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In the earliest of day,
In the latest of night,

Below the brightest of blues,
Beneath the darkest of hues,

Be it snowing or raining,
Clouding or if the sun is
Simply shining,

Remember please of 
All that we had,

Of all that we did,
Of all that we were,
Of all we’ll ever be,

In the end just
Remember me.


remember - a.v.

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Words from Lilith, the Dark Moon

Inspired by a conversation with @wizkhalibra

Lilith in Aries:

Words of fierce determination and competitive jealousy

“It’s now or never”

“Life is an adventure”

“Why don’t you just be like me?”

Lilith in Taurus:

Words of lust for sex, money, or power

“This is why I work, so I can buy what I want,”

“I deserve to have this,”

“I feel safe in your arms”

Lilith in Gemini:

Words of cunning manipulation and hope for approval

“Do you like the way my words make you feel”

“I would never be that selfish,”

“Well you’re mine and I’m single”

Lilith in Cancer:

Words of support and dependency

“I do so much for you,”

“I want to make a family with you,”

“It’s like I’ve loved you once before,”

Lilith in Leo:

Words of attention and ego-stroking fun

“Let’s play the game of love,”

“you’re mine do you hear me, I don’t share,”

“Do you like the way I move,”

Lilith in Virgo:

Words of innocent seduction and dissatisfaction

“I love to please you”

“I can make you better,”

“Let’s not talk about faults shall we,”

Lilith in Libra:

Words of charming seduction

“You make me stronger,”

“I’m what you want and need,”

“Aren’t you happy we found each other,”

Lilith in Scorpio:

Words of true seduction and obsession

“you couldn’t handle me”

“I own you,”

“Sex is a means to an end,“

Lilith in Sagittarius:

Words of honesty and a need to win

“Let’s get a hotel for the weekend,”

“Let’s try this next, I’m bored,”

“All eyes are on us where they belong”

Lilith in Capricorn:

Words of modesty and class

“Consider yourself lucky,”

“I’m willing to invest my time in you,”

“Let’s just be real about this,”

Lilith in Aquarius:

Words of experimentation and rebellion

“You’ve never met anyone like me”

“I bet you’ve never tried this,”

“It’s lonely when you’re a little bit strange”

Lilith in Pisces:

Words of transcending bliss and quick exits

“How about in the shower,”

“I want to feel like we’re one,”

“You’re always in my thoughts,”



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make a gifset, edit or even a text post for each day that answers these questions. these can be done on separate days or even all at once. whatever you want! tag me in them, if you wish for me to see them!

  • day 1 - favorite male character
  • day 2 - favorite female character
  • day 3 - a random favorite character
  • day 4 - favorite episode
  • day 5 - favorite quote
  • day 6 - favorite location
  • day 7 - favorite optional photo
  • day 8 - easiest choice to make
  • day 9 - hardest choice to make
  • day 10 - one scene that made you smile
  • day 11 - one scene that made you cry
  • day 12 - bae or bay
  • bonus day - anything of your choice

Orlais presents a veneer of opulence, but the aristocracy are committed to a system of social one-upmanship they call the game. Sprawling receptions delight friend and foe, while bards strike from shadow with insinuation, larceny, and assassination, often to the strange delight of their targets. Control of these auteur agents is yet another layer of the game.The Orlesian Game of Intrigue (click to enlarge)

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Why the political/trump post? This is the only HxH blog I know that isn't riddled with political banter. I just want to enjoy Hunter X Hunter without all the trump/anti trump garbage mixed in

hmmm this message is pretty strange to me for a few reasons. the first is that there are plenty of hxh blogs out there that have never delved in politics, so i’m surprised to hear that mine is one of few w/o. the second is, hxh itself is actually very political:

like, on one hand, i totally understand the desire to escape from reality for a bit. i do a lot of political blogging on my personal so this blog is actually a bit of an escape for me too! but on the other hand, the chimera ants were ultimately defeated because meruem underestimated the malice of mankind, a malice deliberately manufactured and perpetuated by political systems, so yeah – this whole arc culminated in a not-so-subtle political message from togashi.

the fact that that trump edit worked w/o needing to modify any of the existing dialogue is both humorous and scary, and i think it’s important to keep in mind that, although hxh is fiction, its terrifying world is based on our own world. it’s not outrageous to think that what togashi wrote could happen irl (the abuse of power by political regimes i mean, the chimera ants not so much). so i know we all want to escape sometimes but i just wanna point out that hxh already had politics mixed into it.

i don’t intend to get very political on here – as i already said, this blog is a happy-fun-time escape for me too – but in my defense i could not not reblog dialogue pulled straight from hxh criticizing a facist neo-nazi dickhead ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (also tbh i wouldn’t be surprised if togashi straight-up writes in a trump parody character at some point)

Ghibli Themed Asks!
  • Kiki's Delivery Service: Have you ever moved to a different town?
  • Spirited Away: Do you ever forget names of people you know well?
  • The Cat Returns: If you could trade lives with a cat, would you?
  • My Neighbor Totoro: Have you ever been lost? Was it frightening?
  • Ponyo: Do you enjoy doing new or shocking things?
  • Princess Mononoke: Would you rather be lost in a forest or a city?
  • Castle in the Sky: What is the biggest discovery you have made?
  • My Neighbors the Yamadas: Do you want to have children and a family?
  • Arriety: Have you ever seen something strange and no one believed you?
  • Howl's Moving Castle: Have you ever had a crush on someone much older than yourself?
  • Whisper of the Heart: Have you ever been separated from someone?
  • Grave of the Fireflies: Do you cry over books/movies/shows/etc.?
  • The Wind Rises: What is your greatest passion?
Fic Giveaway

As promised when I reached 200 followers I have decided to try a fic giveaway!  I have never done this before and I really hope people will like it/enter it!

So the following rules apply:

1. Reblog this post (reblogs will only be counted, also please only reblog if you follow me as this is a reward for those silly wonderful souls who follow me)

2. Likes alone don’t count.

3. I will pick a winner randomly in a weeks time and let them know via message so make sure your inbox is inviting ;)

4. The winner can request anything Hannigram related up to 2000 words.

So yeah go forth and reblog for fluff, porn, angst, porn with plot, ladders, desks, kitchens, anything really…… blood kinks, daddy kinks (thats a personal fav I am sure no one noticed), any kind of kink really, post TWOTL, canon, non canon… anything goes in the purple world.

Love you all and thank you for following me in this strange world of mine….

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In 1903, during several nights in October, many prominent and respectable men in the community of Van Meter, Iowa, put their reputations on the line by claiming to see a strange creature in the sky. This creature was reportedly half-human and half-animal with gigantic bat-like wings. It also had a horn atop its head, could shoot a beam of light from its head and had a terrible smell that followed it. One witness even said that when on the ground, the beast hopped like a kangaroo. This creature was later called the Van Meter Visitor. Legend has it that the monster emerged from an old coal mine that is located just outside the town. 


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Parings? Hobi x Reader.
Rating- R+ Mature audiences only please.
Featuring- Jeon So Mi ( From ioi ), HookGa, MAMA, Alice In Wonderland “ we’re all mad here. “
Disclaimer- I do not own the featuring people, songs, and quotes.
Posted- 4/5/17
She looks at me noticing I was staring and gave me a wave and a petty smile. I fake a smile back to her and wave. I then saw Hobi go up to her and give her a ruffle on her brown precious hair. Her gleaming smooth skin gives off a light a bit. They were the only happy ones in the town as of right now. She kisses Hobi on the cheek. Hobi sees me then waves. He acted quite strange around her today. He was usually on her side but surprisingly he was on mine…

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that feeling when

you’re minding your own business watching youtube videos and you come across a phrase that sounds very familiar

long story short, [ this video ] talks about the unsolved murder of the robinson family which happened in july of 1968. i had nearly reached the end of it when i was floored by the similarity between a note from the suspected killer and the lyrics of “used to be my girl”.

does alex spend his free time watching videos like this one? is this all a coincidence?

i don’t fucking know but i had to share this with the world.

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I swear I'm not inferring either of you are copying one another, it's just something I've noticed and find funny that you and toxic tears keep seeming to get the same things within days, sometimes hours of each other. You got your raven hair piece from lunation leathers, almost immediately after she had the bat one. She got a vampire kisses bat necklace, suddenly you had one. You two seem to have some sort of weird connection lately lol.

That’s certainly strange…. For the Lunation Leathers pieces, that mostly had to do with collection release (since her pieces are posted in batches), and I’d bought that Vampire Kisses collar more than a year and a half ago, I don’t wear it often and seeing that she had one just reminded me of mine 😅

Taking inspiration from others just sort of happens sometimes, intentionally or no. Sometimes I do get ideas from IG and FB friends, like everyone.

We’ll Start A Revolution - Darcy Lewis/Natasha Romanov Soulmates & Time Travel AU

Gift for @unified-multiversal-theory - I’m sorry you didn’t have a gift for the darcyland secret santa, so it’s my little something for you ^^

“One minute she’s with Jane looking at a strange circle of light, the next, she meets a still youthful Black Widow in a somber, post apocalyptic future for the first time and they both realize they are soulmates.”

Oh! And just to get it out of the way.

Most of the findings I post here will be in drawings! Not only is art a favorite hobby of mine, but, to be frank, one thing you need to know about this town is that there’s something here that makes cameras go all funny. You take a picture and it comes out blurred. And it’s strange because you’ll go into the next town over and everything’ll be completely normal.

We’ll call that an anomaly. Just for the record.

I’m just hoping all this is getting through. It doesn’t apply to the internet right?



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Omg you ship dramione??? Do you have any recommended fanfics?? (I've read isolation already!) :o

Yes! DRAMIONE IS MY MAJOR OTP I just, I read a fanfiction like four years ago and it was so good I could never ship anyone so hard as them!

Mostly I’d reccomend the famous ones:

The Fallout (if you like dramione after this you’ll ship them like Hermes)

Silencio (you’ll enjoy this and then you’LL CRY)

Beautiful Disaster (I love this one because MALFOYS) 

The Accidental Malfoy (it’s wip but omg)


We Learned at the Sea (this is beautiful too!)

Merry Christmas Mr Malfoy (read this one in chritsmas and it’ll be a lot much more beautiful and enjoyable!!)

Summer of the Dragon (I LOVE THIS FIC TOO, IT’S AMAZING)

and if I’m talking about Lena Phoria you just need to read The Deadline because I live for everyweek’s update in that fic I swear

oh you can check out every fic of her because every one of them are absolutely perfect!

Broken (I can’t tell you how much I loved this fic because there are no words enough to express it)

And lets not forget one of the best dramione writers: bex-chan

The first thing I read from bex was Graveyard Valentine and then Love Me Twice and then Isolation and then Hunted and then everything she writes because she’s so much talented and wow Isolation is my number one fic (The Fallout too, they both are my fav fics ever)

Mine ok this was strange because Veela and Draco and Veela and Draco and wtf that end in the last chapter posted and it’s WIP but it’s so so so good

aaaaaand I’ve left this to be the ast one because I’m not still sure if I like it, or if I love it, or if I will ever forgive this fic for hurting me so much. I have this kind of thing where everything about a parent who can’t show love but feels it, it gets me because I’ve lived it so yeah, read it but with a very open mind and just enjoy the hurting because maybe that is the thing that make this fic so special and amazing. Or I’m just a sentimental and that’s only a good story, anyway, I hope you give this one a chance:

Picture Retribution

and that’s it, I know I’m forgetting a lot of really good ones but these are the ones I remember as of now! 

Warning: Incoming spam of Matt Cohen

Happy Spam Saturday! - #8

Welcome back! This week: Matt Cohen, requested by @sandee-mcgeek

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Wow, okay. This one was the hardest one yet. I usually don’t like using gifs with text, but I felt compelled to use every gif I could find (I tried all the tags) and there are sooo few. Which is strange, considering how many cons he attends and that his roles aren’t tiny… Anyway, I hope you liked it :)