one of them I don't have classes with

I feel like a constant thirdwheel

Good night, friends. The horrors of grad school officially begin tomorrow.

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*curtsies* Hello Duke! I'm an English major and I'll be starting my sophomore year soon. I was going through the descriptions of my classes the other day and saw that in one of my English classes we'll be learning about Homer, Dante, Cervantes, Voltaire, Goethe and Flaubert. Is there anyway to brush up on them before the class starts and do you have any advice for learning about them?

*Curtsies* So, my first suggestion is not to worry about it. I get so many English majors wigging out about not having read enough in advance and I just want to hold their hands and whisper, “It’s okay. That’s what college is for–learning things you didn’t already know.” Basically, don’t stress. Theoretically you should be learning everything you need in class. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with being prepared. Unless you actually want to do all the reading ahead of time, what I’d suggest would be reading up on the author and historical context of each work. Where does it fit in literary history? What are the major themes? Why is it important? Having a good handle on this stuff will not only help you to understand the work better, but it’ll also give you a good platform to jump off from in class discussion. 

They finally posted our info for our first course and now I’m in a slight existential crisis for how to take notes in class. Our professors seem to use PDFs and not power points (at least not for our first class). My plan was to print the slides and take notes on them and now I am not sure.

tumblr mobile sucks lol anywhale

kceyagi maakomori basically i’m doing two cinema classes (you can only take them fall semester), two as-am courses, one creative writing class and one astronomy class. the only courses i struggle with are science/math, but i do relatively ok in others? (idk about film tho //shrug)) so uh ye :/

monaut maybe you’d have a social life if not for your minions

have i ever told u guys the one time i nearly got kicked out of a bar was because i’d been dozing on one of the sofas

like i hadn’t had anything to drink, i was sleepy because i’d had a midterm that day and my friends were playing pool so i though i’d take a quick nap

and then security thought i was passed out and tried to make me leave :/

I dismantled my pc hoping it would lower the temptation…

Edit: I’m pretty sure my teacher is ignoring me because I changed the thesis statement for an essay after he gave me an example. 


“Anna-sensei…! Have you seen Mikoto-senpai around? He doesn’t seem to be at the bar as usual.”

Out of all the teachers at Ashinaka Academy, Misaki only got along with one of them. Of course, she still falls asleep during the other’s classes and fails almost every single test. Still, on a personal level she quite likes the small female.

Not only is she the advisor of the red club, if it wasn’t for Anna, Mikoto would have been dispelled ages ago. She should be grateful! 

Furthermore, knowing there’s a teacher out there who’s smaller in height than herself was reassuring. Hope isn’t lost just yet! 

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Good luck for you exam(s?). How much is a revision collection of notes?

Hey noonie- Thank you yes exams- tomorrow and then another next week.

Usually my notes for one class/exam  fill a folder - right now for tomorrow it’s this nice tower of papers that I do not know by heart and have developed a headache over trying to get them into my head:

That’s 234 pages with script on both sides- which is the essence of round about 2000 pages of script and presentation files and tutorial materials + own reseach.

Thank you noonie!

Well, I finally managed to pull out my file of class doodles and sketchbook from my bag. Most of the doodles from the file are from last year.

I might have some stuff to post after all, but be warned, they are super ugly. Cringe-worthy ugly to me anyway. I’ll probably space out the posts for a few days/weeks because one I don’t want to spam dashboards and two I’m too lazy to take good pictures all in one go.

Block the “doodle dump” tag if you don’t want to see any of this shit

I have a retreat for school on Friday and Saturday

I’m really not looking forward to this. Many reasons, but the main ones are:

1. I really dislike or get annoyed by these people really quickly and I don’t know how I’m going to handle doing team building activities with them. I’m also not good at team building activities… They annoy me a LOT.

2. This is a retreat for my SGA class, so there aren’t many guys. And the guys who are in the class are jocks and annoying as hell and I don’t like them. So imagine my reaction when I figured out all the guys were staying in the same room.

School starts on Monday. I have a hell of a lot of things going on for me this year and I know I’ve got to go through with them at some point or another, but I don’t want to go back to that hell hole again. Summer’s been more fun that past years combined, and let’s just say I’m not ready to feel dead on the inside again

I was looking for notebooks for school, and I have a ton of notebooks I don’t finish, and many that I do finish and have to buy another full notebook for a couple pages, so I though why not buy a hybrid notebook-binder. I found just one brand that makes them, Five Star. And I went to look for them, and I found notebooks and binders but not hybrids. They don’t sell them in my country.

What should I do? I really don’t like having a ton of unfinished notebooks. Do you know any other brand that sells them? Any other idea of what to do?

so every time a guy is even remotely nice to me I tend to just fall in love with them (not literally but yes I’ve seen tumblr posts about it so I know I’m not the only one)

So I’m in class and the kid 2 seats down from me asked me what the professor just said but I was like wow I have no idea sorry bc I CLEARLY had my headphones in ok but whatever basically it was just that there was a handout at the front of the class but I didn’t get up to get it bc lazy and I don’t wanna go to the front or near the professor bc I’m not actually in this class BUT THE KID BROUGHT BACK A HANDOUT FOR ME LIKE Y I DIDNT ASK U TO DO THAT U KIND SOUL THKS SO MUCH ILY TO THE MOON AND BACK

seriously so nice like I don’t deserve it why’d u do that?

(I think I’ll make my move at the end of class 😏)