one of the worst places on earth take me away my soul is shriveling up

stumblingoverchaos  asked:

:D about you doing prompts, too! Hmm. Consider this - maybe the injury and illness curse isn't the curse of Consol/PPG. Maybe it all started with Mario (cancer, debilitating back problems, heart problems). What do Sid and Geno do when they start to look away from the present to the past?

@stumblingoverchaos, here you go.  Sorry this took so long!

“I’m sorry,  what?” 

Sid stares at Mario, wondering if 1. Mario’s lost his mind, or 2. If Sid’s lost his. Sid looks over at Geno, mostly to check if he heard the same thing Sid just heard. Geno’s eyebrows are trying to meet his hairline so there’s a good possibility. 

“Like in TV show with Sam and Dean and car?” Geno says, and Mario puts his head in his hands.

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