one of the very few enemies to do that

“[Jesus] was a very offensive man socially, politically, morally, and religiously. In the end everyone (except for a few women!) rejected him – rich and poor, conservative and liberal and revolutionary, pious and impious, enemies and friends. Jesus was not the sweet, harmless ‘mythological’ figure of many Sunday school lessons and sermons. He was a real historical human being – a very dangerous one.”

- Shirley Guthrie, Christian Doctrine

Jesus’s example teaches us that sometimes in order to be Christian, one must live “offensively” – defying social, political, moral, and religious standards. How can we do that in our own lives?

I am super tired and meeting someone for breakfast tomorrow so probably should’ve been in bed like… three hours ago, but it never ceases to amaze me how good at this Mary and Will are. Mary immediately identified the fire giants as an exit point for Zahra and Kash (and neatly sidestepped a fight that probably would’ve delayed the final confrontation by a week), and did it in an awfully fitting way, and Will immediately picked up on it and rolled with it. Gosh, they’d better be okay…

Also: few plans are as quintessentially Vox Machina as “Let’s try to have a pleasant chat with this powerful and paranoid gang of thieves while sneaking into their lair disguised as their enemies. Oh, and let’s make sure to have our invisible party members doing the talking, so the ‘I promise we just look like your enemies, we’re really very helpful and ordinary people’ voices are floating out of the ether.” And then the twins both roll ones on persuasion. I love it so much.

SUPER nervous for the big episode next week. This arc started on episode 39, so it has officially been half of the show, and next episode could be the season finale. Wow.

Shy Bellamy

I wish people would recognize and speculate over this scene more, because it’s just so cute and highlights Bellamy’s character development between the two so well.

Originally posted by iconicbellarke

While watching this gif, just remember that these two were enemies a week or two ago in that scene. Clarke and Bellamy despised each other because they had opposite objectives. But over the course of a few days, Bellamy slowly opened up and Clarke was easily able to understand him more. She was one of the only people who got to see the soft side of him. The true side.

When he asks how’s she’s doing in this scene, it reveals very subtly how much he has grown to care about her. How much he is willing to let this relationship develop with her. Bellamy has only opened up to her because he has seen how much she can trust him. He wants to offer the same to her. He wants her to trust him. In order to do so, he has to open up and care, instead of giving her the cold shoulder like he does with others.

What’s sad about this moment is how shy he is when he asks how’s she’s doing. He’s not used to this whole hearted relationship but doesn’t want to screw it up. Bell’s not sure if asking how’s she’s doing is not how he should be acting. He thinks he has to be the tough one in the leadership duo. But he can’t stop himself from asking how she is, because he cares that much. I just love how he hesitated when he asked.

This moment is not mentioned a lot I find, and I think more people should start remembering the low key Bellarke moments from earlier seasons, especially season 1.

The signs in the hunger games
  • Aries: the SCARIEST opponent, probably the most appealing person to team up with, they'd know how to use EVERY weapon, and could probably defeat anyone that stood in their way
  • Taurus: very strong, very resourceful, knows how to get by in nature, probably wouldn't team up with anyone, would stick to the shadows and only fight if they had to
  • Gemini: very quick witted, can act on a moments notice, can probably talk their opponents out of killing them, can and will fight, but look out if you do pair up with them because if there is only a few people left they might backstab you
  • Cancer: the one who seems weak at first, but ends up losing all feelings and turns into a cold blooded killer and does anything and everything to survive
  • Leo: another appealing person to team up with, very charismatic (a lot like finnick), beautiful, graceful but deadly
  • Virgo: uses calculations and logic to get by, sets traps to kill their enemies or to get food, tries to stay as inconspicuous as possible but fights when they need to
  • Libra: vicious af, they're the ones who people would team up with, deceptive, will act weak but lash out and destroy you if you let your guard down
  • Scorpio: pretty much an assassin, will isolate themselves and kill their opponents silently, skilled with pretty much every weapon, impulsive and manipulative
  • Sagittarius: knows how to use nature to their advantage, would only pair up if necessary, probably up in the trees with as many supplies as they could carry
  • Capricorn: cold-blooded killer, would do ANYTHING to survive, would not pair up, would fight with their own two hands if they needed to
  • Aquarius: would try to pair with someone and follow them, really useful in finding food and shelter but needs someone to fight for them bc they're not too good at defense
  • Pisces: is pretty much like Peeta, uses camouflage to hide and blend in, is probably in a tree shooting arrows at people who come near them
Fire Emblem If/Fates ~ Kingdom of Hoshido Drama CD Series: Takumi’s prologue, a difficult choice. CD 2

Track 8: The decision

CD 1 Tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8

Previous Tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7

(Wow, I can’t believe I am done with this. It was a wild ride, and I learned a lot. Thank you guys for all your support. Although I likely won’t be doing the rest of the CDs, since I have to spend my money on other things, I hope you enjoyed reading these. Anyway, I thought most of the story was well done, with a few exeptions here and there. One of which is sadly in this final track.. But overall it was very enjoyable to me)

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Rhys vs. Rhysand

Once upon a time, one of my favourite blogs @xnightwolfx posted an amazing post about Rhysand’s name and how Feyre uses it throughout ACOTAR.

Inspired by that post once more, and re-reading ACOMAF a few times… I started thinking on the flip side, and I became very interested in the way that Rhysand reacts to his name. 

Namely because of these two moments that happen; one in ACOTAR, the other ACOMAF. 


“What do you want, Rhysand?” 

Rhysand smiled–heartbreaking in its beauty–and put a hand on his chest. “Rhysand? Come now, Tamlin. I don’t see you for forty-nine years and you start calling me Rhysand? Only my prisoners and my enemies call me that.” 

(Chapter 26)


“No one asked asked for your opinion, Rhysand.”

“Rhysand?” He chuckled, low and soft. “I give you a week of luxury and you call me Rhysand?” 

(Chapter 7)

Now I get that Tamlin calling Rhysand “Rhys” and Feyre calling Rhysand “Rhys” could have different meanings to our lord and saviour, Rhys. 

However, in both contexts, either with Tamlin or Feyre, there is the underlying notion that Rhys has a relationship with either of these two people. Tamlin and Rhys were friends, once, before they became enemies. At the start of ACOMAF, Feyre and Rhys are not friends (weeeeell, Rhys might consider Feyre his friend, but that was not what Feyre considers him), but they certainly are not enemies–especially not after what happened Under the Mountain.

And in both situations, Rhys seems shocked, and possibly upset that he’s called “Rhysand” and not “Rhys.” Rhys is a nickname, a name that he is called by everyone he loves on a daily basis (LOOKING AT MY TRUE FAMILY, THE NIGHT COURT). Mor, Azriel, Cassian, and Amren (though I’ve noted as I was reading that she calls him that more than the others, but I could be wrong) very rarely call him Rhysand, unless it’s for super formal reasons or they’re being super serious. Rhys is  … Rhys, the male who loves to fly, would do anything for the people he loves, lives and breathes Velaris, and can smile. Rhysand is a mask–the High Lord of the Night Court, the most powerful High Lord in Prythian’s history, with his Court of Nightmares and loves to torture and maim and kill, and is visibly hated by all the other Courts. 

To me, it seems like it bothers Rhys when the people he considers close to him calls him “Rhysand.” (COUGHFEYRECOUGH). Because it suggests a distancing between the person who calls him that and Rhys–it seems cold to him to hear someone call him Rhysand, and not Rhys. 

I mean, which is why I guess, it means a great deal when Feyre starts calling him Rhys and uses Rhys in the narrative instead of Rhysand. 

Is this post even making sense?

Does anyone else have thoughts?

Am I just Rhysand trash

I mean, I am but I just find this very interesting! 


kastle week | day one | firsts: words

We came here today to make you an offer. We don’t want money for our services. We’re not … interested in fame or free advertising. We aren’t even assigned to your case – we don’t have to be here. But, you take a quick look around, you’ll notice we’re the only ones who are. As you may well know, you list of enemies extends well beyond the gangs you killed. You’re very good at making powerful enemies. The day you were admitted to Metro General for the round you took to the head, a “Do Not Resuscitate” order was placed on you.
                              And a “Shoot To Kill” order, just a few days ago.

If Bleach had a support group for betrayed characters...

As requested by anon. :)

Hinamori: Hello, everyone! Welcome again to our weekly Betrayed Buddies meeting.

Hinamori: And a special welcome to our new members, Bazz-B and Liltotto!

Bazz-B: Hey.

Liltotto: What up.

Hinamori: No pressure, but do the two of you want to say a few words about why you’re here?

Bazz-B: We’re here ‘cause our boss tried to kill us and absorb our powers!

Bazz-B: Like, he straight up tried to murder us!

Liltotto: Even though we were very loyal to him.

Bazz-B: Yeah! Very loyal!

Halibel: I for one know that feeling very well. I sympathize.

Halibel: To this day, I wonder - when Aizen-sama became bored with my fight, why did he stab me? Why not my opponents, who were his enemies and who he stabbed soon after? Doesn’t it make more sense for him to stab his enemy, rather than his loyal follower? Doesn’t it?

Hinamori: Remember what we talked about last week, Halibel.

Hinamori: Aizen-sama stabbed you because he needed Hitsugaya to remain alive long enough to stab me.

Hinamori: Because he - like all betrayers - is what, everybody?

Everybody: Not a buddy!

Hinamori: That’s right!

Bazz-B: More like a major fucking asshole.

Hinamori: We try to avoid language like that in this group, Bazz-B!

Bazz-B: Why?

Kira: Because otherwise these meetings devolve very, very quickly into a whole lot of swearing.

Bazz-B: Like that’s a bad thing!

Hinamori: Let’s let Kira speak, Bazz-B!

Kira: I don’t really have much to say.

Kira: Captain Ichimaru’s betrayal continues to haunt me. 

Kira: Especially that I didn’t see it coming. Even though I really should have.

Hisagi: Hey, man. Don’t feel bad about that. I didn’t see it coming either!

Kira: Yes, but your captain was a decent human being.

Kira: Mine was - not.

Ichigo: Look, man. I think it’s totally possible for all the signs to be there and for it still to come as a shock when it actually happens!

Ichigo: Like, sure Ishida kept saying that he was a Quincy and that he hated shinigami, but I guess I always thought he was kidding.

Ichigo: When he turned against us and joined the Quincy, I was totally floored! Even though he had literally used the word “Quincy” in like every sentence from the day I met him.

Orihime: I still think he might be secretly good, Kurosaki-kun!

Hinamori: And it’s possible! But don’t forget Basic Tenet #4.

Orihime: “Secret good doesn’t make up for everything you do while pretending to be bad”?

Hinamori: That’s right! 

Hinamori: That’s why Gin is still Not A Buddy even though he was “secret good.”

Orihime: Ishida-kun did shoot Yoruichi…

Hinamori: And that can’t just be erased if he changes sides again!

Orihime: I-I guess not…

Komamura: If I may speak?

Hinamori: Of course!

Komamura: I think the hardest part is just realizing that your friend wasn’t ever the person you thought he was, that he was willing to give up on your friendship for something else - something evil.

Shishigawara: Yeah, totally. I mean, I thought Tsukishima loved me. But he agreed to cut me out and kill me really quickly.

Shishigawara: Way, way too quickly!

Hisagi: I thought Tosen liked being my captain.

Halibel: I thought Aizen would reward loyalty.

Liltotto: Yeah, I know that feeling.

Ichigo: I thought Ishida was my friend.

Orihime: We both did!

Aizen: It sounds to me like you all made the same mistake: you expected better of people.

Aizen: Like I say every week: no admiration, no pain.

Aizen: Which really should be a basic tenet.

Bazz-B: Why is that guy here??

Aizen: Gin betrayed me. I have feelings.

Liltotto: And you joined *this* group?

Aizen: Why wouldn’t I?

Hinamori: …

Hinamori: We’re working on changing the membership bylaws.

Boston wasn’t known for its stunning weather, but hell, this was July. It shouldn’t be this stormy and dull, Evelyn thought. The whole city was coated in slick mist. Cars hissed along wet streets, and very few people walked beside them. In the distance, thunder echoed through the clouds. A storm was moving out towards the ocean. 

Evelyn padded along the street, boots slapping unpleasantly against the pavement. She’d left her cloak and staff at home, but wore her necklace at her throat and the hamsa on the ring finger of her right hand. People were afraid of the White Council right now, had been since the end of the War. Those that weren’t mostly counted themselves as one of its many enemies. It wouldn’t do to go announcing her allegiance if she could avoid it. 

Of course, it was probably only a matter of time before somebody figured out who the “wizard of Boston” was. The Council was too famous in the paranormal community now… maybe even infamous.

The Magician’s Knob looked like something from a bad tourist brochure: it was rundown and musty on the outside, with only the doorframe and the sign above it kept at all clean. The wooden dragon’s head was leaning precariously now; it had been loosened in a similar storm a few years ago and threatened to fall off altogether if it were hit the wrong way by a big enough gust of wind. Evelyn glanced up into its fiery eyes (just paint? she was never sure) as she pushed open the door.

On the inside, the restaurant was significantly cleaner and brighter. Warm lights occupied the spaces between every window and dangled from the ceiling. The decor was all in an old colonial style, and most of it hadn’t been changed in as long as anyone could remember, but it was all well upkept. Right over the entrance was a banner set along the curved wall, laid out in black and white tiles: “Accorded Neutral Ground.” 

All the booths at the front were filled, and nobody looked at Evelyn when she entered. For all she knew, her contact was already here. The message had only said she’d know them when she saw them. That hadn’t felt ominous at all. She sat at the bar, ordered a vodka tonic from a slim, harried-looking bartender, and waited.