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OOOH JIMON: "Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?" (make it a love declaration scene and i'll love you forever)


Simon is gonna be late to class, he just knows it. Three months being exclusively nocturnal have really ruined him for normal things like timetables, public transportation and traffic. He gets off on the next station and decides to walk the rest of the way.

Still. Despite his racing thoughts and irrational fear that his professor will hate him forever for being a few minutes late, he’s excited. He’s going back to school! He’ll take classes again and be bored beyond relief over static lectures and be looked down upon by much cooler classmates. Things will go back to something resembling normal.

Simon checks his phone again. Twelve minutes until his class begins. He could use his vampire speed, but the streets are busy and swarming with people. That’d be a little hard to explain. He takes a deep breath and takes wider steps.

Someone bumps into him. 

“You’ve been avoiding me.” 

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Pairing: Nicomaki, Nozoeli

Word Count: 3889

Summary: Nozomi is kept updated on Nico’s relationship with Maki through Snapchat.

Someone made a post a while back about hononicorin being pro snapchatters and I was thinking about that at like one this morning so here’s a short oneshot. 

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Ok this may be out of the bloom but Kathy, I do really want to know how would you portray or think fem!GOT7 would be like. And I believe other fans would like to know too. Thank you! ^.^

:) sure! I think they wouldn’t be much different than they are now though ^^
But when you asked this, I kind of thought of what they would be like as normal high school girls XD so I’ll just describe those, if that’s okay?? If you were looking for a different answer, you can send me another ask!! ^^ sorry I just went with this~

Jamie (JB): She keeps her hair short and wears a lot of clothing that seems too mature/sexy for her age. A lot of guys (and girls) have crushes on her, but are too scared to approach her. She has a crush on her classmate who was voted “everybody’s friend” and “best school spirit”, but pretends she doesn’t know anything about the person. She hates pep rallies and anything to do with school spirit, but has never gotten in trouble and has never been late to any class. She pretends she doesn’t care about anything, but gets really upset when fluffy animals are involved. She’s president of the photography club and gets really good grades (but very few people know this).

Mary (Mark): The people in school who don’t really know her well think she’s an airhead. They think she’s just a pretty face who doesn’t know anything, because she rarely answers questions and doesn’t do her homework. But she actually learns really quickly and knows more languages than anyone else in her school. She doesn’t really comment on debates or give her opinion much, but when someone is in trouble, she’s the first one to stand up for them. She doesn’t let being a girl stop her from helping, and often pushes herself too hard to help people in need. She’s always standing up for the kids that get bullied, but never gets hit because all the bullies think she’s beautiful. She owns a puppy at home named Princess.

Jinnie (Jinyoung): Student body president, president of National Honor Society, and every teacher’s favorite student. Everyone likes her but is also slightly intimidated by her. She’s always smiling at all the students and teachers, but gets annoyed easily when things aren’t done to her expectations. She’s really a perfectionist, but also an amazing listener. She was elected president of so many things because people know she’ll listen to everyone’s opinions and keep things running smoothly. She’s watched Titanic over 50 times and has cried every single time (actually, the real Jinyoung probably did this). She’s in love with her best friend.

Jackie (Jackson): Hands down the most popular and athletic girl in school. She’s captain of her swim team, and sometimes this takes a little toll on her grades. But teachers know how hard she works, and always cut her some slack. There is not one person in the school that has met and disliked her. She is friends with everyone she’s met, and asks every single person “how are you doing?” and genuinely waits to hear the answer. She remembers everyone’s names. She’s president of everything that Jinnie is not president of. She’s secretly self-conscious of how broad her shoulders are from swimming and wants to be told she’s pretty.

Youna (Youngjae): Teachers always call her out for laughing/talking too loudly in class, but they never punish her because they all really love how lively she is. She makes their classes brighter and always laughs at the lame teacher-jokes. She’s always smiling, but is a little self conscious and doesn’t think anyone has a crush on her. There’s actually a few people in love with her and they are die-hard dedicated to her. They secretly fight over her in school and compete against each other, but she doesn’t know about it and accidentally friend-zoned all of them. She’s in choir and always gets the most solo parts. She likes to keep her hair in braids, because it’s a hassle otherwise. She’s a closet gamer.

Bammy (Bambam): Best dressed girl in school. Almost every girl is jealous of her and wants to be her. They don’t know it, but Bammy actually makes / tailors most of her clothing herself at home. She can’t afford expensive clothes, but makes everything look designer with her skills. She hates gym class and often finds excuses to skip it by helping different teachers or pretending to have projects to do. She gets upset by seeing bad fashion choices and wants to help people by giving makeovers. She has a lot of siblings and does a lot of part-time jobs to help out at home. She only likes older men who are in college because the ones in her high school are not mature enough for her. She always wears high heels.

Yulia (Yugyeom): Biggest teacher’s pet after Jinnie~ She follows all the rules and gets good grades because she knows her parents want her to go to a great university. But her secret passion is dance! She secretly practices with a dance team after school every day, but tells her parents that she’s tutoring people because she knows her parents won’t approve. She’s always getting mistaken for a 4th year because she’s so tall, and gets asked out a lot. She turns them down because there’s someone on the dance team that she really likes and admires :) No one ever tells her the meaning of inappropriate things because they want to keep her pure, so her Google search history is a little dirty because she has to google everything to learn about bad words.

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Are you taking supercat prompt ? Because I'll have one : Kara can read mind for a day and her boss has some interesting thoughts...

I’m pretty much always taking prompts! I don’t get that many of them, and I use them as distractions/time killers at work while I wait for systems to load, so I’m always happy to have more of them. Anyway, here you go and hope you enjoy!

Kara’s always joked that she can basically read Cat Grant’s mind. She knows what every grimace means, every furrowed brow, and every careful hand wave. Each of Cat’s many mannerisms has a meaning, and Kara has gradually learned to interpret them all. It was self-preservation at first, but then it had turned into more. She liked being able to tell what Cat was thinking, how she was feeling, because that let her know exactly what was needed to keep the days running smoothly. To even, on a few rare occasions, earn a smile and word of praise.

This was different.

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Can you write a preference where they find out you faked an orgasm??? xxx

sorry this is a little late, i’ve had loads of requests recently 8)


You had told Luke that you were tired. After a long day of work and aching feet, you just wanted to take a nice bath and go to sleep. But Luke was horny and wasn’t having it. “Let me pleasure you babe.” He said, kissing your exposed stomach. He wasted no time grabbing the waistband of your shorts, pulling them down to your ankles. His fingers rubbed over your clothed folds, smirking up at you. You had to admit that he was turning you on, he knew what he was doing. Moving your panties over he started to slowly rub your clit, not wasting any time he inserted two fingers. Even Luke went at a slow pace tonight, not his normal rough and fast. His slow pace made it even harder for you to build am orgasm, if your body even had the energy for that. He continued his motions and still nothing. Deciding to fake your orgasm you started to arch your back and paw through his hair like you know you do. “C’mon babe.” Luke encouraged. With one last thrust you let out a low moan followed by his name. As you pretended to come down from your high, Luke looked up at you rather angrily. “Luke?” You questioned. Grabbing your hand he stood still for a second, then released it, walking away running his hands through his hair. “You fucking faked it Y/N! If you really just had an orgasm your hand would still be shaking.” Luke yelled, his hands white at his side. He stormed off into your shared room, mumbling about how he couldn’t even pleasure you. You followed him into the bed, and sat with him at the end of the bed. “Luke it wasn’t you, I told you i was tired. My body just couldn’t do it.” With that said you shifted until you where between his knees. “Let me make it up to you baby.” You cooed.

C A L U M 

Calum thrusted into you hard and fast, his knuckles white, gripping to the headboard. You let your hands roam down his bare back, lightly scratching and leaving red lines. You pretended your mind was on Claum, but really it kept drifting back to your family. Needless to say, you were under a lot of stress lately. A lot of it so built up you coulnd’t stop thinking about it. Not even now, not even with your boyfriend fucking you into next week. You wanted to badly to be able to give him the attention he deserved, but no matter how hard you tried your thoughts kept drifting back. “Fuck, Y/N, you feel so damn good.” Calum hissed, his face twisted into a beautiful frown. You felt him twitch inside you and you knew he was close. No signs of any orgasm was rippling through your body and it looked like you had no choice but to fake it. You felt awful, thinking about how distressed Calum would be if he figured out you’d faked an orgasm. Before you could think anymore you hard Calum cry out, a string of cruses following your name. You waited a couple seconds after, then arched your back and curled your toes, pretending to be in pure bliss. Once you both had finished, Calum moved out and rolled over. Turning off the light he said nothing to you. Not the normal cuddle, or at least a goodnight. Figuring he was just tired, you rolled over yourself and started to sleep. Right before you fell asleep you heard Calum speak, his voice rasp with hurt. “Why did you fake it Y/N?” He asked. You felt your heart drop to your stomach. “Calum, baby, I’m sorry. I’ve just been under a lot of stress right now. I didn’t get the chance to tell you I wasn’t feeling it tonight before we started.” Calum sighed, and then flipped over to pull you close. “You owe me.” He mumbled into your chest. “First thing tomorrow, I promise.” 

A S H T O N 

‘How’s your day been love?' You read the text on your phone screen from your boyfriend Ashton. Sighing, you looked at your blank computer screen. It’s screen numbly stared back, almost taunting you about how much work you needed to get done and how much you’ve actually gotten done. Shaking your head you picked up your phone to reply. 'Not gonna lie, its been shit' You typed and hit send. Not even a minute passed until your phone screen buzzed again. Sliding your phone open you read the message. 'I’ll have a surprise waiting for you when you get home ;)’. You put your phone back on the desk and let your head fall between your hands. You loved Ashton, with all your heart, but you were in no mood for sex tonight. You were stressed and by the looks of it you were going to have to take work home with you tonight. Finally your work day was over, packing all of your stuff, you were out the door in less than five minutes. Kicking the door to your shared apartment, you heard Ashton call for you from upstairs. Taking off your heels you walked upstairs to find Ashton in the bathroom, fully naked, with a bath drawn. “Hey babe.” He said with a cheeky smile, he gave you a kiss before slowly unbuttoning your blouse. You still felt no where in the mood, but he did all this effort just to make you feel better. Maybe you’ll enjoy it once he gets started. You got into the bathtub with him, as he slowly started to kiss down your neck and collarbone. Wasting no time, his fingers started to circle your entrance, and slipping in and out. He let one of his thumbs lightly trace your clit, all while making the water around you two move slightly. He removed his lips from your skin to see your face, you let your eyes flutter shut, like you knew you did. “A-Ashton.” You let a fake moan escape your lips. You felt horrible for faking your pleasure, but he put so much effort into this. “I-I’m gonna come.” You let out, Ashton bit down on your shoulder, his way of letting you know to release. You moaned out curses and his name as you pretended to hit your high. Right when you finished Ashton looked at you, confusion in his eyes. “Did you just, did you just fake that Y/N? Normally you’re a lot more vocal.” He asked, hurt evident in his voice. “Yeah.” You admitted, your eyes falling to the ground. “I knew how much effort you put into this, I didn’t want to ruin it.” Ashton flicked his thumb to lift your chin. “Y/N, it’s not your fault, I pressed this. How about we try this another time?” He asked, a smile faint on his lips. “Sure.” You leaned in to give him a kiss.

M I C H A E L 

You let your fingers tangle through Michael’s matted hair. His tongue licked stripes up your slit, your legs on either side of his face. He hummed on your clit, the vibrations would normally make you go crazy, but tonight was different. You didn’t know if it was from hormones, something you ate, anything, but you wern’t feeling right. You felt out of yourself, your normal strong sex drive was gone. That left you with a horny boyfriend and no desire to do anything with him. Like normal, Michael found a way into your panties, begging for a taste. Hoping that when he actually did the actions, you would click right back into place, but sadly you didn’t. You laid with his face buried between your head, about to fake an orgasm. Your tried to let out convincing moans, pulling and tugging at your hair like you knew you did. “Michael, just like that.” You cried out, pushing his head deeper. “Let go baby girl.” You heard him mumble, his voice no longer dark with lust like it was twenty minutes ago. You let your back arch off the bed and your fingers tighten in his hair. “Fuck! Michael!” You screamed out, then mentally cringed. Your moans sounded way to fake, almost pornographic like. Michael removed his face from your core and angrily got up. “Next time learn how to fake moan.” He spat at you, his face flushing with anger. You rolled your eyes and sat up, glaring at him. “Look, I just didn’t feel it tonight. So why don’t you go jerk off in the bathroom or something and leave me alone.” You hissed right back. You immediately regretted it, when you saw hurt trace his face before anger took over. Before waiting for his response you got off the bed and turned to walk off. Right before you were out the door, Michael took your wrists. Pinning you against the wall, your arms above your head, he started to suck harshly on your exposed skin. This time a moan escaped your lips, a real one. “That’s a lot better baby girl. Now why don’t we try this again?”

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How do you think the match Vorpal swords and Jabberwock will play out? Lot of people have said that GOM will destroy them but Himuro said that they(Jabberwock) might be better then them.

The short answer is Vorpal Swords will win. :P

Eheh, no seriously, it’s just that it seems highly unlikely for Fujimaki to go so far as to have Jabberwock humiliate the senpai and criticize Japanese basketball, then bring GoM out for a revenge match, even have Kagetora say he’ll commit seppuku (still not over that, lol) only to have them lose (I will seriously be worried about Kagetora; that’s even worse than Akashi’s eye-gouging thing).

But that’s probably not what you were asking. ^^; So my second short answer is, I’m personally iffy about it being an easy slaughter, tbh. Win yes, totally destroyed no. Not to mention, if Fujimaki’s record is anything to go by, it could turn out to be a very close game (but I really really don’t want to see any more buzzer beaters please thank you).

And now for the long answer. I hope you were aware of my rambling skillz when you asked me this, anon. This became a monster reply before I knew it.

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