a low, dangerously low, and rough voice.

Jensen was not one to get jealous easily, of course when he did it the cutest sight for you but when it came to Tom it all took a turn for the worse. He was jealous but no the funny or sweet and grumpy kind. It was the seriously jealous and worried kind.

“Ye-yes my ex, Tom.” you looked down with a sigh “J, I swear I had no idea it would be him. If- if I knew I- I would have probably not said yes to the movie.”

“Probably?” he frowned at you and you blinked.

“I- I mean-” you cleared your throat “Yes, Jensen probably. Just- just because of what happened between me and Tom doesn’t mean I- I will turn down a great chance in a movie.”

“(Y/n).” he pursed his lips, letting go of your hand and you let them fall on your lap.

“What Jensen?”

“He’s your ex! Your ex Tom, do you remember what happened last time you met him?”

“If you’re talking about the Con, he wasn’t flirting with me.” you rolled your eyes “I told you, that’s how he always was with me. We’ve been close even before we got together, what’s wrong with that?”

“There’s nothing wrong with that, but he’s your ex (Y/n)! You- you can’t just go hav a scene with him like- like that and expect me to-”

“What? Accept it? Yeah Jensen I actually am. Look I am the one having doubts in the first place too but I can’t really believe you’re still angry about this because, and you said it, he’s my ex! I am no longer with him, I am with you and this-” you showed him the ring “Means that want to be with you forever! You are the one I chose to spend my life with, after I was with Tom, can’t you just- just try to understand that?”

“Yeah, but you had decided to spend your life with Tom once too, didn’t you?” he mumbled, crossing his arms over his chest like a sad stubborn little child.

“And it didn’t work out, but this is working out Jens! It is because I actually know it is what I want to!” you got up, getting closer to him “Jensen, baby please- I- I am having a hard time myself and despite how jealous I knew you’d be I thought that- that you’d understand me.”

“I’m- I’m sorry sweetheart, damn it I really am.” he cleared his throat, running a hand down his face “I’m just- It’s so fucking hard to when I know how much he- he actually meant to you.”he confessed, his head bowing down as he ran a hand through his hair.

“J” you whispered, taking hold of his hands and he looked at you “I know that Tom and I were- what he and I had wasdeep and it was true and important and strong and everything.” you cleared your throat when you his shoulders fall and the look on his face match that of a kicked puppy’s “But it’s over, J. It’s over, it ended because it actually wasn’t as… true as I thought, and not as strong or as important. Not as this is.” you locked fingers with his.

“Not as real as we are. Jensen, when Tom and I ended I thought I would never get over him because I really thought he was the one for me, the only one for me. But then I met you and- and I realized what love really meant. Don’t get me wrong, I- I did love, Tom. I can’t lie to you about that, and maybe I still do.” you heard him take a sharp breath and you almost felt bad “But I’m not in love with him!” yo quickly added, not over yet “I’m not in love with him because I’m in love with you. And nothing can ever change this now.”

“Not even him?” he whispered and you raised an eyebrow.

“What? Why do you think he would ever want to change this? Tom and I- it was a mutual decision to end this, he wanted it to. Why would he now-”

“(Y/n)” he cut you off gently, but his voice still was laced with pain “Have you seen the way he looks at you?” he asked, remembering the time you met at Con.

“What about the way he looks at me?” you whispered with a frown.

“It’s the exact same way I look at you. Madly in love.”

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Different types of kisses between Peter Parker and the reader please?

First of all, we have the humble forehead kiss. It is possibly the most heart-melting kiss in the world, and in the hands of someone as adorable as Peter Parker, it is lethal.
Peter kisses your forehead by way of goodbye whenever he has to leave you and run off to be a hero. He’ll stand up and give you the most apologetic look, then he’ll gently hold the back of your head and give your forehead a lingering kiss before running off to change.

Then there are the temple kisses.
Most of these come from you, when Peter is working and you manage to sneak up behind him (in truth, his Spidey senses notice you metres away, but he pretends to be surprised because you’re adorable). In these moments, you’ll drape your arms around his shoulders and kiss his temple quickly before resting your chin on his shoulder to see what he’s doing. It makes him smile so much to be in your arms like that, as you take a genuine interest in whatever he’s up to.

Shoulder kisses are a particular favourite of yours.
Whenever Peter is behind you, he greets you by wrapping his arms around your waist and pressing his lips to your shoulder absentmindedly. It’s a simple gesture, but it feels so intimate and special to you that it gives you butterflies for the rest of the day.

The quickest way to make Peter blush (although there are a lot of ways) is to kiss his hands or his fingers.
He loves to cup your face and run his thumb over your lips and cheek as you smile lovingly at him, and he will blush in the most adorable way if you turn your head to press a kiss to his palm. As a result, this is one of your favourite things to do.

Of course, kisses on the lips are the best.
Peter is a very gentle kisser, and every single one feels intimate and meaningful. He can’t stop himself cupping your face to bring you closer to him, and he’ll gently trace his thumbs along your cheekbones as his lips move against yours. If you two have been kissing for a while, he’ll pull away ever so slightly to catch his breath, and he’ll rest his forehead against yours whilst gently nuzzling your nose with his own. It’s one of those things that makes your heart skip a beat every time.
Your first kiss with Peter was when he found out he’d passed an exam you’d spent months tutoring him for. As soon as you saw him running down the corridor with his results in his hand and a huge grin on his face, you’d known that you’d fallen for him hard. You ran to meet him and he caught you in his arms, barely thinking about his actions before he pressed his lips to yours. It felt like the most natural thing in the world, and the pair of you couldn’t stop giggling when you reluctantly pulled away because “why didn’t we do that sooner??”


PLOT SUMMARY: a multichapter imagine fic where the reader is dustin’s older siblings. follows along directly with the events of season 2. she’s friends with nancy, and drama ensues. over the course of the fic we see how the reader reacts to new challenges and a new romantic interest.  ( inspired by two other imagines that i literally can’t find for the life of me. )

CHAPTER SUMMARY: Steve realized he is an idiot but, he matters.

PAIRING: SLOWBURN Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader

WARNING: Swearing and Spoilers



You sat in silence for some while. Your position on Steve’s arm felt so comfortable. Like you fit perfectly there. After hearing about Bob, you were more scared for Steve than before. He had jumped into a crowd with those things. You – you didn’t know Bob, but just imaging how Joyce Byers must have felt when she knew he was going to die… It made you sick. Because, that very well could have been Steve, if the Demogorgons weren’t called back home…. He would have been the one – with six on his body sucking the life out of him. You would have had to watch the whole thing. And, in order to keep the kids safe… you would have had to run and leave his body behind. That was enough for your eyes to well up in tears. Steve, who had been laying against the wall with his eyes closed opened the one to see you trying to hold them back and sniffling. He turned to you and picked your chin up a bit so he could look at you.

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Talk Dirty To Me - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 4,134

Warnings: Pure Filth, NSFW, 18+, Masturbation, Oral (male receiving), dirty talk, teasing

Notes: Thanks @minhosmeanhoe. There is a LONG story behind this. Just enjoy the filth y’all. Formerly titled “The Results of Me Making Camile Horny”

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Hello, love your blog so much ❤ What about RFA+V+Saeran with an MC who Seduces them after a fight, to make them apologize. Sorry for my bad english ❤❤❤

We thought seduction was a bit heavy considering our other content, so this took a fluffy turn. Hope you enjoy it all the same. 


  • It all started when you didn’t choose a place to eat
  • He asked where you wanted to go, and you kept saying you didn’t care
  • But then, when he came to decision, you were like, “Hmm…not really feeling it.”
  • And he blew off his top about it and you both tumbled into one of those petty fights–not really hurting each other’s feelings but slightly disgruntled  
  • But after a few hours of him being silent over you not wanting to eat his particular choice of food, you were getting tired of it
  • You go over to peck his cheek, but he moves his head because he’s still having an attitude
  • The next day, he’s over his little tantrum and goes for a kiss…but you swerve away
  • He gets a little pouty knowing where it’s going…and you do not make it easy for him
  • All day long, you’re doing things you know he thinks is cute or you’ll get really close to his face, but move away at the last second
  • By the end of the day, he’s getting really bothered and just grabs you and apologizes
  • “I’m sorry, okay? There!” and then just kisses you right on the lips, and you’re laughing so hard
  • Soon enough, he finds the humor in it too, and laughs a little  


  • He had done the cardinal sin
  • He ate the piece of cake you’d been saving for the past day
  • You start yelling at him, “There was a note on top!”
  • “I didn’t see it!” 
  • “Because you were too busy stuffing your face!”
  • He goes to give you a hug but you have an attitude
  • He won’t apologize, so you sulk away and tell him he can’t have any hugs all day
  • And you were planning to make it hard for him too
  • You would think you would wear something like a strapless dress to “seduce” him, but no
  • An hour later, you come out of the room wearing a simple hoodie
  • He always thought you looked so soft and huggable, but you weren’t planning to get close enough to let him do that
  • Your plan has a hiccup when you find him in the kitchen trying to bake you a full cake
  • He turns around, ready to apologize, but then he sees you in the hoodie, “No! Not the hoodie! That’s a low blow.”
  • Whatever anger you had before disappears as you two run around the house, him chasing you for a hug and you trying to deny him one
  • but eventually he catches up, tackling you on the couch and attacking you with tickles
  • Finally, you calm down and he just snuggles up to you, “Are you still mad?”
  • “Yes,” you giggle
  • He hums before crashing his lips against yours, “How about now?”
  • “Nevermind,” you reply before pulling him back for more


  • Just don’t mess with Jaehee
  • Whatever you do, she’ll come back ten-fold
  • Slight glares, glinting glasses, flared nostrils
  • She’s not playing your games
  • Jaehee will make YOU apologize


  • You two were discussing something over breakfast and you had mentioned some fact or another
  • Jumin insisted you were wrong…which leads to a little heated debate
  • Turns out you were right, but Mr. CEO wouldn’t admit it…nor the fact that he was getting so riled up over something small
  • He goes for a kiss before work and you deny him one, saying that you’ll give one when he apologizes
  • He rolls his eyes, accustomed to your antics, and just leaves for work figuring you’ll cool down
  • When he gets home, you are dressed up like you’re going to the fanciest restaurant and you look really nice
  • You bring him to the dining room for dinner, and everything is super romantic
  • You even talk really sweet to him, getting close…stray touches on his shoulder
  • But every time he leans forward to kiss you, you walk away nonchalantly, reminding him of your comment earlier
  • It wasn’t a big fight, so it’s not like his pride is on the line
  • He sighs and decides to be mature about it and apologizes for any misplaced comments during your debate
  • After dinner, you walk up to him and give him that pre-work and post-work kiss he never got
  • You’re about to walk away, but he pulls you back again and maybe steals a few more


  • You were just walking around and you tripped over something…it was Seven’s laptop case
  • Your foot got caught in the handle and your other foot tripped on the actual case making you flopping wild mess
  • You caught your balance and start yelling at Seven because you told him to pick it up hours ago…but he’s laughing so hard because he just witnessed your trip
  • It’s only making you angrier and for some reason, you shout out, “That’s it! No Kisses!”
  • This makes him laugh even harder
  • When you cool down later, you kind of admit that the whole situation was funny
  • So, he thinks everything is fine–but you still wanted him to apologize about the laptop case
  • He goes in for a peck and you let him get close, but you turn away at the last second
  • “You’re playing this game? Really?” he chuckles
  • It really does become a game and he plays along
  • You’ll get close to his face, brush your nose against his, and then walk away
  • He’ll run his fingers through your hair or cup your cheek and bring you close, but then leave you hanging
  • This goes on for the rest of the day, and neither one of you break until…Seven trips on your shoe
  • You really can’t ask him to apologize at that point
  • So you both give each other an apology kiss to make up for lost time


  • You two were watching a movie and this couple did some couple-y thing and you pointed at it all excitedly
  • He says something like how that kind of affection was unnecessary and extra
  • A small debate later, you make a comment, “Well, I guess my kisses are unncessary, huh?”
  • And in the heat of the moment, he shoots back, “Uh, yeah. They are.”
  • You were about to show him the opposite, and completely stop with the affection
  • The next few days pass by, and you two still talk but you cut down the affection
  • So you’ll walk together, but not hold hands…if he puts his arm around you, you move away…you move if he tries to put his head on your shoulder, you shift so he can’t
  • After the fourth day of this, he’s slowly starting to realize his mistake
  • You didn’t even seduce him or anything…just having you near but not actually having you was enough
  • “MC…you were right. I’m sorry. Can we go back to normal now?”
  • You smile and accept his apology
  • He waits a few moments and just deadpans, “So…you going to kiss me now, or what?”


  • He didn’t tell you your coupons came in and now they’re expired
  • But he apologizes right away
  • Like he always does in an impending fight
  • So, literally this wouldn’t work with him because he’s the nicest bean
  • Don’t deny him affection please

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From animal mask wearing people sifting through antiques to creepy mascots being arrested by equally creepy looking officers, Los Angeles based artist Stacey Rozich’s watercolor works are all things awesome. Strange, familiar, dark, humorous, and pleasantly eerie at times, Rozich’s paintings, while done in the style of folk traditional painting, are filtered through her own lens of modern pop culture. With some upcoming shows in the New Year–a group show at New Image in LA in February and a two-person show at Portland’s Talon Gallery in September–we couldn’t wait to chat with Stacey Rozich about her early experiences with drawing, her collaboration with Subpop Records, and her sketchiest story involving loud raucous metal heads and a little out-of-the-way saloon in Malibu in this latest Sketchy Behaviors. 

Photographs courtesy of the artist | Portrait by Kyle Johnson

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Where She Went


pairing: daveed diggs x reader

summary: daveed and reader were high school sweethearts who had a bad breakup before they both left oakland. four years have passed and fate (and a well-timed cello concert) bring them face-to-face.

warnings: swearing. that’s really it.

word count: 2,504

a/n: day three of @hamwriters write-a-thon is lit day :-) based on the novel “where she went” by gayle forman which is actually a sequel to “if i stay” but i do what i want. this is in Daveed’s POV because the original book is in the guy’s POV, and i’m planning on posting a second part on POV day so be on the lookout for that. okay love u happy reading

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for flying with us today and enjoy your time in the Big Apple.”

Daveed unclips his seatbelt as the other passengers begin to file off the plane, standing to grab his carry-on from the overhead compartment. It’s the only bag he packed, because he’s only in the city for 24 hours. Tour starts in two days, and his manager had all but physically forced him onto the plane to NYC.

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50 Reasons Why Rey Is A Kenobi

Or At Least Not A Skywalker Or A Solo

In the following you will find extensive evidence/parallels/deductive reasoning as support for Rey, the protagonist of The Force Awakens, being the granddaughter of the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi. 


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I obviously don't work here, but sure I can ring you up!

I was standing in the ice cream aisle holding a six pack of beer and one of cider, and a couple bags of chips, trying to decide if I wanted to bring ice cream sandwiches or maybe some jerky for game night. I had just gotten off from my other job so I was wearing black slacks, a white dress shirt and a black tie, with a very obvious pin showing where I worked.  

I hear a slightly condescending “Excuuuse me.” from the side of me. Looking over I see a slightly overweight middle aged woman with one of those ‘I’d like to speak to your manager haircuts’.  

I step back a few steps to let her pass and go back to my internal debate. After a few seconds she hasn’t moved and I hear the most obnoxious, entitled, “HELLLOOOOOOOOO, Earth to jackass!!!”  

I look at her and she says with extreme impatience dripping with venom, “The lines are way too fucking long, you need to ring me up, I know you’ve got a free register in the back somewhere. I have things to do, ring me up NOW!”  

I don’t work here, but you know what, I worked retail technical support at the time and I had a really shitty day, dealing with people exactly like her… “Oh, I’m so SO sorry ma'am, I thought you were just trying to get by.” Reaches into cabinet and grabs a thing of mint skinny cow ice cream sandwiches(Not on a diet, but those things are damn good.)  

Let me just get these ice cream sandwiches to the disabled lady up front waiting for me and I’ll ring up you up over there in the home & decor section.“ Points to farthest corner of the store where no reps go and no registers are "Again I’m so sorry, I will even hand these return items off to another associate to put away and I will be RIGHT over!”  

“Well, fine. Please be quick, I have shit to do you know.” and she walks away.  

I took my items up front to check out, waited all of 3 minutes in line and then went on my merry way. It’s amazing that some people just assume a random bystander is the person that can help them and then treats them like shit without even knowing who they are. Fuck that lady and people like her.

Be My Soldier

Charlie Puth x Reader

Title Inspired by Bea Miller’s Enemy Fire

Words: 1,656

Summary: Reader is a professional photographer .In the past you have traveled the globe, capturing breathtaking photos of famous singers. Now you’re job is to capture singer songwriter,Charlie Puth. You have actually taken worked with Charlie before but that was purely platonic. Now you have captured more than just an image.

Y/H/C : your hair color

Y/E/C :your eye color

Warning: cute fluff,teasing, cursing, just a tad of smut ;)

  Standing in front of the backstage doors, you and the rest of the team, wait for rehearsal to start. To do the usual thing, set up cameras on stage and do test shots.The only thing keeping you from total bliss was the fact that you have to deal with him.

As the fancy sport car rolled into the garage you rolled your eyes staring down at the camera screen. Another photographer , Sam, elbows you and causing you to his, “what’s up I’m a little busy”

Sam grinned, “so you didn’t tell me how the date went with-”

“Shut up”

“Come on everyone knows you went on a date with him

“SAM” you say raising your voice, she nods chuckling to herself, “what is it now?”

“I was just remembering Charlie going on and on about how happy he was the other day. When I asked what was up and all he said was he had a really good night”

“Well nothing happened” you lied.

“You and Charlie have been close since the day I got this job.”

Shrugging you start to get defensive,“So? That doesn’t mean anything”

“I got this job 3 years ago and you two are basically inseparable. In all honesty I would be shocked if you guys didn’t bone”

You scoffed trying your best not to smile, but you couldn’t help it. Now that the ruggedly handsome man had stepped out of the car, every emotion you were once holding back, was pounding to break free.

The second those god damn hazel green eyes locked onto my y/e/c I felt my stomach fill with butterflies and no matter how hard I tried to look away I couldn’t.

"Morning everyone” he hugged, fist pumped,and high fived everyone but he paused as I stood in front of him. Only inches away from each other I gazed at his eyes as he smirked, “good morning ”

The words so simple yet so intoxicating as they fell off his lips. My mouth opened to speak but Charlie leaned in close to my ear and I gasped,“ remember to be professional”

It was the norm for you to hug Charlie around his back but in this moment you wrapped your arms around his neck and whispered,“ you know I can be very professional.. ”

I let my words drag while slowly pulling away, just far enough, so even the slightest turn would cause our lips to touch.And you could hear him take a deep breath and shiver causing you softly laughed,“ don’t you worry about me baby”

Stepping backwards I let my arms fall to my side and picked up one of the duffel bags, that had some gear for the show, for tonight. “Come on guys let’s set up”, the team cleared their throats since they all knew you and Charlie are a…well whatever you are, they knew.

As you turned your back to Charlie you looked over your shoulder to see him biting his bottom lip, and his cheeks a light shade of red. This all sent shivers down your spine but as Charlie ran past you, you couldn’t believe what was going on.

Charlie POV

Y/N was such a tease and when her arms let go of me all I could think of was wrapping mine around her waist and pulling her closer to my chest. In fact, that’s all I’ve thought about since last night. Just having her so close.

When Y/n called her team in to rehearsal In knew I had to do something before it was too late because after tonight there will only a few chances to make a move.

So why not now? I thought.

I ran to her side quickly and pressed my palm on the small of her back and I knew that would get her attention. The sudden and quick movement she took drew me to a halt before I guided her down to the hall.

“9:00 my place?”

Biting her lip she turned from the rest of the team who was ahead of her, and she put her breathtaking y/e/c on mine, “ you know this isn’t very professional ”,she started and I lowered my hand ever so slightly and I could feel her shiver from underneath it.

“Maybe” Y/N paused for a moment and stood in front of me,“under one condition”

Without any type of hesitation I replied,“name it”

I could notice how she was leaning in and I followed her move but predictably she swerved away kissing my neck,“ remember good things come… to those who wait”

Putting my head in the crook of Y/n’s neck I left a trail of kisses starting from her bare shoulders to the jawline,“ you’re such a tease”, I said grinning like crazy.

“Yeah I know but you love it”

“We can’t- you especially can’t miss rehearsal. Besides where would we go?”

The sudden urge to pull her into my arms took over and I was so close to lifting her off the ground  and take her,“the hotel is only 10 minutes away”

She smiled, taking my hand in hers,“as much as I would love that I can’t miss rehearsal. It’s my first day back and lets not forget I have a manager who gave me a deadline”

As I grip her hips I can feel her to collapse and it instantly causes me to chuckle, “Y/n…baby….”

“You uh…you  definitely can’t miss rehearsal” she cleared her throat and I gave up resting my head in the crook of her neck, taking in perfume she was wearing-it warmed my heart knowing that she was wearing it- but eventually, I had to get up .


A devilish smirk was spread across her lips and I raised an eyebrow,“I’ll see you at 9 ”

I bit my lip,“cant wait”

Rehearsal ran smoothly, I practiced on all the songs, and I got to take some stolen glances of Y/n as she made sure everything was ready for tomorrow. God she looked stunning but I honestly couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel.And as I got there my mind wouldn’t stop spinning.

Sitting on on the edge of my bed I sighed frustrated looking through my phone it was nearly 9, I hated the antsy feeling that she was going to come over. With hopes to calm my nerves I turned on the radio ,and scoffed as my own fucking song came on. I couldn’t help but see the irony in Suffer coming on as I was literally suffering. All I could do was think about her.

As the day went on I lost sight of Y/n and from the looks of it now I might only see her during the concert. Glancing at my phone -that I threw aside earlier- I pondered on a thought.

I put it to the side for another night and was startled by the hotel door opening.

Your POV

Slowly you opened the to Charlie’s room and hoped that you weren’t too late.


The moment our eyes met, bliss.

While  you took off your shoes, he stood up from the mattress and leaned against a wall next to you, “good first day back?”

You hesitated to nod and simply rested your head on Charlie’s chest which led him to run his fingers through your y/h/c hair.

“What happened?”

Tightly wrapping you arms around his torso you sigh, “nothing I just wish…. I could have seen you more today”

Pulling back ever so slightly I witnessed Charlies lips flatten and he shoved me away playfully,” I was actually worried you were going to say it sucked or something¨

“I’m sorry” you said with a contagious laughter.

“Ugh but really how was it?” Charlie asked again grabbing your hand.

“It was great and I couldn’t wait to come here so let me change and we can do pizza, or whatever¨ you said casually.

Charlie winked as I unfolded our laced hands before going into the bathroom. Slipping into one of Charlies white tees, I walked from the bathroom to the bed sat on the bed behind Charlie. Patiently waiting for you, with a joyful smile, Charlie patted the ,mattress and you sit beside him.

Tracing the edges of every visible muscle in his arms you smiled,’ I just wish I could relive last night forever’’

I could faintly see him run his hands down his face and a smile grew on his lips,“ Really?”

I shifted from behind him and sat at an angle,‘Yeah I was amazing. No regrets’' 

Your eyes looked into his memorizing hazel ones like you were searching for something and you could tell he was doing the same. Charlie gradually turned around leaning in,cupping your face as his lips collided in sync with yours. Eventually your back was pressed to the mattress and Charlies hands roamed freely on your body. 

As the pace seems the pick up you roll over, finding yourself straddling Charlie,its obvious that he smiles because he always found you to be attractive when you were being dominate. He lowered his hands from the small of your back without a second thought and gripped you hard. 

For a very brief moment Charlie pulled away and I took this time to catch my breath while he spoke,“you have no clue how long I’ve wanted to do this’' 

“I can only-” you were thrown off guard and back in you first position underneath Charlie, you couldn’t help but laugh, “a little warning next time”

Charlie pressed his warm lips against your collar bone and pulled back realizing what you said,“ theirs going be a next time?’' 

He ran his hand through your hair and you nodded,” oh there is definitely going to be a next time’’

“ Definitely"

Something More - [Eggsy Unwin X Reader]

[Okay I seriously need help now guys……. This is a little bit where you and Eggsy go on a mission playing couple, annnnd it gets a little hard to resist those smoldering looks he is always given you– damn does he look good in a suit. 

Pairing: Eggsy X Reader 

Length: 1.6k

Read on Ao3 here! Other stuff here x/x]

Now is the part where you try to focus on your mission. Again. It was beginning to get a little hard with how ardently Eggsy seemed to be staring at you on the ride over. He doesn’t talk to you much, and at first you wonder if it’s something you did or said. You’d never had these kinds of awkward silences before, why were you having one now?

Maybe it was the dress; the neckline was very low, slightly pinched at your waist then spread long where it draped lightly around your feet. It was a lovely emerald green— one you always liked. The sleeves were long and fitted and the back matched the front dipping just as low. It was made of something soft like silk maybe, and you liked the way it felt across your skin.

Or maybe it was the job; you were supposed to be posing as a couple looking to invest and per usual your mission was to stop the bad guy. Imagine one of those ‘save-the-world’ situations… Only dial it down about 5 notches. Maybe you were being a bit dramatic, but it sorta did feel that way right now.

But you knew that it was far more likely to be the way Eggsy was looking at you. Like… well, like you were the most stunning thing he’d ever laid eyes on… and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t like the way his jaw dropped when he saw you.

Only now at the banquet, you couldn’t seem to find him anywhere. Not after the less than five words he spoke to you since arriving over an hour ago… As you stand at your table, spinning a glass of wine between your fingers searching for your target you replayed the scarce words you received.

You look so beautiful, you hear him say again as you try to deny that instead of your target, you were searching for Eggsy…

“I see him…” He whispered softly in your ear, coming from no where as he place a hand low on your side, pulling you slightly closer to him. The feeling of his fingertips and the warmth of his breath sent a wave of chills down and through you ending somewhere you rather not say aloud.

It had been over a solid month of this shit and you were beginning to wonder if there was more to it all than just flirting. You were fairly certain that Eggsy made quite an effort to see and be with you… He always seemed to be paired with you, and when he wasn’t he would be checking in through a private line or bringing over shitty movies to watch on your bad days. There was also the part where he seemed to touch you more than he did anyone else… a soft hand on yours here, a light brush of your shoulder there. The way he stood close to you, and looked at you…

Most of the time you’re not sure if you made that look up, other times you know it’s real and wonder if it means what you think it does. Each time, even now– you felt yourself nearly shuddering into an embarrassing puddle of goo, and that annoyed you more than anything else. If there was anything that was bad for your tough bitch routine, it was this.

Saying that Eggsy was charming was an understatement… He was intelligent, funny, gentle, witty… It would take a fool not to see that pretty much every girl he met was smitten (including you if you were being honest…), but he hardly seemed to notice what he did to them. In part, his obliviousness only made him that much cuter to you— that part, also not so good for your image. Eggsy didn’t seem to notice them when you were around at least and you wondered if you were imagining things. Or far more likely that you were projecting your stupid crush on him. Deciding to see things that weren’t there… But after awhile you were pretty positive that he did treat you differently than the rest. Or… at least you thought he did?

This is the part where you realize how confusing this all is.

Whether it was a projection or not you couldn’t help but flirt back, that was for damn sure. Even on those days you didn’t want to like him, and had fully intended to nip this little crush in the arse… you couldn’t stop it. It was all just harmless fun, wasn’t it? That’s all it would ever be… right? You two worked together. You were even close friends at this point… There was no way he felt the same way about you, plus even if he did— you were pretty sure that Roxy liked him as well. And if she did, well that was a line you wouldn’t cross. Ever.

Not even for someone that looked that good in a suit.

“Where?” You whispered back finally, pulling your glass of champaign to your lips. You scope the area with soft eyes in search of your target, feeling his warm breath dance down your neck and shoulders softly. It took all of your composure not to tremble right there and you wondered if he knew what he was doing to you. Something about the soft chuckle he released at your neck told you that he did.

“10 o’clock, luv. Just there…” This time when he whispered he was trying to distract you, you were almost certain of it. You peeked your eyes over your shoulder to him before looking at your target; narrowing them on his watching as a smooth smile spread over his lips confirming your suspicions.

Damn, he looks really fucking good… His suit jacket was a bright orange with the bottom half of his peaked lapel a dark shade of onyx. The signature Kingsman glasses shaped his face perfectly, as they always did and his black bowtie and pants complimented his build more than you wanted to let on.

“One of us will have to get the keycard.” When you finally looked to the man at your ten; he placed his arms around both of his female companions, rubbing their shoulders handily. You realize now as Eggsy’s breath tickle at your skin that it was definitely better to just focus on work… If you could just figure out how. “I think I’ll have better luck on this one, Eggsy.” With a smile and slightly more composure you turned your face towards him, being sure to leave your body still softly against his.

Eggsy didn’t move either, he merely smiled down at you just as mischievously. “We could bet on it?”

He knew you well, you had to give him that. You could hardly resist a challenge and found that adding stakes usually made things more exiting— especially when those things were involving Eggsy… so of course you accepted, like he knew you would. Crossing your arms as you lick your reddened lips lightly, being sure to show your neck and cleavage to your advantage. Why? Well… why the hell not?

“Okay…” You started as you tilt your head, hoping he was noticing you the way you were noticing him. “and what do I get if I win this bet of yours?”

Part of you wondered why you were laying on the charm so hard… Maybe it was that plunging neckline or the way that fitted suit hugged his body just right that gave you the nerve. More likely it was that look again, paired with this fucking alcohol. Whatever it was- it made you bold and you certainly enjoyed the way his eyes scanned over you now.

“Anythin’ you want.” He answered in a whisper close to your ear with light eyes, his hand still holding you close to his chest.

“Anything?” You questioned raising a brow as you mock surprise.

Eggsy was more confident today, just like you were and that only made this game you played more fun. But as you lock eyes with him you wonder if this really was a good idea after all. So maybe there were’t any rules against this kind of thing in the Kingsman, but you had your own set rules. Your own boundaries, and lines that you didn’t cross. Getting involved with a coworker was just— not good.

Only, once you got wind of the smile he sent you; it was enough to make you forget those rules, at least for the time being. “And if you win?”

When I win,” He corrected you smoothly finally pulling his chest from your back, a blanket of chills clung to where he had been and you immediately wished he hadn’t moved. “we’re gonna do somethin’ fun.”

Now is when you definitely know this is a mistake… but instead of stopping it, you simply curled your lips into a smile letting the smallest of deliberate sighs escape. “Something fun, eh Galahad?” You repeated again, your mind jumping to a number of ‘fun’ things you could do to him… “Such as?”

“You gotta wait n’ find out, luv.” After a smile he winked at you and finished his martini.

His fingertips left your side as he made his way towards your target. His confidence radiating like a furnace and for a moment you allowed yourself to admire the graceful way his shoulders moved and his lightness of foot… You tried swallowing down the soft pin pricks in your chest and stomach; and as you watch each of his footsteps away you know you may be able to win this battle, but you would so not be winning the war…

Now is where you realize your little crush might be a whole lot more than that… Now is where you realize you might really, really like this fucking bloke. “Shit.”

Don’t call me baby face!

Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes

Words: 5.402

Warnings: smut (oral sex (male receiving), explicit language), swearing, angst, fluff, wrap it before you tap it!

A/N: This based on a cute request of an anon! I hope the anon likes it and of couse all of you!

Request: Hey love!!! Absolutely love your writing!!! I have a request if that’s ok! Can you write something where there’s a new recruit and she feels inadequate because everyone except Bucky calls her ‘baby face’ and they tease her (jokingly) about how short and adorable she is and Bucky falls into peer pressure and starts calling her that too (which hurts her cuz she likes him) so one day for a party, she dresses up really sexy and Bucky gets all hot n bothered and they end up forking?? 😆

You were short. Alright, no big deal but there was one problem. You were an Avenger. And not only that, you were the new recruit, too. All that together results in one annoying thing, everyone called you ‘cute’, ‘shorty’, adorable’, ‘sweet’ and the most worst thing: ‘baby face’. You hate it! You really hate all the nicknames. You were always this little, cute girl, your whole life, but you always wanted to be the sexy girl, too. The one girl every man looks at when she enters the room.

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Okay, so one of Sarah Shepard’s biggest fears is that her helmet comms hadn’t gone out over Alchera and that the rest of the crew had listened to her die. Her gasps for air as her suit depressurized, her struggles as she tried in vain to plug the leaks in the hoses, her little sounds of fear before it finally went quiet. I was just thinking of how the team would react to hearing that, and her receiver had been damaged, so they could hear her, but she couldn’t hear them.

Kaidan: Doesn’t understand what he’s hearing at first, he saw the pod in the cockpit deploy, she had have been on board. Fear and panic grips his chest when he finally understands. He tries calling to her, but there’s no answer, just her choking gasps for air, tears run down his face as he tries to comfort her, but she can’t hear him. He’s listening to his friend (or lover) die and there’s nothing he can do about it. He shouldn’t have left her, should have gone with her to get Joker, maybe then she would have made it. He calls her name into the silence a long time after the noises stop until he can’t bring himself to say it again.

Liara: Just sits in her seat and sobs, head down. She’s haunted by the sounds for weeks afterwards, can hear them when it’s quiet. She’s never listened to someone die before and it kills something inside of her to know that the first time she has, it was a friend.

Garrus: Grips the harness so hard his hands hurt, his jaw clenched so hard his mandibles ache. She’s his mentor, his guide, he’s learned more travelling with her than he ever did at C-Sec. He starts shaking in his seat, wanting to go to her, wanting to help her, but he can’t, all he can do is sit there until there’s empty air. Turian’s can’t cry, not really, but eventually there’s low mournful keening that doesn’t need translating.

Tali: Turns her modulator off so no one can hear her cry as she listens to her friend die, the one who helped her on her Pilgrimage, introduced her to so many wonderful things. Her hands press to her face plate, her shoulders shaking unmistakably and when she gets back to the Flotilla, she can’t sleep because of how loud it is.

Wrex: Doesn’t do anything, doesn’t move, just stares straight ahead. Eventually he starts rocking back and forth slightly. He’s heard people die, that wasn’t something new, but they had always been enemies, those trying to kill him, and it had always been quick. It was never a friend, a member of this strange krannt he had come to be in, and it was never by a slow suffocation.

and finally

Joker: Alliance finds his escape pod shortly after they find the others. He’s alone, curled up in his seat so hard he had broken bones. Wide eyed and not moving because he saw her die, he watched her as she was blown out into space. In his mind, it was his fault. He killed her, as surely as if he had held a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. He’s treated for shock and doesn’t speak for almost a solid month.

Harmless Flirting

Summary: Sam calls you for your help on a case, but your flirty relationship with his brother comes into question when Sam tells you some hard truths.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader (platonic)
Word Count: 2510
Warnings: Mention of minor character death, wee bit of angst, sexuality (no smut), sassy!reader, reader is a lesbian in this fic (but has no interactions with women) so if that’s not your style, please don’t read.
A/N: This was one of those fics that just creeped up on me and took over my brain for 2 hours until I finished writing it. I feel dizzy. Beta’d by @saxxxology and gif made by me. Enjoy!

You were standing outside the ominous iron door for what felt like ages. The frigid Kansas air was nipping at every inch of exposed skin and sending goosebumps cascading over your body. The sun had just come up and it was the coldest part of this mid-December morning. Right as you shuddered from a shiver, you heard a loud clank and the metal door flew open.

“It’s about time, Winchester. I’m a popsicle,” you muttered to the elder Winchester as you shoved him aside and stepped into the warmth of their secret bunker.

“Please, by all means, come on in,” Dean replied sarcastically behind you, sweeping his arm out with a beer bottle in his hand.

“You guys are the ones who invited me here. I think it’s expected that you wanted me inside,” you shrugged and rolled your eyes. “I drove all night.”

Dean smirked and stalked up behind you as you took your jacket off. “Come on, sweetheart, you know you rushed here just because you wanted to see me.”

You let out a single syllable ‘Ha’ and threw your jacket in his face. He groaned, but smiled, following you down the metal stairs to the war room.

“Have I told you that your feistiness is extremely sexy, Y/N?” He licked his lips as his eyes ran up and down your body.

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anonymous asked:

Idea: Frank returning after months of being away to find out Karen is pregnant with his child. I would love to read if you have a chance to write this :)

Unexpected (Pt. 1) - A/N: Let me know if you guys want a Pt 2 of this 

Karen hadn’t laid eyes on Frank since the morning after they spent their first night together, and she expected nothing more. That night was a goodbye, a thank you and a take care wrapped into kisses and tangled limbs. It was a night they had been building to for a long time, and one they couldn’t share again, not for a while.

Not until Frank could come back safely. The city was still after him and he was still being hunted, and although he no longer had a war to fight exactly, he always had unfinished business.

But it had been eight long months without a word from him. There were no calls, no texts, no letters, no sign of Frank being anywhere near her. Karen accepted that he had left the city, maybe even the country, and right now she was alone.

She may have had Foggy and a few colleagues from work, but when it came down to it, Karen was alone. At least she was for the next few weeks before the arrival of a baby.

A baby Frank had no idea about.

Until two weeks before Karen’s due date.

Karen had been downstairs collecting her mail, wishing something interesting came to keep her occupied now that she was on maternity leave, when she wandered upstairs to a figure waiting outside her door. It took longer than expected to get up the three flights of stairs with an almost nine-month baby bump, and as she was catching her breath, she immediately lost it all again.

Frank Castle was standing outside her apartment, his back against the wall, his eyes closed and arms folded. He looked like he had been waiting hours. With a bunch of letters clutched in her grip, Karen’s hands dropped down onto her stomach as if she was trying to hide what was beneath her shirt, but that was going to be impossible.

“Frank?” she whispered, wondering if it really was him.

Her heart was racing. Not only from sheer panic over his reaction, but from relief that he was still alive. The last time Frank disappeared for this long, Karen was sure she would never see him again.

Karen watched his eyes peel open, a small grin on his lips as he met her eyes.

“Hey,” he returned, his voice soft and hoarse, just as she remembered.

For a moment, Karen was sure she could see the pure joy in his eyes at seeing her. The excitement in being able to hold her again, hear her voice, be anywhere near her. Whatever business he had been taking care of, whatever he had been doing in order to get back here safely, was finished. But all of that excitement and every hint of that smile seemed to disappear within seconds.

She watched as Frank’s eyes moved from her own to her stomach, widening in disbelief and panic. Karen noticed his jaw tightening and his body becoming rigid.

“Inside,” Karen shook her head, walking up to unlock her door.

The last place Karen wanted to have this conversation was in the hall of her apartment building where any neighbour could step out. But for a moment she was worried Frank wouldn’t follow.

She pushed open the door, stepping inside and turning to him. Frank just stood there with his eyes wide and his face blank, unable to move. Karen waited, not wanting to startle him in the middle of his very obvious panic. After a few moments, Frank turned around to step inside the apartment, his eyes glancing at Karen’s stomach once again as he passed by.

Frank wandered into the living room, pacing around, unsure if he wanted to sit or not. Karen shut the door behind him, kicking off her shoes and letting out a small sigh of relief. She threw her mail over onto the table by the door, moving her hands to her lower back to rub gently. As she turned around to look at Frank, she caught his eyes staring blankly at her swollen bump. She was wearing a long-sleeved black sweater that barely covered her stomach, and at the sight of Frank staring at her the way he was, Karen reached down to pull it over her exposed skin.

“Where the hell were you?” she asked, shaking her head. “You can’t leave like that, okay? A few days without a word is one thing, but months Frank,”

“How long?” he asked, his voice still low and rough. “How…how far along?”

Karen watched him carefully as she took a deep breath, folding her arms over her bump.

“Two weeks off nine months,” she told him. “Basically as far along as you’ve been gone,”

Frank nodded slightly, his eyes looking all around the room. Karen could see him thinking, worrying, freaking out. All the same facial expressions that had been on her face all those months ago.

“So it’s…it’s…” Frank trailed off, unable to finish his sentence.

Karen watched his hand move up to his chest and point toward himself. She nodded in return, watching him once again begin to nod to himself. He looked down this time, hands on his hips, his mind racing.

“I tried to call you,” Karen told him after a few moments.

“Cell disconnected,” he explained. “I didn’t want anyone tracking me,”

Karen watched him for another few minutes, wishing he would say something more. Frank was so stuck in his own head.

“Are you going to tell me where you were?” she asked again.

Frank shook his head, a slight chuckle escaping his lips.

“You wanna talk about where I was Karen?” he asked. “I think there’s something more important we gotta talk about, don’t you?”

“What do you want me to say, Frank?” Karen snapped. “I didn’t know where the hell you were! Again!”

Frank ran his hands through his hair, walking around in circles.

“I had people who wanted me dead Karen! I couldn’t risk them coming here!”

“So you just left? You didn’t tell me when you were coming back, where you were going, nothing. I’ve had to go through all of this not even knowing if you were alive!” she shouted.

“I can’t do this again Karen!” Frank shouted in return.

Karen stared back at him with tears growing in her eyes.

“I can’t…I can’t deal with the idea of losing someone again, okay? I can’t have a family, I can’t protect you-”

“This wasn’t my first choice either Frank,” she told him, shaking her head, tears rolling down her cheeks. “You think my life is ready for a child? But…when I think about her in there, when I feel her moving-”

“Her?” Frank repeated, his eyes wide once again and stuck on Karen’s stomach. “It’s…a girl, huh? A girl?”

Karen nodded gently, her hand reaching out over her stomach and rubbing softly. She could feel the baby moving around wildly, little kicks hitting against her left side, a reminder of the life she was holding.

“Yeah, baby girl,” Karen smiled gently, trying to hold back tears.

Which was exactly what Frank was doing. His eyes were welling with tears, his eyes red from fighting them back. His heart was being pulled in a million directions.

He couldn’t have a family again, not when he had so many enemies in the world, not when so many people wanted him and everyone he cared about dead. He couldn’t risk that. But this was his child. He was never going to be the type of man who left his child. More than anything he wanted to be part of their life, but it felt impossible right now.

But he wanted to be here, be part of this. He wished he could have been here with Karen throughout the past eight months, and his heart ached at just the thought of her doing all of this on her own. The idea of Karen and his daughter, their daughter, being on their own was killing him.

“I’m not asking you to be here if you don’t want to be,” Karen told him. “I don’t want to replace anything about the life you had, okay? Your kids, Maria, all of it needs to stay alive. They’re still your family, and this…this wasn’t planned, and it wasn’t…it wasn’t something I ever saw myself doing,”

“I know,” Frank nodded, moving closer to her. “Shit, I shouldn’t have…we shouldn’t-”

“But we did,” Karen nodded, her head moving to the side and watching him sadly. “And I know this is hurting you, and I know you’re still grieving and I’m not asking you not to-”

“Karen,” Frank shook his head. “If you think I don’t want to be part of this, you’re outta your goddamn mind, okay? I’m just…I’m terrified. I’m so fuckin’ terrified.”

“Join the club,” she told him nervously. “I’m the one that has to push her out,”

Frank let out a small chuckle at that, finally allowing a soft smile to grow on his lips. Karen smiled at that too, feeling the baby begin to kick around once again.

Karen reached out to Frank for his hand, not grabbing it, but waiting for him to accept. Frank looked up at her with those wide eyes once again, moving his hand into her own. Slowly, Karen moved their hands to her stomach. Frank stretched his palm out over her clothed bump, feeling just how large she was and how tight her skin felt. She was ready to pop, and he hated that he had missed it all.

But a moment later, his fear and sadness were gone. He could feel the baby moving beneath his hand, kicking against his touch. Karen could see his eyes lighting up in awe.

“She’s strong,” Karen laughed, watching Frank gasp at one of her kicks.

“Got that right,” he sighed. “Jesus. A baby girl, huh?”

Karen grinned, reaching down to put her hand over his. Frank knelt down in front of her, his face inches from her stomach, his other hand resting on the opposite side of her stomach, feeling the baby move around.

“And she’s healthy? Everything’s okay?” he asked, a moment of panic returning.

“She’s healthy,” Karen nodded. “And perfect. I’ve got ultrasound photos from all visits,”

Frank’s heart began to ache once more.

“Shit, Karen I’m sorry,” he shook his head, leaning in to rest his forehead against her stomach. “I should have been here,”

“Don’t,” Karen reached down, her hand running through his hair. “We can’t do that. You’re here now, and I want you to be sure-”

“I’m sure,” Frank nodded, his head still resting against the moving bump. “I’m going to do whatever it takes. I will keep her safe, you got that? Both of you.”

Karen smiled down at him sweetly, wishing she could bend down to kiss him, but that was impossible. She could barely walk with the large bump, bending down was out of the question.

So she settled for resting her hands against his shoulders, and a moment later she felt Frank pressing a soft kiss to each hand before he returned to his silent rest against her bump.

“I will keep you safe,”

Makeup Voiceover;Taeyong

Request: I literally have your tumblr on my internet tab all the time, never closing it once :“ i love your work!! Can i request a make up voice over by taeyong? I think it’d be funny considering how he’s always the manlyman lol THANKKKS

A/N: i actually feel like he’d be super sweet & soft while doing this so sorry if it wasn’t what you expected!!

  • i’ve only recently just got back to writing so i hope this isnt too bad
  • and i think it’s been long too since i wrote for taeyong?
  • but i hope this is good enough and it works!!
  • also
  • im running out of makeup brands to write google isnt helping anymore help this clueless makeup girl out
  • let’s go

  • so taeyong’s always been fascinated by your skills and makeup

  • he’d straight up just stare at you with his mouth open as you do your makeup
  • kid taeyong would appear and clap his hands together whenever you finish
  • "woah so pretty my baby”
  • and your fans have noticed that he’s always in the background of your makeup tutorials giving a thumbs up or nodding his head
  • such a supportive boyfriend
  • so they’d always comment and ask yall to do the makeup voiceover challenge
  • which taeyong hesitated at first
  • mainly because he was shy
  • but finally agreed because you flashed him your cutest pout that made him s o f t
  • while you’re filming the video he’s upset because he doesn’t get to see you do it this time
  • “BABE you’ll see it later stop pouting”
  • “but, it’s different”
  • “it’s the same taeyong omg”
  • “tsk alright alright”
  • when you finish taeyong barges into the room with a straight expression on his face but does the weirdest dance ever??
  • yeap the one you’re thinking of and the one he always does
  • and luckily you caught it on camera, which made him more embarrassed
  • so before recording he gets all nervous and talkative like
  • “omg babe what if i screw up”
  • “okay im a strong man i can do this”
  • “taeyong…. it’s only a recording…”
  • “i know, i’m not nervous at all”
  • and you just shake your head because you’re super used to him
  • “hello everyone!! it’s taeyong here today to do a voiceover for Y/N’s makeup!”
  • “i hope you all would like this video and continue supporting my babe”
  • “aww just look at her in this headband, so cute”
  • “barefaced Y/N, my favourite!!”
  • “oo she’s doing her foundation?”
  • “the one she always uses! the one from innisfree”
  • “i feel like this shade suits her very well, what do you guys think?”
  • “she’s using her favourite pink egg to blend it out”
  • “all smooth now!”
  • “she’s taking out a stick.. pen? oh it’s an eyeliner”
  • “babe you showed it too fast and the word’s so small i couldn’t see the name”
  • “she’s drawing her eyelids now, look at those skills!!”
  • “every single time i watch her do her makeup and i’m still amazed by how she manages to draw the line so smoothly woah”
  • “the other eye…”
  • “oh they’re symmetrical, great job”
  • “let me guess what’s next, eyeshadow!!”
  • “yes i’m right”
  • “it’s because you’ve seen me do my makeup so many times”
  • “your boyfriend’s an expert shh”
  • “oh it’s the uh.. L-Laura Mercier??? brand”
  • “so hard to pronounce woah”
  • “but she’s taking her brush and applying this… uhm.. slightly blue colour!”
  • “make sure to smooth them out”
  • “moving on to the other eye”
  • “and…. she’s done!”
  • “doesnt she look brighter now?”
  • “oh? she taking out a small box”
  • “what’s that i’ve never seen that box before”
  • “oh! it’s fake lashes”
  • “you’ve never worn them before, why so sudden?”
  • “got to always try out new things!!”
  • “woah she’s applying this liquid thing on it-”
  • “OH oh… sorry for that outburst everyone”
  • “but she done sticking on her eye and woah, so beautiful”
  • “just look at those gorgeous eyes and lashes”
  • “oh she’s moving on again”
  • “to.. her cheeks!”
  • “cutie”
  • “first of all, blush!!”
  • “makes her cuter than she already is but”
  • “she’s using the one from nars”
  • “looks slightly pink”
  • “aw just look at those rosy cheeks!!”
  • “woah”
  • “her favourite next- highlight”
  • “she covered the name- i can’t see it omg babe”
  • “but uh.. just look at how shiny that is”
  • “cheeks… forehead… nose… and jaw…”
  • “my girlfriend’s glowing!!!”
  • “i think this is the last step but lipstick!”
  • “she just bought one yesterday from moonshot- oh she’s using it”
  • “it’s dark red shade”
  • “pouty lips aw!!”
  • “and my baby’s done with her look!!”
  • “doesnt she look amazing?”
  • “what did i do to deserve her”
  • “woah- wait- I FORGOT ABOUT THE ENDING im sorry you all have seen this side of me”
  • “but anyways, thank you for taking the time to listen to my voice and for loving Y/N!!”
  • “continue to send more love and i’ll be grateful hehe subscribe and comment!”
LDS Cousin Trio

*This is not my story.

Last week I had some family stay our house when they came up for a reunion. My cousin (19 years old) and her mom stayed in the room next to ours and my other cousin (20 years old) stayed upstairs with Grandma.

During dinner one night, I was going crazy because both cousins were wearing pretty provocative clothing. Aubrie (the 19-year-old) was wearing a very loose top that came down to her hips and leggings that were very form-fitting. She is actually waiting for her fiance who is a missionary. Her slim body is one any guy would love to grab a hold of.

Helen (The 20-year-old) was wearing a short denim skirt which only came half-way down her toned-thighs. She was a dancer in high school and loves to play volleyball. Her legs are long and toned, which drives me crazy every time we are together. Helen’s top was barely long enough to reach the top of her skirt and revealed quite a bit of her nice tummy when she reached for things. It had a white flower border on the bottom which opened up just enough to tempt a guy to look up her shirt. Her breast are so supple despite her thin frame.

Helen and I have always had interesting moments of prolonged eye-contact and I have always imagined that she is trying to lure me in with her seductive gaze. Dinner was no different and I felt like she was looking at me more than usual. When we retired to the living room for FHE (The best one we have ever had), she sat on the floor across from me and I swear she was trying to get me to look up her skirt. She kept moving like a dancer, accentuating her legs and her butt.

I went to bed around the same time as everyone else. My family falls asleep fast and so I was trying to be quiet when I get up around 12:30 for some snacks. As I closed the fridge, I heard a voice behind me.

“Hey.” Aubrie was standing there in a long night shirt that came down just past her thighs. “You and Helen were exchanging some pretty serious looks tonight.”

“Oh, you noticed? I didn’t think we were being very subtle. What are you doing up still?”

“I was just thinking about my Fiance on his mission and…well, I was feeling a little lonely…hold on.”

She ran upstairs. After a minute or so, I decided to sit on the couch to wait for her. When she came back, she wasn’t alone.

“Helen, I want you to help me, too. We were just talking about about how lonely it is being engaged without having your fiance around.”

Helen was wearing green booty shorts and a black tank top with no bra. “I’m sorry, Aubrie. Let’s sit down for a minute.” They sat down with Aubrie in between me and Helen. They sat relatively close together and close to me.

“Thanks, Helen. You have always been one of my best friends and I know you understand how I have been feeling these past few months. You know what I need. I just wanted you to help us as we sort it out.”

“Aubrie, You know I’m here for you. What do you miss most about John?”

Aubrie was slient for a moment before replying. “To be honest…I really miss physical intimacy. John is a great kisser. I just want to be held and experience was it’s like to be close to a man again.”

My boner from seeing them dressed as they were got harder. “That’s hard. I know it’s hard to be away from your man.” Then I became bold. “Did you guys do more than just kiss?”

“We made out…it felt sooo good.” 

Helen gave me one of those lingering looks. “There are a few things that feel really good. Sometimes a girl kisses better than a man.” She said this as she began to caress Aubrie’s legs and stomach. As Aubrie started to look at her slightly confused, I saw the most ambitious move in to kiss her that made my night. It was no-regrets, ‘I-have-wanted-to-do-this-for-so-long’, passionate kiss that Aubrie was obviously longing for. After a long, sensual kiss, Helen asked, “How do you feel?”

“I…really liked that. I was hoping to kiss a man to feel good,” (looking at me) “But that was great.” 

Helen continued, “Well, there are a few things that feel even better. Josh, why don’t you take out that boner you have in your pants?” With my shorts on, it wasn’t hard to see that my cock sticking up like a flagpole and pulsing. Helen stood up, stepped sexily over Aubrie’s legs and knelt at my feet. She pulled down my shorts and my garments, which caused my cock to bounce up. Aubrie was obviously stunned. “Have you ever tasted cock, Aubrie?”

She shook her head, but didn’t take her eyes off my cock. Helen had already starting inching in and licked the tip. I was almost ready to explode already. “Don’t even think about cumming yet. You are going to fuck us both.” With the straight face she had, I didn’t dare cum. 

She went down on my so hard and then invited Aubrie to join in. Aubrie was sitting across my lap and would sometimes raise her head to kiss me and we would make out while Helen deep throated my cock. After they sucked me for awhile, Helen spoke again, “Do you want to know what it feels like in your pussy? That’s the best feeling of all…”

Without any hesitation Aubrie raised her nightshirt and raised her leg over my lap to straddle me. She rubbed her wet pussy against my cock a couple of times before letting just the head slip in. As it did, I could only resist for a couple of seconds before I thrusted firmly until I was completely filling her pussy and her face showed a silent moan. It was possibly the most fulfilling sight of my life. Helen had in the meantime taken off her tank and her booty shorts before climbing next to me on the couch. “Remember, we have to be quiet so no one upstairs realizes we are still up.” She then started making out with me while my hand found her pussy. I let my fingers slip inside and finger her until she was sighing with pleasure. You could tell she was really into it. 

Aubrie started to worry a little. “Do you think my fiance will still love me after I have been fucked so hard by another man?” She almost couldn’t get the words out because of the orgasm she was on the point of having. “I have never felt this good and I don’t know if he will make me feel the same way. You’re so BIG!” 

“Don’t you dare cum in her. I still need something.” Helen was really in charge and knew what she wanted. She waiting until Aubrie had finished her first orgasm and then gently lifted her off my cock by kissing her and grabbing her hips. After she was standing, Helen lifted her shirt to reveal her petite frame which she shyly covered for a minute before sitting on the couch next to me. Helen then sat on my cock and let it all slide in at once. 

We fucked like animals for a couple of hours and then decided it was time to go bed. I have never had such an arousing experience.