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Hogwarts Headcannons
  • Give me Dean, muggleborn that he is, imitating Steve Irwin in Care of Magical Creatures class, much to everyone's confusion except for Harry and Hermione who are. On the ground. Unable to breathe. And refusing to explain why.
  • Give me Harry, demisexual that he is, realizing that the reason he can't stop obsessing over Draco is because Draco is the one who saw - and subsequently disliked - 'Harry', and not The Boy Who Lived. Realizing that Draco was the only one to first talk to him for HIM, in that robe shop, and not his parents or fame (because even Ron and Hermione did that at first). And thus, leading to him randomly starting crying in the middle of lunch and claiming he's doomed, much to everyone's fear.
  • Give me Seamus, pyro that he is, super happy one Christmas when Hermione buys him a book on fire caution, flammable materials, and elements such as magnesium. Thus afterward, the mysterious fires that have always happened are far more safe and controlled.
  • Give me Luna, wonderful airhead that she is, being stared at as, calm as anything, she waltzes right into the Slytherin common room and starts talking to the mermaids like its absolutely normal. A first year drops a book he's staring so hard, because HOW DID SHE KNOW THE PASSWORD. Draco just sighs, gets up, goes over to her, and offers her tea.
  • Give me Draco. Who looks on as Neville offers Harry rhubarb pie that he made himself, as Harry stares forlornly at his Treacle Tart, and makes and annoyed sound. "Dammit Longbottom he hates bittersweets." The Slytherins stare and Pansy just mutters "How do you even know these things. Merlin, help him realize."
  • Give me Parvati, who is being constantly mistaken for her sister by Ron, who panics and screams "IM A LESBIAN" when it gets to be too much.
  • Give me Ron, who stares wide-eyes from a distance whenever he sees Padma from that moment on for a full week, until Padma flips out too and hexes him. Parvati awkwardly wonders why Ron starts getting scared whenever she tries to approach from then on, since she knows Ron doesn't have problems due to that sort of thing from how he handles Harry.
  • Give me the thirty or so of the school's Muggle-raised, who made the mistake of showing their folks howlers, and react accordingly whenever one of the families sends one that is just a recording of Rick Astley, or High School Musical, or spoilers for Doctor Who. And the Wizard-raised just... staring... in fear... watching their savior and multiple other students as they run around screaming and crying in an absolute panic for some reason even though it was a different student that got the weird howler.
  • Give me Harry, whose hair surprises people by being dark red like his mother's when in direct sunlight. And usually at the Weasley den they're inside, but one day Harry joins them outside for a picnic, and Molly is so confused about where Harry went to then has do do a mental tally of her children.
  • Give me George, who in the midst of the final battle, hit Lucius with an Anaticula curse, so that every spell he tries makes a duck instead. And the Death Eaters are just so confused. "Lucius... is that a duck?"
  • Give me the Gryffindor common room. The new first years suggest Monopoly for game night. The entire room goes dead silent. One first year tries to ask what they did wrong. "Never mention that game again," is the only response they get. "But why-" "NEVER TALK ABOUT SIXTH YEAR. WE NEVER TALK ABOUT SIXTH YEAR." Their brave upperclassman Neville yells, trembling. Hermione starts crying. Harry goes into a panic attack. Ron whispers, "There are many reasons we don't talk about sixth year. If The Incident had been the only thing that happened, we would only not talk about The Incident. Many things happened that year. Thus, we do not speak of that year, or of that game."
  • Give me McGonagall, who struggles to control the cat population, because while students are told to have their cats fixed you know not all 100 students that brought cats did so. Her curling up around a litter that lost their mother to illness. Training them to stalk the corridors. Albus had his ways of getting information, and hers is the spy network of cats.
  • Give me muggleborns singing everything from Phantom of the Opera to Katy Perry in the corridors. Singing We Will Rock You to a pureblood who disses them for it. The purebloods thinking the weird songs and their tunes are some kind of Rite of Passage and fleeing whenever a muggleborn student starts singing. Altering song lyrics. "I throw my ferret in the air some-times, singin EEEEEEEYO, this is DRAAAAAACO!"
  • Give me muggleborns that are really confused about the whole quill instead of pens things, throwing transfigured pokeballs in Care of Magical Creatures, the band students bringing kazoos and harmonicas and the wizrd-raised students that are just so confused as to how those things even work, because it must be some sort of air magic, right??
  • Give me muggleborns making entire conversations out of pop culture references specifically to confuse some Slytherin who just called one girl a Mudblood. "These are not the droids you were looking for." "I'm right on top of that now Rose, I promise." -jazz hands-
  • Give me muggleborns with Patronus that are things like Pikachu, velociraptors, the quiet Canadian transfer student with a moose patronus the size of a SMALL HOUSE, the one whose is a angeled-out Castiel, the one whose patronus is the democrat donkey and another the republican elephant and the two, previously best friends, become mortal enemies rivaling the fame of Harry and Draco.
  • Give me muggleborns hugging each other before break, promising to 'call' each other, trading weird codes, how they can't wait to go for 'sushi' or planning that trip together to 'disneyland' where they can go flying?? But no one's allowed magic?? Or flying?? And the wizard-raised think that somehow, shockingly,<i> these children totally new to our world have developed a way to cheat the system?? Muggleborns are badasses!!</i>
  • Give me muggleborns who are fully aware that the anti-tech wards were made when, like, radios barely even existed, much less cellphone towers and microprocessors, so while they can't turn them on inside the stone school walls there's this group that Harry joins constantly that just sit there in silence staring at these tiny things and sometimes randomly laughing hysterically, and every now and then standing and just running all the way across to the other side of the lake all at the same time with no signal whatsoever. The purebloods are <i>terrified</i> of this frequent happening.
  • Give me Harry, Hermione, Dean, and Justin from the D.A, muggleborns they are, doing a movie night every week to help the D.A. relax and bond. They re-start this after the battles, during eighth year, with several other people such as the returned Slytherins joining in. The entire year they play things like Tangled, The Breakfast Club, Brave, Lion King. But then the last four weeks, they announce they don't want to mislead everyone that everything is all fun and rainbows. The last four movies are My Sister's Keeper, The Shining, Marley and Me, and for the last week, a marathon of the entire Jurassic Park series.
  • Give me Hufflepuffs, who secretly are very relieved to be the 'normal' House. Jocks over there, know-it-alls over there, goth wannabees over there, now lets go camp out by the kitchens we're gonna need it to survive the next seven years like this.
  • Give me Ravenclaws who are so done with the riddles when they stumble back at midnight after having fallen asleep in the Library. "What's the truth?" "THE TRUTH IS THAT I WILL SET YOU ON FIRE IF YOU DON'T LET ME IN."
  • Give me the Trio, who use the Marauder's Map to find the most absolutely ridiculous routes to class, knowing every single one of the shortcuts. It's not odd for them to simply appear out of the ceiling. One day the new first years try to follow them, to learn the school better, but it doesn't go so well because then they try to go through a disappearing wall the Trio just did they instead run headfirst into it, and the next time they do behind a tapestry, down a waterside, around some sort of tower, causally past an entire doorless room full of bats, and somehow come out on the complete other side of the castle.
  • Give me Draco whose just completely had it with Harry's staring and confronts him, like they always do, and Harry just blurts out that he likes Draco's new haircut and can he touch his hair, and Draco so shocked he lets him. "Potter stop treating me like a cat I'm evil remember? Bloody hell have you gone daft?!" "But... it's soft..." "I hate you." But he just can't find any anger over this, so there's like no venom whatsoever in it and Harry can't stop giggling.
  • Give me Ginny, who can't stop giggling as Luna confuses the fuck out of an entire crowd with her way of speaking, and who during seventh year could 100% get away with insulting the Death Eaters because of the way she said things. Who after Luna used said tactic to get her out of a Crucio punishment just clung to Luna, shaking, and realizing that she loves Luna so much for this very reason. That there will never be another person like Luna in her life, ever.
  • Give me Harry, who was not really well educated while living at the Dursleys, who couldn't read very well but was wonderful at sneaking around, little tricks like hiding things, and loved music. He taught himself magic tricks, and MERLIN ALMIGHTY THIS 11 YEAR OLD KID HAS MASTERED VANISHING SPELLS, WHAT, HOW, and Percy, uptight prefect he is, just looses it.
  • Give me Ron walking in on Harry talking to some random snake in their dorm room, laughing like the snake said a particularly good joke, tipping his head and smiling as he responds, the python slowly curling up his arm to rest over his shoulder. Ron freezes, stares, and then slowly backs away, closes the door and stands there staring at it for a full half hour in absolute horror.
  • Give me the rest of the D.A. walking into the Room of Requirement and hearing screaming, Dean shrieking that he's going to murder someone, Hermione crying, Justin cursing like a sailor yelling for everyone to stop, and the rest panic and run around the corner and there the four Muggle-raised students are. With some sort of odd device in their hands. Playing Mario Kart.

consider: cameos for both Cassian & Jyn in the Han Solo movie, wherein they narrowly miss meeting each other

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Ya know I don't think I've ever seen someone draw fanart of Kuroiro from class B before and I didn't know I needed it until now. You are a gift unto this fandom. Keep it up

!!! You have no clue how happy this made me anon oh boy I love Kuroiro SO MUCH I’m glad you liked that doodle!! have one more

Hermione vs Astoria
  • Blaise: You've got to choose mate. You can't keep them both!
  • Draco: But I fancy them both!
  • Blaise: You think you do but you don't. Don't think with your dick.
  • Draco: I do not!
  • Blaise: Come on then, just list down all the cons you have for the both of 'em. That way you'll see what you're getting into. Choose the one with the shorter list.
  • Draco: Alright... [scowls]
  • Blaise: Granger first. I'm sure you've got plenty of--
  • Draco: She's manipulative, she's an insufferable know-it-all, I was always behind her in class, she's a prude, a swot-- I hate how she bites her nail, when she thinks she can sing to save her life, when she squints her eyes when she insists that I'm wrong. That hair of hers she can't seem to tame, I mean sleekeazy's won't hurt once in a while! And thinking about my parents, I hate that she's a muggle-born.
  • Blaise: See? But take it easy now. Don't want to lose "insults" for Astoria now, do we? So, Greengrass then? I'm sure she's a lovely--
  • Draco: She's not Hermione Granger...
  • Blaise: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Blaise: Err, there you go?
So for the lot of you who are still blissfully unaware of French presidential elections:

Here are our main candidats:

- Marine Lepen: candidate of the nationalist/white pride party. Believed to be at the head of the election for the first round. Looks like Donald Trump if he was a ‘competent’ politician. Literally the antichrist, because her father is definitively Satan and we should have drown her in the village pond when we had the chance. We didn’t, now she will bring the apocalypse upon us. (is accused to have stolen 300 000€ from the European parlement)

- François Fillon: Margaret Tatcher with worse hair and eyebrows. Candidate of the catholic pride and the anti-gay. Is Harassed by a duck which accuses him of having stolen 900 000€ to the French parlement and of having too many sugar daddies. Uses to be the leader of the election, it was before the duck business. (he is now official charged for fictitious employments).

- Emmanuel Macron: Populist for bobos (bourgeois who think themselves of the left but not to the point of actually doing something for others). As just given is program two weeks ago. Doesn’t seem confident on foreign policy. Thinks that forbidding smartphone in middle school will put an end to social reproduction. Thinks that labour code doesn’t apply to young people. Thinks anti-gay have been humiliated when gay marriage was established. Is supported by NM Rothschild & Sons. Is believed the be second in the first round of the election.

- Benoit Hamon: Lying hobbit. No seriously he really looks like a hobbit (ask @onestenrepublique) and is already withdrawing some of his promises. Socialist party candidat but his party isn’t really supporting him. Will probably not win.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon: Angry socialist that passes for an angry communist. Is against the European Union. Will appear to the masses through holograms to teach them about Marx and the working class’ struggle. Populist too. Is stealing votes from Hamon.

If you want to have even worse nightmare just let me add that the closest constitution to the French one is the Russian one…

  • them: capitalism allows you to buy the computer you're blogging from
  • me: wrong buddy, capitalism inhibited me from buying a computer, I was sent this bad boy
  • me: capitalism inhibits billions from being able to use computers
  • me: because you know, billions of people can't afford to buy a computer
  • me: despite us literally over-producing computers
  • me: which is to say, everyone on the planet who wanted one could have a computer, but they don't because of capitalism
  • me: nice try fbi.

I’ve been meaning to do something like this for a while! The one on the left is from three years ago now and this morning I painted over it. Three years of classes and working on my art on my own. I know I still have a ways to go and I still have a lot I want to figure out style wise, but seeing these side by side helps make me feel better about all that while I still try to figure some things out. Also, I will always be forever grateful for these two for inspiring me to do so much fanart!

  • capitalist propaganda: no one would work if all their needs were provided for
  • me: i'm on disability, all my needs for the most part are provided for, and I still want to fucking do something
  • me: people don't just fucking sit around doing nothing unless theres something seriously wrong with them
  • me: are you honestly suggesting people have no interests or hobbies or enjoyment?
  • me: you're fucking absurd.

So I moved to suburbia and signed up for a doodling class as a way to make friends, but all that happened was I spent an hour and a half debating whether to tell the middle age women in the class that the inspiration for my doodle about doodling was @ponyregretsMust Love Intersectionality.

Band instruments ranked by how effective they'd be in a fight
  • Clarinet: hold it like a sword, easy. Nice and heavy but not too heavy to swing with one hand. Downside- weird bell shape at the end might get in the way of the wrist. 8/10
  • Trumpet: clunky. Could be used to deafen or swipe but only truly effective in close-combat. Seasoned band students will be completely unaffected by the noise. 4/10
  • Saxophone: neck straps really hinder movement. If they're not there, the instrument could be effectively used as a bludgeon, bit awkward handling though. A flawless performance of Careless Whisper could confuse or impress opponent enough for you to run away. 5/10
  • Bassoon: same good points as a clarinet, have to be stronger to swing it though. weird stabby mouthpiece is a blessing and a curse- great if it pokes the opponent, really not great if it pokes you. 8/10
  • French horn: you're too rare. You can't be spared. Use your abnormally circular instrument as a shield for your retreat and let someone else fight for you. N/A
  • Tuba: battering ram. Need I say more. Downside- really heavy, tuba players are also not used to doing much work since their parts are literally the easiest shit ever. It's more an issue with the fighter than the weapon. 3/10 to 7/10, depending on how angry you got reading that
  • Trombone: you'd think these would be great stabbing machines, and you'd be correct. Catch someone in the temple with this bitch? They're fucking dead. 8/10
  • Flute: excellent sword. Nothing's in the way. You have probably seen several flute players already playfighting like this. They are like baby lions. They are preparing for the time to fight for real. Their intense hatred of playing their instrument only worsens with age. If you irritate them or give them enough ridiculous runs to play they stop giving a fuck about dents. Incredibly dangerous. 9/10
  • Piccolo: kind of like a flute but wimpy. Too short to be effective in a fight but could probably blow your eardrums out at the right pitch. 3/10
  • Percussion: trickster gods. Have you seen the way they treat their instruments? They don't give a shit. Filled with arrogance and max-level dexterity. Every single one of them is a chaotic-something. They'll throw anything. They'll throw a mallet. They'll throw a cymbal. They'll throw the drum set. They'll throw each other. You'll never touch them. You'll have a trumpet mute shoved down your throat before you get close. Those don't even belong to them. 10/10

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Have you already done a breed overview of the Queensland Heeler/Blue Heeler? We had them growing up, and I'm quite fond of them, but we never learned a lot about them in my animal science classes as a breed (they're not super common in the Midwest). We lost one at age ~11 due to heart cancer, but I don't know if that's common for the breed or just bad luck.

Also @osteoarchivist said:

If you are so inclined, would you do a post on Australian Cattle Dogs? I have a 10 month old ACD mix (his father was a handsome stranger) and I’m curious what your take on the breed is. Love your write ups!!         

Two of you have asked about this actually Australian breed. It was absolutely on the list, there’s just a bit of a waiting list, that’s all.

Nobody really uses the term ‘Queensland Heeler’. They’re usually Blue Heelers, Red Heelers, or officially the Australian Cattle Dog.

These dogs are stubborn and in many cases they are more stubborn than their owners. They can be lovely, but they’re equally likely to be undisciplined, spoiled rule breakers with attitude. That’s what happens when you have a breed that’s highly intelligent, but also very willing to be lazy.

Originally posted by butter-and-simba

I kind of like ‘em. Wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them, but like them anyway.

The breed clubs are still very big on screening for hip dysplasia, and I think this is wise. Though it’s rare for me to encounter a Heeler with dysplastic hips, the dogs I see only ever seem to have hips that are great, or atrocious, and no inbetween. I don’t know why this is. While hip dysplasia is not as common as in certain other breeds, it’s still worth screening for.

They tend to reach old age reliably but many seem to have vision problems in their senior years. The bred is known for its cataracts, but I also seem to see them over represented among our diabetics. Whether this is genetic or environmental I cannot be sure. As a breed they will happily pack on a few extra kilos, and this can lead to pancreatitis, but I don’t think I can call that a genetic correlation.

There is reasonably extensive genetic testing for progressive retinal atrophy, and attempts are being made at removing deafness from the breed, though they do pop up occasionally.

I often see these dogs in their old age with arthritis, either secondary to cruciate rupture due to their active, energetic bursts, or ankylosing spondylosis of the spine, which seems more common in any individual dog that has spent a large percentage of its life jumping up onto things.

Oh, and while I haven’t personally encountered this too much, they have a reputation for giving themselves intestinal foreign bodies by eating objects that really shouldn’t have been able to be chewed up and eaten.

It should go without saying, but if you intend to own this breed please be smarter than the dog. They can be loyal and great friends, but they will also push boundaries and have a tendency to snap. It’s all too easy for someone to find themselves cooking steak for the dog’s dinner each night and ending up with a canine shaped more like a wombat and less like a working breed.

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I am really struggling here and I am embarrassed to ask this, but I need help financially.

As most of you have probably noticed, I have been pretty inactive. Between my health, taking care of my parents (both of them have health issues - one of which needs a surgery next week), working, and school, I am struggling to pay for this last semester.

Essentially what has happened is that i need to pay $1200 to my university. I can’t register for my summer class that i need to retake until I pay that. And the payment for me summer class is due May 19th.

I should have graduated already. I have come across obstacle after obstacle and it is literally killing me. I created a gofundme page, as I am desperate. If each of my followers just donated $1.00, I could easily pay what I owe. That being said, I am still going to use my paychecks to work on this cost, but I know I won’t be able to ask my family for help. Thank you so much for listening to my rambling and the good vibes. I love you all so much.

BVB Feiertagsmagazin w/ Erik Durm - English translation
  • Nobby: Here he is! I'm very happy you've found your way to me once again, Erik. So far you haven't won a "Goal or No Goal" game against me, that's why I'm especially happy you're here today and I hope it stays that way. Are you confident?
  • Erik: Yeah, it didn't work out the last two times but I think it's finally time that I kick your ass.
  • Nobby: I'm excited! (laughs) Have you analysed the match against Benfica, yet?
  • Erik: Yeah, we talked about it in the hotel. Obviously, we were all sad about the result. I think our approach and way of playing was very good. I think Benfica only had one shot on goal, that one header, and otherwise we didn't give them any chances. Still sucks to lose 1:0 but we're confident that we'll be able to turn things around at home in front of our fans and proceed to the quarter finals.
  • Nobby: Have you ever experienced such a match? Being so dominant?
  • Erik: I don't think so, I mean I've only been here for 3 1/2 - 4 years and I haven't experienced something like it in that way. We were clearly the dominant team, we created many chances, even top-class ones, but yeah, sometimes the ball just doesn't want to get in. Sometimes there are matches like that. Nevertheless we have created a lot of chances, which was very important for us, for the team, and like I said we'll turn things around at home.
  • Nobby: You played badly in Darmstadt and lost, you played excellently in Lisbon and lost. Which face will we see on Saturday?
  • Erik: Well, I hope the one we showed in Lisbon only this time we of course want to get 3 points, we want to win. It's important for us to continue our home run and yeah, we feel good. Of course Darmstadt was a slip-up. Unfortunately, sometimes there are such games where nothing works out and the opponents surpass themselves and that was the case in Darmstadt. But it's still our own fault as well. But I think in Lisbon we showed a reaction and I think we'll be at the top of our game against Wolfsburg. We had 4 days to take a break and...
  • Nobby: And the spirit/mood/morale is good?
  • Erik: Well, yeah after Darmstadt we all were dejected, Lisbon as well, but looking at how we played I think we can look forward to Saturday with confidence.
  • Nobby: That's what you have to keep in mind and if you play like that on Saturday we won't lose.
  • Erik: Definitely!
  • Nobby: You're up against Wolfsburg. You usually say you don't look at how the opponent is doing. But we should and have to do that: they have won 2 of their last 4 games and lost the other 2. How do you rate/judge the team at the moment?
  • Erik: It's difficult to say something about Wolfsburg. They definitely have improved during the second half of the season, they have played good games, sometimes it's a bit of a surprise/lucky bag but to be honest, I haven't watched a lot of Wolfsburg matches. I'd rather focus on our team so I think if we follow through like we want to and if we play like on Tuesday against Lisbon we will win and we don't have to talk a lot about the others, just about us and then things will work out.
  • Nobby: Erik, you're free of injuries, you're a regular in the starting XI. Apart from the two losses how much do you enjoy your current situation?
  • Erik: Of course I enjoy it a lot. It's important for every player to be free of injuries and get playing time. I get that at the moment so I'm very happy but as I said my health is currently still my main focus.
  • Nobby: (touches Erik's knee) Is everything alright?
  • Erik: Yes, everything's ok. (both laugh) And yeah our manager is satisfied with our current performance as well and of course I'm always very self-critical. Especially after Darmstadt I was very self-critical and wasn't satisfied with myself but nevertheless I'm fit, I'm healthy and I'm happy about every minute I get.
  • Nobby: Currently, you're playing in midfield as a winger. You played the same position in the U23. Do you feel comfortable there?
  • Erik: Well, the midfield postion is mainly an offensive part, I'm still also playing in the back five in the defense. We always shift around a bit which works pretty well. Obviously, Schmelle and I always have to run a lot but I think we both know how to do that. That's why this position fits us well and yeah, being involved at the front is always fun...
  • Nobby: You were a striker originally, weren't you?
  • Erik: I was originally playing as a 9 so not that much on the wings but-
  • Nobby: You know how to score goals
  • Erik: One can hardly imagine, yeah. (both laugh) I had some inhibitions when I played for the Dortmund amateurs, didn't quite work out with scoring but after that I've become a defender pretty quickly, thanks to Kloppo, but it's still a lot of fun to be able to make a difference in the offense.
  • Nobby: The Süd will be empty. That will be a weird picture for all of us, for you as well?
  • Erik: Yes definitely! I mean, the atmosphere here in our stadium is always awesome. The süd being behind us is quite impressive. Especially when we play at home they encourage us and spur us on immensely. Yeah... it's such a shame that the Süd won't be there on Saturday.
  • Nobby: When you score a goal you'll still celebrate toward the Süd...
  • Erik: Yes! (both laugh) Yeah, if I score a goal, which for me doesn't happen that often, I'll still celebrate of course.

i remember that one of my history teachers idolized andrew jackson. would go on and on about andrew jackson, the president for the common man, day after day. i sat in front of a native american student, and every time good ole mr. sherril would say, “president andrew jackson - ” i watched that boy’s face crumble, but he never once said a word.

imagine what it’d be like, sitting in a class, day after day, having to listen to someone sing the praises of the man who tore your ancestors off their land, killed thousands of them in doing so. who stuck your ancestors on reservations. imagine having to hear someone praise the genocide of your people.

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What do you think if we did an episode when our three teams had a shake up, either a class assignment or the 9 of them stuck in a place like a cave and they get separated into 3. Obviously one team would be the leaders, Akko, Diana, and Amanda. Also you got to have Lotte and Barbara together the two Nightfall fans, and the rest I don't know. Interesting to see how Hannah and Barbara would react to being separated, they are always together.



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Do I spot voltron in your first final? I don't know how much you still have left, but good luck, you can do it


I have 4 more finals to go!  Only one of them is a test (ew psychology class), two I have to put together my final videos for and I might share them here when they’re done, and the last one is a paper I’ll probably get done this weekend. 

on top of that I’m being a model for a friend of mine in the school’s small fashion show so I have to go to a rehearsal for that.   

I’m in my last busy stretch before summer! 

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Ahhh okay okay okay!! I for one thank you for following me! I wouldn't think you would like my blog! Anyway for a Drarry prompt! I don't have an exact idea but I want amortentia DRARRY! One of them brewing in class and one comes in wondering why it smells like who. Ooh! OR OR! The classical: you messed this up! I don't smell anything! Honestly amortentia anything!

omg whatI love your blog! thank you for following me!

My Writing

“Mr. Potter! How nice of you to join us!” Slughorn said as Harry came into class late.

“Sorry Professor. I overslept,” Harry mumbled.

“Oh not to worry, my boy! We’re just brewing up some Amortentia.”

“Um…okay,” Harry said, having no idea what Amortentia is.

“Right, well, since you came in late, it seems your usual partner, Mr. Weasley, is taken. Mr. Malfoy needs a partner, though.”

Draco’s head snapped up at this.

“I think I’d rather work alone, sir.”

“Oh nonsense, boy! Go on, take your seat.”

Harry sighed and sat down in the chair next to Draco, who just rolled his eyes at him.

“Yeah, I’m not too thrilled either,” Harry muttered to himself, but loud enough for Draco to hear.

“Well can you at least be helpful?” Draco snapped.

Harry sighed and looked over at Draco’s textbook. He didn’t want to pull out his own and risk Draco seeing all the extra writing in it. Harry didn’t bother to read what the potion actually does and just skipped right down to the instructions. Draco had already started brewing it, so Harry didn’t know what point the potion was at.

“What should I do?”

“Merlin, you’re useless.”

“Well how do you expect me to just know how far you are?!”

“Well, maybe come to class on time!”

“Do you want me to help or not?”

Draco took a deep breath, trying to calm himself.

“Step four,” he bit out.

Harry grabbed the supplies and quickly began cutting up rose thorns.

“You’re not doing it right, Potter.”

“Jesus, Malfoy. It’s fine. It just has to be cut, I don’t think it really matters how.”

“It does matter,” Draco said, and then reached over to take the knife from Harry.

When he grabbed for the knife, their hands brushed together, and Harry gasped and dropped the knife at the warmth he felt from the contact. The knife clattered on the floor, and Draco glared at him before bending down to pick it up.

“Just stay out of the way,” he muttered and made quick work of cutting up the rose thorns and throwing them into the cauldron.

Harry grew bored of just watching Draco stir and add things.

“Let me do something,” he practically whined.

Draco gave him a strange look, one that wasn’t a glare, and that Harry was surprised to see.

“I’m almost done. Just let me do it,” Draco said and added the last ingredient.

“Can I at least stir it? You did all the work, I feel bad…” Harry admitted.

He was just as shocked to hear himself say that as Draco was.


Draco moved out of the way and Harry mixed the potion until it turned the proper color.

“I think we’re done, Professor!” Harry called.

Slughorn came over and looked into their cauldron.

“Well done, boys! Go ahead and smell it,” he told them before walking off to check the status of a different group’s potion.

“Smell it? Why the bloody hell would I do that?”

“Do you even know what this potion is, Potter?”

“Of course I do!” Harry lied.

He didn’t fool Draco, who just rolled his eyes.

“It’s a love potion. It’s supposed to smell like what you’re attracted to, so it varies from person to person.”

At that, Harry leaned down to smell it.

“Well it doesn’t smell any different than it has the whole time we’ve been working on it.”

“Bullshit, Potter. If you had done any work, I would believe that, but I know that I didn’t mess it up.”

Draco then lightly pushed Harry to the side so he could smell it. Harry noticed the panicked look on his face after he registered the smell.

“Well? Do you smell anything?”


“Well what is it?”

“None of your business, Potter!”

Harry then went over by Hermione and Ron, who just finished, to smell theirs, insisting that something with his own went wrong.

“What the hell! It smells exactly the same as the one I made with…Malfoy.”

The realization quickly crashed upon Harry. He slowly made his way back over to Draco.

“Was theirs brewed correctly?” Draco asked.

“Yes,” Harry said quietly and sat down, not bothering to help Draco clean up.

Draco looked at Harry for a moment, trying to meet his eyes, but Harry wouldn’t let him. He just stared down at the desk. The bell finally rung, signaling the end of class, and Harry was the first one out. Before he could get far, though, someone called his name.


Harry stopped walking, and waited for him to catch up.

“What do you want, Malfoy?”

“I, um…wanted to ask if you were okay.”

“And since when do you care about my well being?”

Draco shrugged.

“You just seemed upset.”

“Yeah, well, having a bloody potion confirm the feelings that I’ve been trying to deny isn’t exactly how I planned on today going.”

The words were out of Harry’s mouth before he realized he was saying them.

“Funny, I had the same experience.”

Harry narrowed his eyes at Draco.

“What do you mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean. I mean the same thing as you. I smelt you in the bloody potion, Potter. And I know you smelt me, too.”

Harry blushed.

“I-I didnt-”

“Really? Then please tell me why you’re acting like this.”

Harry didn’t say anything and looked away from Draco.

“How long have you felt this way?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Harry mumbled.

“Tell me, Potter.”

Harry let out an exasperated sigh and met Draco’s grey eyes.

“I don’t know! Ages!”

“I’ve had a crush on you since first year,” Draco admitted.

Harry’s eyes widened in surprise.

“You’re joking,” Harry said, shaking his head. “This is some kind of sick joke, isn’t it?! I bet Zabini and Parkinson are just waiting around the corner, laughing!” 

Harry wasn’t sure where the sudden burst of anger came from. Draco was shocked at his outburst.

“Calm down, Harry. This isn’t a joke. I bloody love you.”

Harry stared at him with wide green eyes. He didn’t know what to think, and honestly, he was scared. He had never felt this way about anyone before, and he couldn’t handle it if Draco was just messing with him.

“Harry,” Draco said and gently took Harry’s hand. “I wouldn’t joke about this. I’ve wanted this…us for ages. You can ask anyone. They’ll tell you about how I never shut up about you.”

Harry cracked a small smile at that.

“This is…unexpected.”

Draco chuckled.

“I agree. But it’s welcome. So what do you say?”

“About what?”

Draco rolled his eyes.

“Being my boyfriend, obviously.”

Harry blushed, but couldn’t keep the smile off of his face.

“I would really like that.”

“Good,” Draco said and leaned in to press a soft kiss to Harry’s lips. “If this is how we reacted, I don’t even want to know what our friends will think.”

Harry laughed.

“I have a feeling yours won’t be too surprised. After all, you never shut up about me.”

“Oh shut up, Potter,” Draco grumbled, and then dragged a laughing Harry along to their next class.

anonymous asked:

so i have a serious fidgeting problem to the point where if i'm not doing something with my hands i end up scratching my skin off or tearing my hair out and i have one of those fidget cubes to help and i get bullied massively at school for having one. it sucks because they think that i don't need it because i haven't scratched myself in a while, but that's because i have it. like jeez i know that some people really don't need them but seriously?

I have severe anxiety and have a hard time focusing in my uni classes do been considering getting a spinner or cube to help me with it, but with all the cringe of them lately, I’m reluctant because God, it was getting so bad on campus, the high schools in my small town 15 min from campus even banned them it’s nuts