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carasauruswrex  asked:

How do you stay positive about season 13 when everyone is flying off the handle with rumors right now? I swear a person I follow just claimed that Jack is supposed to be "eye candy" for the "under 20s" crowd because the boys are getting too "old" and he's gonna replace them somehow all because a pic if him in a tan jacket with a tie. She claims he's the "new Cas." She got all this from ONE picture and I am losing my mind because it sounds bat shit crazy. Like, what?

I think you answered your own question :D because… people will always come up with the most ridiculous scenarios. Someone will call me ‘positivity police’ for saying this, probably, but let’s be real: people have always reacted negatively to spoilers and promos and interviews, expecting the Worst™, and that just ended up not happening. One is allowed to have feelings and fears, but there’s a line between fears and… well, expecting that every other character introduced in the show is going to replace Cas as the third most important character in the show (look at Jack in the promo poster for the season… oh, wait, he’s not there). One can wish Cas was in more episodes or that his arc went like this or that, but he’s never been written out/replaced/been put in a female vessel permanently/been given a female long-term love interest/being sidelined while Dean is given a female long-term love interest/etc.

I have made my blog during season 10 but I have been regularly stalking keeping up with spn blogs since late season 8 and, well, nothing is new. People have always taken every rumor/new casting/speck of dust in the frame as a sign that Cas was going to be cut out of the story or diminished in importance somehow or be played by someone else than Misha (I remember when people said Erica Carroll was going to play Cas because she looked kinda like a female Misha… instead Hannah ended up being played by a man. Glorious). Although I must say that if they’re now saying that Jack is going to diminish the importance of Sam and Dean too, well, that’s new and the person deserves a creative award because I don’t think anyone has ever been afraid of that…

It’s September and it’s That Time of the year: we don’t really know anything but the bits that we’re fed from a table we are not allowed too see yet. It’s like, there’s an entire wedding cake with multiple layers and topped with an array of fruit… and we’re given a blueberry. Yes, the blueberry is part of the cake but also… just one thing. And people are going to speculate that the dessert is a fruit salad or a blueberry pie. Actually scrap that metaphor - it’s like we see all the ingredients (minus some that they keep hidden in the pantry…) that they’ve used to make the cake. We can imagine what the cake will end up tasting like but we can’t really figure out what it’ll be like exactly like from, like, a bag of flour, a carton of eggs, some bags of fruit, a bar of butter… just think of Alexander Calvert as a bar of butter. Or vanillin. Or a slice of mango.

Over the years I’ve seen meta writers on tumblr try to persuade people of a fundamental truth: that promos (the pictures, the videos, just like the interviews and all PR) are misleading. We’ve seen people convince themselves of the most negative scenarios from the few seconds of a clip, and when the episode aired that obviously didn’t come to be true. It has happened over and over. I guess it becomes irritating to see people still jump to conclusions despite a history of promos ending up just very, very incomplete information, but people will be afraid of what they’re afraid. You just gotta roll your eyes and scroll on.

Season premieres always sweep away piles of panicky scenarios. That’ll happen in a few weeks again :)

modern au future kids aesthetic
  • john cena memes but with lucina’s name
  • owain’s myspace and livejournal poetry
  • beauty guru/art hoe severa
  • man bun gerome
  • nah the designated driver
  • cynthia aka the super nerdy friend that semi-lives in a comics store bc of how much she fucking loves superheroes of all kinds and when dudes start gatekeeping or mansplaining she spoils the entirety of their favorite batman comic
  • owain the seriously intense method actor
  • everyone has matching “are you nasty” shorts that lucina got everybody for christmas one year bc as a group they decided haha thatd be hilarious and she didn’t pick up on the joke factor bc lucina
  • inigo’s favorite meme is “stick m leggy out real far” and he reenacts it every chance he gets
  • kjelle’s “kiss me im butch” t-shirt
  • also inigo has semi-seriously considered becoming a professional stripper
  • yarne and brady regularly volunteer at animal shelters and cry bc the animals are just too fucking small
  • brady has a tumblr that is 85% cute animals and 15% health blogging
  • severa has 150k instagram and tumblr followers bc somehow all her selfies look effortless and artistic even though she’s literally not trying at all (even tho she’s trying very hard, all the time)
  • every now and then she’ll make a distressing vague personal post about how much she hates herself and overperforms feminity as a coping mechanism to not let anyone catch on about how low her self-esteem is but it gets buried in mountains of other posts so nobody sees it unless they’re on at 5am or scrolling through the untagged mass of posts
  • lucina has a tumblr but only to reblog pictures of swords and her friends’ posts and post their group selfies except theres more than one bc they cant fit everyone into one picture
  • her url is ‘lucina’ and nobody knows how she snagged it
  • owain spoke in memes for a solid three days once and even cynthia stopped talking to him
  • he only stopped bc his mom couldn’t understand jackshit of what he was saying
  • peak Millenial Humor ™
  • gerome: well theres no way around it looks like you’ll have to decapitate me
  • nah: *clears throat* depression *rim shot*
  • lucina: someone told me that if someone dies during a final everyone gets an a so i’ll take one for the team someone get a sword
  • get all of these children therapy because even in aus where theyre not child soldiers they need help
  • (laurent reblogs self-help mental health resources without commentary but everybody knows why)
  • gerome listens to muse and twenty one pilots. this is not up for debate
  • nah has the flower crown small forest pixie aesthetic on lock but her actual personality is half her body weight in coffee and being pissed at rollercoaster height requirements
  • gerome is an Accidental Instagram Model and when he and sev take an Incredibly Pretty selfie together people start to ship them but they’re both gay so that doesnt last long
  • tbh everyone is gay
  • inigo is also a filthy homestuck and hes the one who got everybody else into it except for lucina somehow
  • anyone: *homestuck reference*
    lucina: why are you like this
  • also lucina is a sports star and collects swords both anime and realistic. owain is not allowed to touch any of them. or go into her room at all. preferrably he ought to stay out of her house except for family dinners every other sunday but that’s the only exception to the rule.
  • laurent speaks klingon and has read all 7 harry potter books in klingon
  • one halloween he accidentally cosplayed doctor who
  • another halloween he very purposefully cosplayed doctor frankenstein and took a picture with his cat, whom he photoshopped into a cat version of frankenstein’s monster
  • his cat’s name is melville dewey
  • inigo: in honor of christmas im gonna shove a candy cane up my ass
    gerome: so you need me to pick you up from the hospital again huh
  • they have a group chat with all 14 of them and it’s called ‘wakey wakey eggs up ya butt’
  • brady can eat whole hardboiled eggs in one swallow but one time he tried to do six in a row and got indigestion
  • laurent: you know the inside of a human anus is hot enough to hardboil an egg
    inigo: oh no im not falling for that one again
  • lucina can play the piano bc rich kid and learned the entire shrek soundtrack to surprise owain. everyone has her play at their birthday parties now
  • local inigo shoves jumbo candy cane up ass, says “it was really hard but not in a good way.” proceeds to laugh in a juvenille manner for the next five minutes
  • inigo putting things in his ass is a running joke
  • someone: what the hell is that
    someone else: dunno but inigo’s probably put it in his ass
  • he’s only actually put things up his ass that aren’t meant to go in asses like twice but nobody will let it go
  • inigo’s favorite video is the video diary entry of that guy and “i’m gonna shove a log up your ass”
  • his rejected senior yearbook quote was “one day i will be the man who puts a log up his ass”
  • his rejected class award was “most likely to put a log up ass”
  • severa was on the school newspaper and, although she would love to see inigo hailed as the man who would put a log up his ass, would get in trouble if she let it pass so she convinced the teacher to let her self-print ONE copy with it in there and gave it to inigo as a present
  • he cried
  •  this post is too long anyway i really love my gay kids
Dream trip.

Author Ladyoftheteaandblood

Happy fluff with Alternative fact Tom the actor and OC.

Underground trains were never my thing, I always worry about going the wrong way, or the wrong line. 

And far more scary what if it breaks down, and we all have to walk back down the tunnel​ in the dark to safety. Thus having to avoid the large man eating rats plus the zombies that live down there, that I’ve seen in every horror film.

So it takes a special reason to get me down here, and today I had one. I still however, had to find some way of distract myself from the thoughts of horror in my head and the only way for me to do that was people watch.

There was the family all together out for a day trip to London. The teen looked mighty pissed off that mum and dad had dragged them away from the computer, just to see some dusty relic that didn’t beat internet shenanigans.

The business man with his copy of a serious newspaper, who kept shaking the pages so we all got the fact he was reading it, and as he was reading it, it must mean he was important. 

The middle-aged lady in the corner who was reading something on her phone. I’d say smut by the happy expression and slightly heightened colour of her cheeks, that and the occasional high pitched giggled that escaped her lips.

The young lad who kept looking round at all the girls getting really embarrassed when they smiled  back at him, suddenly finding interest in his smart black shoes.

And the really tall handsome chap, who was reading a book and reminded me of….shit….wow…..Nope it really was Tom Hiddleston!

At which point he looked up, and seeing me opened mouth looking at him smiled that crazily sexy smile and returned his eyes and thoughts to his book.

I just couldn’t stop peeping at him, he was so handsome. I mean we all know he is but in the flesh, fifteen feet away from you, that bastard glows.

He unfortunately looked up at me again as I looked at him, so rather than look silly I signed in a language only known to a few -me-

 “Are you going to the tennis?” This involved me miming a game of tennis. What was I saying about not looking silly?

He grinned at me, eyes now sparkling and nodded his head, pointed back at me then repeated my tennis mime. 

I nodded with a huge grin because I’d wanted to go to Wimbledon for many years and this was the day, it was the reason I’d braved the bowels of the earth to do so.

Tom then mouthed “Center court?” I mimed back, by first rubbing my fingers on one hand together, next showing two fingers and then holding my hand up. “Cost to high” Which of course he didn’t have a clue what I was trying to say, so over he came.

Fuck he’s tall and in the confined space of a tube train, ridiculously so.

“Hi, didn’t get the last bit, care to try again” 

“Ha, um, well the cost of Center court is too high, so I’m watching one of the lesser mortals play on court two, it will still have all the feeling, excitement and atmosphere”

“Been before?” He asked.

 Being as I hadn’t  really expect the conversation to carry on after that first sentence, and was frankly amazed I got out the answer to that, I was now panicking.

“Not really, first time, always wanted to, decided this year I had too” wow almost real sentences.

“Why this year?” he asked as he looked at me intently. If that guy ever decided to go into interrogation he’d only have to do this look and you’d spill all.

I’d actually hoped that no one would ask why I’d come and now they had, and it was sexy mother fucker here, I could feel myself welling up inside and he could see it on my face, oh shit lady you are such an embarrassment.

“You ok?” He asked with what sounded like genuine concern.

Deep breath and say it, or look bloody stupid.

“I watched Wimbledon every year with my cat and dad and last month he died and I just felt I should actually go, to remember him”

“Oh I am so sorry I wish I hadn’t asked, shit you must miss him terribly?” His eyes looked as sad as I felt. He was so lovely as he gave me a Hiddle’s hug, while the guy who had been looking at his shoes kindly took a picture of us.

“Yes I miss him every day, it would have been weird to watch it on the telly without him, he use to chance the balls round  the screen” Tom face looked down at me somewhat confused

“Your dad chased the balls on the telly?”

“No my cat! but he got run down by a car last month, and dad has found a new lady friend, so I decided to come here to honor Frodo’s memory”

Toms face was now a picture, he was caught between trying to look concerned for the mad cat lady, and not laughing out loud.

“Well in honor of dear departed Frodo, could I ask you to give up your seats in court two and come join me in center court. But whatever you do, please, for the sake of not ending up as the front page story in the Sun, don’t chase the balls round the court in his memory. Although it would be funny.”

“Wow! Really, you’ve got no one better to go with than me?” his turn to look embarrassed

“I seem to be at a temporary loss for female company, maybe I’m not cool enough to be seen with at the moment”

“No not cool, just totally hot!” Bugger said that out loud.

“Thank you, now will you, with memories of your much loved pussy, join me”

“Love too” This day just got to the stuff dreams are made of.

I realized at this point we’d been snapped a lot since Tom had come over to talk to me, good job I’d worn my best summer outfit with the spanks under I thought, proving yet again how weird the brain is at times like this.

Tom was as per advertised, a proper gentleman. He made sure I was by his side all the rest of the tube journey, and back out to the sunshine. He didn’t even laugh when I told him of my underground fears, well not so I could see.

We took a taxi from Wimbledon park underground to the courts themselves, Tom chatting all the way, telling me who was playing and what he expected the score to be.

On arrival, we got the royal treatment by busy men and women in smart uniforms. Cameras clicked, journalist asked dumb questions, and girls gave the occasional involuntary squeak when they saw Tom. Tom took this all in his stride, even if he did have a slightly more strained look on his handsome face. I walked a bit behind and as I guessed no one even considered I might be with him. 

We got lead into a lounge decked out beautifully in pink, there was food put out the tables, including strawberries and cream, which took all my willpower not to barge passed everyone in the room and claim the table as mine, like Gollum over his precious ring. Tom seeing me drool over the fruit, got me a large bowl of the sweet ruby heaven, which I may, or may not have eaten a little too quickly. Drinks also flowed freely but I noticed Tom went for water as did I. 

Tom didn’t leave my side again explaining he’d wanted to avoid me being journalist fodder for page three gossip. My mind just kept screaming ‘Well this is gonna be headline news in the office on Monday.’

He introduced me to others including Benedict and his wife, who I had a really great girly chat with,  while the boys talked about other stuff. She was hilarious with tip bits of gossip she had on stars and celebs that I will never tell!

Time for the tennis and into the posh seat where, to use a phrase from a certain trash novel, ‘My inner goddess was doing cartwheels’ Me in the posh seats! This of course this did mean that the paps had full view of me sitting beside the A Lister actor and happily snapped away all game. Seems it would now be more than office news after all.

We didn’t help this because at a particular thrilling match point, I grabbed hold of Tom’s arm and he grabbed me back as we held our breaths. Yelling together when our man made his opponent skid across the court and he still miss the ball. I might just point out here that Tom is very vocal at these things, which lead my mind to think about other occasions he might be as vocal. Back to the game girl, back to the game!

The game ended with our man winning and the crowd went wild, so did Tom who gave me a huge hug and sort of jumped up and down as he did so.

I thought that would be it but he insisted I did the whole after games drink. He then like some gallant knight of old, got me all the way back to where he found me, chatting nonstop about the game all the way.

He kindly, I think for the sake of appearance, took my number but didn’t give me his.

Finally, he left me at my station to go home with a hug and a kiss on my hand. He actually thanked me for a lovely day!

I went home feeling like the cat who had got the cream, he was the nicest guy, a true gentleman and I’d been on an adventure with him.

All this was written in my diary with pictures and write ups from the gossip rags of “Tom Hiddleston with mystery female at Wimbledon”

Pictures of me grabbing Toms arm, plus pictures of us jumping up and down in a hug when our man won, had been all over the net. It kept the gossip rags and click bate sites happy for a week, till Tom was seen hugging an A list female star at an awards ceremony, and I quickly was forgotten.

The office was not as fun as I expected, some people were lovely, genuinely pleased Id had my magic moment. Many others being really nasty about

 ‘why the hell would he pick you?’. I didn’t care, he did, we had fun, a day never to forget. 

Two Saturdays later I was laughing at a video of kittens on Tumblr when my phone went.

Text unknown caller, strange

“My two imaginary gold fish, Ant and Dec drowned today and they loved Shakespeare. To honor them I have got two tickets to ‘Twelfth night’ fancy coming with me? Tom X.

(picture not mine I just played)

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pictures not mine I just played

trollerskating  asked:

New here as well! I watched xf when I was younger but not religiously as it freaked me out as a kid. Saw the reboot and went back to binge on the entire series and I'm almost done with season 8! So I'm assuming you've been in this fandom for a while and I'm not sure if you have the answer for it. But why do a lot of people in the gillovny fandom hate Gillian (from your perspective at least)?

Hi there! And welcome back in the fandom :)

This is quite an ask you sent me here! First of all, I don’t think anyone in here “hate” Gillian. It’s a strong word, and in my opinion, it doesn’t fit the Gillovny fandom’s feeling for Gillian at all. I think ‘disappointment’ works better. 

I’m kinda over it now, xfiles start filming again, I want to focus on that, but because you asked nicely and you came off anon, I’ll still try to sum it up for you :)

Last November, she was rumored to start dating Peter Morgan, the writer of The Crown. We, the Gillovny fandom, laughed it off. Two months before, she did a comic con wearing a t-shirt saying “I’m with Schmoopie” with an arrow pointing at David and it appeared that they’ve been spending the summer together in California. There was no way she would be dating someone else, we thought. She attended The Crown premiere with Andrew O'Hagan as her date, so there really was nothing to worry about. But in January, they showed up at the Golden Globes together. There was no particular sign of affection, but she was at The Crown’s table. I’ll let you Google the pictures, you will see how *not* in love they look. It was weird. Then there was Viceroy’s House premiere, where she only stayed a few minutes only to run to an event in his honor, and then The Baftas where he was nominated. No need to say that those were tough months for the Gillovny fandom. But then The Webby Awards happened, and Gillian and David were back to their old-seives again, and it was great. It was in May. At this time, there were still people believing she wasn’t dating Peter Morgan. All of that happened in 7 months. 7 months where she could have made it clear who she was with, just walking a red carpet hand in hand and it would have been it. But she chose another way. They went on vacation in Italy and for the first time in her whole career, 450 pictures of her and Peter Morgan were released. A few of them were kinda… graphic… half nudes. That’s the way our Gillovny hopes were crushed.

You will tell me that it’s none of our business who Gillian is dating, and you’re right. It’s not about who she’s dating but about who she is, and for a time, we weren’t sure and probably still aren’t, that the Gillian we all love and admire was the real Gillian. Never we would have thought she would end up half naked with her boyfriend pulling her panties down in the trashy press all around the world, but it happened. Gillian, who is used to vacation in secluded places where nobody can see her went on vacation with her new boyfriend in a celebrity hotspot and was followed for a whole day, maybe two, by paparazzis she definitely saw. 

You may have noticed that all the events I listed up there where she attended with him are His events. That’s because in almost one year, we’ve never seen him attending her event. Maybe once, at the Bazaar Magazine women of the year award where she was rewarded, but even there, this magazine was in a marketing partnership with his show.  He also showed up at one of her panel for her “We” book in London, but the signing took too long, so he left before her. During those events, we have seen him screaming at her and pulling her hand to rush her, not helping her for one second when she was on crutches, looking annoyed as hell next to her, and not waiting for her while she was signing autographs. In the pictures, we’ve seen him pulling her panties down on a public place, removing his underwear at this same place, and also letting her pay for her own ice-cream. All of that happened during the promotion of Gillian’s book “We, a manifesto for women everywhere” and we got the feeling that she was preaching something she was not applying to herself. 

I think the fact that Gillian and David are not together would have been easier to handle if the dude had been a caring gem, which he really isn’t. There’s also a part of the Gillovny fandom who now believe Gillian and David were never together and Gillian (a lot more than David), used Gillovny only for promotional purpose and everything we saw or thought we saw was a lie. I personally don’t believe that, but that’s also where the disappointment come from. 

So there’s no hate here. I mean, there could have been hate, when those pictures appeared, because it was seriously shocking and we were reacting with our guts and we may have been harsh on her for sure. But it’s over now, we’re all trying to cope with these new developments and keeping our sanity and decency. We all wish Gillian would have handled all this differently, she had several occasions to do so, but she chose not to. She basically told us once to fuck off with one tweet, and now she has this Tumblr icon which appeared around the time of the Italy pictures so I assume the disappointment is mutual. As for my perspective, I’m proud not praise everything my idols do or say. If they do something I don’t like, I’m not going to pretend I do hoping they care about my opinion, I admit the people I love and admire have flaws, they make mistakes, their judgement isn’t unerring and they’re just humans, not Gods. But as I said, I’m over it, the disappointment is still here in me, but I don’t hate her, I do love her for many reasons, and I accept that there are parts of her personality that I don’t know even though I thought I did, and that there are parts of her that I dislike, just like in everyone else. 

Leading Suspects - Chapter 4

Summary: When an old friend in need reaches out to Katniss, she returns to the small town she swore she’d never set foot in again. Help Madge and then leave, she decides. But a murder investigation and one sheriff with stupid blue eyes and dimples all conspire to keep her where she thought she’d never want to be.

WARNINGS: RATED E for mentions of domestic abuse, character death, mild language to include racial slurs, an obscene love affair with coffee, and explicit sexual content.

Chapters 1 and 2 have been cross posted and can now be read on AO3 and! I’ll get the rest up there in the next few days. In the meantime, Chapter 3 is still only on tumblr HERE, and chapter 4 is below the cut.

Sorry, @peetabreadgirl, this will not be completely posted by your actual birthday, but hey! That means you can continue the party for a bit longer, yeah? Enjoy!

“This is a terrible idea,” Madge says nervously as I shove aside glass bottles until I find the one I want.

“Bailey’s is never a bad idea,” I insist. “Especially not if we’re going to be drinking shitty insta-coffee. Honestly Madge, you shoulda divorced his ass just for subjecting you to that torture.”

Madge snorts and curls her feet onto the couch as I crow in triumph and pull the still sealed bottle from the back of the generously stocked bar. She holds up both mugs of coffee for me to add a generous amount of Bailey’s to each. Setting the bottle on the coffee table, I accept my mug from her.

“Besides, when have I ever had a bad idea?” I ask and sigh at the first sip of what is more Bailey’s than coffee concoction.

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I’m still not over the historic night at the Billboard awards and everything that happened. It just really makes me proud and happy to be a fan of 7 talented amazing guys and be a part of this wonderful fandom. I never thought I would be such trash for any group or artists EVER. So since im feeling sentimental and ishh I thought I would make a long boring post about why I love BTS and ARMY.

I love their music and their music videos, the first song I heard of BTS was DOPE and then Fire came out and I was blown away, I still sing the Blood Sweat and Tears chorus. To me BTS came out with a hit after a hit after a hit. Like musically they keep surprising me. Even their album’s are amazing I don’t even know how many times I have repeated ‘The most Beautiful most of my life’ Album or the Wings album.

But there’s more to BTS, i love the fact that they are all talented and I like every single member in the group. Their other groups where maybe one or two members stand out a lot more or have more public recognition but I feel like every single members brings something amazing to the group and it wouldn’t be the same without one of them and for that I just want to thank Bang PD and whoever else was involved in choosing each of the members.

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*clears throat* excuse me, friends and people of Tumblr, I just need to go on a small rant because somehow these headlines are STILL popping up.

TAYLOR SWIFT DOES NOT “WRITE PEOPLES NAMES IN A BURNBOOK OF ANY SORT” – she is a HUMAN BEING who has feelings and her way of coping with that hurt and anger is by writing. Some people go to the gym to blow off steam, some write in a journal, some hold it in until thy explode, some confide in a close friend. The point is, we all have different ways of coping. She copes by writing songs.

The media and many individuals have been targeting Taylor for YEARS. They’ve made up stories and narratives that she’s this awful person and it’s become TRENDY to hate her and pick on her. Everyone is a feminist unless it’s about Taylor swift. Everyone is against slut-shaming unless it’s about Taylor swift. Etc. LIKE DO YOU NOT SEE WHATS WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE?!?!?!


All she wants to do is write songs and sing, play with her cats, eat cookie dough, fall in love, be surrounded by family and friends, and be happy. LIKE LITERALLY THATS ALL.

People have painted this picture of a woman who secretly controls the ENTIRE media and is costantly setting herself up and manipulating people so she looks like the victim, and everyone finds something teeny tiny to exploit to make headlines and to start the feeling the hate against her as soon as it starts to die down.

Reputation IS NOT a revenge album. It is a brace woman STANDING UP FOR HERSELF after YEARS of abuse, lies, name calling, slut shaming, body shaming, constant scrutiny, etc. Etc. being thrown her way.

Please note: she did not keep up this feud with katy perry. Katy perry used the feud to promote her album. Calvin Harris went on a public rant and later apologized for it. Kayne west interrupted her acceptance speech for an award a bunch of years ago, Taylor wrote Innocent about it, A SONG OF FORGIVENESS, forgave him and then he turned around asked permission to use her name in his song, she gets upset because HE TAKES CREDIT FOR HER SUCCESS and the world brings out pitchforks and torches to burn her at the stake for being “a liar” when she explicitly said she was upset about THAT part and a recording comes out that shows Taylor on the phone with Kanye with NO MENTION OF THE APRT OF THE SONG THAT SHE WAS ACTUALLY UPSET ABOUT.

She writes a song to stand up for herself AGAINST ALL OF THAT when she has kept quiet FOR YEARS and everyone is still like she’s a horrendous human being?!

I’m just sitting here like WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WOLRD?! Why is it trendy to hate and pick on a person when we are trying to teach kids bullying and abuse is wrong - but it’s trendy to do this to one individual WHO DOESNT DESERVE IT? Like before you open your mouth, maybe step back and look at the facts, not what known liars and people just trying to get hits and likes and make a profit are saying. Maybe step back and look at the fact that that girl you are attacking just wanted to write love songs and have the world hear them. Things happened, she coped by writing songs about it, as does every other artist (I mean no one went after Carrie Underwood for Before He Cheats or Justin Timberlake about Cry Me A River) but from day 1 people attacked TAYLOR. And from there it got worse and worse and worse.


Please remember that she has NEVER done ANYTHING to hurt anyone. She has never, once, gone after anyone or given the world any reason to hate on her the way they do. And please stop being hypocrites! There are actually bad people in the world. Taylor swift is not one of them or even remotely close to being one of them. She is a good person, a role model and she’s kind and generous.

End of rant.


On May 7, 2015, it was announced that Phineas and Ferb was on its last season. Naturally, its fans were devastated. In order to come together and celebrate the show that was so much a part of our lives, the F-Games were created. Phineas and Ferb is forever.


-Send an ask or a message to @PERRYBEARWAKS  and let me know you would like to play in the F-Games! Please send your ask or your message BY JUNE 11! The F-Games will begin shortly after!

If you participated in Trick or Ferb, the F-Games are a little different because you will be competing in teams with other Tumblr users rather than individually! Since you will be sorted into a team, you will need to sign up before the teams are assigned on June 12! You MUST sign up by the end of the day on JUNE 11!


- You must be signed up by JUNE 11 to play on a team!

-From Tuesday, June 13 to Monday, June 26, four questions of PnF trivia will be posted daily at 12 AM, Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00). The four types of questions are Songs, Characters, Episodes, and Lines. You may answer one question of your choosing per day to earn points for your team. The amount of points you earn for a correct answer is determined by how hard the question is (5 points for easy, 10 points for medium, 15 points for hard, 20 points for very hard).

-Answer the question by sending PERRYBEARWAKS an ask or a message with the answer! If you are the fastest to answer a certain question, you will earn an additional point for your team!

-At the end of the competition, all of your team members’ points will be counted and added together! May the best team win!


-Currently, there are four teams: Team Phineas, Team Ferb, Team Perry, and Team Doofenshmirtz. Depending on how many people sign up, there may be more teams or less teams to ensure everyone has enough people so no one has an unfair advantage! You will be put into teams randomly!

-Since the sorting is random, returning players may not be in the same F-Games team they were in last year.

-IF YOU DO NOT SIGN UP BY JUNE 11, you will NOT be sorted into a team, but you can still play! You can answer questions for fun, and I’ll keep track of your personal points! You won’t be restricted by the rules of the game- you may go back and forth between questions of the day, answer all the daily questions at once, change your icon to a picture of an emu and claim you’re a member of Team Emu- just remember my inbox gets super clogged during this time so keeping everything on one ask or message per day (if you choose to answer all four categories in one day) is appreciated!


-A shiny picture of a trophy relating to your team, fun, and hopefully the nice, happy feeling of doing something fun with your fellow PnF fans! (Winning Team gets an extra surprise ^^)

-Teams also get awards at the end of the game based on achievements and playing style. The awards will stay with the team even as the members change over the years. Fame is fleeting, but the internet is forever.


-Be nice to other teams! We’re all here to celebrate the show that means so much to all of us, so show some love!

-I don’t bite! Please don’t be afraid to ask me anything if you’re confused or if you’re stressed out about something on here and don’t know what to do! I won’t get mad if you need to ask about how to do anything, I promise ^^ I’ll help you best I can!

-EVERYONE IS WELCOME! You don’t have to be following me to play! It may make it easier, of course, since you’ll be able to see the posts the instant they pop up, but if you have a system that works, go for it! I just want everyone to have a good time ^^

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How did you become a model? Everyone I know is going somewhere & I can't even make a dent in mine. Did you go scouting for agents? Or did you put out your own pictures? I am always confused by this blasé approach to self promoting bc I never know if i just look stupid Doing it bc I DO want the attention but it's not cute to look like you want it?? How do u deal with it? I'm tired of people saying 'take it seriously' when nothing ends up working out, but other people don't and get everything

i typed out a whole serious response to this and then i accidentally closed the tab lol and i’m too lazy to give the ted talk again but i probably will bc i’m wordy um basically idk i always took pictures of myself/then my friends did/then fashion called/being transparent about whatever it is that i do feels weird because of precisely these reasons like the balancing act you perceive is real/oh well no one’s gonna read a block of text on my tumblr but it’s like the intersection of what you want (to be/in general) and what people want (from you/in general)/it’s just like analyzing emotional response and adapting based on those responses/a lot of it feels instinctual or intuitive but everything’s a learned skill right some people just have life experiences that lead them to learn this or need this quicker/like look: making people care about what you do doesn’t have shit to do with prestige (though quality control is a major part depending on what and where you want to focus), it’s about the understanding of how to handle narrative, world-building, seduction, intangibility and activation/see: glamour as rhetoric/it’s why instagirls flexing at mcdonald’s can have bigger followings than award winning actresses idk/no one wants to be told to do anything and you can’t force people into wanting you girl if walking into an agency and having them do the work for you is unrealistic because you’re not a rail thin 15 year old russian girl you just have to become irresistible and i can’t tell you how to do that i barely even know

arzayleatheory faked the messages !!!?!

i haven’t been on in so long and so much shit has happened!!! but one thing that really caught my eye though was what calllie has posted 

Originally posted by fluffyisback

callie said that “someone” dm’d her these messages which was between lindsay and her friend about arzaylea and black bear: 

now i just want to point out some things on why i think that callie faked the convo. 

1. callie has faked convo’s before. here are some examples: 

she even fakes a convo of luke and arzaylea (she even typed differently to fit how arzaylea writes… just saying):  

2. why doesn’t she show the whole entire convo? i mean i have a feeling it is because she doesn’t want to show the phone company that she is provided with

as you can see callie is with AT&T it’s easily visible and anyone can see it. 

i feel as if she edited the photo so it doesn’t show the phone company that is with her because then people would be able to point out that she faked this convo because she has done it before. 

3. if arzaylea was yelling at lindsay for “exposing” her about blackbear or whatever they are now, why are they still hanging out with each other and also going to the mtv awards together, that doesn’t make any sense. both of these photo’s are recent. 

everyone knows how arzaylea is, if someone does her wrong she immediately post about it, but she didn’t do that, not even on snap. ( i know that she has been off of social media lately ) but if something this deep was exposed of her she would be going on a rant about how everyone is fake and how she can never trust people. 

4. callie most likely got her cousin involved with faking the texts. 

on tumblr, callie has said before that her cousin knows of her blog, and here is picture that callie has tweeted of her having a convo with her cousin revolving around luke and arzaylea: 

what if callie told her cousin about arz and luke’s split and callie got this big grand idea in her delusional mind to fake a convo with her cousin. it’s easy to do

all you do is change your cousins profile name to  “lindSLAY” and have her message something about blackbear and arzaylea, slide the notification bar down, click on the view button to see the messages and then take a picture. 

people can do that in five mintues or even seconds, it’s easy, so it wouldn’t surprise me if callie and her cousin planned it. 

5. this revolves around the contact name, i mean if i was friends with lindsay i wouldn’t put her contact name as her twitter name? idk that’s just something i wouldn’t do, i would either but her full name or a cute nickname that i have with them

6. i feel as if these messages were actually real or what not they would be exploding everywhere once someone got hold of it. they would be on tumblr, instagram, twitter, in a matter of minutes, hell people would be commenting it on all of their photos if they were that petty..  

but why would someone wait and dm it to callie? it just doesn’t make any sense to me, if someone really wanted to expose lindsay and arzaylea for what she supposedly did they would be throwing it everywhere not dming it to callie. it just doesn’t make sense. 

7. lindsay is very loyal to arzaylea, not trying to be rude but she does kiss her ass a lot, she even calls her mom ( i think ). which just proves she’s a really loyal friend. so why would she tell someone this? she would keep it to herself or talk about it tess, or morgan (her sister) not let one of her friends know. 

it doesn’t sense and just proves to me that callie really did fake these messages. 

i’m pretty sure i covered everything, hopefully this all makes sense and isn’t scrambled up tossed around. 

i just wanted to point this out. 

message me on any questions you have with this or whatever

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City Tour Pt 2

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“So where to next Chief,”You ask twisting in the seat as he drives down the road.

“Well I know that you aren’t super into it, but you are going to have to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So, why not just get that done? And we can check out the Chinese Theater.” He said keeping his eyes on the road.

“Only if you get photos of me placing my hands down on the cement to really seal the tourist experience in.” You said with a slight laugh.

“Well, I think that your mom would kill both of us if she didn’t get a picture of you doing that to show all her friends.” He said finally looking over at me.

“Just make sure that my hair isn’t completely crazy so that she doesn’t yell at me too much.” You report back.

“Trust me, I know the drill. Your mom is a very lovely lady. She just loves to pay attention to details.”

“I think that is the nicest way that anyone has anyone has called my mom an obsessive nagger.”

“Now I know that getting a star is a very big deal. Everyone in the works in the business wants one. But how much of an honor is it if the whole thing just kinda smells like pee?” You ask looking back at Damien.

“Well, it isn’t like they are down here all the time to check out their award. With that, is there any star that you wanna take a picture by?” He said waving the camera.

“Can we make it look like I am gonna super stomp on Trump’s?” You ask with complete confidence.

“Hell yeah, we can!” He said bouncing on his heels before taking off behind me. You run to catch up with him and notice the star he is pointing towards. You spring up on one foot as he presses down on the shutter. When you come down, your foot lands directly in the center of his star.

“Oh, that felt so good! I’ve been needing that,” You say smiling widely.

“Taking down the presidency one stomp at a time.” He said showing you the pictures.

“Yes, I am. So where are we heading out to next?” I said walking over to the car and hopping in.

“Hollywood sign?” He suggested to you.

“Sounds great,” You say kicking your feet up and throwing on some shades.

“Oh, so Tumblr. So edgy.” He said snapping a quick picture. “I hope that you are wearing some nice walking shoes.”

The sun was shining brightly down on the city. You stick your hand out the window and feel the wind between your fingers. Tipping your head back on the bench of the seat allows the sun to warm your face. Closing your eyes allows the car ride to go much quicker than last time.

Summer in L.A. was definitely in full swing. The sun beat down on the two of us as we hiked down from the sign. Once you got back into the car, you rest your head back on the seat. Damien started to put the top up on the car and asking about what you wanted for lunch, but you are already passed out on the bench.

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omg the same parental prompt for sabo, ace and law plsssss

Anything Law. Anything. I mean anything. (P.S. Considerate anon still loves you and your considerate, adorable, amazing tumblr.

The thing with what kind of kids they would have, can you do the same for Drake and Killer?

You’re such a nice and loving person I heart u and yes I do some more parental hcs because jeeeeeeez I love them


  • Sababe would have….one or two kids probably
  • The first would be a girl and the second a boy!
  • Sabo would not be a single parent, I cannot see that, he’d have an s/o
  • His daughter would not look like him at all, she’d take almost entirely after his s/o, she’d only have his blonde, wavy hair
  • the boy would actually look more like him tho
  • His greatest fears are that his children won’t love him, this is why he takes parenting super serious
  • He’s an affectionate and loving but also sometimes kinda strict dad, well…Sabo kind of strict you would see his serious child self shine through again
  • I  don’t think that they’d really differ from each other in personality
  • Let’s say both his daughter and his son would be food loving, dorks like their Papa and on top of that they would have the same gestures, such as the way he walks, talks, carries himself, it’s enchanting


  • Two kids, the first is a boy and the second a girl^^
  • They both look exactly like Ace, the nose, the hair, the eyes, the freckles, you call it
  • Only difference between the siblings is that the boy has bangs and tame hair and the girl has parting and messy hair
  • OMG in contrast to Sabo’s kids, Ace’s kids could not be anymore different, his son is shy, gentle and sweet and his daughter is brash, wilde and rowdy
  • Speaking of his son and his daughter, she has his appetite but the boy has actually manners
  • Everybody’s like wtf I know he looks just like him, but is that really his kid?
  • I could totally see Ace being a single dad but I also could perfectly picture him with a s/o
  • Like his brother Sabo, Ace is a perfect father that only cares about his children’s well being and wants nothing more than their love


  • Law would only one child, he would have one son
  • Law would be a strict father I think, he would love his boy but he would not be too affectionate, rather the cuddles and sweet petnames would go away when his son turns 12 or something
  • As I said he’d be strict, so boy do your homework and your chores and don’t talk back to your dad
  • And Law can sometimes turn into an overprotective helicopter dad
  • I know he does not sound like he would win ‘Dad Of The Year’ award but he really does love his son to the moon and back it’s just that this is what Law is and he only wants to protect him and raise him into a good and responsible adult
  • His son would be…more cheerful than Law and more cocky, like he would not be an awkward nerd, he’d be pretty smooth and he would take after Law physically too
  • Law would have a s/o before having a son, he’d would not be a single father


  • Drake would have only one son too
  • A real tol boy that looks juuuuuuuust like him
  • I could totally see Drake being a single parent, but also with a s/o
  • Thx to his fucked up teenage years with his piece of fuck father, he’d be hella cautious around his own son, fearing he fucks up
  • Like Law he’s not that affectionate, he’s a little distant and he’s strict
  • He loves his son more than anything of course, but he’s not the cuddly type of dad
  • Still he always has an ear for his son and would be an amazing dad overall, nothing overbearing, no ridiculous punishments, Drake is a great and just dad, that encourages and supports his kid and understands him too
  • His son would absolutely adore his dad, like he thinks Drake is the coolest dude on planet earth and admires him HARDCORE
  • *pointing to the sick newspaper pictures and the pictures he carries with him*, “This guy here, that’s my dad. Yeah you heard right.”


  • Killer would have only one planned too but he’d actually have two then!
  • Aaaaaand Killer would have two girls!
  • OMG Killer dad of two girls pretty cute right? Anyways they both have his glorious blonde hair, that’s out of dispute
  • Killer thinks he’s not the kind of dad who is stereotypically protective of his daughter…but he actually is xD 
  • Both the girls love Killer a lot and Killer is infatuated with them
  • They ain’t girly, Killer shows them how to fight and protect themselves
  • Kid helps, #ProudestUncleAround
  • His older daughter takes more after his patient and nice side and his younger daughter more after his rather wilde and ready-to-fight side
  • Killer would be a single dad 
  • Although I don’t really think Killer has a fucked up relationship with his parents that would make his fears of screwing up comprehensible, he still has them sometimes

LAST Part of grrlgeek’s shameless self-promotion

No links, so go to fanfiction dot com slash ~grrlgeek72 to find all these lovelies.

Before I go on I need to do some promotion for other authors, too.

I mentioned @elym13 a couple of times.  On fanfiction dot net, her author name is ‘stillslightlynerdy’, and she has some excellent stories where Elsa has acquired an amazing lover.  Femslash OC extraordinaire!  Go, read!  Because my fiction wouldn’t be as good as it is without her beta skills.

In the last 18 months or so, I also acquired another beta reader, jedijae on fanfiction dot net.  She goes by the handle @thegeekogecko here on tumblr. She has a couple of modern AUs that are a delight.  Anna as paratrooper is so right!

At this point, nerdy, jae and I finish each other’s paragraphs and borrow OC’s shamelessly.  And we have tickets to see the musical in April! Squeeee!

@morgaine2005 helped me out with some fashion things when I needed it.  She has a presence here and on fanfiction dot net, although she has been doing more writing in the harry potter universe recently.

@olofahere (olofa on bailed me out when I lopped Elsa’s head off.  She writes terrific fluffy smut.  Smutty fluff?  Whatever… go, read. INGRID!

Who says guys don’t write fanfiction?  Try out @concolor44 and @dragunov888 while you’re there.  Drag writes realistic grimdark fiction and really gets into the dark side of the oeuvre. Concolor has a very nice OC mate for Elsa that has his own brand of magic.

@wandering-bard-from-the-id is a favorite. She goes by onora on

Also @insectoid5, @blunaowl, (looking for a Snowboarding update soon!), @wintermoonqueen, @ultranos (RL kicking her ass and keeping her from Ghost on the Wire), @marvelousgameofdisneythrones (taps foot impatiently waiting for updates), @fruipit,   and frankly, many more.  Please don’t be mad if I left you out. The number of talented writers here is simply phenomenal, and they all deserve to be read and cherished.

One last memorial: @thearendork.  She was a huge fan of Tadelsa. I mentioned her influence on getting me to write “Tears of a Queen”.  The cover art on her blog is Elsa and Tadashi walking through San Fransokyo, which I used for inspiration of that scene in chapter 13. We lost her too soon. We miss you, Ann.

Okay, now on to the last of my stories.

Let’s wrap this up with a medley: (Click on the pictures for captions)

The Spare - Eight months after her coronation, Queen Elsa of Arendelle begins to bring her sister into the governance of the kingdom. She does not know that there is a plot to force her from the throne. A plot that began long before her parents died. A plot that requires two deaths in order to succeed. Now part of the ‘Frozen I.C.E.’ award community!

Do The Magic! -  After the harrowing events that took place in “The Spare”, Elsa decides that it is long past time that she actually practice using her magic. She has a proposal for the Captain of her bodyguards. He agrees, and training begins. As it happens, Elsa learns more than she bargained for. So does the Captain.

Teach Your Children Well - Everyone think Anna is the little troublemaker, but we know better. Elsa is the master mischief-maker, working hard to develop Anna’s skills! A bit of sisterly fluff written for an event on tumblr. Queen Idunn and Gerda have their hands full with the two little princesses. The snow sisters is strong in this one!

Coffee for the Queen - Everyone had to do a coffee shop story! This was written for 'elsanna’ week on tumblr. I don’t usually ship elsanna, but this idea came to me and I wrote it. No incest, Elsa and Anna are not related in any way here. Also, no sexytimes or even kissing. But it got a pretty good reception on tumblr, so here you go.

A Walk in the Park – A series of one-shots that explore various issues in the lives of our friends in Arendelle. These vignettes can take place days, weeks, months or even years after the end of the movie. The picture is from chapter 5, where Anna is trying to help Elsa forget bad memories and make good ones.

An Act of True Love – Written for “What IF?” week of Frozen Fandom Month on tumblr. WHAT IF Elsa froze her own heart instead of Anna’s as they argued at the Ice Palace? How would Anna revive Elsa? How would the Kingdom react to Anna becoming Queen? And … what about Hans? And Kristoff?

Making Today a Perfect Day – It’s Anna’s birthday - her first birthday since the Great Thaw. Elsa is determined to make up for 13 years of isolation and recruits Kristoff to help her make it a perfect day. A bit of Kristanna/Ice Bros. fluff written for Valentine’s Day 2016.

Protector of the Dominion – 3 months have gone by since Elsa’s coronation. Life is settling into normalcy. An enemy out for revenge attacks Arendelle, putting the young Queen in a dangerous situation. This wasn’t something she had trained for, but she proves to be the 'Protector of the Dominion’ her coronation oath demanded, even if it costs her a serious crisis of conscience. This story was written first, and is an alternate view of the Weselton attack in  Verðug dróttning stór. 

The Hour of the Wolf – Anna has demons that come to her in the dark of night, just like Elsa. On a trip to seek advice from the trolls, she is in peril in the wolf-infested woods. Will Elsa and Kristoff find her in time? As our story ends, Elsa comforts Anna and helps her overcome some of the nightmarish doubts in her heart. Heavy on the Ice Bros, as Elsa and Kristoff share their love for Anna.

There you have it, friends and fans!  Hope you enjoyed the cover art, hope you are intrigued enough to go read and review.  Feedback is always welcome.

My muse has been on vacation since December, 2016, but the new content coming out with Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, and especially the leaks from the Broadway Musical version of the story is stirring her up.  Maybe there’ll be more to add to this list soon.

It’s A Spectacular Show, Trust Me

Originally posted by beardedchrisevans

Chris Evans x Reader

Request: Request for an one shot: Reader and Chris are a couple and they’re going to an award show, maybe the oscars? It’s their first official appearance (before that there were only some paparazzi pictures?) Thank you!!!!!!!!

A/n: this honestly sounds really cute ^^

Genre: Romance, Slight Humor, Friendship, Fluff

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Fluff, sappy Chris xD, slightly crude humor

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You took a shaky breath as you stood there in front of the mirror, your beautiful, long evening gown tight against your body. The fabric was soft beneath your finger tips, fanning out loosely just underneath your butt. However, anything above was tight. It wasn’t constricting, but it certainly wasn’t loose either. Right at your bust, the dress was strapless, adorned with a beautiful (gemstone) sequin that seemed to pinch together the tight area of the dress right beneath your bust line before it fanned out behind you. The (f/c) dress had been picked out by you, but the rhinestone shoes had been picked out by your lover Chris Evans. That’s right. You might be getting and idea as to why you’re wearing such a dress, and why your hair was all done up along with your make up and you had elaborate jewelry on your body. Well, you were going with Chris to the Oscars. You had met Chris on the set of Fantastic Four, and you two had really hit it off ever since. You supported Chris through everything. Through his break ups, his break through with Marvel, his anxiety. That’s how you two had come closer and closer until Chris finally found that you were the one all along. As you finished putting in the earring that would finish your look, Chris walked in after knocking and he paused. 

“Wow…You look absolutely stunning, (Y/n).”

You blushed slightly and he walked over, hugging you from behind and looking at you in the mirror.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my eyes off you.”

“You’re gonna have to. We host the awards…and plus, we have to share our secret. I’m sure the paparazzi has already figured us out from all the pictures, but…I’m ready to let it out.”

Chris smiled widely and kissed your shoulder before taking your manicure nailed hand and leading you out to the limo. You got in and were deep in thought almost immediately as you left for the Oscars. You and Chris had been dating for a bout a year now, but you and him had agreed to keep it under the radar. But it’s hard to keep something like this under the radar when paparazzi was up your ass all the time. There were plenty of pictures circling Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and even that cute little site DeviantART. There was a picture of you and Chris holding hands while walking down the street, eating ice cream while walking Dodger. There was a picture of you and him in a restaurant, laughing and doing couple things. Hell, even Sebastian had posted an image on his instagram one time that created an uproar. You had chuckled at the caption.

Aren’t these two just so disgustingly cute together? #Justkidding #Ishipthishard #IguessIshouldleakoutthefanfictionIwroteaboutthem :D

However, the only reason Sebastian even did that was because he knew. He was the one you had confided in when you realized just how much you liked Chris. Sebastian had given you advice, and you two spent the rest of the night binge watching movies on Netflix and flinging popcorn at each other. You jolted when you felt a shake on your arm.

“(Y/n), are you alright? You’ve been quiet for a while.”

You smiled kindly and held Chris’s hand, rubbing your thumb over the skin of his hand.

“I’m alright. I’m just thinking about the pictures and what Sebastian did when we first started dating.”

Chris chuckled. 

“Yeah, that kid likes to be involved in stuff.”

You laughed a bit and nudged Chris.

“Come on, give Sebastian a break. He likes to tease you and Anthony every second he gets.”

Chris nodded, snorting a bit.

“Yeah, I won’t deny that.”

You giggled and arrived at the Oscars. Getting out, almost immediately, cameras began to flash and you took Chris’s hand when he offered it to you and stepped out of the limo. The place was swarmed with paparazzi but for once, you didn’t really mind. It was the Oscars after all. As you finally made it inside, you and Chris took your places.


It was showtime. It was time to reveal the Oscar winners and your secret. Chris was giddy and couldn’t stay still, a bright smile on his face and you chuckled at him. Sebastian came up from behind and said a bit quietly.

“Knock ‘em dead, sweetheart. You’re gonna do great.”

You smiled and patted Sebastian’s shoulder.

“Thanks, Sebby. You’ll go amazing as usual too.”

Sebastian beamed and you and Chris walked out, the place erupting with claps and a few whistles and cheers. When it died down, you greeted.

“Hello, everyone! Welcome to the 88th Academy Awards ceremony!”

Everyone erupted and Chris grinned, saying.

“Man, it’s crazy being here. Alright, let’s be real. I don’t think all of us even imagined being here right now. I still can’t believe I’m up here.”

“Enjoy the moment, Chris. Don’t be such a let down.”

You poked his side and he laughed a bit, the whole room erupting with some chuckles. Chris continued.

“You know, when I first started out, uh, I never really thought I’d go far. But when meeting this lovely lady beside me, I found a new reason to pursue my dreams.”

Everyone went ‘aw!’ and you blushed.

“(Y/n)’s encouraged me for a long time to pursue my dreams and to never give up. Well, what she didn’t know was that I was on a mission.”

Someone yelled ‘Go Cap!’ and Chris laughed a bit while you just snorted.

“I was on a mission to win her over and i am proud to say: Mission accomplished.”

The whole room erupted in screams and cheers and Robert yelled as loud as he could.

“It’s about time, you overcooked dorito!”

You doubled over with laughter and Chris held you tight to his side. 

“So yes, it is true that we are together. But, of course, I’m sure that you don’t wanna hear about my love life. You want to know who won the freaking Oscars. So I’m gonna tell you!”

For the rest of the night, the 88th Academy Awards ceremony was filled with laughter, love, and a few kisses from your patriotic lover.


A Swiftie response to an open letter to Taylor from the 17 article.


An Open Letter to Taylor Swift From a Disillusioned Fan

​I love you Tay, but what’s going on with you?


Dear Taylor,

You once said, “People haven’t always been there for me, but music has.” That quote has always been true for me when it comes to you and your music.

From listening to “Cold As You” through my first heartbreak to dancing around my room to “Shake It Off’ after a bad day, I could always turn to one of your songs when there was no one else to talk to.

It doesn’t stop with listening to your albums, either. I’m a full-time Swiftie. I’ve gone to three of your tours when you came to my state, Massachusetts. I even traveled to Florida all by myself to see the 1989 tour. I stood outside in the freezing cold for ten hours in New York to see you perform on New Year’s Eve. And then I watched the 1989 World Tour movie about 1,000 times because it reminded me of how it felt standing in the crowd and taking in your amazing performance live. I have waaaaay more of your merchandise than one person needs.

Basically, for ten years, you’ve been my idol. You were someone I could turn to at my lowest moments. In my eyes, you could do no wrong.

I’ve always wanted the best for you, so when you started dating Calvin Harris, I was totally on-board. I loved you two together and watched your relationship unfold for 15 months. I saw the romantic things you did for each other and how supportive you were. I remember your speech at the iHeartMusic Radio awards after you won Best Tour for 1989. You gave Calvin the most heartfelt shout-out.

"I had the most amazing person to come home to when the spotlight went out and when the crowds were all gone," you said. "I want to thank my boyfriend Adam for that.” It was so #RelationshipGoals, I memorized it.

After watching you go through so many relationships and getting your heart broken over and over again, Calvin was like a breath of fresh air. I actually became a huge fan of him thanks to you. So when the news of your split first started to leak, I didn’t believe it. When Calvin tweeted that it was true, I was devastated.

But the one consolation in your breakup was that it seemed like you would continue on as friends:Calvin tweeted that despite the split, what remained between you was a huge amount of love and respect. You retweeted it. So even though you wouldn’t be Tayvin anymore romantically, I was comforted knowing you’d still continue on as friends.

Sadly, that didn’t happen.

In the past, whenever you broke up with a boyfriend or wrote a song about an ex, I was the first to defend you against haters calling you a “serial dater” or saying your songs calling out your exes were unfair. You were just like me — someone looking to find love and stumbling, getting your heart broken along the way. Why weren’t you allowed to date, explore, and write about it without people bashing you? I would too if I was a lyrical genius.

But since your split from Calvin, I’ve been losing sight of the Taylor I’ve grown to know, admire, and defend at all costs.

After the news about your breakup was confirmed, I was surprised to see pictures of you making out with Tom Hiddleston on a Rhode Island beach splashed across every celebrity news website a little over a week later. It wasn’t that you were moving on that was so shocking. It was the way you were doing it that felt different.

There were pictures of you with Tom in a handful of major cities in the span of just a few weeks. I couldn’t understand how the girl who wrote and performed “I Know Places,” a song highlighting the fact that you could hide your relationship from the public if you wanted to, was all of a sudden being photographed in intimate situations more frequently than ever before.

I couldn’t help thinking that if you still respected and loved Calvin like you indicated on Twitter, then you would have been a little more discreet. If you knew places, you must have forgotten where they were.

This wasn’t the behavior I was used to seeing from you, and watching my idol act in a way I didn’t recognize felt as real as losing a friend. And it only got worse.

When rumors first spread that you co-wrote Calvin’s hit song “This is What You Came For,” I wondered if your own team had planted the story — a suspicion that felt confirmed when your PR team released a statement that you had been involved. The move felt shady: If you and Calvin had, in fact, agreed to keep your collaboration under wraps, it didn’t seem right for your team to A) suddenly take credit without warning Calvin; and B) not refute the claims that his denial of it was the reason you split.

It felt like you were purposely trying to humiliate Calvin, someone you said you “respected,” and using the press to do it. For the first time, I felt like you were being unfair to an ex.

But the nail in the coffin came when you insisted you didn’t approve Kanye West’s “Famous” lyrics.

When the song came out, I thought the lyrics were totally disrespectful. I cheered your brother Austin on when he threw his Yeezys in the trash on Instagram. I loved your Grammys speech calling Kanye out.

Then Kim leaked the tape and it proved you DID approve the lyrics. You pointed out in your response that Kanye left out “that b****” in the call, but that feels like a cop out. You approved the more offensive lyrics that he was being dragged for in the press and you didn’t say a word.

I was flabbergasted. My literal reaction was: YIKES. What did you do, Taylor? Why did you lie? As much as I hated admitting it, that’s what you did. You lied. This was more than a misunderstanding — this was you intentionally staying quiet when you could have spoken up. For the first time, I couldn’t defend you.

It makes me cringe to say it, but I see why people I would have called haters six months ago said you were playing the victim. And that realization makes me so, I don’t know… uncomfortable.

It makes me unsure about things I was so sure of before. Like, why were you so silent on social media accounts all the sudden? During your 1989 tour, you posted all the time, interacting with your fans. You even liked some of my posts on Tumblr (a Tayvin one, at that). Once your tour ended, you weren’t nearly as engaging with your fans.

I don’t know what to think anymore. Part of me wants to call you up (in my dreams, I have your phone number) and yell, “Dump your movie star boyfriend and start being you again!” But then I remember I want you to be happy, and if that’s with Tom Hiddleston, then fine.

But still.

I want you to apologize for throwing Calvin under the bus in the press and trying to make him look bad. It wasn’t cool. But you’re an adult and you can take credit for whatever song you want without answering to me, I guess.

I wish you would own up and apologize for lying about approving those Kanye lyrics. It stings, because you know how it feels to be dragged through the press constantly. I never would have thought you’d let someone else go through it unjustly. But you did, and it seems like your image is more important to you than the truth sometimes. You make mistakes. Mistakes that I can’t defend like I used to.

I know not all Swifties share my opinion, but as you said, “you don’t get to control someone’s emotional response” to watching their hero fall in front of their eyes.

I’m always going to love you, but you’re not the relatable girl I used to know. We’re growing apart, and that hurts.

With all that said, I still have your music. Like “Last Kiss,” your song about having your last kiss with a boy you loved. It helped me through the tragic loss of the boy that I loved.

You may be changing, but you were just like me at one point. I know I can still turn to those songs you wrote when you were going through the good, the bad, and the ugly. That’s the one thing that got me through this.

Love you Tay… but get it together.

Your fan,



There is a great deal about this that I disagree with vehemently, so I will try to put my thoughts and on this matter in perspective without the usual snark and bullshit push back that I reserve for the media attacks on Taylor.

I too am a full time Swiftie in fact I consider myself a Super-Fan check it ts1989fanatic, but I am far older than most Swiftie’s in this fandom and not naive. I know that Taylor Swift is not perfect the last perfect person to walk the Earth could also walk on water, she is however someone who I believe strives to live up to ideals that come pretty close to perfection.

Yes Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris appeared to be as you put it #relationshipgoals, but as someone who has been married to the love of my life for 34 years, I can tell you from experience and a very long life (57 Years Long sue me) that relationships take two people and a hell of a lot of work from both those two people.

We as fans tend to invest in those celebrities that we follow be that in music movies TV or whatever the medium, but we only see what those celebrities allow us to see or the bullshit that the media tend to make up. We have know idea what caused the Tayvin breakup and probably never will know.

So yes when they split a lot of us were surprised or even shocked by it, but like you many of us felt that at least they were parting on good terms. Where I strongly disagree with you is that Taylor threw Calvin under the bus, NOT TRUE when the rumors first started to come out TMZ approached Taylor’s people for comment and according to the initial article published they received a no comment.

The first confirmations came from Calvin himself with a couple of very nice Tweets, this however soon turned rather nasty as Calvin took to Twitter and went on a childish rant against Taylor, and if anyone was getting thrown under the bus it was Taylor not Calvin.

Since then Calvin has continued with very petulant and immature behavior while Taylor Swift has said bupkiss on the subject.

So onto the Tom Hiddleston drama that you reference so disparagingly, people move on sometimes quickly sometimes slowly, were you perhaps expecting Taylor to mope around for months eating ice cream  by the tub full writing sad breakup or revenge songs (she’s not a teen anymore she has grown up certain other parties from the relationship need to do the same.)

I find the double standard faced by Taylor Swift both amusing and sad at the same time, Calvin Harris moved on with Taylor two weeks after he broke up with his ex nobody said boo, yet when Taylor does the same thing omfg the World was out to lynch her including members of this fandom.

As for the public displays of affection that Tom and Taylor have displayed at the start of their relationship, have you considered that Tayvin was not this open because one half of the relationship was not a big fan of public displays of affection and was also very media shy. Tom on the other hand is very much like Taylor loves the interaction he gets from his fans is a very big SM junkie as is Taylor, he is also not afraid to make fun of laugh at himself or be laughed at for things like awkward dancing in front of the camera’s.

Does this mean that Tom and Taylor will last 15 months or longer like Tayvin, who knows maybe yes and maybe no. The way I see this just as a Taylor fan all I care about is her happiness, when Taylor and Calvin became an item there was a lot of talk about Calvin’s past behavior and I ignored it as it wast his past behavior and they looked happy together that’s all that mattered to me.

As for the girl who wrote I Know Places and Taylor hiding her relationship from the public, why should she have to hide at all if Taylor and Tom are comfortable enough with their relationship to show it off to the entire WORLD why should they not.

Just because you love and respect someone does not mean you have to live your life like a hermit to protect an exe’s feelings, Calvin is a 32 year old man not a 10 year old child as he has been acting recently. Taylor moved on Calvin should do the same and he should stop throwing tantrums and shade.

The way you addressed this entire issue lay’s all the blame for this entire situation on Taylor and frankly I think you are way off base, it takes to to tango just as it takes two to have a relationship and as I said earlier we have no idea what, when  or even why they split.

As for responding to the regurgitated garbage you quote about the KARTRASHIAN video, well you claim to be a Swiftie but you would take Kartrashian’s highly edited piece of crap tape of 3.5 minutes of an hour long phone call that was a setup from beginning to end over that of Taylor that I find disappointing.

Finally let me finish my response by stating for the record in my eyes and most of this fandom Taylor has nothing to apologize for, not to Calvin or Mr. Kartrashian in fact she is the one who should receive an apology from certain parties.

I doubt that you will read this and should you do so you may think my response to your letter was out of line and not my business, as a Swiftie we differ in that opinion.

Kinktober #31:  Any combo all of the above

All I can say is that this, friends, got quite out of hand. I have loved this month in its entirety - this fic is my heartfelt thanks to all of you <3

A note regarding Kinktober #31: all the verses/AUs in Kinktober are complete standalones. That goes double for this AU! It does not render any of the ones that came before it… not “real”. That being said:

Welcome to the out of control meta brainchild that is Prompt #31. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 - FINAL

The red carpet is spotlit from every angle, lined on all sides by throngs of screaming, adoring fans waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite star or starlet. Reporters conduct interviews, actors and actresses in the finest evening wear pose for pictures in front of sponsor backdrops, camera and TV crews mill about the scene like overly large mosquitos looking for their next target to land on—it’s a well organized, glamorous scene of chaos.

The event is in full swing. Over the past few years, Hollywood has experienced a major revival, due to the combined factors of new talent, inclusivity, and a return to the creativity and originality that made the golden age of cinema such a revered time in media. A certain annual award ceremony has seen a return to the glory of its former days as well, and ratings are enormously high.

Tonight’s main event, as always, will be the big awards presented at the end of the night. But this year, all eyes are on the nominees for the award for Best Actor—two nominees, in particular.

The commotion that starts up when their car pulls up to the red carpet is unparalleled. Interviewers quickly wrap with their current subjects, security is hauled out to keep fans behind the guardrails, camera bulbs start popping at the rate of several flashes per millisecond. A reporter shouts into her microphone,

“I’m here, live at the 109th Academy Awards, where Tobio Kageyama and Shouyou Hinata have just arrived, on the scene—”

Online, Twitter is exploding. Tumblr is having a meltdown. Fans who can’t attend the event host viewing parties at home or liveblog their reactions as they watch the show. Fandom’s darlings have finally made their entrance.

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Golden Globes: Tom Holland x Black Actress

Requested:  Can you write an African American reader actress who is dating Tom and their are walking down the red carpet at the Golden Globes?

I’m not really watching the Golden Globes, I’m just seeing who’s winning through FB and Tumblr sooooo….

You were extremely nervous, you were up for a nomination for best actress in a motion picture. It was your first nomination and you were over the moon but when the day came you found yourself throwing up a few times. 

But your finace, Tom, was a huge supporter and helped you get through the day. You sat in the chair as your style team got you ready. 

You fiddle with your thumbs as you make-up artist beat your face. “Calm down Y/N! Just enjoy it, forget about the nomination.” She said. 

You stepped out of the room and Tom’s eyes grew in amazement. “You look stunning, love.” He smiled and kissed you on the cheek. “You look great to.” You smiled, taking in how sharp he looked. “Only the best for you.” He smiled.  

You grabbed his hand and walked out with your elegant handbag. You were playing with your hands the whole car ride there while Tom secretly took pictures of you and was debating on which one to post on Instagram since they were all so beautiful. 

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(Because I’m on mobile, I have to answer these in a post as I can’t add pictures in an ask smh tumblr)


11. Bias wrecker

My bias wrecker, well my main bias wrecker, is junhong. He’s such a squish must protect the tol smol

18. Favourite moment

I have a lot of favourite moments but I think one of my top favourite moments is when they won the bonsang award this year asdfGHJKL I cried I’m so proud of them

19. Favourite variety show they’ve been on

Erm…. Weekly Idol? Petition for them to go back on Weekly Idol asdfghjkl

27. Favourite picture of your bias

asdfghjkl favourite picture? I have loadsss I’ll put a couple because I can’t just choose one

29. Why do you love b.a.p :)

asdfGHJKL ok. I love them because their music is so inspirational. They sing/rap about social issues and personal issues like mental health, and they don’t romanticise it. Their music has helped me when I was going through a rough time (I only became a baby around march) and I’m really thankful for that. Not only are they really talented, but they’re really funny and just so sweet and loving and kind. They always say how much they love babyz and they always manage to put a smile on my face when I’m feeling down. I just love b.a.p so much and now I’m getting emotional 😅 They’re amazing and they deserve the world 💕


Pairing: Phan

Word Count: 3.5K

Summary: Dan and Phil are both stressed about being too busy. Phil suggests they help each other relieve said stress.

Warnings: oral sex, hand jobs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

A/N: i haven’t posted a fic in months, but i’m pretty proud of this one!! feel free to give me any feedback!

ao3 link

“You know how I mentioned not having any free time?” Phil went silent but nodded his head. The younger gave him a tight smile and exhaled through his nose, thinking Phil would have gotten the picture by now. He just stared blankly at him. “Okay, fine. I just haven’t had time to um… get off, and it’s probably stressing me out way more than it should.” Phil’s face turned a bright shade of crimson as the realization of what Dan had been hinting at sunk into him.

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