one of the reasons why i love ft

good brotayuri things

i hate otayurgle so heres some, things,

ft trans yuri bc i love #self projecting 

  • when yuri’s dysphoria is particularly bad otabek would give him some of his old clothes and they would watch movies together
  • otabek’s one of the only people to see yuri cry over a movie (the other’s being his grandpa, yuuri, viktor and the rest of the russian skate fam)
  • yuri has a rlly big sweet tooth while otabek will eat anything salty/spicy. they often fight abt it
  • yuri’s white ass cannot handle the Spice ™
  • yuri LOVES mint chocolate ice cream but otabek hates it (another reason why they fight)
  • otabek gives yuri piggy back rides because he fucking can, have you seen those ##shoulders
  • otabek would always remind yuri to take off his binder before he’s about to fall asleep
  • when yuri’s having a bad day otabek sends him pictures or videos of cats
  • things_to_show_yura.gif
  • YURA_LOOK.png
  • otabek always sends yuri outdated memes
  • “wtf beka i thought u were cool”
  • “i came out to have a good time and im honestly feeling so attacked rn”
  • their snapchat streak is #impressive its at 82 now
  • yuri: *says something*
  • otabek: u know back in my day we never–
  • yura: ur only THREE years older than me shut the FUck

these are bad but,,, take them

Got7 Jinyoung Masterlist

This is a collection of Jinyoung smut, fluff, one shots, etc (none of these are written by this blog and will credit writers when using their whole masterlist)

The following are from imsarabum

The following are from ahgaseposts

Dormitory Rendezvouz

A Lucky Trainee


Birthday Sex

Stress Relief

Shower Time

The Christmas Song


We Can Make Love

Flying Business Class

“No Touchy!”

Too Hot Game


Welcome Home


— “Sincere feelings transcend time and connect hearts”

I was thinking of what I should do for my next edit post on Instagram, but the new chapter didn’t come out to I couldn’t make one. And then for some reason, I reflected on the anime and asked myself why I love Fairy Tail so much, and it makes me realize that I’ve learned so many things from it. So, I decided to make an edit about some things I was taught while watching the anime.

reasons why i love gajevy:

- nobody in the beginning liked the fact Gajeel joined Fairy Tail and no one trusted him, but out of everyone… Levy, the one who got her hands binded to a tree by gajeel, saw good in Gajeel.

- i personally didn’t like Gajeel in the beginning, but after i saw that episode when Laxus was hurting Gajeel and Levy’s partners were still mad at Gajeel and Gajeel didn’t let them get to him i started liking him 

- Levy was there for Gajeel when no one else was 

- Gajeel was invited to join Fairy Tail and Makarov knew he was lonely and he wouldn’t be lonely in Fairy Tail and Levy was the one who took that loneliness away

- Gajevy wasn’t forced either they only showed some build up because they aren’t the main characters but they had almost as much time as Lucy did with Natsu and Juvia did with Gray

- I started shipping Gajevy WAYYY MORE in the S-class exams 

- Levy went out of her way and gave her remaining oxygen to Gajeel ;w; forgetting that she was able to just use her magic to make him an oxygen bubble… AHAH

- Gajeel has put his life down for Levy more than once 

- The year after Fairy Tail disbanded Gajeel and Levy were together 

i have way more to put, but this is such a cute ship and now its CANON AHHH!! Gajevy wasn’t forced im sure they had wayy more build up then they have shown on the anime/manga since its mainly focused on the main characters, but the build we have seen is enough for me to ship it. The ship teaches you that you can forgive someone even after they have hurt you and you can make “bad guy” into a good guy since there may be still some good in them.