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I think the only way anyone could upset me with headcanons would be if they killed off one of the trio in order to make the ship “pure”. 

I had a snarky tag comment a while ago from a person I have since blocked, who was complaining in the tags that I had ruined a “pure” m/m ship by adding Ursula, and I was this close to replying to them publicly and watching them get eviscerated because excuse u, my poly queer ship is entirely pure as is, tyvm. It was always a poly queer romance right from the very inception. I didn’t just shoehorn in a female character at the last minute just for funsies and to piss people off, the plan was always to have a m/m/f poly trio who fall in love and live (that’s an important part, LIVE. I edited so much toxic poly smut back in the day where someone always died and left the “true otp” behind and I H A T E D it  HAAAATED IT) happily ever after.

Which isn’t to say you couldn’t ever write fic about one or more of them dying if you wanted to (you monster, I’m just kidding) I’m just saying that one of them dying doesn’t erase the fact that the characters are and always will be queer and don’t conform to the simplistic binary of gay or straight. They’re bi/pan and that’s perfectly “pure” enough. So I mean, you can kill Ursula off if you wanted to to make a “pure” gay ship, but uh, that’d make you a pretty terrible person, sorry. I don’t make the rules.

Actually in this instance I do. And they’re poly bi/pan queer immortal idiots in love and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

(Sort-Of) Emergency Commissions

Hello!! I haven’t been able to become motivated to do an entire art piece on my tablet lately and it couldn’t be at the worst time cause I’m in need of some money fast. A little while ago someone had stolen my phone at a fair, and ever since I’ve been using an old, broken phone until I get the money for a new one. I’ve been meaning to get a job since the donation money from a while ago was enough to pay off the old phone, but I still need around $300 more to buy a new phone. I’m still working on getting a job that could help, but it would be ideal to have a new phone by the end of the summer.

I’m opening traditional commissions to get some money, because I have my sketchbook and new liner pens with me at all times and am itching to get back into art again.

I will draw OCs and Steven Universe. No NSFW, animals, or mechs. My art tag (tagged/raeart) has examples of my stuff in it.


Full body is $10, Waist up is $7, Bust is $5


Full body is $20, Waist up is $15, Bust is $10

Extra characters are an added $5. Please reblog this to spread the word around!

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Since ethan's talked about wanting a doggo,could I have a crankiplier fic where mark and ethan are being fluffy flirty flirts while playing with chica. (esp if she keeps treating eth like a pup and tries to pick him up or something)

  “What about that one?”

 Mark eyed the large dog as he huffed and licked its nose at them.


  “Pleeeeaaassssee!” Ethan begged, like a child.

 It only took five words from his boyfriend to convince Mark to get a new dog. That was four months ago. Now the damn thing wants the same amount of attention as Ethan asks of him.

  “Play with us..” Ethan makes a girly voice as he waves Chica’s paw.

  “Me too, Chica. I think mark should take some time off that damn computer and play with us.”

 Mark glared at them.

  “I’ve played with you enough.” Mark mumbled, “and yeah, I guess i’ve played with the dog too.”

 Ethan blushed. He stood up and walked over to Mark, looking at the video he was editing.

  “You know, you could help out?” Mark suggested sarcastically. Ethan looked over at Chica who keeps nudging his legs.

  “Chica needs me.” Ethan replies, staring at the dog with a big smile.“Plus, You need a break from work every now and then.” Mark sighed at this.

 He pushed himself off his chair and started to beckon Chica to follow them. They were in the living room where Ethan lay and tried to come up with cheesy pickup lines as he and Mark threw Chica’s toy in and out of the house. 

  “Are you a pizza? Cause I bet you’re hot and ready.” Ethan finally said. Mark raised an eyebrow.

  “I’m not a hooker, Ethan,” Mark replied.

  “Are we sure?”

 Chica nudged her nose and tried to lift Ethan off the ground where he lay. She then proceeded to lay on Ethan’s stomach, the younger male giggling.

  “HMm how about, ‘You thought the stars were pretty, but I thought you were prettier’”. Ethan chuckles.

  “Good one.”

 Chica continues to nudge Ethan and eventually finds herself lifting Ethan’s left and whining at him.

  “What is it girl?” Ethan asked in a softer tone. The dog whined and softly bit on his sock, attempting to pull him.

  “I think she’s asking you to follow her..” Mark wondered. Ethan shrugged and stood up. Chica dove between his legs and stayed there, panting happily as she walked around and between Ethan’s legs.

  “I’m so confused. Did you lace her water?”

  “Ethan, I’d never drug a dog. Now you, that’s a different story.” The blue-haired man stared at Mark who chuckled. “I’m kidding.”

 Chica starts to tug on his pants. Ethan kneels down and looks at Chica eye-to-eye in which she licks his nose and tries nudging him again. 

  “What is up with her?”

 Mark reaches over to try and ruffle Ethan’s hair, the feeling always calming Mark, but Chica barks when Mark’s hand gets close to his hair. They both stare at the dog. 

 Mark moves his hand slowly toward Ethan’s hair and Chica growls. He retracts and she stops. He moves it again and she growls. Retracts his hand and the dog stops. 

  “I think she doesn’t like you,” Ethan giggled.

  “What? All of nature loves me. How dare you.” Mark sits on the ground and off the couch, he scoots closer to Ethan only to have Chica sit between them. He moves his hand for Ethan’s hair again and Chica growls. “ooh, I think she’s protecting you.”

 Ethan raises an eyebrow and decides to try and scoot away. Chica tugs on his pant leg to indicate to not leave. Ethan laughs.

  “Geez, Mark, why can’t you love me the same way Chica loves me?”

  “Hey! I do love you more than a dog does!” Mark retorts. Ethan raises an eyebrow. He moves his hand to reach for Mark but Chica raises her nose and deflects the movement. She rolls around and settles her nuzzle on Ethan’s legs. Mark pouts silently, shocked that a damn dog would try and keep him away from his boyfriend. Ethan giggles.


alright, no offense but I see a lot of bad KS cosplaying. Cosplay, imo, is RARELY good anyways so it’s nothing new. But a while ago I did this w my friend for a photo assignment, and then I realized it looked like KS. If you’re looking at this on a computer, the quality will prolly be awful.
Female!Yoonbum AU, a little more minimalist than most cosplay I see.

DBS Episodes #91-93

91: A montage of a bunch of universes assembling their teams.  Or not assembling their teams, or just talking in circles about the Tournament of Power.  Again.  When Buu taking a nap is the highlight of the episode, maybe your storyline is too decompressed.

Everybody in this story is an idiot.  Goku wastes 33 hours getting his whole team squared away, and then Elder Kai offers to use his ability to unlock Goku’s latent power, the same way he did for Gohan back in DBZ.  And the big punchline to this is that he needs 25 hours to do that trick, so there’s not enough time left for that.  

Except there was plenty of time six episodes ago.  Goku returned from the exhibition and he had 40 hours to put together his team.  He could have let Gohan handle those details while he sat down with Elder Kai, and still had 15 hours to spare. 

Also, the scene from the other universes are pointless.  The only segments that really resonate are the ones about Universe 6, because those are the only characters we have any context for.  And really, they’re not doing anything surprising.   Hit recruits Frost, and Cabba trains more Super Saiyans.  These are sensible moves, but it’s not exactly thinking outside the box. 

Meanwhile, Toei really wants me to give a shit about Space Wilford Brimley and the Pride Troopers of Universe 11.  Only I don’t because they suck, and I fully expect them to get erased before this story ends, so I have no reason to get invested in these characters.  And U11 is supposed to be a heavy favorite.   You can just imagine how little interest I have in Universe 3. 

Probably the dumbest part of this episode is when Gohan discusses “strategy” with the Supreme Kai, and he uses a whiteboard to go over the sort of basic battle royal tactics that small children learn watching professional wrestling. 

Gohan: We’d better try to keep from getting thrown out of the ring.

Shin: But Gohan, won’t the other competitors think of the same thing?

Gohan: Mmm, you’re right.

Buu falling asleep for two months is pretty stupid.  This is the third time he’s dropped the ball in DBS, which kind of begs the question of why they kept him in the main cast in the first place.  I guess he’s around in the last few episodes of Dragon Ball Z, to Toei feels obligated to keep him around for continuity’s sake, but they could have had Golden Frieza kill him, and then it takes them a long time to get a chance to use the Dragon Balls to revive him, maybe.  Or they could have just written him out of the show.   Goku seems to be the only one who thinks he’s useful in these situations, so just scrap that optimism and there’s no longer a reason to even show Buu at all.  This is basically how they got rid of Launch, after all. 

92: The other thing that’s stupid is how everyone tried to keep it a secret that the Tournament of Power could get the whole universe erased.  Krillin finds out there’s no prize money, so he tries to back out, and then Beerus threatens to kill him if he doesn’t enter, so he’s right back in again.  Why didn’t they just sort that out up front? 

In Universe 6, Cabba teaches Caulifla how to turn into a Super Saiyan, and she picks it up very quickly, which means she’s finally strong enough to enter the Cell Games and… oh yeah.  Maybe Cabba should have mentioned that Vegeta knocked him out with one hit after he taught him that form. 

I’ve seen people whine that Caulifla picked up the Super Saiyan transform too easily, which is sexist horseshit, because Goten and Kid Trunks learned it even more easily than she did.  And Cabba learned it in one episode too.  Credit where it’s due, Toei made a solid effort to explain this one by making it clear that Caulifla was a fighting genius.  If anyone can learn Super Saiyan in one lesson, it’d be her, and that’s what happened.  Is it a little too convenient?  Sure it is, but so was Goku turning Super Saiyan in the first place. 

93: I’m not sold on Kale’s “Broly” form.  Before, it seemed like a nice callback to Movie 8, but now that I’ve had a chance to appreciate the character, I kind of want to see Kale be Kale, and not a walking reference to someone else. 

I mean, Kale’s Super Saiyan form doesn’t just look like Broly.  She borrows Broly’s lines from Movie 8.  The only thing missing is the sound effect they’d play when Broly charged his ki, but the visual effects are still there.  It’s like they want her to be Broly, but not quite. 

The thing is, Kale’s a more compelling idea, because she only transforms when she gets super jealous concerning Caulifla.  So maybe she should have gotten a whole new form, like she has orange hair and she bulks up but without the definition?  I’d almost want to have her get smaller for the novelty of it, but I guess that’d be pretty dumb. 

Also, Goku goes to hell to arrange for a Resurrection of the “F” variety.  Frieza agrees to join the U7 team, but only on the condition that Goku must resurrect him with Earth’s Dragon Balls if they win.  So Toei’s already looking ahead to Frieza coming back yet again after this arc is done. 

Amusement Park - Part 2

This is the continuation of this

There will be several parts to this. I don’t know how many though. I’ll draw some of them as best as I can, and I’ll write the others since my tablet is being really shitty.

Also, I am not a Native English speaker, thus, I am not really familiar with writting one-Shots in english and stuff. I know one or two things about it, but it’s still kinda hard for me, so if you have some adice to give me, I’ll all ears <3

Also, sorry for the incoming grammar errors and stuff x)

It was a calm afternoon. Bene was sitting on the couch of the living room, reading a book while Lio, lying on her lap was taking a nap. Vera was sitting by the coffee table; her teddy bear next to her, drawing on the sketchbook her mother had bought her a couple days ago as she was coming back from a mission. It was sunny outside, and the summer breeze was absolutely refreshing.

Bene looked up as she heard someone opening the front door. She didn’t had a jump as she knew that the only person in this world who had a spare key of her apartment’s key was Taysir. He entered, alone; Axel was probably watching Alejandro and June.

Yo Nana, how are you?” Taysir said with a bright smile on his face.

Uncle Taysir!” Vera shouted, jumping to him.

Hello little princess!” Taysir smiled as he saw her coming closer.

Vera, be careful, your brother is still sleeping!

Oh sorry…” Vera whispered, looking at Lio.

Hello Taysir, I’m fine, what about you?” Bene replied with a little smile on her face.

Yeah, I’m fine.

Taysir bent over and took the blonde child in his arms, kissing her cheeks as soon as she was at the same height as him.

You sting!” Vera chuckled, rubbing her pink cheeks.

Yeah, I need to shave…” Taysir sighed, faking to be sad.

But I like it!” The little girl said, looking amused.

Vera gently scratched her uncle’s cheeks before hugging him a little bit tighter. Taysir came and sat next to Bene who was stroking Lio’s hair who seemed to be peacefully sleeping.

Do you need something?” Bene finally asked, turning to Taysir.

Oh, yeah. Like, I received tickets for the amusement park and I wanted to know if you want to come, or nah?” Taysir asked, looking at the tickets in his hand.

Amusement park???” Vera repeated with sparkling eyes.

Yes, Vera~!” Her uncle chuckled.

Ooooh mama! Please, please, please, please!” The little girl begged, joining her hands in front of her, looking at her mother with puppy eyes.

Well, I wouldn’t say no but… Lio…” Bene mumbled, turning to her son.

What’s up with Lio?” Taysir asked, raising an eyebrow.

He isn’t comfortable when there are too many people around…” The mother sighed.

But you’ll be here, he should be fine right?

I don’t know… I hope…

Moreover, he’ll get to spend more time with his cousins, right?


So it’s a yes mommy?” Vera smiled, looking at the adults.

Yes, Vera.” Bene chuckled.

Bene took a look at Taysir’s left hand, the one which was holding the tickets. She quickly counted them and raised her eyebrows, surprised.

Nine tickets?


You got nine tickets!” Bene repeated, still surprised.

Ow… Huh… Yeah?” Taysir answered, not really sure of what to say.

What for? I mean, you, the kids and me, it’s… Six people.”

Axel is coming too.

Seven. Still, that’s too much.

Niji is coming too.

Well, are you going to give the last one when we will be at the park?


At least, someone will be happy, they’ll have a free ticket!

Hum… I’ll give it to Ichiji.

There was a little silence between them. The only thing that could be clearly heard was the dog walking around the house.

Wait…What?” Bene asked in a nervous laugh.

My father?” Vera said, turning to her uncle.

Yeap.” Taysir replied, still looking at his little sister.


What? Can’t he spend time with his family?” He laughed, amused by Bene’s reaction.

By family, you mean Niji?” Bene grumbled, a bit anxious at this idea.

That’s the exact same thing I told Axel!

Taysir, seriously, do you think this is a good idea?

I don’t know seriously, but I talked with Niji, and he said it would be a good idea, so I guess he must be right. Let’s just hope it will.” He sighed as he shrugged.

Okay… I trust you guys…

Anyway, if something bad happens, it will be Ichiji’s fault.


Taysir walked to the door with a cheeky smile on his face.

Because I said so.

Vera chuckled as she snuggled next to her mother who was shooing Taysir away with a motion of her hand.

Guest! Taysir’s cousin Axel: 7/?

Magic!Anon Kids are here! : 9/30

Magic!Anon: Pets: 4/30

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didn't you say a while ago that you were going to a gdragon concert?? I went to the one in Seattle a few weeks ago and like. GOD it was so good and i had like shitty nosebleed seats and it was still amazing. So if you go, you have amazing things waiting for you haha

I am! June 30th im seeing gd I can’t fucking wait holy shit. I just keep hearing amazing things from everyone who has gone to see him and I’m so hyped tbh he’s such a performer

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Any ideas for rich person/poor person?

I havent posted anything yet today I’ll get you one idea real quick ;p

also im like 87% sure there’s an idea for this in the fairy tale au section of the navigation? something along the lines of “Person A meets Person B when B is living on the street, so A gives them some money to help out, several years later Person B is the marrying the heir to the royal throne when they meet A again.” but honestly, it was a prompt from a while ago so i cant really remember


Hey Tay! It’s Lauren here popping in with a quick update on my life, since that other vid of me singing is from like over a year ago now.

So I moved to New York and I finished my freshman year at NYU and I’m captain of the NYU Dance Team now so you should def come to one of our games and watch me go nuts while the band plays Shake It Off (everyone watching on the opposition side finds it hilarious, apparently).

I’ve also been interning for a Congressperson this summer and she’s really really awesome. Lately I’ve been dealing with some sexism at the office because, let’s face it, male politicians are just innately sort of sexist. Anyways, the other day I really just didn’t want to go to work but your voice popped into my head saying, “Really, Lauren? You’re giving up just like that?” So I got up and I kicked ass at work. Thanks for reminding me that the best form of revenge is doing well for yourself, and thanks for making music that helped me get through my first year in college.

PSA: I moved into an apartment in West Village like just up Hudson from you, so we should really hang out. My place or yours, doesn’t really matter. We can cook dinner and do wine and a movie night? Sound good? 

I miss you tons and I love you. I hope you’re doing well and you’re MAKING NEW MUSIC PLEASE I’M DYING OVER HERE. 

Love you always,


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can you maybe write something about fionn? maybe that you're a famous singer & a model, a best friend of harry's and he introduces fionn to you? and you just hit it off immediately? just a little thought! have a good day lovely! xx

So I changed Y/N into an actress, I hope that’s okay!

I walked into the crowded club where Harry’s birthday party was being held.  

I had met him about a year ago when I was promoting my new movie on The Late Late Show while he was doing his one week residency promoting his debut album. It was the first time I had met him and we hit it off immediately. Harry was so charming and sweet, it was hard not to be enamored with him. We had stayed in touch over the last few months and I even got to see him perform a few times. We would flirt here and there but nothing romantic ever happened between us. Of course that didn’t stop the rumors from fans and media though.

He was celebrating his birthday at a club in LA he had rented out. It was very exclusive; invitation only. As I walked out of the car that drove me hear, lights flashed in my eyes as paparazzi yelled questions at me.

“Y/N! Y/N! Are you still dating Harry?”

“Y/N! Is it true you’ve moved in with Harry?”

I ignored their absurd questions as security helped clear a pathway for me.

Once I was in the club, the music blared in my ears. The club was completely packed to capacity. It looked like Harry had invited everyone he had ever met. I saw a few familiar faces as I squeezed my way through the bar.

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I'm very sick. Can I have some sick paladin headcanons pretty please?


  • he’ll give everyone the play by play of how he’s feeling as the illness progresses
    • no concept of tmi
    • “okay so i just went to the bathroom and there are some things going on in my intestines right now that-” “oh my god hunk shut up”
  • gets really freaked out at first because “what if this is a weird alien virus that makes my lungs explode or something!”
    • but don’t worry! coran comforts him with Science!
    • sorta!
    • “there is a 75% chance your body will be able to combat the disease no problem!” “what about the other 25%” “you could die quite horribly! haha!”
  • catch him in the kitchen with a 102 fever trying to make himself soup
    • listen. he loves his friends. but. he has very high standards for caretaking and none of them come close to meeting them


  • gets pretty visibly sick so everyone knows when she’s sick without her having to say anything
  • interact with humans? haha no thanks
    • hates being around people when she’s sick because everything they do pisses her off lmao
    • she’d rather just hole herself up in her room with her laptop
    • don’t talk to her until it’s over
  • at any given moment you go to check on her she’s probably laying face down on her bed and groaning miserably
    • even on the lowest screen brightness her laptop is still giving her a headache
    • betrayed by the one she loves most :’’’(


  • he’ll tell everyone when he’s sick. like. he’ll announce it
  • he’s… dramatic
    • “i’m sorry princess i can’t train today i sneezed earlier and am probably dying”
    • if he coughs once he’s like “this is it. this is where it all ends”
  • [draping himself on couch] “everyone take care of me i’m dying”
  • you know it’s serious when he shuts up
    • when he’s really sick he sorta just lies down and does nothing
    • but he’s not like pidge, he wants people around
    • so he’ll go to the bridge and sit and listen to everyone doing stuff and just doze there (and get the couch all germy ew lance-)


  • won’t tell anyone he’s sick but everyone can tell
    • always vastly underestimates how bad it is, so he never feels the need to mention it
    • it’s just a cold shiro?? yes i can walk in a straight line here i’ll prove-
    • keith, in an on-fire house: “this is fine”
  • galra have higher body temperatures than humans which scares the shit out of everyone the first time keith runs a fever
  • no concept of what a sick person is supposed to act like
    • unless it’s really bad he’ll just try to go about his daily routine
    • but everyone keeps running into him and sending him back to his room >:/
  • he actually likes the peace and quiet that comes with being sick though, so it’s not all bad


  • he’ll tell everyone he’s sick because Communication is Important Guys
    • but he sort of? doesn’t act sick??
    • so it’s confusing for everyone around him
    • “hey just a heads up i have a fever today” [kicks ass in training, strategizes with allura, forms voltron to save a planet]
  • basically he plays it off well
    • so he tends to get worse because he’s not taking medicine or resting
  • tied with keith for Most Likely to Collapse From A Fever Due to Stubbornness 
  • actually one of the worst patients out of the paladins
    • he goes a little stir crazy, doesn’t really like sitting still and letting other people handle things
    • “shiro go to sleep we can survive one day without you oh my god-”

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As someone who has been really active on the Teen Wolf fandom for a while, what would you say are some of the truly staple fic for sterek? Like, not exactly the most kudo-ed on ao3, but from the top of your head those old fic that seems like everyone has read

The ones that immediately come to mind (and some looking through my bookmarks lbr) are: 

* Alpha Spikes (which I believe was taken down some time ago, which sucks, but that was like THE fic to read if you were just starting out in the Sterek fandom way back in the day. Man I miss that fic)

* Open the Door by eternalbreath 

* DILF by tewentysomething

Enemy Lines by qhuinn 

You Don’t See Straight by annber

* Shelter by five_ht

* His Only Defence by LunaCanisLupus_22

* Hide Of A Life War by Etharei

* Darling It Is No Joke by thehoyden

* Every Step You Take by Nokomis 

* By Any Other Name by entanglednow

* Permanent Fixture by linksofmemories 

* Nowhere Man by 1lostone

* Important Things by suzvoy 

* We’ve Written Volumes (in Blood and Scars and Ink) by notthequiettype

* The Company I Keep by secondstar 

* Integral to Survival by asocialfauxpas

* Cupboard Love by mklutz

* The Dirtiest Thing You Know by Nanoochka 

* I Forgot All The Rules Today by entanglednow

* Gravity’s Got Nothing on You by zosofi 

* Prince Among Wolves by tylerfucklin 

* Shot Through The Heart by LunaCanisLupus_22

* Come Fly With Me (Or Don’t) by stilinskisparkles

* Cherrybomb by the_deep_magic

* There is a Brotherhood by minusoneday

* Sideways and Slantways and Longways and Backways by hologramophone

* No Homo by RemainNameless

* My Heart Comes Tumbling Down by DevilDoll 

To Have Outlived the Night by stillane 

Crash Landers by gyzym

* Triple Shot Pumpkin Spice Latte by coffeeinallcaps

* The Well of Living Waters by kalpurna

* Don’t Worry Baby by kalpurna

* Electricity in the Contact by ladyblahblah

* Fly a Little Faster by mirrorkill

* Cornerstone by Vendelin 

* Play Crack the Sky by WeAreTheCyclones

* Move A Mountain by Zainclaw

* A Desparate Arrangement by mikkimouse

* Kindred Spirits by Stoney

* Predator/Prey by someone_who_isn’t_me

* The Price by theroguesgambit 

“Why are you still making this?”

“I mean, Undertale hype has died down.”
“Aren’t you worried that the fandom will have moved on by the time you finish?”
“By the time it comes out, no one will care.”

I’ve heard this sort of thing a lot for the fangame. Not from asks on tumblr, but from close friends of mine.

It tends to happen whenever I tell them of the project, or show progress after a while. And I wanted to go ahead and address this concern some of them have. (My bad if my grammar or spelling suck here. Read more after the break.)

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The blackout is coming to an end today…and I have a few things to share. What it showed me- and realizing how bad the reposting issue has become.

During these two weeks I’ve witnessed a few cases:

-I’ve seen my art been being reposted without permission, mostly with ‘credit to the artist™’ or nothing at all on insta/vk/etc.

-I’ve seen my newer drawings with my new watermark being cropped from the picture with the same careless credit

-Someone even attempted to blur the whole thing and leaving a weird stain where the watermark should be (saved it before reporting just in case)

-Also youtubers have been monetizing my work without my knowledge. In some cases, they assumed that when I gave them permission to dub one of my comics, that it extended to having permission to upload other works of mine. An assumption that was completely wrong. So not only was I not informed that they were using more of my work, but they monetized it and gained money from my work. I no longer allow dubbing on my comic anymore because of it.

-Recently, I asked another youtuber to remove a dub they did long ago on one of my comics, and while they eventually removed it from their channel, it didn’t stop them from giving permission to other youtubers to repost MY ART. And while it was their dub, the foundation of that work was my art. No one can give others permission to use my art other than me. However just 4 days after that video was removed, it was reposted onto another channel and monetized. All this I had to find out from people telling me.

-And even worse—yes, it can get worse—yesterday I found out that one of the drawings I made for Adrienette month was being sold on phone cases on Aliexpress.

I never thought *this* will happen to me. Why would someone…do that? Why would someone make money out of our hard work while we create for fun to a fandom we love on our free time?

To be honest, after seeing this—I wanted to quit drawing for the fandom.

But I won’t.

As much as it hurts, the fact that there are people who don’t give a damn about the artist’s wishes and care more about their fat pocket—it won’t mean anything to them. For them I’m *just* another artist–it won’t hurt them losing another one.

I draw ml because I love the characters and the fandom. It makes me happy to see that I can make someone’s day a little better because of my drawings. I made friends through this fandom that became part of my everyday life and to be honest, they boosted my confidence. ML revived my dream again to study animation, it made me want to draw more and brought back the will to learn and improve. I have so many good things to say about the show, the people I encounter- you really changed my life, and I love you all!

And I don’t want this to end because of some nasty people who care more about their following count or the money they can make from a stolen illustration or a silly comic.

I’m just going to continue arting but not share everything…and make the watermark bigger.

So for other artists out there, I just want to share this information. This is just a drop of the ocean of what I have experienced in my short time of posting fanart online. As exciting as it is to have people dubbing your work or asking for permission to share your art on other platforms.


Ask questions, ask for links to their pages, look at how they conduct themselves online, check to see if they monetize videos (you can use apps like the heartbeat app to do this as some youtubers like to not share this information), give proper credit/link to your original posts, etc. Some people are looking to use you and use your art for fame, for money, for whatever, and its abuse. It abuses your copyright and hard work. This is something I do because I love art, I love the show, and I want to share that love with others. It is NOT something I create for others to take advantage of or steal…or sell, or to stick an advert on in order to make money.


Thank you @powerdragonmoon and the squad group for helping out with writing <3



hey i had some left over designs from a week ago while i was trying to finalize my sona (until i realized i had my sona all along) so i’ll be selling these just as heads, using the body template more as a manikin but you can use the outfit too. if you want a full body reference with new outfit its +$15.

  1. OPEN $15USD  [flower head]
  2. sold [elk head]
  3. sold [doe head]

(last one is double price since a close friend wants to do an art trade for them)
rules: you can do whatever you want with them after you buy i dont care