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Nikita ( 2010 - 2013 )

Humans are such tragic little things. So involved in their own meaningless lives that they’re blind to the world crumbling around them.
—  from an unfinished story #637

Finnish mythology series: Ilmatar

In the Finnish national epic Kalevala, Ilmatar [‘ilma’; Finnish word for 'air’] was a virgin spirit of the air:

At first there were only primal waters and Sky, who also had a daughter named Ilmatar. One day, seeking a resting place, Ilmatar descended to the waters. There she floated for 700 years until she noticed a beautiful bird searching for a place to lay her eggs. Ilmatar raised her knee for the bird. The bird then laid her eggs, six made of gold and one made of iron, on her knee. As the bird hatched the eggs, Ilmatar’s knee got burned by the heat and she jerked her leg. The eggs fell and shattered in the water. Land was formed from the lower part of one of the eggshells while sky formed from the top. The egg whites turned into the moon and stars, and the yolk became the sun.
     Ilmatar spent another few hundred years floating around the waters, admiring the results of these broken eggs until she could not resist the urge to continue the creation. Her footprints became pools and simply by pointing her finger she created contours of the land. She made all that is. One day she gave birth to Väinämöinen, the first man, whose father was the sea.”

Ok but, Katsuki Yūri literally took the whole “no boyfriends until you finish university and have a nice job” instruction which I got from my strict asian parents

vehement-fallen-angel  asked:

I am in love with your art style and resistance lance au like I need to know everything about him and that universe and how his relation with keaith and the others progress, have an amazing day!

oh gawwsh thank you, Ok ok I’m working out a few more specific details but the relationships are pretty messy at this point since i don’t have much content for the au (because i am slow) but I’ll do my best to explain. Also be aware I’m really not too concerned about ships with this Au (but I’m not against and I do have some ships I enjoy but interpret as you wish) I just find more interest in other things. Another thing, I don’t want to lean that far from canon personality and relationships.

here are the links to other Resistance Lance stuff:

drawing 1 / drawing 2 / drawing 3 / Comic 1 / Text

Keiths relationship w/ Lance: Keith is suspicious of everything he knows little about, Lance is an alien who knows a lot more than he gives to the team and has a past with the galra, he catches on and suspects foul play. He will confront Lance about his blade and they do get in a fight. He still is always standing near him, reacts to the taunts, but in the end they learn to bond and trust each other most like canon.

Shiros relationship with Lance: Shiro has survived as Champion but Lance was involved in that (HOW??? heheheh you’ll find out, comic coming soon). What happened is a blur for Shiro but Lance makes him a bit uneasy because of that involvement causing them to have less bonding moments. Still he learns to care about Lance as a leader and trusts his determination and knowledge. He’s a dad tho and Lance is Lance, what’s in canon is what I’m keeping as base.

Hunks relationship with Lance: Best friends at first sight, Hunk loves Lances energy it makes him feel like he can push past his fears. They trade stories, recipes, jokes, and stuff about their cultures all the time. They have each others backs and trusts each others minds and instincts. So their bond is same just without their history at the Garrison.

Pigdes relationship with Lance: They have that sibling bond however to add to the mix Lance has a tech dependance that gave him his leg and keeps him alive, Pidge nerds over the craftsmanship. Pidge also asks him a LOT of questions about alien stuff but she’s got her main focuses so she’s usually busy. (I’m using female pronouns for the sake of her saying ‘I’m a girl’)

Alluras relationship with Lance: She respects him as a paladin but she is totally thrown off by how different he acts to the altean culture she was raised in that’s where i’m going to make a few assumptions for old altean culture (I assume they were kind of regal adventurers who embrace the concept of fear, strength, universe spirituality, and order) Lance’s altean culture is completely different. It’s a very rough start for them at first but they learn each other’s differences and eventually they connect over the small similarities they find.

Corans relationship with Lance: There’s no doubt Lance has touched a soft spot in Corans heart. He see’s himself in Lance and keeps an eye on him. I think they have conversations about hard things Lance has gone through and Coran helps him. Their differences don’t bother Coran as much (I have this theory that Coran has a history of adventuring across the universe before becoming a king’s advisor and he’s seen a crap load of stuff so he’s unbothered by Lance being different)

More about Lance: I thought it was a cool idea if Lance was altean but not because that would make him a pretty prince (he already is one matey) but I thought it could open the Voltron Universe a bit more since the the beginning of Voltron the only people had that knowledge of the galra had memory loss, are from 10,000 years ago OR are super secretive(Marmorans). At the same time Lances nature as an adventurer and being a people person can be shown off. He’s shown the skill and capability to gain alien allies, lead as a friend, and follow as a ally.

He’s a bit secretive not only about his past and his feelings but Keith’s past as well. He guessed there was a connection to the Blade of Marmora the moment he saw the blade. He’s survived this long fighting against the galra because he doesn’t trust anyone with certain information. This will cause a problem with Voltron at first, but Coran will eventually teach him a way to keep valued secrets safe. One day he may trust someone with this information but it’s not going to end well.

Would I take it back? No. I wouldn’t. After it was over I spent many nights crying and crying, wishing that I could forget but now, well now I wouldn’t take it back for the world. Sure, it fucking hurt. Losing him hurt. It’s always going to hurt. I miss him every single day and I love him, I do, I still love him. We had something real though, you know? It was great and terrible and beautiful and tragic, we laughed and we cried and we kissed and we fucked and we fought and it was fucking real, it was all so very real. He was my first fucking everything. First crush, first kiss, first love, first time, first break up. How could I ever forget him? Why would I want to?

When it was over, god when it ended I was a wreck and I hated him or at least that’s what I said to myself and I insisted that I was fine, I was okay, I’m over it but I wasn’t. I’m still not, not fully. I think there are some things in life that you never completely get over and that’s okay, you know? You loved and you hurt and you lost it, and it still hurts, it was real, it was important, it’s always going to matter, it’ll always hurt, whether it’s only a little or a lot, that’s not the point. I loved him, god I loved him, more than I ever thought possible. Even now.

We fell in love, all so innocent, no clue what we were doing, first time falling in love for real. Everything felt like it was gonna last forever and we wanted it to, we did, honest to god we fucking did. For so long he wasn’t just my boyfriend, he was my best friend, my soul mate… He was the person who knew me best. He probably still does, know me better than anyone, and one day it’ll be somebody else who knows me the best and the thought terrifies me, excites me a little too but it terrifies me so much. I thought it would be him and I until the very end.

But we grew apart. It happens. We fought it for a while but then it hit us, really hit us and that was it. Boom. Gone. Over. When I got off the bus the very next day he wasn’t there waiting to walk me home like always and I just cried and cried, maybe he was crying in that moment too or perhaps his lips were pursed and his eyes not so bright and forcing that particular smile of his that many would believe was real but I could always tell that it was fake. We broke up because we didn’t want to end up hating each other in the end, or going down the wrong road and becoming a toxic mess, we were friends first and always, we will always be friends. No, it will never be the same and we will know that, we’ll get a weird feeling when we see each other hand in hand with somebody else and think what could have been if our timing was a little better than it was, I think him and I will always be a little bit in love with each other, we were the firsts and his name will always linger in my heart, it will always have a place there and I’d like to think he feels the same regarding me. I’m sure he does. We always did think quite alike.

So, my answer is no. If I could erase it all… If I could erase every kiss, every single time we laughed, every single time he slipped his hand into mine and held it tight, every single late night conversation on the phone talking until the other one fell asleep, every hug, every touch, every time we made love, every time we fought, every time we cried, every time we just were us, I wouldn’t, I couldn’t, memories are too important. This pain, the hurt that I feel over losing him is a reminder and this scar I wear proudly. I fell in love and it was beautiful and it didn’t end awfully, it just ended but it still fucking hurts and I’ll never forget. Never.

—  They asked me if I would erase you if I could but darling I could never because you were the perfect first everything and for that I’ll always be grateful

there are few warrior cats books that i would want to completely redux and change but yellowfangs secret is probably one of them, i would absolutely love to change and rewrite her book in order to give my girl a better backstory and to change the mess that was her and raggedstars relationship

ive owned Splatoon since the minute it released, played it to a pulp, drawn fifty billion squids, and never drew Marie until now


It’s one thing to hear the Mr. Blue Sky song in streams and such.

It’s another thing to hear it playing over the intercom in a store.

(May I just add not once in my life have I ever heard this song before?)
Important Revelation

Me: Laslow totally has a thing for masked men. 

Me, a few days and two shitposts later: But you know, he could also have a thing for guys with cravats…

Me, after finally playing Conquest: Laslow most definitely has a thing for dem titties good choice my boy

(XanderOdin, Keaton, and Saizo C-A supports/Kaze and Niles DLC conversations)


Now what post by me would be complete without some shitposting?

Me: Wait a minute…

Me: OH SHIII—-!!!!!!!!!

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I was in a gifted program at school and most of the others had amazing talents or long-term interests. I couldn't ever seem to apply my skills in the same way but instead was always shifting between different things (I'll read Shakespeare! I'll learn how to solve a Rubik's Cube really fast! I'll write a novel!) and never became really good at anything. I read that this is a major thing that sets gifted ADHDers apart from other gifted people, so can anyone relate?

I was never in a gifted program (they didn’t exist when and where I grew up) though they did consider skipping me ahead a grade. I have always had one or two special interests, but I have SO MANY unfinished projects because I get interested in something and then move on to something new before I finish the first thing. As a result, I don’t actually excel at any one thing, though I’m passably good at a whole bunch of different things. “Jack of all trades, master of none” is a pretty apt description of a lot of ADHDers, I think.


I have received a few prompts this week. I’m sorry but I’m not filling prompts right now. I am working on something and I’ll be working on it for a little while. I’ll make a post when I’m accepting prompts again.

Thanks for your interest in my writing though <3

Natza Drabble - Multi-Purpose
  • Lucy: Well... looks like the power's out. Great. >__> *puts down her pen and stretches* I guess it's time for bed anyway~.
  • Erza: Hnn. A blackout. We should get Natsu.
  • Lucy: *flips out at seeing the redhead leisurely sitting on her bed, by the light of the pale moon from the window* WHAT THE HELL, ERZA?! The power goes out and you're suddenly HERE! Are you TRYING to give me a heart attack?!
  • Erza: *unconcerned* I've been here a while, painting my nails~. I read in a book this is a common thing to do at sleepovers.
  • Lucy: Sleepovers. Are you serious!? You can't just come over unannounced! Sleepovers are SCHEDULED!
  • Erza: *pout* The book never mentioned that...
  • Lucy: It's kind of one of those things that are inferred, y'know...? Breaking and entering isn't "normal". ^^;
  • Erza: Natsu's place is open all the time, as is Gray's and Master's~. I don't see why yours wouldn't be.
  • Lucy: *huffs* I'll make you guys understand one day. You'll see... >__> Anyway, what was that about dragging Natsu over here?
  • Erza: Well~, I need light so I can finish the rest of my nails~. He's wonderful to have in a blackout. ^___^
  • Lucy: o.o Yeah, I guess he would be, as long as he didn't try to fight in the dark...
  • Erza: That's not all he's good for, though. He also saves me money so that I don't have to use the drying machine at Fairy Hills, and he's good for cookouts and barbeques~. *pause* Oh! And he makes winters very bearable!(^▽^)
  • Lucy: Do... Do you use Natsu like a TOOL?!
  • Erza: *pout* Of course not.
  • Lucy: But by the sound of it-
  • Erza: All those things are just a bonus~. (─‿─)
  • Lucy: ...
Asking myself wether or not to kill myself is an everyday thought I struggle with. I don’t remember a day not thinking about who would miss me and who wouldn’t if I died at this very moment. I can’t remember the last time I sat in a room alone not thinking ‘shall I just take those sleeping pills?’ When I was a kid I remember thinking that considering killing yourself was normal, I thought everyone thought about it. But when I went to fill out a medical form for my psychologist My 10 year old self noticed thinking about killing yourself isn’t healthy at all. I filled out 250 questions, most of them repeated themselves. ‘Have you tried killing yourself?’ 'Have you considered killing yourself?’ 'Do you think about harming yourself?’ 'Do you want to kill yourself?’ All of these questions… All my answers would have been yes. Instead my 10 year old self got scared and filled out no for each one of them. But the truth is that I would kill myself, but the truth also is that I am too curious about what is going to happen tomorrow. What adventures await for me, what people to meet, cultures to discover. The fact that tomorrow is a mystery is the only thing that keeps me alive, its the only thing that has kept me alive for so many years now.
—  Excerpts of stories I’ll never finish / #138
I dreamt you were in love with me last night.
When I woke up, I didn’t want to move for fear of losing the comfort of your arms that were never there.
The dumbest thing I’ve ever done was to be afraid of you, but even now I know I had to be.
Because you always had the power to break me, I just didn’t realize it would happen this way, the silent way where I can’t even grieve for the one that got away because I chased him there.
When I woke up, I stayed in the dream. I finished it, and then I cried for what we could have been and never will.

You never held me like that

Heartstrung - Prologue

A/N: This was inspired by my lovely, @msmanga14​ who has been freaking out as I go through the plot to this upcoming fic of mine. I figure that hey, maybe people would like a preview. This is my first Soulmate AU.

Fandom: Fairy Tail
Pairing: NaLu
Rating: M - sexual content in future chapters

Summary: It’s been said that wherever you have/had a birthmark, is how you died in your past life. A scar that marks the fatal wound that killed you so you could be reborn again. It is also said that when/if you meet the person who killed you, you remember your past life and death and Lucy isn’t a big fan of the pink-haired man she’s run into. Soulmate AU. NaLu.

Link(s): Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Epilogue

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And here’s a beautiful edit/photoset by @rivendell101 


There was a pattern that doctors found when they’d studied the correlation between people who did and didn’t have birthmarks, soulmates, and memory recovery. It didn’t happen often, but it happened enough that there were three rules:

1) Your birthmark marks the location of a fatal wound inflicted by the hand of another.
2) If you run into the person who effectively ended your most recent past life, you will recover the memories of said life and your death.
3) For your souls to make amends, in this life you will be mates.

And unfortunately, this was not the kind of soulmate you could escape from.

On multiple past occasions where soulmates were too overwhelmed and hurt by their previous lives to forgive their attackers, they’d done their best to walk away. They’d moved halfway across the country, quit their job and cut all communication, and if the memories were too vivid, sometimes they would try to kill themselves.

But the world worked in cruel ways.

They’d move halfway across the country only to have to move back and find themselves right next to their soulmate. A new job would put them in the same area as—if not direct contact with—their soulmate. The gun would freeze up and wouldn’t fire, the pills they’d taken were immediately rejected by their body or their metabolism would spike to filter the drugs.

There was no escaping fate.

And when Lucy learned about birthmarks and soulmates, she prayed she would never meet hers.

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