one of the songs might be for alicia


In a week, I won’t see you again

For the rest of my life.
You’re off — oh, the places you’ll go!
While I’m still here,
Here, there, middle of nowhere.

When I think of you, too often, I know,
My mind
Is a pendulum,
Swinging between

Yes, because
Really, how well did I know you?

No, because
Though we traveled separate orbits,
Our trajectories were bringing us
Closer and closer.

Yes, because
I won’t have to catch my breath every time you smile at me.

No, because
I won’t get to catch my breath every time you smile at me,
Always with a retort on the edge of your tongue,
Every time I laughed at you for launching
Into yet another one of your impassionate speeches.

Yes, because
Maybe now I won’t picture you when I’m singing love songs.

No, because
When a sappy song comes on the radio,
I’ll still see you, with those blue eyes that
Never failed to shoot a jolt of energy through me
Every time I met your gaze.

Yes, because
I need to stop pining over
This impossible reality I conjured
With you as the star.

No, because
It wasn’t impossible to me,
That we just might have
Someday been more.

By Alicia Hu, writing intern for The YUNiversity.

MTV Interview on AOL with Jared Leto - really really old one

This is the MTV interview on AOL with the world’s finest guy, Jared Leto. It gives you an idea of what his personality is like. Enjoy!

do you plan on doing any movies? I would love to see you on the big screen
JARED LET0: Yes, I just did a little part in a movie called How To Make an American Quilt.

JARED LET0: I’m typing this myself so bear with me

Duckworm: Do you think it’s difficult playing someone younger than you really are?


Duckworm: Did getting one of People’s “50 Most Beautiful People” inflate your ego?

JARED LET0: No not at all, I thought it was actually kind of silly

Jbrice: what is your favorite band or musician?


MARGO PRO: What were you like growing up?

JARED LET0: confused

FreFrawn: Jared, are you ever online???

JARED LET0: a couple times, but never as myself

Sheryl555: Hi Jared, I just started watching your show on MTV a few weeks ago and I think it is absolutely great. What kind
of jobs have you held before you were on MSCL?

JARED LET0: not many acting jobs but I was a dishwasher when I was 12

NtvBornTX: What was your first kiss like??? :-)

JARED LET0: bad and sloppy

Snwboard7: Do you snowboard?

JARED LET0: yes a lot!

HAPPEY: Jared..hi..I’m here to tell you, from all my friends, that we love’re beautiful.. but you’ve got to loose the
beard!!we’ve had like whole conversations about it! please think it over! will you?

JARED LET0: sorry but #1 I hate shaving and….

WmElliott: Jared, what do you think of all the on-line efforts to celebrate and save “My So Called Life”?

JARED LET0: I think its an interesting phenomenon

Snicker23: I have never done anything normal. I missed my prom. I was wondering if you went to yours and if so, how did it

JARED LET0: I never went to a prom and besides who wants to be NORMAL?

LIBRA136: When is your Birthday?

JARED LET0: 12-26-71

Katie 105: What were you like in your own high school days? Were you popular or what? A jock?

JARED LET0: no, not at all.I was the total opposite of a jock in school.I like to hang out with the freaks

KUMPJ: Jared, I am a really big fan of yours, do you have a fan mail address?

JARED LET0: No I don’t really get into that sort of thing.

Gabriellr: how do you like being sooooooooooo cute

JARED LET0: Well I don’t feel cute at all, but thank you.

KMurthy: You are the best reason to watch MSCL. Are they going to get it back on?

JARED LET0: I have no idea but we should know on may 16

MinneyB: What do you like most about MSCL?

JARED LET0: the honesty

Jared, did you have any feelings for Claire Danes

JARED LET0: I’m in love with Claire

Catberrey: at this point, would all the cast members return if “MS-CL” is picked up again?

JARED LET0: I think so

ZTREBOR: do you eat vegetables???!!what is your favorite one and why??????

JARED LET0: I love veggies, and I like popcorn the best!

JessC25: Hey there Jared! Great show! I heard you were doing some stuff with music! How is that going?

JARED LET0: good I am just writing a lot of songs now and I might put out an album if anyone cares


Boydsters: What turns you on most about a girl??

BLONDY15: : In real life, would you be interested in someone like Angela or Rayanne?

JARED LET0: maybe

Serinki: what’s it like knowing that tons of females ranging in age worship you?

JARED LET0: I don’t really think like that, but thank you

Ejb1995: I read somewhere that you were going to SVA, what did you want to do?

JARED LET0: I wanted to be a film maker

Krojb: I have to know. What’s it like to kiss Claire Danes?

JARED LET0: its nice she is a good kisser

JesuzLuvs: Jared- Do you understand that MSCL is a cult show. I have worshiped it ever since the firs episode. Every
episode we burn another candle. WE LOVE YOU ALL

Gin6T9: Jared, do you wear boxers or briefs? sorry if that’s too personal

JARED LET0: neither

Bobbo20: Do you eat Spam?

JARED LET0: never SPAM is disgusting

LoveJooky: Jared, you have lovely hair. What products do you use?

JARED LET0: usually just auto grease or lard

NAT4485 How old are you and how did you get into acting? Do you have a steady


GAP fan: How many words a minute can you type?

JARED LET0: maybe 2 or 3

Rheumatic: If your life was a book, what would the title be, and what would happen on page 129??

JARED LET0: the title would be “ ”

Laure41F: Do you believe in fate?


Jared Leto plays Jordan Catalano on “My So Called Life”

NtvBornTX: Who is your favorite actress in Hollywood????

JARED LET0: I like several-Holly Hunter, Glenn Close, Julliet Lewis……..

Spi Chic2: Who is your favorite cartoon character?

JARED LET0: The fabulous furry freak bros.

SadWinter: Jordan is a very interesting person. how would you compare yourself with him?

PHRmail: Who is Shannon Leto, who took your picture for People?

JARED LET0: Shannon Leto is my brother. He also played Shane on the show

JENNPAL: which my so called life episode is your favorite?

JARED LET0: the last one

Are you talkative in real life?

JARED LET0: sometimes

Lolly887: what are your interests besides acting?

JARED LET0: music

TDPeters: Do you feel the show is a realistic portrayal of today’s high school students?

JARED LET0: yes and no

Sunn11589: Yiu have a beautiful voice, do you plan on making any albums?

JARED LET0: thank you. I think so, but dont look for me in some slicked out commercial video

PRubin124: are you in New York or California right now?


Boydsters: what are your dreams and aspirations?

JARED LET0: that’s a little to complicated to talk about on the computer

Tofutti 10: when was your first big break?

JARED LET0: it was MSCL, 2 years ago

RobPerez: Did you go to Longfellow Intermediate in McLean?

JARED LET0: yeah


: I don’t think that has any real value to me as an actor, however if anything positive comes out as a
result then that is great

X grrl 7: what kind of donuts do you like?

JARED LET0: Jelly filled YUM.

TermXXX: I know this girl that Jared Leto hit on in a club named Element in NYC and then Her boyfriend punched him right in the face. I want to know if it hurt because he is pretty big and you are pretty scrawny

JARED LET0: that never happened

Mushroom0: What do you think is the best thing that has happened in your life?

VenusGirl: How do you like AOL?

JARED LET0: I think its interesting

BelindaW: Are you really as shy as they say, and if so, how do you deal with all this attention?

: I just sit back and deal with it the best I can.

JARED LET0: from audition
Yep, just say a goodbye thing if you want…

Thanks to Jared Leto for coming to the MTV Arena

: thanks to everyone who showed up…bye