one of those nights where i can't sleep

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Could I please have a short story full of fluff where Dad76 cuddles his s/o who can't sleep at night? Thank you very much 💜

When you closed your eyes, you could see their faces. The faces of those who you couldn’t save, the ones who accusatorial stares bored into your very soul. Why couldn’t you help them? Why didn’t you arrive in time? You were a doctor, weren’t you supposed to heal things, fix things?

Your fingers squeezed tight around your mug, barely registering the heat that poured off of it. You brought the mug to your lips, your gaze far off as you took a sip.
You remembered signing up at the beginning of the first Omnic Crisis, bright eyed, idealistic with thoughts of how you were going to save the world through medicine. Reality of war, however, was much more grim than medical school had ever prepared you for.

Humans were not built to fight against machines. The way the bodies would come in, twisted and mangled but alive. You shivered, shaking your head of those thoughts, taking another quick gulp of hot tea. It hadn’t bothered you nearly as much when you were young and busy and constantly moving but occasionally, on quiet nights, thoughts of what you had seen would come trickling back.

You knew you could talk to Jack, if there was anyone who understood it would be him. There were days that he would try and keep up the tough facade, say he was fine. But more and more, in private, he would confide in you. Spilling his worries about his shortcomings as commander of Overwatch, sharing memories of the better times and mourning friends he had lost who he felt he had failed.

Still, he had fallen asleep while you were in the shower and you didn’t have it in you to wake him. So tonight tea would be your comforter. You pulled your silk robe tighter around your body, placing your mug on the counter and dragging your holopad over. Your fingers danced over the screen, stopping when you came to an article that caught your eye.


Your head snapped up, catching Jack leaning against the bedroom door frame. You could still see the sleep in his blue eyes, his hand pushing through silvery locks.

“Hey”, you responded, pushing your hair behind your ear and standing up straight. “What’re you doing up?”

“I could ask you the same thing”, he said, dropping his arms and motioning for you to come over. “One of those nights?”

You nodded, walking into his arms and sighing softly as he wrapped them around you. You didn’t understand how he could manage to sleep shirtless but still remain so warm. He pressed several kisses to the top of your head, his hands lightly rubbing your lower back. You sighed softly, arms tightening around him as he melted some of the tension out of your body.

“Come on”, he said, leaning back and placing his hands lightly on your shoulders. “Let’s go to bed. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

You nodded again, standing on your tiptoes, pressing a gentle kiss against his lips. He returned with several small, playful pecks back before walking backwards with you into the room. He held up one finger as he got into bed first, leaning back against the pillows and headboard, before motioning for you to join him. You pulled your robe off, dropping it on the floor and crawled into his waiting arms. He pulled the blanket over the both of you, one hand massaging your back while the other combed through your hair, humming a soft, nameless tune.

The sound of his heart played steadily against your ear and chest, your hand absentmindedly tracing one of the scars on his chest. He began to tell you about his day in his low, soft voice. How training the new ‘recruits’, as he called them, had went. Shared how Hana was a prodigy and Lucio while not classically trained packed a punch. He said that he’d deny it if you shared, but they seemed to be a helluva lot better than he was at their age. You chuckled softly, sleepily while placing a gentle kiss against his chest.

“Your secret is safe with me”, you sighed quietly.

“I trust you”, he said, grabbing your hand and kissing your palm lightly.

A slow smile stretched across your lips, your eyes slipping closed as he held your hand against his lips. Three simple words could mean so much, a comforting warmth spreading through your chest and down your limbs. You curled up into the man as your resistance to sleep was ebbed away. A few moments later, you were out, Jack peeking down and smiling.

“Night beautiful…”

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Do you ever have those nights where you can't fall asleep until like one, and then wake up at around five and can't get back to sleep regardless of how little you previously slept (sorry if that didn't make any sense)? Or is it just me, because that's my current situation and I can't figure out why because I need sleep

Me last night. Had such a bad night sleep! Kept waking up, couldn’t fall asleep. Absolute nightmare. 

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Your blog is amazing!! I've had a hard time sleeping recently so could I possibly get an imagine where the reader (a hunter and Dean's girlfriend) can't sleep so Dean comforts her and helps her get to sleep and it's just hella fluffy! Thank you :)

Thank you! And I hope that your sleeping habits improve!


It was another one of those nights. No matter how much you tossed and turned, you just couldn’t seem to get comfortable. Blanket off, you were too cold. Blanket on, you were too hot. You punched your pillow repeatedly, but it just never seemed to go into the right shape for you. Sighing, you flipped over once more and squeezed your eyes shut, figuring that if sleep didn’t come for you, you were bloody well gonna go after it.

“Geez, what’s happening on your side of the bed?” Dean muttered sleepily from beside you.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” you snapped. “Is my not being able to sleep amusing to you?” Immediately, you felt bad. “Sorry. I’m just really tired. I’ve been trying to sleep for hours now.”

“Maybe I could help you sleep,” he suggested.

“Dean,” you said, a note of warning in your voice.

He brushed you off. “Nothing like that. I mean it. Maybe I could sing to you,” he joked. Groaning, you turned away from him.

“You’re not helping!”

“Hey, come on. I’ll be serious now. Come here.” He looped his arm over your waist, pulling you towards him so that your back was flush with his chest. With the blanket off, you found that his body heat was just the right temperature for you. You leaned into him, feeling his hand reach up to your forehead to stroke your temple lightly. “Is this helping?” he whispered. You nodded, shutting your eyes as you allowed him to soothe you.

Just as you started drifting off to sleep, you noticed that Dean was humming a tune that sounded an awful lot like ‘Some Kind Of Monster’ by Metallica. You smiled and drifted off to sleep like that, with Dean’s arm around you and the notes of Metallica in your ears.


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