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If Coran is Uncle Fester in the Addams Family AU, who is Cousin Itt?

Cousin Itt is Cousin Narti lol
I just want more Galra in this family for some reason

[The Addams Family AU]

Keith: Darling, are those men staring at us?
Shiro: Not at us, my love. At you. You’re ethereal. 
Cousin Narti: 
Shiro: Cousin Narti is right. As always. *nods* 
Keith: *turns to Narti* *smiles* That’s so sweet of you, Narti. You and your way with words.
Cousin Narti:
Keith: *chuckles softly* You flatter me.
Lance: *raises eyebrows* *turns to Pidge* How on Earth are they understanding her? Am I the only one deaf here?
Pidge: They read through her eyes, you fool. 
Lance: *glances at Narti* She doesn’t even have eyes! *throws hands in the air*

Alone: A Theo Raeken Imagine

Request from Anon: I would like to request “alone” if that’s okay 👀

So, here’s this one! (N. B. I do not condone cheating in any way at all, just to clarify). I hope it’s okay for you lovely, enjoy x 

Said he tried to phone me
But I never have time

Y/N had two main men in her life; her boyfriend being one of them. The other one was the man she loved, Theo Raeken. He was the reason she was never to join him on dates at the weekend, the reason she almost always missed the phone calls from him. 

“I called you at the weekend.”

“Oh, sorry. Had too much work to do.”

It was then that she’d look up to see Theo smirking at her from across the cafeteria, knowing he’d heard the whole conversation. She’d smile at him, a glint in her eyes that drove him insane. 

So, they’d be seeing each other again tonight then?

He said that I never listen
But I don’t even try

“You’re not listening to me, are you?”

“Hmm,” Y/N replied as she nuzzled into Theo’s neck, placing kisses over every inch of skin that she could get to. She was far too engrossed in his body to pay attention to his mind. 

The chimera looked down at the naked girl draped across him. She was like some sort of goddess, put on this earth just for him. But she wasn’t just for him; she was for him too. 

Jealousy was a strong word. Hatred an even stronger one. But the strongest of words was not aimed at her boyfriend, it was aimed at her. 


I got a new place in Cali but I’m gone every night
So I fill it with strangers so they keep ‘em alive

“You are coming tonight, right? House party, remember?”, Y/N’s boyfriend was by her shoulder, placing a chaste kiss on her cheek after speaking. 

“Of course, how could I forget?”

She pretended she was excited, for his sake. But, in truth, she had planned on cancelling and just calling Theo over. She needed a distraction from high school life, and he served as the perfect solution. 

But that would have to wait. 

She showed up at the party that night, expecting another dull night where she pretended to like the people that she had to deal with. 

She hadn’t quite expected to find her boyfriend talking with Theo Raeken.

She said she told you she knows me
But the face isn’t right
She asked if I recognized her and I told her I might

He saw her when she walked in, the look of complete shock on her face when she saw him making him smirk. 

She probably thought that he was spilling her secrets. Well, why shouldn’t he? He was tired of being second best, tired of being her distraction, tired of being with her but feeling so alone. 

“Hey, Y/N. This is Theo. Theo, this is my girlfriend.”

She adopted a smile so fake that it made Theo sick. As much as he was angry at her, he hated seeing her having to be someone she wasn’t. Someone she hated. 

“I think we have Biology together, right?”

“Right, yeah I think so.”

See, everywhere I go I got a million different people tryna’ kick it
But I’m still alone in my mind

Another half an hour passed before Y/N finally got to speak to Theo alone. 

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“Last I checked, Princess, it was an open house.”

“You know what I mean.”

People swarmed around them, all of them probably too drunk to think anything of the conversation that was happening between the two lovers. This was what parties were to Y/N; people who needed an excuse to have company, after spending too much time inside their own heads. 

It wasn’t long before the conversation got heated.

I know you’re dying to meet me
But I can just tell you this

“Are you going to tell him? You know, about us?”

Theo sneered; it was just like her to assume the worst about him. Why should she be different from anyone else? He hated that she felt that way, knowing that really she was just as damaged as he was. 

“Why would I do that? Wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings now, would I?”

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I’m tired, Y/N. I’m tired of being your distraction, your second choice. I’m tired of watching you with him, knowing that all I am is your dirty little secret. I want more with you, okay?”, it was perhaps the first time in his life, Theo Raeken had ever felt as if he was begging to be with someone. Normally, he was on the receiving end of that. 

He sighed. It was now or never. 

“I love you.”

Baby, as soon as you meet me
You’ll wish that you never did 

That night was the beginning of something almost miraculous between Y/N and Theo. A year on, things had only got better. 

Of course, on hearing those words, Y/N had broken up with her boyfriend who claimed that he wished he’d never met her. His drunken state had turned into someone with ferocity, causing Theo to punch him in the face. 

They were happy, they really were. They had a relationship together that no-one  could compete with. 

They were in love. 

They were no longer alone. 


Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Masterlist

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Do you like older!ignis or younger ignis? The question is for *cough* reasons

I love any and all iterations of Ignis because the depths of my trashdom for this man is absolute.

… however, if I did have to choose…

Look at that smile. It eradicated my existence and transformed me into a new being with its radiance.

How can a man go through such trauma, then grow up to be even more badass and beautiful than ever before???

Jesus Christ, slay me sir

You know I had to put that in there. You know it. And now, I must change my underwear.

…I hope this answers your question, anon! :D :D also wait what are you planning

Happy Thanksgiving!

And in the spirit of the holiday, I would like to say that I’m thankful for every single one of you, followers, mutuals, and blogs I follow. Each one of you brightens my day. Each one of you puts a smile on my face. And for different reasons, too. Some of you are ridiculous, while some of you run ego blogs or protection squads. Some of you have even helped me with different things, both physical and emotional.

So to say thank you, I’m tagging around 10-15 of you. Each one is going to be followed by something about you that either I’m thankful for or I want to happen!

@snowelfxx You are an amazing person, who creates egos out of thin air. It’s an amazing talent, keep it up!

@pleaseletthisjimbetaken Your Ego Estates story is amazing, and it’s partially inspired my beast of a project that I’m working on. I can’t wait to see the next part!

@ironwoman359 I love your blog, and let me tell you, when you accidentally deleted I was a little concerned! But I’m glad you got everything back. Stay awesome Jim Back at Home!

@slim-jims Giving us all the Egos to interact with is incredible, and Ti, you do an amazing job as editor. Plus, you’re a button! Keep rocking that awesome hair!

@markiderps I love you vlog, it’s always a good one to see. And you’re fun to interact with. Thanks for being there

@suhpuppets Yep I’m tagging the sideblog. Best place for me to dump things, plus Anti and Chase both give good advice. I’ll always swing by to say hi!

@sassy-in-glasses Thanks for always being on the “sleep watch” for us Americans. Half of the time, we don’t realize how late it is.

@darkfixation Your fics are amazing. I always read them as soon as I can, simply because I think they’re too good.

@onetiredowl Thanks for being the Editor. Might need your services, but I’m still decided. Nevertheless, be on the lookout.

@angel-jim-hell-yeah Love the blog. It’s amazing, plus you always have something good to say.

@asksomecoolkids HOLY COW your Conflict Comic blows my mind. It’s so well done, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

@loki-isnt-so-lucky You are an amazing person, and a great artist. Keep working at it, and post your stuff! I know I love it.

@little-omega-prince Thanks for being my friend, and helping me figure out some things.

And last but certainly not least, @markiplier and @therealjacksepticeye Thank you for posting videos, for interacting with your fans, for starting a community. I know I speak for a lot of the community when I say that you take away the pain, the problems, just life in general. You are a bright spot in all of our days and make us laugh when we only want to cry. So thank you, Mark. Thank you, Jack. And thank you, each and every one of you, even if I didn’t tag you. Don’t think that you don’t mean anything to me.

okay so

i wanna make a big post to thank people but honestly there’s so many of you and i can’t remember all of you (curse my memory) but:

thank you guys. all of you. the ones who have interacted with me, friends i’ve made, you people following me for some reason. thank you. you’re all wonderful and lovely and i have felt more welcomed and blessed here than anywhere.

special thanks to @markiplier @therealjacksepticeye @crankgameplays for their amazing and wonderful and super friendly communities that i have been apart of. i have made more friends here than i have in real life or anywhere, and i’m super thankful for that. especially to the guys for making me smile and laugh and cheering me up on bad days. i appreciate it so much.

thank you guys again, you’re all super wonderful and amazing. ❤️

happy thanksgiving loves! and if it’s not thanksgiving where you live, or if you don’t celebrate it, i hope you have a wonderful amazing day!

i’m very thankful for every single one of you, from the people i talk to every day to the people i only see on my dashboard. i’m thankful for the ones i don’t even see there, i’m thankful for all of you.

i’m thankful for the boys, who with their talents and smiles brought us all together. they’re the reason we all have had the opportunity to meet each other, they’re the reason i’ve been able to make such amazing friends.

i love each and every one of you so much, and i hope y’all have an amazing day!!❤️

Moonlight || Chapter 4  Eddie Kaspbrak x Reader

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Can I request a Richie Tozier x Sibling!Reader


Okay I know anon asked specifically for a Richie x Sibling!Reader but I did make the reader siblings with Richie but it just focuses on how the reader’s new friendship bends and grows with Eddie considering he is Richie’s best friend.

Words: 1604

@lovertozier  @purplegeoff   @agentvicinity

Moonlight || Grace Vanderwaal

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

                                                -Dr. Seuss

“Oh come on Y/n! It will be fun, it’s just going to be me, you, Stan, Eddie,Bill, Beverly, and Ben!” Richie said, complaining about your choices for not going to the quarry with them. “I know Richie, just give me one good reason why I should be there” You said with a smile knowing he would have to actually think for this one. “Beverly will be there and the Bowers’ gang won’t” He said with a smirk back. “Ugh fine I’m going” you spoke as you put your hands up for some kind of ‘fine you got me’ motion. It got quiet in your room for a bit until you told Richie he better leave your room so you could change, “Okay, okay, okay, fine woman, next time be a little bit nicer” Richie said as he walked up to the door frame. You stood near the door, “Bye” You smiled then shut the door in his face. “UGH” You heard Richie say loudly. “Hurry up though Y/n!” He said once again. “Yeah whatever” you responded.

 Yeah, of course you took your time looking for a swimsuit that would be appropriate for being around some obnoxious 14 year old boys, but Bev would be there. I’m not saying that i’m bi or les, but I would just want to make a good impression on her. And I will do that through clothes, obvi. You quickly ran over to your dresser, picking out a pair of shorts and a old shirt first to put over the swimsuit then you looked for a cute swimsuit. Your eye’s landed on a two piece black swimsuit, it was simple but yet cute. And this was the winner. Quickly you put on the swimsuit then put on the shirt and shorts over it, now you were ready. “I’m done!” You called out to Richie then walked out of the room. “Good, it felt like you had taken almost a century!” Richie joked but you simply ignored him with just a roll of your eyes. “Mom we’re leaving!” You called out when you both walked into the living room. “Okay…” she responded back, you looked over to see her with a bottle of wine in one hand whilst reading the newspaper messily.

“What are you guys doing?” You said as you watched the group of boys huddle near the edge of the quarry. “Aren’t you going to jump in??” You said slightly impatient. “Stop asking questions Y/n” Stan hissed. “Oh my god that was terrible! I win!” Richie said as he watched Eddie spit into the water. “You won?” Eddie questioned, “Yeah” “Did you see my lugee!?” Eddie’s high pitched tone got filled with annoyance. “Mine went the furthest!” Richie spoke. “It’s all about distance” “Mass, it’s always been mass” Eddie said. “What’d-” “Who cares how far it went out” He said. “Alright..who’s first?” Bill said breaking up the fight. The group of boys looked down into the water full of fear, “We’ll go!” You called out then Beverly started to undress into her white undergarments. Every boy looked at her in amazement. “Sissy’s” She said with a laugh as she took your hand. The group parted and let Y/n and Beverly dive in first. “Hold your breathe Y/n!” Bev called out when you both jumped in. “What the fuck!!?” Richie yelled out when he watched you both jump in. A loud splash noise was heard and you quickly dove up to catch some air. “Ah holy shit! We just got shut down by a girl!” Richie complained. “We have to do that now?” Stan asked. “Yes!” Eddie responded. “Come on!” Bev called out. “Yeah!” You agreed. Ben waved at Bev. “Shit” Stan said. Then they all started jumping in. Everybody had been splashing around and having a good time. “Chicken fight?!” Richie called out. Beverly got on top of Bill’s shoulders and Richie got on top of Stan’s (stozier) you looked around and noticed Ben was alone and so was Eddie. “Eds?” You said. “Don’t…” “Wanna try?” “Try what?” “Chicken fight you dummy” You said. “I-I don’t think I can carry you.” He spoke. “Fine then” you said as you picked him up so he had been sitting on your shoulders. He had a quick shriek but then realized what had just happened. Eddie’s face went completely redder than a ruby. You swam over to Bill and Stan and kicked both of their feet making Richie and Beverly to fall off of them. You smiled widely and let Eddie off of your shoulders. The sun had now been starting to set, “Crap” “Hey look! Y/n didn’t curse!” Stan said sarcastically. “Why do you hate her?” Eddie whispered to Stan. Stan took a moment to actually question this, he had no explanation except for what had happened at the sewers. Stan had made sure they quickly changed the subject in fear that Eddie would think he was rude for being “mean” to Y/n.

Ben’s radio had been playing, and the song “Bust a move” by Young MC had just turned on. You and Beverly were sunbathing in front of the immature group of boys. Even with your circle sunglasses on you could tell they had been starring at either you or Beverly. They all looked as if they had been put into a trance. You had coughed which made Eddie and Stan look away from you very quickly, this had been some sort of girl signal that they had been looking at the both of you for Beverly. So she then turned her head to face the group. Stan, Eddie, Ben, Bill, and Richie all looked away as if they hadn’t been starring at two girls sunbathing. You tried your hardest not to laugh but only a giggle escaped your lips. “Wh-wha-what?” Bill asked, “You guys are dorks” You said.

 You had been sitting on one of the rocks and drying off your hair up until Stan sat next to you. You made it clear that you didn’t want to deal with his bull shit by sighing ever so loudly. “You know, Y/n, you’re not that bad…” Stan said quietly so nobody could hear. Even though Eddie and Richie had been talking with Ben and Beverly and Bill were talking to each other. “What?” you asked as you set down the towel on top of your lap. “I said that you’re not as bad as you seem to be” he repeated the words. “And what is that suppose to mean…?” you questioned. “Y/n, when I say that, that means that your personality is better than your mask personality” Stan said trying to avoid getting annoyed. “Oh…” You said, it got quiet, and it stayed like this for the rest of the night.

“Hey Y/n..” Eddie said making you snap back into reality. All you had been thinking about was what the hell did Stan mean?  "Do you mind if I walk you h-home?“ Eddie said in embarrassment. "Yeah sure” You smiled and got up. “See you later Stan…” you said quietly. “Meet you at the house Rich” you said as you and Eddie started walking away you waved back at all of them.

“So..” Eddie said as he kicked a rock. “Yeah..” you responded. You felt yourself starting to lose something, not apart of your heart. Your soul, and that was one of your fears. Philophobia. You may ask what the hell that fear is, and its the fear of love. Being scared of falling in love or emotions is the worse. And this time your heart was actually caving in and making room for somebody new. Your heart had been broken many times before but this was like some sort of super glue to fix and mend the wound. The super glue wasn’t something cheap, but more like something your dad would buy just to fix something important. You were now forcing yourself to get it together, Y/n this isn’t the time to fall apart while walking with the kid who obviously has a crush on you. “Y/n?” Eddie said. “Yeah? Sorry I was uh..thinking” You spoke trying to recover. “Oh…What about?” He asked with curiosity, “You know..typical stuff” he nodded simply trying not to get further into this. “So about you and Beverly sunbathing…” “Yeah?” “I’m sorry for watching you” he said. You giggled lightly, “Eddie why are you sorry?” “I just felt like a creep, ya know?” You nodded. “Well it’s okay” “Okay..” he said, even with it being a summer night it was surprisingly cold, you could see his and your’s breathe. “Are you okay Y/n?” Eddie asked. “Yeah i’m fine” you spoke whilst putting on the black flannel that was previously tied around your waist.“Okay…Whelp we’re here” Eddie said as he stopped walking with you when you reached your porch. Before you grabbed out your keys you did something the universe would have never guessed would happen. Even the wilting roses wouldn’t think about this. “Night asthmatic” you said as you kissed the top of his nose, quickly you went inside and locked the door leaving him outside. You turned around and sat up against the door. “Whoa”   “Whoa” Eddie said in union as he looked around. “What just happened…” He said and looked at the door. You started to giggle softly to yourself in amazement. “Shut up Y/n!” Richie said when he heard you giggling. “Go do some girly laughing somewhere else…!” Richie called out again. “Yeah whatever trash mouth!”

My student submitted the most disturbing “Living History” project I’ve ever seen 

By reddit user gretelcat

One of my least favorite parts about being a middle school history teacher is the bullshit “Living History” assignments we give at the end of every school year. Kids are supposed to sit with their grandparents and video tape, voice record, or transcribe their oldest memories for posterity (and for an easy way to bring up their GPA).

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So um,,,

This one actually goes for @nellos12

I just wanted to draw something nice for u, so,,,

This is one of the reasons why Jacksepticeye is my hero…

I wonder how many times a day Sean goes on tumblr and how long he stays online each time. He always seems to either be online or have recently been online every time I come on here.

I really makes me smile because I love how active he is in the community and it also introduces me to amazing art that I wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

Keith Kogan: A Portrayal of Homosexuality Done Right

I always tell people that Voltron is a lot more clever than it gets credit for. It can spin a cliche/trope on it’s head beautifully, and while all the characters are easily digestible archetypes (i.e: the nerd, the loner), the creators add layers to them that not only make them feel like real people, but also makes social commentary on those very archetypes.

In no better way do they do this than with the character of Keith.

Before I get into how and why Keith deviates from you’re typical gay male protagonist, I want to establish as a fact that Keith is homosexual.

If you don’t see - what I consider to be - blatant evidence that Keith’s gay, well, I can’t say I blame you. Most people have ingrained heteronormative lenses, meaning they’ll miss the subtext of homosexual characters. Us in the LGBT community are much more attuned to seeing these because, well, for one, we’re queer, and two, because up until around the 1960s, the portrayal of gay characters in the media was illegal and could only be shown subtextually.

So it makes sense that people overlook the very nuanced portrayal of Keith’s sexuality, but if you’re willing to take off those lenses, it’s certainly there.

The first standout appearance of this is in season 1 episode 6: Taking Flight. Or as I like to call it, the day the shows name officially changed to Gaytron: Legendary Homosexuals

I think one of the disconnects for some viewers is that they don’t completely grasp the saying, “Show don’t tell,” the mantra of pretty much every writer. Not always, but typically, showing is better than telling. Or more accurately, telling needs to be used at the correct times and for the right reasons.

So how do they show us that Keith’s gay in this episode? Through three things, body language, actions, and juxtaposition.

You don’t have to be a body language specialist to understand the clear meaning behind Keith’s posture. Leaning, looking someone up and down, and a small, lingering smile/smirk are all subconscious signs of attraction. They’re also common ways of depicting male attraction in the media.

Speaking of depicting male attraction, lets look at how Lance’s flirts in the same episode.

Leaning. Check. Lingering smile. Check. Engaged eye contact. Check. The biggest difference is how blatant they are in their intentions, but that comes down to pure character difference. Keith is self assured and more genuinely confident. He also has a lot of walls up and isn’t so open. While Lance puts on a show/over compensates so that he might appear cool. You can also see this in their respective ‘I’m-checking-you-out’ postures. Lance’s body is open, he’s engaged and his eyes are on Nyma’s eyes. While Keith’s posture is interested, but more in an appreciative way. His body is closed off, and instead of looking Rolo in the eyes, he looks at his - um - physique. This is really fitting for Keith’s character, who again, has walls, and who also puts this mission first, and most likely has no intention of letting this attraction lead to anything other than having a nice piece of eye candy around for a couple of hours.

This is textbook juxtaposition. So moving along now.

I don’t want this to be a shippy post, so I won’t add all the times I think Keith shows attraction towards Lance, but I do want to mention this scene.

The use of the rainbow(the most recognizable symbol in the gay community) over lapping the bi flag colors is relevant for the same reason why the use of purple to symbolize the Galra is relevant. Purple represents royalty, imperialism, but also gloom and danger. The use of these colors and symbols are conscious choices.

While the above scene shows that Keith is attracted to men, this scene shows that Keith is also not attracted to woman.

What I love about this scene is that it’s such a cliche, and like I said up above, Voltron is good at turning those on their head. Here they utilize the tiered and true trope of accidentally falling into each others arms. If this was a hetero-centric Romcom than this moment would’ve been obviously meant to establish attraction, but instead, it does the opposite. Rather Keith personally likes Allura or not, she’s a knock out. So, if he’s attracted to women at all, and isn’t use to having that contact- which hes not - he should be at least somewhat shocked/flustered. If it had been an attractive guy that fell into Keith’s arms, I have no doubt that his reactions would be something beyond that blank stare. Considering he literally gasps every time Lance touches him

The last piece of “evidence” I want to show isn’t as blatant and may just be my perspective, but it’s worth mentioning.

The themes of Keith’s Galra arc are very reminiscent to coming out. He’s discovering parts of himself. He’s internalizing and hiding away said parts. He’s scared of what the people he cares about will think of him when they find out. If this is intentional, it’s brilliant, because while Voltron is set in a futurist world where sexuality is supposedly not an Issue, it still is for the youth of today. Meaning by having these similar themes, Keith becomes more relatable to LGBT people.

This is the part where, if you still don’t think Keith’s gay, I’ll have to calmly yet firmly ask you to get off my fucking lawn. For the rest of you, onward to victory!!!

LGBT individuals have a history of being badly represented in the media, especially now that gay characters have become a marketing strategy for a more progressive consumer base. Their whole character is often reduced to stereotypes or used as a giant walking gay pride flag that reads: look at us, we’re hip and with the times. Meaning, the majority of these characters plots and personalities are based solely on their sexuality. Which is a problem, because not only does it not help to normalize homosexuality, but it’s just not relatable to LGBT people.

I’ll give you an example. My mom’s a lesbian. She married to a woman and has two daughters, one who is trans and one who is bi. But despite how “gay"her life may seem, she very rarely describes herself as that way. She’s not active in LGBT issues. She doesn’t involve herself in the community. Shes not lesbian first and everything else afterward, and she is certainly not alone in that experience. Don’t get me wrong, LGBT individuals are more aware of their sexuality than cishet people, but it’s typically only because others point it out and remind us that its not "normal.” Still, for a lot of LGBT people, our sexuality is just one part of our personal narrative, not the whole damn book.

Another problem with LGBT representations is that their often just built off of stereotypes. Gay men are feminized and their sexuality is typically made the butt of a joke. They are shown as being promiscuous and having commitment issues. These are the standards.

But Keith abolishes all of those, and in such a seamless way too.

While Keith’s character is in no way excessively macho, he’s certainly not feminine either. He doesn’t mind getting sweaty. He’s temperamental and has anger issue. He lived a pretty low maintenance life in a desert shack, sleeps in his jeans like a heathen, and probably uses a dagger to peel oranges. Keith is a masculine character. He’s confident and self assured, but not vain. He’s emotional, but in a very private way. Whereas many other portrayal of gay men depict them as almost theatrically sensitive, confident, but only in their sexual prowess, and self absorbed, but only when it come to their looks and not when it comes to their skills.

This is already an impressive deviation, but what really makes Keith’s portrayal stand out is the way his sexuality is but a mere footnote in what makes his character his character, and how that fits into his personality and story arc so well.

The first thing you have to realize about Keith is that, while he certainly wants to connect with people, it’s not his number one priority. He has barriers. He fears rejection, and despite wanting to feel as if he belongs, its not hard to see how Keith has been conditioned to assume he’ll inevitability be left behind, and therefore places personal relationships low on his list of priorities. Meaning, yes, he was checking out Rolo, and yes, I believe that he’s very very fond of Lance, but I can’t imagine that Keith really sees these relationships becoming something substantial or romantic, and thus doesn’t put too much effort into perusing them. You can really tell what’s important to a character by what they focus their time on. Take Lance for instance, he’s a character who blatantly cares about friendships and has no problem openly flirting. That’s not to say Lance doesn’t care about the war, just like Keith’s reluctance to pursue meaningful bonds doesn’t mean he doesn’t want them. It just means that relationships and love obviously mean a lot to Lance.

So what does Keith focus on? Well, he shows the most focus on relationships in season one, when the connections he had with his makeshift family was the post pressing thing going on. (You cant really form Voltron if you don’t connect with the other members) But after season one, with all the changes Keith goes through, we see a big shift in his priorities. First he finds out about his heritage, then Shiro disappears and he is thrust into leadership, and then most recently, he joins the Blade.

By framing Keith’s character like this, it allows the creators to make his sexuality natural and relatable in a very interesting way. Because as LGBT people know, our sexuality isn’t the most important part of our lives. Just like Keith, we have more to focus on.

That’s not to say that his sexuality will never be shown explicitly. Like I said, I don’t want to get too shippy, but I truly believe that Laith is endgame. So if and when that happens, his sexuality will naturally come into play. Sadly, their will be a lot of people who call it forced because they missed the subtext and are use to seeing gay characters depicted more as spectacles than real people.

Voltron has really done something special here. They’ve create a universe where sexuality isn’t an issue, and they make it believable by never bringing it up outside of naturally occurring, unforced, appropriate context. Even better, because the Voltron universe is so vastly different than our own, it would’ve been easy to make LGBT characters that we couldn’t relate to, but they don’t. They manage this so well that I honestly can’t phantom Keith’s sexuality being anything but homosexual despite the fact it’s never been explicitly shown.

But most importantly, they’re creating a higher standard for LGBT representation. They are normalizing it on a show aimed towards children who are heavily influenced by the media they consume.

That, my friends, is worth applauding.

I’ll admit it. It’s been a rough couple of years for me. As for the people who know of my story , I know what they’re all thinking after they’ve heard it, how sad.

Every time I explain the moments that bit at my soul, it would be ripped off viciously again.

Again. And again. And again.

Feeling like I was cursed to relive those moments for the rest of my life because there is always going to be someone who will not know. Who will ask. Who will say, “I want to know more about you.” Who will not have anything to say after other than I’m sorry.

The one thing I noticed was that people would take my words and choose the ones they believed were the most depressing. As if I was a non-fictional essay novel with its pages open for the world to dissect.

While I do not mind anyone who’s heard my story to do this, no one has picked the one I thought was sad.

“No one ever taught me.”

The only reason I think this one saying is so sad is because I’ve heard it so many other times from other people and yet I thought nothing of it. Now having gone through what I did, I’ve said that. Those exact words.

Now sure some people might say it in complete confidence, as of way to show that they were a strong individual. That they didn’t always have to depend on someone.

For me…that wasn’t it.

Sure, I’d try to play it off with a big cheeky smile when I was fifteen and all of my friends thought it was so cool that I knew how to drive. How smart and independent I was.

No one taught me.

I didn’t have choice.

—  @foreverdreaming252 || I kept trying over and over again. ||

“I think, just like Iris’ sort of grieving in her own way for Barry’s terrible faith, I think also, Cisco is - There is definitely still a part of him that’s missing. You know, he is like, his counterpart. You know, I think Caitlin’s been like a sister to him”.

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I have a headcanon I'd like to share with you if that's ok!!! Hanzo likes various plants, especially succulents. So he has a bunch in a window garden, that he spends a lot of time taking care of. When he's alone it's a fair bet you can find him singing soft lullabies, songs of luck and growth, and things in Japanese he'd always meant to tell Genji, but since he couldn't he sings them to his plant babies while he's taking care of them.

Anonymous said to thetiniestcicada: Since he never got to do that for Genji when he was little, he wants to at least help something grow and be wonderful in life.. And when Mcree accidentally happens upon Hanzo one day singing to his succulents and smiling softly to himself as he remembers the good times he did have with Genji when they were young, it reaffirms every reason in his head of why he loves this man. And he knows in that moment this is the man he wants to marry and spend the rest of his life with.

Anonymous said to thetiniestcicada: Also, you are a beautiful wonderful human being and you are the first I have ever shared a headcanon with. And I want you to know that’s how much you and your blog mean to me. Ty bug bb, you are the bestest. 

Hey anon, this headcanon is absolutely beautiful?? Thank you so very much for sharing it, I’ve been thinking about this all day long and couldn’t help but doodle something for it because I loved it so very much :’))

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you „stan“ a manipulative, white supremacist, barely talented, unbelievably rich cow with terrible hair and godawful dance moves. there are so many other great artists, that make music with actual value and finesse, maybe consider „stanning“ someone like that for a change instead of some odd persona a record label is spoonfeeding you : )

*clears throat*

Dear anon, before starting throwing shade at us and Taylor herself, I think that you should check your sources and “facts” first, sit down and read this.

If this person is, I quote, “manipulative” and “a white supremacist”, then I would very much like to take a look at your sources and proof so that we can discuss about it although I have a feeling that most of your “proof” comes from teen magazines or from unreliable sources. I don’t know if you have looked up the definition of white supremacy before, but I will give it to you now: “White supremacy is a racist ideology based upon the belief that white people are superior in many ways to people of other races and that therefore white people should be dominant over other races.” Now, I don’t know how you can qualify Taylor as a white supremacist when she has many friends such as Uzo Aduba (with whom she performed at the 1989 World Tour) and Todrick Hall (who is also starring in her Look What You Made Me Do music video). Moving on, you may call her what you want and you may use terms such as “manipulative” or “unbelievably rich”, but here are some facts about her that you might have skipped:

• she might be rich, but she doesn’t keep the money to herself. In 2015, during Christmas, or as we like to call it, Swiftmas, she sent packages full of gifts to fans around the world. One of these fans was missing a certain amount of money for college, and since Taylor was aware of that, she sent her $1,989 including a lot of other gifts (I used this as a source because I couldn’t find the Tumblr post but y’all can help me later when I post this) (x)

• she has donated an endless amount of money to fans with illnesses, to organizations, visited them at hospitals, and even wrote an eponymous song called “Ronan” for a 4-year old that passed away because of cancer (just google the name of the song and “taylor swift hospital” and you’ll see)

• she gave a certain amount of money and dropped at a hotel a fan who had missed her bus after her concert

• she invites fans TO HER HOME and tells us secrets, bakes for us, stalks us on social media, knows more things about us than ourselves, and is genuinely happy to see us, AND SHE GIVES US THE BIGGEST AND BEST HUG OF OUR LIVES AND SHE DOESN’T LET YOU GO UNTIL YOU LET GO and the conversation between you two flows perfectly because it feels like you’re talking to your long-lost sister and you have so much to talk about (and I and other secret sessioners are the source for this and if you have any questions or you’re don’t believe us you are free to ask politely)

• if you take a look closer, all Taylor never even once ever started the drama. Don’t you think that it’s odd that people keep throwing shade at her for no valid reason when they could actually throw shade at Donald Trump because all he can say is “tremendous”?

• she knows so many things about us it’s insane. She likes our posts daily and interacts with us, even with some emojis, because she knows that it could make a person’s day, week, month, year, or maybe even your entire life. At award shows or any other public event, she doesn’t miss on the opportunity and surprises fans. Do you know any other celebrity who loves their fans so much that they travel to the other side of the world for them, help them financially, send them gifts, spends HOURS with them on social media and tries to meet as many of us as possible?

• she recently met a girl at a secret session who had possibly a miscarriage, and not only did Taylor make her laugh and made her feel better, but the next day, she received an e-mail from Taylor’s team with a specialized doctor’s address. When she asked how much she had to pay them, they replied that everything had already been covered (x)

I would have written more about this but unfortunately I’m running out of time, so I will let our TS defense squad to keep giving you reliable information.

I would like to formally announce you that whatever you may have heard about her is absolutely absurd, no matter where you found the information, or whether you think it’s true.

Also, her hair is so beautiful and I will defeat you if you dare to fight me on this, and who cares about her dance moves?????? Because if your definition of a good artist includes having nice hair and good dance moves then I think that we have a very different illustration of what talent is. I really think that you should listen to her album “Red” and then I’d like to see if you can write such lyrics and if you can represent feelings through instrumentals. You probably have no idea that she has been rewarded so many times throughout her career because of her talent, and she is one of the most awarded celebrities nowadays, yet she is only 27.

I would like to finish this before I go in class with a clarification. You see, I chose Taylor not only for her music, but also for who she is. She has been there for me when I most needed her, and she never failed to bring a smile to my lips in my darkest times. You have here an entire fandom that would agree with me and would gladly tell you specific reasons why everything she does is important to us and why she is so special. Because Taylor isn’t only a celebrity. She’s the person we’ve looked up to in the past few years. She’s our Aunt Becky. She’s our life savior, for many. She’s our ray of sunshine. But most importantly, she’s our best friend. And we have a relationship based on trust, love, and respect, and in all honesty, I think that it’s beautiful.

~College!au Pen Pal Jungkook~ PART TWELVE

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“Oh, Jungkook! Hey!” You gave a weak smile and waved your hand. You then noticed Y/F/N standing behind him, an amused look on her face. Of course she was here.

Giving a confused wave back, he asked again, “Did you want to tell me something?”

Jimin nudged you with his elbow while Taehyung looked at you with side eyes, signaling you to speak. Shaking your head, you chuckled, “Nope.”

“You sure? I thought I heard you say–”

“Kookie, she said no. Can we go now, please?” Y/F/N whined, tugging at Jungkook’s long sleeved shirt. You remembered that shirt. That was the shirt he wore when you two got pizza one night on a quest to find his pen pal. You were both laughing at something silly and he ended up with lemonade all over it. You mentally shook your head at the wrong timing for remembering a nice memory.

“Y/F/N,” Jungkook sighed. Raising an eyebrow in curiosity, you were no longer frowning. He seemed annoyed. 

“Well? Tell him Y/N, you don’t have anything to say,” Y/F/N gestured you to continue. 

Just as you were about to speak, Jimin interjected. “And if I remember, it was Jungkook asking the question, not you, bitch.” 

You gaped at what Jimin said while Jungkook shouted, “Hyung!”

You looked at Y/F/N who was red in the face and staring straight at you. Don’t you dare, she spoke with her beady eyes.

“Go on, Y/N, tell him,” Taehyung urged, pushing you froward towards Jungkook. He adjusted the beanie on his head, looking between the three of you, confused as hell. 

“Tell me what?”

You looked down and Jimin sighed. If you weren’t going to tell him, he was. “That that girl over there? Yeah, she isn’t your pen pal!”

Jungkook flicked his eyes toward Y/F/N, who placed a hand on her heart as if accused of murder. 

“How can you say that? She is.”

“Really, and when was the last time you actually texted her through the pen pal email, hm?”

“Not since I got her number but–”

“Try it, then. Text her. See if Y/F/N’s phone dings,” Taehyung crossed his arms, staring at the phone in Jungkook’s hand. Boys, what are you doing, you thought.

“Why would I need to prove that? She knows me like my pen pal knows me.”

“But does she act the same way? Certain obvious compatible aspects of your pen pal, she might act like. But really, if you met her without knowing she was your pen pal, would you believe that? I don’t think so. And I don’t think you do either. There’s something off about her, right? She’s too…forced.” Jimin gazed over at you. You were fiddling with your fingers avoiding eye contact with Jungkook.

“What are you saying?”

“That she’s not your pen pal! She’s not the girl you’ve grown to like so much!” Taehyung sighed, exasperated. “Just text her.”

Jungkook began to unlock his phone, eyes flickering to you. What did you have to do with all of this? Was it because Y/F/N was your friend?

He typed a simple message and heard the send sound from his phone. Closing your eyes in anticipation, you waited.

Then, your phone dinged.

All eyes were on you and you slowly reached into your back pocket. Turning on the phone the name, ‘Jungkookieeeee’ was seen with his message underneath. It was a simple question mark. 

Looking back up at Jungkook, you could only say two words, “I’m sorry,” and rushed out like your life depended on it. Why were you so cowardly sometimes? Why did you always run away from your problems in hopes of them never following you?

Jungkook watched as you shoved past him, his hand nearly grabbing your wrist but you slipped away. His heart shattered.

“There. Now you know,” Jimin said. 

“I’m gonna go find Y/N,” Taehyung spoke, softly, and swiftly left the library.

“It was Y/N?” Was the first thing to exit Jungkook’s mouth. Then it struck him as if it were obvious. Both you and his pen pal understood him in ways nobody else has. When others would make fun, you’d comfort. Sure, Y/F/N had that sarcastic nature that his pen pal had, a quite forced one, but she was no you.

You did it without even trying. You were witty and never failed to make him laugh, even while he was in distress. Then he realized, once he let you go, he didn’t do much laughing anymore. Most of the laughs he shared with Y/F/N were fake and forced, almost like he wanted them to be true since she was his pen pal after all. 

“It was this whole time,” Jimin confirmed. Then Jungkook became angry. Turning to Y/F/N who looked terrified, he fumed “Why the hell would you do that?”

“Kookie,” She pleaded, reaching for his hand, which he yanked back. 

“No. How could you do that to not only me, but Y/N, your own friend?”

“How could you be defending her right now!? Either way she lied to you!”

“And you think if she told me the truth when she was ready that I wouldn’t accept it? That no matter what, I would hate her? I know Y/N. I’ve known Y/N for months. I know every habit, every small detail she probably doesn’t know about herself. And you think I’d let that–her–go because she failed to give me information? Sure, I wanted it bad as hell, but there’s two of us. She wasn’t ready and if I got mad, I would be being selfish. I have no right to be angry when she was uncomfortable with me knowing who she was. And here I am, in loss of one of my best friends. Hell, I was in love with her!”

It was then, Jungkook realized, just how much he cared for you. Not only in a way of a best friend. No, he cared about you a lot more than that. He used to want nothing more than for you to be in his arms. He wanted to be the reason you were smiling and laughing. 

And now he’s done the opposite. He pushed you away and caused you so much pain and loneliness. Oh, how much he wanted to go back to that first night when you were cuddled on your bed in your dorm room, unaffected to what was going on this moment. He wanted to hold you tighter than he ever did, bury his head in your neck, and never let go.

“You–you were?”

Nodding his head, Jungkook continued, “I was starting to even forget about my pen pal. I just used her as an excuse to hang out with Y/N. I don’t think you understand what you ripped from me. I betrayed her. She wanted to explain but it was because of you she couldn’t. She was so terrified of what you could do, what lies you would tell me, that she stayed quiet and allowed her to be used. She was suffering and it was all because of me,” Jungkook let out a breath of air.

“Even after lying to you, you’d still run back to her?” Y/F/N muttered.

“In a heartbeat.”

“I–I’m sorry. For everything.” 

“A simple sorry isn’t going to cut it for you. I don’t even know who you are. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to find my girl.”


Part 13???👀(now that you’ll have to wait until possibly tmm forrrr)

Five Shovel Talks That Never Happened (+2 That Did)

1. When Yuuri is practicing his combination spin at center ice at Cup of China and Phichit says conversationally, “So.” His eyeliner is honestly the stuff of legends. Victor should ask his technique. “You should know that at any given time I’m ready to commit murder for that boy.”

Victor hums. “Then,” he says, smiling, “we have that in common.”

Phichit gives him a long, low stare. Then, brilliantly, he smiles back. “Oh,” he says. “I like you.”

2. When Yuuri, leaving the banquet at Rostelecom, is driven to the airport in the Team Yakov van, sandwiched between Mila and the window. She happily, between yawns, relates anecdotes about Yakov, about Victor, along with some jokes about Yuri Plisetsky and some unnamed skater crush of his. Yuuri nods and kneads his fingers and waits for the other shoe to drop.

When they let him off at the airport, Mila gives him a fierce hug and says, “Give Vitya our love?”

“… that’s it?” says Yuuri. Who has not yet grasped that he’s capable of breaking anyone’s heart, let alone Victor’s, but knows, nonetheless, how these things are supposed to go.

Mila’s smile gets a little confused. But she confirms, “That’s it.”

3. When Minako slumps against her chair in the Barcelona hotel bar and sighs, “He’s practically my kid, so I’m biased. But he’s the easiest thing in the world to love, right? Getting him to let you, though.”

“I’m sorry,” is what Victor finally says. He doesn’t know how he feels about any of this, but he especially doesn’t know how he feels about being comforted by Minako, when she should probably be comforting Yuuri back up in the room.

“Victor. You think I haven’t been where you are?” She smiles grimly. “You’re doing fine.”

4. When Yuuri’s parents take Victor aside that last night in Hasetsu.

“That boy.” Toshiya’s smiling as he shakes his head. “He doesn’t trust his heart with many people. You know?”

Hiroko’s holding one of Victor’s hands in both of hers before he can form a reassurance. “We’re so glad it was you,” she says.

(There was a lot of crying that night, is all I’m saying.)

5. When Yuuri learned that trying to match Yakov Feltsman shot for shot is a terrible idea, no matter how nervous you are about your one-on-one dinner with him. Or maybe it is a good idea, if it gives you the courage to spend the evening monologuing how much you care about his surrogate skating son. “He’s always got a lecture in the Kiss and Cry,” Yuuri says dreamily at one point. “Just like you.”

“Katsuki,” Yakov says, sitting very stiffly in the restaurant foyer as they wait for Victor to come collect his trashed fiancé. Yuuri, resting facedown against his shoulder, doesn’t see his face. “You’ve made him very happy.”

“Aww,” Yuuri slurs, smiling into Yakov’s coat. “You too.”

“Your landing on the Salchow today was atrocious,” Yakov says.

“You too,” Yuuri says. Unfortunately, this is the one part he remembers the next day.


When Yurio gives them both the shovel talk within an hour of each other.

Yuuri makes a small, distressed noise after they compare notes. “He’s so cute,” he says.

“Please go tell him that,” Victor says. (For some reason, Yuuri doesn’t.)


S10 Countdown: 46 days - or
The one scene that cuts me into tiny pieces with pain and beauty - SN 01X12