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Lucario Spell: Strength and Confidence

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This is for those times that you need some extra strength and confidence. Time to channel your inner aura and face the day!


  • Blue Candle
  • Silver Candle
  • (white candles are fine if you don’t have colored ones)


  1. Light the candles.
  2. Cleanse your aura, even if you just woke up. Do so preferably by meditating so you can get in the proper mode. I like to picture a wave of light engulfing me until all the negative energy is gone.
  3. Now that your aura is clean, concentrate all of your thoughts on it. Look at how bright and clear it is. Its newfound radiance is making the entire room glow! Take a while to be proud of how nicely it shines. This is you. Pure, radiant, and absolutely stunning!
  4. When you are ready, recite the following with conviction:

With my newfound strength, I will conquer this task.

I will do so confidently and with complete devotion!

  1. Repeatedly recite it until you feel energized and ready to go!
  2. Blow out the candles with a tiny thought of gratitude for their uplifting energy, and get out there to show the world that you are ready for it!

Note: Candles aren’t necessary. Add incense, oils, or whatever you feel gives you confidence. You can feel free to modify this as you please.  This is just a simple spell that is meant to be adjustable to help you conquer all sorts of feats.

Crocheted Circle Casting

I do almost all my magic undercover, and I had been searching for a way to cast a circle that could be easily cleaned up. This method is super customizable, and can be reused as many times as you like!

You will need:

Crochet Hook

¼ cup Sea Salt
1 teaspoon Rosemary

Access to a stove
One pot of water

I used white yarn for my first attempt. I’m all about color correspondences, and white was perfect for the protective nature of casting a circle. Crochet one long line. I made mine about 13 feet long, but any length is just fine. If you don’t know how to crochet, here is a video that explains it very nicely.

Now you’re going to prepare your sea salt mixture. I used sea salt and rosemary. You could add any (SAFE) herbs to your mixture that you would like, but make sure you do the proper research before you add anything! I mixed ¼ cup sea salt with 1 teaspoon rosemary, and left it in a clear jar in the sunlight for a day to help charge the mixture.

Fill up a small pot with clean water. I used tap water, but you could add any type of magical water that matches the intent of your crocheted circle. Add your sea salt mixture, and stir it until the salt is all dissolved. Then, add in your crocheted yarn. Keep it in the water for 30 minutes at medium-high heat, and stir regularly.

After 30 minutes, take your yarn out of the water and gently rinse it to get rid of the flecks of herbs that will be clinging to it. Yarn dries very quickly, but I left mine in the sunlight for a little added boost.

Go about your circle casting in the way you normally would, but use your crocheted line in place of salt or whatever else you would use to mark the boundaries of your circle. 

I’m going to make some more of these with different colored yarn and herbs to match their color association. Let me know if you have any questions!


✨⭐❤Hello guys!!❤⭐✨

I am opening commissions to help pay for a laptop!! As you see, I haven’t had a proper computer to use for over a year- and I really ought to get one soon. It would help me reach contact with my family and friends, makes things easier to communicate- and mostly– I need it for work!! So hopefully, I can interest some of you lovely people in purchasing a commission from me!

I am offering two sizes for now:

3 x 5 Color(20 usd)
5 x 7 Color (30 usd)

All works will be done traditionally since i have no cpu to make it digital. I will use watercolors, copics, colored pencils- inks- which ever you prefer! Just let me know!

Email me at chocolatedishsoap@gmail if you’re interested or have any questons!! Thank you and have a nice day!! ✨✨✨