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Wu Yi Fan - As a Boyfriend

A/N: OK. I know there are a few requests in there (and a kyungsoo one is up next) but think about it guys. I’ve been drowning in Kris feels for a while now. I had to write this out. I just genuinely had to. and to top it all of, he my bias. Like a huge one. The first one. This had to be done you know. This is going to be so me-biased im sorry. i hope you can imagine yourself in this too.

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  • If Kris is your boyfriend please let me take the honour to say - you lucky lucky little dumpling. Also. He’s going to take full advantage of that and also call you ‘little dumpling’ or cute names like ‘lil one’ ‘pea pod’ ‘momo?’ i dont know something along those lines. Have you seen how this boy names his pets (rourou, which is also what his family used to cal him when he was little)? I’m pretty sure you’re going to get named somewhat similarly.
  • Yi Fan is a super hardworker and too busy at that. I haven’t seen the boy give himself a break since 2014 tbh so that means you’ve got to be awfully close to him (and for a long time) before you can even think about dating him. That doesn’t mean you have to be in the same field as him, I don’t think he’d go for an actress or a singer because he’s quite empathetic so he knows what kind of schedule the girl’s in for. So he’ll be against that. But then he’s also quite accepting you never know with this boy
  • But you know what? Here’s my favourite thing. Yi Fan is the kind of guy that you discuss a relationship with. You guys dating, would be a well-informed decision taken by both parties instead of the whole ‘asking out’ thing. No. One day you guys are probably meeting up for some tea somewhere and suddenly you bring up how both of you have liked each other for a while and you’re pretty compatible and you’ve been doing pretty well with the contact thing for all these years, it shouldn’t be that hard to date right? He’s going to nod along and think about it (and overthink about it atleast for 10 months) before he says “Hmm. I’ve been wanting to ask you about the same thing. Should we try it?”
  • Only after a week do you realise what just went down. So you end up texting him. “Wait. So you mean… you and me… we’re dating now?”

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  • Sassy and cool kris will make a comeback then. With a cool text like “We were dating about a year back, but I just wanted you to bring up the conversation first. All of our friends already think we are going out.” And that’s when you suddenly understand why EVERYONE ALWAYS PAIRS YOU UP WITH HIM during all the awkward games and why his mother is extra nice to him and why all his friends are so nice to you.
  • You’re going to be in touch with his mom long before you guys go out because you’re dating your best friend and you and aunty are going to have loads to talk about.
  • Him working. How he sleeps. How he was as a child. The worst moment would be when aunty feels extremely guilty about having him grow up alone in Canada and you try to comfort her and Kris watches silently from the kitchen door and he can’t help but feel so lucky that he’s got such a kind, warm hearted and understanding girl. Not to mention, he’s probably going to join the hug very soon.
  • (A/N: So i’ve grown up a lot like kris, always moving houses as a kid and thus never having stable friends until the age of like 13 but then i moved out of the country again at 15 so lol thats a joke) SUCH A HUGE NEED TO TRAVEL WHEN STRESSED. When it’s been a while and his schedule has gotten too much he’s going to want to pack his bags and sort of just leave. he doesn’t care where or when or how far, he just wants to go out and fee invisible for a while. So many roadtrips and treks and standing atop mountains looking down at the world being tiny.
  • “I guess we’re all insignificant to the Universe.”
  • “But you’re galaxy fanfan. im pretty sure you count as a galaxy to the universe.”
  • Him staring at you, and glaring at you for the rest of the trip, for ruining his awesome philosophical moments.

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  • This man can sing, dance (?) cook, rap, SEW. You think you’re the wife? No not really. All the nephews and nieces, probably your own kid, will love him more.
  • Oh god have you seen him with kids? It’s adorable. Whenever you feel like you’re falling a little out of love (you think it’s impossible but guys its the normal course of a relationship) just put this giant dork around kids and feel yourself falling in love all over again. He doesn’t treat them like breakable dolls. He plays with them, jokes with them, rolls on the ground with them and gets his hands dirty playing clay or painting with them. But oh god the best part is when he talks to you at night about the kid he spent the day with and how they had a beautiful personality and he says, “the best part is probably watching them grow as a person, isn’t it Y/N?” and you realise that’s your favourite part too. Especially watching fanfan grow.

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  • This long noodle loves to cuddle. Only when its just the two of you in the house though. Because he’s majorly working in China now, he finds a lot of time to be home and whenever he’s got a “home-day” he calls you up immediately and you show up for your date dressed in the most comfiest clothes you could find - sweats. You guys just spend the day in, making each other listen to the new songs you’ve found or this amazing movie you just HAVE to watch or searching each other on the internet and playing with rourou and just cuddling. so much cuddling.
  • He’d ask you to move in with him really well into the relationship because it’s just more practical. Atleast this way, he gets more time with you because he always has to come home - to you.
  • The idea of home means so much to you both because Kris is someone who has moved around a lot. He is the kind of person to understand that a home can be a pretty important thing but it’s never a place, its a person, its a feeling. With you in his house, at 6 AM in the morning when he has to leave for work but your day starts a little late and he gets back into bed for “5 more mins” and buries his face into the crook of your neck - that’s home.
  • When he’s tired and you’re tired but you guys still decide to cook for yourself instead of ordering in (because you’ve done that so much) and he sets the table while you finish up the brownies in the oven. It’s too much work but you guys deserved it after a long day. So the three of you, or four (including mama Fan) sit around the table chit chatting about random things - that’s home.
  • Marriage is super important to him and his MOTHER MUST APPROVE. This child puts a lot of importance for family, he’s always been pushed into the caretaker, breadwinner role early on in life so obviously family shouldn’t be a new thing to deal with, it should be a respite.

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  • I hope he gets an amazing and kind and caring wife that talks to him and shares her opinions and worries about him. I hope she can take him away from his work when needed, and get him to focus back on it when needed, I hope she has an amazing job that she’s passionate about,  hope she inspires him. I hope his mom loves her and i really do hope he finds a home in her and understands that though she may be his wife, she’s also his best friend.
  • I just have a lot of good wishes for this man. He deserves all the good things in life.
  • The entire chinese entertainment industry will love you, not because you’re fanfan’s wife/gf, but because you’re probably an amazing person yourself.

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  • UMMM. ABOUT THE SEX. HMM. You slip into the sex mode like two kitties that fight. One look and boom - in the bed/ against the counter/ on the sofa. anywhere as long as no one’s watching
  • You think this boy’s clumsy hahahahahah he knows what he’s upto. He’ll kiss the bottom of your neck and trail his fingers against your waist. He knows your body pretty well by now and knows the exact amount of touches, and where to place them, to get your riled up within minutes.
  • After that though, there will be plenty of against the wall make out sessions. You try to pin him against the wall and make out like crazy but “Lil one what are you trying to do? You’ll break my neck this way.”
  • I’m sorrry but he’ll be on top most of the time but thats not to say it wont be fun.
  • The first year or so will just be you guys being the ultimate domestic couple to the outside world, and the most horniest of fucks inside the house.
  • You’re cooking and he spanks your butt. “KRIS. THAT WAS UNCALLED FOR.”
  • That is a call. That means. you. me. bed. now.
  • Also, I feel like kris would be the kind of idiot to spank your butt when you’re 50 and your kids are back for spring break and he’d still think “that’s my sexy girl” and the kids will collectively groan, but oh god youre a blushing mess
  • For all the tough times in his life, I hope Yi Fan’s girlfriend is like a breath of fresh air for him. So that he is reminded of the fact that the universe does not, in fact, hate him.
  • Also. So much teasing about what his real name is. “What do i call you though? Kris? Kris wu? Wu Yi Fan?Li Jia Heng? Galaxy fanfan? Xiao Fei? Tower of pisa? WHAT WHAT DO I CALL YOU?”

I gave myself feels but thats ok this is fanfan i give myself feels everyday either way.

(I might make this into a longer fic, but for now, have a thing.)

You know how Izuku has books full of notes on heros? What if, at the very back of one of those notebooks, he has set aside a few pages. 

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Camilla Collins is one of those people who goes by their full name. 

“Camilla Collins,” she says with a firm handshake. She smooths down the slick fuchsia of her dress. (”I took a seminar, super informative.”)

“Jack Zimmermann.”

They stand off to the side at the Samwell Golf Course Clubhouse, near the windows. Bleaching mid-day sun shines off Jack’s hair. Their conversation starts stilted, but soon intermingles with the room’s chatter. 

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Hello, everyone! The order period for the Saeran and Luciel dakimakura is now open. Although I’m very sad to say that the current slot for both Luciel and Saeran is already full from the reserve list. So for anyone that hasn’t get their chances yet please let me know if you want me to run a second batch (I won’t reprint Saeran though).  For anyone in the queue, please wait until early October in case anyone from the reserve list drops off and I’ll make sure to contact you by then.

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-Please note that since all payments are done via PayPal expect a 2% PayPal fee from the grand total. 
-I will only send invoice after I receive sample product from the printer (which I expect to happen next week). Please keep that in mind.

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-Shipping to the US is approx. 20-25$. UK is 19$. Other regions please ask me. 

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If you have further questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you! ^^ 

I always found it a bit odd that Erol’s name gained a second R in Jak 3, becoming Errol, but recently I made a discovery.

If you go to Mar Memorial Stadium in Jak 2 and look at the signs the audience is holding up, most of them say very generic things buuut a few of them have Erol’s name on them, apparently cheering the “undefeated grand champion” on.

And of those that say his name, a few of them spell it with the second R, Errol.

From this, one can only draw a single rational conclusion.

Erol’s full name

is Erol McEroll Errol.

PTX Project ✨

So I’ve been thinking and I know this is kinda last minute but I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while now.

So I want to make those cute jars full of loving/cute/appreciation messages for PTX. The messages can be basically whatever you want. Just telling them how much they mean or just a reminder of why they’re amazing/inspiring to you or just something that you need to tell them and won’t have the chance. Also something funny to just put a smile on their face.

I will be making 6 jars. One for each of them and then one for all of them. I’m hoping that I will be able to fill each of them with messages from Pentaholics all around the world.

If you want to participate please inbox me with what you want to say and you can want to say something to each of them! That would be even better! Also please tell me what name you want on them or a Twitter name!

I’m meeting PTX on July 11th and will be working on all my things for this show up until the day before so you have until the 10th to submit! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you all participate! I really want to do something special for them! 😊💕


When you see Lavati’s footwear, it’s like overcoming those agonizing moments when you can’t put a name to a familiar face. The sneakers and Chelsea boots on the feet of Zayn Malik, Steph Curry, Post Malone, Lewis Hamilton, and Kevin Hart have probably swamped your vision, much like that one guy, who’s in that one thing, and now you can finally put a name to the familiar footwear: Lavati. 

That attention to detail has left their clientele impressed. “What we love about it is that Steph and Zayn have worn our product more than once,” Shertit says. “They both wore it on their birthdays. They wore it in a couple interviews. So they’ve both been seen in the product three, four, five times at least publicly. So that’s a good feeling: that they weren’t just wearing it once.” Malik even wore the brand’s footwear during his recent cover shoot with Complex.

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