one of the sexiest creature on earth

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Harry has a lot of imperfections which somehow add up to the most beautiful person I've ever seen. Shitty hairline, droopy eye, unsymmetrical nose, spotty skin, tiny high set ears, strange stomach, weird feet where each toe is like an inch shorter than the one before and questionable tattoos = sexiest creature on earth.

I love all of this as well.

Because when he smiles it lights up the world.


So I’m on MTV and I saw “11 couples that should never have babies”.  They were talking about the most aggressive ships that would have ugly babies.  They go through the normal; Oliver+Felicity, Castle+Beckett, Rose and The Doctor.  You know the normal ones.  Number 11 of the couples that should never have babies was “Dean and Castiel”.  Seriously.  Now don’t get me wrong.  Destiel is my OTP that I will go “guns blazing” for.  But, besides the anatomical impossibility that they literally cannot have each others baby, this baby is the sexiest creature on “Earth as it is on Heaven”.  I was like EXCUSE TF OUTTA YOU!! I would marry that beautiful, scruffy, chiseled jaw, sex-haired God.  So shout out to MTV for Fucking up severely.