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So my really close friend [Terry] has an amazing DBZ oc named Batata (pictured on the left) who’s an elite saiyan, and after seeing some art of her, I couldn’t help but bring back a really old DBZ OC I had in the form of a Majin named Lux. Really it was just for the sole purpose of teaming them up together as a dysfunctional duo that’s ripe for all sorts of shenanigans that I will probably never draw. But at the same time it was fun to do an update to a super old fandom OC I had from years and years ago.

They’re both world-destroying level entities but one is short, angry, and weak to food, and the other is tall, goofy, and gives off distinct “your friend’s one hot aunt” vibes.

While they kinda already posted it on their blog, I guess I’ll just put it up here too on mine ahahaha. GO GIVE THEM A FOLLOW IF YOU DON’T ALREADY.

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since u did the voltron au, do u have a ship from the actual voltron show???? also who's ur fave in voltron???

Lance’s my absolute mostest fav!!!! And since he’s my fave I’ll ship anything in which he’s happy, honestly, but I did draw some klance a while ago so I guess you might say that’s my main one 👍

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Hello! I don't draw, at all, by I used to paint on canvas and I stopped a while ago. I've been struggling with depression and as a way to figure this shit out I would very much like to get back in touch with my artistic side. I'm just wondering is you have any tips/tutorials for someone who never drew anything ever (and is also left handed if that's important)

Being left handed isn’t important unless you use leaking/inky pens that smudge easily. I have spent a while thinking about this one because I know that depression is a very serious subject.

Something that I have learned from posting art on here for a couple of years is that we should draw for no one but ourselves (commissions aside) Never let the pressure of letting people see your drawings/paintings get to you because it’s something we do for our own enjoyment. One of the few things that gets me down on this website is people who think they are entitled to my drawings. I’ll often get comments on a drawing of a group of characters that are like “why didn’t you draw this character too?” which is annoying because obviously I didn’t draw them because I didn’t want to. Or a serious hatred of mine “their hair colour is a couple of shades different to what I personally imagined so you are obviously wrong”. People can be really shit man so if your depression has anything to do with that, work on trying to block out the people that will judge and be nasty about your art.

Now drawing is fun, it isn’t supposed to be perfect all the time, I recommend getting a sketchbook for only basic, basic sketches. It is so freeing to have something to just sribble in and not have to make things finished pieces in.

I have a couple tutorials here from myself

and I am also going to leave some links to my favourite speedpaint channels on YouTube, as well as my own one. I pick up half my techniques from watching speedpaints.

I really really hope this was helpful!!

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Joshua is my ultimate bias and my favorite type of drabbles are the ones that go from friend to couple. Can you do something like that? :) Joshua + finally escaping the friendzone haha

I wrote a similar story (childhood friends to couple) like this long ago so you can check it out here if you’re interested! Here’s your request :) I’ll call this Joshua + Friendzone free. Enjoy! x

Word count: 710

Joshua knew his heart was right, when he saw you walking around church with your family, new to the area. You didn’t know him at the time, but he knew you. You two went to the same church but you attended the morning service while he attended in the afternoons. He had his ways.

The first time he saw you, you were in a blue dress with a ribbon belt on one Sunday. He thought you were beautiful. Coincidentally, he too, wore a blue buttoned up shirt with a black neck tie. He smiled and felt butterflies in him, telling himself it was ‘destiny’.

Or so he thought.

“Sorry I can’t date you. I already have a boyfriend, and he’s overseas.” you told him kindly one day and not wanting to hurt his feelings as possible. “But I really appreciate your feelings, Joshua.”

Joshua forced a smile, yet hurt was seen on the surface. He just got friendzoned by the girl he admired the most.

“It’s okay. Is it alright if we stay as friends?”

“Of course! I need company around here, I’m still new.”

The following day, he walked around campus and into the library. His co-librarian, Wonwoo, noticed him not being himself.

“Hey Josh, what’s up?”

“Remember that girl I told you about? The one I like? And plays the guitar like me?”

Wonwoo flipped through the pages of the book he was reading. “Yeah? What about her?”

“I just got friendzoned.” he sighed, “I really like her though.”

Wonwoo looked up, adjusting his glasses. “Ooh, that’s tough.”

Joshua placed his head on the counter, “I know. I should’ve known that a pretty girl like her has a boyfriend.”

“There are plenty of girls out there. You know the saying, ‘There are many fishes in the sea’.”

“But my eyes hooked on her already.”

“I don’t know what to do with you.”

It has been half a year since you moved in to the neighbourhood. And also half a year since you broke up with your boyfriend overseas. You recalled on the conversation you had with him.

“You’re breaking up with me?”

“Y/N, I’m sorry. We just don’t click. We have fights here and there. And I’d rather be honest with you.” he paused. “I’m dating another girl long before you left and she’s great-”

“It’s okay. I get it. You don’t have to explain yourself.”

“I’m sorry-”


You wondered why. The moment you’ve closed doors with your ex-boyfriend, another door opened right away. The person behind that door was Joshua. When he confessed, you didn’t want to rush into a new relationship since you haven’t moved on. 

So you wanted to remain friends with him for the time being. He offered a lot of time to show you around the malls and stores, and you definitely appreciated it. 

Things got better when you two ended up at the same university. You both chose the same course and you would be lying to your heart if you said you didn’t fall for him. He was such a gentleman.

Joshua, on the other hand, never stopped loving you. When you told him you broke up with you ex long ago. You finally saw his effort in courting you.

“Joshua?” you called out.

“Hm?” he was writing his essay on his laptop. 

“Remember the time you told me you liked me?” you fiddled with your fingers.

Joshua slightly jumped at this. “Uh- Yeah. W-what about it?”

You smiled as you tugged strands of hair behind your ear. “I like you, too.”

Joshua perked up quickly, his gaped mouth finally turned into a smile. 


“Yeah?” you and Joshua held hands as you walked around the church hall.

“Someday, when the time is right, I’d love for us to say our ‘I do’s’ right here.” bringing you by the altar. 

You smiled at him. “You’re so cheesy.”

“But it’s true. This place was where I first laid my eyes on you.”

You widened your eyes, but couldn’t stop yourself from smiling and blushing. “And?”

“My heart was right after all.”

TalesFromYourServer: Long shift to go get bad service at a bar.

Sorry have to do a quick rant. I worked a 12hr shift yesterday (managing) and when I got off went to celebrate a friend’s birthday at a local bar. While there we were getting good service form one bartender who then went and started his side work when another girl took over. I had noticed her dirnking with an off the clock employee earlier. When we tried to order 2 shots (I have only had one drink so far) she got ride with us and told us we didn’t have a tab open when I had just ordered from her under the tab not even 20 mins ago. She was treating us like we were trying to steal drinks so I offered her my ID so she can find my card they had but she refused to take it and just kept asking us to pay. Then she went and closed out our tab and told the manager that we had called her a retard. I’m still completely sober way more than she is and know for a fact not one person in our group has called her anything. So the manager said she would talk to us outside and so we left and she never came over. I feel like if you are going to allow your employees to drink then they should be able to handle there liquor. Also they didn’t give us an itemized receipt which I asked for and I have no idea what I got charged for.

By: Rsalove

OH MY GOD ,   i’ve never actually written one of these before ,   but where else to start but from the beginning i suppose ?    i came up with the concept of valeya with a rl friend of mine over skype ,   &   ,   like a proud mother ,   i watched as she changed   &   evolved from a naive ,   wide eyed girl who only wanted to do good into   …   well ,   a goddess who’d probably fight the universe for a person she barely knows .    a year later ,   as well as a couple blog restarts   &   seeing other muses come   &   go ,   i’m so happy she’s stayed with me as long as she has ,   even if she makes me cry every once in a while   (  because she honestly deserves so much more  ) !    &   yes ,   sometimes i’ve had my doubts about staying ,   but the fact that all of you ,   even if you are small in number compared to some ,   have chosen to stick around   &   interact with me ,   &   watch val grow   &   develop further means a whole lot to me ,   i can barely put it into words .   so   THANK YOU  !    thank you for being here with me .    I LOVE YOU ALL

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1. Relationship Status: Single Pringle

2. Pets: I have a dog named Kaya who is very fluffy.

3. Last Song Listened To: Shine a light reprise, from heathers the musical

3. Favorite Cartoon: Gravity falls, then a whole ton more

4. First Fandom: Gravity Falls

5. Hobbies: Reading, art, and yes, sports. I do, aerial troupe-small trapeze, water polo (i was just doing that a short while ago), swimming (about to do that as well), volleyball, touch rugby, and the occasional cross country race. I also love drama productions (i’m in one right now.)

6. Books: It’s kinda a funny story, checkmate, ballet shoes, a cabinet of curiosities and a tale dark and grimm. Also almost everything Ive ever read.

7. Aesthetics: Rainbows, nature, backgrounds. also glitter

8. Favorite Food: Anything with a LOT of sugar, pesto pasta and caesadillas. 

9. Favorite Drink: Rootbeer floats

10. Favorite Time of Day: Afternoon after school

11. Favorite Video Game: Undertale

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You get super angry about cartoons, senpai. What kind of cartoons do you enjoy?

Comedy ones with a heavy focus on their animation medium, with strong characters, character interactions and good humor, if it has to have drama, it must feel organic to the character, not cheap and manipulative (looking at you SU), and overall it must feel like the author/creator is just trying to entertain, rather than preach some half-assed message. 

I should turn that ask from a while ago into a list. 

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I think you missed a #sprouselilishoulder pic. I don't have a link of it but you rebloged it from someone a while ago. It was a post with a lot of lilicole pic in it. I think they were out at night lili was wearing glasses and cole a red hat. Did you remember :///

Cole was wearing a red hat? Hmmm I usually have their pics in the back of my head but not this one? The fan pic? No? Pls help a dude out!

The Teacher

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Mr Lane was our Math teacher in high school. He didn’t stand out in any way, and his lessons weren’t particularly interesting. He was just—always there. Always there in his usual button-down shirt and pants, earnest in his hope to interest us in algebra and isosceles triangles and whatnot. Seldom was he successful though.

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“I had to leave Venezuela. I’ve lived there my entire life. My parents are buried there. But five months ago I had to leave. It just got too dangerous. One day I was attacked while walking home from the supermarket, and I woke up on the ground. I’ve had guns pulled on me several times. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I’m trying to start a new life but it’s impossible to find a job. I’ve applied to about sixty shops so far but nobody will give me a chance. They think I’m too old. I tell them to try me for just a few days, but they won’t. I did find one part time job cleaning toilets and picking up trash. These are things I’ve never done in my life. But right now I can’t afford to be picky.”

(Santiago, Chile)


02 / 11 / 17 • I haven’t posted in while oops but second semester has started and I’m pretty hype about it!! We watched The Help in english class a few days ago and because it’s one of my favourite movies and February is Black History Month, I decided to incorporate a quote from it in this week’s spread. Also, thanks for 7000+ followers!!!!! [click for quality + quote]

studygram | youtube 

March 9th 2017 - got back home from my internship a little while ago and I’m not working on one of my assignments. There’s so much to do this semester I’m going insane. I have my master’s thesis to write, an internship + I have to prepare some classes for the said internship + two big assignments + a 40 page long internship report to write. But I’m taking things slowly so as not to burn myself out. Ugh. Can’t wait to be done with uni!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of my sketchbook pages!  I was going through my apartment the other day in preparation to (maybe) move when I found an older sketchbook I hadn’t finished, so I decided to fill in some half-completed pages.  Part of this is from a year ago (I wonder if you can tell which parts??) and part of it is from last week.  It’s funny to see how my art has changed in a year…I’ve gotten a lot better at rhythm and simple shape-flow I think!




Hey, remember this series? Yeah, this was fun, right. But unfortunately it stopped for a while cuz life started kicking my ass. But I’ve got a free evening so I figured I’d do all those requests I got like two months ago.

Also, I took some artistic liberties with this one, but I hope you still like it :)

Read parts 1-24 here!

TalesFromRetail: "What do you mean, I need ID?!"

On mobile, sorry for any wonky formatting or overzealous autocorrect.

So this one happened a while ago at my video game store. We buy games people are done with, but such a transaction actually falls under my government’s pawn shop laws. To complete the transaction, we need a piece of photo ID - preferably a driver’s license - from someone over the age of eighteen. Now, I’ve seen some people try and get around this in creative ways, from using their government health cards (which we can’t accept, because they’re tied to confidential health information) to student ID cards. When we tell them no, the customer usually is pretty cool about it, and will come back later with proper ID, or mooch some off a friend.

Except for this guy. This happened probably in my second week of working at this store. We’ll call him “TG” for “Trade Guy”. MG is my manager.

TG: “Yeah, I wanna sell these games.”

Me: “Sure. I’ll need some photo ID to complete the transaction.”

TG: “I don’t have any. Can you take the games anyway?”

Because “need” clearly defines something as optional, right?

Me: “No, sir, it’s Canadian law. I need a piece of government-issued photo ID to complete the transaction.”

TG did not like this at all.


All in one breath. It would have been impressive, had it not been my second week on the job and I wasn’t scared out of my mind. Manager had my back though.

MG: “First of all, don’t talk to my associate that way, or I’ll have you escorted out. Second, it’s the law and she’s doing her job just fine. Third, I’ve never seen you before, and I am the manager. And lastly… if you drove forty-five minutes to get here, how can you not have ID on you? Don’t you need some kind of… I don’t know, a license to operate a motor vehicle?”

TG sputtered for a second, went very quiet, and left the store.

People are weird, man.

Edit: a word.

By: Anthem_of_the_Angels