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Booklr and bookstagram is full of perfect, off the shelf books- and thats fine- but not all books look that way. In fact, if you’ve really read a book, especially if you read it as a child, your copy is likely to be very battered. 

On the very few occasions I have shared photos of books like this I have been told off by people for not looking after my books!

Well, I for one have had enough *inspirational background music begins* and I ask you all to stand with me and post photos of your well loved books!

From December 12th to December 18th post pictures of those books you read so much they fell apart!

You could just post one picture, or you could get involved with this mini book photo challenge;

day 1- Old Favourite 

day 2- Gifted

day 3- Oldest book

day 4- Book and tea

day 5- Imperfections/annotations

day 6- Broken spines

day 7- If you could only save one book from your burning house…?

Tag your pictures with #well loved books or #welllovedbooks on instagram. 

  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • me: on december 22nd, 2016 at roughly 9:27 in central time, ryan ross released a new video on instagram, this being the second post this week. this one showcasing his cool lighting and shit stairwalking skills, it also showed us some more snazzy music, captioned 'Walking down stairs in the dark while takin a video is a real gamble guys. 👽⚰️. here's some new shit tho' the lyrics stating "you gotta go away to make a comeback; and i dont think i wanna live like that" the sound was more electronic than any other sound weve heard from ryan ross before this being one of the very few previews of music weve recieved since 2013. in this three year time span, he has been absent from posting/showing us music, so is that what he means by going away? im sure well find out soon when ryan drops more musi-
  • psychic: honestly me too wtf this song preview is the Only Good Thing about 2016

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Hi! I just wanted to say I found your blog few days ago and really love your arts and AU, your drawings so cute and sensitive!! And artstyle very-very nice, especially how you do draw Alex and Tom QwQ so, could you draw some cute au-Jamilton hugs for me, please? q-q I'll be very grateful! love u, thank you in advance <3 have a nice day~

Thank you! I hope your day is great, have a family movie night

161108 RM’s Last Broadcast FC Post // Trans

Last Broadcast Rain.

Bangtan had their last broadcast. We had the last broadcast, and it’s raining.
It’s almost feels like the rain was waiting to come down.

Since I learned a bit of what loneliness is, or whenever it was I don’t really remember but, I’ve ended up really liking the rain. Even though no one would know, I would often do things like go around by myself chasing the rain without an umbrella. (Honestly, I still do sometimes.)

Rain is very similar to music. Depending on the background, the situation the expression changes and the nuance can be different. Sometimes you definitely feel the perfect sadness and sometimes it’s a complete opposite, and other times it’s purifying, rest, a bitter smile, and other such things.. But my likeness for the smell of rain is never changing. Maybe it’s because the dust is being cleaned down.

In the last few years, I’ve always wanted to write a song relating to rain (we do have ‘Rain’..but a version is that completely my own). Although I haven’t really thought it through, of the songs I like, a lot of them are about rain. Epik High hyungs’ Umbrella, Let it Rain, Younha noona’s Sound of Rain, X-Japan’s Endless Rain, FreeTEMPO’s Rain, Razah’s Rain, Teacher Kim HyunShik’s Like Rain Like Music,’s really a lot. That’s how much rain has gladly become someone’s muse.
And the world is a little bit more liveable thanks to the rain.

The contents we learned as a child from a science book - that fact that, the volume of Earth’s water is constant and it can become the sea, become the river, become the rain and so the Earth continues to spin - was so so fascinating. The idea that the rain droplets that are tapping against my window could be from the far Himalayan mountains. Ever mixing and being shared..I would think I too want to live like a rain droplet, but I also wonder what would happen if rain droplets understood loneliness.. It’s a bit sad. I keep going back and forth.

Anyways, Like the falling rain, a lot of things passed by like a panorama in one month. I still can’t believe, as much as I try, that we already had our last broadcast. I know it’s cliche but it really was like that this time. For you and me, it was a 4 weeks where the rain came down like none other before.

The world calls that rain ‘Korea’s Best Rainfall in Years’, ‘The First such and such Rain’, ‘_00mm’* and with words similar to these people will record and of course this is a very happy thing but, we can’t simply use such numbers to represent our rain. This is something just we know. Before this rain, there were a myriad of other rains that fell and in our eyes, in your eyes, whenever we’re standing on stage, and on my body rain is always falling. In every moment the floods and waves are collectively hitting.

In this moment I’m not at a faraway place, but I really like that I’m here with you guys mixing and falling together as rain droplets. And so I just really wanted to say that I didn’t want us to be remembered just by several numbers.

They say singers follow their song titles. As the song title says, this rain contains mine and all of your blood, sweat, and tears.

Listen carefully to the rain sounds right now!
What is it saying to you

P.S. Sorry of this was a bit cheesy. But since it’s the last broadcast! Here was my last broadcast thoughts.

Trans by @bangtoori

So I just finished watching both movie and musical versions of Heathers and hot damn is JD done differently in the beginning.

Like yeah, they both end up basically the same way but musical JD gave off very few red flags to me at the beginning. He did the whole trench coat and “look at me I’m deep” shit, but that’s high school boy? The draino thing was when I was like “eehhhhhhhhhh that wasn’t a joke like you’re trying to play off but ok”.

But movie JD? Holy shit. He’s one giant ass red flag. Veronica honey. Love yourself. Avoid at all costs please for everyone’s sake. We’re only 15 minutes in and he’s pulled out a real ass gun


Heathers Week: Day 2- Favourite AU/Headcannon

JD power ranger jokes aside my favourite Headcannons are probably just LGBT Heathers ones (boring I know but I love it) so here’s what I think and you can disagree or whatever

Heather Macnamara- Lesbian 

I think a lot of people think this especially Mcnamawyer and Chandlmara shippers. I’ve honestly saw very few people disagree with the fact that Mac likes girls, it’s basically a fact, and it’s the only reason I’m gonna watch the reboot. 

Heather Chandler- Lesbian

I used the musical gif specifically because I’m still debating what I think about movie Chandler. I would say a lot of people agree because on movie night every time she came on stage, the whole chat just said “gay”. Like come on she had no reason to be like that with Veronica in Beautiful if she’s straight.

Veronica Sawyer- Bisexual

Once again I think like the entire fandom agrees (I’m so basic). She has to be attracted to chandler, like who isn’t? and holding hands with Mac at the end is adorable, but she obviously had feelings for JD and finds guys attractive so ayyy Bisexual Veronica. I also think movie Veronica is bi, like the cute little head rest thing with mac is cute and she like fucked JD in a car so.

Heather Duke- Aromantic Asexual

I used movie duke because I don’t have the same opinion on musical duke. I haven’t saw a lot of this but maybe that’s just ‘cause I haven’t went looking. I know I joke about Duke’s “oh shit I’m gay” moment after Veronica kisses her cheek but in all honesty I can’t see duke being in a relationship, or wanting to be in one for that matter. Dude she just wants to take over Chandler, be a bitch and rule the school in peace, she doesn’t need some other person taking up her time.

Betty Finn- Asexual Lesbian

Finally sweet, sweet, under appreciated Betty Finn, gay, gay, adorable Betty Finn. I love her and idk why but I think she’s gay af and totally has a crush on Veronica but I also think she’s ace, like hand holding and cuddling? YES. Sex? Nopedy Nope Nope.

This was far longer than intended, feel free to give me your opinions on this or other characters.

Hi! Hey! Hello!

My names Liam, I just turned 16 a few days ago, and I am from California! 

My hobbies include binge watching Netflix, FaceTime/Skype, procrastinating really badly on homework, and photography. Tbh I fuck with all kinds of music, except country (sorry lmao), But Lana del Rey, Halsey, Ariana Grande, and Melanie Martinez are my favs, but I love so many bands/artists you could literaly pick a random one and the chance that I like some of their music is very high. My favorite TV shows, music, and youtube videos that I like to watch constantly change so I love hearing about what other people are watching or listening to.

I super sarcastic and ½ of my texts include kim kardashian or New York memes. Where ever I go, drama seems to follow so I have like 3-5 rants a day about how annoyed I am or what made me laugh on that day. I love hearing about what other people went through on that day. I love friendships where we plan trips and our lives out with each other, and it’s going to actually turn into something that’s more than “what’s up?” for a month. I hope that we can can whenever, have a million inside jokes, interact on all social medias, laugh together, cry together, and grow up together. I speak english and I’m learning Spanish (I know conversational basically)

  I love those 2 am texting friendships and honestly as long as you’re not a hateful person, we’ll get along great. I am 1000% fine with any Age/Gender/Sexuality  etc; and i want to meet all types of people.  At first I may be awkward af, but in a week ill probably be telling you all my secrets lmao, and I got some shit to spill😂😩🐸☕️. 

You can talk to me at:

Snapchat: liam_awesome100 (yes I know it sounds like a 7 year old made that username, i made it so long ago and I don’t have the energy to make a new account)

kik: crimsonword (also made when i was young af, you can see that recurring theme of aged usernames here lmao)

tumblr: lana-del-ayte


Instagram: liam.canniffe

PS: Holy shit did you really get to the end of that long ass paragraph?!? Good for you boo!👏🏼👏🏼

So, I was listening to my music library after reading @kazliin​‘s incredible fic Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches for the third or fourth time and I thought, “this song really fits. Oh wait. so does this one. Oh no”. 

And this happened.

I’ve never really done anything like this before, and all the music is from my own personal library and therefore has a fair amount of the same bands. I also don’t have a ton of super angsty music so unfortunately I don’t have much for the first few chapters. 

Almost everything from Viktor’s point of view is simply what I think happened and it’s possible it’s wrong, so take it with a grain of salt. 

Feedback, suggestions, etc. is very welcome.

Here is a link to the playlist on Youtube. I tried to set it up in order of chapter but some of it’s a little wacky because the songs fit multiple chapters. 

Explanations & matching quotes under the read more.

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“When I was 17, I was a big creative person. I was choir president, you know, so, I did the All-state. And being All-state’s choir definitely was a very cool, coveted thing, if you were a big choir nerd like me.
By my senior year, I talked to my choir teacher and told her that I’d written a choir piece and that I would love to show it to her. I gave her the sheet music and she said she loved it and that I should direct it. I really loved that.
I was definitely more nervous directing than I would be if I was just one person in the choir. But we had a few months to rehearse the songs, so, you know, everyday when we go to the choir class, we’d worked on that one and my teacher were so supportive and so cool to me and really pushed me to do even more than I was asking to do. So, I wasn’t asking to step up in front in direct choir, but she wanted me to.
We started out this performing the song that I wrote for the choir, at the choir performance, and they liked it so much that they asked us to do at the graduation too. So, that was really, really special.
I definitely felt like I started out at that school underdog, in a lot of ways, and by that time, when we got to the ending moment with graduation, I just felt someone accepted, you know, and just like ‘Hey, it’s cool to be different, it’s cool to be an artist, it’s cool to do your on thing and not be like everyone else.'”

MAP6 Member Profile

i made member profiles a while back for bts and seventeen. recently i’ve been getting into this group called map6, as you may have noticed if you follow me, and i feel like they’re really underrated. so i figured, i have somewhat of a following. not enough to get one of their music videos to a million views or anything, but i figure at least a few of you might look into them. so here we are again.

*disclaimer: this won’t be as lengthy as bts’ or especially seventeen’s, as i don’t know as much about the members. but here’s some very basic information about them.


  • they are under dream tea entertainment, the same company as beloved girl group girl’s day.
  • debuted in 2015.
  • there are five members, and no, that’s not because there’s one member that left if you’re assuming so.
  • all of the members are korean.
  • all of the members were previously in a group called a-prince, except for sign.


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  • real name: kim min hyuk
  • born: april 11th, 1992
  • role: main rapper, leader
  • blood type: a
  • zodiac: aries
  • place of birth: seoul, south korea


Originally posted by minhyuk6

  • real name: kim yeong jun
  • born: may 21st, 1994
  • role: lead vocalist, lead dancer
  • blood type: b
  • zodiac: gemini
  • place of birth: seoul, south korea


Originally posted by minhyuk6

  • real name: kim ki ho
  • born: october 24th, 1994
  • role: main vocalist
  • blood type: a
  • zodiac: scorpio
  • place of birth: who knows where, south korea


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  • real name: kang byung seon
  • born: december 31st, 1995
  • role: main dancer, vocalist, my bias
  • blood type: o
  • zodiac: capricorn
  • place of birth: ansan, gyeonggi-do, south korea

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  • real name: park jong bin
  • born: may 18th, 1996
  • role: lead rapper, vocalist, maknae
  • blood type: a
  • zodiac: taurus
  • place of birth: siheung, gyeonggi-do, south korea

song recommendations: swagger time (this is the song that got me into them), and their latest comeback no surrender as well

reason to stan: they are mighty cute

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Originally posted by map6-youngjun

Originally posted by definitelythis

Originally posted by definitelythis

and also i think a lot of you would like their music. really. so check em out, and if you like them, support them, spread the love for them. they’re a really small group but i definitely think they have the potential for a bigger audience. and i hope some of you found this useful, have a good day. (✿◠‿◠)

Hiram King “Hank” Williams, Sept. 17, 1923 - Jan. 1, 1953

On. Jan 1, 1953, somewhere between Knoxville, Tenn. and Oak Hill, W. Va., the greatest country singer and the greatest songwriter of the 20th century passed away in the back seat of a baby blue 1952 Cadillac.
Hiram King “Hank” Williams Sr. scored his first hit in 1947 with “Move It On Over.” Although his career in the spotlight only lasted 4 years, in that 4 years he forever changed the face of popular music. His songs would be recorded by everyone from Perry Como to Isaac Hayes to the Melvins to Social Distortion.
Very few artists have transcended the genres like Hank and certainly no one has ever put words to paper quite like him. His nickname, “Hillbilly Shakespeare,” only speaks to his greatness.
Today marks the 63rd anniversary of Hank Williams’ passing, but I believe the pastor of Hank’s funeral, Henry Lyon, said it best – “If this world should last a thousand years, Hank shall remain dear to millions of hearts.”

Baby Killed children missing!! Oh my God!
Night 3 Remember Minigame death game over time fast! star unlock

-Did you know that i was on stage once? It wasn’t for very long Only one day

-What a wonderful day, Though. I was in a small room with ballons and few tables.

-No one sat at the tables, though. But Children would run in and out. some were afraid of me. Others enjoyed my song music was always coming from somewhere else down a hall.

-I would always count the children i’m not sure why i was always aware of how many there were in the room with me 2,3,2,3,4,2 the none

-They usually played together in groups of two or three i was covered in glitter i smelled like birthday cake 2,3,5,4.

-I can do something special did you know that? I can make ice cream.
although i only did it once 4,3,2 the one.

-Something happened when there was one a little girl, standing by herself i was no longer… Myself and i stopped singing my stomach opened,and there was ice cream.

-I couldn’t move, at least, not until she stepped closer there was screaming for a moment, but only for a moment Then other children rushed in again, but they couldn’t hear her over the sounds of their own excitement I still her sometimes.

-Why did that happen?


My third part of the series! woohoo!!!

  • Jimin was very happy that jin and taehyung accepted him so quickly
  • He agreed that they would celebrate their birthdays together
  • jimin is the quieter of all three so he has trouble being outspoken
  • His dad wanted someone to learn to play the violin (he asked tae but ‘”no i wanna play the tuba!)
  • His dad wanted someone to learn to play the violin (he asked tae but ‘”no i wanna play the tuba!)
  • Music!teacher yoongi loves jimin’s voice and has him in a few competitions and he’s won them
  • He can play the violin, piano, and chello! 
  • So jimin like his siblings doesn’t wear like fancy shit, like he fucking wears tims everywhere
  • Leather pants for days, his mother tries to make him wear ‘nice’ clothes but whoops
  • Teacher!Namjoon is just happy one of the ‘twins’ take their studies seriously
  • but his favorite class is dance!!
  • He’s very good at arts 
  • Originally their parents just wanted the boys to learn classic dancing but jimin had so much fun dancing!
  • He wasn’t the one to ask to continue dancing though, Taehyung noticed and asked so they could do it together
  • So his parents invited Danceinstructor!Hoseok to teach them three times a week
  • Jimin often goes to town square to watch the circle of teens dancing, he’s never joined but one day day he will
  • He does ballet, hip hop, and contemporary, he dislikes ballroom dancing but he’s good at it
  • He’s very often dancing even their classes are over, he finds that it helps release the build up of stress
  • Okay so one day jimin and taehyung are going to town to go to the market to buy some fruits from the locals
  • and taehyung is being taehyung is looking at all the stalls and is wasting time so he sends jimin ahead to buy the fruits
  • so off jimin goes to buy the fruits, walking to the stalls he sees the group of teens he often watches teens and kinda hides
  • he realizes that they have no idea he watches them and continues on his way
  • buying the fruits while he wishes that he greeted the teens so he could dance he sighs
  • turning around with his big bag of fruits, and preparing himself to go find his brother who most likely walked off
  • Someone bumps into him!
  • Letting out a high pitch squeal because the fruit bag broke and oh no he the apples might bruise and ahhhh
  • But the person who bumped into him manages to grab almost all the apples before they fell
  • Looking at their face jimin realizes that its you, one of the teens from the circle!
  • Apologizing to jimin  you realize that he’s the boy who watches you guys!
  • ‘’You should join us today! We’re dancing at the park, we were all wondering when you’d join’’
  • You told him while handing him his apples and asking the woman who ran the stall for another bag
  • “you saw me?” 
  • he asked, he thought he had been so sneaky but apparently he wasn’t
  • nodding you handed him the bag and waved 
  • “hope you come!’
  • and with that you ran off because you were now late to practice
  • taehyung walked up to jimin and waggling his eyebrows at the boy, making jimin blush in return
  • Taking the fruit to the castle he asked taehyung to accompany him to the castle but tae had gardening lessons 
  • so he went by himself
  • going to the park and then trying to talk himself out of it because all of you were just so good and he just started his lesson a few years ago!
  • but before he could leave he sees you dancing 
  • and is totally hypnotized by your dancing, you realized that he was there so you started waving!
  • ‘’hey! over here!’’
  • freaking out because his chance to leave was gone so now he awkwardly shuffled over to your group
  • Introducing him to your all of your friends, you waited for him to introduce himself
  • “I’m jimin, i just turned sixteen”
  • a gasp came from some of them realizing that he was the prince!
  • “wanna dance with us? We’ve been practicing for a battle for a while, it’s gonna be great!’’
  • you said not really caring if he was the prince, really your life revolved around dancing and you had heard that the prince was good at dancing
  • “okay?’’
  • He hesitantly said
  • clasping your hands together you laughed, making him blush because who is this strange girl?
  • fast forward a month and a half
  • the battle is rapidly approaching and jimin is not ready so he asked you if yould help him 
  • thus here you were in the ballroom
  • His dancing was good but he just looked really unsure of himself
  • “you’re really good at dancing but why do you look so stressed all the time?
  • hearing him mumble something but not hearing what he said you ask him to repeat himself
  • “Because i don’t wanna embarrass myself in front of the girl i like!’’
  • and whoops he just confessed to you, now you’re gonna laugh at him and tell him that he’s dumb and his dancing sucks and kick him ou-
  • “you giant nerd, i like you too” 
  • walking to him and kissing his cheek
  • Oh no where has jimin gone all we see is a bright red firetruck
  • “yo- you, me? huh?”
  • giggling at jimin’s response to your confession because how the hell can he be so cute?
  • Helping him learn his dance, while holding his hands and making him blush 
  • you guys win the battle and he just kinda is so overjoyed he kisses you
  • on the lips!!
  • blushing because he just kissed you in front of everyone, taehyung whistles at you guys and your friends join in
  • He’s very happy he didn’t run away at the park that day
  • what a smol nerd

aandyku  asked:

how did you discover kate bush

Well, stared off with her being on my dash all the time. I scrolled past because I didn’t bother really. And I was watching this British tv show called “the comic strip presents”
(which is in fact one of my favourite tv shows)
And there was a song by her on there. I thought “well this was very 80’s” and since I love 80’s music, I kind of liked it.
Then a few weeks later I was watching shameless UK and for some reason they had a liberate van playing wuthering heights on a loop, and I got OBSESSED!
And then I found out that it was this Kate Bush person who had been stalking me on all my social media lately. So I listened to wuthering heights on repeat for about 3 weeks. And then I moved on the the rest of her stuff.
So I honestly have shameless UK to thank for my obsession ( or actually a show jam and Jerusalem because the only reason I checked out shameless was because of an actress that was o. Jam and Jerusalem)
Long story huh?! Hahaha ❤❤❤


I feel like a monster doing these ;-; my poor boys….

…These were actually done a few nights ago. Thing is I wanted to add some lyrics to a song that would very well fit these pieces, but I just couldn’t find one (guess it’s a consquence for someone who has like over a thousand songs in their music collection lol) so I just left them they way they are ^^;;

luluthepenguin  asked:

I hope ur still doing matchups >•< I'm of a Hispanic culture, I have red hair and brown eyes and vv short (5ft). I love music, singing, drawing, and anything creative. I'm very shy but sweet. I also have very bad social anxiety xc. But once I know u well I'm very upbeat and I constantly tell horrible jokes. I'm also in a pop punk band (sorry for my bad English and ily) Xx

ahh actually I don’t offer match-ups regularly. I was just randomly asked by an Anon so I just did a few.. the previous was actually supposed to be the last person heh. 

buut since you already sent this in and.. I won’t be offering any HCs today I’ll do this one too ^-^

your ~Match~ is: Saeran Choi (aka the Edgelord)

  • your red hair PERFECTLY compliments Saeran’s hair because he has these pink highlights
  • and he’s just like you because he’s not very social which is great because the two of you would enjoy each other’s company
  • e.g. just the two of you sprawled across the floor, playing some rock music in the background, drawing random stuff, humming/singing occasionally to those really catchy parts
  • once you get to know him, you’ll understand that he really has a bit of Seven in him (meaning that he can be really happy and excited too - it’s just more contained and less exuberant)
  • for example, if you take him to an amusement park he’ll seem disinterested at first but then he gets on the rollercoaster and now he’s a happy child who also wants to buy cotton candy 
  • btw he doesn’t understand what “horrible” jokes are so it’s okay he’ll laugh at everything you say :)

alrightt that’s it!

~Cherry L.

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Make My Heart Dance (Requested)

Pairing: Pre Serum Steve x reader

Request: Could you write something about pre serum Steve dating a burlesque dancer? She’s quite seductive but very sweet and they meet at one of her shows that Bucky insists on taking him to <3 thank you!

Warnings: None

Words: 979

A/N: I did some research for this mostly watching the music video for But It’s Better If You Do and watching Moulin Rouge (Though it didn’t really help, I didn’t know what to think at first but I liked it.)

(Also after the line break it’s supposed to be a large time gap, like a few weeks or a month)

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“Now I think we should have some music,” Mary said, recovering herself as Francis took her hand. “I feel as though I should like to dance.”

Francis bowed low as the musicians struck up their instruments. He had always looked young — his good looks were boyish in a way — but over the last few months, a maturity had come over the king. His blue eyes remained crystal clear and full of love for Mary, but the stresses of the crown showed on him physically. No one else would notice, Mary thought as he took her in his arms and began to move about the room. No one else would see the beginnings of creases around his eyes, around his smile. But Mary saw them. And she loved him all the more because of them.

“That’s a singular expression on your face,” he whispered as they spun across the ballroom, their dance as easy and natural as breathing. “Whatever are you thinking about?”

“You,” she said. Mary was trying terribly hard to make honesty her only policy with Francis. “And how handsome you look tonight.”

“I could only ever be a frame to a piece of art such as you,” he replied, smiling at his own compliment as Mary laughed. “I haven’t heard that sound nearly often enough lately. I should like to hear you laugh at least once a day.”

“Let’s make a promise,” she said, watching half a dozen other happy couples join them in the dance. We will make each other laugh every day.”

He buried his face in her hair and inhaled, taking in her delicate rose scent. “Sometimes it’s hard to find things to laugh about, isn’t it?” he said.

“It is,” Mary replied. “But that’s why we have each other, to remind each other of what is important.”

“How about this,” Francis said. “I promise never to forget what is important.”

“It’s officially a promise,” she answered. Francis grabbed her by the waist and lifted her high above his head, spinning her around before bringing her back down to the ground and pausing to press his lips quickly against hers.

Just an update,

Hey! First of all I’d like to apologize to every one of my followers. I’ve been neglectful of you and I never ever update. Ever. I know everyone wants me to post more. If you want the absolute truth, I’ve been very, very busy with college and life in general these past few months. I’ve been taking 19 credit hours as a music major to make up for the semester I took off to transition. I walk through campus, and people just see me as any other girl now. I’m privileged that I pass, and other than the occasional bout of genital dysphoria or self-esteem issues, I don’t think that much about being transgender anymore. Anyway, here’s a quick recap of that past couple months:

1) I’m making steady improvements with my voice. Sometimes, it still takes energy to talk, but I’ve been seeing a speech pathologist lately and we’re working through fixing a lot of my old bad habits. I’ve been taking voice lessons as well in college, and my teacher and I have been working through the voice exercises that Yeson provides. I’ve recently gotten my head voice back, and it’s getting stronger and stronger. We’re starting to look at some high alto/mezzo soprano arts songs to sing.

2) People at FSU don’t recognize me as the same person I was before I left. Old classmates and acquaintances at the beginning of the semester reintroduced themselves to me. I played along with it and pretended like I was a different person. lol.

3) Currently freaking out about graduating like any other college student. I’m looking at internships right now.

4) I’ve stopped taking progesterone because it’s been giving me mood swings and I’ve been feeling depressed lately. My mood is a lot more stable now and other than the general anxiety and stress of school, I’m totes fine.

5) ONE YEAR ON HORMONES WHAT! I had a tranniversary celebration with friends. It was fun.

For any new people to my blog… don’t expect regular updates. I may start it back up when I’m not so busy with life. Who knows? Thanks guys!