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It’s been a while since I posted digital art, I wanted to fix my Older Ib design, It still looks similar to the outfit she wore as a child, but I wanted the skirt to look just like her mother’s.

I used the Together, Forever verse for these doodles, because I’m too lazy to draw Garry, basically Ib is currently one of the world’s top artists, ever since she visited Guertena’s Art Gallery she became obsessed with painting, making sculptures, etc. Ib has her own art gallery now, she’s mature, sophisticated around formal gatherings meanwhile Mary’s a famous actress, yet she’s still childish and clingy around her older sister, she often gives Ib a huge headache.

Worth It

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Requested: Yes, by Anonymous

Pairings: Peter Parker/Spiderman x Reader

Warnings: Not really, it’s mostly fluff, mentions of mean parents briefly

Word Count: 1,739

Summary: You and Peter are training in the tower, and a new move puts you in a bit of a compromising position. Takes place in an AU where Civil War never happened and all of my children are happy.

A/N: I am loving all of the Peter Parker Imagines (obviously). So, if you have anymore, feel free to send them my way, or any for other characters as well! I’m not super comfortable writing fight scenes, and I felt like that showed a bit, otherwise I am pretty happy with how this one turned out! Let me know what you thought. Also, we need more Tom Holland gifs, I’m starting to run out :( If you have any, send them over. Thanks, enjoy!

You had never expected to end up a superhero. Growing up, you had discovered that you could hear the thoughts of those around you at an early age. On top of that, you had been accidentally moving things with your mind during every tantrum you’d ever had since the age of two. Unfortunately, your parents were not exactly nurturing once your powers started to manifest. They had told you that you were a freak of nature, and made you promise to never tell anyone what you could do. But when aliens started attacking out of a giant portal in the sky, you couldn’t help yourself and ventured into the rubble to see if you could be of any sort of assistance.

Even if you were a good fifteen years younger than everyone, they adopted you into their little group, the avengers, that is. Tony had offered you somewhere to say when he built the tower, and even after he built the new facility, he set you up in a suite of rooms. You may have been a lot younger than everyone else, but you still insisted on being a part of the team. Regrettably, no one else saw it that way.

Steve and Clint had monitored the one (disastrous) date that Tony had let you go on. Natasha had tried to give you the talk, never mind the fact that you had already sat through it a few times. “The American school system is messed up, kiddo. There is no way that you know everything.” She told you one afternoon. You left that talk significantly more informed, and a bit scared. Wanda had taken you under her wing as a little sister after Pietro, and Tony was practically your dad.

So, when Tony had found another promising superhero, you were sure it was going to be another person that would insist on babying you. It was incredibly refreshing to see such a young face walk through the door. He had to be somewhere close to you in age, and he definitely wasn’t hard to look at.

The two of you had become fast friends, much to everyone’s delight. They were all thankful that you had someone close to you in age. Because no matter how much they all loved you, they were more parental figures than your friends. Everyone that is, except for Tony. He took his duties as a pseudo-father very seriously. He had tried to limit your interaction with each other as much as possible, but everyone knew that it was pointless. He was often out doing things for Stark Industries, and when he was gone, you and Peter enjoyed training together.

The new facility had a bunch of different rooms for just that, but your favorite one had exposed beams near the ceiling, allowing Peter to swing from them, and Tony was sure to keep different things in there for you to throw. Wanda had been a huge help when you were learning how to incorporate telekinesis into your fighting style.

Steve, however, had different ideas. During this business trip that Tony had taken, Steve was determined to work on yours and Peter’s hand to hand combat. Neither of you were anywhere near Natasha’s skill level, but you could both also be a lot worse.    

It was late one night, and you were wandering around the complex as you usually did when you couldn’t sleep. You somehow ended up in the kitchen, and found Peter with his head stuck in the fridge. “Feeling a bit peckish?” you asked making him jump.

He managed to bang his head on the shelf above him, causing you to break into a bought of laughter. Your body was shaking so hard you ended up on the floor with tears in your eyes. “Alright, babe, up and at ‘em.” Peter laughed, picking you up from the floor and sitting you on a stool by the breakfast bar.

“I’m sorry, it wasn’t that funny.” You breathed, wiping tears from your eyes. “I’m so overtired that at this point, I’m just hyper.”

“Well,” Peter said with a mischievous gleam in his eyes, “we could always practice. Steve did say that he wanted to see our progress tomorrow.”

You pretended to contemplate his offer for a moment, before yelling “Race ya!” and taking off in a dead sprint down the hallway towards your favorite training room. Peter ended up beating you there by no more than a few seconds, but you blamed that on his long legs and your lack of focus.

“Alright,” he said, once you both got stretched out, like Steve always insisted. “Don’t go easy on me.” He joked, smirking.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” you laughed, before swiping his legs out from under him. Little did he know that your last girl’s night with Natasha and Wanda had consisted of them giving you some new moves and a few pointers that you could use if you ever got stuck in a hand to hand combat situation.

But, Peter had recently asked Steve for a few tips himself, and he had told him about how the girls on the team typically went for the legs. So, he was a bit more prepared for that move than you had been hoping for. He was able to roll over his shoulders and land on his feet, before jumping right back up and engaging you in a familiar, and more fist focused approach. It was here that your skills were a bit more equal. You were both very nimble and light on your feet, meaning that you made good matches for each other.

You didn’t know how long you two had been going at it like this, but you did know that you were getting tired. Natasha had given you a few tips about getting winded, and most of them just involved fighting through the exhaustion until a new burst of energy pushed through, or someone could come to your rescue. It didn’t seem likely that a burst of energy was coming soon, and you had no one that would be able to step into the fight for you. That left you with only one option. You carefully managed to work your way back from him, and then with a running leap, launched yourself into the air, managing to wrap your legs around his neck and spin him down to the ground. You ended up straddling him, with a fist in the air.

You were both breathing pretty heavy, and at this point you weren’t really looking forward to continuing. “Wow,” Peter breathed from underneath you. “Did- uh, Natasha teach you that one?” You nodded, but didn’t move from your position. “It’s uh, it’s impressive” he said after clearing his throat.

“What is going on here?” Tony’s voice echoed from across the room.

Within seconds, you were off of Peter and flinging yourself into Tony’s arms. “Steve wanted us to work on our hand to hand.” You explained. “When did you get back?” you asked, backing up.

“The plane landed about fifteen minutes ago. I was heading up to my room when I heard you two pummeling each other.” He said, giving Peter a pointed look.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Stark. We weren’t trying to be so loud.” Peter said from beside you.

“Don’t worry about it kid,” Tony said, backing out of the gym. “but I better never see you in such a compromising position again.” He warned, pointing at Peter and giving him a wink before turning and heading up to his room.

You couldn’t see your face, but you knew that in those few moments, it had gone completely red. You hadn’t thought about how that position could look. Natasha had taught you, and in the heat of the moment it hadn’t even occurred to you. Peter must have noticed your blush, because he laid a hand on your shoulder, reassuring you. “It’s alright, Y/N. I know it wasn’t like that.” He laughed, starting to walk out of the gym.

You could practically feel yourself deflate. Try as you might, Peter was completely clueless, and you were sick of it. No amount of movie night cuddling or complements could get the fact that you had a huge crush on him through his thick skull. “Peter, you idiot.” You practically yelled, marching up to him. Once you were face to face, you drew yourself up to your full height. “What if I wanted it to come across that way?” you asked, looking into his eyes, with one eyebrow quirked.

“What, um what what what do you, uh, mean by that?” he asked, scratching the back of his neck.

You rolled your eyes, before grabbing the collar of his shirt, pulling him towards you. You stood on your tip toes in order to reach his lips. It took you both a few moments to process what was happening. You usually weren’t so forward, and Peter had never expected to actually get to kiss you. After a few moments, you both snapped out of your daze, and before you knew it, you felt Peter’s arm wrapping around your back, while the other tangled in your hair. Your hand slipped from his shirt collar to lace around his neck, your fingers lightly playing with his hair.

“For the love of god, what did I just say?” Tony snapped from behind you. You sheepishly pulled away from Peter in order to face Tony. He stood there with a very serious expression for a few moments, before breaking out into a grin. “I’m messing with you!” he said with a laugh. “But seriously,” he said, dropping the grin from his face. “I better not catch either of you doing that again. I’m fine with it, just don’t shove it in my face.” You let out a sigh of relief, happy that your actions hadn’t drove a wedge between the two of you. “Goodnight, kids.” Tony called over his shoulder, before leaving the two of you alone.

Suddenly, you felt a bit overwhelmed, so you leaned into Peter’s chest, comforted by the way that his arms wrapped around you, holding you close. “That was a close one.” You murmured.

“Worth it, though.” He said quietly, enjoying the feeling of you in his arms, and the butterflies in his stomach. The feeling was new, and a little scary, but he was happy to take that chance, at least with you.


Wow! Okay, I really don’t know how I got to such a landmark but for all of you that have stuck around with me, I truly appreciate it.

If you couldn’t already tell, I have a lot of love for Rex. Coming from the transformers fandom to the Star Wars one has been a transition in itself. Rex is technically the only human character I’ve ever rp’ed, at first it felt strange but now I feel I’m getting a feel for him. Ever since seeing him on screen for the first time back 2008 in Rookies, I knew then I loved him, and now he’s kind of taking over my life ( and most of my room ). There’s so much I like about him, even if he’s a clone, he has so many defining qualities and I just love that about him. I think ‘The Deserter’ episode might have been the one that pushed me over the top, for obvious reasons.

Whether you’ve been following me from the beginning or only just recently followed, just know I appreciate you all the same. I appreciate everyone that has taken the time to write with me in the past and now, and to those, I haven’t had the chance of doing anything with, please don’t hesitate to talk to me. My messages are always open if you want to talk about anything.

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Flower Crowns (1): Overwatch X Child!Reader

Hello everyone! How’s it hangin’?
So I am rather used to Tumblr since that’s where I get a lot of good ideas for my fanfics and art, even if they have a shitton of really ridiculous stuff. So this is every Overwatch character going to a platonic relationship with you! The reader! Reader is ambiguous gender… And I hope you like it!

Weaving the flowers together ever so gently, you finished the last flower crown and tossed it on top of the pile of other flower crowns you had made. Each one of them were unique in every way and each crown is designated to one person. With a small, gleeful squeal, you put the crowns in the tote bag and made your quest.

“Hello (Name)! What are you up to?”

The first person was Hana AKA D.VA. With her was Lucio and Lena AKA Tracer who were chatting with before you came in.

“What’s that you got there, love?” Lena pointed at the bag. You dug carefully inside and gave each person their designated crown; Lucio’s was green, Hana’s was pink, and Lena’s was orange with a few blues there.

“Are these for us?” Lucio asked. You gleefully nodded and put each crown on each head.

“Aww! These are so cute! I’ll make a Snapchat out of it!” Hana squealed and whipped out her phone. The younger ones quickly grouped together, you in the middle of Lena and Hana. The gamer quickly typed in ‘Cutest thing ever!!!! Thanks (Name)<3′

“Thanks little kid!” Lucio ruffled your hair and went off with the girls, chatting again with the addition of your flower crowns (and how cute you are).

Three down, eighteen more to go!

Making your way to the medic bay, you find Angela AKA Mercy and Winston busy talking. You hurried as your stubby little legs could carry and jumped to Winston’s arms. He didn’t flinch when you hugged his arm like a koala.

“(Name)? What are you doing?” Winston asked. You unlatched his arm and dug in your bag. You pulled out a flower crown which colors correspond to outer space (Mostly the ones that you can comprehend like dark blues.) and a few whites for his armor. Mercy’s was white and yellow with a little orange, colors from her suit.

“These are lovely, (Name)! Thank you.” Angela bent down and kissed your head in a motherly fashion.

“I’ll make sure to treasure it, (Name).” Winston smiled, being mindful of the garland.

That’s two down!

“O-oh! (Name)! What are you doing here?” Mei asked as she put away her ice gun. Somehow Bastion was there also which made you even happier. You haven’t seen Bastion in a long time. You rummaged through your bag and picked out the garlands.

“Beep boop?” Bastion whirred. Bastion’s flower crown resembled the pretty feathers of Ganymede; yellow with tints of black and yellow while Mei’s was light blue and white.

“Are these for us?” Mei questioned. You smiled widely and handed them the crowns. Bastion beeps were slightly higher and somehow that made you know that Bastion likes it. 

“These are adorable! Xiexie!” Mei gently placed her crown on top of her head then complimented on how adorable Bastion looked. Ganymede flew and gently perched itself on your head, chirping affectionately.

You giggled at the bird and continued your journey.

Stepping outside of the facility to the garden that Zenyatta always tended to, you saw the Omnic and Genji meditating near a tree. You quickened your pace and plopped down next to Genji, your head on his thigh.

“(Name)? Is something the matter?” Genji asked. You huffed and puffed, tired from all the running. Because you have such tiny feet!

“Did you… run all the way here?” Zenyatta inquired. You nodded vigorously and dug once again in your bag. Genji’s flower crown was silver (you could only find slightly grey flowers. Oh how you wept) and green crossed together and Zenyatta’s was “silver” with yellow flowers which was the only prominent color you can see.

“These are… flower crowns. Correct?” Zenyatta questioned. You nodded and placed the flower crowns on their respective heads. It was a bit troubling for Zenyatta since he was floating but you did it.

Arigatou, (Name).” You couldn’t tell, but you were sure Genji was smiling underneath his mask.

“Thank you, (Name). I will treasure it.” Zenyatta smiled (in your child vision he smiled). You smiled and continued on to your mission, but not before you felt your tiny body gets lifted up and placed on a warm seat.

Wait, that wasn’t a seat. It was Zenyatta.

“You must be tired from all of that running. Come, let me help you finish your task of giving peace.” You giggled from your spot at Zenyatta’s lap and you let him float to your next destination. Coincidentally, Hanzo was there at the entrance where you were a while ago.

“(Name)? What are you doing on Zenyatta’s lap?” You didn’t bother to answer as you dug inside your bag and pulled out his flower crown. It was black with tints of yellow and blue. You reached out and placed it on his head, only to have all your hopes and dreams crushed when he stepped back.

“W-Wait, (Name) please don’t cry…” Hanzo said pathetically as he saw little tears form from your eyes.

“It would be best to accept their gift, Hanzo. They had worked so hard for it after all.” Zenyatta mused. Hanzo weighed his options and, with a heavy sigh, took the crown and placed it on his head.

Cue all your hopes and dreams coming back.

You cheered loudly and hugged Hanzo around his neck, thanking him over and over as he looked nervous but his eyes held so much adoration for you.

“We must be off. (Name) must fulfill their quest.” And thus, the monk floated away with you on his lap, smiling for the whole ride.

So how was it? I decided to split it since it will take up A LOT of space so… I’ll do the next part afterwards!


“Seconds” by Bryan Lee O'Malley is one of my top favorite graphic novels ever, second only to his Scott Pilgrim series. In short, I was inclined to do some fanart. So here we go, ta-da!

Miiiight have to make some more, since all of the characters are so godforsakenly adorable. <3

What’s better than coffee in the morning? Waking up to a 10-minute video of Ray Barbee. Element just posted a super-rad edit of our long-time @vans rider (down since 1989!) & the nicest guy you’ll ever meet to go with Ray’s experimental collaboration with Sean Cliver & Brian Gaberman, where they printed one of Ray’s photos on a deck & Cliver hand-painted the legendary Ragdoll character no complying on top of it. Watch it now on Element’s site.

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Who's your favorite characyer, ever? Or like, your top three?

yesh that’s a hard one since i love a lot of characters in different ways. there are favourite characters and husbands.. i cannot choose only one between oh so many perfect bois and gurls

but i guess uhm..

  • my top three husbands are; 1. hitori uzune  2. shizuo heiwajima 3. klaus von reinherz

  • my top favourite characters are; 1. vincent nightray 2. jihyun kim 3. leonardo watch
Where are Caroline and the Reverend??

I loved the addition of two new characters to Sleep No More when they appeared last year. It was so fun to explore new ideas and be completely surprised. At one point, I was with the Reverend and realized I had no idea what loop I was in or what was happening in other parts of the building.  It’s been a long time since that has happened! 

But it seems that they have vanished…at least for most of the shows.  It’s been ages since someone mentioned seeing the Reverend.  And while Caroline seems to be a bit more frequent…a glimpse of her is still rare these days.  

There is a 1:1 connected to one of these characters that is in my top five things to have ever happened to me in this show.  It’s truly mind-blowing. If it disappears…there will be a gaping hole in the narrative in my opinion. 

My hope that this weirdness is only because of a temporary scheduling issue and that Caroline and the Reverend will return as soon as possible.  

My fear is that the powers-that-be have decided to be cheap and not pay two additional performers per show. If that’s the case…it’s truly a shame. 

My top 5 favorite anime

I don’t watch much anime, but enough shows have been catching my interest to make this list. Top 5s are kind of pointless because they’re always subject to change and most of the time I like shows for very different reasons, but I still enjoy making them so here we go.

5. Toradora

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this show. Actually, I don’t think I ever finished it, but I have fond memories of following these characters through one of the cutest love stories I’ve seen.

4. One-Punch Man

This show is just plain funny and it’s not the kind of humor you need to be in the anime niche to enjoy. The animation and music are fantastic as well in a “get pumped up” kind of way. Not to mention the interesting, complex lore involved with the Hero Association. The only reason I didn’t put it higher on the list is that it’s a bit lacking in the “heavy feels” department.

3. Erased

I’m only three episodes into Erased and I can already tell it’s one of my favorites. I don’t know exactly what directions this show will go in, but so far, it’s a powerful story.

2. Sword Art Online

I can hear the groans now, but I honestly have never been able to understand why people hate this show so much. I acknowledge the several flaws, but I believe the positives outweigh them. SAO has gorgeous animation, immersive worldbuilding, and quite the handful of poignant moments. I’m mostly referring to the original Aincrad arc, but I didn’t even think the subsequent Alfheim and Gun Gale arcs were that bad.


This show… where do I begin. At first glance, FLCL may seem like a hectic acid trip. Even if you choose to continue to see it as that, it’s still not bad due to how great the music and animation are, but beneath the surface lie layers of brilliant symbolism and powerful messages. At only six episodes, you don’t have much of an excuse not to watch it. It will make you uncomfortable at times, that’s intentional, but it will also inspire you.

Michael After Midnight: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Let me just say up front: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is easily one of my favorite films ever made. Hell, it’s in my top 25 films of all time, and I have watched this film a ridiculous amount of times since it came out. The humor, the style, the references, the characters, the action, it all just mixes together into a perfect cocktail of enjoyability for me. This film is like a pure visual representation of fun.

The plot’s pretty simple: Scott is your average young Canadian. He has a band, he has a teenage Asian girlfriend, and he has a bunch of self-worth issues. Then he meets Ramona Flowers, and decides she’s the one for him. He begins a relationship with her, not realizing that he’s gonna have to fight her seven evil exes to win her heart. From the moment he begins his courtship of her it’s one wacky boss battle after another, culminating in a climactic finale against Ramona’s seventh and most dangerous evil ex, Gideon Gordon Graves, hipster douchebag extraordinaire.

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(just copy and pasted from dA)Still not worthy and will probably be punished for doing this but i’m willing to risk it!This is one of the only animes were i really loved most if not all the characters,even the background ones were cool(spoilers sorta?)Also she does the biggest heelturn that i’ve ever seen in a anime and I really didn’t expect at all.Maybe i should of,but i was too into the show to realize i guess.

Thanks everyone that came to the stream last night and watched this.Doing Nonon next since shes second to the top in the poll.

Her eyebrow game is always on point!

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so I’ve seen someone say creek wasn’t that popular as a ship and that’s why matt and trey chose it. mate, I’ve been counting the popularity of ships in this fandom ever since I got into it, 9 years ago. creek has had the most fanfiction and fanart on all sites, apart from style, and they had interacted in only one episode until last week. after last week, the massive popularity this ship has largely extended. matt and trey wouldn’t have even heard of it if it wasn’t that popular. plus, it’s the cutest ship this fandom could have imposed without bringing any complications into the show. a really popular, of the top ship that has characters that fit like pieces of puzzle. it was perfect for canon.

I just want to make more callout posts for random characters in ASOUE but I don’t think I will ever top my one on Carmelita Spats. I wanted to do one on Charles since he’s a gay men in a relationship and everyone knows that inclusionists tend to be super homophobic so they would call him a dirty allogay or some bs like that but… there’s nothing really callout worthy of him, he’s a really nice person in a relationship with a bad man…

Ravenous by averil-of-fairlea

Characters: Thorin, Wife!Reader || Words: 1208 || Setting: The Lonely Trail on the side of the Lonely Mountain || Genre: steamy romance, NSFW || Khuzdul word : azaghalinh = (female) warrior || Author’s Note: if you prefer first person or third person perspective, please click here for the original version, which gives you those reading options at the top)

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You know what I just realized?  Some people always say “Oh Peggy needs to move on from Steve.  He’s dead and he’s obviously not coming back.  She needs to find someone else.“

Why?  She’s already found and lost the love of her life.  No one will ever be able to top Steve Rogers.  No one has been able to compare from the moment he got the flag from that flagpole.  Maybe she doesn’t want anyone else to come into her life in that way. 

A real world example of this is Betty White.  She was with her husband Allen Ludden for 18 years until his death and hasn’t remarried in the 35 years since.  She was quoted as saying “Once you’ve had the best, who needs the rest?”

Why should Peggy be any different from that, fictional character status notwithstanding?  It’s not to say that people wouldn’t catch her eye over the years but moving on doesn’t have to be in the form of dating others or getting married.  Moving on can mean it doesn’t make her want to cry anymore at the mere thought of him and what they lost even though she respected his choice no matter how much it hurt to let him go. 

{ souleater-evans }

                 Tired. So damn tired. Every part of Maka felt broken and bruised and the blonde meister felt exhausted in every sense of the word. Ever since the battle with Asura had ended, Maka and all of her friends had been working to rebuild the city that Lord Death had nearly destroyed. Granted, some people had been doing more work than others, but everyone had at least done something. Fixing the city wasn’t enough though. No. On top of the insane amount of labor they were doing in t h a t field, Stein had also required the group to work on their techniques. Fighting and sparring and lectures and Maka was done. Every part of her hurt and as she crawled down the freshly paved street towards the apartment she shared with Soul, Maka could barely find the strength to lift her head to gaze at the starry sky overhead. Am I dead yet?  ❞  she mumbled, reaching up a leaded arm to tug the baseball cap she wore down over her eyes. With the slightest tilt of her head, Maka managed to look over at Soul, watching him as he moved along, wondering if maybe he was just as tired as she was. But then again, this was Soul, and he never seemed to do what she expected.   Hey, Soul, you in there??  ❞ 

Advice: Character Pushes Back Memories

Anonymous asked:

I have a POV character who experienced a traumatic event and through dissociation/compartmentalization is usually able to act like it never happened and behave normally. I’m afraid that the way I’m writing him now just makes it seem like I, as the writer, forget he’s traumatized, rather than him being the one shutting down that side of himself. How do I show readers that this trauma is ever-present yet distant to the character at times, all without revealing what it is? Thank you!

The best I can suggest is to show your character thinking about, and perhaps beating back, the details of the trauma. Just not enough details to reveal what it is. For example:

We put the top down and started the long trek to the beach. Tim decided to drive, which was fine by Mary since she preferred controlling the radio. Caty and Sam climbed in back with me, and the three of us stretched out, put on our sunglasses, and let ourselves unwind.

With the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair, I started to feel the tension of the week slip through my fingers. The road noise started to put me in a sort of trance, and that was when little scraps of memory came unbidden. First it was the flash of bullets. I pushed it away. Then it was the echo of screams. I pushed that away, too. Finally I thought of Ellen’s face as she lay there dying, and for a moment my heart seized–but then I pushed that away, too.

”Oh!” I said, sitting up as a favorite song came on. “Can you turn this up? I love this song!”

So, occasional passages like that show that the character is pushing something back, even if we don’t yet know exactly what it is. :)

wukodork  asked:

I'm almost certain that Iroh has at least one older sibling, there's so much about him that screams Second Son. Particularly the fact that no one ever refers to him as a prince on top of the fact that he's a general in a foreign nation's army. It's also worth noting that he doesn't actually seem to know his mother that well since his advice to Korra in S2 contradicts Izumi's stance in S4 (which is likely due to the fact that she wasn't a character yet, but still).

AH! I kind of love it. I’m head-canoning an older sister, because why the fuck not. Maybe even two older siblings, so I can imagine him being the Prince Oberyn of this world. It’d make sense that both he and his mother would want to support the United Republic, which Zuko helped form, but the fact that this is his profession? It does kind of suggest that he might not be the heir. The wiki does list him as a “prince,” but anyone in that “royal” family would be a prince or princess, and he’s never addressed as such, which is notable.

Yeah, Izumi is all:

I get what they were trying to do with her character, and how the wanted to combat the image of the Fire Nation, but I think the Kuvira situation was kind of ridiculous to let go when Bolin runs in and tells them about prison camps and WMDs.